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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 14, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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imam maulama akonjee. tharam uddin. thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 14th. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> we do have our usual dose of low clouds and fog, visibility already an issue at half-moon bay, petaluma and santa rosa. a bit of cooling headed our way today and the source is this area of low pressure to the north of us. so that's going to swing in later on and allow for a stronger sea breeze. right now 54 in the city, 60 san jose, half-moon bay mid 50s. south beach camera 65 by the delta, 64 livermore, just 51 in santa rosa. by noontime we're sunny, upper
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50s to mid 80s. cooler by 3 to 5 degrees, still pretty warm inland. the changes come for some warmer weather come midweek. we will talk about it coming up. breaking news out of the east bay this morning. police are investigating a double homicide in downtown oakland. it happened just before 1:00 this morning on 15th street between harrison and webster street. police say at least two people have died after being shot. gunfire also hit a third person who has been taken to the hospital. that victim's condition is not known. more breaking news now out of georgia where a suspect is on the loose after fatally shooting a police officer. that shooting happened around 6:30 last night our time in the city of eastman, which is south of atlanta. police say officer tim smith was responding to a call about a suspicious person when he encountered the suspect, got out
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of his patrol car and was shot. officer smith was not wearing a body camera. developing news in milwaukee, wisconsin, where violence has erupted after police shot and killed an armed man last night. a scuffle broke out at the scene of the crime while investigators are still gathering evidence. later protesters set fire to cars and at least four businesses. a brick thrown through the window of a patrol car injured one officer. according to investigators the man killed last night had a loaded semi-automatic handgun. milwaukee police increased patrols yesterday because the neighborhoods saw five homicides in just nine hours friday night. in hayward officers shot one person after they say he rammed their patrol cars, injuring two officers. >> i need units code 3 to cheryl land, we have an active shooting
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scene here. >> that was the call for help from hayward officers yesterday afternoon around 4:30. police say a stolen mercedes was spotted at an apartment complex at cheryl ann circle. when officers arrived at the found two men inside the car who would not get out. that's when investigators say the suspect behind the wheel put the car in drive. >> the vehicle was ramming multiple police vehicles, also hit another officer on foot. at that point officers discharged their weapons obviously in defenseñc of their own lives and that of others. >> the driver was hit by a bullet and was taken to the hospital where he is in critical condition. the two officers did not require treatment. in the south bay a firefighter was injured in a two alarm house fire in san jose last night. it started just after 9:00 on gordie drive. crews had the flames under control. more than three hours later. these pictures from photographer
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craig rose show firefighters working to put those flames out. the residents were not there at the time. the flames spread to a home next door. >> we ended up having to put nobody inside the first fire structure because it was too fully involved. it wasn't safe for us to send anybody inside. >> and you have fire coming out of every opening that the house had naturally and some that the house didn't have, that's fully involved. >> five people and three pets are displaced. no one was injured. the cause of the fire is under investigation. the brother of an aspiring chef found dead at the westfield mall says he went to the mall to buy jeans and possibly see a movie. those new details about frank galecia were told to his brother by a woman galecia was dating. she said he may have been leaving the mall to meet a coworker through a private stairwell on jesse street. that's where a maintenance worker found his body wednesday
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morning. police are calling the death a homicide. they have not made any arrests. police have increased their efforts to find a gunman who killed a young man, calvin riley was playing pokemon go at aquatic park in san francisco a week ago saturday when someone shot and killed him. abc 7 news reporter sergio cantina has the latest on the search for the shooter. >> reporter: kelvin riley's parents joined the park police for a canvassing effort and officers passed out flyers hoping to focus greater attention in this case. riley was shot to death while playing pokemon go here with a friend last saturday night. a small memorial has been set up nearby in his honor. police have not released many details in this case. they hoped surveillance video would give them clues about the shooter. they are looking for any images shot between 9:00 and 11:00
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including selfies or scenic pictures. they could be useful in their investigation. >> that would be critical if somebody could have captured something that could lead to someone being arrested. we are very interested in any material that could help us in this investigation. >> reporter: this is an area that has turned into a popular place for people playing pokemon go on their smart phones. sacramento resident willie hong showed me why so many people come here. >> basically there is a lot of spawn points and people can put up modules on these points and they attract poke mondays. >> there are different websites on line that you can look and see where different pokemon spawn. >> reporter: joseph says he learned about calvin riley's murder on those online forums. he says some people have been posting safety messages. investigators say they hope this canvassing effort will garner new clues. they also want to remind people to be careful and be aware of
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their surroundings. u.s. cashing police are hoping anyone with information will call their tip line at 415-561-5150. at aquatic start in san francisco. i'm sergio quintana. the chp is looking for a man who ran away from a car crash that impaled his passenger. it happened on skillman lane outside petaluma yesterday morning. the car went airborne, flipped over and came down on a metal fence. the driver ran away leaving a woman pinned in the front seat with that 20 foot section of the fence going right through the car and through her. >> when i saw the pipe going through the front of the car i had the worst expectation and it was exact what i expected. without climbing in too far to see you could see it was going right through her midsection and she couldn't move. >> rescuers cut both ends of the fence and cut the car to get the woman out, she was conscious the
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whole time. a helicopter flew her to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. there are new details on that 100 pound tree will i'm that fell and critically injured a mother at a san francisco park. she remains in critical condition after the limb hit her on the head friday. san francisco city inspectors will be out this week looking at all the trees at washington square park in north beach. yesterday mayor ed lee said tree work is conducted regularly at that park. a wildfire forced hundreds of people out of their homes near lower lake in lake county last night. it started about 6:00 near highway 9 south of the lake. homes in ellen springs and clayton creek have been evacuated. the fire has burned 600 acres and is 15% contained. later today highway 1 near big sur will be closed because of this fire. it's already burned 71,000 acres and destroyed 57 homes.
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the closure begins at 2:00 this afternoon and could last up to 24 hours depending on weather conditions. let's get a check now of the accuweather forecast. here is lisa. >> partly cloudy skies from our roof camera. you can see pretty good visibility, 54 degrees, temperatures coming down about 4 to 5 degrees across the bay area. how long will this minor cooling last? i will have the answers next. also next, why some south bay residents are telling a cellphone giant not in our backyard. and avoiding traffic congestion on game day, a new way that starts today. for 49 faithful to get to games
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welcome back, everyone, it is 5:12 on this sunday morning. thank you for joining us for the abc 7 sunday morning news. this is a live look from the golden gate bridge camera. you see a lot of fog out there. when will that lift? when will the warming trend kick off? lisa argen has always the answers coming up in her accuweather forecast. police are asking for the public's help finding a man and woman accused of abducting a child from dublin. police say chris is that jules and lamar spear abducted markeidon jules yesterday morning. officers say chris is that is the biological mother but does not have custody of the boy. spears is his uncle. police say they left in a tan 1998 lincoln continental mark 4 with california license plate 4
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nb l417. residents in our west san jose neighborhood are fighting to keep verizon from building a cell tower near their homes. the city planner commissioners approved it but neighbors are helpful they can stop the project. abc 7 news reporter lisa a ming leagues has the story. >> reporter: there is no misunderstanding how those in the rege si park neighborhood feel about a verizon cellphone tower. the council approved it for the orchard park shopping center. >> and this was appropriate. it was a land use that was relevant to that community and worked at that location. >> reporter: but many living on the other side of the tree line disagree. >> there's brain cancer, leukemia, breast cancer. >> reporter: those are just a few maladies they are afraid the radiofrequency or rf energy from the towers will cause.
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she's now spear heading a campaign to reverse the planning commission's decision. >> this type of radiation is extremely harmful to health of those living nearby, within 500 feet. >> reporter: still commissioners insist the plan follows all fcc guidelines. >> there are no new, you know, standards that have been set, no new studies that have been done. >> reporter: the group calls the guidelines outdated and irresponsible, but the director of the international performing arts center whose business already has four towers on top of it and is in the same center supports the commission's decision. >> they are the experts so if it's not, you know, hazardous to the health i don't think they will allow it. >> reporter: the city council will take the matter up tuesday. in san jose, abc 7 news. civil rights groups are worried a new smartphone app could promote racial profiling
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in the east bay. tips now ac transit allows bus riders to report suspicious behavior. the head of the ella baker center for human rights told our media partners at the bay area news group a similar app for bart reveals users complain more about african-americans, whether they are committing crimes or not. he fears the same on ac transit. the aclu is also concerned about users' privacy. eight years ago an artist gained worldwide fame for his poster showing then presidential candidate barack obama along with the word "hope." well, now he has unveiled a new project in san francisco. abc 7 news was in the mission district where shepherd ferry's latest work rises above alabama and 20th streets. it's based on a photograph taken of fannie lee cheney, she is a 1960s activist. he hopes it encourages young
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people to get out and vote. in rio the most honored olympian on history has gone out on top. michael phelps helped power the u.s. team to a gold medal which will be, he says, his last. abc news reporter jim ryan has more. >> reporter: the end of an era, michael phelps caps his storied olympic career with a final gold medal. the greatest swimmer of all time helping the 4 x 100 medley team surge to the win. this is his 23rd gold medal and 28 medals overall. getting emotional as he says good-bye to r the women's team taking on the t x 100;g medley'= relay, the americansfn turning in another cktt medal performance+) for th united states.d and sim owãmanuel wasyd an3f$er gold medal in the 50m" meter freestyle, the= splash anw dash. she came in' second for the silver. she already won gold this week in the 100 meter freestyle. in the men's 1500 meter
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freestyle conner jaeger swam to his first olympic medal, a silver. gold for the world's fastest woman. jack can a's elaine thompson rocketed across the line first claiming the gold medal. torii buoy won silver. in the final for the long jump jeff henderson bounded to a gold medal. more history in fencing. muhammad and the women's team bounded to the bronze medal. a big night for distance runners, missouri farrah successfully defended his title in the 10,000 meter final. jim ryan, abc news, rio de janeiro. today is the first pre-season game nor the 49ers at levi stadium, but it's going to cost you a little bit more if you get there by the vta's express trains. the price for a single game round trip ticket is going up from $8 to $20. fans can also buy a new season
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pass for $149 which is valid for all ten 49ers home games. the limited stop express trains leave from the great mall, santa therese say and mountain view stations. a regular ticket to levi costs $4. hope they have air conditioning, lisa. >> that's right. today temperatures will be just a couple degrees cooler in the south bay, that should happen in the afternoon. right now very little change with the marine layer at about 1,000 feet. you will notice from marin county to san mateo coast and the bay we have visibility just over a mile from the coast. petaluma under a mile. santa rosa. right now temperatures range from 54 san francisco and oakland to 60 san jose, mount fien view, 70 degrees. so temperatures are a little warmer this morning compared to 24 hours ago but by the afternoon this trend should reverse. we will see that marine layer grow a little taller and that
5:19 am
on-shore flow kick up and bring1 us a slightly;1 cooler laftern into today and setomorrow. and we do have]g somee? of the densg our local 'rbridges, mist andr drizzle. woter monday, though, thexo hea increases
5:20 am
warmest days of the week. in particular you will notice you're still in the 90s all week long, but slightly cooler the first couple of days of the week and then you notice peak heat on wednesday. by the end of the week we are not only looking at the cooler weather, perhaps some sub tropical moisture moving up from the south to create more clouds. 84 today in san jose. 80 sunnyvale and milpitas on the peninsula, upper 70s menlo park. upper 50s pacifica, 64 for you today in san francisco, the average high in the upper 60s, 69. south san francisco and up in the north bay still a lot of these 80s from calistoga, sonoma, napa. the east bay shoreline pleasant with upper 60s, berkeley, 80 newark, with 83 as you head over eastward. east of the caldecott we have more 90s, not quite as warm as yesterday. 93 pleasanton, 94 should be the
5:21 am
high out towards orinda. the accuweather seven-day forecast upper 50s to mid 90s for that summer spread today. that trend continues into wednesday and thursday when heat returns, especially inland. carolyn. thank you. coming up next, an unusual chase ruffles some honey nut cheerios ...get their delicious taste from real, honest ingredients. real oats. that's a big bowl real honey. yeah, honey. and real patience.
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important investment, especially in this dangerous world, it covers illness, delays and cancellations, but is that enough? 7 on your side's michael finney has a special brand of travel insurance.
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>> reporter: travel insurance is generally a good idea, get sick and can't make the crews you will get your money back, if your luggage is lost, a flight delayed, you're covered. if you're traveling when there is an act of terrorism or a natural disaster your expenses will often be covered, but it will be up to you to make arrangements to get out of that bad situation, unless you're covered by bay area-based rip cord rescue travel insurance. along with all the usual coverage it offers evacuation and rescue. jerry rhodes was trekking to the mt. everest base camp was a 7.8 earthquake struck nepal, triggering an avalanche. >> it was a situation where we were very fortunate to be alive, but at that point we had no idea how we were going to get out or what we were going to do. >> reporter: jerry's group had rip cord travel insurance so they made contact and rip cord came up with a plan. >> we want you to go back the way you had come, back down trail and in three days, in 28
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miles, we will meet you on top of this cliff. >> reporter: his group made their way to the rendezvous and at the appointed time a russian helicopter arrives to pluck them off the mountain. listen and you will hear cheers. albora was with rip cord and was deployed to make that rescue happen. >> we talk to people, make relationships, develop them and we were able to convince them that we needed the russian helicopter and got it. >> tom is a co-founder of rip cord. >> we will come and get you from your point of emergency so if you are on a mountaintop and get high altitude sickness, we will get a helicopter to you. if you're trapped after an earthquake or you are in a dangerous chaotic environment, get caught in a civil war, we will send our teams to come and get you and bring you homer >> it worked for jerry. >> they were very cool, very collected, very competent. they knew what they were doing. >> we want people to enjoy
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themselves, to focus on the reason why they travel and know that rip cord has their back. >> reporter: so how much does it cost? well, it varies, but jerry paid less than $400 for his policy and you can get year-round coverage for about a buck a day. michael finney. 7 on your side. an ee knew with an attitude gave morgan police a reason to have a little fun on social media. the department posted several pictures on twitter after officers chased and caught up with the emu that escaped yesterday from a farm. if you think catching this big bird would be easy we are they can run up to 31 miles an hour. a group of swimmers braved cold water, powerful currents even the possibility of encountering sharks in san francisco bay. abc 7 news was at san francisco's aquatic park yesterday when swimmers finished the 24th alcatraz shark fest. the treacherous journey poses
5:27 am
many challenges for elite swimmers. next month shark fest organizers will hold a golden gate bridge swim. 300 swimmers will start at the south tower and finish at horseshoe cove in sausalito. it will be held on sunday, september 11th. much more ahead on the abc 7 sunday morning news. causing more controversy, what donald trump is asking his supporters to do on election day. also a look at the damage left behind by sudden flash floods in the south.
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welcome back, everyone. we're starting this half hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> carolyn, good morning. we still have a marine layer at about 1,000 feet. nothing has changed too terribly dramatic yet but we are looking for a stronger on shore push, a
5:30 am
deeper marine player and stronger cooler for today. 60 mountain view and san jose, mid 60s in our east bay valleys. the fog is where you would expect, petaluma, santa rosa, half-moon bay. looking at the clearing through midmorning. 11:00 the fog pushes back, we still have some up towards the north but we will see partly cloudy skies at the coast and once again the temperature spread from the 60s all the way to the 90s, but i think the number is anywhere from 3 to 5 degrees cooler within this range. we will talk particulars in a few minutes. rescue screws have saved 1,000 people from rapidly riding floodwaters in louisiana. a storm system has dumped the equivalent of three months of rain in one day on parts of that state. at least three people are read. abc news reporter phillip mena has the latest. >> reporter: the rain just keeps coming. >> this is certainly not over.
5:31 am
>> reporter: and the floodwaters just keep rising. >> there are houses, their everything in there is destroyed. >> reporter: louisiana under siege, hundreds of rescues as emergency crews rushed to bring everyone to safety. >> we have record levels of flooding along rivers and creeks and because these are record floods we don't know how wide the water is going to get in those areas. >> reporter: the governor calling in the national guard to help. the emergency declarations are now in effect across portions of the state as police and fire departments struggle to get people trapped in their homes or vehicles. >> our helicopters are primarily -- they are an active search and rescue right now. we're trying to coordinate with the officials on the ground, make sure that we get to the critical areas. >> reporter: this family in east baton rouge had to leave their home on foot, carrying a baby through rushing waters, their local sheriff jumping in to help. >> trying to keep the baby dry.
5:32 am
>> reporter: but officials can't get to everyone. in this case a good samaritan helped pull a man from his sinking vehicle. >> i told him don't panik, i'm here for you. >> reporter: people pushing past warning notices and driving into danger is frustrating for law enforcement, putting more people at risk. >> the sign says road closed it's there for a reason and we know what road?âñ closed means, don't cross it. >> if i would haveul said] home. police#u in no are trying
5:33 am
investigators say the 27-year-old swiss man stabbed passengers and started a fire after pouring a flammable liquid on the woman. four others including the suspect remain in critical condition. a total of seven were wounded. the victims include a six-year-old child and a teenage girl. donald trump is causing more controversy after calling on supporters to watch the polls on
5:34 am
election day and even take action if they think they see fraud. the "washington post" is calling it vigilantyism. abc news reporter mary bruce has more. >> reporter: donald trump with a message to pennsylvania voters. if he loses there it will be because hillary clinton played dirty. >> the only way we can lose in my opinion, i really mean this, pennsylvania, is if cheating goes on. i really believe it. >> reporter: urging supporters not just to vote but to be on the lookout for cheating. >> watch and study and make sure other people don't come in and vote five times. >> reporter: and making that call for volunteers to help stop hillary from rigging this election. trump crying foul as he plumts in key battle ground states like florida and north carolina and showing signs of campaign fatigue. >> i want to get the hell out of here. i want to go home. >> reporter: he's giving voters whiplash, flip-flopping on his claim the president and clinton founded isis.
5:35 am
>> so i said the founder of isis. obviously i'm being sarcastic. then -- then -- but not that sarcastic to be honest with you. i've been saying and i will keep saying because it's true but somewhat sarcastically i've been saying he is the founder of isis and i said she is a close second. >> reporter: clinton's top surrogate coming to her defense on another front. >> this is the biggest load of bull i ever hearder in forcefully dismissing claims that clinton litwwu when she sa she neverws read classifiedyv e-mails on her, private servers secretary of state. >> and/1 now that hackllijz top ews, even housev5 democratic leader< nancy pelosiqç isk" receiving t% messages and voice mailsod aft what she is describing asj÷ an
5:36 am
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and here is a live look from the abc 7 exploratorium camera at pier 15. you can see the ferry building in the background, a beautiful week ahead. lisa argen with your forecast in just a few.
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welcome back, everyone. 5:39 on this sunday morning. thank you for getting up so early to watch the abc 7 sunday morning news. this is a live look from our san mateo bridge camera right now, traffic extremely light. what about the weather? well, the kids are all going back to school and lisa and i have noted over the years that that seems to come along with scorching temperatures. will that happen this week? she's got the answers coming up. the golden state warriors have repealed a refurbished basketball court for kids in san francisco. abc 7 news was at the willie brown middle school yesterday where warriors executives and community ambassador donald foil helped kristen the court for children and the community. the warriors teamed up with several community groups to turn the existing basketball courts into a rather spiffy place for the kids to play. the team has helped refurbish 60
5:41 am
courts in the last two decades in various bay area cities. well, here is lisa talking about the weather this week. >> carolyn, from our south beach camera, temperatures are in the 50s. we have a good dose of clouds here and across the bay. so we're looking at temperatures coming down by a few degrees today, but that's not going to last. the heat will return and i will tell you where and how warm it will be coming up. looking forward to that, lisa. also ahead, the rams take the field in l.a., and former cal style quarterback jared goff made his nfl debut. rick quan shows us why it was not one goff wants to remember. that's coming up in sports.
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5:43 am
and sports it's going to be a busy day here in the bay area with three teams in action. the 49ers kick off their pre-season at levi stadium against the houston texans, the game starts at 4:00 p.m.
5:44 am
the a's close out their series against the mariners at the oakland coliseum, while the giants play their final inter league game of the season against the orioles at at&t park. first pitch for both games at 1:05 this afternoon. last night the giants needed a win to stay one game ahead of the dodgers in the nl west. here is quick kwan, he's got the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. giants pitcher bumgarner had not won a game since before the all-star break but that streak came to an end last night against baltimore. mad bum was coming off a tough loss to the nationals. san francisco took the lead in the second. span had another two-run single in the sixth. bumgarner threw seven shut out innings, mark trumbo is tied for the american league in homers but goes down looking, mad bum had eight strikeouts. brandon phelps put icing on the cake in the seventh with a two
5:45 am
run home for right, it's his 14th of the year. the giants go on to meet the o's 6-2. the dodgers also won so they stay one game back. before the contest a statue honoring gaylord perry was unveiled outside the park, he joins willie mays, willie mccovey and other teammates of his in the '60s. the hall of famer, perry played 22 seasons, ten with san francisco. he was also known for throwing a spitball, a ball he considered with vaseline. >> i was always accused of doing certain things to the baseball and when i got traded to texas i had to take a lie detector test. i want to let y'all know i passed that in flying colors. they say you can't lie to those things, but -- >> at the oakland coliseum it was "star wars" night. unfortunately the force was with the mariners, robinson ga know
5:46 am
in the first, he takes raven deal for a 2-1 homer. the a's rally for two in the sixth. davis connects for a solo shot, that's his team leading 29th home run of the season. great defensive play in the ninth. ryan heely with a foul pop down the right field line, the catch will be made despite running into the seats. the mariners hang on to win 4-3. >> jared dpof made his nfl debut last night as the rams played host to dallas. more than 90,000 fans came out to the l.a. coliseum to welcome their team back. on the opening kickoff dallas' lucky whitehead finds an opening and takes it all the way 101 yards for a touchdown, the cowboys would build a 24-7 lead. goff had a shaky debut, completing just four of nine passes. here under pressure he has his
5:47 am
second pass picked off. l.a. did come back behind former oregon state qb sean man i don't know, he threw for three touchdowns. 28-24 was the final. the rams opened their regular season against the 49ers september 12th. you can watch that monday night contest right here on abc 7. that is sports for a sunday morning. i'm rick quan. i will see you tonight at 5:00. now lisa, you know, i was in wyoming all last week visiting my mother and it was in the 90s. >> wow. yeah, do you know what, coming back to some heat herein land, but in the city very comfortable. so probably happy to be back, happy to have you back. live doppler 7 showing that the low clouds, the fog pretty similar to yesterday at about 1,000 feet. the visibility from santa rosa to petaluma below a mile, right now at the coast not looking too bad. we do have a source of cooling today with a bit of a stronger sea breeze, the marine layer
5:48 am
should grow in depth a little bit. it is all due to this system right here. later on today we are going to see some of the cooling at the coast and around the bay. inland not so much, but maybe a few degrees cooler. 54 in the city, 57 oakland, 60 mountain view, good morning, san jose, upper 50s for morgan hill. a live look at sfo where temperatures are cooler, in the north bay, low 50s, mid 60s with a southwest wind at 20. when we see that it's that delta breeze transporting some of that cooler marine air eastward and you should have that later on today. 64 in livermore, so overall with the warmer day yesterday retaining some of that warmth, we are anywhere from 2 to 8 degrees warmer right now. so we are looking at pretty good air quality later on today compared to yesterday, so a little bit of drizzle and mist on the coast, minor cooling today, tomorrow, then high pressure builds back, we are to the east of that weak system today and that's going to allow for temperatures to spike back up into the upper 90s.
5:49 am
just for a couple days inn land. good air quality, north bay, coast and central bay and getting better inland and south right on through the santa clara valleys. looking at temperatures, then, around the state, they are pretty typical with mid 80s in the sierra, upper 90s yosemite, a little smoky from time to time in yosemite. upper 80s los angeles. pretty nice afternoon. if you are headed to the game today the giants game looking at some sunny conditions, but at the beach we will look at numbers coming up into the 70s, skruz, low 70s for the next couple days. here is a look at san jose. 88 yesterday, average high 82, 84 for this afternoon and then you will see the temperatures drop modsestly, a spike on wednesday and then thursday temperatures coming back down. really it looks pretty pleasant each and every day with just the warmer weather for a couple days inn land throughout the middle of the week. 70 in oakland today,.5 san
5:50 am
mateo, 78 palo alto. livermore in the mid 90s. that should be down 2 or 3 degrees. today once again mariners in town for the a's, upper 60s 1:00 and by about 70 degrees in the late afternoon. upper 50s, cooler at the coast, mid 90s inland, slight cooling around the bay today and tomorrow and the warmest day looks to be wednesday, still holding on to mid 90s in our inland east bay into thursday. carolyn. >> this is more like it. thank you, lisa. at a high tech store in palo alto don't be surprised if the salesperson who greets you isn't a person at all. abc 7 news reporter jonathan bloom was there to see pepper the robot's first day on the job. >> my name is pepper and welcome to beta. >> the hands on store for futuristic products couldn't wait to get their hands on this. >> we invited pepper to come to
5:51 am
palo alto and be part of our staff for a week. >> the last time we met pepper just came to dance at the robot block party but this is the bought's first real job in north america. >> he will be talking to customers, telling them about beta, telling them about himself. >> i'm so finally to be able to be here in the united states but did you know that i was born in france. >> scooped up by japan's soft bank pepper has worked in mobile phone stores and nissan showrooms. now learning american etiquette. >> in japan culturally it would bow. >> pepper is making quite an impression. >> it is very cool. >> pepper certainly isn't the first robot to be in a u.s. retail store but when a robot looks at you with those big longing eyes it's hard to deny the experience is different. >> this is more like talking to a concierge than talking to a tin can. >> robots in hotels and hard
5:52 am
ward stores have looked like this but not pepper. >> it's arms are meant to be used to engage with you. >> and pepper with empathize v?3[&çñui i can detect feeling when you're happy or sad. (s in retai6t >> if you're not %7happy, i'm s >> if yo=rry to he>w that. m s ú kid friendly. pz hour,t batteryd never needs a jñbreak. soft bankt÷ says it will be4v affordable for small businesss >> i'd like us to keep in touch so please type your e-mail on my touch screen and also play the air guitar. in palo alto, jonathan bloom, abc 7 news. up next it's jerry day. how dead heads will be celebrating and paying tribute to jerry garcia today.
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powerball number 6. no one picked all six. wednesday night's jackpot grows to $94 million. volunteers teamed up yesterday to feed hungry people on the peninsula and overseas. abc 7 news was at san mateo's hillsdale high school where several groups packaged 45,000 meals. a private company called dream dinners and a nonprofit living the dream foundation organized yesterday's event. >> helping children in san mateo county who are food insecure and children in haiti who are mal nourished and starving to eat. >> 30,000 of the meals packed will go to haiti, the other 15,000 will feed families in san mateo county. ♪ ♪
5:56 am
happening today, 1,000 deadheads are expected to celebrate the music of jerry garcia of the grateful dead, it's the fourth annual -- 14th annual jerry day, a tribute to the famous band's founder. garcia grew up in san francisco's excels yer neighborhood, he died in 1995 but of course the music and spirit live on through this event. this is video from last year's jerry day. there will also be a jerry garcia plaque unveiled on mission on harrington street. jerry day started in 2002 to raise money to fix up a playground. the musical tribute starts at 11:30 this morning at mclarn park. up next on the abc 7 sunday morning news at 6, breaking news, police investigate a shooting that's left two people dead. we will have the latest. and a call for calm. cars and businesses burn in protests after police shoot and kill a man in milwaukee.
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good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 14th. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi there, carolyn. welcome back. good morning to you waking up to low clouds and fog at the coast, but we also have some across the bay in oakland and today looks like that on shore push could get a little stronger. here is emeryville, you can barely see it with the fog. 54 san francisco, 57 in oakland, it's 60 mountain view, 61 san jose and a live look


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