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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  August 20, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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it's 57 in san francisco. we're clear inland. 63 in san jose. here is a look at the south bay. still pretty gray out there. 61 in concord. looking at temperatures climbing throughout the afternoon. another hour two hour and a half of gray. we'll reveal more sunshines with 60s at the coast. another hazy day today but no spare the air alert.
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a husband and wife duo was supposed to be looking after an elderly woman, instead, authorities say they covered her with a pillow, tied her up and ransacked her home. they were arrested thursday. the elderly woman they are accused of tieing her up described the moment of terror inside her home. >> pretty frightening when you know you're almost going to die. i couldn't breathe. >> reporter: the 75-year-old victim doesn't want to be identified, but she wants to share her story. it was after midnight she was sound asleep in her home. >> somebody pulled the pillow from under me and stuffed it over my face. another person tied up my hands. >> reporter: she says they demanded money and ransacked the house when she told them there was no money. after an hour, the house was quiet and she assumed they were gone. >> they tied me up with the pillow case. i squeezed my hand through it. i got up and called 911.
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>> reporter: she suspected her live in caretaker, a husband and wife. she sort of recognized their muffled voices and they say she knew she had recently come into some money. detectives found and arrested them on thursday. >> the investigators during the course of the days were able to recover some evidence. that just helps solidify the suspects arrested were the ones involved. >> reporter: the victim says the robbers didn't find any cash but did take other items. >> i want them to stay in jail for life. i'd hate to have someone else that's disable and old. >> reporter: she says trusting them was a mistake and she says to always get a background check on care giver. the sheriff's office says the same. a convicted sex offender is in trouble again.
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police say 30-year-old stanley matches the description in both incidents. man ran behind the counter to grab cash. the same thing happened august 9th at the station in campbell. police are warning parents about a virtual kidnapping scam. officers say a woman received a phone call on thursday in which a woman screamed mom, please help me. a man got on the phone and demanded money to be wired to mexico without hanging up or her daughter would die. the victim wired a small amount of money and she later found out her daughter was safe. the centers for disease control is expanding its travel warning to pregnant women. the cdc is advising them not to travel to miami beach and all of miami-dade county. this comes after a new cluster of zika cases were discovered. >> reporter: miami beach is
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bustling with tourists and in some areas buzzing with zika virus carrying mosquitos. >> we're requesting additional support from the cdc. >> reporter: a second out break of local zika cases spurs the new centers for disease control tr travel warning. pregnant women should avoid the area. the focus is on a 1.5 square mile area where infected mosquitos are spreading the virus. >> i'm not planning on getting pregnant but it's kind of scary. >> reporter: it can cause severe birth defects when a pregnant woman is infected. >> a lot of my friends cancel their trip to miami. >> reporter: jose is flying from san francisco international airport to miami. he's not concerned, but his wife is. >> my wife is pregnant. she's like eight months.
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the warning includes the partners of pregnant women. the virus can be spread. we're hearing from the family of a woman hitly a tree limb who will never likely walk again. she was watching her daughters play in san francisco last week when the 100 pound branch fell. since then she's undergone multiple surgeries. her husband says she's in a lot of pain and the recovery is difficult. >> they shows me the picture of backbone. it's split in half. she's not going to walk and probably have to go to a rehab for a long, long time. >> he said medical bills are piling up. family is receiving help from several non-profits. this morning the last of the four u.s. swimmers is back home
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in the u.s. jimmy feigen left last night. there's new finger pointing. he said his teammate ryan lochte pulled the sign off a gas station bathroom after a night of drinking and it was lochte who yelled at the arm security guard who forced the swimmers to pay money to cover the damages. lochte posted his on apology online yesterday. this morning police are waiting for the owner of a naked donald trump statue to come and claim it. it was removed early yesterday morning. the statue is considered evidence and is being held because it caused an estimated $4,000 in damage to the street. donald trump and his running mate visited louisiana yesterday. that's where they met with evangelical leaders who pointed out that trump was there and president obama wouldn't be until tuesday. trump visited for a few hours and moved onto a campaign stop in michigan.
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he said black americans would vote for him because they quote, have nothing to lose. trump added that african-americans are in poverty, have bad schools and have no jobs. >> at the end of four years, i guarantee you that i will get over 95% of the african-american vote. i promise you. >> however, polls show only 2% of black voters support donald trump. hillary clinton tweeted that trump's comments about black americans were ignorant. she called louisiana's governor and offered her support. the governor has asked politicians to stay away for now because resources could be pulled away from recovery and relief effort. good news to report now from southern california where the blue cut wildfire in san bernardino county is now 68% contained up from 40% overnight. dramatic time lapse video that perez shared with us showed the fire on tuesday, the first night
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after it started. the fire remains at just over 37,000 acres. flames have destroyed 96 homes. several evacuations have been lifted. evacuations were also lifted for all of lower lake and lake county. ronda shared this picture of the devastation from the clayton fire in a park. the tire is now 80% contained. 189 homes have burned as well as more than 100 other businesses and structures. police arrested a suspected arsonist accused of starting the fire. if you're having any trouble breathing, it could be because of the smoke from the lake county fire as well as the fire in monterey county making its way into the bare area. you can see the orange haze from the fire in the sunset time lapse captured on our camera. warning people to only call 911 if you see flames with smoke. 8:08 is our time. earlier this morning we saw
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delays up to 40 minutes because of the fog. how is it looking right now? >> no change. we still have the 40-minute delays. look at the low clouds from our camera. it's clear in the 60s. concord and livermore. the clear comes with haze today. better air quality today. what about the rest of the weekend? i'll have the answers, next. also ahead, scott peterson is a convicted murder sitting on death row but is he a cia spy. the bizarre accusations he's now facing from a foreign government. plus, the big money
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a turkish media outlet is making an outlandish claim about who is behind the coupe in turktu last month. it claims he attended a top secret meeting on an island in istanb istanbul. an expert called the report
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ridiculous. new polls suggest californians support legalized marijuana and tighter gun control measures. 82% of the those surveys favored prop 63. it will require background checks to buy ammo and keep felons and domestic abusers from buying guns. it would legalize recreational marijuana use for people 21 and over. nearly 64% of those polls support. mark zuckerburg is making promise to give back. it's a very small portion of what he owns. the sale is part of his promise to give away or spend 99% of his wealth on causes that promote learning, curing disease, connecting people and building stronger communities. this weekend san francisco will be is center of the pokemon universe. nearly 1700 players from around the world are competing.
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abc 7 news reporter tells us half a million dollars in prize money is up for grabs. >> reporter: for those who do not know the world of pokemon is much more than stuffed animals and kids with hats. there's two kinds of games on the tournament flour. one is played with tiny nintendo consoles. >> i'm playing a card game. >> reporter: he's from seoul, south korea. the game he plays uses trading card decks. they are among the 1700 people vying for the grand prize. >> what do you get if you win? >> first place is 10,000 bucks. >> reporter: the stakes are high but you likely won't see anyone throw a tantrum if they lose. >> it's competitive, but the environment is not stressful. it's such an opening and welcoming community. >> reporter: this is a competition based on some of the
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cutest creatures ever created. hundreds of people are battling it out on tournament floor, there's lots of people waiting in line. reading and math are all part of the fun. the reigning world champion says he has seen one 8-year-old he's mentored turn into a wiz. >> i used to work with her on reading and social skills. by the end of that year she had an invitation to play in the world championships. seven canine cadets have joined the ranks of the highway patrol. they took part in a graduation ceremony yesterday along with their handlers in sacramento. the team completed an 11-week, 440 hour program that features intensetive training in criminal apprehension. the handlers say their partners provide another very valuable service. >> we've all been in situations
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where we would lie to say we're not a little scared. i know i can deploy him and he will help me. there's not going to be an ounce of fear in him. >> the highway patrol has nearly 60 canine teams deployed. the program is funding through money seized. happening today, cinemark is hosting a community day. they are offering free family friendly movies. it include kung fu panda 3 and shrek. the money will go to movies run from 9:00 this morning until 1:00. a massive tent has gone up near downtown san jose. it's hard to miss. it's 125-feet tall and covers an area the side of a football field. the team that put them on will
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stage a new experience. the show will feature a mix of equestrian acts, art, technology and advanced engineering. the tent is located next to highway 87. 8:17 is the time. let's get a check of the full forecast. lisa, you're tracking hazy conditions for later this afternoon. >> that's right. little change. we're looking at the elements getting a bit more pushed out of atmosphere at the lower levels of the atmosphere. the pollutants we saw yesterday, it's got a westerly wind. that's allowing for the air to clear out to about 2,000 feet. up above, that's where we have the haze and the smoke throughout the day. it's going to improve tomorrow due to weather system to the south of us. you can see the gray start for you. yesterday it was really gray.
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today a little bit better but still hazy out there. north bay 57. mountain view, 63. san jose getting brighter for you. golden gate bridge, really you can see how gray it is and the visibility hasn't been a problem here. temperatures are going to stay cool as the clouds cling to the shoreline here. 57 santa rosa. it's been clear. southwest wind up to 20 by the delta. we're looking at sunshine already in our east bay valley. san francisco is gray. it was in the mid-60s yesterday. shy of average. air quality improved slowly today. we're still seeing the smoke from the fires in southern california slide up from the south to the north. that changes tomorrow as the system to the south moves to the east of us. as that does, the winds will shift and we'll see cooling temperatures and much better air
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quality. speaking of tomorrow, notice we still have 60s and 70s around the bay. cooler day for the second half of your weekend than into tuesday we get a slightly warmer day. could be the last day of summer vacation for some of you and then by wednesday, as it gets warmer, maybe more kids back in school, at least it's not too, too warm and then we'll be going in the other direction after that. you want to spend some time after the beach. it's gray here right now in santa cruz. it's been partly cloudy in the afternoon but you will have the deal with the haze and smoke. 70 for a high today. 66 in monterey. 60 ocean beach. half-moon bay you're in the 60s yesterday. very little change. we'll see slightly warmer temperatures today. cooler tomorrow. it's been in the mid-70s. it's been pleasant. little change there. 54 downtown. look for the clouds on the coast in the north bay.
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that's kind of nice. 79 santa rosa. oakland yesterday, 70. a little change today. union city, 74. you head inland, we have the 80s for you. 60 on the coast while 90s inland. got a cooler day tomorrow. we'll have much better air quality below average than for monday. we can see a bit of warm up midweek. that will feel like fall by the end of the up coming workweek. >> thanks so much. coming up next, lemars are check
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when a loved one dies it can be challenging to wrap up finances. an ooeast bay family needed hel when their father died. >> reporter: janet and gary of pleasant hill loved to read their east bay times every morning. >> i always clipped out the puzzles in the paper, and the comics and entertainment stuff. >> reporter: it's been a daily ritual for the past 38 years. just like janet's father before her. >> he read it every morning and he had to have his paper. >> reporter: frank forbes kept
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reading even while losing his eyesight. >> he would have a big magnifying ball. she cancelled her dad's favorite paper. >> i told them the situation and they told me what the fund would be. >> reporter: her father just prepaid for one year before his death. the refound promised a $3 $3 $325. she received nothing. >> they said you should have gotten it. >> reporter: she kept calling and tried to contact the president of the publishing company. she said no one responded. >> my husband said i think we should contact 7 on your side. >> reporter: we contacted the east bay times and within two week, janet got her dad's money back. >> i couldn't believe it. >> reporter: a spokesperson said the refund was sent to janet's father by mistake. the paper later voided the check and began a new refund process.
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somehow the refund was lost in the shuffle but as soon as we were made aware, we reissued the check. we're sorry and want her to know how much we value our long time subscribers. she appreciates her long time paper too. >> 7 on your side came through just like i was hoping. >> reporter: the take away for everyone, if you pre-pay for a service finds out what happens if you cancel or upon your death. we thank them for stepping up and quickly. i'm michael finney. tourists were treated to a stunning performance by an orca. it tossed a turtle into the air. you can see it in this video provided. it happened in an orca feeding area. since they don't eat turtles, it more likely was playing with the
8:26 am
unsuspecting animal. abc 7 news is at tpri mate center. they can jump 30 feet. because of that the zoo couldn't put them in with the other lemurs. the space also shows off their funny walk. >> they will walk by feeling or bounce. it's kind of comical but very graceful. >> the animals are native to madagascar. san francisco becomes only the tenth zoo to have them. you can expect to see a baby in a few years. much more ahead on abc 7 morning. the air b and b renters who checked into their accommodations in oakland and couldn't believe what they found. also, a permanent tribute to the man who left his heart in san francisco. how tony
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every day, the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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the overnight hours has allowed for the marine layer, it's beginning to evaporate.
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no spare the air alert. we're in the 50s in san francisco. getting sunny there. it's going to stay cloudy at the coast and maybe a few peeks of sun. it's sunny in our inland east bay with low 60s. still cool in the north bay. this is lake tahoe where you can see a bit of haze here as well. we're looking at once again air quality. better than yesterday but not where we should be. that will come tomorrow. temperatures in the 60s at the shoreline. low 90s inland today. today the warmer day out of weekend. i'll have a look at a cool down coming up. thank you. happening today, bay area police officers will hand out new backpacks filled with school supplies to hundreds of south bay students. it's the third annual shop with a cop event. they will get new backpacks. these are pictures from last year distribution. today's event starts at 9:30
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this morning. also happening, the first new school in burlinggame will be unveiled. hoover will open its doors. it shut down back in the late '70s. the school superintendent tweeted out these pictures. it will be a ribbon cutting ceremony at 10:00 this morning. classes start on wednesday. hundreds of incoming freshman at san jose state university are being assigned temporary housing because their accommodations aren't ready. 820 students were supposed to live at the new resident hall. the building won't be completed for another month because of construction delays. the students will have to make due with dorms ta ahat are slat for demolition. >> making sure the plumbing works and we have cleaned all the schools and common areas to get the structures ready for our
8:32 am
students and families. >> university officials acknowledge the situation isn't ideal but they say safety and security is their main concern as they finish the new residents hall. in oakland three dozen people are down to two bathrooms and one kitchen. the judge ruled the landlord must repair the kitchen and bath they demolished. tenants call it deplorable. >> reporter: cooking in the km. the only common kitchen shared by 34 residents. cockroaches in the halls and wires. last year's new owner took over this building. there are now only two and a half baths open. others were demolished in february along with another common kitchen and storage space leaving many elderly chinese immigrants here upset.
8:33 am
they did not want to be identified. >> wait, wait. >> to go to the bathroom? >> yes. >> they want us to remodel the whole building and surrender to people that have more money to rent. >> reporter: they pay around $400. the conditions have prompted some to move out. the representatives to the new owners say they have done a lot of good installing fire alarms and sprinklers. . he said they were slowed down by the city permitting process. >> inspectors were not helpful. a new list would get created. >> the work they did went way over the scope of what the permits allowed. they know they had to submit new plans. they haven't done it yet. >> reporter: the city' attorney office filed a lawsuit against the owners for harassment. a judge is calling for bathrooms and kitchen to be repaired
8:34 am
immediately. some temporary tenents showed up who rented a room for $70 a night. >> he said the common areas were dingy. >> reporter: they found their room and intended to avoid the common areas. it's the state affairs in a changing oakland housing scene. president obama is encouraging americans to find your park ahead of next week's 100th anniversary of the national park service. here is a live look outside at yosemite national park. beautiful view. first lady michelle obama and laura bush are part of the centennial celebration to raise awareness and help people connect with their favorite parks. >> we have to have the foresight and faith in our future to do what it takes to protect our parks and protect our planet for generations to come. these parks belong to all of us. they're worth celebrating, not
8:35 am
just this year but every year. >> today military teams can access all national parks for free and families with a fourth grader can get a free pass. the celebration of tony bennett's 90th birthday continues in san francisco. a lavish dinner will be followed by a concert featuring bennett. yesterday there was a big fanfare for the unveiling of a tony bennett statue. >> reporter: tony bennett first sang this song in 1961. >> to officially declare today, august 19th, 2016, tony bennett day in san francisco. >> reporter: it was a typical
8:36 am
summer day in the city but as the song goes, the fog may chill the air but we don't care. hundreds lined up to see the public unveiling of the eight-foot bronze statue of tony bennett which stood behind a blue curtain. the singer was at the studio for three days. >> mr. bennett is fantastic. what's not to like? >> reporter: we were reminded that the singer was always here when we needed help. >> when we brought back the cable car, he was here. when we wanted to tell people that after the earthquake we didn't fall into the ocean, he was here. >> reporter: former mayor's praise was simple. >> tony is an adopted son. >> reporter: finally, the unveiling. a birthday present for the singer who turned 90 and for once every one sang for him.
8:37 am
♪ happy birthday to you >> i'm overwhelmed. it's beautiful. greatest day i've ever experienced. >> we all left our hearts here. still ahead, napa native and international space station astronaut goes on the most important walk of her life, her first space walk and what students think of their old famous grad. here is a live look outside from our abc 7 camera, the san francisco bell is there in your shot. you can see it's a a little breezy. we'll have the full forecast in a few minutes.
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i am a first responder tor and i'emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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oakland's biggest festival returns this weekend. yesterday barbecue cooks fired up their grills. they cooked their meat overnight. sign me up for some brisket.
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oak town throw down has some of the best. for those of us who suffer from asthma or copd, air quality is expected to be much better. >> it's going to be better. not great. here is a look at santa cruz. 57 degrees going for a high of 70 with partly cloudy skies and some smoke and haze here. continues to drift to the north but the air quality is improving. i'll talk about a cooldown and a look at the next seven days in just a few minutes. also ahead, hunter pence tries to help the giants take back first place but they needed a win over the mets. we have more in sports.
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the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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welcome back. you can see it's pretty calm and cool along the water front. when can we expect to see the sun? lisa returns in a bit with the full forecast. in sports, the 49ers will try to show some improvement in their second pre-season game. the niners face denver broncos at sports authority field. kick off is at 6:00 p.m. back here in the bay area, the giants will try for their third straight victory over the mets at at&t park. first pitch is at 1:05 p.m.
8:45 am
last night the giants used some clutch hitting to beat new york. we have more. >> good morning. second in the national league west behind the dodgers. l.a. losing to the reds last night. the giants defeat the mets. before the game they celebrated the 90th birthday of singer tony benne bennett. second inning. he gave up just two runs of c e coming in the third. rbi base hit tieing at one. the former a's gave up an rbi base hit to pinch hitter.
8:46 am
a's again a three game set last night in chicago facing the white sox. chris davis, team leading 31st home run of the season. ties for third in the majors. two hundred shot. 3-0 a's. they go deep. stephen and yonder alonzo. both combined for six of the nine runs. striking out five in the proc s process. allows two hits. on his first career game shut out. the bears found their replacement for quarterback.
8:47 am
the senior transferred david webb who came over from texas tech. the trip will be great bonding experience for the entire cal roster. >> just going to be a great trip for our guys. i think they will have an opportunity to sfends a lot of time for each other and have an opportunity to bond and unique experiences under some unique circumstances. that's always really important especially for young football team. >> we'll get to australia and understand that we're going to a brand new culture, brand new food. brand new environment. at the same time we're going there to win a football game to represent cal the best of our ability. >> we're going to get started by getting stuck together on plane for 16 hours. it will be fun to see how our team reacts sitting down. feeling uneasy on the plane. >> being in australia, doing a bunch of team activities together, being around hanging out in a different place, it will be a lot of fun. >> should be a great trip.
8:48 am
have a great day. we're waking up to cooler temperatures across the bay area. let's get a check of our full accuweather forecast. >> air quality is a bit better today. yesterday was our 18th spare the air day for the summer. you can see the fog footprint. it's all around the bay. pretty gray out there. it's beginning to get a bit brighter. the clouds will clear maybe in the next hour to two hours at the latest. low 60s. some kind of mild there. we're looking at some sunshine away from the coast. we're going to be socked in all day long with temperatures right around 60 degrees. it's 57 in santa rosa. 58 in napa. it's going to be lazy in te -- n the north bay. the air quality slowly improved today. with the system to the south moving across the state that's really going to bring back better air quality tomorrow.
8:49 am
it's also going to cool us down tomorrow into monday. you can see temperatures, it looks cool and it is. it will get hazy later on but air quality good today and tomorrow with the better air quality for your sunday. showers have been around the sierra nevada. look for hazy conditions. 92 in sacramento. i think they're lucky in the cool down. maybe the-couple of days for summer. for some of you it's been a little cool for san jose. 83 is the average high. here is your cool down tomorrow. the coolest day of the week will be monday. you're still below average throughout the rest of the week. really it's been pretty nice around the bay. if we can get away from the haze and poor air quality. could see a 90 there. look for 70 in oakland. this really doesn't change on the peninsula. you can see a lot of 70s from
8:50 am
redwood city to mountain view. if you're headed to the giants game, you'll look for numbers in the low 60s. a little hazy out there once again with partly cloudy skies. about 67 degrees. we're shy of that. south san francisco should see about 70 degrees. we're looking at temperatures on the shoreline from about 60 to about 92 in an around antioch today. here comes the cooldown with much better air quality right on through monday. below normal tuesday and wednesday. getting a bit warmer but once again another trough visits us by the end of the week and we're feeling a bit like fall. kind of gray. it's going to improve throughout the next couple of hours. >> definitely enjoying a break from the heat. astronauts have installed a
8:51 am
new door on the space station. students looked up to her in more ways than one. we have the story. >> the view is phenomenal. >> reporter: this is not just any astronaut out for a space walk, it's kate ruben who took her first space stroll 250 miles from earth. >> now a view from the helmet camera of kate rubens. >> reporter: among us watching, advance students at her alma mater. >> the fact she came from here and she got pulled out of a pool of 3500 people to do this was amazing. >> i keep telling them, kate rubens was in this room at some time in her life. it's so neat where she's come from. it makes it feel like it's possible for them. >> reporter: kathleen was the editor of the school paper in the mid-90s and a stand out
8:52 am
student but then teacher, now principal says he didn't see this coming. >> if you set your mind to it, you can do anything out there. >> reporter: earlier she talked with us via satellite. >> when i was a kid, i had a list of career goals and astronaut was one of them. >> reporter: rubens and fellow astronaut jeff williams installed a new docking port on the space station that could some day be used. once she returned to earth she planned to visit the students in person. in napa, laura anthony, abc 7 news. up next, south bay joey
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here are the winning numbers from last night. 22, 37, 45, 65, 73. the meganumber, 13. nobody picked all six numbers. tuesday night's jackpot goes up to 69 million dollar. lots of excitement and enthusiasm in china town. hundreds of people waited for hours to buy exclusive merchandise at a three-day kanye west pop up store. many came out spending hundreds of dollars. happening today, it's first of two days of annual game on
8:56 am
the avenue. this is video from a previous festival. there will be carnival rides and food and drinks. entertainment includes jazz, blues and funk band. happening today, the top ranked eater in the world and south bay native will compete for the title of taco eating champbon. today is the second annual taco festival. he set a new record at this year's annual hot dog eating contest by devouring 70 dogs. the contest itself starts at 2:00. before we go let's get a final check from our meteorologists. wefr h've had persistent lo clouds and fog, but we're also looking at haze. you'll note the haze from the
8:57 am
east bay to north bay. 57 now as well as half-moon bay. later on today, plenty of mid and upper 70s for you on the peninsula. oakland topping out around 70. today the warmer and hazier day of the two, of the weekend and tomorrow cooler, better air quality. tuesday, wednesday we're getting warmer but not for long and not too warm. thank you. thanks to you for joining us on the weekend edition of abc 7 morning. the little league world series is in full swing in oregon faces rhode island. abc 7 continues at 5:00 p.m. as always, we appreciate your time. make it a great day, everybody.
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