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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 19, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> santa clara county sheriff lori smith has been slapped with another lawsuit, this time over the death of an alzheimer's patient released from the jail on his own. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm eric thomas. this man wandered for ten hours finally on to the highway where he was hit and killed by a car last november. >> we covered this story in february, and we stayed on top of it ever since. >> reporter: the lawsuit says a friend of the alz himer's patient tried to pick him up from jail but deputies gave him bad information and wouldn't cooperate. the driver hit the man and kept going. the lawsuit filed tells the same story i did in february that the county jail released 65-year-old vladimir matisic an alzheimer's patient, on his own. he wandered for ten hours and eight miles finally ends up an
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interstate 880. >> there's a man on the 880 freeway. >> reporter: drivers called for help. >> he's like in between the cars. >> reporter: before police could arrive, a car mowed him down. the driver called in. >> i was in the freeway and then someone just jumped right in front of my car. >> hello? >> this would be akin to releasing a child from custody and not giving the childy to a parent. >> reporter: attorney walter heyns has filed the wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of his daughter christina who is back in college in southern california. i interviewed her for my first report. what do you miss about your dad? >> i'm going to cry. his laughter humor. i was definitely a daddy's girl when i was younger and he was definitely my best friend. >> reporter: this sad chain of events started when vladimir
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wandered into the jewish community center in los gatos and they pressed a trespassing charge after a family friend told the judge about vladimir's alzheimer's disease he dropped the charge in the interest of justice and ordered vladimir released. pavlov went next door to the main jail in san jose. >> i was saying those words don't release him on his own. i'm going to pick him up. >> reporter: but pavlov told me he couldn't get any cooperation or any information from the deputies and that he stayed at the jail for hours waiting for vladimir. pavlov went for food and returned at 9:00 that night to shocking news. >> an officer said, oh, he has been released. my first question was when and how. nobody called me. >> reporter: he drove the neighborhood searching for vladimir but couldn't find him. the lawsuit says, despite what that front desk deputy may have said, they held vladimir overnight and released him the next morning. he was all alone. >> i just like keep thinking
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like how my dad felt, how terrified he must have been. >> reporter: vladimir walked the opposite direction from his house and wound up on the highway where a 25-year-old driver from sunnyvale hit him. i broke the news to the driver that she's also being sued. she declined to be interviewed and ask that i not show her face or use her name because she's still devastated at what happened. is that the reason the driver named in the suit? >> it is. >> reporter: what she left the scene. >> she fled the scene and is involved in a motor vehicle accident and in this case killed the pedestrian. >> reporter: he hopes the sheriff will improve practices at the jail. a spokesman for sheriff smith repeated what i said in my first report, that the jail follow established procedures and because of the lawsuit we're unable to mention any other additional facts. >> thank you so much dan. berkeley police are looking for the suspect in the city's
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first homicide of the year. officers found the victim near mabel and burnett streets near midnight. he died later at the hospital. the shooting does not appear to be random. the victim's identity hasn't been released. a woman who was hit by a falling tree limb will probably never walk again. she was sitting in san francisco's washington square park a week ago when that large branch fell crushing her. for the first time today we're hearing from her family about how their lives have been changed. >> reporter: yes, the city is inspecting that tree here in this park and a number of other trees throughout san francisco. meantime, the victim's husband talked to us about what happened and how the family is coping. >> i was so sad. i don't think anything would happen to my family. >> reporter: he is still processing everything his wife is going through right now. >> the police told me that my
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wife dropped by like a -- got hit by a big branch. >> reporter: she was here in washington square park watching her two daughters play when a large 100-pound tree branch fell and landed on her head. she was rushed to the hospital where she's undergone multiple surgeries. >> they showed me the picture of the backbone. they are like split in half. i was so scared. >> reporter: he says his wife is in a lot of pain right now. >> she's very painful right now and still after the surgery, and the doctor had to give her like a lot of medication, pain killers. >> reporter: recovery is going to be long and difficult. >> she's not going to walk in probably like i don't know have to go to a rehab and for a long long time. >> reporter: medical bills are mounting. he says his wife took care of everything at home while he worked. several nonprofits are offering the family help.
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faces sf is one of them. >> accidents happen every day. we serve 600 families every day. >> reporter: he says his family is forever changed. >> i cannot even sleep at nighttime like 2:00 3:00 4:00, wake up and think about things. >> reporter: the memory too painful to return to a park they once enjoyed. >> there's still no light rail service near the children's discovery museum in san jose. they discovered damage to an overhead electrical line that shut down service. crews had estimated that repairs would be done this afternoon. it was just announced that they would working through the overnight hours to get it in place. this weekend marks the third shutdown of b.a.r.t. service between glen park and daly city. the agency is performing critical maintenance on the tracks. this is the work provided by
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b.a.r.t. a free bus bridge is being provided there. the bus bridge could add an extra 60 minutes to your trip. continuing maintenance work is scheduled for four more weekends. the naked statue of presidential nominee donald trump has disappeared from san francisco's castro district. city employees removed it at 2:30 this morning. bruce baker of orphan andy's shared this video with us. city officials became concerned when huge crowds gathered around the statue which had been installed without a permit. the statue is being held as evidence because of that permit issue and some minor damage to the plaza. now the owner of the restaurant near union square wants to put the trump statue on display. >> donald trump's statue represents also someone naked and afraid. we just found him in the middle of the castro, now we're taking him in to show what makes america great is not hate, but it's love and compassion. >> the activist group arranged
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for the naked trump statue to appear here, in new york seattle and cleveland yesterday morning. there was a big fanfare for the unveiling of quite a different kind of statue. one of tony bennett to celebrate the singer's 90th birthday. vic lee joins us live in nob hill with a birthday celebration. >> reporter: hey. by the way tony bennett's convoy is leaving the fairmont hotel for the giant small park at&t park will meal be feted again. the ceo of the giants says there will be surprises for him as well, but this birthday party started here at the fairmont hotel in noon today. tony bennett actually turned 90 earlier this month. he held his birthday party in new york, his home town and this was his second birthday party. there it is. that's the statue. that man a lot of tourists have
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been posing with that statue all day today. and you know after all, tony bennett is san francisco royalty. and that's exactly whatty had got -- what he got today royal treatment right here at the fairmont hotel. ♪ i left my heart ♪ ♪ in san francisco ♪ >> reporter: tony bennett first sang this song at the fairmont in 1961. it was fitting to have his likeness here. >> to officially declare today, august 19, 2016, tony bennett day in san francisco. >> reporter: it was a typical summer day in the city but as the song goes the fog may chill the air but we don't care. hundreds lined up to see the public unveiling of the eight-foot bronze statue of tony bennett which stood behind a
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blue curtain. >> i saw him, yes even signed my bag. >> reporter: today? >> yes. >> reporter: oh, my goodness. the singer was at the piedmont studio for three days. >> mr. bennett is fantastic. what's not to like you know? did he sing for me? no. >> reporter: the city's chief of protocol reminded us that the singer was always here when we needed help. >> when we brought back the cable cars, he was here. when we wanted to tell people that after the earthquake we didn't fall into the ocean he was here. >> reporter: former mayor willie brown's praise was simple. >> tony is an adopted son. >> reporter: finally the unveiling. a birthday present for the singer who turned 90 and for once everyone sang for him. ♪ happy birthday dear tony ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you ♪
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>> it's beautiful. the greatest day i've ever experienced. >> reporter: all left our hearts here today. well the bay area isn't burning, but we can still see and smell the smoke from wildfires across california. next a live update on how much this affects our air quality and our health. i'm spencer christian. in a moment when we can expect that haze to move out and bluer skies to move in in my forecast. a man pace her year of newspaper delivery just before he dies, so where does that money end up? ♪ ♪ ♪ isaac hou has mastered gravity defying moves to amaze his audience. great show. here you go. now he's added a new routine. making depositing a check seem so effortless. easy to use chase technology for whatever you're trying to master. isaac, are you ready? yeah.
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venetia, san ramon, san mateo, and all the bay area this is abc 7 news. the woman accused of cyber stalking kris jenner and the kardashian family appeared in court today. federal agents arrested 36-year-old christina bankston at her parents' new york home yesterday. she's charge with 15 counts including cyber stalking identity theft and cyber extortion. reporter melanie wood row was in court today and spoke with the suspect's father. >> reporter: i did. he's deeply apologetic to the people he says his daughter has hurt. he tells abc 7 news she posted her bail this afternoon and will be staying at a hotel away from the family's home computer. federal agents stormed this newark home thursday to arrest christina bankston. >> i said i've got guns pointed at me since vietnam. >> reporter: the 36-year-old nursing assistant is charged in a 15-count indictment. it alleges bankston cyber
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stalked reality tv star kris jenner members of her family over a six-month period. a family member shared this video clip of bankston on a roller coaster professing her love for jenner. >> i apologize to them deeply, i really do. >> reporter: her father says she began stalking people as a young girl. >> 11, 12 years old but it was by phone. as she got older and got a computer, it was by computer. >> reporter: bankston threatened to go public with a fictitious sex tape. saying let's talk. my bad, let's stalk. behavior her father says he's all too familiar w all these people's calling us on our cell phones saying we was murdered. who put that out? christina put that out. >> reporter: bankston father says she's not a violent person.
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>> she needs medical help. >> reporter: the case is being moved to los angeles. one of her bail conditions is that she not make contact with any of the victims or law enforcement investigating the case. we learned in court today that bankston was just reisn'tly hired as a nursing assistant at kaiser permanente in santa clara. the spokesperson writes the individual did not start work for kaiser permanente. she's had no contact with kaiser permanente patients. we're looking into this matter and we will cooperate with law enforcement. bankston is due back in court on monday. melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. firefighters have released their first estimate for the number of buildings destroyed by the blue cut fire in san bernardino county. 96 homes and 213 other buildings likely burned. the number has been difficult to count because the fire has moved to quickly and erratically. >> we've had firefighters sheltering in place with people because they couldn't get out of the way fast enough.
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the pace and ferocity that this fire showed is something that i've never seen. >> about 37,000 acres have burned, about 60 square miles, about the size of the city of hayward. the fire is just 26% contained now. in lake county all evacuations were lifted late this afternoon for lower lake after the clayton fire. 189 homes are burned as well as more than 100 other businesses and structures. after burning nearly 4,000 acres, the fire is now 75% contained. a suspected arsonist has been arrested and accused of starting that fire on saturday. six wildfires are burning in california right now. the smoke from three of them is drifting into the bay area. a live look from our east bay hills camera. you can see the haze out there. in contra costa county the fire department tweeted that people should only call 911 if they see flames, not just smoke. we're joined from lafayette with
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more on the story. >> reporter: from up here you usually get a very good view of mt. diablo. not today. it's blanketed by smoke. the smoke has been pushed to the bay area. we'll see more of it with the frequency of wildfires in the state. the sky is hazy. it smells like smoke and the air quality has eyes watering and people sneezing but there's no fire burning around here. so what's going on? >> the wind, specifically, has been drawing smoke into this area from some of the other fires in the state. most of this smoke is likely from the sobranes. >> reporter: smoke from other wildfires lingers in the bay area. the thick haze obstructing views of mt. diablo and other landmarks. this man has family in town and wanted to show them the iconic san francisco skyline. >> we went up in the oakland hills just to look ta san
6:19 pm
francisco views. we couldn't see much because it was so hazy. >> given how big the fires are i guess it makes sense. >> reporter: at this park in walnut creek nancy swenson plays with her three boys but the smoky air makes the outing rather difficulty. >> i get hay fever, more congestion, probably a little more sneezing. just a little more uncomfortable generally speaking. >> reporter: firefighters say people with respiratory problems should stay inside and avoid doing anything too active. elissa harrington, abc 7 news. it is time to check on our forecast here locally. >> spencer we can see the haze behind you. >> you certainly can, eric. it has been with us the next several days. tomorrow was a spare the air day. tomorrow will not be. we'll have improving quality going into the weekend. you can see that we've got hazy sunshine over the inland areas and, of course the marine layer is at the coast. take a look at the satellite
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image. you can see fire and smoke from the cedar fire near bakersfield drifting west ward. smoke from the soberanes and chimney fire has been moving up into our area with the diminished air quality. that situation will improve going into the weekend. one reason for that improvement is stronger winds. we have gusts to 33 miles per hour in fairfield, 12 miles per hour in novato. so the wind will help mix out some of that smoke. here's the view from the roof top of hazy skies. 66 in oakland. 70, 73 at san jose and morgan hill 59 in half moon bay. low clouds hovering over the golden gate. napa 72 66 in petaluma concord 82 livermore 80 degrees. haze and clouds over sfo. morning clouds, patchy fog and spotty drizzle tomorrow, early tomorrow. air quality slowly improves over
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the weekend and a gradual cooling trend into monday. overnight lows will be a bit on the mild side mainly in the mid to upper 50s. here's the forecast. notice this surging marine layer pushing well across the bay and inland. it will be with us in the early morning hours throughout all parts of the bay area. but it will pull back to the coastline giving us mainly sunny skies with some lingering haze. high temperatures tomorrow will be mainly in the upper 50s right around 60 at the coast. up to about 77 in palo alto. up in the north bay we'll see upper 70s at napa and santa rosa. 86 in concord, 89 in antioch. and i expect 81 in san jose and 87 at morgan hill. here's the forecast. near 90 in the inland spots even though generally we're in a cooling trend. it will be even cooler in all areas monday with inland highs reaching only 80s, mid-70s
6:22 pm
around the bay. temperatures will gradually rise into the low 90s on wednesday. but a sharp cooldown on wednesday. by friday it will feel almost like fall. cooler than average conditions in all regions of the bay area. >> spencer, thanks a lot. >> oakland's biggest festival of the year kicks off tomorrow and it's not just about what you can see and hear. every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's
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clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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lots of excitement and enthusiasm today in chinatown in san francisco. hundreds waited for hours to buy exclusive merchandise at a three-day kanye west pop-up store. the items were pricey and customers couldn't try on most of them still many came out and spent hundreds of dollar. oakland's biggest festival returns this weekend. art and soul oakland celebrates creativity through music, food and art. today barbecue cooks fired up their grills. they'll cook their meat for one of the tastiest parts of art and soul. some of the best smokers and grillers against each other. the championship team smokeland said it's a lot of fun. >> the crowds can come in as part of the art and soul festival. try food.
6:26 pm
all these pit masters who are from all over the country as well. >> organizers say to bring seat cushions or low beach chairs that are close to the ground. do not bring alcohol coolers cans and glass bottles or animals with the exception, of course, of service dogs. art and soul runs from noon to 6:00 saturday and sunday with oakland's own tone tony, toni on stage. firefighters rescue a man from a badly crashed car, then they heard a whimper. it came from this dog. next what it took to get little zeus out of the wreck. kitchen. >> demolished. >> demolished, yes. >> 34 people are down to just one kitchen. the battle between
6:27 pm
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. right now the head of all california schools is in fremont to address a longstanding dispute that the staff and a very special school hopes can be resolved before classes start monday. >> the battle is over the head
6:30 pm
of the california school for the deaf. a majority of faculty and staff, they want a new leader. >> abc 7 reporter david liu has the story. >> reporter: as a parent and the president of the parent/teacher group, he expressed impatience through an interpreter over efforts to oust the school superintendent dr. sean virnig. >> over 100 teachers asked dr. virnig to resign. janitors, the business office all of them asked him to resign. so one person keeps hip. so we need to ask dr. virnig to resign and take back the school. >> reporter: they've been trying to get the state school chief to take their complaint seriously that virnig is a poor leader who doesn't communicate well. they invited turlicson to a meeting in the gym. but the doctor kept his job. it conflicts him that he's an
6:31 pm
alumnus and the first deaf superintendent. >> working or collaborating with staff, he hasn't shown that. parents and families and community members to make sure that our students have a quality education and an opportunity for them to learn experience and drive. >> reporter: turlicson says he continues to support dr. vernig. critics point out high school enrollment here has dropped in half during his five-year tenure. in fremont, david liu. abc 7 news. they're being assigned temporary housing because their accomodations aren't ready. students were supposed to live here at the university's brand-new campus village two residence hall but it won't be finished for another month. in the meantime the students will have to make due with dorms slated for demolition. university officials acknowledge
6:32 pm
that this situation isn't ideal but they say safety and security are their main concerns as they finish the new residence hall. in oakland three dozen people are down to three bathrooms and one kitchen in their apartment building. the landlord must repair the kitchen and bath they demolished. tenants call it deplorable living conditions. another chapter in oakland's gentrification. >> reporter: cooking in the kitchen. the only common kitchen shared by 34 residents here. also in the kitchen, cockroaches in the hall, a tangle of wires and holes in the ceilings. last year new owners took over this three story single room occupancy building. there are now only 2 1/2 baths open. others were demolished in february leaving many elderly chinese immigrants upset. they did not want to be identified. to go to the bathroom, you have
6:33 pm
to wait in line. >> yes. even the kitchen, too. >> they want to remodel the whole building then rented to the people who have more money to rent. >> reporter: tenants pay around $400 a month rent. the conditions they say have prompted some to move out. a representative for the new owner says they've done a lot of good here, installing fire alarms and sprinklers. he said they intended to remodel the kitchen and bathrooms only to be slowed down by the city permitting process. >> and the inspectors honestly were not very helpful in helping us expedite that laundry list. every time a new inspector would come, a new list would get created. >> the work that they did went way over the scope of what their permits allowed. so they know that they've had to submit new plans they just haven't done it yet. >> reporter: the city attorney's office filed a lawsuit against the owners for harassment. a judge is calling for the bathrooms and kitchen to be repaired immediately. in fact new temporary tenants showed up today canadians who rented a unit here on air bnb
6:34 pm
they said for $70 a night. >> i've seen pictures. and he said the common areas were dinghy. >> reporter: they found their room and intended to avoid the common areas. it's the state of affairs and the changing oakland scene. olympic swimmer ryan lochte is apologizing for his role in an incident that's overshadowed his accomplishments in rio. lochte posted to instagram, quote, i should have been much more responsible in how i handled myself and for that i am sorry to my teammates, my fans my fellow competitors, my sponsors and the hosts of this great event. lochte says he and three teammates were robbed at gunpoint last sunday. the swimmers were approached by an armed gas station security guard after they pulled a sign off a wall and broke down a bathroom door. investigators claim the men were detained and forced to pay $50 to cover the damage. lochte gunnar bentz and jack conger are already back in the u.s. jimmy feigen was the last to
6:35 pm
leave rio. he got a passport back after paying $11,000 to a charity. the ioc is investigating what happened. on the campaign trail today republican presidential nominee donald trump and his running mate mike pence toured louisiana where 13 people have died and thousands have lost their homes. but there's a flooding. trump took a swipe at president obama who hasn't cut his vacation short to visit the flood zone. >> you're not playing golf in martha's vineyard, that's all we can say. >> no you're not playing golf. >> thanks a lot for showing up here buddy. >> somebody is. somebody is that shouldn't be. >> today president obama announced he will visit baton rouge on tuesday. democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton talked by phone with louisiana's governor today and hosted this message to facebook. my heart breaks for louisiana and right now the relief effort can't afford any distractions. the very best way this team can help is to make sure that louisiana has the resources they need. >> reporter: firefighters in the
6:36 pm
central valley rescued both the driver and his dog from a bad car accident. the battalion chief posted these photos on facebook. they show the rescue after a car and train collided. the driver was rushed to the hospital, then firefighters heard a whimper. it was the man's dog. they found little zeus trapped the underneath the seat. they used the jaws of life to get him out. and here he is now, little zeus as he's called, is recovering. his owner was unconscious during the rescue and had no idea what was happening until he woke up in the hospital and was told his dog was okay. a local astronaut took her first spacewalk today. plus -- >> my husband says, i think we should go ahead and contact someone on your side. >> good move.
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when a loved one dies, it can be really challenging to wrap up their finances. michael finney helped an east bay family. this family has been reading the same local newspaper for generations. their father always prepaid his subscription. when he died the family had a
6:40 pm
hard time getting their dad's money back. janet and gary loved to read their east bay times every morning. >> i always clipped out the puzzles in the paper and the comics and entertainment stuff. >> reporter: it's been a daily ritual for the past 38 years. just like janet's father before her. >> he read it every morning, and he had to have his paper. >> reporter: frank kept reading even when losing his eyesight. >> he'd have a big magnifying ball. >> reporter: when he died janet canceled her dad's favorite paper. >> i told them the situation and they told me what the refund would be. >> reporter: her father had just prepaid for one year of home delivery before his death. the newspaper promised a refund of $325. the months went by janet received nothing. >> i called to see, you know was there a problem or anything and they said, oh you should have gotten it. >> reporter: janet kept calling, even tried to contact the president of the publishing
6:41 pm
company. she says no one responded. >> my husband says i think we should go ahead and contact 7 on your side. >> reporter: we contacted the east bay times and within two weeks janet got her dad's money back. >> oh we couldn't believe it. >> reporter: the spokesperson said the refund was originally sent to janet's father by mistake. the paper later voided that check and began a new refund process. somehow the refund was lost in the shuffle, but as soon as we were made aware, we reissued the check. we're very sorry and want ms. pacheco to know how much we value our longtime subscribers. janet appreciates her longtime paper, too. >> 7 on your side came through just like i was hoping. >> reporter: so the takeaway if you prepay for a service, find out what happens if you decide to cancel or upon your death. in this case, the newspaper said a refund was in order and we thank the times for stepping up. now to see my reports online go
6:42 pm
to abc and click on the tab. today a woman went for a walk. what makes it newsworthy is the fact that the woman is an astronaut so her walk was in space. next see what local astronau
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dub lib, los gatos and all the bay area. this is abc 7 news. today astronauts installed a new door on the international space station. one of the crew doing the work was napa's own kate rubins. she graduated from vintage high school where students looked up to her in more ways than one. laura anthony has the story. >> the view is phenomenal. >> reporter: this is not just any astronaut out for a spacewalk. it's napa's own kate rubins who took her first space stroll 250 miles from earth. >> and now a view from the helmet camera of kate rubins. >> reporter: among those watching advanced science students at her alma mater, vintage high. >> that's cool because napa is a small town. the fact that she came from here and got pulled out of a pool of
6:46 pm
3500 people to do this was like amazing. >> i keep telling them kate rubins was in this room at some time in her life. and it's just so neat where she's come from and makes it feel like it's possible for them. >> reporter: kathleen rubins as she was known then, was editor of the school paper in the mid-'90s. but the principal admits he didn't see this coming. >> it just shows you you can accomplish any dream. if you set your mind to it, you can do anything out there. >> reporter: earlier this month rubins talked with us via satellite from the space station. >> when i was a kid, ever since i was remember, i had a list of career goals and astronaut was one of them. >> reporter: they successfully installed a new docking port on the space station which could some day be used by commercial spacecraft. once she returns to earth she plans to visit the students at vintage high in person.
6:47 pm
laura anthony abc 7 news. one of the world's most advanced ocean research ships docked in san francisco today. abc 7 news was at pier 17 for a rare peek inside the research vessel sally ride. it is named for the first american woman in space. in its first mission this november, the ship had use state of the art equipment to measure the amount of fish in the waters off the coast of california. in the future this loading laboratory will help study everything from fisheries to geology and even earth's atmosphere. today is world photography day. abc 7 news viewers celebrated. >> take a look at some of the pictures viewers shared online. add that to your pictures and you could see them on tv. be sure to follow us on instagram. >> those pictures are a lot clearer than what we're seeing outside with the haze. spencer has an update on the forecast. >> picture bluer skies coming our way over the next few days. they'll be a welcome sight believe peay. here's a live look under partly cloudy, hazy conditions and we
6:48 pm
have the fog at the coast. tomorrow statewide look for warm weather with highs in the 90s at chico, sacramento yosemite. but here in the bay area we'll have slightly cooler than anch conditions with fog at the coast. highs ranging from 60 at the coast to 70s around the bay and 80s inland maybe up to almost 90 rat antioch. for the week ahead we'll have temperatures below the average for mid-august and that includes san jose. you can see the temperature trend from a high of 81 tomorrow which is below average to only 70s on sunday, monday, tuesday. back up closer to average on wednesday. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast showing that trend for the entire bay area. temperatures dropping off below average on monday. very little change on tuesday. they'll bounce back up to low 90s on wednesday, then drop off again thursday and friday. we don't have a steady pattern developing yet. we're waiting for one. >> thank you spencer.
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well they broke camp on tuesday then faced off against the packers in green bay last night losing 20-12. the silver and black are the media darlings this off-season. but if they don't get their run game going it could be a long season for derrick carr. head coach jack del rio says this game was more than just a score at the end. >> for us it's really more about conditioning, the health of the team, we always prefer to win anything we compete in, but at the end of the day we've got to get work in. we're getting a good amount of work in. we've got to prepare our football team for the upcoming season. >> our own team like that. just get somebody else to compete and put forth a good
6:53 pm
showing and show who we are as a team. >> for the 49ers the entire off-season has been built around a quarterback competition between blaine gabbert and colin kaepernick. he is running out of time by missing his second straight game with a sore throwing shoulder. he is excited about the test against the defending champion broncos. >> they're a quality team. just the type of players that they have, the way they play the game. and they play their scheme really well. >> it helps everybody kind of rise to the occasion. so you come up here and compete against the best. we did that pretty well. >> college football is upon us and our local heroes the cal bears a week from today on espn. facing hawaii and sydney, australia. the bears found the replacement for eric goff. he's familiar with the offense
6:54 pm
but this trip to australia will be a great bonding experience for the entire cal roster. >> this will be a great trip for you guys. i think they're going to have a good time to spend time with each other and have the opportunity to bond and unique experiences and under some unique circumstances. and that's always really important especially for a young football team. >> we'll get to australia and understand that we're going to a brand-new culture brand-new cuisine, brand-new food, brand-new environment, but at the same time we're going there to win a football game and represent cal to the best of our ability and that es to win a football game. >> we'll get started by being stuck on a plane together for 16 hours. be interesting to see how our team does sitting down feeling uneasy on the plane. >> doing a bunch of team activities today. hanging out all the time in a different place. it will be a lot of fun. >> the three-game set tonight in chicago facing the white sox and james shields. third inning chris davis team
6:55 pm
leading 31st home run of the season. tied for third in the majors. two-run shot made it 3-0 a's. they go twice more in eighth. home run derby day in chicago. made it 6-0 right now. the a's are up 8-0. in the seventh inning we'll have the complete highlights coming up later tonight. the second round of the windham championship. had six birdies, then this birdie on five. two weeks ago jim furyk set a pga record. right here with a long birdie on 9. just misses. for a 10 under 60. and he has a two-shot lead at 12 under par. team usa basketball advances to their third straight gold medal game with a win over spain. klay thompson led the united states with 22 points. they'll face serbia in the final. eric ama back to you.
6:56 pm
>> thank you so much. join us tonight on cable 13. coming up an incredible orca encounter. this one putting on a show for some boaters, but what did it just toss in the air? oh that's a 9. >> and at 11:00 the caretaker under arrest tonight accused of victimizing the elderly woman she was supposed to be looking after. >> here's a look at what's ahead on abc 7 at 8:00. sharp tank followed by what would you do at 9:00. and then join us for the news at 11:00. >> at 11:35, jimmy kimmel live. tonight's guests are actor hugh grant and comedian nikki glaser. >> that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news on twitter.
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this is the "jeopardy!" college championship. for the deciding game, here are the three finalists -- a junior at the university of southern california from bethesda, maryland... whose cash winnings yesterday total... [ cheers and applause ] a sophomore at the university of california, berkeley, originally from boise, idaho... whose cash winnings total... [ cheers and applause ] and a senior at the university of pittsburgh from jamison, pennsylvania... who won $22,001 yesterday. and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] hey, thank you, johnny. hey, exciting moment,
7:00 pm
right? it's been a long, long time since we've gone into the deciding day of a championship with three players so evenly matched. look at those scores! as you know, they will be added to today's total to determine our champion. good luck. here we go. keep it going as well as you did yesterday. here are the categories... oh... next... notice the spelling of "whirled" there. we're dealing with anagrams here. that's followed by... ugh. and... and, sarah, once again you go first. sci-fi books for $200. sarah. what is disney world? that's it. sci-fi, $400.


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