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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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firefighters in lake county are making progress in the fight against the clayton fire. they kept the flames from spreading to more home. late this afternoon cal fire lifted evacuations in the avenues in clear lake. the 4,000 acre wildfire ask now 20% contained. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. and at this point, at least 175 structures have been destroyed. but again, there is some progress now on the fight against the clayton fire. they did keep it from spreading to more homes, thank goodness. good afternoon, i'm dan ashley in for larry beil. >> and i'm ama daetz. the man accused of starting the fire, dammin pashlick has been booked on multiple counts of
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fires in the area. we are live in lower lake with the story. alyssa. >> reporter: we just saw the business owners of this auto shop pull up and started and crying and hugging each other and in the backyard surveying the damage. next door this building has been red tagged. this is a devastating time for the community and even this arrest brings some relief, it will not bring back the homes. >> you could see the extent and distance the fire traveled. >> reporter: cal fire gives us a ride through lower lake showing us the path the fire took when it roared into town. more than 175 structures have been destroyed, 4,000 acres scorched. most of the area is still off-limits with thousands forced to evacuate. >> it is not as if we could open the door and allow people to come home and there are organizations who have a voice on when it is safe for people to enter the home. >> reporter: crews are working to restore power and firefighters are putting out spot fires and they helicopter
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retardant from above. they believe an arsonist is to blame, from clear lake, who is suspected of other fires as well. >> i was glad he was arrested, it is not right but he'll get what is coming to him eventually. >> reporter: the national guard and the emergency services were escorted through the devastated town. >> it is heartbreaking and drives home the point of how important it is that we work as one team to be able to come in and help these communities get back up online as fast as possible. >> reporter: after seeing the damage first-hand they could put together a plan of how to rebuild and get people home. and that plan includes debris pick-up and shelter for evacuees and replacing important documents like i.d. alyssa harrington, abc 7 news. >> and what type of services are there for the evacuees dealing with this right now? >> reporter: there are three centers and red cross is providing some shelter and
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clothing. and should note that even though evacuations are still in place here in lower lake where a lot of people are worried about homes, cal fire is considering bringing people into town with police escorts so they could take a look at their property. back to you. >> alyssa, thank you. coming up at 5:00, more on the arson suspect's past and his cousin who speaks about his prior troubles. several schools are closed for the rest of the week because of the fire. they include burns valley, east lake, lower lake and pommo elementary school and lower lake high school and louis center, blue herron school, carli high school and highlands and konocti and other schools. >> they need help on the fire lines. >> and spn is here with the latest. >> weather conditions are not helpful right now. here is a live look at the live doppler 7 hd. down to the area of the fire.
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it is hot and 97 degrees and relative humidity is very low at only 16%. now the winds are light at moment out of the southeast at 3 miles per hour with gusts occasionally up to about 8. we expect the winds to increase over next couple of hours, above 10 miles per hour and drof off significantly overnight so that is a good thing. but high temperatures over the next several days will remain well into the 90s, mid to upper 90s so the hot weather is going to remain and the dry conditions will remain so we just have to hope for a tremendous fire fighting effort to top the fire. i'll have more in the bay area weather in a few minutes. >> thank you, spencer. and we do have a resources page on the clayton fire on our website at find information on how to donate to fire victims. cash donations are preferred. officials in lake county say thousands of dollars were spent to get rid of unfit donated items after the valley fire. and some in california, a new wildfire in the cajon pass me interstate 15 and that is the
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main highway to las vegas. it broke out at 10:30 and it is growing, charring 1,000 acres in just 90 minutes an that gives you an idea of how fast it is spreading. right now it has burned 5500 acres in san bernardino county and 4500 people face evacuation near wrightwood and the fire is 0% contained with temperatures in the 90s and there are gust we winds. california deals with fires, residents in louisiana are trying to survive the historic floods. so far storms have killed ten people. at least 30,000 people have been rescued. many of them are now packed in shelters and with rivers still rising, officials warn the danger isn't over. elizabeth hur has more. >> reporter: a first look at the devastation for some residents and business owners. they are returning and finding just about everything they own
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destroyed. >> we don't know where to start. i mean -- i don't know. i don't know where to start. >> it is unbelievable. we're seeing the water line on the building and it looks to have been about 7 feet. it is just -- it's unbelievable. >> reporter: louisiana still in a state of emergency and in all the governor said some 40,000 homes and counting have been impacted by this historic flooding. >> nobody is going to be forgotten, we'll work around the clock and we'll do everything h humanly possible to render aid. >> and the waters starting to recede in areas hardest hit but after the damage is done, it is unlike some have seen, even those who survived hurricane katrina years ago. >> everything that i had is gone. everything. everything. >> it is like the end of your life, the end of your world, having to start over like that. we work so hard for it. >> reporter: and the concern
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now, the swollen river sending floodwaters down stream, meaning tonight more residents bracing for eevacuations in southern louisiana. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. san leandro police are asking for help identifying a man in a police sketch they are releasing. he is suspected of trying to kidnap at least three women. we apologize, we'll try to get that sketch for you. >> this surveillance capture of the man -- there it is, who was driving a silver 2014 nissan sentra sr when he tried to kidnap a woman on washington avenue near hall seen drive. >> and two other women have come forward saying they believe the same man tried to kidnap them. it has a unique set of wheels similar to the wheel on the right you see. call police if you have any information. well here is a sight you would expect to see in florida, not fremont. you are looking at pictures of an alligator in alameda creek. fish and wildlife believe someone released the gator in
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the creek after they could no longer take care of it. they searched for the gator. they located and then shot it. now coming up at 5:00, abc 7 news reporter sergio quintana will have a live report on why officials killed the gator and why some folks thought they should have captured it alive instead. the navy is naming a ship in honor of harvey milk. >> he was in the navy before he began his career in politics. he served on the san francisco board of of supervisors and as you may know was assassinated in 1978. >> the u.s. naval ship harvey milk will look like this and supply oil and vessels on the high seas. abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen was there for the unveiling ceremony live on treasure island. chris? >> reporter: with the city skyline as a back-drop, it was a memorable ceremony and brought
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out a number of people, including the family of harvey hillary clinton. we look at video as naval officials unveiled a rendering of the ship. it is the first ship named for a gay rights leader. it is a fleet replenishment ship and six in its class and all of which will be named after civil and human rights leaders. this afternoon we spoke with stewart milk who was just 17 when his uncle was assassinated in 1978. he said naming a ship after harvey milk will spread the message that our country is strengthened by its diversity. >> he believed we needed to be visible and not who we were and not wear a mask and it was not lgbt people, but that we are all less if we are not all included. >> reporter: and a very proud moment, not only for the milk family but for other members of the lgbt-q community. the san francisco gay men's chorus was here to take part in the ceremony and they were joined today by a number of community leaders as well as other elected officials who came
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out to show their support. live on treasure island this afternoon, i'm chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> when is the ship expected to be put into service? >> great yes. some people came out today thinking there would be an actual ship. but it turned out not to be the case. construction will begin in 2019 and it will take two years to build and expected to go in the service in year 2021. >> chris, thanks so much. a first ship was named after civil rights leader john lewis and he will be in the bay area tomorrow. we were at the hutch community center where a group of san francisco kids got a lessen in civil rights. kids will meet lewis tomorrow at city hall and they've been reading a graphic novel he wrote about the civil rights movement in order to get ready for the visit. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the remarkable turn around for a dog named mozzarella. he has come a long way since
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being found in a dumpster into and ford is about to shift his silicon valley into high gear, the way we get around. and a decision by hillary clinton superpac and a telling sign about the state of the race for the white house. and checking our san francisco skyway traffic, it is moving slowly in both directions, on the right-hand side you are trying to get on the 101 southbound peninsula and beyond and on the left hand side the lower deck of the bay bridge and over to the ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design.
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award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century.
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we are following breaking news out of berkeley, the san francisco chronicle is reporting
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chancellor nicholas durks will resign after the end of the upcoming school year. he's been embroiled in misuse of funds for sports and they will make a determination on his future. a goal to have fully autonomous vehicles on the road. >> ford set the date for five years from now in 2021. david louie was in palo alto for the big announcement. the kind of announcement that once happened in detroit. today he is live outside of ford's valley research center. david? >> reporter: ama and dan, ambitious is a good word because ford doesn't want to take steps by creating a semiautonomous vehicle and they want vehicles with no driver controls but the first ones are earmarked for card-sharing services. the marching orders to the ford employees was straightforward, the president and ceo mark fields they will have a massed produced fully autonomous
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vehicle on the road in 2021. >> that means no steering wheel, there is not a gas pedal, there is not going to be a brake pedal and of course a driver is not going to be required. >> reporter: the vehicles are for ride sharing services, not for individual drivers. ford labels them first generation ought generation autonomous vehicles, giving the public the chance to use them. >> i think we'll get the cost down and it is available for personal use but the fact it is in this ride service as an affordable level will expose it to a lot of people. >> and they identified the elderly and the handicap as those that are users. >> we'll provide mobility using our car and faster than anybody else and that is a big deal. >> reporter: so make this happen in five years, they will double the palo alto work force by the end of next year. it is acquired two more buildings is creating a campus. the partners will feel pressure to deliver. >> we as a software company are already working on the
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technology and goal is to make sure what ford needs is on our road map as well. >> reporter: and they are joining baidu to assist in morgan hills velo dine. >> and a 2-year-old could see but you have to take ma information in and make decisions. >> and the race is on with others working on autonomous vehicles in silicon valley. david louie, abc 7 news. google's answer to face time is now available. the calling app called duo makes its debut today. the service allows the recipient of a call to see the person calling them before they accept and turn on their camera. it allows users to make calls between ios and something face time can't do. it is available for free for both iphone and android users. and meantime apple is expanding operations in china. the ceo tim cook announced the
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company will opened the first asia-pacific research and development center in china by the end of the year. the company has not disclosed where exactly the center will be built on when construction will begin. apple has been working to increase investment in china amid declining revenues and rising distrust from the region. and a sweet dog that survived a terrible ordeal is now looking for a new home. >> he was found abandoned at a dumpster at the mill valley safeway. >> kristen zse is here with the story. >> reporter: what started as a sad story will hopefully have a happy ending. the dog discovered in heartbreaking conditions is on the road to recovery. this is 2-year-old mozzarella that is clean now but that wasn't always the case. he was found abandoned in mill valley next to safeway. he had no i.d. tag and no microchip and was so scares of people, the only way they could lure him out was by dangling
4:18 pm
mozzarella cheese -- hence the name. >> and the security guard found him in a carrier next to a dumpster, thrown out like trash. one of our officers went down and got the dog and we evaluated him. he appeared to be in good health except he was severely matted. >> you could see what the humane society spokesperson was talking about. the small picture when was they discovered him and compare that to the big picture looking spiffy, after a bath, hair cut and neutering and nationalization and socialization with other dogs. animal abandonment is against the law and surrendering a pet is always on option. he will be ready for adoption in a few days. they have already gotten many calls on him as cute as he is. if you are interested, go to the website at for more information. dan and ama. >> thanks. and it is time to check on our weather as we head into this week. tuesday now. >> almost mid-week, spencer, but
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who is counting. >> but who is counting, exactly. looking forward to the weekend. if it is anything like today, it is a beautiful weekend. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd, sunny skies over the bay and inland and low clouds across the bay and the temperature change in the last 24 hours showed a warm-up and inland areas from 2 to 5 degrees warmer now than they were at this time yesterday. the view from sutro tower over san francisco where it is 63 degrees. 70 in oakland and san jose and 82 in morgan hill and 59 in half moon bay. west toward the golden gate from our west bay hills camera, 78 in santa rosa. 74 in napa, 75 in petaluma and 93 at livermore. and low clouds over the golden gate. foggy conditions near the coast and bay overnight with spotty morning drizzle likely. it is very warm inland for the next two days with a cooler pattern settling in at the end of the week. overnight look for a low temperature mainly in the mid to upper 50s. low 50s on the coast and in the
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north bay valleys and here is our forecast animation. starting at 11:00 tonight. notice the fathrather forceful e of low clouds and fog over the bay and inland like we had last night and 5:00 at the morning commute begins, no doubt some areas of reduced visibility but it will turn out to be a sunny day by mid morning. high temperatures in the south bay tomorrow mainly in the 80s. about 85 at san jose. 89 in los gatos but 90 at morgan hill. on the peninsula, 79 in redwood city, 80 at palo alto and mountainview and 59 at pacifica. 66 is the high downtown san francisco and 85 in santa rosa and 80 in sonoma, on the east bay, 73 in oakland, 80 at fremont and the inland east bay is the warmest region with highs in the low to mid-90s, about 94 at livermore and 92 at fairfield. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. two warm days coming our way, in our inland tomorrow and thursday with highs in the mid-90s but
4:21 pm
notice how the teams tamer off on friday and saturday to maybe 90 in the warmest inland locations. mid-70s around the bay. and then we see only upper 80s on sunday and monday so we'll have a nice and comfortable weather -- blended -- temperature trend at the week, no extremes at all. >> that is nice. thanks, spencer. up next, done deal. the pla
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california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them. send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪
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an end of an era on the las vegas strip. the last tower of the riviera hotel and casino is history. it was imploded to make way for convention center expansion and becoming a pile of rubble in just seconds. the riv opened back in 1955 and some of the biggest names in show business, including liberace and the king himself elvis presley all once graced its stage. the sale of hugh hefners
4:24 pm
playboy mansion is official. he sold it to his next door neighbor, a 33-year-old for $100 million. public records show it is the highest price ever paid for an l.a. residence. he listed the five acre property in january for 200 million and the 90-year-old heff can live in the mansion for the rest of his life. metropolis is the owner of a private equity form and his father owns pabst brewing company. and now to the olympics and gymnastics wraps up. >> and one of the most inspiring moments didn't involve a medal. jim ryan has more from rio. >> reporter: the gold rush continues as 19-year-old simone biles makes olympic history again, becoming one of the most decorated athletes in rio. the champ earning her fourth gold medal this time in the women's floor exercise. >> the first to old four gold in
4:25 pm
gymnastics and the only ever to win five in a single games. ali raisman took home the silver. she was the reigning winner from the london games. the men's gymnastic teams delivering big. danell leyva scoring the silver on the parallel bars. he only got to come to rio because a teammate was injured and had to withdraw. then he did it again. and he flipped his way into second place in the high bar finals. it was redemption for him. he fell on the same event during the team competition finals. team usa san mckuehlock missed by minutes and landed in fourth. and all four americans competing advanced. gatlin and merit all moved forward. usain bolt hit the track and left the competition in the dust, winning his heat. more gold for team usa at the men's triple jump, christian taylor defending his title and will claye celebrating with a
4:26 pm
silver and getting engaged. high drama in the women's 5,000 meter semi-final. team usa abby d'agostino and nicki hamlin tumbling to ground after they clipped heels. d'agostino hobbling to the finish line with help and the pair hugging before she is taken away in a wheelchair. she still advances to the finals, if she is okay to compete. teammate shelby hula han made the cut after placing in her heat. and out of the pool and into the brackets, women's volleyball defeated japan to advance to the semi-finals. jim ryan, abc news, rio de janeiro, brazil. >> just some great moments. >> incredible. >> just ahead at 4:00, back to the fire lines in lake county. you will see just how eager some local residents are to get back into their homes. and also a frightening collision as a cement truck rolls on top of aminivan and this wasn't of aminivan and this wasn't fatal.
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here are the headlines at 4:30. the lake fire is 20% contained and burned 4,000 acres and destroyed 175 structures. spokespersons daniel bur lance tweeted out good news. evacuations have been lifted for the avenues in clear lake and
4:30 pm
homes east of highway 53 from polk avenue to cash creek, other evacuation orders do stay in place. california emergency response leaders are now observing the fire. the california national guard tweeted photos of them departing for the fire late this morning. a lake county man is accused of starting the fire. melanie woodrow talked with the family of dammin and she tweeted they are not surprised he was arrested and feel for the families that lost their homes. >> investigators are trying to figure out why someone would set the fire in lake county on purpose. >> amy hollyfield has more from lower lake. >> reporter: even firefighters are talking about how surprised they were to hear about the arrest of 40-year-old damin pash ilk, who is starg charged with fire, including the lake fire. >> they have done the right thing in keeping the investigation close to their chest and not sharing the
4:31 pm
information, which allowed an increase for this to be a case of integrity. >> as news of the arrest settled in, the effort to clear this destroyed area is ramping up. evacuees are restless and asking police at the perimeter when they could return home. >> they are not letting anybody in. everybody is upset about that, trying to get to their stuff. >> officials say it will take some time. >> it could take days and maybe a week or two, but it is too early to know exactly what the timing is going to be. >> reporter: pg&e is part of the process. the utility is working to get the power turned back on for 700 lower lake customers. that involves using a helicopter to replace the 19 power poles damaged by the fire. >> the helicopter will actually take those poles and from the air set them into a hole in the ground and then our crews will be there to help stabilize those poles. >> reporter: firefighters and police also need room to work. and need to make sure the area is safe. adam is watching all of this
4:32 pm
from the outside. he has been sleeping in his car in the gas station across the street, so when they do give the all-clear, he will be here. >> i didn't want to leave in case we get an opportunity. i mean, you know, if there is an opportunity to get in, i'll get in there. >> reporter: adam told us he is grateful for the people here working so hard. the frustration, he said, is with the situation, not the workers. and firefighters know that. they are in meetings trying to figure out when they could get people moved back home or at least plan some trips in and out of this very heavily-damaged area. in lower lake, hammy holyfield, abc 7 news. authorities in milwaukee are hoping for a second straight peaceful night following a weekend of violence. police report only six arrests last night in the sherman park neighborhood. the area erupted into chaos on saturday night after an armed black suspect was shot by a black milwaukee police officer. businesses burned and gunshots were fired and police in riot gear were pelted with rocks and other objects. a 10:00 p.m. curfew for
4:33 pm
teenagers is in effect. now to your voice, your vote. donald trump will be in milwaukee area after police protests rocked that city. his visit comes one day after he announced his controversial extreme vetting immigration plan. today hillary clinton took on her republican rival's controversial proposal. >> reporter: tonight trump, the self-proclaimed law and order candidate, will step into milwaukee. le meet with police after an officer killed an armed black man sparking days of unrest. >> we have to obey the laws or we don't have a country. >> reporter: trump on fox news and back on the trail after announcing his extreme vetting immigration plan, proposing a ideological test for people coming from countries with ties to terrorism. >> only those who we expect to flourish in our country and to embrace a tolerant american society should be issued visas. >> reporter: hillary clinton was in philadelphia registering democratic voters and taking on trump. >> it just absolutely bee
4:34 pm
wilders me when i hear trump try to talk about national security. what he often says hurts us. it sends the wrong message. >> reporter: clinton supporters are feeling confident about her double-digit lead in pennsylvania and other battleground states. so confident a superpac known for the anti-trump videos is moving resources and stopping the ads in pennsylvania, virginia and colorado. while clinton and trump fight it out, the focus of the race is now turning to the candidates and classified information. at the request of hos gop members, the fbi turned over notes from his clinton private e-mail probe. >> and the fbi will give trump his first classified briefing in new york on wednesday. trump and clinton, who has been blasted by republicans for handling of classified e-mails, will receive two or three briefings before election day. kenneth moten, abc news, washington. authorities filed formal charges today against the
4:35 pm
35-year-old man accused of the execution-style shooting of a new york imam and his assistant. police arrested oscar morell on sunday night in his brooklyn apartment. this is video of him last night. investigators also released a photo of a handgun they say was inside of his apartment. morell is charged with one count of first-degree murder and two counts of second-degree murder. so far no motive for the shooting has been announced. washington, d.c. police chief cathy lanier is stepping down to become head of security for the national football league. this ends her 26-year career on the force. the last decade as chief. the 49-year-old was the first woman to lead the department. she will leave her post next month. >> a man and woman are alive after a dramatic accident that was captured on a surveillance camera in china. keep an eye on the minivan. it crosses a street and is hit by a cement tanker. look at that. which then rolls over on top of the vehicle. here it is again.
4:36 pm
oh, man. and passersby pulled the woman from the wreckage. rescuers had to use a forklift and hydraulic tools to extra ate the man and both are in the hospital and the woman is recovering after surgery but reports say the man isn't out of danger yet. >> that is awful. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the big blow to president obama's health care plan and the patients on it. >> but first a giant panda has an unexpected surprise for the zookeepers at the zoo. and we can see the marine layer is on the way across the bay. but we'll have warm weather inland again tomorrow. i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. and let's take you to the east bay. you are looking at 680 in walnut creek, as could you see at
4:37 pm
4:38 pm
4:39 pm
zoo keepers in austria got quite the surprise. their panda gave birth to a cub. but they didn't know she gave birth to twins. zoo officials made the discovery when they checked the camera showing momma kicking back and they spotted the second cub. it was just four inches long and weighed 3.5 ounces and that is about as much as a deck of cards. >> that is amazing. and as they say kids, could say the darnest things but a little boy in florida wasn't far from the truth when he told his mom there is a polar bear outside.
4:40 pm
>> take a look. it wasn't an arctic creature but a brown bear. angie polk was at home when she captured this video of the unexpected visitor in her backyard. she couldn't believe her eyes when she opened the blinds. >> there was a bear walking around behind the vegetables. he is just hungry. no -- get back from my tomatoes! >> she streamed the encounter live on facebook. the animal hung out for eight minutes before heading back into the woods. and it is cute. and momma didn't come looking for the cub. and then we have trouble. >> that is bad news. well let's check on our weather news with spencer. >> hey, spencer. >> here is what is going on. we have warm weather in the next couple of days inland areas. here is a live look at sky doppler 7 hd and sunny skies and low clouds and fog from the coast are making their move over the bay. tomorrow statewide it is warm in interior sections of the state. high temperatures reaching 101 at chico, 105 at fresno. 234i79 yosemite and 86 in los
4:41 pm
angeles and 112 in palm springs. here in the bay area, highs and warmer inland so hiez up to about 60 on the coast, upper 70 toss near 80 around the bay and then mid-90s in inland areas like antioch and livermore. up north, 100 degrees likely at lake port. on we go to the week ahead. livermore is our high temperature trend indicator. notice the next couple of days we see low to mid-90s inland in livermore. the average high is only 88. but there is a downward trend in temperatures beginning on friday. temperatures will be at the average level for this time of the year, right on through the weekend and into early next week and that is what the entire bay area can expect, dan and ama. >> thank you, spencer. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, san francisco's big push to fight the most common crimes in popular tourist areas. plus -- >> falling on the ground -- my arm saved me. >> a 10-year-old girl recounts what happened after falling from
4:42 pm
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san francisco district attorney office is handing out money to fight some of the city's most common crimes. they were at a restaurant as the district attorney gave out $3,000 checks to ten organizations. the fisherman's wharf benefit community is one of them. they will hand out flyers and post signs in tourist areas giving visitors tips to prevent car break-ins. >> we really want to remind people to take those things, a backpa backpack, take it with you and don't leave anything in the car that you can't afford to lose. >> some organizations will use their neighborhood justice grants to beautify a particular street or mabin crease lighting. the money comes from the fines paid by people who commit minor offenses. the san francisco d.a. has given out $120,000 like this in the past four years. now to an abc news
4:46 pm
exclusive. one of the young victims of the tennessee ferris wheel accident is speaking out and her sister is still in the hospital. we sat down with the girl and her parents. >> reporter: kayla reynolds is just 10 years old and telling us this morning that she's lucky she's alive after falling 40 feet from the cabin of this ferris wheel at the greene county fair in tennessee. >> really scared. my arm saved me. >> reporter: she remembers the moment clearly when she and another girl and her 6-year-old sister were thrown to the ground after their orange ferris wheel basket got caught on another while the ride was turning. >> i was worried about browly, because people said she wasn't breathing. >> reporter: their mom and dad were right there watching, horrified. >> and we both took off running toward the -- toward the operator and we're yelling stop -- stop! stop now! >> reilly is still in rough shape. >> swelling and she just didn't look like my child at all.
4:47 pm
>> she suffered a traumatic brain injury and her family is sharing the pictures from her hospital bedside. >> she had a harder impact and when she hit, her eyes rolled back in her head and -- >> it was tough. >> absolutely. >> yeah. >> worst thing i've seen in my life. and i couldn't do anything. everybody is like, don't touch her. don't touch her. but that is my baby. >> authorities now say what happens was an accident and safety inspectors are blaming mechanical failure. but when we got a close look inside of the cabin, we noticed it had no seat belts or lap restraints and insectors say those safety features are not required. in a statement this morning family attractions said it is pulling for the girls in tennessee, by no means do we take this lightly as our main concern is the safety of the families who visit our midway each week. the family tells us that no one who runs the fair ground has come to them to talk with them or express their sympathies. abc news, johnson city,
4:48 pm
tennessee. minutes is -- mitsubishi is recalling its sport lander due to a fire. >> michael finney has the story. >> the mitsubishi outlander support comes after complaints a transmission line could leak. there have only been a handful of complaints about the transmission home but it could become inoperable if enough fluid leaks increasing the risk of a crash and a fire. and if you are driving a 2015 outlander sports you are urged to take it into your dealer for an inspection. travelers could soon make reservations for restaurants and book tours through air bnb. and the hotel or home rental service is expected to release the new trip-planning services app in november. air bnb is hoping to distinguish itself from other house rental services. the app can reportedly but used to book tours, mike reservations and plan your travel itinerary
4:49 pm
and hosts could make additional money by recommending restaurants and giving tours. americans may finally be getting the word about the importance of saving for retirement. 21% of people surveyed by bank say they are saving more for retirement this year than the year before. now that is the highest positive response since this survey began six years ago. on the opposite end, fewer people say they haven't been able to contribute anything for retirement this year. bank rate said this is all a sign that we're feeling more financially secure. now i want to hear from you. the 7 on your side hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 am to 2:00 p.m. and the number 415-954-8151 and reach me through my facebook page and through >> thank you, michael, very much. well nearly a million people who receive insurance through obama care will have to look for another plan. etna is pulling out of health
4:50 pm
exchanged in 11 of the 15 state where's it operates which does not include california by the way. the company reports it lost more than $430 million in the individual health care policies. since the exchange has opened in 2014. despite that move, government officials say the future of the exchanges remains strong. more than 19 million people received health insurance under the program. tylenol and pregnancy could lead to hyperactive children. >> here is jane king. >> well the fda doesn't actually have the power to recall kokom kokomt -- cosmetics but one received more than 21,000 complaints about its product but it wasn't obligated report any of that to the fda. it said there have been efforts to change the law but different types of cosmetic companies have lobbied for various levels of regulation. women who take asito minnow fin during pregnancy will be more likely to have a hyperactive
4:51 pm
child. it should be used only when necessary. the fda said it has reviewed previous studies exploring prenatal use of the pain killer and the risk of adhd in children and has yet to make a solid statement on it. and slopping one sugary drink for water has a great benefit. the study said more soda a person drinks every day, the more likely they are to eat unhealthy levels of processed meats and refined grains and sweets and starches and replacing one sugary soda could be a benefit. i'm jane king, here's to your health. coming up at 4:00, another eviction issue in san francisco. a nonprofit that helps other is asking for help. and kristen zse is here with a look at 5:00. >> coming up, abc 7 news was there when a new fire breaks out in lake county. firefighters give it all they have. plus -- -- why hundreds of trees are being taken down in concord.
4:52 pm
these stories and more when i join dan for abc 7 news at 5:00.
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tonight on abc 7 at 8:00, it is bachelor in paradise followed by bachelor in paradise after paradise and the middle and fresh off the boat and then join us for abc 7 news at 11:00.
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a san francisco nonprofit is facing eviction after more than three decades. it is becoming a familiar story and this organization which is used to helping others is now asking for your help. carolyn ti carolyn tyler has the story. >> if i close our doors, i don't know what happens to them. >> reporter: for more than 30 years thousands of clients have come through the doors, the hate ash bury psychological services to receive low-cost counseling. >> it keeps people well before they are homeless and before they have a more serious mental illness problem. or the city needs support for mental health services, kind of more than ever before. >> reporter: the counselors here are interns working on masters and doctorat degrees and over the years have trained hundreds of the therapists of tomorrow. now all of that is in jeopardy as this nonprofit dedicated to helping others is facing its own crisis. the property owner is asking the city for permission to tear down the office building and
4:57 pm
construct housing. they are now on a month to month lease which means they could be evicted at any time. >> we have been around for 37 years now. >> reporter: and so they've started a go-fund-me campaign trying to raise $65,000 to get started in a new place, but first they have to find a place. a real struggle in san francisco. so they are hoping you'll help. >> if you care about people and they care about mental health and supporting nonprofits and if they just care about the san francisco bay area community in this realtime of crisis, we hope they will make a donation to us and spread the word. >> reporter: no donation is too small. in san francisco, carolyn tyler, abc 7 news. >> and thank you for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00, i'm ama daetz. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with kristen and dan. >> i think it is horrible.
4:58 pm
>> a family member talks about the man accused of setting the devastating fire in lake county. >> abc 7 news learned he had special training as a firefighter while he was in prison. plus -- >> we ask that people that are viewing this to go on to the website of abc 7 -- >> that is because of these images. why they are so important to catching a criminal. and also ahead, the alligator hunt in the east bay. >> and the local icon making military history. hot inland today. even hotter tomorrow. i'm abc 7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. i'll have your temperatures coming up. all right. do you know the man in this sketch? police need your help finding him before he attacks another woman. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen zse. thanks for joining us. the first incident happened on washington avon july 28th and another happened on east 14th. >> police believe this man has
4:59 pm
tried to kidnap at least three women and they want to catch him badly. >> and that is where abc 7 news reporter vic lee joins us live now with the story. vic? >> reporter: well, this is the intersection of 14th and juana avenue and this is where the second kidnapping attempt happened. now police are also looking at another kidnapping attempt, this one in a area -- in a city, they wouldn't say which city but a woman said she was followed by one or two men who were driving a car similar to the one used in the other two attempted abductions. the first attack happened on the morning of july 28th, here on the 14,700 block of washington avenue. the victim was approached by a man driving a car similar to this one. san leandro police lieutenant robert mcmanus. >> he immediately pepper sprayed her. she got overwhelmed and fell to the ground and he grabbed her by her ankles and gab to drag her
5:00 pm
down the sidewalk. >> she was saved by a good samaritan. >> i just ran and i got them loose and made sure she was free and okay. >> the driver sped away in his car, described as a 2014 nissan sentra sr edition. this is a police sketch of the suspect, an african-american with a goatee and glasses, about 5'10". a second woman told police after she saw media reports that she too was approached by a man with the same description. she said it happened here on east 14th street and juana avenue. >> he tried to engage here in a conversation. she was a little bit freaked out because she didn't know the man and was startled and quickly turned and went the other way to avoid any other contact and get to a point of safety. >> what is unique about the nissan is that it has after-market wheels like this image, dark gray or gun metal in color and the car has tinted windows all around. the fact that no one has


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