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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> there is relief and anger that this much damage is now thought to have been caused by someone. firefighters say 175 buildings, homes and businesses, were destroyed. evacuees cheered when it was announced that someone had been arrested. 40-year-old damin anthony pashilk of clearlake is in police custody. he has been arrested a dozen times before mostly for parole violations but drugs and weapons. the news of the arrest is shocking. and upsetting. >> it is hard to look at that man and know he caused all of this. especially i have very dear friend who lost everything. knowing that person caused it, it is hard. >> this fire started saturday.
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it got whipped up and did damage in lower lake on sunday. 4,000 people are still evacuated from their homes. the fire now is burning away from people in populated areas. it is 5% contained. it burned 4,000 acres. police would future say the motive behind the fires. or which fires in the past they suspect him. he has been under investigation for a year and held in jail on $5 million bail. >> it is hard to imagine someone setting this purposefully. >> many of the homes that burned in the fire were the same ones spared last year in the valley fire. the flames have moved on, the conditions are ripe for trouble. the state's drought left lake county bone dry and facing extreme fire danger. some dismissed residents are trying to stay positive.
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>> as long as animals are getting out...everything else is...rebuildable. >> remember, many people near the fire are still waiting to find out in their home is standing. >> so tough for the people. mike, can firefighters expect any help today? >> they are getting a little bit this morning. good question. i will show you what is going on with the current conditions, we are looking at 67 degrees and the humidity is hotter than this time yesterday with the temperatures lower. the winds are off right now. in the afternoon, we are quiet until 6:00 to 9:00 in the evening and then it kicks up at 10-15 miles per hour. the winds are calmer today. the temperature on the other hand is going do warm up to 97 today, 98 tomorrow and a gradual cooling trend but we never get out of the 90. it is going to be hot for them.
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>> nearly 700 pg&e customers are without power including some in the evacuation area. cal fire asked crews to cut off some power to keep the firefighters safe. pg&e said that the planes have damaged 20 power poles and other equipment. the salvation army sent mobile kitchens to feed thousands of evacuees and firefighters to be served at the twin pine casino and 7th day adventist church. all the lake county wildfire relief fund is showing a link on our website at >> updates on fire can be downloads by enabling push alerts with news alerts to your mobile device. >> severe flooding in louisiana not over today and we have learned another person has died. jessica castro has the details.
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jessica? >> good morning, authorities confirm that a man found in front of a library in baton rouge accidentally drowned. this is an image from baton rouge this morning. the man was found by a volunteer patrolling the area. they had volunteers out there trying to monitor what is happening with the rising floodwaters. this is the situation. i want to show you new video in the newsroom showing devastating and historic flooding across the state. the shots were taken by a drone. more than 20,000 people have been rescued from their homes. floodwaters continue to rise. >> the end of your life, under of your world having to start over. we worked so hard for it. >> louisiana governor calmed the rescue efforts "tremendous challenge." also, said he is proud of their state and this morning, there are still 11,000 people in
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shelters. as the waters keep rising there could be more evacuations in store. >> unbelievable pictures. >> a san francisco airbnb is activating disaster response page to help flooding victims with hosts offering homes free of charge to evacuees. airbnb e-mailed everyone with property in the flood water with a request to help out. they started this disaster response in 2012 after hurricane sandy. >> san jose police are investigating whether a hit-and-run accident is connected to a double shooting that left a person dead. the shooting happened near north white in east san jose after the 6:00 p.m. last night. two shooting victims showed up at the medical center a short time later. one died. police are now trying to determine in it is connected to a hit-and-run accident in the same area a few minutes before the shooting. >> another incident in san francisco's westfield mall is causing concern for shoppers
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this morning. a mugging is difficulties after a man was found dead. the latest incident in san francisco weld field center happened on friday. three men attack add man in a bathroom. assaulting him and demanding money and possessions. the victim escaped, and we are asking in anyone was in the bathroom who saw this person being assaulted, to give us a call. >> westfield centre has plenty of cameras, and a body was found in a stairway a few days ago. the camera has been spray pained but loved ones of the victim, 28-year-old, frank galicia, have been told leads are coming in but this is proving to be too much for shoppers who are taking a break from the mall. >> i do not want to fear for my
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life. >> maybe they need to get things under control security-wise. >> westfield declined to comment but san francisco police department said the incidents are no reason to stay away. >> we encourage people to visit. it is still safe place to go. when you factor in the thousands and thousands of people that go to westfield each day. >> words that may or may not convince the public. fans attending events at uc berkeley are limited into what they can bring into the stadium and the pavilion. new rules have been released limiting fans to a large clear bag and a small%. that is it. that is following a trend to heighten security and make lines move faster. raids and warriors and 49ers and stanford have enacted similar measures. >> if you ride muni you will see new ads on buses addressing
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something that is unusual: the safety of your driver. according to the "san francisco examiner" the ads used operators urging criminals to avoid targeting the operators saying i get you across town safely and i want to get home safely too # keepthemsafe. there was another muni attack on saturday, a man threw her to the ground and punch her. >> anyone who has driven on mission knows the frustration of congestion, but your headaches could be gone. the board of the transit agency is meeting today consider modifying the red carpet lanes on mission. the staff is almosting removing two mandatory right turns and changing rules for taxis. drivers have expressed their displeasure with the new lanes. >> we will head to the north bay where we are tracking fog and cool conditions. a lot of low-to-mid 50s.
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we have 50 in petaluma and calistoga a cool spot at 48 and along with mill valley at 49, 53 right now in american canyon. vallejo and soberanes and alameda and san carlos and san ramon and fairfield all 55 degrees, and 59 right here in newark and san jose at of 2 degrees. jumping through the next three days to let you know what to expect we get a bump inland, low-to-mid 90s after pulling out of the 90s in a few areas, 82 today in san jose, oakland is 73, 81 in petaluma, 65 in san francisco. sausalito and san francisco, 64 tomorrow. our warmest afternoon, really, is more for inland neighborhoods like low-to-mid 90s in the east bay and 85 in san jose, and fremont or hayward at 80, 54 in petaluma and 82 in santa rosa and, cooling begins on thursday. we will see mid-to-upper 60s around sausalito and richmond and san francisco and half moon bay at 62 and one 90 left and
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that is in antioch and -- no, another in livermore. 85 in san jose and 80 in petaluma and 81 in santa rosa. i will show you the rest cooling trend. coming up in the seven-day forecast. alexis has the commute? >> we had a fog advisory yesterday for the golden gate. today be visibility is not a major issue. maybe a bit of mist and drizzle. afternoon fought is dense as yesterday. or as widespread. our traffic maps overall show mostly green on the slows to start off but of course getting out of the central valley if you are inbound westbound side 205 to 580 through the altamont pass, we are seeing the crimestoppers traffic for five or six miles. we had a control over crash involving a police pursuit in san jose with more details coming up in a few. >> a powerful california consumer group is stepping up the battle against oil companies and what is happening that could lead to lower prices.
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>> it is fought only stolen cars that are sold for parts, how san francisco police are crac
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>> daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a consumer group is testifying that california drivers are getting ripped off by oil companies. we told you this month about
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consumer watch dog claims that california's wholesale market is the cheapest in the country but the drivers are paying 70s cents more a gallon. it does not add up. today they are in sacromento to present their findings in court. the marketing group argues that market factors are the driver of fuel costs in california. >> volkswagen and the justice department are settling a criminal probe into the emissions scandal. in june, reuters reported a criminal settlement would include a consent decree and independent monitor to oversee the conduct of vw and significant fines. now they are reporting the two are preliminary settlement talks. the "wall street journal" said that fines could top $1.2 billion. the justice department declined to comment. >> san francisco police are launching a newation targeting bicycle chop shops. hurdles of enormous. the antitheft union consists of only one officer. second, the operation targets
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homeless camps where there appears to be a black market in stolen bicycles. third, prosecutors ad that proving the bicycles are stolen is very difficult. an estimated $4 million in bicycles are stolen each year in san francisco. all the latest and greatest from intel will be showed off with the three day event in san francisco showing off the newest technology including virtual reality and feature technology that brings human life sensing to devices. >> nasa astronaut who grew up right here is gearing up to have the first spacewalk of her life, a microbiologist raised in napa and will help install a docking adaptor on the international space station that will one day help american commercial spacecraft dock there automatically. her mission in space is primarily to work on the first genome in gravity.
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>> back to earth for a moment and we will talk to mike nicco. >> good morning, we were joking she looked great but maybe she could use some was all over the place. from the exploritorium, you can see that does not tell you there is mist and me. sightly warmer today, spotty drizzle and fog tonight, and a cooling trend is coming at us this weekend. now, the breezes at 3:00 this afternoon to 9:00, from the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge, san rafael bridge, all the way to the delta is will be 24 to 38. a lost fog and how the clouds will evaporate quicker. we will see a bulk in the temperatures but for the coast where the clouds never quite go away. we will talk temperatures,
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average in san jose at 82 and upper 70's in milpitas and mid-to-upper 80s around gilroy and los gatos and san mateo mist and sunshine and tomorrows are in the money 70s and through san francisco, breezy and 65 and downtown the many that is 58 and across the north bay we have temperatures from 77 in vallejo to 85 in santa rosa and the east bay sure, temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s and our last stop, widespread 90s are back east bay neighbor. my seven-day outlook shows another bump up in temperatures before though fall back to average on sunday and cooler-than-average on monday. alexis? >> we had a police pursuit involving the santa clara county clarke in san jose. it ended up a crash on off-ramp with video from this overnight happening at 2:15 this morning. a look at the scene, and this is from a health while ago getting close to clearing it now with a tow truck there and they are getting close to reopening the
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northbound 880 off-ramp and that driver was taken to the hospital. however, we are not sure about the extent of the injuries but looking at the vehicle, that is quite a deficit damage. that is where the pursuit ended and the person is in custody and seeking merchandise treatment. i will have an update when we have the off-ramp back open. right now we do not have delays. here is a look where this is on the traffic maps, another update in 10 minutes. >> a family's camping trip takes a frightening town. how they were able to save a four year old from the jaws of a mountain lion. >> would you choose a pet over a loved one? but, first, techbytes. >> google's answer to face time, they released a video called "duo," allowing the recipient of a scale to see the person calling them before accepting and turn on the camera.
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>> apple is planning to unveil three new ipads but not until next year. sources report that the roll outs will include a new screen size 10.5" pro in the middle of the two current ipad pro sizes. and stunning design for video game lovers, eight acre maiz. with your favorite mario brothers characters is in new york on a farm, 10,000 visitors are expected to visit the familiar this year. that is 9,900 that
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the abc7 news app, on the go, on your schedule. news that lives where you live. >> a mother believes angels stopped a mountain lion from killing her four-year-old daughter on a camping trip. kera butt is safe now. the familiar said she was play by a creek during a family reunion in idaho on friday night. suddenly, a cousin started to scream. >> it went after me. it grabbed me. >> what happened when it grabbed you? >> it scratched me. >> the mountain lion dragged her through a surveillance video but dropped her weapon the family members started screaming. the game wardens shot the lion. she needs shots to prevent rabies but is expected to be
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okay. >> police arrested a man taking selfies with a loaded gun. someone culled officers after he kept pull out the weapon and posing in front of the convenience store. he was found with a gun in his west ban. the weapon was stolen. >> a bill move through the managementure allows women to get a area's worth of birth control pills at one time the right know insurance covers 30 30-90 days amounts and makes unintended pregnanciesless likely because it reduces the chances of skip doses. the right-to-life committee opposes the bill. the legislation is passed now the senate. >> look, i am like a lot of pet owners i love my dog. but do you love your dog more than your significant other? a website surveys 2,000 dog and cat owners. 63% of those polled would choose
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their pets over their significant others. >> no! >> 54% say they would give up a finger so their pet could keep a him. these are unusual questions. >> unconditional love was the main reason. let's not got crazy. >> he doesn't make dinner. doesn't talk back. >> and he only goes out twice or three time as day. great pet owner, everyone. i don't even know. >>is 57 degrees and the cloud cover is beginning to have delays and i will let you know on twitter. brentwood and lakeport 97. antioch is 95. the coast daly city and pacifica is 59 and bodega bay is 58. we have another run at the pirates font. sunset is 8:00. 58, dropping down to 56.
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breezy and brick. a threat of a thunderstorm, up in lake tahoe, a small chance but out there. be aware of that. 84, 98 in sacramento, suns around chico and fresno. heading to los angeles, 88 degrees. safe travels. look who is back! >> if you are hitting the door, at the bay bridge toll plaza there is very light volume so all of the lane, fast track and cash and car pool moving along. at the mid-span, look at the visibility across the bay bridge, seeing some denser areas of fog this morning. i don't think it will be a huge impact on the commute but keep it in mind. drive times, 680 southbound, highway 4 to walnut creek is six minutes, and walnut creek to highway 13 is eight. in the green. the only place we are seeing delays, westbound 580, tracy to dublin is in the yellow at 39 minutes. we will look at the end of the
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police pursuit in san jose in a now. >> the gender pay gap extended to doctors a new study shows a huge difference in the amount medicare bursts physicians showing that medicare bursted female doctors 19,000 less than their male counterparts regardless of the specialty. researchers say there is no overt reason because medicare sets the price without negotiation but follow as trend with research finding female doctors were paid on average 8% less than the male counterparts in post grail medical journal. aof all the crazy stories pokemon go is serious business and is serious that app developers are banning cheater are for life with terms of service updated and you are band for work around if you falsify your location or use an emulator. it is not clear how they are catching the cheaters but the creators are in the happy and
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everyone needs to calm down. >> researchers have developed a solar powered tan let that could provide clean drinking water to people around the world. this is a small device that removes 99.9 9% of bacteria after 20 minutes. the tab sleet re-usable, researchers say it can be charged by the sun and when exposed, the layers of small flakes produce a chemical that kills bacteria. further testing "is needed." >> artists have a chance to look at their new project, the old bay bridge. some of the steele from the tear down is going to go to artists and today those who he flies and were approved by caltrain get a chance to look at the material they will turn into art. >> students are heading back-to-school tomorrow in san jose and face mandatory vaccinations. next we will hear from a parent
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this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you.
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you are amazing. ♪ ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a major development from the fire lines in lake county. police arrest a man they say set the devastating clayton fire. good morning, it is tuesday, august 16. you can see people cheering when they saw his picture unveiled. i am regular. >> i am natasha zouves. we will have more on the fire in a moment but, first, wet and traffic. mike? >> good morning, everyone. this is live doppler hd showing you we have patchy


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