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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 17, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a new wildfire grows out of control, dwarfing other fires blazing across california. this one in san bernadino county is observation -- expanding quickly forcing freeway closures. >> at look at the blue cut fire raging in san bernadino county in southern california. it is now has scorched 30,000 acres, quite a big jump from 18,000 acres last night. >> fires have zero containment right now. the evacuation area surrounding the area contains 34,000 homes. we have the very latest.
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>> more than 3,000 acres burned. homes reduced to rubble. neighborhoods that look like war zones. the blue cut fire in san bernadino county forcing 82,000 to evacuate, some narrowly escaped watching everything they own burn. >> literally egg flew across the yard and knocked us out nearly. our less were on fire. >> the firefighters are doing a wonderful job. >> the fire growing nine times in size in only 12 hours. blazing as triple digit temperatures and wicked winds sparked explosive flames and fire-nados. it is moving faster than any fire i have seen in a long time. >> we re-tweeted every myself isn'ts. >> at fire overtaking an his route 22 diner and one church. >> we do not like losing homes
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and it is challenging when we are up against a fire that is burning so aggressively we are struggling to keep up. >> crews will face 100-degree temperatures and strong winds again today. >> we have if you day on clayton fire burning in lake county. it is now burning 4,000 acres and it is 40% contained. caltrain is hoping to have it fully contained by sunday. >> happen today, the man accused intentionally set the fire is scheduled to make his first court appearance. he facing 17 couples of arson in connection with several fires in lake county over the past year. >> firefighters have made more progress, the clayton fire is 40% contained but they say it could be days before evacuated residents can go home. our reporter is in lower lake with the latest on recovery efforts. >> with all of the traffic you would think lower lake was on for business. withs bustling main cigarette on
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wednesday morning but the vehicles are part of the recovery effort. residents are still not allowed to come in. >> we will not open the area until it is safe. that includes removing any trees that could fall, any sort of power lines. >> down road evacuees at the red cross shelter. the center has turn interested a good support group. >> we are in our separate raccoons at home but together, we have wonderfulness of people that is coming out. there are so man wonderful people here that you get to talk with people and share their expenses and so many people lost their homes. and their businesses. >> firefighters say that they are work as quickly as they can to pick up the pieces from what the leighton fire left behind and it is not just power poles and fragile trees they are tending but they are retrieving belongings like this team at the habitat for humanity office, 158 valuing records for employees.
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there is a firefight, if you do not see smoke or flames, but you do still see bay area firefighters on the scene. it only takes one ember to start it up again so we are making sure that the fire is 100% out and no hotspots. >> the recovery of the is so immense that they will is a meeting on friday night here on the football field at lower lake high school. dinner at 5:45 and the meeting is at 7:00, federal and local and state officials will be here to answer questions. new this morning, the hospital in clearlake is become home after the clayton fire forced patients to evacuate over the weekend. they were transferred to the shut are lake side hospital in lake part. the executives at the st. helena hospital say the facility did not take on any damage because of the fire. it started accepting patients,
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again, at 7:00 this morning. >> lot of you are generous and want to help the fire victims if lake county. they everyone you to give money rather than donated items. at after the valley fire officials were overwhelmed with the number of items donated and actually had to san a couple hundred thousand dollars to get rid of the you its they could not use. they fear that a similar situation could happen this time an. they ask, again, to give money to contribute. you can make the cash donations at lucky supermarkets, 12 northern california locations team up with the red cross to raise money for fire relief efforts lake county. the locations include the north bay, solano and ukiah. if you want did see which stores are participating go to >> now new detail on the soberanes fire which has burned 77,000 acres in the big sur area. highway one is now open to traffic this bothys. evacuation warnings are still in
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place. the fire still is threatening 410 structures and has destroyed 57 homes. 11 other structures be as well. crews, including bay area strategic teams have it 60% contained the download our news cap to stay on the wildfires burning across california. enable push alerts to get updates as they happen. >> right now, hayward best are looking for the man would robbed a couple and shot one of them last night. the shooting happened near florida street and dolphin lane. our reporter talked to the man who called 9-1-1. matt? >> police say half an hour ago that the victims in the case are a married hayward couple in their 40s, the man just got out of surgery half an hour ago. this marks another violent night in the city. >> this hayward neighborhood doesn't have a good reputation. even with the people who live here. >> you do not want to come out at night.
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all the hayward police say a husband and wife were walking near the intersection of florida street and dolphin lane. it was 11:45. a hand with a gun demanded their fans. mike lives at spot. >> he does not want us to use his last night but told us what he heard. >> heard a commotion. loud bang. a car went off. the lady ran to the door and asked to call 9-1-1. all the robber shot the husband before hopping into a vehicle and take off. >> i came outside and he was lay on the lawn. i gave him a towels blanket, called the ambulance. >> he was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries and police are interviewing the victims today to try to get more information. and see in there was any confrontation that led to the rubber firing his gun. >> it is property, a piece of property, it can be replaced. your life cannot. police describe the suspect vehicle as a candy apple red s.u.v. with gold rims if you have any information call police
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in hayward. >> matt, thank you. a vallejo couple in their 70s were injured when the s.u.v. went down a 15' embankment and crashed into their neighbor's house. it happened a 6:00 a.m. on hilltop drive near temple way. firefighters say that the 79-year-old driver may have step on the gas rather than the brake as he pulled into the driveway. the couple's injuries are minor with no structural damage to the house. adeveloping news from oakland this morning, a fire that killed a suspected arsonist is under investigation. the fire started just after 9:00 last night at the market and liquors and police say that the suspect was inside the store throwing things before the fire started and he was later found dead. officers are waiting to release his identity will they can notify his family. >> in hose, a building want up in flames when a truck slammed into it. the video was take were last night at the scene near west san car let street and lincoln avenue. the truck hit a gas meter. it then ignited the fire. three musicians were inside a
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recording studio in the building. all three made it out safely. >> c.h.p. is investigating whether drinking and driving is to ballistic missile if this crash in san jose that killed a regulate woman. we just learned in the hour, that it was an 18-year-old woman who was hit in the crash. the c.h.p. said show was eight months pregnant. it happened on highway 101 near tully road just before 2:00 a.m. the c.h.p. said that it appears her car was stopped on the shoulder when the second car hit her. that driver was arrested on suspicion of drive under the glue. >> happening now a pothole is cripple the commute in sunnyvale. sky 7 was overhead along highway 85 at fremont boulevard where a pothole has opened up. you can see it right this. two northbound lanes are closed. the c.h.p. said that those lanes are closed until at least 2:00 p.m. while the road is repaired so you can see the backup allowing extra time for the drive. >> we are state waiting for a response from cisco to reports of massive layoffs on the
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horizon. check news site crn reporting that the company plans to lay off 14,000 workers the that is almost 20% of the company global warm force. the cuts reflect hard times in the pc industry. cisco is transitioning from hardware to software. microsoft and h.p. and intel have all announced plans to cut tens of thousands of employees. roads in disrepair and crowded commutes two things the bay area is no stranger to. but you would be surprised how much they cost each year for the drivers. buckle up on bart you are in for delays. the traffic work will impact your ride. >> where in the world is ryan, the international dispute a mystery now surrounding the olympic swimmer after the reported robbery in rio de janeiro. it is now clearing with meteorologist mike nicco coming up with the forecast. stay
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>> just in, san francisco firefighters have just rescued a person from the surf as ocean beach. the fire department twicing this morning a couple of minutes ago saying the victim is a man and he has life threatening injuries. they are asking bystanders to avoid the area. we have a crew headed to the scene and we will bring you an update if we get one, and, also, follow us on twitter@abc7news.
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>> and orders to abandon ship on a ship near puerto rico of the caribbean fantasy a mile off the coast when 500 passengers and crew members jumped on for lifeboats and several people went to the hospital there were no major injuries. there is a regular route between puerto rico and dominican republic. >> and the seizure of ryan lochte's passport after they returned to the olympic village when they said a robbery happened. the rio de janeiro police are still looking for evidence. his father said that his son has already returned to the up. his teammate said his whereabouts are not known and the other two swimmers involved are still in brazil. >> heads up for anyone who rides bart, expect delays if you are
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commuting in hayward increase three weeks with crews working on infrastructure and cabling between south hayward and fremont stations, so bart is running on a single track there between 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. monday through friday until september 9. expect 20 to 30-minute delays and crews are wonging from 9:00 people to close sunday through thursday. >> speak of bart it is one step closer to a reality in santa clara and san jose. the state state transportation s awarded $20 million to complete the six mile extension from the future berryessa bart station to santa clara and more money could flow in to help pay for that $4. 7 billion extension. in november voters will decide whether to aprove a half crept sales tax increase. >> speak of the commute and money, bay area drivers prepare to be more bummed sitting in
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traffic is frustrating and now we know what it is costing you. we will show you the numbers next. >> good morning from the sunny roof where temperatures around the bay are up to five degrees warmer than this time yesterday. today, our hottest day in the forecast with the latest numbers and the cooling trend that will hit and last through the weekend. >> then, the wal-mart work out, it could work for you? a man said that the retailer helped him lose more than 300
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>> san rafael, so the bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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kristen, you are patient driver? sitting in bay area traffic is a fact of life. we have an idea of how much it is costing drivers each year. all the nonprofit group looked at congestion, vehicle damage because of the roots and crashes. and it found that each bay area driver is losing $2,800 a year. i am losing more. >> san jose drivers are losing about $2,500. according to the study, 37% in california the major roads are in "poor," condition. the group rented findings to the san jose city leaders in oakland with a news conference with transportation officials at noon the i hope they will unveil solutions. >> what we supposed to do? grin and bear it? >> hide under the blanket can. >> a enjoy the good weather? >> that sundays better. >> mike, it was untile before it is oning up. >> hold on to the sunshine with
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faster temperatures warming above yesterday. the highlights show strong sunshine, increasing clouds and drizzle lead to a gradual cooling trend in the afternoon through the weekend, and, in fact, you can see the two forecasts right now, with the clouds around the golden gate bridge, but, total sunshine down in san jose, winds are ten miles per hour, across the golden gate bridge and up to 18 at angel island and fasters then, same wears, same time will frame as yesterday and same wind speed. now, 3:00 this afternoon to 9:00 this evening, so if you are out there and before the sun sets it will be choppy because of the 24 to 38 miles per hour wind. here is a look at the fast are sunshine, you can see over the ocean the dry air is taking away the cloud cover. more sun on the cost but not total sunshine the clouds will be stubborn. 57 at half moon bay with a last 60s in the bay. 70s in the south bay. 80s, already, showing up in
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men. antioch, too, headed for 90 if you have kids in sports after school, they be very hot. warm to hot down in the south bay, from 79 this milpitas, to morgue hill at 92 and san jose at 85, and we are mild to warm on peninsula, from 71 in millbrae and headed into palo alto at 80 and upper 50s to low 60s along the coast and 66 today, downtown, san francisco, and south frank at 68 and at the game this afternoon, sunscreen is a must. 63 at 12:45 warming up to 66, and feeling warmer than this if you are in the sunlight. in the north bay the breezes keep san rafael and vallejo in the upper 70s and the rest us hit low-to-mid 80s and lake part, 100 degrees today for those folks. berkeley, 7, mid-to-upper 70's most of the east bay, and fremont and castro stream at 80 and there you go, 91 in san ramon, to nearly 100, out in brentwood. the antioch is 98 and pittsburg is 96 and first day of school for those kids, i would hate to be at football practice or softball.
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a lot of fluids. for the afternoon and evening, we will start to get a break from the heat inland and by 7:00, 82, account coast is 57. all of us are falling into the 50s tonight but for san jose, and lynch and antioch, at 60. my seven-day forecast shows we lose 2-4 degrees from the cost inland each day through saturday. we hold steady on sunday, close to average, and monday that is our cool of the day with a warming trend on tuesday. a little bit of a referral coaster. but, today, it is the hottest day this weekend. you be about to beat a man who saved his own life, all starting with a walk to wal-mart. >> he had an unfortunate terrible nickname, he was called "fat pat," at huff pounds. doctors say he could die in his sleep and that is what gave pat a wake-up call the he decided to throw out all of food this his mouth and when he was hungry he would walk a mile to wal-mart, grab food and walk the mile back. and then eat it.
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look at that picture, he lost 200 pounds. that guy is shredded, and it motivated him to eat right and work hearter, and he dropped 330 pounds and now, his nickname is "possible pat." >> wal-mart three times to day, you end up walk six miles it was amazing because i have never walked six miles in my life and set an example for my son he could come up and be "possible pat," too. >> it got to be so hard to keep it off and he looks great. he had surgery to remove 30 pounds of excess fat and now is recovering at home. that is a good concept, do little work outs even a little one before you eat. >> have to work for it. >> kayakers are headed to dry land with a whale of a tale. >> a front row seat if that is what they like, it would
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5:00. >> we have seen some whales recently in the bay, right, but they did not do anything like this. watch the kayakers. wow. wow. oh my. please tell me you got that? whoa. >> no, no, no, that is too close to me. >> grant row seats lucky kayakers in canada got a front row seat and the cameras were rolling when the humpback whale was playing. >> it was a great photo op and social media and re-tweets. >> for all of us, thanks for joining us. watch out for the whales.
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>> hey, it's just answering a bunch of questions in front of a nation of viewers with $1 million on the line. what's the big deal? come on, let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] all right. our first contestant is the writer of a feminist superhero comic, and he comes prepared to do battle and win big today. from hell's kitchen, new york, please welcome brennan mulligan. [cheers and applause] how you doing, brennan? >> how's it going? >> good to see you. >> good to see you. [applause] >> a feminist superhero comic... >> that's correct, sir. >> that you created. >> yes, sir. >> what inspired that? >> so my mother was a comic book


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