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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. a major headache for bart riders. a problem on the track causing big delays. >> we will start with cornell barnard at 24th street bart. in san francisco. what is going on? >> this is a good day to be uber and lyft or taxi driver you will be very, very busy. bart trains have stopped at 24th street station. a lost travelers headed to sfo are stranded. you are trying to get to... >> san francisco airport, a flight to denver. what happened? >> bart stepped at 24 there. cannot get through to san francisco airport. we have to come up with another means of transportation. >> what is your plan?
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>> uber and lyft. >> good luck. >> bart is saying a broke or shorted out an hour and a half ago. that led to trains stopping at 24th street station some turning back. bart told me in you are headed to sfo from the east bay from san francisco, you need alternate transportation. we talked to other commuters super frustrateed. >> a hassle. i have to go over by balboa to open my for but... >> can you taught get this? >> i am waiting for uber and lyft and a lot people are going to the airport early morning flights and hope they are not too delayed. >> a lot of people yelling for a
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taxi. certainly not way to start a friday. bart said they will promises an update in the next couple of minutes. a big hassle for folks trying to get to work, trying to make a flight. >> what a headache. we will go to our traffic report er, alexis smith plain who is impacted? >> a all the san francisco and peninsula stations. if you are trying to get on the peninsula or in san francisco that is tough, too. we saw the report from 24th street station. they are trying to get to the bottom of the problem. a bart representative said a few trains are moving but they have to run it on a single track. they will have to run it slower manually. expect major delays.
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for day the try to get more details with phone calls and a look at how the bridges are filling in and a lot of folks deciding to drive in a few minutes. >> and they could do caltrain >> if you have our news app you have been getting push alerts all morning. download it now. it is free. enable push alerts to get the updates. >> good news, mike nicco? >> a lit drizzle falling enough to need an umbrella in downtown san francisco. the marine layer is compressed at a thousand feet with fog. it is above quarter mile visibility when it is dangerous. 51 to 60 at 7:00, the clouds are back to the coast in the 60s and the rest us need sunglasses, 70 to 81. the air quality is decaying this afternoon as we hit 92 in land
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but only 61 at the coast. at 7:00, it will be warm inland and 84 but 57 at the coast. issues with smoke and air quality on the 15th "spare the air" day. >> we track breaking news from overnight a flight headed to northern california made an emergency landing in south dakota because of severe turbulence and a lot of people had to go to the hospital. jessica has new information? >> more interviews are coming in of the frightening moments on jetblue flight 429. 24 people were hospitalized. because of the turbulence. a backup plane was sent for the remaining passengers and just thatted. the flight from boston to sacramento made an message landing in rapid city, south dakota, last night. even the bathroom was damaged. numerous people are having to get help. >> using my computer and my computer flew up and i caught it
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but i was lucky on the left side of the plane. >> a tower of they -- terror >> passers describe chaos. a woman has a neck brace and screaming through the flight. it has been a long night. they were supposed to land at 9:00 last might and they got to sacramento at 4:00 this only. the two dozen people who are hospitalized, minor injuries but a lady had a neck brace. that is the lattest. >> scary situation. >> friends and family are gathering to remember a young college baseball player shot and killed playing position manage. the 20 year old calvin riley was killed on saturday in san francisco. they still have not found the killer. a large crowd gathered in san mateo last night for an emotional goodbye. several classmates from serra high school were in attendance.
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police have very little to go on. officers are unthose responsible for his death to turn themselves in. >> there is an effort to keep sex offenders from taking part in games like pokemon go that allows players to set up a lure bringing other players to a spot to catch pokemon go and some of the lures have popped up at sex offenders' homes lawmakers in new york state banned registered sex offenders from playing. >> a man who fired shots from his home is under arrest. there was a large police response at 7th avenue yesterday afternoon. it took 30 minutes for the suspected shooter to come out of the house and surrender. he walked backward to the police. they took him into custody. police recovered two guns. no one was hurt. >> university of california police are look for the suspect in a series of attempted
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robberies in albany. it happened at 4:45 yesterday near the university village playground a community for cal students married or with kids. six suspects apporached two men to take their money and they demanded money and a cell phone from a woman with herd to her. the suspects were last seen on bicycles and one on a skateboard >> on the peninsula, oracle breaking ground for a new high school on its campus. it will be home to a high school now located in burlingame. the co-founder of oracle said he would love to have a school where students learn for think. it will open at new location in the fall next year and free and open to my student in the state. >> we are tracking a major problem if you are about to get on bart this morning, a problem on the tracks causing big delays
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. >> thousands of measure homes >> thousands of measure homes could come to san francisco
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>> thousands of measure homes could come to san francisco ♪ ♪ award winning interface.
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award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. >> good morning, i i am alexis
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smith. we have big problems with bart. an equipment problem. in the dallas city area. we talked to a bart representative. they are saying service has been restored to the peninsula. they are single tracking past the repairs between 24th and millbrae. you can imagine, we are seeing big ripple effects and a lot of folks deciding to drive today. although it is a "spare the air" day. look at the bay bridge toll plaza, congested back to the maze. i expect it to be that way for a couple of hours. another update in a few minutes. >> bart is saying it is too early to tell in the issue is the same problem that stepped trains in walnut creek on july 30. a small electrical fire on the third track shut down walnut creek. contra costa county fire officials say the tracks can get stuck "up," when it comes in contact with the fiber glass covering starting fire.
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>> as programmed we will take a look at the soberanes fire after i show you this mist and drizzle near the embarcadero where i have seen a few cars with their windshield wipers and the humidity is 35% and the winds are down, but it is the east bay that will have the biggest problem with the air quality this afternoon. everyone is green right now. however, we could have too much smog this afternoon. coolest in san francisco, and the castro at 53 and warmest is presidio at 56, and everyone is in the 50 until palo alto and santa clara and saratoga. warming starts today it is hotter tomorrow. there is a full back on sunday before warmer temperatures, 100s in the seven-day forecast >> the further bay's newest mass transit service is not open and there is new help to extend the smart train tracks. >> jerry sandusky is headed to court try to get his convictions
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, by bay >> earthquake shook the pacific ocean at 7.2 earthquake hit at
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6:00 p.m. our time. the usgs up reports there is no threat of tsunami and the area sits on the ring of fire where earthquakes are common. >> we are dealing with massive bart delays with two crew on the ground tracking this. with alexis smith. and sending out push alerts. can you download the news app for that. >> also, happening today sandusky is trying to overturn his sentencing for assaulting ten boys sexually. he is base the appeal on constitutional violations and ineffective lawyering. the appeal will last throw days. he is serving 30-60 years in prison where he is kept separate from the general inmate population. >> a mystery at wimbledon. police believe someone poisoned an 18 year old tennis player after taylor got sick at the
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wimbledon junior tournament and was hospitalized and is still recovering. police do not think this is an accident. >> she is dream and to have this happen it is crushing. >> "good morning america" digs into the investigation including what her symptoms mean and who could be responsible on "good morning america" starting at 7:00 a.m. right here. >> a quick thinking scuba diver credited with saving another diver, a few months ago. the video is just now going viral. it show as woman pulling off her mask and regulator when she panicked during a dive off the cost of south africa and you can see the shooter of the video tried to put the mouthpiece her mouth and failed and rushed to the surface.
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this can be dangerous because of the rib of decompression sickness. in the open air, she gasped for air and survived. a deer is alive this morning because of quick thinking workers at a school in berkeley, they rush to put a life problemmer on the young deer after it jumped into the pool next to swimmers at the park. the photo was sured of the rescue, and workers weapon the animal from swimming too close to children. " our staff are trained in dealing with a last emergencyies but never "deer in the pool." the staff led the deer to the step and the deer sprung out and ran away. >> employees thing it hopped the fence to get on the pool deck and took off the same way. >> san francisco south of market district could see big changes a land showing the city wants to change the rules for part of the
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central area to build 7,000 affordable housing units. the project would create 40,000 new jobs and bring in $2 billion in benefits to serve the neighborhood. the planning commission could vote on the land by november. >> the north bay's chart train line is receiving a big final boost to make daily trips safe through passengers and getting $3 million in federal funds. the money would be used to build a safety system as they work to continue the rails that could slow or stop trains. the first smart trains are expected to be in service by end of the year. >> the big story this morning is continuing to be delays we are watching on bart, and we know they are selling people not to head to sfo using bart. >> in way. as cornell barnard pointed out at 24th street station good
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day to be uber and lyft drivers, you will have a lot of business. we have an equipment problem in daly city areas. trains are moving do 24th in manual mode, slow spe and no trains south of there. if you are trying to get to sfo or the peninsula, you have to find another way. you are force off at 24th street station. if you are coming in westbound 80 through the maze we have plenty of congestion, slow through the bay bridge toll plaza and across the mid-span. another update in a few and mike nicco is on the roof and we have a foggy and misty start. >> damp and chilly. grab a coat. you may need to use the windshields and in people are coming in from sfo they could be
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delayed up to 53 minutes. this afternoon, the heat is increasing as our air quality declines and fewer clouds cool tonight and hotter highs next week, with triple digits. the next six hours, we will see the drizzle dry between 9:00 and 10:00, and at the cost it could linger an hour longer. in the south by we have upper 70s in milpitas and sunnyvale and mainly low-to-mid 80s until gilroy at 90s. the san jose jazz fest, 84, and 8 on sunday. up the peninsula, 80 in redwood city, and low-to-mid 60s along the coast and upper 60s in downtown and south san francisco and the giants forecast baltimore orioles are come across the bridge and hopefully though bring the same game they had the last recent games. 59 at 7:00, dropping to 56, and up to the north bay up to wine country today, low-to-mid 88 in
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most neighbors and 70s an the bay, and san rafael and vallejo and low-to-mid 40s part of east bay and hayward south and mid-to-upper 70s and mariners are coming in to take on the red hot oakland a's and last stop is less community after the, upper 80s to mid-90s away antioch and 96. tomorrow, we will puts upper 90s inland and 60 at the coast and a slight zip on sunday as the see breeze increases and 88, and 90s and 100s away from the coast on tuesday and wednesday next week. >> the fog is on the roof, and look at this, is it moving? moving? you can see the fog. gently moving over the golden gate bridge sent from a viewer from a recent night but it could have been this morning.
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shay your video or photo posted to social media #abc7now. >> a new employee at hands on store for futuristic products get a special greeting the >> my name is pepper, welcome. >> this is pepper's first job designed to be approachable and more human-like, it is able to engage with customers and create empathy. it can detect your face to see if you are making a happy or sad expression and offer you a hug or a song. the robot is 4' tall with cameras in its eyes and it will be affordable for small businesses to help with customer service. pepper is on display until next thursday. >> pepper is more empathetic than some humans i know. a major move by tesla after the break, what they are planning to do in san francisco and how public will benefit.
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public will benefit. stay tuned. public will benefit. stay tuned. california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution.
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>> a major issue on bart, a tour coming into san francisco through the peninsula, and we are at the 24th station, this is the latest information. all trains are stopping there and turning back to the east bay. a power cable shorted out causing massive delays. bart officials are telling all the riders with their suitcases headed to sfo, you need to find a different way on get to the airport. right now, bart is not going to be an option. we have a crew on the ground in details tracking the shes from that perspective and alexis smith has ways to get an the mess. this could be a good day do have a car and tesla will open its largest store in the united states, at corner of van ness in san francisco. the space is not only going to show off the line of electric cars but it will educate the public about green energy. >> now, ask finney.
6:27 am
michael finney has the answer on cell phones. >> i got out of a situation with a cell phone provider, what do you suggest i do before i sign up with a few contract? >> great question. this is very complicated these difficulties. the first thing you must make sure is this, do they offer coverage where you live and work? when you establish that it does, you need professional help and it is easy. as you probably know, seven-day forecast partners with "consumer reports" and recently, they did a study on low cost carriers and how to get a deal. i will post that report and article for you on >> there is a www. whizelout. you can compare plans. good luck. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on your
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smartphone tore tablet and can you share it on social # askfinney. and we imagine snoopy is recovering after big party celebrating the 14th anniversary of the charles schultz museum. they are offering free entry and cold stone ice cream and we could not see actual peanuts but the characters were in, and it is a place that celebrates her life and work that brought so many of us happiness over the years. >> if you are taking bart we here and we get you through this tracking all of the issues impacting not only bart but the roads, and with us in a second >> a growing pice try in the south bay officials want to know why is someone chopping down why is someone chopping down trees in san jose's will let
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> we are experiencing major delays on bart. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. >> alexis smith was the first to alert us to the issues.
6:31 am
alexis, what is going on? >> first, though, over to cornell barnard at the 24th street bart station. what do you have? >> a lot of frustration inside the 24th street station. some type of power cable has broken or shorted out on the track. that has led to trains stopping here at the 24th street station. bart station agent said if you are heading south to sfo from san francisco from the east bay find alternative means of transportation. we have been told a bus bridge is being established and it should be happening in the next few minutes but a lot of people are top side on the street looking for a cab, looking for uber, for lyft, a lot of people work at sfo and a flight attendant is late for her flight and her work. >> you i am trying to get to the airport and i will do a cab or
6:32 am
uber. >> what do they tell you? >> there is no service between balboa park and the airport. >> certainly not way many people want to spend their their friday. station agents are overwhelmed with complaints from riders. we are waiting for another update from bart and that is the latest from the station in san francisco. >> pretty frustrating. now, to alexis smith and the impact. >> yes, basically we are dealing with the same information. we got the update from cornell barnard and it is not looking great. i got any information from bart and they said at one point this only they got the trains moving in manual mode but it did not last long. they had fire flare-ups and all
6:33 am
trains were stopped at explained. you are not going to be able to get beyond that at the peninsula, and muni and caltrain are supporting to get the bus bridge society up with crews on the tracks to get the we hot spots taken care of. a look at traffic maps show heavy traffic on the toll plaza for a short time. now we have it through emeryville and the toll plaza but over all not terrible. >> if you have our newsup you have been getting push alerts about the problem all morning. you can download it right new before you go out the door and it is absolutely free, enable punish alerts to make sure you get the updates as they happen. in there is a silver lining, people are trying to get to sfo and they will experience delays when they get there so, perhaps,
6:34 am
this is the only day to wish for a delay. >> helpfully it is their flight inbound at 53 minutes late. that is what who are averaging. hard to believe that we have a heat wave developing this afternoon but it is mainly inland where we are not having the drizzle and the fog. pretty in pink is how it looks from sutro tower, with a look at the day planner start in the mid-50s through 60 at 7:00, sunshine but the coast, the bay is 60 to 69 and warm inland at 80 topping out at 91 at 4:00, 76 around the bay and 61 the at coast, 50s and 70s and 80s at 7:00. do not for get it is a "spare the air" day. too bad we have so many bart delays. we need to people get off the road. >> happen today, a college baseball player who was shot and killed while playing manage position in san francisco will be laid to rest. someone shot and killed 21 queer
6:35 am
old calvin riley on saturday and the shooter is still loose. last night a huge crowd of people came to st. grand juriry's church in san mateo for an emotional farewell, many what showed up knew california victim at serra high school. did you new calvin at serra high school. he was a caring person. he defines the community in my opinion and that is who calvin was. afternoon on >> a people are ask the public's help in finding the killer. calvin played baseball at delta college in stockton will be buried this morning. >> funeral is open to the public at st. gregory's start at look a.m. in san mateo at st. gregory's church. >> san jose police are looking for the vandal whose cut down nearly two dozen trees. 23 trees sawed down. in san jose's willow glen
6:36 am
neighborhood. this is what is left: stumps. signs are there that say "this tree was murdered o the environmental group "our city forest," planted the trees at part of a $50,000 project. >> terrifying moments for passengers and crew on a jet blue flight headed to sacramento from best when it was rocked by severe turbulence forcing the lend to make an emergency landing in south dakota. jessica has been tracking this through the morning, what is the latest? >> with new interviews and details it sounds like bad weather is to blame for the severe turbulence. >> in seconds, we dropped 100' and people flew out of their seats who were not trapped in. >> a woman has a pick brace a flight attendant, a passenger we heard from this morning described the ordeal saying it
6:37 am
felt like the tower of terror ride at disney. many people were taken to the hospital. others made it to sacramento at 4:00 this morning on a backup plane eight hows after scheduled to lands. turbulence is common in warm weather months. in may, passengers were injury when a jet blue experienced rough air. >> still trying to figure owe out how the toilet was ripped out of wall. >> a driver hit and killed a man and did not stop when a machine was controlling the boulevard south of cherry street and knock in the marked crosswalk when he was hit and killed. police believe the car is a he son and they want to talk to anyone in the area at the time. >> 10-month-old santa clara boy missing for a month is safe this morning. the district attorney said that
6:38 am
it has located davione. the d.a. said the mother took off with the baby july the after being told child services was taking custody her son. satima purnell has been in trouble with the lay twice in the last decade. >> a missing 15 year old was pretending to be an adult on social media and date sites and disappeared from her home on saturday night, her mother has just taken away the cell phone and computer because of her alleged on-line activities. right now, she does not have a cell phone and is not activity on social media sites and it is believed she left voluntarily with a friend or aquantitiance. it is not the average run away because usually teams contact family members after a few days. >> donald trump is watching battleground polls slim. he is averaging a "tremendous problem," in utah where romney won 70% of the vote in 2012. donald trump is in pennsylvania
6:39 am
and we have back-and-forth between him and hillary clinton going after his economic plans saying it more extreme version of the failed theory of "trickle down economics." >> donald trump said he called hillary clinton and president obama the founders of isis and a lot people are talking about the add motion he made in a 15 interview on what happens if he loses? >> it will work or i am going to have a very, very nice long vacation. >> donald trump is continuing to attack hillary clinton for e-mails but the state department is becoming her up saying there wassing in in inappropriate in the communication between clinton staff and the clinton foundation. >> look at this before a trump rally in florida last night, a supporter draped a confederate flag near the stage. it did not stay up long and police and a staff member removed the flag before trump walked in, the 27-year-old was upset it was taken down and said
6:40 am
he just bought it outside of arena before he walked in. hillary clinton is going to sit down with jimmy kimmel next monday august 22 build and airing at 1:30 right after abc7 news at 11 is next. >> we have a look at the perseid meet your shower the best in a decade. the light in the night skies particles from a come minute. the perseid meteor shower is considered "exceptional," with twice as many shooting stars thanks to jupiter. >> every 12 years jupiter goes under the path of the the comet and gives it a gaffe stational tug causing, two years later, the outburst. >> in the bay area you can see up to 100 outbullets an hour. 200 if you are far away from the
6:41 am
lights. we would love to see your videos share it #abc7now. >> we have a major commuter alert if you are tuning in, we had equipment problems this morning. on the bart tracks. if you are traveling between balboa area park and daly city and anything between san francisco and the peninsula shut down, still, we do talk to bart so hopefully it will be moving again through the peninsula but right now trains are stopped at 24th street and heading to 24 24th manually. they hope to get service restored to the peninsula soon, with the tracks cleared of debris. right now, no trains are south of 24th. bart is encouraging you to find another way to get to the peninsula including sfo. if you driving instead, it is a square spare day and the
6:42 am
bridge toll plaza has light volume. it is an alternate. mike nicco is on the roof with the forecast. >> good morning, alexis. still damp. temperatures are warmer than yesterday. upper 50s in the south bay. san jose is 62 degrees. we have redwood city at 60 and lafayette and brent wad alameda is 56 and san carlos is 58. in the north bay dress for 52 in novato and san pablo at 56. beautiful shot from mount tam keeping the pink theme going. swimming is great. inland. we will hit 90s. on the bay, light breezes. whether you are sailing, or kayaking, it will be nice. biking is from, warm inland so watch out for strong sunshine. and the gorgeous sunrise from the hills, the temperatures are claiming today and tomorrow after the only clouds give way
6:43 am
to sunshine and we have a brief pull back in the temperatures on sunday and we will surge to near ly 100. >> a warning for volkswagen owners a new hack could give criminals access to your car. >> possible pet poisoning with a sent for the person would targeted animals in a popular park. >> we are watching what is happening with bart and highway it is anding the commute. >> but, first, what is coming up on "good morning america" next. >> coming up, a historic night in rio de janeiro, jim photographs taking gold and silver, and michael phelps puts his rivalry to rest getting a record 22nd gold medal. record 22nd gold medal. we have the
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> we are continuing our coverage with bart and alexis smith that everyone who takes bart this morning will be feeling the ripple affect. >> some more than others and matt just arrived at millbrae. matt? >> good morning, we heard an announcement and they are telling bart riders leader they are work on restoring service to
6:46 am
both directions, so this would obviously be good news for people who are here, but, about five minutes ago i had a gentleman say he was here for the 6:40 train and now it is 6 6:45 and everyone is waiting. let me show you a map they have of the bart system map and it will show you we are at millbrae, this is the end of line, and the 24th street mission station and the train is not going anywhere, anyone going in the east bay in any direction is having a problem. a woman said show was on this side of the cage on the caltrain station side and they are told a train was canceled headed into san francisco so she came over here to the bart side and she was hoping for the best and maybe a bart train would come through but we have not seen that in millbrae. they are just hoping for the best this morning.
6:47 am
>> cornell barnard is at the 24th street bart station. what is the status? >> reggie, if you are a uber and lyft or taxi driver, today is the lucky day you will be super busy. a last frustration at the bart station there was a short at the balboa station leading to southbound trains stopping at 24th street station this morning. bart station agent told me a few americans ago the trains are single tracking in both directions but we have delays of 25 minutes and if you are headed to sfo from the city you nee alternative transportation. that is not the way many want to spend their friday, and especially on this "spare the air" day when public transportation is encouraged. we are in san francisco for
6:48 am
abc7. >> it is frustrating and a mess. >> now, our traffic reporter is tracking ways to beat the madness, we will have an update in a moment. if you have our news app, you have been getting push alerts all morning. >> you can download the app for free and we have information for you that is available trying to get to your workplace. >> a new hack using that could lead many vehicles vulnerable. jane? >> we did something in the stock market we have not done in 17 years all three major indexes closed at record highs. we are pulling away from that today with the dow down 31 and a slight loss, with retail sales coming in flat. southwest announced more details of the recent outage including
6:49 am
general information of how much it costs. the lost revenue, refunded tickets and vouchers all will cost $82 million. the computer system failure caused southwest airlines to cancel and delay more than 2,000 flights last month. a new wireless hack could leave 100 million volkswagen vehicles vulnerable, with a team from the university of birmingham found that they left the key less entry system that unlocked the doors vulnerable and it applies to every car that volkswagen has sold since 1995. volkswagen is "looking into it." and starbucks pumpkin spice latte will be everywhere you can buy it at the grocery stores and takeouts hit stores. soon. >> now, time to get to alexis, what do we know of the bart update?
6:50 am
>> the tracks seem to be fully cleared, are we had the early equipment problem and service is resumeing. some tweets we shay people exited we downtown, after exiting the park and waiting 10 minutes and moving at normal speed. we hear different reports that some of the trains are running manually so they are single tracking and moving at slower speeds and a few twitter followers are saying they are moving along normal so we are starting to bounce back but expect the delays to last through the morning and that is between daly city and balboa park impacting the sfo and millbrae and east bay direction. it is a huge bit of commuters using bart. it is "spare the air" day and i will show you the bay bridge toll plaza which is heavy fast track and the cash lanes and car pool lanes are looking okay, and overall, we have had pretty
6:51 am
minimal backups when the bart problems first started about 2 1/2 hours ago, we saw big become" form on the bridges and they are subsiding and maybe because that is friday, friday light volume. another update in a few. mike nicco is on the roof. >> good morning, everyone, damp up here and dealing with the mist at times and a light drizzle and over the exploritorium at pier 15 the solar panels are looking wet on the embarcadero and the golden gate bridge and the bay bridge you can see the golden gate bridge affected more by the fog and mist. more sunshine and to afternoon, air quality is suffering that could linger into the weekend as the soberanes fire is sending more smoke our way this weekend. it will be cooler on sunday but hotter next week. high pressure shows winds are light and variable. the marine layer is down to 1,on' so we are feeling the mist
6:52 am
and drizzle. we are taking the moisture come protecting it to 1,500. the south bay turns to hazy sunshine. sunnyvale is coolest upper 70s mid-80s elsewhere but gilroy is 90. up the peninsula a last mid-to-upper 70s but the coast side, low-to-mid 60. 59 in the marina, and downtown is 67 from drizzle to partly cloudy in san francisco. in the north bay patchy fog to sunshine, upper 70s to mid-80s and along the east bay sure from most to subshine and mid-to-upper 70s in most areas and it will be uncomfortable inland today, a lot of upper 80s to mid-90s and my seven-day forecast shows mid-to-upper 90s on saturday and 80s around the bay and 60s at the coast and we drop three or four degrees on sunday and it is hotter next week. the coast is in the 60s but 80's, find, and 100s around the bay and inland on tuesday and wednesday.
6:53 am
>> we are back with seven things you need to know before you go. >> continue to track the bart issues and delays with news app we have been sending out push we have been sending out push alerts all morning
6:54 am
we have been sending out push alerts all morning ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. >> before you go, breaking news, major delays across the entire bart system right new. we are at the 24th street station where all trains are
6:55 am
being stopped following a problem with the tracks in the dallas city area. you need to find another way to get to sfo. >> two, an update to what natasha told you, they are resuming service and some are running in manual mode so that means the trains are moving slower and on a system track of the it will take a while to recover. the bay bridge is move along okay when you are beyond the bay bridge toll plaza. san mateo bridge is looking okay westbound side if you driving to sfo. >> 24 are recovering after the sacramento bound jet blue flight hit severe turbulence forcing an emergency landing in south dakota. passengers from boston made it to sacramento at 4:15 this morning on the backup. >> park rangers are looking for the person would could be poisoning animals at a park in san jose, a maintenance worker found the three bars in a water trough on wednesday. it is believed to be rat
6:56 am
poisoning. all the 20-year-old man killed while playing pokemon go in san francisco will be laid to rest today, and calvin riley was shot on saturday, and people are asking for the help of the public to fine the killer. the funeral is at 11:00 at st. gregory's church in san mateo. asan jose people are searching for the vandals who cut down two dozen trees and last month 23 others were commonned down. 46 were planted through a project sponsored by a city city council member. >> our 15th "spare the air" of the season, it is good to moderate but moderate to poor this afternoon, and we are going to hit the my 90s in some neighborhoods. >> we have ripple affects across entire bart station and a good time to find an alternate way to get to work or sfo. >> we sent a push alert with the updates. see you in 25 minutes. see you in 25 minutes. clear
6:57 am
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good morning, america. >> oh. >> best in the world. simone biles soaring to new heights in rio with the golden touch. her teammate, aly raisman, right by her side with silver as america's golden boy does it again. >> this isn't even close. >> michael phelps with a record 22nd gold leaving the competition in his wake. >> oh, baby, it's time to come home, michael. >> and simone manuel making history in the pool. >> and manuel is going to do it. >> tying for gold in an epic day for team usa. also breaking overnight, an emergency landing. at least two dozen rushed to the hospital when a jetblue flight hits severe turbulence. passengers and luggage thrown into the aisle. a flight attendant carried off


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