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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 20, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." >> i just wonder, why my house? >> banding together to deal with incredible loss. the community of lower lake returns home for the first time since the clayton fire, residents banding together to help each other start over. the clayton fire is now 90% contained, but some of the residents being allowed back in are finding out just how much they've lost. leslie brinkley spent the day at lower lake. >> reporter: there are families like the ramseys, sifting through the ashes of what was their three bedroom home, looking for fragments of jewelry. >> we're thankful that our
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neighbors are okay. but then we look here and we just wonder why my house? >> reporter: and then there are survivors like ronalda, who stubbornly refused to evacuate because her cat wouldn't get in a crate and escape. for 4 1/2 days she hunkered down with no water, no electricity and cell service, protecting her pets. >> i was looking for dark smoke and the direction of the wind. >> reporter: you had no way of knowing but for watching? >> watching and using my fingers for wind direction. >> reporter: 189 homing and 40 homes burned down here. this habitat for humanity was in the process of rebuilding homes and now their offices reduced to ashes. >> we'll move into a new office this monday.
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and it will be real easy for us to move in, because all we have to do is unlock the door. >> reporter: nothing to bring with you. >> nothing to bring was. >> reporter: there is a neighborliness that is evident everywhere. this man and his dog wheeler cruised through town offering to help anyone. >> what is needed are walmart gift cards now. we've been giving out clothing from our church. water has been just like gold up here. >> reporter: everyone is upset that an arsonist is likely to blame for all of this destruction. now they're trying to mine the gold out of what was lost to rebuild new lives. leslie brinkley, "abc7 news." smoke from the fire is affecting our air quality here in the bay area. you see the haze earlier from our east bay hills camera. drew tuma joins us with the
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latest conditions. >> we've seen gradual improvements in the air quality. we had moderate to poor air quality yesterday. but today, we had good levels. our winds have shifted, pushing the smoke out of the bay area and gives our air a cleaner, fresher feeling. these winds will give us a cooler day tomorrow. >> drew, thank you. tonight, flames from the chimney fire are threatening an historic landmark. one team of firefighters happen been assigned to protect hurst castle. sebastien dean sent us these pictures of smoke surrounding the castle. the fire broke out about a week ago and is 35% contained.
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tonight, officials e issued an evacuation order. the blue cut fire is 73% contained. it destroyed the summit inn restaurant along route 66. the owners plan to rebuild. firefighters are holding the fire size at just under 60 square miles. the newborn premature son of a woman who died in a car crash is improving. this video shows the baby boy moving his fingers. his mother was eight moments pregnant when she died in a car crash. her baby, christopher, has been upgraded from critical to serious within. police arrested the driver on
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suspicion of being drunk. surveillance video cap churned a violent collision in oakland this evening. you can see the car turning just as two motorcyclists approached the same intersection. one of the motorcyclists suffered severe injuries in the crash at 15th and peralta. the other motorcyclist and the car's driver were also hurt. police are trying to find out who was at fault. new at 11:00, richmond police are offering a $10,000 reward to help solve a deadly shooting of a team girl earlier this month. police identified the victim as 19-year-old corey mattey. the teen was riding her week to a friend's house when somebody shot at her. police have not determined a motive. "abc7 news" was in the richmond district when officers
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arrested a man who drove away after hitting a toll booth. officers believe the man was drunk. bridge officials tell us there was only minimal damage done to the toll booth. tonight, ryan lochte admitted he learned his lesson and does not know why he exaggerated his account of an incident sunday. >> reporter: tonight, ryan locketo for the first time since he told what brazilian police call a fabricated version of the international incident at this rio gas station. >> that's why i'm taking full responsibility. i overexaggerated that story. if i had never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. >> reporter: telling nbc news -- >> whether you call it a robbery or extortion or us paying just
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for the damages, like we don't know. >> reporter: now two of the others blaming lochte for inflaming the standoff. questions about lochte's version of events -- >> he cocked it, put it to my forehead. >> reporter: police have accused him of lying, and gunner bentz and jack conger now apologizing and openly contradicting parts of the story. not according to them, both saying in statements they pulled into this gas station. >> reporter: lochte is the man you see here, pulling together a framed metal advertising. you see one of the attendants pick up that poster frame. the attendants then hailed two armed security men. there was a heated exchange. here you can see the swimmers sitting, lochte standing.
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that's the point lochte inflamed the situation. again, he said, i cannot speak to his actions but ryan stood up and began to yell at the guards. after jack and i both tugged at him in an attempt to get him to sit back down. then one of the guards pulled a gun. a customer at the station offered to help and defuse the standoff. lochte released his apology for "not being more careful how i described the events." that's an understatement said the good samaritan. >> no place, no place, they were saying. >> reporter: matt gutman, "abc7 news," rio. officers found a suspect hiding in a dryer yesterday afternoon. the residents told officers the suspect locked himself in the laundry room. once they entered, they couldn't
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find anyone. until they opened the dryer. so far, nobody has stepped forward to claim the statue of a nude donald trump to say it's theirs. it attracted crowds on castro and market streets. work crews removed it friday morning. the artist explains what he was trying to accomplish with it and other trump statues around the u.s. >> the anatomy in the male region had to be extremely lacking. they wanted it to be pretty life-like, with some characteristics that were, again, caricature style, almost cartoonish. >> police consider it to be evidence. city officials say it cost about $4,000 to remove the statue and repair the damage to the sidewalk. still to come, a day after san francisco showed its heart to tony bennett, he serenades the city that stole his. plus --
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more crowds and more waiting at day two of kanye west's store. fans wait for hours for a chance to buy a $100 sweatshirt. three years and more than 3,000 miles later, a 93-year-old world war ii veteran
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one day after a statue was unveiled in his honor, tony bennett wowed a crowd at the fairmont hotel where he first sang his famous hit "i left my heart in san francisco." sergio was there tonight with two women who were also there for the very first night all those years ago. sergio? >> reporter: a very special evening for them, and quite an
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interesting way to celebrate a 90th birthday. he gave a short concert for a celebrity group of people with all proceeds going to charity. to help celebrate his 90th birthday, tony bennett serenaded the office inside the venetian room, just like he did when he first debuted the song near live 55 years ago. ♪ i left my heart in san francisco ♪ >> reporter: the audience was made up of the city's best-known financiers, artists, and politicians. >> tonight is a special night for all of us. >> reporter: mixed in are two women who have a special connection to this song. they watched ben it sing it here for the first time. >> my husband, who loved to dance and loved parties, he said that guy is going somewhere. >> he did go somewhere.
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and i love him because he's a year older than i am. >> reporter: since that night a few things have changed. "i left my heart in san francisco" has become the city's signature song. for pauley and bambi people would play that tune just so they could dance with their husbands at family parties. but last year, their husbands passed away. >> we're going to try not to cry. >> reporter: so his performance is a tribute to tad and tom and so many others. ♪ golden sun will shine for me >> still got it. a group of shoppers say it's been worth the wait to get their hands on kanye west's newest fashion creations. abc 7 was there and you can see the line stretched and stretched just to get into west's pop-up
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store. a young man and his dad spent the night outside to be part of the hype. >> i like ckanye and his clothe. >> it's a father-son thing. i know nothing about the clothes or kanye, but i'm just here to support him. >> west's latest clothing line is themed after his newest album. "abc7 news" was atsantee elementary school where more than 250 children received free back picks with school supplies. police have five different departments and volunteers handed out the supplies. [ applause ] "abc7 news"
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this morning's remembibbon cutt. this school cost $17 million to buy and renovate. >> we have chrome books for students, we have large screen tvs, document cameras. we have wi-fi that will allow us to use all of those simultaneously. >> reporter: hoover's opening will ease overcrowding. classes start on saturday. an oakland summertime tradition will continue tomorrow from noon until 6:00 in the evening. ♪ lots to see and lots to eat at art and soul oakland. let's check out what the ex will be like for tomorrow's edition. >> we're tracking a cooler finish to the weekend. we'll continue the tumble in temperatures.
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we're tracking that coastal fog. we have overcast skies, and some patchy cloud cover, right around livermore. a live look from our santa cruz camera. folks enjoying the board walk, lower 60s and just a light breeze on the coast. so overcast skies tonight. a little coastal drizzle is likely. the bigger story tomorrow, improving air quality continues. and a string of cool temperatures in august, at least extending into tuesday this week. current temperatures, 59 in san francisco. 62 in san jose. and napa, temperature of 58 degrees. overnight tonight, a lot of spot also be dropping into the 50s. a few spots may hold around 58
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degrees. so your day planner through the next 24 hours, we have that cloud cover first thing early on, coastal drizzle will likely happen. noon, clearing skies. by 4:00 in the afternoon, it's really comfortable temperatures in terms of august standards. so starting in the south bay. 78 cupertino. 77 in redwood city. up to about 67 in millbright. cloudy in daily city and chilly. 73 for petaluma. 75 sonoma. napa up to 76. 73 in fremont. 66 in richmond. and look at these numbers. it's nice and comfortable, 81 in pittsburgh. and brentwood.
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a high of 87 degrees. headed to the beach tomorrow? fair amount of fog. temperatures pretty much limited to the upper 50s. santa cruz is your mild spot at 67. ocean water temperature at 59. here's your seven-day forecast. fog to sun shine out there. cool for monday and tuesday. temperatures go right back down thursday into friday and eric, tuesday on here, going to feel like fall once again. >> thanks, drew. a big birthday
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bei bei, celebrated today by snoozing. the smithsonian national do threw the panda a party with cake, but bei bei slept through the entire thing. the 100 block of ice was packed with apples and sweet potatoes. and why not? >> the 49ers took care of the broncos tonight in denver. it's only preseason. and they may have found a backup
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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the 49ers starting to get a feel for what chip kelly wants on both sides of the ball, as they looked a lot better against the broncos. c.j. anderson, 19-yard run, topped at the 1. but he gets into the end zone, 7-0, denver. reid missed last game for the birth of his child. second quarter, picks off trevor simeon. ties the game at 7-7. blaine gabbard hands this off. and then 44 seconds left, mark sanchez fumbles. then fumbles again. on the first drive of the second half, davis would once again fumble. four fumbles in 59 seconds of action. the 49ers fumble on their way to
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the end zone. harris loses the ball. denver recovers in the end zone. broncos go the other way. that pass to john phillips tying the game at 17-17. so the niners turn to the quarterback who was painting his house, christian ponde, runs it in from 22 yards out and later in the fourth, another touchdown. and the 49ers win 39-24. the giants have been so up and down in the second half it's been painful to watch. starting pitching and the bull pen for a no-show. third inning, this is crushed left center, matt moore allowed three runs in five innings. 3-0, new york. bartolo colon here.
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3-1 mets. and this guy goes for a swim. jake peavy gave up two home runs. the mets take game three of this four-game set 9-5. a's are in chicago, facing the white sox. bottom first, jose abreu, deep shot here. at the wall, looks like he has it in his glove, hits the wall, goes off. home run. melky cabrera roughing up the a's. rbi double in the third. then an rbi single in the fourth. debt wiler allowed six runs and the white sox win it 6-2. coming up, more preseason football and olympic updates. back to you.
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the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws.
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i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is "abc7 news." >> good evening. tonight, the clayton fire in lake county is 90% contained tonight with full containment expected tomorrow. today, residents returned to their neighborhoods in lower lake. 189 homes and 40 businesses burned down in the fire. the newborn son of a pregnant woman killed in a car crash this week in san jose is improving. the family shared this video
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with our media partners at the bay area news group. baby christopher has been upgraded from critical to serious condition. u.s. swimmer ryan lochte took full responsibility for a scandal that rocked the summer games. he admitted to exaggerating when he said he and three of his teammates were robbed in rio but stopped short of saying he lied. police say he vandalized a gas station. a man wandered for ten hours, finally onto a highway where he was hit by a car and killed. >> reporter: the lawsuit filed this week against santa clara county and the sheriff tells the story that the jail released 65-year-old vlade matisik, an
11:37 pm
alzheimer's patient on his own. he wandered for eight miles, ending up on 880. south of dixon landing road. >> there's a man on the 880 freeway. >> reporter: drivers called for help. >> he's like in between cars. >> before police could arrive, a car mowed him down. >> i was on the freeway and someone just jumped right in front of my car. >> hello? >> this would be akin to releasing a child from custody and not giving the child to a parent. >> reporter: attorney walter haynes filed the lawsuit on behalf of his daughter. i interviewed her for my first report. what do you miss about your dad? >> i'm trying not to cry. his laughter. his humor. i was definitely a daddy's girl
11:38 pm
when i was younger, and he was definitely my best friend. >> reporter: this sad chain of events started when vladamir wandering into the jewish center and they pressed a trespass charge. the judge ordered him released. >> i can swear, i was saying don't release him on his own, i'm going to pick him up. >> reporter: but he told me he waited at the jail for hours. >> an officer says, oh, he has been released. my first question is, when, and how? nobody calls me. >> reporter: he drove the neighborhood searching for vladamir but couldn't find him. the lawsuit says despite what that deputy may have said, they
11:39 pm
held vladamir overnight and released him the next morning. he was all alone. >> i just like keep thinking how my dad felt, how terrified he must have been. >> reporter: vladamir walked the opposite direction from his house and ended up on the highway. i broke the news to the driver that she is also being sued. is that the reason the driver is named in the suit? >> she fled the scene and in this instance, she killed a pedestrian. in louisiana, at least 13 people have died from last week's flooding. evacuees who are grateful to have survived are returning to their homes to find major
11:40 pm
damage. one house next to a river hasn't flooded since it was built in 1943, but that changed last weekend. the family floated on a mattress for two hours until it couldn't float anymore. >> it was coming up, then it come up higher and higher and it got up to the ceiling fans. >> the family took refuge, then breaking a window to get to a vote. at least 20 feet of water was in the house. there's an unexpected leader for a donald trump campaign office that opened today in colorado. 12-year-old weston eimer is the co-chair, overseeing the volunteers who will gather to get out the vote. on paper, his mother is the official field coordinator but is giving him all the responsibility. he hopes to inspire other kids
11:41 pm
to get involved and get informed. he dreams of running for president one day. >> 2040, watch for me. >> he says he's continue in his role until school smarts. >> justin timberlake and biehl will be holding a fund raiser for hillary clinton tuesday at his home. it should be a simple move-in for new students at san jose state this weekend, but is filled with headaches. a new dorm isn't ready to occupy, and a temporary solution is far from ideal. cornell bernard has the story tonight. >> oh, my god. i'm finally in my dorm room.
11:42 pm
>> reporter: breanna akeno took this video of the moment she saw her new room for the first time. the accommodations, not what she hoped for. >> i was so upset about it. but there's nothing i can do. >> look at the closet space. >> reporter: three students bunking together. >> i have to fit in my room with two other people and i have a lot of stuff. >> reporter: her mom is disappointed. >> it's not what i expected. >> reporter: 820 san jose state students thought they had it made, moving into this brand new spacious dorm called campus village two. but construction isn't finished due to delays. so students have been detoured into temporary housing at these 1960s era dorms, slated for demolition. >> the rooms are tiny. the bathrooms respect that good. >> reporter: some found dirt and trash inside their new digs. >> i went to school in france
11:43 pm
and the rooms were tiny, and this is worse than france. >> reporter: the university apologizes for the inconvenience, but appreciates the cooperation. >> we are saying to everyone, thank you so much for being willing to help us out. >> reporter: the university will help students move into the new tomorrow when it's complete in about thee to four weeks. in san jose, cornell bernard, "abc7 news." still to come on "abc7 news" at 11:00, run, ernie run. after nearly three years, a 93-year-old world war ii veteran completed his cross country run. and highs today. very comfortable conditions, most locations well below normal and that trend continues sunday. >> and how about a late night da
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this is "abc7 news." >> people of all ages cheered as a world war ii veteran completed a cross country odyssey. jogging the final steps of his cross country run in georgia. he began in san diego nearly three years ago. he's now the oldest person to ever run across america. >> if a 98-year-old man gets
11:47 pm
this much attention on a relay, how about a 90-year-old running coast to coast. so i decided right then, i'm going to do it. >> to see a 93-year-old man run across the country, if he can do that, you can do anything. >> he served as a medic above a landing craft, the same kind of vessel that carried american troops to beachheads around the world during the war. he's raising money to bring a similar landing craft back to the u.s. a wildlife sanctuary in new zealand posted this video of a dance party involving a kiwi. see the energetic bird dancing around one of its food stations. the video was taken about 7:00 in the morning. clearly being up all night hasn't tired this bird out. i remember being young like that once. and i remember being young like that now. >> that's how i act when i do
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the morning shift. it's incredible what lack of sleep can do. overnight tonight, pop open the windows if you can, lots of spots in the 50s. so nice start temperature wise today on sunday. look at the inland temperatures, really nice for august. 67 in san francisco. about 74 the high in santa rosa. take a look at the week ahead for san jose. the average high this time of the year, around 83 degrees. not even chose to that number. much of the week ahead, in the 70s. it's going to be really nice in the south bay. the accuweather seven-day forecast shows you it's cool for august, at least through tuesday. once again, the numbers going to drop once again for the second half of the forecast. thursday, friday, saturday, those temperatures holding in the mid 80s. the coast, nice and cool in the
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upper 50s. >> drew, thank you very much. time for sports. >> niners are looking like a football team under chip kelly, and it all starts with your defense. eric reid sets the tone with this pick six. all your details coming up.
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the niners are starting to look like an nfl team under chip kelly. they looked a lot better against the broncos. denver would score on their opening drive. c.j. bowls his way into the end zone. 7-0, denver. reid missed last game for the birth of his child. came back, picks off trevor simeon for six.
11:53 pm
third quarter, eight-yard touchdown pass to john phillips. ties the game at 17-17. the 49ers, christian ponder, just signed. later in the fourth, a play he hasn't run in practice, he throws it 30 yards. another touchdown. ponder was 7 of 8. the team the broncos beat in super bowl l. ted ginn, jr. has speed, it's a touchdown and the panthers win 26-16 that final. ravens and colt. andrew look looking good. completing all eight passes for 71 yards and ran for 12 yards. fourth quarter, indy down five.
11:54 pm
colts up 18-17. they go for two. ravens stopped him, but there was an off sides call. levine this time picks off morris and goes all the way to the end zone. the ravens win 19-18. here's luck after the game. >> i needed to get out there. it's like breathing, you just need more of it. it's like oxygen. fun. probably did some really good things, too, all groups. >> new york giants taking on the bills. tyron taylor just signed a $90 million deal and shows why. charles play is brought down at the 4 yard line. the bills win 21-0. well, despite losing, the raiders were happy about getting
11:55 pm
out of green bay healthy. they were back in almeida today. jack del rio said this week is the most important of the preseason, because it will look more like a typical regular season game as they prepare for the titans. >> typically it's the time your team plays the most. so we'll see as we get there. it should be a good opportunity for us to continue to grow a football team and continue to work on some of the things that we need to work on and so we're looking forward to it. third round of the windham championship in north carolina. the par 3, 16. he's had two aces this week, 156 yards away, nothing but net.
11:56 pm
now jim furyk, two back to start the day, shot a three under. this is on 15 from 62 feet away. he drains it for the second longest putt of his career. everyone is chasing kim. 10 under 60 yesterday. 6 under 64 today. birdie putt gives him a four-shot lead. u.s. women's basketball defeated spain 101-72. the gold medal game earning their sixth straight gold medal. team usa has won 49 straight games in the olympics. and claye thompson, durant and green go for the gold tomorrow for the men. here's the current medal standings. usa with 116 overall. china in second with 70 overall. and the story of the game has been michael phelps, usain bolt
11:57 pm
and simone biles. >> all right. are both coaches going to wear visors now? >> i don't know about that. "abc7 news" continues tomorrow morning at 5:00.
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do you teach people how to kill? is your father command?! hi... oh! (gasps) (cell phone rings) (beep) (lowered voice) i can't talk. (fitz) just a minute. i have to go. liv, we need to talk about jake and how he got there.


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