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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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as firefighters in california gain ground on one wildfire another one threatens an historic landmark. to a major firer insen luis obispo. the flames now threaten hearst castle. the castle tours have been canceled and may not resume until tuesday. crews are working with state park officials to keep the flames from moving closer to hearst castle. this news viewer sent us pictures showing smoke surrounding the castle. the chimney fire has scorched more than 24 square miles.
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the fire broke out a week ago and is 35% contained. 46 buildings have been destroyed, including more than 30 homes. residents of lower lake and lake county are returning home today, only to find piles of charred rubble in many cases. evacuations due to the clayton with were lifted yesterday afternoon. a viewer shared these pictures of fire damage in downtown lower lake. 189 moments have burn, along with more than 100 businesses and other structures. residents are amatessed at the destruction. >> devastation. there's only one place there and one place there left. everybody else has burned and gone. everybody is gone. >> the fire is now 80% contained. investigators say an arsonist set the fire a week ago. >> other wildfire in the loss pad this national force in san bernardino county has grown to 10,000 acres, 15 square miles and heading farther into the forest. officials posted pictures today. that fire is 10% contained.
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campgrounds are closed and 50 structures are threatened. smoke is vizzable from the san bernardino area and highway 101. smoke from in the fires affecting our air quality. you can see the haze. drew tuma has the latest on conditions ump. >> it's the combination of multiple fires burning across the state of california that ahead e added the haze. but here locally our air quality has improved and you can thank a shift in winds. look at the satellite imagery from yesterday across california. owinds coming from the east, and blowing smoke from the cedar fire, the soberanes fire and the chimney fire into the bay area. today, dramatically clear pictures. the rope why the smoke is blowingest, thanks to a shift in winds, and here locally the winds are breezy. an onshore breeze is helping to cleanse our atmosphere and it's
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helping to strength together a few cool august days. we'll details the numbers in the full forecast coming up. >> thank you very much. stay with abc7 news for continued coverage of the major fires burning in california. we'll bring you updates right here on air and twitter, and download the abc7 news app to get instant updates on fourown. what should be a simple move-in for new stunts at san hoe hey state is filled with frustration and headaches. a new dorm is not ready to occupy and a temporary solution is not ideal. cornell bernard is live with more. >> reporter: one freshman told me today she learned her first life lesson just a few hours ago. not everything goes according to plan. now, many students this weekend hoped to be moving into new dorms but are getting these 50-year-old dorms instead. but it's only temporary.
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>> i'm finally in my room. >> this freshman took the video of the moment she saw her new dorm room for the first time. the accommodations not what she hoped for. >> how are you feeling. >> so upset, but there's nothing i can do. >> look at the closet space. >> three students, bunking together. >> i have to share my room with two other people and i have a lot of stuff. >> her mom is disappointed. >> not what i expected. >> 820 san jose state students thought they had it made. moving into a grand new spacious dorm but cop trucks is not finished yet so studented have ben detoured into temporary housing at the 1960s era dorms nicknamed "the bricks." >> the rooms are tiny. >> this student is not impressed. some found dirt and trash inside their new digs. >> i went to school in france
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and the room is always tidy and this is worse. i was not expecting this. >> we always had a cop tip general si plan if it wasn't done on time. >> the university apologize for the inconvenience but appreciates the cooperation. >> we are saying to all of our new spartans, thank you for being willing to help out. >> the university will help students move into the new dorm when it's finally complete in at three to four weeks inch san jose, abc7 news. [cheering] >> we were there for the ribbon cutting at hoover elementary school. it's burlingame residents first new school in 50 years. it cost 17 million decide to buy and rennovate the campus. >> we have 21st century technology, chrome books for students, large screen tvs. document cameras, wi-fi that will allow to us use all of those simultaneously.
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>> until recently buddhist monks yesterday the camp put at a monastery. now it returns to it original purpose as a school. the opening will ease overcrowding. investigators are asking for help in finding a 16-year-old girl who vanished in castro valley more than a week ago. she was last seen august 11th august 11th and known to ride bart and visit friends in richmond and san francisco. she is 5'9", weighs 120-pounds. she was last seen wearing a light colored shirt and black jeans. a baby boy is making progress three days after being born premature when his mother died in a car crash in san jose. she woman was eight months pregnant. our media partner, the bay area news group, reports her baby named christopher has been upgradedded from critical to serious. wednesday morning her brother hit a parked bmw on the shoulder of highway 101. the driver of the bmw was
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arrested on suspicion of being drunk. a gofundme page has raised more than $11,000 to cover funeral expenses. a life jacket and a little luck might have saved a toddler's life following a boating mishap in florida. a small boatcapsided after hitting power line inside cocoa beach. the impact tossed the family into the indian river. the family looked for 23-month-old kennedy. >> we heard her crying and couldn't find her, and i jumped in the water and we tried to search and couldn't tell where the crying was coming from and kept searching searching and wee phone to work underwater and called 9-1-1, and they came out and we kept looking and looking. >> an hour into the search they found kennedy. two police officers found her floating, thanks to her life jacket, inside an air pocket beneath the boat. kennedy is doing find, just as her parents and older sister are. a little store in san francisco is attracting big crowds with some waiting
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overnight to get inside. >> i thought it was worth it, in my opinion. >> a look at day two of kanye west's popup store, some say spending hours waiting and hundred for a sweatshirt is worth it. also coming up, stocking up for school. a local police department provides a helping hand for deserving students.
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so far nobody has come forward to claim this statue. a depiction of donald trump
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standing naked. san francisco public work crews removed it from castro and market street yesterday morning. st. fews like it have popped in cities across america and the artist is speaking out. >> the anatomy in the male region had to be extreme lilacking. they wanted it to be pretty life like with some characteristics that were caricature style. >> san francisco police consider the statue to be evidence because the glue used to hold it in place caused $4,000 worth of damage. a group of shoppers says it's been worth the wait to get their hands on kanye west's newest fashion creations. we were in chine intown in san francisco, you can see the line stretched and stretch to get into the popup store. some people took places last night. >> it's exclusive clothing you don't see that often. something this rare, you can say. >> i like kanye and i like his
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clothes, and i like how you can resell the clothes for a lot of money. >> west's latest clothing line is themed after his newest album "lie love of pablo." hundreds or stunts ready to go back to class at santee elementary school in san jose, 250 children received free backpacks filled with school supplies. the shop with a cop foundation host it the event. >> the power of a backpack cannot be underestimated city the school slies and reading books we supplied to third ask sixth graders at the school, families are struggling financially these days we're here to help them out. >> police from five departments and volunteers from a number of community groups handed out supplies. ahead, celebration of oakland's vibe art and music seek e scene. they're having a ball. the opening day of the biggest festival to hit the streets of
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oakland. a mild day as we look outside. blue skies and the bay bridge there. warmer weather is on the way. drew will let us know when
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the sound of a sports similar to tennis gaining popularity in northern california. we were in san francisco where fans of pop tennis trying to get people into the swing of the game. played on a tennis court with smaller dimensions. the nets are dropped, rackets shorter and the players serve underhad. >> pop tennis is a name of a
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100-year-old sport and maimed for the pop sound when it comes off the paddle. >> pop tennis is big in southern california and florida and is billed as a game anyone can play. sight its and tastes and sounds of lock lean blended in harmony together today. >> art and soul oakland, the festival features live performers and activities for people of all ages. >> a great experience, it's a lot of food, shopping. it's a great way to see all the things and what people do in oakland. i've been going every year for the last 16 years, and it's just a great event that i love. >> and they're having a ball, literally in this young man's case. the art and soul continues tomorrow from noon to 6:00. admission is $12 for adults. what is the weather going to be like if you're going out? let's check with drew tuma and get a picture. >> today it's a really identifies summer day across the
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region. the warmest spots in the 80s and we're going to string together a couple of days of the below normal temperatures for august and no intense heat is forecast the next seven days. so august coming to a cooler end than the beginning of the month. live doppler 7 showing you the coastal cloud cover, some fog around san francisco, but besides that, away from the coast, a typical pattern of mainly sunny skies, in the sierra, a few popup showers and that's a similar setup for sunday afternoon as well. just some isolated showers in the mountains. outside, live look from sfo showing you that finger of fog along the coast. at the airport we're seeing mainly clear conditions, 62 san francisco. a comfortable 67 in oakland. san jose, 74. ten degrees above normal. 77 morgan hill, and east bay hills camera showing you the hazy sky. we have the smoke still in our
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atmosphere bus it improving in terms of air quality over the past 24 hours. petaluma, 66. fairfield, concord, and livermore, does it get much better than this in the summertime? low 80s. nice outdoors. santa cruz, taking in the sunshine, and the forecast going to call for overcast skies in he morning with coastal drizzle. hazy skies, sunday afternoon, there's a cool day for august the next three days. looking overnight lows, a lot of 50s, maybe a couple spots at 60. but the bigger story is along the coast, will be some pockets of drizzle over the next 12 hours. showing you the widespread fog. zooming into san rosa, concord, dublin, south san francisco, sunnyvale, san jose, cloud cover first thing. by 10:00 it's pulling back to the coast. a typical august pattern of sunshine. highs on sunday, comfortable.
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62 san francisco. 80 san jose. 85 antioch. not too bad. 81 concord. 74 the high in santa rosa. heeding to to the beaches, the cool sea breeze kicking in. peeks of afternoon sunshine. the best chance of sunshine, santa cruz, ocean beach. ocean temperature at 60 degrees the future tracker temperature shows you on monday we're still cool for august. that temperature trend is going continue into tuesday as well. temperatures below average this time of the year, so if you love the cool weather your loving this, we'll have hazy skies tomorrow. it will be cool for august on monday. we're still below average on tuesday. we are calling it a touch warmer on wednesday, few spot us may get close to 90 inland. but any heat is short lived because thursday, friday, saturday, we calling it feeling like fall around here. mother nature finally made up her mind and decided we'll stay
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cool the next seven days. so enjoy if you're not a fan of the heat. >> she made up her mind for this week. >> shu has a preview of sports. >> busy day. the giants won their first back-to-back games in august with last night's win over the mets but another former a, 'cespedes. another meltdown for youthat's why you drink ensure. sidelined.
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>> the giants second half has
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been miserable and the victory over the mets was the first back-to-back streak in august, and today starting pinching and the bull pen were a no show. barbecue in the cove. only in san francisco, first inning, yoenis cespedes. reyes scores from third. 1-0 mets. theirs inning, kess sed bess to left center. 23rd of the season, 3-0 new york. another former a, bar toll low colon, allowed two runs, and one run in bottom half of the third. span's seventh of the year. this guy goes for a swim. jake peavy out of the bull pen in the sixth. didn't go well, diaza, a three-run bomb. 7-2 mets. in the seventh, sells ped desagain. -- cespedes again. see ya. the mets take one in the series,
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9-5. >> the a's in chicago to face the white sox, looking for two straight after a 9-0 win lat night. about first, abreu, deep. hits off the glove for a home run. 1-0 sox. second hinge, sanchez. two-out base hit. jason coats trots home. chicago has two hit this entire game yesterday. five hits after two innings tonight. 3-0. right now the sox up 5-0 in the fourth. highlights at 6:00. to the links, the championship. kim has had two aces. this is nothing but net. he shoots a 3-under 67. tied for 18th at 9-under. jim furyk, two back to start the day, also shot a 3-under 67.
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bess shot on 15, 62 feet away. i measured it. drains it for the second longest putt in his career. five back at 13-under. everyone is craiging kim. 10-under 60 yesterday. birdie on 1 -- 18 gives him he leave. >> panthers taking on the titans. last year's mvp cam newton threw for 162 yards and one td. right here to ted ginn, jr., breaks a tackle and runs around everyone. panthers win 26-16. the niners take on the broncos continue. u.s. women's basketball defeated spain in the gold medal game. team u.s.a. as won 49 straight games in the olympics and the americans go for the gold tomorrow. here's the current medal stands, u.s.a. lead with 41 golds. china in second, overall story of the game has been michael phelps, usain bolt, and simone
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biles will carry the american flag in sunday's closing ceremony. that's the way the ball bounces. >> ted ginn in a niners uniform. >> specially this year. >> ahead, this statue is just at the start. san francisco showing its love for tony bennett. the story when abc7 news at 5 returns.
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at 6:00, tech companies step up to help stop an annoyance to millions of american. what is browing on the space station? how bat coffee shop or cantina. join us for abc7 news at 6:00. a celebration tonight will honor the crooner who left his heart in san francisco a few feet from where little cable cars climb halfway to the stars 'tony bennett first sang "i left my heart in san francisco" at the fairmont hotel in 1961. yesterday a statue was unveiled outside the hotel to honor the 90-year-old singer on his
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birthday. that does it for us here at abc7 news at 5:00. see you at welcome to "world news tonight." breaking news. ryan lochte drowning in controversy. the swimmer at the center of an olympic scandal making new headlines with his first sitdown interview since coming home. >> did you admit that you lied, finally? >> but his teammates are now pointing the finger at him. tonight, what they said really happened at that gas station in rio. the new donald trump? his appeal to african-americans, saying they should vote for him because they've got nothing to lose. >> you're living in poverty. your schools are no good. you have no jobs. pregnant women told to stay away from one of the country's most popular vacation spots because of zika. families going to extremes to stay safe. and the warning, there will be more cases. the overturned boat, the family tossed into t


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