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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 19, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live it is kgo, nbc 7 news. and the oolympic swimmers are back on american soil, but ryan lochte is still sticking to part of his soil. >> it is a scandal that rocked the olympics and it is not quite over yet. nbc reporter marcy gonzalez is joining us live with the latest on the developing story. marcy? >> eric and alma, ryan lochte's attorney is saying that he did not lie and he is standing by the story despite the three paragraph-long apology for what lochte says is a situation that should have been avoided. olympic swimmer ryan lochte
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saying that he is sorry after the disputed claims that he and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint in rio. he posted online that i want to apologize for my behavior last weekend and not being more careful and candid in how i described the events referring to the confrontation at the gas station in which lochte told the police and nbc that the athletes were targeted by armed men posing as police. >> the guy pulled out of his gun, and cocked and put it to my head. >> reporter: but the police in rio say they were only accosted after this, pulling down a sign on a bathroom door. the men were detainped and forced to pay $50 to pay the damages. the brazilians are considering charges against all four swimmers, but now all four are back in the u.s. jimmy fee feigen is still in radioowe, but struggled to get
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his passport back after paying $11,000 to a charity. >> ryan lochte is not going to be extradited, but feigen is the one who needs to be concerned, because he is there. >> reporter: but now the concern is lifted, because feigen's passport was returned to him within the past few hours and the authorities in brazil say that he can now leave the country. and meanwhile, rio's mayor says that he accepts ryan lochte's apology. >> okay. but why is lochte apologizing now? >> well, he is saying that he waited to issue a statement and that the apology until it is clear that all of his teammates involved in this were able to e return to the u.s. reporting live in new york, marcy gonzalez, abc news. thank you. >> the ioc international olympic executive is now in jail accused of a ticket scalping scandal. the 71-year-old has temporarily
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stepped a wway from the ioc rol including sitting on the executive role, and heading the european olympic body. >> barclay police are looking for a gunman in the city's first homicide of the week. they said at mabel and burnett streets is where the shooting took place, and the man later died at the hospital. it does not appear to be random, and the victim's identity has not been released. >> a woman from santa rosa is going to be facing multiple charges after driving the wrong way on 101. this happened just after 1:00 in the morning north of san antonio road. the troodriver ahead did not see cars and hit them. kristen collier was arrested for dui. >> and a statute that would help in prosecuting rape and other felony sex crimes becomes a bill and now heads back to the senate.
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under the existing law, the crimes have to be prosecuted within ten years unless dapdan evidence comes out later. sex crimes of minors have to be prosecuted before the victim's 40th birthday. and a woman accused of cyber stalking against the jenner and kardashian family is in court today. this is video on the right given to us by a family member. christina bankton was arrested in newark yesterday. >> she is charged with 15 counts with cyber stalking and identity theft. melanie woodrow was in court today and you spoke to her father afterwards? >> yes, and he is deeply apologetic for all of the people that she has hurt. she posted the $20,000 bail this afternoon and will be staying at a hotel away from a family's computer. >> and kristen bank's father said more than a dozen agents came to his home to arrest his
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daughter. >> i was like, wow, i have not had this many guns pointed at me since vietnam. >> the nursing student is charged in a 15-count indictment. she stalked kris jenner and members of her family, and this occurred over 15-month period. the banks have provided us with a roller coaster clip professing her love to the chris jennifer. >> i have apologized to them and all of the people she has hurt, and have done it many years ago. >> reporter: he says she stalked them for years by phone. >> as she got older it was by computer. >> reporter: the indictment says that she was threatening to go public with a fictitious s eshgs xshx tape, and impersonating others telling that she was sick with cancer and behavior that the father says is all too familiar
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with. >> and and all of the people were calling us on the cell phone saying that we were murder and they i said, who said that? christina put it on. and i said we are not murdered, we are waiting on a flight. >> reporter: and he says that she not a violent person. >> she needs medical help. she has never expressed remorse. >> reporter: one of the bail conditions is that she not make contact with the victims or the law ep fo-- law enforcement investigating the case. we learned that she was hired as a nursings assistant in keiser per permimente. they said that she is not an employee and has not had any contact with any patients there. melanie for abc 7 news.
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and you can see that the location is hazy across the region. smoke is moving into bay area prompting a warning and request from firefighters. >> contra kosta fire tweeted this morning to the remind people to only call 911 if you see flames with smoke. and spencer is joining with us a look at that accuweatherer update and all of the smoke blowing into the e area. >> yes, eric, it is going to be hazy largely due to the smoke. this is a live look at the doper 7 hd, we have hazy skies, and low clouds at the coast. this is a view from the rooftop camera here at abc 7, and right now, 63 in the city, and oakland is 69, and fast there at the golden gate bridge where you can see that the traffic is flowing, and out to pet the ta lieu ma is 84, and in concord, 86 as well as livermore. now a little look at the smoke from the fires. see dar fire is down in the central part of the state, and
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so the fires there that are contribute ing contributing to the smoke that is blowing up into the bay area. you can see it in all parts of the bay area now, and not just the south bay where it was a couple of days ago, but east bay and near the bay as well, so that is producing the hazy condition conditions. we have stronger breezes right now, and the good news is that they will mix out the atmosphere and clear out some of the smoke and bring us some cleaner air and better air quality going into the weekend. i will give you a look at the weekend forecast in a moment. >> thank you. we look forward to seeing you then. this week, hundreds of incoming freshmen are assigned the temporary housing because their residence hall is not ready for move-in. >> and construction is not going to be ready for a few weeks. >> we have this story from san jose. >> this friday afternoon a sense of disbelief sets in. >> i cannot imagine being a freshman and my dorm is not ready. >> with optimism. >> it is worth the wait, because it is going to be amazing and
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better than the old buildings. >> this the week, san jose university will move thousands of students to campus housing and to the campus calls, and due to delays, the testing is required to meet code, and the building won't be ready for a month. and if you are living here at the bricks, part of which is the demolition making sure that it is ready for the fall. >> making sure that the electrical is ready and the common areas and getting the structures ready for the students and families. >> reporter: the university officials acknowledge it is not a great deal, but the safety and security is top of mind. impacted freshmen can expect to see a small bill adjustment since they will be living in an older building and some three to a roomment >> and so we will have different roommates to this building and
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then when they move to the new dorm, they will meet at new peopl people, and so you have to look at the positive side. >> reporter: perhaps a early lesson taught to the freshmen that things will not always go their way. in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. and california is close to condoning the practice of lane splitting where motorcycles split the lanes. and governor brown is going to develop the guidelines, but it is going to stop short of authorizing the practice. it is a legal gray area in california with the law enforcement long permitted it, and senator hayward is a co-author of the measure. there is no light rail service near the children's museum for the rest of the day. they say it is taking longer than expected to repair an overhead line that broke early this morning. they estimated it would be done this afternoon, but crews will work into it through the
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overnight hours. a bus line is near the museum station. >> if you are plan to take b.a.r.t. this weekend, there are no trains between glen park and daily city, because there is critical maintenance on the track tracks. this is video of the work being provided by b.a.r.t. and a free bus pass is here to get passengers through the closure. and up at 4:00, tony bennett's heart really is in san francisco. >> i am overwhelmed by it, and it will take about six months to figure it out. >> the special unveiling on the legendary singer's 90th bir birthday. >> and the long line for people to get their hands on the one of a kind kayne west items at a pop-up store with unusual rules. and now, the trump statutes are being removed from public place, and the local people say they want them as they are being removed. >> and traffic is being removed slowly, a and we
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well, who left his heart in san francisco is in hill. >> honored tony bennet. special unveiling of a new statue at the fairmont hotel and vick lee was there for it. vic? >> reporter: there's that statue. i'm afraid it's covered up because the workers remove the rigging as you can see and they don't want anything to fall on
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that statue but you'll see it shortly in our story. you know why it's here at the lawn of the fairmont hotel because this is where tony bennet first sang "i left my heart in san francisco" five decades ago. that statue was unveiled at noon today and guess who was here for that unveiling? >> to officially declare today august 19th, 2016, tony day in san francisco. >> reporter: it was the typical summer day in the city, but as the song goes, it chills the air. but we don't care. hundreds lined up to see the public unveiling of the statue of tony bennett that stood behind the blue curtain. >> i saw him. he signed my bag. >> reporter: oh my goodness. he was at the piedmont studio for three days.
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>> mr. bennett is fantastic. what's not to like? you know, did he sing for me? no. >> reporter: larry bear was there to pay tribute. >> he was there to sing when we returned to san francisco. >> reporter: reminded us he was there when we needed help. >> when we brought back the cable cars, he was here. when we wanted to tell people after the earthquake, we didn't fall into the ocean. he was here. >> reporter: his praise was simple. >> tony is an adopted son. ♪ i left my heart in san francisco ♪ >> reporter: tony bennett first sang this song at the fairmont in 1961 so it was fitting to have his likeness here on the lawn. finally, the unveiling. a birthday present for the singer who turned 90 and for
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once, everyone sang for him. ♪ happy birthday, tony ♪ happy birthday to you >> i'm overwhelmed. it's beautiful. the greatest thing i ever experienced. >> reporter: well, in closing, when he comes back to you, san francisco, your golden sun will shine for tony. happy birthday, mr. ben nit. vic lee, abc7 news. >> that was fantastic. >> he did karaoke. you didn't know that? >> i didn't. your own tribute but this is happening throughout the weekend? >> reporter: that's right. if you missed the chance at seeing mr. bennett here at noon, you have all kinds of opportunities to see him the
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next two days. tonight, you'll be at the giants ball game at at&t park. of course, he's planning to sing that song and larry baer, the ceo of the giants said he's got a couple of surprises for him and then tomorrow, he'll be back here at the fairmont at the venetian room where he's going to hold a dinner concert and sing that song again so you'll have plenty of opportunities to see this legendary singer. back to you. >> vic, we'll be performing tonight through wednesday. remember to tip your waitresses. thank you, sir. to look at a complete video of the unveiling of tony bennett's statue, go to san francisco international airport is getting into the tony bennett spirit. ♪ i left my heart in san francisco ♪ >> today, sfo joins the city of
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san francisco and the san francisco giants to honor singer tony bennett. >> it puts you in a soothing mood, especially at the airport. you need that. >> they're playing a clip of "i left my heart in san francisco" every 15 minutes. soothing every 15 minutes. according to a spokesperson, it's to support the various celebrations coinciding this weekend. check out these lines. a chance to buy one of a kind merchandise. abc news saw the kanye west pop-up store with hats, sweatshirts and the lives of the album and 28 others around the world. these had san francisco printed on them. people easily spent hundreds of dollars. >> i bought this hat and another hat for a friend and a long sleeve t-shirt. total came to $160. >> crew neck. hoodies, 105. pretty up there.
4:20 pm
i mean, for simple stuff. but kanye, so kind of got to get it. >> it was similar to online shopping, customers could not try on the merchandise except for the jackets. tyra banks has an impressive resume as best selling author, and now school professor. she will coteach a class at stanford's graduate school of business. it's titled project you. building and extending your personal brand. banks does have a certificate from harvard where she passed a 9 week business management program and teach alongside communications professor allison kruger. >> stanford may have tyra but we have spencer. >> top that. >> reporter: by the way, tony bennett is my favorite vocalist of all time but vic lee might be a close second. >> pretty good. >> reporter: live doppler 7 hd. weather to sing about. mainly sunny skies, haze we
4:21 pm
pointed out earlier because of the smoke from the nearby fires but still pleasant conditions. 63 degrees in san francisco. 69 across the bay and oakland, 77 down to san jose and upper 80s to livermore to antioch. and santa rosa. here's the view at sfo. partly cloudy skies. these are the forecast features. morning clouds, patchy fog with drizzle tomorrow. air quality will slowly improve through the weekend and gradual cooling through the weekend and into monday as well. overnight, look for lots of low clouds to get some marine layer as it surges across the bay. mid to upper 50s and look at the forecast animation. got to see this surge of those low clouds. well across the bay at inland. by 7:00 tomorrow morning, it was pretty foggy right around the bay and in many communities as well. and it can be a little bit slow to retreat, but by late morning hours as we approach noon, we'll see the fog pulling back to the
4:22 pm
coastline giving us mainly sunny skies over if bthe bay and inla. the maximum temperature trend with a cooler than average trend. sunday, highs in the mid 80s. around the bay, low to mid 70s. and possibly up to about 60 on the coast. there will be cool for august conditions and monday as well as we'll just barely see low to mid 80s inland. 60s to low 70s around the bay and upper 50s on the coast. tuesday, it turns a little bit warmer as the inland highs together climb back into the upper 80s to near 90. mid 70s around the bay and breaking 60 degrees on the coast. for tomorrow, it looks like this. about 60 on the coast and 64 in san francisco. 70 across the bay and oakland. upper 80s in the warmest inland locations and here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice all through after the weekend, the beginning of next week, we'll see temperatures below average this time of the year and temperatures will
4:23 pm
bounce back on wednesday to seasonal norms, low 90s inland and then we'll taper off sharply by next thursday and by friday, it will feel almost like fall. sort of a roller coaster pattern. no sustained pattern is developing yet but i'll let you know when that happens. erica? >> thank you so much. the nba all-star game on the move. we'll tell you where it's
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♪ ♪ california's clean air laws we've cut toxic pollution. we're seeing fewing cases of asthma in kids. and the new clean energy economy has created more than half a million jobs. i'm tom steyer. just when we're making progress, the oil companies are trying to weaken our clean air laws. but we can stop them.
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send them a message. we're going to protect our kids - not their profits. ♪ ever r. for gay and transgender people. louisiana has not passed similar laws. in fact, the state's governor touted while lobbying for the nba game. all-star weekend runs in february 17 to the 19. elevator problems keep the washington monument closed to the public for at least the next
4:26 pm
ten days. the decision follows a malfunction on wednesday that trapped an employee and forced a visitor to walk down 500 feet of stairs in searing temperatures. the malfunction was the second one this week. the same has been closed after the damage caused by an earthquake in 2011. a festival that's quintessentially oakland is setting up. the art and soul festival. it's a celebration of creativity with music, dance, local food and drink. championship barbecue said it highlights how exciting the city is right now. >> with everything going on with the food and the restaurant and the bar scene, everything thriving here in oakland, it's so great to have people coming here to experience it firsthand as part of heart and soul. >> smokeland with the smoak.
4:27 pm
it's barbecue cookoff. it's saturday and sunday. abc7 news at 4:00, wildfires across the state. >> it's challenging when we're up against the fire that's burning so aggressively. >> but there is some good news for firefighters in southern california. >> also coming up, donald trump visits flood ravaged louisiana as another shake-up hits his campaign. >> the donald trump statues around the country are now being removed one by one. but many are getting a second ch
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or visit here are the headlines at 4:30. the mayor of rio said he feels pity for ryan lochte after accepting the online apology today for a scandal that rocked the summer games. he was the victim of armed robbery initially but three teammates vandalized the gas station bathroom while intoxicated and confronted by armed security guards that forced them to pay $50 to cover the damages. jimmy is the last swimmer in rio and within the hour, returned his passport allowing him to come home. on world news, his $11,000 charity payment to avoid
4:31 pm
prosecution. abc7 news at 5:00, lottie ramirez. he said his wife is now paralyzed. and lake county, cal fire's pio said good news, all evacuations lifted from lower lake affected from the clayton fire that's now 65% contained. and in southern california, there's progress with a much larger blue cut fire. lauren lyster is live. >> reporter: so many residents we've spoken to just want to return home even if it's just to this but want to make sure the fire is really under control. the flames could pick up again if the wind does. today, crews making progress on a wildfire that overnight continued to spread in the california desert.
4:32 pm
the tens of thousands of residents ordered to evacuate kept from their homes. the vehicles destroyed, burned down debris left in the community they fled. wrightwood evacuated but only half heeded the warning. >> my husband wouldn't go. he's the kind that said i want to protect the house. i want to stay here. >> reporter: 37,000 acres have been charred since the blue cut fire ignited tuesday. more than 50 square miles. helicopters had been working around the clock to hold the flames and make sure they stay put out. on the ground, it's significant progress cutting back the bone dry brush. >> we don't like losing homes and it's challenging when we're up against the fire that's burning so aggressively. >> reporter: you know, some residents are able to return home. some of the evacuations happened but thousands under evacuation but some 96 homeowners will return to damage kind of like what you see behind me.
4:33 pm
li live. >> what is the focus of the fire crews today? >> reporter: so for fire crews, really making sure any hot spots are put out and digging up any kind of embers and make sure they're out but the damage has really been under way. we were out with a crew earlier as they're going down and knocking down fenlsces and somef these are big estates and tucked away on the dirt road and firefighters have to go in and see what the damage has been. it's a lot to cover and because of how bad an rapd rapidly it's spread, they haven't been able to do things until recent days and today so that's really the focus and in the homes, they were total losses and just you can imagine how it will be with residents to start learning about the fate of their home and then returning. >> heartbreaking. >> reporter: laura lyster live.
4:34 pm
schools are set to reopen next week in louisiana but others until after labor day. record rainfall damaged more than 40,000 homes and prompted more than 30,000 rescues. a scientist at louisiana state university said damage to flooded outfields has cost rice farmers estimated $14 million in the region. turning now to your voice, your vote. donald trump made a visit to flood-ravaged louisiana as the public was learning of another campaign management shake-up. abc news reporter kevin with the latest. >> reporter: humble trump on the ground in louisiana. lending a hand, meeting the people impacted by historic floods and touring the devastation. the gop nominee is working to pivot to look more presidential admitting he hasn't always chosen the right words. >> i have done that and believe it or not, i regret it. >> reporter: trump took time to
4:35 pm
take heat for not cutting his vacation short for louisiana. >> i heard he was trying to stay under par. >> never be under par. >> reporter: a visit from the president and even the nominees would use the vital police resources and welcomed trump to louisiana but not for a photo op. the visit after another shake-up in trump campaign management. paul manafort is out, resigning under allegations he received elicit payments while representing a pro russian leader and he said he did nothing wrong but reportedly said his father didn't want to be distracted by manafort. hillary clinton's campaign released this video saying you can get rid of manafort but doesn't end the odd bromance with vladimir putin. >> to counter the images, clinton sent out an e-mail with flood relief. speaking of donations, it announced if hillary clinton
4:36 pm
becomes president, it would no longer take foreigner corporate money and bill clinton would resign from the board. abc news, washington. >> abc news confirmed president obama will visit baton rouge on tuesday. there are new fears today as the zika virus spreads in florida with new travel warnings and a pregnant woman who has to work in the area despite the risk. i'm michael finney. still taking your questions on twitter and facebook. post them with #ask sqfinney an i'll answer them in a few minutes. still a little haze in the air but air quality improving over the weekend as weather pattern changes. i'll have the forecast in just a
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cdc issued a warning following the confirmation of zika transmissions there. florida's governor said five zika infections linked to the popular tourist location. pregnant women are told to avoid the area. the cases are outside the wynwood area where officials believe most local transmissions are happening. miami radio reporter lives and works just south of that area. she's three months pregnant. we spoke with her on skype. >> there are definitely moments where it's a little overwhelming to think there's this mysterious
4:40 pm
thing i may have been exposed to. i find comfort in the reporters so the more information i can get about how this thing is transmitt transmitted, for the most part, the better that i feel. >> a week ago today and expects to get the results next week. in the meantime, she's loading up on the mosquito repellent handed out by health officials. three bay area workers with a crow that was tangled in kite string and called wild care for help. a professional tree climber was able to free the bird. he hands it off to the humane society officer who took it to the wildlife hospital in san rafael so likely injured wing to heal. time to turn our attention to the weekend weather. >> spencer is here with the accuweather update. >> a few changes in store. not major ones but changes nonetheless. here's live doppler 7 hd.
4:41 pm
mainly sunny and hazy conditions. the marine layer is up against the coastline. tomorrow, this is be the picture statewide. warm in interior parts of the state and sac mramento. over 100 in fresno and 77 in san diego. the bay area tomorrow. we'll see the usual patterns. this week, with the coast, sunny inland with about 60s at the coast. 70s around the bay and 80s in the inland area and looking at san jose right now for the week ahead, temperature trend. high temperatures at san jose remain a couple of degrees below average and true of the entire bay area. especially on the inland areas, temperatures dropping below the average range for the next 4, 5, 6 days before they bounce up again midweek next week. eric? alma? thank you so much. still ahead, on the move. the donald trump statue that
4:42 pm
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by now, you've probably seen the rather unflattering statues of donald trump that popped up in several cities from new york, l.a., and the bay area. >> one popular san francisco bar isn't covering up the fact they love the nude figure. the abc7 news reporter has details. >> reporter: hiscretive as his . they snatched the naked donald trump statue from its perch. bruce baker is recorded the top secret operation and shared this video with us. residents say they'll miss this piece of art. >> this is a disappointment. this is ridiculous. the donald is so huge. he would have really lit up the corner. it's sad to see him go. >> the activist group to appear
4:46 pm
yesterday morning not only here but also in l.a., new york, seattle and cleveland. huge crowds gathered around the san francisco statue and city officials became nervous about people spilling into the streets. they also said you can't get to the sidewalk without a permit. >> but it was fun. a good laugh. making light of a serious time in politics and it's something that is potentially scary but, you know, a lot of people got a good laugh out of it. miss it. >> reporter: residents not the only ones sad. proud it landed in the castro. >> i asked to keep it up for a few days or morning rush hour so people could see it and appreciate it. >> reporter: they said no, so the supervisor found a home at lefty o'douls. >> it represents someone naked and afraid. just found him in the middle of the castro and now we're taking him in to show that what makes
4:47 pm
america great is not hate but it's love and compassion. >> reporter: the owner say he's willing to pay police the vandalism the fines for the fact it was glued to the sidewalk without a permit. anything to get donald trump here to the restaurant. hoping maybe that will happen next week. in san francisco, amy hollyfield. >> the statue in new york and cleveland removed yesterday. the one in los angeles is moved to private property. it's time to ask finney. he's here answering questions on facebook, twitter, and e-mail. first one comes from richard who e-mails, can you tell me if it's legal for workman's compensation to not pay you because the company said they terminated you? >> assuming you were actually hurt or ill before you left, they can't get by. what you'll need to do is call the department. put in a call. try this. it's the california commission division of workers comp.
4:48 pm
it's a weird name but anyway, you could go online and get the phone number. they'll help get what's coming to you and if you're concerned, you could call your local bar association and ask for a referral to a local worker's comp. attorney asked what's going on and give you 20 minutes for free. >> this is via twitter. laura p. asks, why am i charged a $6 convenience fee to pay my water bill online? >> well, you're not actually being charged to pay it online. you're being charged to use the credit card. here's the deal. credit card companies charge merchants and governments between 1% and 3% of the total price you're paying. so the water company is saying, we don't want to lose that money to lose the credit card. that's why. >> rebecca b. asked on facebook. i rented an apartment in san francisco. our landlord has to do retro fitting. this is a mandatory fix by the city. is he able to pass on the cost to the tenants? >> absolutely. that's the famous pass through
4:49 pm
here in san francisco. that's what they call it when a building needs to be fixed, painted, anything like that. and pass through to you. they can't pass it all at once. generally over a 20 year time span. if you don't, you can go to the rent control board and say it's too much or i don't think i should have to pay it. they'll listen and make a decision. but this is the kind of repair that is normally passed through. >> thank you so much for the info. in today's wellness report, bread winning men have worse mental and physical health. >> protein helps some rake in the profits. here's jane king. >> reporter: gender stereotypes hold men should be the main breadwinner and a new study suggests they would prefer women to take some of the financial burden. the responsibility of being the chief earner is likely to take a toll on men's mental well being but for women, the opposite is true. the study reveals making greater
4:50 pm
financial contributions likely to improve their psychological health. it was done by researchers at the university of connecticut. exercise addiction is a real thing. it doesn't take much to push someone from balancing routine exercise for the rest of their life to exercising compulsively and losing the value it offers. certain people who exercise compulsively tend to be the most depressed and anxious. sugar is out and protein is in. american consumers seek more protein than ever before. and that's good news for companies like hormel that makes muscle milk and butter. and bringing healthy foods to neighborhoods without them. it will travel to neighborhoods, some of which have no grocery stores. the idea, according to modern farmer, is to bring organic foods for people who don't often
4:51 pm
get a chance to get them. i'm jane king. pro pokemon players compete for the 2016 pokemon world championship title. this video provided by the pokemon company shows some of the gamers representing 35 countries who gathered at the markey to show off their trading card and video game skills and competing for a piece of the $500,000 prize pool. that's right. half a million dollars. this event is not open to the public. but it is live streaming on the internet. >> it's amazing. pokemon. pokemon go. we're saying that so much. who knew pokemon would be back? >> a professional pokemon tour. >> it's amazing. >> abc7 news at 7:00 continues. napa native and international space agent astronaut went on the most important walk of her life today. and what students at her old high school think of it.
4:52 pm
at 5:00, a building in terrible shape. the landlord said he's trying to fix things up. residents say he's really trying to force them out. plus, the safety of people, driving your buls. not enough is done to improve it. and why these lemurs need to look before they leap. all that and more on abc7 news at 5:00.
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a look at what's ahead
4:56 pm
tonight at abc7. mission accomplished for a space station astronaut from the bay area who took part in her first space walk today. >> that sounds perfect, kate. >> kate ruben and fellow astronaut jeff williams said a docking port used by future capsules and while space walking, students at high school were watching. >> abc7 news reporter laura anthony was there. >> reporter: this is not just any astronaut at first space walk. it's kate ruben who took the first space stroll 250 miles from earth. >> the view is phenomenal. >> reporter: among those watching, advanced science students. vintage high. >> it's really cool because like, she was in the air like any of us can be in her shoes. >> it's inspiring, honestly.
4:57 pm
gives us hope. you can do whatever you want, regardless. someone from right here in these classrooms is in space right now. >> reporter: she was a standout student but then teacher now principal admits he didn't see this coming. >> she was in my health class and you never, i mean, certainly had high hopes for students but never did i imagine she wanted to be an astronaut and where she would go. >> earlier this month, see the satellite from the space station. >> ever since i can remember, i had a list of career goals and astronaut was one of them. >> jeff williams successfully installed a new docking port on the space station that someday could be used by commercial spacecraft. once she returns to earth in october, ruben plans to visit the students at vintage high in person. in napa, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> all right, and thank you for joining us for abc7 news at 4:00
4:58 pm
today. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm eric thomas. abc7 news begins right now. we had more 9-1-1 calls than we could just about handle. >> concern over smokey skies. there's no emergency but a lot of people are certainly feeling the fallout. that's next. a family left reeling after a doctor's diagnosis. the talk with the husband of a woman hit by a fallen tree limb. plus, the airbnb that checked in the accommodations at oakland and couldn't believe what they found. littlest captain america in a school in fremont. >> live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. some of the smoke from nearby wildfires are filtering into the bay area. this is video from our walnut creek camera this morning showing the thick haze over the highway 24. and let's take a look at what it looks like right now.
4:59 pm
this is a live look outside. all of this as we deal with another spare the air today. thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm eric thomas in for dan ashley. alyssa took this picture. diablo is barely visible with the smoke. >> reporter: uae ama, there's n much of a view. it's covered by the thick haze and the smoke has my eyes watering. the frequency of wildfires in this state means air quality will be impacted for longer periods of time. it's a busy summer day at heather farm park in walnut creek. nancy plays with her three boys but the smokey air makes the outing a little difficult. >> i get hay fever. so this bugs me a little bit. more congestion. probably a little more sneezing. just a little more uncomfortable generally speaking.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: the sky is hazy. it smells like smoke and the air quality has eyes watering and people sneezing but there's no fire burning around here. what's going on? >> the wind, specifically, has been drawing smoke into this area from some of the other fires in the state. most of this smoke is likely from the fire down in monterey county. >> reporter: smoke from other wildfires now lingers in the bay area prompting a spare the air alert. our abc7 news tower cameras shows a thick haze of mount diablo and other landmarks. he wanted to show them the iconic san francisco skyline. >> we went up on the oakland hill just to get to the center and couldn't see much because it was so hazy. >> reporter: robert marshall, the contra costa county fire marshal. >> it is smoke from out of the area and encourage them to wait until they see fire and


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