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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 14, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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abc7 news starts right now with live breaking news. >> that breaking news is out of lake county. a wildfire has destroyed homes and businesses and forced people out of their homes. good evening. i'm eric thomas. the clayton fire started near lower lake and expanded this afternoon. the fire burned 3,000 acres. right now it is only 5% contained. cal fire has confirmed 10 structures has been destroyed, though it appears many more are now gone. right now more than 500 homes are threatened and have been evacuated. abc news president arer lilian -- news reporter lilian kim has more. >> reporter: we are on main street here at lower lake and structures or what is left of them are still burning. this is what we are seeing in the neighborhoods as well, pure devastation. firefighters are calling it the clayton fire because it started near clayton creek
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road. the crews seemed to have a handle on it until it blew up this afternoon taking over the town. >> in a matter of 20 or 30 minutes you look around you and there is black smoke and flames that are 40-feet tall. >> he is using water from his pool to put out hotspots on his property. earlier he and his son used the pool as shelter from the on coming flames. >> how long were you in the pool? >> 20 or 15 minutes. they got intense smoke. >> 4,000 people are under sack ways -- under evacuation orders, but they are under those who defied the orders. they hosed down the house and so far, so good. >> it can be built again. we see a chance and we take it. >> homes destroyed along main street and morgan valley road.
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fortunately this historic lower house received no damage. still, residents are not sure how much they can take after three major wildfires last year. >> people are scared. we went through this. we had the valley fire which was devastating to people in the area. it brings up a lot of mixed emotions. >> there are a thousand firefighters working the fire. crews were called in from all over california to help. live in lake county, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you. the fire is closed and saint helena is closed until further notice. the hospital said all patients were transferred to lakeside hospital in lake port. they are about 28 miles apart. authorities called ambulances to help with the transport. the fire picked up speed this afternoon. a cal fire spokesperson explained what happened. >> it is the winds that really
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stand this fire and allowing it to pick up in intensity around mid-afternoon today. that's when the fire changed directions from the easterly or southeasterly direction it was headed and pushed it into the community of lower lake. we know as you mentioned there are a lot of structures both homes and other buildings that have been destroyed and this fire continues to put up a fight as firefighters are doing everything we can right now to do structure protection and slow down or stop this fire as much as possible. what makes it different from previous years is we continue to have dry conditions, but this year we had rainfall. that lead to grass that grew and the great is is the fuse that is allowing this fire to explode in size. we'll see what happens and we will be working hard to try to stop this fire. >> if it looks or sounds familiar this region has seen
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devastating fires. the map shows last year's valley fire that destroyed nearly 2,000 homes and the rocky fire destroyed 43 homes around the same time the jerusalem fire destroyed six homes. for the latest let's check in withdrew -- with drew. >> the temperatures were nearing 100 degrees around the fire. they dropped since, but still mild. 77 currently right now near the clayton fire. relative humidity is bone dry. the winds right now are out of the west at 13 miles per hour. the winds are the biggest factor with the fire. not their strength, but their direction. they will drop down to the southeast tomorrow morning and then they will switch direction from the east to the west by tomorrow afternoon. that's why firefighters are having a tough time fight the fire. when they advance in one direction the wind will shift and put the fire in the other direction.
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unfortunately it will get worse before it gets better. fortunately into the weekend we will cool off rather nicely to help the firefighters out there. let's look at the full bay area accu-weather forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you very much. now, lilian kim feeted -- tweeted photos. you can see wreckage left behind at lower lake. here is a picture of firefighters trying to put out flames at the habitat for humanity office. there was a patrol car splattered with it. follow lilian kim at lilian kim seven. >> help has arrived from the bay area. abc7 news was in san francisco's mission district when a special fire department strike team got ready to leave fire station seven. san francisco is end ising six fire engines to lake county. the firefighters will keep the vehicles ready year-round to help emergencies around the state. we will assist the incident in any way, shape or form.
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>> when the san francisco firefighters arrive they will face conditions like this. marin and san mateo county departments are also on the front lines. download our free abc7 news app and enable push alerts. it was a chaotic scene at john f. kennedy international airport earlier this evening. a passenger shared this video after her flight was evacuated on to the tarmac. this followed police getting reports of shots being fired in two terminals. the nypd evacuated both buildings. they found no signs of guns being fired. a series of shootings this summer has residents of a south san jose neighborhood on edge and this morning police were lead on a high speed chase after a vehicle that an officer believed was connected to these cases showed up. abc7 news reporter sergio has details. >> this is a chase that ended with the driver being taken into custody.
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he sped on city streets and local streets in excess of 120 miles an hour trying to get away from officers. according to police radio calls they believed it was connected to a series of shootings. >> a black dodge charger that matches the description of the 246's that have occur owed blossom hill. >> a police spokesman tell us detectives were not able to connect the driver. it started when a patrol officer spotted the vehicle at this pizza place at 2:30 in the morning. >> there were about 10 vehicles shot at with a couple of people injured over the last two and a half months. residents in the neighborhood told me off camera that they are so unnerved that some of them will avoid the whole area tonight. >> the area they avoid is blossom hill, poughkeepsie and one resident said he tries an unusual strategy to avoid being a target.
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>> he hopes by driving with both visors down he can obscure his head from a would be shooter. a delivery driver says the series of shootings have him hyper aware. >> it is 11:00 and anytime it is nighttime you have to watch out. >> though the early morning chase has not been officially connected to the shootings it shows the efforts san jose police are making in trying to catch a kul -- culprit. abc7 news. >> there are new details on a man police shot. he was in a stolen car and then rammed into police cruisers. police say more than one officer fired at the man and multiple rounds went into the car. the suspect, a hispanic man in his 30ss is in critical condition. >> a vehicle is as deadly a weapon as a gun. when an officer is put in a position to have to defend
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themselves they will do that and that's what our training is. >> police arrested a second man in the car. thisy have not said which man -- they have nod said which is the driver. it started after the car's owner started following it and he called police. menlo park police need help catching two masked men who robbed this trader joe's. it struck after closing time at 9:00 last night. they ordered the employees to lie face down on the ground and they escaped with an undisclosed amount of money. they are described as two poll polynesian men in hooded sweatshirts. we are following breaking news out of lake county. lilian kim will be back with another live update coming up in half an hour. also ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, donald trump goes after one of his favorite targets as a new poll shows what millennials think of him. and as california deals with drought the reservoirs face
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another difficulty. and more protests in milwaukee one night after violent riots burned several businesses and cars. >> the abc app on the go and on your schedule on one screen. all of the weather, the traffic and the news that lives california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer.
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[snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. cupertino, concord, wine country and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> donald trump has the lowest rating among young voters in modern history. a new usa today rock the vote poll found 56% of voters supported hillary clinton and 20% supported trump. that's 12 points lower than richard nixon. trump turned his attention
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back to one of his favorite targets. mary bruce has details. >> tonight donald trump is at war with the media. >> i am not running against crook ked hillary. crooked hillary. i am running against the crooked media. that's what i am running against. >> trump blaming the press for his tumbling poll numbers, tweeting if the disgusting and corrupt media covered me honestly and didn't put false meaning into the words i say, i would be beating hillary by 20%, and he is ripping into the "new york times" after it published this blistering report about turmoil in his campaign. >> the newspaper is going to hell. maybe we'll start thinking about taking their press credentials away from them. >> the trump camp is doing damage control. running mate mike pence is reaching out to top republicans hoping to calm the party nerves. but many worry he is already headed for defeat and even
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trump is raising the possibility. >> can you imagine how badly i'll feel if i spent all of that money and all of this energy and all of this time and lost? >> in a bizarre move trump promising the cancer patient that he will always tell him the truth while admitting to other voters -- >> i might lie to you, but i will never lie to jockomo. you hold me to it. >> and trump will try to get back to the issues with a detailed policy speech outlining his plan to tackle terrorism. but trump needs to focus on beating hillary clinton. mary bruce, abc news, los angeles. hundred of court workers in santa clara county will return to work after an eight-day strike. the workers overwhelmingly voted to ratify an agreement. details of the deal have not been released. the strike delayed cases and
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backed up routine court business . both sides met with a mediator. if you live in san mateo county, you may notice trucks fogging in your neighborhood between now and 5:00 tomorrow morning. crews will fog in parts of san mateo and foster city. san mateo county vector control wants to keep it from spreading from humans. >> as we continue to recover from four years of drought we face toxic algae. the tests show the fast-growing blue-green sludge in 40 reservoirs. some of the algae can be deadly to dogs and harmful to humans. it comes down to whether or not toxins are being produced. >> an entire reservoir can be a sign of a bacteria bloom. they may not be producing toxins. if you don't mind getting green stuff on you, you are fine going into the water. >> experts blame the drought
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and global warming for the blooms. the local utilities treat the water to eliminate the algae before it reaches your tap. drew is here with a look at the weather. it is hot, but there are cooler temperatures on the way, drew? >> we will warm these numbers up midweek before the temperatures tumble. it is a little rollercoaster ride as mother nature tries to sort out how she wants us to feel. live doppler 7 showing the fog along the coast. the traditional push inland at this hour. pressing in on live doppler and there is gray shading into oakland in the east bay and advancing toward hayward. we will move inland and fog around livermore and we notice the fog making its presence known. temperature wise much cooler thanks to the push of fog. it is quicker than we were yesterday. it is 5 degrees cooler in concord. it is 7 degrees in antioch and 4 in mountain view. napa is 6 degrees cooler
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compared to this time yesterday. a live look at the egg more for yum cam -- at the exploratorium camera. you can see them doing their dance. the fog has shaw rowded the entire -- shrouded the entire bridge. even along the coast we will have a little mist and drizzle. it is very similar to where we sat today. and then we will track not only the midweek heat up, the temperatures will tank as we head into next weekend cooling off especially inland. 58 open land and 55 temperature paw and 65 in san ramon. san jose is 62. livermore is a mild temperature at 68 degrees. so overnight tonight, most spots will drop into the 50s and wea will -- and we will have a couple spots in the upper 40s. you will get some natural ac as the temperatures drop into the mid50s. we say good morning to san francisco unified students. they are back in school tomorrow. first thing in the morning
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over san francisco is the cloud cover and you will need the jacket and fog. by 3:00 as school is letting out the temperature will be cool for this time of year around 59 degrees. good luck students. future weather shows you hour by hour and we have a lot of fog. we will zoom in and show you the fog from oakland and fremont and even as far south as san jose. santa rosa is seeing the fog by 9:00, 10:00 and that fog pulls back to the coast and away from the coast. we will see plentiful sunshine and comfortable temperatures. the warmest and coolest locations from brentwood to antioch in the mid to low 90s. san francisco and daly city and half moon bay will be cooler in the midto upper 50s. the highs for your monday 90 in concord and 62 in san francisco and 74 san mateo and 81 san jose. oakland 69 and antioch is 94.
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here is your seven-day forecast. tomorrow it is a carbon copy. there is that heat peeking on wednesday and then temperatures will drop by friday and saturday and sunday. look at this. inland, in the 80s around the bay. holding nicely in the upper 50s. >> drew, that's what the firefighters want to hear. thanks a lot. >> breaking news out of lake county. more than a thousand firefighters they are trying to contain a dangerous wildfire. more on power outages and a school cancellation when
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an update on the breaking news where a 3,000-acre wildfire burns near lower lake and clear lake. school is canceled because of the fire. pg&e has turned off miles of electrical lines to make it safer for the firefighters to work. 8300 customers have no power tonight. the power poles and the equipment are damaged. lilian kim will join us in lake county with the latest. right now rick quan is in for mike shumann with sports. >> coming up a giant collapse at at&t park as they blow a late six-run lead. and you have the 49ers in in as they
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> the 49ers played host to houston at levi stadium. colin kaepernick sat out because of soreness in his throwing shoulder. san francisco got off to a bad start. hyde coughs up the football. it is a quick 7-0 lead. gab better -- he slips the defender and completes the pass play. he was 7-7. mike davis had a good game with five carries for 73 yards. this lead to a field goal. overall the 49ers rushed for 236 yards. san francisco was threatening to score in the second
11:29 pm
quarter, but he fumbles at the two yard line. he ran for 10 more and then after this third quarter scramble he had to leave the contest with the leg injury. houston pretty much controlled the skd half. this one to steven anderson. the 49ers lose it and coach kelly was most upset about the fumbles. >> the concern for us is you can't turn the ball over. we turned the ball over twice in the first half. that's a 14-point swing we need to win if we will win this season. that's our beggest concern. >> there are ups and downs. we saw when we got in the groove what we can do as a unit. they made a tremendous play after the catch. it was good to get a touchdown. >> with a 7-1 lead after six innings and johnny cueto on
11:30 pm
the mound it seemed to have them beat. as yogi bear raw said, it is not over until it is over. it was the bobblehead day. he takes him deep to center for a solo homerun and it was 2-0 san francisco. the giants go up 7-1 with a four-run fifth. trevor brown with the two-run single. there are two in the seventh and three in the eighth on this two on and two out blast by jonathon scope. it came off casilla and the oriels stun san francisco 8-7 and the dodgers also lost and they have a one-game lead in the west. jack neil was pitching well since being called up, but he was roughed up by seattle. cory seager with an r.b.i. it was his 30th homerun of the season, but oakland
11:31 pm
falls short. his 30 homers are the most by an athletic in three years. andt is brought to you by riverwalk casino. later in the show, more post pre-season the >> thank you very much. next on abc news at 11:00, saving lives in the south. hear from some of the people rescued from the deadly floods. >> am i gonna make him cry? >> the supplies -- the surprise gift powerful enough to bring this man to his knees. and drew will be back with a final check on your monday morning forecast when we return.
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california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits.
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♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center. >> smoke, flames and new destruction in lake county tonight. sky 7hd shows us homes burning to the ground as the clayton fire ballooned in size. the fire near lower lake covers almost three times the area of golden gate park. let's get to abc news reporter lilian kim who is live with the latest. lilian? >> reporter: eric, we are on main street here in the town of lower lake. quite a few businesses have been destroyed. the flames are flaring up and that's what we have been seeing in the neighborhoods as well. firefighters are calling this the clayton fire because it started near clayton creek road. so far 3,000 acres have burned and it is only 5% contained. 4,000 people are under evacuation orders, but some did choose to stay to do what they could to save their homes. unfortunately while we don't
11:36 pm
have an updated number, many homes or businesses were damaged and destroyed. as you can imagine this is taking quite a toll on lake county residents who dealt with three major wildfires last year. this latest fire started yesterday and firefighters seemed to have a handle on it until it blew up with the help of winds and high temperatures. >> it is not just your typical grassfire. it is burning in all drkses. it looked like it had multiple heads. it was burning actively. you could see large plumes of smoke. there was a lot of wind moving through here. there was pretty extreme fire behavior. >> so far a thousand firefighters were working this fire. crews from all over were called in to help. live in lower lake, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thanks, lilian. >> in milwaukee, protests after police killed an armed man have turned violent for a second night. just minutes ago vandals set a
11:37 pm
car on fire. it exploded during a live tv broadcast on our affiliate station there. 5 police officer was seen is being hit by an object and others carrying him to safety. another officer went to the hospital later after someone threw a rock through his squad car. there were several reports of shots fired in the city. one man was shot tonight and went to the hospital. tonight more than 20,000 people were rescued in law law after widespread flooding. neighbors were using boats to bring out evacuees. roads are flooded as well. they were without food and water. >> as you can see behind me a lot of the interstate has been flooded. jay some people had to slide down the side of the overpass to get to rescuers. four people have died in the flooding. y -- elon musk is
11:38 pm
celebrating one of the successful launches of his space rockets. >> liftoff of the falcon 9. >> a japanese communication satellite made it into high orbit on the reusable falcon 9 rocket. after the rocket reached the outer atmosphere it fell back to earth and stuck a perfect landing. musk wants to launch recovered rockets that could cut costs by 30%. it was a night for speed at the sum are olympics. the summer olympics. jim ryan has our report from rio. >> at olympic stadium in rio in the women's 400 meter semifinals, america strong. u.s. runner phyllis francis finished first in her heat. allison felix followed suit. natasha hastings qualified for the final. in the men's 100 meter race to crown the fastest man alive,
11:39 pm
ussain bolt left them in his dust. they snagged gold for the third straight time and no man has done it before. he finished second for silver. in the men's 400 meters the south african blazed his way to gold in world record time. merit finished with the bronze. simone biles is now three for three. she vaulted her way into history. the 19-year-old is the first american woman to score a gold medal on the vault. she is the first woman to earn three medals in a single game adding this to her team final and all-around tight 2e8. titles. meanwhile her teammates competing on the uneven bars. they took home the silver medal. 2012 all-around champ gabby douglas couldn't make the podium. in gymnastics, he scored the
11:40 pm
bronze in the pomel horse finals. venus williams and her partner had to settle for silver losing to teammates. britain beat argentina for his second consecutive olympics gold medal. american basketball ballers kept up the win streak. the women trouncing the team 40 points and the men barely held off their opponents beating france by three points. jim ryan, abc news, rio day rio de janeiro. >> sorry, adele fans. the british star will not do the super bowl half time show. she said she was asked to do next year's show and she declined. she knows she is not high energy like beyonce. the half time sponsor pepsi says they have not made a formal offer to anyone just yet. teenagers can give parents
11:41 pm
lots of grief. yes, they can. but they can also surprise them in ways they never imagined. here is that story of an illinois man who had an unexpected surprise from the girl he helped to raise. >> when he began unwrapping a present sally to the right and lauren on the left. >> how am i going to react? >> joe is sally's boyfriend. a relationship that began when they were a year old already. joe has been in lauren's life since she can remember. >> i was only with my biological father every other weekend, but with joe almost every day. >> something like a real father-daughter bond formed. >> he took me places. >> as the years went by i not only fell in love with sally, but lauren as well. >> now, the surprise inside the box was a framed poem of appreciation from lauren.
11:42 pm
that got joe crying already. but then he discovered the envelope with a set of legal documents inside. we'll let the video explain the rest. >> i am asking joe to adopt me. >> people say joe is a man of few words. maybe. >> in the end she chose me. there is no better gift than that. >> few words, but perfect for this picture. abc news. >> still ahead on abc news at 11:00, you would never expect to see an eye clinic here on board the jet. a look at the concept that is giving new meaning to eye in the sky. >> the eye in the sky is giving you a look at san jose. we have a lot of fog moving in and we'll let you know how
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south bay is showing off serious salsa skills. abc7 news was in for the third and final day of the jazz summerfest. the crowd had a great time dancing. more than 120 acts performed on caesar chavez park. sergio mendez wrapped up the festival on the main stage tonight. >> an unusual airplane made a stop at moffet field. it is one whose mission it is
11:46 pm
to prevent blindness around the world. >> the pilot is reviewing his flight plan. >> he flies them for fed ex every day. >> it has been modified and instead of cargo it has a hospital in the back. >> with a high-tech operating room. >> it matches all current u.s. standards. >> from sterilizing tools -- >> we open the hatch and we place the instruments on the hatch. >> you wash your hands. >> it is accredited as a u.s. hospital, but the flying eye hospital spends most of its time in countries that don't have facilities like these treating patients for problems like cataracts. >> 80% of those it is treatable. >> beyond performing surgeries, they have another important purpose. perhaps the greatest mission is teaching.
11:47 pm
>> it is the only flying teaching hospital in the world. >> doctors can learn from cataract surgery experts and practice on this simulator. >> you need to be familiar with things with the microscope, how it works and how you can focus in the eye and how you can have fine movement. >> the front of the plane is a classroom and there are glasses to watch them in 3d. >> each of those people in the classroom it is as though they are watching on the microscope. >> it it is here in silicon valley looking for new sponsors and new technology. and then it is off to travel the world again. >> it is an adventure because you don't know what you will find of. >> jonathon bloom, abc7 news. >> some technology there. let's update the weather now. >> we are tracking a midweek warm up live doppler 7 is showing you fog along the cost. it is making its advance into the bay. a lot of 50s on the board.
11:48 pm
a slight chill there. the future weather as we go hour by hour, and watch the time stamp in the screen. we will zoom in closer. fog tomorrow morning in sunnyville and fremont and oakland. patchy fog in our inland locations. it goes back to the coast and tons of sunshine away from the coast on monday afternoon. here are the highs on your monday. similar to where we were today. 94 in ante -- in antioch. 77 palo alto and 80 napa and 81 is the high in san jose. the seven-day forecast shows you warm and sun intoe tomorrow and fog to sunshine on tuesday. heat peaks on weapons and then we need to cool off and then there is the weekend nice 80s and lots of 70s along the bay. >> thank you very much. >> drew, rick quan, rick quan, drew. >> nice to meet you guys.
11:49 pm
coming up in sports, highlights from the 49ers pre-season opener. >> and say it ain't so, santiago, the giants blow a lead with two outs on the 9th. >> when it happens where you live -- >> requests for court documents not filled. >> the abc7 news team covers your neighborhood. >> in lafayette. >> and in hayward. >> seven on your side is changing the way these guys do business. >> the work that seven on your side does is fantastic. >> choose the news that matters where you live. choose the team that, woulds for you. >> reporting live in
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> the 49ers kicked off their pre-season by hosting the houston texans. cap -- kaepernick did not play because of soreness in his shoulder. john simon will rumble 41 yard for a quick 7-0 lead. he completed four of 10 passes for 63 yards and the touchdown to mcdonald. he slipped the defender and it was 7-7. mike davis had a strong game with five carries for 73 yards. this nice run lead to a field goal. overall the 49ers rushed for 236 yards.
11:53 pm
san francisco was threatening to score in the second quarter, but harris fumbles at the two and the tech ans recover. houston rallied in the second half. he threw for a pair of touchdowns and this one to steven anderson. the 49ers lose 24-14. chip kelly was asked about kaepernick's status. >> it wouldn't have been fair to put him in. we are trying to get him healthy and get him ready for this week against denver. >> he is awesome. seeing those guys go back and forth in the competition. >> the raiders next play on thursday in green bay. derrick carr is the undisputed quarterback they drafted cook out of michigan state. he is ready to help him in anyway including water on the sideline. a win against arizona on friday and he completed seven
11:54 pm
of 11 passes for 71 yards. carr liked what he saw. >> i was telling him everything i thought somebody would want to tell me ever since last night. just leading up to it and right before he went in just giving him like a man, take a deep breath. start going through things slowly in your head and it slowed the game down. i thought you went out there and did a great job. jay now to baseball and a painful loss for the joins as they blew a late 6-run lead to baltimore. things started off well on bobble body day at at&t park. pence has his first homerun in three months. he takes him deep to center for a solo shot. johnny cueto had a pair. it was 3-0. the giants appeared to break the game open with a four-run fifth. trevor brown with a two-run single. he had three hits this afternoon. then baltimore began hitting
11:55 pm
back. in the eighth and he connects off hunter strickland. his 34th homer of the season made it 7-4. it was 7-5 giants in the 9th, but with two on and two out, casilla gives up a three-run blast and the o -- orioles come back and tomorrow the giants play host to pittsburgh. zach neil was pitching well and he got roughed up by seattle. he takes him deep and this ball winds up in the second deck. his 17th of the season makes it 1-0. it looks like mar teen has a great hit and makes a great diving catch. tied 1-1 in the therd. he delivers a double to right field. that scores sean o'malley. then in the 6th with the bases loaded he delivers again with another double. that will clear the bases. seattle takes a 7-1 lead.
11:56 pm
the a's got two runs in their half on the team high 30th homer of the season. oakland falls short losing it 8-4 and tomorrow the a's open a three-game series in texas. the u.s. men's olympic basketball team had a close call. the warriors' klay thompson finally broke out of his slump finishing with a game high 30 points. the pga john deere classic is a great showcase for the latest farm equipment. it is also a showcase for pretty good golf. they began with a one-stroke lead. it sets up one of his four birdies. moore shot a final round 67 to finish 22 under par. good for a two-stroke victory over ben martin. and after more than a century, golf returned to the olympics and justin rose won the gold medal. mark kutchar is coming home with the bronze.
11:57 pm
this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> thank you very much. >> that is it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. >> join us at 4:30 a.m. for the latest on the clayton fire. amy hollyfield will be live throughout the morning. for drew and for rick, thanks for joining us. we'll see you later.
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do you teach people how to kill? is your father command?! hi... oh! (gasps) (cell phone rings) (beep) (lowered voice) i can't talk. (fitz) just a minute. i have to go. liv, we need to talk about jake and how he got there.


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