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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 12, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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abc7 news begins with breaking news. not one but two breaking news stories from fremont. sky 7 is over the continue any's restaurant where a pickup truck has slammed into the restaurant. it happened an hour ago, and you can see it investigators say the pickup has backed up into the front window and ending up near the reception desk. reports say a customer was injured but now firefighters say a denny's employee has been faken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> more breaking news in fremont, crews gave "all clear," after a chemical spill. this is where the firefighters are on the scene. there was a chemical wrecks during a trash pickup of the garbage truck driver has been taken to the hospital. >> good morning.
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i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> bart delays persist after an equipment problem and system-wide delays during the only commute. matt keller is at the sfo station where passengers had to wait a long-term this morning. matt? >> morning. we have a busy morning at the sfo bart station. we have two trains that have arrived, one letting passengers off as we speak. 20-minute delay system-wide as passengers face a stressful end to the work week. it was a weight game for bart passengers after a tract component failed at 4:45 sparking fires between the mission and deals -- daly city. >> i am going to be late. i will have to wait. >> wait he did at millbrae stationful at 7:00 a.m. a train arrived but people were disa
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disapented. >> are think much of it right now. i am very unhappy. >> during the delay, bart federals recommended people try to get to sfo for a flight should find alternate transportation to the airport. trains were arriving but stress legals were high. >> i was 20 or 30 minutes and it is stressful because you are trying to time everything and next time you know a bart delay. out of all days of the year bart is delayed on the days i go on vacation, it is stressful. >> bart will single track the trains between daly city and the 24th street station until end of service today. they plan on making repairs overnight. >> a last riders are yelling for a taxi this morning in san francisco. abc was at the 4th street bart station where we found many looking for a cab or hop be on uber and lyft. passengers were left to fend for
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themselves art bart trains stopped. most riders were trying to get to work or sfo. a has it. i have to go over by balboa to open my store. >> tiring the stopped at 24th. could not get through to san francisco airplane. we have to come up with another means of transportation. >> your plan? >> lyft. >> trustee driver will get us there no problem. >> it is not how bart riders wanted to spend their friday especially on this "spare the air" day when public transportation is encourageed. alexis smith has the latest on bart delays and the alternate. >> if you want to drive or take uber and lyft, you are looking at key, the toll plaza is wide on, fast track, cash, even car pool is good. everything is okay. we still have lingering
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problems, a 20-minute delay system wide because of the problem between daly city and balboa. expect delays. through the day. we have a track closure scheduled in the same place this weekend. between daly city and balboa why park there will be shuttle service all day tomorrow and all day sunday if you get togive yourself an extra 30 minutes to an hour and maybe better pay for uber and lyft through the weekend and the day. >> you can be the first to get bay area traffic and breaking news by downloading the newsup enabling push alerts with break news updates sent to the mobile devise. >> in other news, a funeral service is getting underway this morning for young baseball player shot and killed in san francisco while playing pokemon go. friends and names gathering at st. greg's catholic church
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with a memorial service held last night. the 20-year-old serra high school graduate was gunned down in san francisco's aquatic park on saturday police are following up on leads and asking the public to keep tips coming. >> three lost their homes in the fire in the mission that engulfed a block back in june. now, today, finally, federal relief is available to the victims. our reporter joins us from the mission. >> the fire was so devastate, so men people lost homes and businesses and now the good news. starting today, at 2301 mission street, the help and relief is on the way. the small business administration is now offering disaster assistance to more than 50 residents and business owners would lost everything in the give alarm fire on mission street which hand back on june 18. it brock out two story building and quickly spread. it was devastating.
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the sba is offering low interest loans from $40,000 to $2 million. >> our mission is always to return the community back to where they were prior to the disaster. we do not one load at a time, one customer at a time. this disaster assistancest on mission street is here until august 25 but if you miss it, the deadline to apply online or by phone is actually october 11. the city of san francisco is offering granteds, as well, to six restaurants and businesses backed by the fire. workers are inside and are ready today to help the first clips. thanks. happening now, vallejo police when to find the driver who hit and skilled a man and kept on driving. investigators say a pedestrian was crossing on sonoma boulevard south of cherry street at 11:00 p.m., and not in a marked
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crosswalk when the car hit and killed him and drove off. police believe the car is a like colored nissan. they are looking for witnesses. >> developing news in san jose, park rangers are looking out for the opinion who is trying to poison an mas at a park. a maintenance worker spotted these bars in the water trough on wednesday and a strong chemical smell was coming from the water which is leading part officials to think it could be rat poison and are tested now. [ inaudible ] there are many wonderful wild animals here... >> extra part rangers will patrol the area and flies are posted to want people to be alert. >> san jose police are looking for vandal whose cut down two dozen streets, 23 trees were sawed down in san jose in willow
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glen neighborhood. new video shows the stumps last behind, and the signs say "this tree was murdered." the environmental group other our city forest," planned 46 trees part of a $50,000 project sponsor by a city council member . >> hillary clinton and her running mate, tim kaine, released tax returns, and hillary clinton and her husband made $10.5 million and paid a tax rate of 34%. republican donald trump has not release the 015 returns and said he will not because he is being audited bit i.r.s. he is watching polls slide in several swing states right now and is campaigning in pennsylvania today, and spoke of what he will do if he does not end up in the white house. we are having trouble with the audio. he said he will work or take a very nice long vacation. donald trump called himself a truth teller and said in at end
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of 90 days he falls short he will go back to a "very good way of life." >> road rage caught on camera, a simple act that caused a driver to pull out a gun on a family. >> terror in the fly, a flight that sent dozens of passengers to the e.r. >> outside right now the golden gate bridge is looking foggy on this "spare the air." i'm hall of famer jerry west and my life is basketball. but that doesn't stop my afib from leaving me at a higher risk of stroke. that'd be devastating. i took warfarin for over 15 years until i learned more about once-daily xarelto... a latest generation blood thinner. then i made the switch. xarelto® significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem.
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>> the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. all the weather and traffic and news that lives where you live. >> a road rage incident in southern california enraged driver pulled a gun is fired at a family's s.u.v. with a child inside. you are looking at another video of there and the man in the dark honda dropped the gun and shoot at the s.u.v. fortunately, the shots miss a woman and her son insides. it blew out the tire, though, north of los angeles. police are still searching for the man who was in the dark honda. the woman said he was upset because she used her windshield wipers and water got on his new car. >> a jetblue passenger said it f like a tower of terror when the plane headed for northern california and hit severe turbulence. flight 429 was flying from
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boston to sacramento, and it was forced to make an emergency landing in south dakota. here is the reaction. >> no major injuries but it was certainly a major scare for passengers on jetblue flight 429. people on the plane described seconds of chaos. >> i thought it was it. i thought we were going. >> like the tower of theyor. we dropped like that. without a warning. a movie, and it was not really happening but it was lake...and we went, bam. passengerred describe the frightening moments, quick, but the turbulence did plenty of damage. the guys behind us hit the over head compartment.
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it cracked. >> it disalthoughed the toy let seat in a bathroom and the flight hit back weather through the industrial plains. you could tell there were storm clouds and it was normal, you could feel it shaking, and it was okay, and suddenly, quite a bit shake and a drop. 22 passengers and two crew rushed to the hospital. a flight attendant was taken off the plane in a neck brace. i was scareed. professionalism. i am jessica castro. >> no plans this weekend? no problem. coming up, the family friendly event you may want to check out.
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>> a beautiful picture looks hazy. i will show you why, we have a heat wave developing. extremes today from 97 in brentwood, and poor air quality is hanging around and it will be worse. >> are you in the mood for music? big festival
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>> novato, oakland, sunnyvale, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. if you like the heat, mike nicco has good news. >> bring it on. it will be broad and come in two
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waves one worse than other. what is the second in the back half of the seven-day forecast. good morning, here is how it looks from sutro tower with the marine layer has been around, moisture out of that, this morning, and we had mist and drizzle but it is gone. more sunshine and warmth today and the air quality is suffering this afternoon as we are on our 15th summer "spare the air" alert and cooler on sunday but hotter next week. from san jose we have air quality that is moderate, inland east bay and the south industrial bay and the santa clara valley but inland east bay we worried about the smoke from the soberanes fire, moving in, and creating the poor air quality, and driving, today, not great if you can avoid that. high pressure shows hardly anything and it is variable. because of that we know that we are going to get warmer with the high coming in from the desert swift. >> new, the cloud cover shows clearing taking place on the north bay but not so of on the peninsula with pockets of
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sunshine, and right new, for 72 in san mateo and the other side, on the coast, 59 at half moon bay, and 70 in concord and 8 in antioch and 72 in san jose and 64 in napa. in the south bay, wide range of temperatures, from 79 in sunnyvale and milpitas at 78, and low-to-mid 80s elsewhere and los gatos over to morgan hill and gilroy temperatures in the 90s and a couple festivals going on, first, we have jazz festival, in san jose, mid-80s. the festival of arts in los gatos and sunday and ending up in the low-to-mid 90. warmer there. up the peninsula, mid-to-upper 70s most neighborhoods and millbrae is cooler at 70, and notice the 60s along the coast , and to downtown san francisco at 67. the baltimore orioles, the a's took three of out and now they trying the giants, dropping to
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56 at end of game. in the north bays wine country, low-to-mid 80s but for right near the bay, san rafael and vallejo, temperatures in the upper 70s and the east bay shore 72 at berkeley and a last mid-to-upper 70's, through oakland and san leandro and upper 70s around young city and newark and in fremont the a 's are hosting seattle at 7:00, 65 degrees, warmer, dropping to 60 from sunshine to stars. now, inland east bay neighborhood, haze is a big problem, and 89 in san ramon, the cool spot, and low-to-mid 90s in must areas and in brentwood, discovery bay, hopefully that area, 97 degrees. it will be warmer tomorrow, the good news, tonight, you can see a few clouds around the bay and mist along the cost into san francisco, and temperatures are around 52 in san francisco and 60. my seven-day outlook shows upper 90s inland tomorrow and mid-90 on sunday, and monday, and
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nearly 100 on tuesday and wednesday with the by around the 80s, and, still, comfortable 60s at the cost. have a great weekend. >> right now we bringing news in redwood city, take a look at two cars crashed into an apartment building and we have sky 7 over the scene, you can see police on the scene and this is on chestnut at middle field and police say the stretch would be closed for eight hours due to the accident. we should tell through is just a new problems away from the downtown area where the courthouses are and where the fox theater is. if you are going to be traveling in that area, maybe between veterans and el cam cam >> shifting gears, if you are
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looking for something fun to do we have you covered. reggie aqui has ideas for you. >> a town of japan in the philippines, but, first, turning paper into el facilitieses. talented people did this and though can show you how on sunday. japantown is home of oraga mi shop run by two sisters would love to teach this. >> this technique goes back to the 1700s a way of making specific kits into the paper and not cutting it all way, so, this is actually a sphere in a sphere, one continuous piece of paper and it can help did you focus, zone out, relax and make something beautiful in the process. we have created origami
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>> it is only five steps. >> this sunday, you, too, can eleven from the masters at the contest. you can hit up the largest filipino celebration, celebrating at the gardens from civic center plaza to yerba buena island gardens. >> if you are in the mood for music check out the jazz fest in san jose, with 12 different stages, more than 120 performances and this is a rest festival. there will be a variety of food and drinks and it runs through sunday with the first performance at 5:30 tonight. >> if you are in the market you can make this
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>> it is friday. time for perfect pets. usually mike nicco is working on this and we will introduce you to rosy with volunteers saying she is a total love bug. if you like to make rosy part of your family call the spca, all
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at the number on your screen. >> she lives catnaps and scratches. see you next time.
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>> hi, i'm chris harrison. welcome to eligible bachelor week, where every day we're playing with some of the most eligible men in the country. they may be looking for love, but i'm looking to give away that million dollars, so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] all right. as a real estate agent, our returning eligible bachelor can find you an apartment, but hasn't been able to find himself love. from east rutherford, new jersey, please welcome eddie wilk. [cheers and applause] welcome back. good to see you again. >> good to see you. absolutely. thank you. [applause] >> so, eddie, again, i know you're a successful real estate agent. not so lucky in love. >> yeah, if you want to putt


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