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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 21, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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about. >> good morning, earn. thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 21st. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning. we are starting out with the usual, low clouds and fog. visibility right now not an issue. we are looking at the golden gate bridge. temperatures are cool right here on this panel. 68 san francisco. 60 oakland. 62 mountain view. half moon bay 55. from the south beach camera, typically cool. all 50s here. in fact clear skies conquer and livermore but still in the upper 50s. the numbers coming down this afternoon. we are looking at a stronger on shore push. the sun comes up at 6:31. look at numbers through the
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70s by midday. we will still have some extra cloud cover and highs coming out in the mid-80s in the warmest inland valleys. carolyn. >> thank you. breaking news out of san jose. a possible stolen car with five people inside smashed into a parked bmw on mclaughlin avenue and quaumy drive. all five people in the back of believed to be juveniles. the man said he owned the car said he was trailing the car and saw the accident. he said the car was stolen in front of his house and is now totaled. at least one person has been hospitalized. no word yet on any arrests or charges. for the community of lower lake, it's an end and a beginning. it's the end of wondering what happened to their homes in the clayton fire, which is now 90% contained. and it's the beginning of starting over. abc7 news reporter leslie
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brinkley has more. >> there are ram sis, sifting through the ashes of their home looking for things like jewelry. >> we are okay. but then we look here, and we just wonder, why my house? >> then there are survivors like rhonda, who stubbornly refused to evacuate because her cat wouldn't get in a crate and escape. for four and a half agonizing days she hunkered down here with no water, no electricity and no had cell service, protecting her pets and her property. the fire, only 500 yards away. >> i was look for dark smoke and the direct of the wind. it's variable. >> and you didn't have a cell phone, you had no way of knowing except watching? >> watching and using my fingers
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for wicked direction. >> 189 homes burned down here this week, along with 40 businesses. >> this habitat for humanity office was in the process of rebuilding four homes destroyed by last year's valley fire and now their offices reduced to ashes. >> we were going to move into a new office monday. it will be easy for us to move in because all we have to do is unlock the door. >> nothing to bring with you. >> nothing to bring with us. >> there's a neighborliness evident everywhere. this man and his dog, wheeler, cruised through town, offering to help anyone who needed it. >> what are needed are walmart gift cards now. we've been giving out clothing from our church and all that. water. water has been just like gold up here. >> everyone is obsessed that an arguesnist is likely to blame for all of this destruction. now they are trying to mine the gold out of what was lost to
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rebuild new lives. in lower lake, i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news flames from the chimney fire are threatening a historic landmark. at least one strike team of firefighters has been assigned to protect hers the castle. tours were cancelled there. we have these pictures showing smoke surrounding the castle. the fire broke out a week agoing and it's 35% contained. officials issued an evacuation order for two communities near those flames. the blue cut fire in southern california is now 73% contained. the fire in san bernardino county destroyed the landmark summit inn restaurant along route 66. the owners plan to rebuild.
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some mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted. firefighters are holding the fire size at just under 60 square miles. the newborn premature son of a woman who died in a car crash is improving. the baby's family gave this video to our media partners. it shows the baby boy moving his fingers inside his incubator at valley medical center. dulce capetillo has 89 months pregnant whether she died in a car crash in san jose four days ago. her baby, named christopher, has been upgraded from critical to serious. early wednesday morning, her brother hit a parked car on the shoulder of highway 101 near tully rode. police arrested the driver of the parked car on suspicion of being drunk. a gofundme page has so far raised more than $12,000 to cover funeral expenses for dulce capetillo. surveillance video captured
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a violent collision in oakland last night. you be see a car turning just as two motorcycles approach the same intersection. bystanders rushed to help. one motorcyclist suffered very severe injuries in the crash. the other motorcyclist and the car's driver were also hurt. oakland police are now trying to figure out who was at fault. richmond police are offering a $10,000 reward to help solve the deadly shooting of a teenage girl earlier this month. police identified the victim. the shooting august 6th as 19-year-old oakley resident corey maddy. investigators say the girl was riding a bicycle to a friend's house when someone shot at her. police have not determined the motif for that shooting. abc7 news was in san francisco's richmond district when highway patrol officers arrested a man they believe drove away after hitting
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a tollbooth on the golden gate bridge. his truck lost a tire after the crash. officers believe he was drunk. the bridge officials tell us there was only minimal damage to the tollbooth. this morning we are hearing from the gold medalist at the center of an international controversy. we are talking about ryan lochte, who admits in an interview he learned his lesson and said he doesn't know why he exaggerate his account of an incident at a gas station in rio. matt gutman has the story. >> ryan lockdy for the first time told what the brazillian police said was a man indicated version of a story at this gas station. >> that's why i'm taking responsibility because i overexaggerate that story. and i had never done that, we wouldn't be in this mess. >> but stopping short of saying he lied, telling nbc news. >> whether you call it a robbery, when you call is extortion or us paying just for
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the damages, like we don't know. >> now two of the swimmers in this infamous video blaming ryan lochte for the standoff that had them held in two police station necessary rio. questions about his version of events. police accused him of lying and after a week of silent could solidarity with ryan lockky, the other two swimmers apologizing and openly cricketing parts of his story. not according to them. both saying in statements, they pulled into the gas station. bench writing we foolishly relieved ourselves on the back side behind bushes. and lockty pulled to ground a framed metal advertisement and he was unsure why. you see one of the attendants pick up the poster frame. they then hailed the security men. there was a heated exchange. here you see the swimmers sitting and ryan lochte
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standing. that's the point that lochte inflamed the situations. i can't speak to his actions but ryan stood up and began to yell at the guards, after with bench and i both tugged at him in an atent to sit back down. then one of the guards pulled a gun. bench said a customer at the station, offered to help and diffuse the standoff. ryan lock kty revealed his own apology for not being more careful and candid for how i described the events. that's an understatement you see here, said the good samaritan, trying to diffuse the event. abc news, rio. take a look at this. a police officer found a domestic violence suspect hiding in a dryer friday afternoon. the residents in the home told officers the suspect had locked himself in the laundry room. once they entered, they could not find anyone until someone
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opened that drier. the man was taken into custody without incident. this morning a statue of a naked donald trump remains in police custody in san francisco. that statue attracted crowds after it appeared at castro and market streets last thursday. city public works crews removed it early friday morning. the artist explains what he was trying to accomplish with it and other trump statues that popped up all over the country. >> the anatomy in the male region had to be extremely lacking. they wanted it to be pretty life-like with some characteristics that were, again, caricature style, almost cartoonish. >> san francisco police considered the trump statute to be evidence. city officials say it cost about $4,000 to remove the statue and repair the damage it did to the sidewalk. let's get our first check of the accuweather forecast.
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here's lisa. >> 58 degrees here in san francisco. only made it to the low 60s yesterday. and today looking a lot like that once again. in fact, we will see more cooling all around the bay. and i will have the numbers and details of a cool-looking outlook coming up. ♪ i left my heart >> love that. tony bennett a day after san francisco showed its heart to tony bennett. the legendary singer serenade the city that stole his. and -- >> i thought it was the right thing, in my opinion. >> yep. more crowds, more weighting at day two of kanye west's pop-up score in san francisco. fans waiting
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>> last night the watch and only tony bennett returned to where it all began, this hotel. that's where he first sang his famous hit "i left my heart in san francisco." abc7 news reporter sergio quintana was there, along with two women, who were also there for that very first night all those years ago. >> to help celebrate his 90s birthday, tony bennett serenaded the audience inside in fairmont room just like he did when he first debuted the song more than 50 years ago ♪ i left my heart in san francisco ♪ >> reporter: the audience was made up of the city's best known
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finance sears, artists and musicians. and two women have a special connection to the song. they watched bennett sing it here for the first time. >> my husband, who loved to dance and loved parties, said that guy is going somewhere. he did go somewhere. >> and i love him because he's a year older than i am. [laughter] >> since that night a few things have changed. "i left my heart in san francisco" has become the city's signature song. people wrote play that tune over the years just so they could on dance with their families at family parties. but last year their husband's passed away. >> as she said we are going to try not to cry. >> it's more than an owed to the city, it's a tribute to ted and con and so many others. >> your golden sun will shine for me. abc7 news.
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. >> a group of shoppers says it's been worth the wait to get their hands on kanye west's newest fashion creations. abc7 news was in san francisco's chinatown. you can see lines stretching, stretching just to get into west pop-up store. a young man and his dad spent friday night outside, just to be part of the hype. i like kanye and i like his clothes. i like how you can resell the clothes for like a lot of money. >> for me it's the only opportunity we get to do this, so i know nothing about the clothes or kanye, but i'm just here to support him. west's latest clothing line is themed after his newest album called "the life of pablo"? hundreds of students are ready to get back to work.
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hundreds of children received free backpacks filled with school supplies. police from five departments and volunteers from a number of community groups handed out all those supplies. happening today, walmart and the new haven unified school district are combining forces so students in union city will be fully prepared for school. the district is packing a bus outside walmart at union landing, and is challenging the local community to stuff the bus. that's stuff it with paper, pencils, scissors, binders, notebooks. that bus will be parked in front of walmart from 9:00 this morning to 6:00 this evening. [applause] abc7 news was there for yesterday morning's ribbon cutting at burlingame's hoover elementary school. hoover is burlingame's first new school in 50 years. it cost $17 million to buy and
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renovate the campus. >> we have 21st century technology. we have chrome books for students, we have large screen tv's, document cameras, and we have wi-fi, powerful wi-fi that will allow us to use all of those simultaneously. hoover's opening will easeover crowding at schools all over burlingame. classes begin on wednesday. and oakland's summertime tradition will continue today from noon until 6:00. ♪ lots to hear, lots to see, lots to eat at art + soul oakland. it's the annual outdoor festival. happening today, top athletes from around the world will put their endurance to the test at the san francisco triathlon at alcatraz. an estimated 900 participants will jump into san francisco's
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chilly waters at 7:00 this morning, and then after a brisk 1.2-mile swim to crissy field, swimmers get on bikes for 23 miles. then it's time to run. 6.1 miles past lake merced, will runners will then loop back to crissy field. lisa, i've never done that. i don't know about you, but the weather today, how will that be? >> no, i've never done that. the weather will cooperate. they like it cool. it will be cloudy. waiting on the sunshine in the city. but everyone cooling down todd. the marine layer up to about 1800 feet. as you look at live doppler 7 you notice fog pretty much everywhere. but looking at clear skies, concord and livermore. visibility not an issue here. golden gate bridge, temperatures have cropped off into the 50s in san francisco 55. morgan hill. 60 oakland. 62 mountain view. look at temperatures cool in our
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east bay valleys, as well, with the clear skies. numbers there upper 50s. 56 by the delta. southwest wind up to 20 miles an hour. so that will be transporting that cooler air into our east bay valleys, into the low 80s today for you. 57 in n3pa. looking at 56 santa rosa. the changes come today with the wind shift, better air quality and cooler highs. august has been particularly on the cool side. we haven't seen a lot of extreme heat at all all month long, and in fact going below average the next several days. it's overcast unless you are far inland. improving air quality today with not only better air quality, but we will see a stronger on-shore push. with that the clearing would be a little slower. we will look for cool days the next several days and here is why. you can barely see any difference. if you look at the colors here from the yellows where we have the 60s to the oranges. this is tomorrow where we are
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below average. then look what happens on tuesday. this barely moves. we get up into the lower 80s. still just 60s. san francisco and oakland, 78 in san jose. look what happens on wednesday. just a tiny bit of warming. not much. this should be one of the warmest days of the week with numbers in the upper 80s far inland. still in the 350's with clouds at the shoreline, and 60s only in san francisco. 64 in sausalito. but livermore, you heard about it, upper 80s should be your average high for this time of year. 83 today. and then dropping off into the lower 80s for monday. here's your bump-up on tuesday and wednesday. then it stays pretty comfortable throughout the next several days. here's san jose with highs basically in the low 80s. you haven't reached that in several weeks. but you have gotten close. it's been nice here. but temperatures still shy of where they should be. overall we are looking at temperatures a few degrees cooler in the south bay, a little hazy. 79 santa clara, 77 sunnyvale.
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71 san mateo. cloudy skies here, partly cloudy skies elsewhere. 62 downtown. up in the north bay notice more greens here indicating the cooler conditions. 74 santa rosa, near east bay low 70s. and newark, and 67 oakland. you head inland, lower 80s with the stronger on shore with sinned. 893 in livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast, notice the next several days, 70s and 80s around the bay should do it. that's cool for august, below average and a couple degrees warmer for the middle of the week. that's probably a good thing. most of the schools should be back by next week. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. run, ernie, run. after nearly three years a 93-year-old world war ii yvette completes his incredible cross-country run. that's up next whether the abc7
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>> well, you are watching your favorite tv show when all of a sudden the screen goes blank. a san mateo man said this became an everyday hassle, so he came to "7 on your side" michael finney for help. it just kept on happening. peter would settle in to watch television and his cable tv would suddenly shut off. >> happened regularly and on the best show you watched. even football. >> even critical moments in the golden state warriors historic
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season. >> as the score was close, the tv would go out. >> steph curry was about to break the nba record for three-pointers when the screen went blank! >> i had to wait to see what happened. >> peter said comcast sent technicians out nine times over the past 17 months. they couldn't start the outages. his comcast phone and internet also kept cutting out. >> never got fixed up to 17 months. finally he contacted "7 on your side," and we asked comcast to find the problem, and it did. >> as soon as i called "7 on your side," they came right away in a week. in a week. i couldn't believe that. >> comcast said it replaced a main cable line that had been obstructed by a doorway in peter's apartment complex, telling us multiple dwelling units present complexities that can make troubleshooting particularly challenging. in this case we started right away and worked as quickly as
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possible to resolve the issue. >> the tv is fine. my phone is fine. the internet is fine. now i know for sure they listen to "7 on your side." comcast also reimbursed peter for one month of the tv, phone and internet service to make up for the outages. if you have a problem watching tv or with anyone else, contact us at i'm michael finney, on your side people of all ages cheered as a world war is 2 veteran completed a cross-country odyssey. you are looking at navy vet ernie andrews, jogging the final steps. his cross-country run in georgia. he began his coast-to-coast trek in san diego nearly three years ago. he's now the oldest person to ever run across america. >> if an 88-year-old man gets this much attention in a relay, how about a 90-year-old run
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coast-to-coast. so i decided right then i am going to do it. >> to see a 93-year-old man run across the country, if he can do that, you can do anything. andrew served as a medic aboard a naval landing craft. it's the same kind of vessel that cared american troops to beach heads all over the world during the war. he's raising money to bring a similar landing craft back to the u.s.. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. overseas in turkey, dozens of people killed in a possible suicide bombing. who turkish officials are blaming for the attack. and the trump campaign has a new booster. meet the twelve-year-old running a campaign office for the republican
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new this is abc7 news. >> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour
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with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> carolyn, the marine layer is back. it could grow a little bit stronger, taller today. and the winds could be an issue going through the bay throughout the afternoon. we are getting set for a cool down. 56 santa rosa, 57 napa. it's clear concord and livermore. elsewhere starting out with overcast conditions. and temperatures elsewhere are ranging from the upper 50s in napa to 55 morgan hill. here's the fog footprint. it's over into the east bay. it pulls back. by 9:00 we are still pretty cloudy. it will take until noontime when we see partly cloudy conditions. in fact, temperatures with the marine layer and some breezy winds, well, they are going to be cooler today. in fact, we will see a little bit of hazy conditions in the south bay. otherwise the air quality improved to. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. breaking news out of oakland where at least one person is dead as a result of this rollover accident. it happened on international
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boulevard and 5 fourth street earlier this morning -- 5 fourth street. we are waiting for place for more details on what happened. developing news out of turkey where a possible suicide bomber has killed at least 54 people and wounded others. they are blaming the attack on isis, although no one has claimed responsibility had yet. the attack happened in a city near syria's border. turkey has been racked by attacks in recent months. in july 44 people were killed at istanbul's airport failed before a coup. 29-year-old jesus alfredo guzman was among six men kidnapped from a restaurant on monday. he is thought to be involved in
5:33 am
the drug cartel. officials will only say a criminal group was responsible for the abduction. alfredo guzman is wanted by the u.s. on a warrant issued back in 2009. in louisiana at least 13 people have died from flooding. people who are grateful to have survived are now returning to their homes to find major damage. one house sat next to a river that hasn't flooded in all the years it was built in 1943. that changed last weekend. the family who lives there was trapped because the water was two high so they floated on a mattress for two hours until it could not float anymore. >> it was coming up, but we didn't know it was coming up that bad. it was coming up a little higher, a little higher, and finally we couldn't walk around anymore. >> that family took refuge in a small cubbyhole above the water and break ago window to get to a
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boat that came to rescue them. a flood line now marks the height of the water inside that house, at least 20 feet high now to your voice, your vote. and there's an unexpected leader for a donald trump office that opened in colorado. it's twelve-year-old western imer. he's the co-chair for the campaign in one key county in denver. and on paper his mother is actually the official field coordinator, but said she's giving him all the responsibilities. he hopes to inspire other kids to get informed and get involved. and he dreams of running for president himself one day. definitely. 2060, watch for me. 2040. and i'll bay -- he said he
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continue in his role until school starts next month. donald trump's campaign had a major retooling next week. his new campaign manager, as well as republican national chair ryan priebes will appear on "this week" with george stephanopoulos. justin timberlake and jessica biel are set to host a fundraiser this week for hillary clinton this week in los angeles. according to people magazine, dicaprio had to bail because of an ongoing project. the fundraiser will take place tuesday at timberlake's home. what should be a simple move-in for new students at san jose state this weekend instead is filled with frustration and headaches. a new dorm is not ready to occupy, and a temporary solution
5:36 am
is far from ideal. abc7 newser cornell barnard has the story. >> move-in day at san jose state. a new chapter for many freshmen but more like a new headache. >> i'm not too happy about it. i was looking forward to being in the new dorms. >> oh, my god, i'm finally in my dorm room. >> this freshman took this video of the moment she saw her dorm room for the first time. the accommodations not exactly what you were hoping for. >> i was so upset about it but there's nothing i can do. >> look at the closet space. >> three students bunking together. >> i have to say my room -- i have a lot of stuff. >> her mom is disappointed. >> it's not what i expected. >> 820 san jose state students thought they had it made, moving into this brand new spacious dorm called campus village 2. but construction isn't finished yet due to last-minute delays.
5:37 am
so students have been detoured into temporary housing in these dorms nicknamed the bricks, slated for demolition. >> the rooms are tiny, the bathrooms aren't that good. >> some found dirt and trash inside their new digs. >> i went to school in france and the rooms are already tiny and this is worse than france. >> we always had a contingency plan. if it wasn't done on time we knew we had are a these structures in place that would house just about the same amount of students. >> the university apologizes but appreciates the cooperation. she's maketh the best of it for now. >> my mom said that's your first life lesson that not everything goes as planned. so i guess. >> and the university will help them move into new dorms whether it's finally complete in three to four weeks. still ahead, an effort to keep memories alive. the fight to protect these ghost bites in honor of bicycle
5:38 am
efforts who died. and here's a live look from our emeryville camera. cooler today. what about the rest of the wreck? lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few.
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some. >> happening today. it's time to pick up those paddles and head to san francisco's chinatown for the sixth annual chinatown ping-pong festival. this video is from a previous festival. mayor ed lee is known for a wicked backhand. he usually stops by for a few of the games. the festival is being held at a
5:41 am
couple venues, the grand ballroom at washington and kearny and a school on broadway. the festival runs from 8:00 until 3:00 take a look at this. a wildlife sanctuary in new zealand recently posted this video of a late night dance of a kiwi. you see it dancing around one of its food station. the video was taken about 7:00 in the morning right before he would have gone to bed for the day, but clearly being up all night did not tire him out. lisa argen is here now with a preview of the accuweather forecast. >> hey, carolyn. it's 50 degrees, cloudy skies. we take a look at the bay bridge this morning. temperatures didn't make it out of the 60s in oakland. today very similar, even breezier. we will talk about the week ahead, which includes some temperatures below average next thank you, lisa.
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also ahead, the 49ers looked like a new and improved team in their second preseason game against the defending champion broncos. they may have found a backup quarterback. mike shumann explains coming up in sports. (scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at
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the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel.
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>> in sports the 49ers played on the road against the reigning nfl champs, the denver broncos, in preseason action while both the giants and the a's had rough games. sports anchor mike shumann has all the highlights in this morning's sports. good morning. well, the 49ers started to get a feel for what chip kelly wants on both sides of the ball as they looked a lot better in their second preseason game against the world champion broncos. broncos would score on the opening drive of the game.
5:45 am
tj anderson with the 19-yard run. he bulls his way into the end zone. 7 - 0 denver. and read missed last night's game for the birth of his child. but the second quarter, simeon is picked off for 7. six sacks of the niners defense. hands off to carlos. he knocks it in front pushes four yards out. the niners up 7. and then 44 seconds left, denver at san francisco's 13. mark sanchez fumbles. mike davis will fumble on the next play. then sanchez fumbles again. and on the first drive of the second half davis would once again fumble. four fumbles in 59 seconds of action and they weren't done. for the second straight week the niners fumble on their way to the end zone. harris loses the ball and denver recovers in the end zone. broncos go the other way. the pass to philips. ties the game at 17. the niners turn to the quarterback who earlier this week was painting his house.
5:46 am
christian ponder just signed. from 22 yards out. later in the fourth he's going to throw 230 yards to get anderson, flipper, for another touchdown. 7 of 8, and the niners win. it's been painful to watch. they had their first two game win streak in august but the mets took care of that of the start being pitching in the bullpen was a no show. the third inning. he crushes it to left center. 23rd of the season. matt moore allowed three runs in five innings. mets go up 3-0. colon allowed just two runs. one in the bottom half of the third. a splash hit. 7th home run. the year. and this guy goes for a swim. jake peavy out of the bullpen in the sixth. gave up two home runs. and 8th inning, see ya. the mets take game three of the four-game set 9-5, the final.
5:47 am
a's in chicago to face the white sox. looking for two straight after a shutout last night. bottom of the first. the deep shot. watch this. hits off his glove. out for a home run, 1-0, sox. we saw cespedes rough up the giants, doing the same here. the rbi double in the third and rbi single in the fourth. four innings, allowing 6 runs and the white sox go on to win it 6-2. that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. see you again tonight at 5:00. have a great day. thanks, shu. lisa, pretty cool out there this weekend. >> i know. i've had a couple of complaints. people have wanted more summer-like weather. really, unless you are inland, it has been on the cool side the past several days, the past several weeks. and we've had the hazy conditions. but today that does change. we get better air quality. look at the cloud cover. so you know the marine layer is
5:48 am
back at about 1800 feet. it's allowing for good visibility because it is higher and, in fact, it's probably going to grow a little bit throughout the day today. that means that on shore push will strengthen, providing the cooler temperatures all around the bay. right now it's 57 in san francisco. 60 oakland, 62 mountain view and 61 san jose. 55 morgan hill. and looking at temperatures in our inland east bay, you are clear. but numbers are in the upper 50s and a southwest wind transporting the cooler air in throughout the delta today. looks like 80s will be in the forecast for many of the warmest inland valleys right on through the week ahead. 56 santa rosa, 57 napa, 55 in petaluma. so from emeryville we have the clouds and the overcast conditions. they are going to last a little while. in fact, when we do start to clear, the breeze kicks up and we aren't going to clear totally. we will have a little clearing down through santa cruz. elsewhere the clouds hanging along the coast. but the wind shift and the winds
5:49 am
out of the west allowing for cleaner air, better air quality today. but that comes with cooler temperatures right on through about tuesday. so we've had some thunderstorms in the sierra nevada that continues today. about 80 in south lake. look at sacramento. a high of 87 degrees. still hazy conditions down along the central coast and monterey. just 80 in los angeles. 77 in san diego. so the winds are going to play a factor today in the forecast. this is 11:00. as we go through the afternoon, they will continue to pick up from 10 to 15 to even 20 miles an hour. then you notice the cloud cover. it's going to stick around. we will call it partly cloudy today. getting a little breezy at times. and looking at temperatures along the coast only in the 50s. but notice it pulls back, the fog wants to around santa cruz and monterey. that's where we will see the hazy condition. temperatures continue to take a slide the next several days. today not quite the coolest day
5:50 am
of the week, but this is pretty typical what we will see throughout the first two or three days of the upcoming work week. throw 80s today should do it in concord. 70s arrive for fremont, san mateo. palo alto, 74 there today. 66 in richmond and only 74 up in santa rosa. 76 for you around napa. so if you are headed to the game this evening, 62 degrees for the giants. dropping into the upper 50s. the sun sets at 7:54. the accuweather seven-day forecast. notice the 80s in the warmest inland valleys. low 70s around the bay. upper 50s all the way through the week. and the warmest day just by a few degrees look to be in the middle of the week. that's kind of a fall-looking outlook, don't you think? >> yeah, definitely. but i like the cool weather. thank you, lisa. unique tributes to bicyclists struck and killed in san francisco are disappearing.
5:51 am
now there's a moratorium on removing so-called ghost bikes and new policy. >> if you never heard of a ghost bike, they look like this. spraypainted white and chained to a spot where a bicyclist was hit and killed. julie mitchell and her family made one for her 21-year-old son dylan, who died three years ago on the streets of san francisco after colliding with a garbage truck. >> people would stop and pay their respects, they would read it. people would slow down to read it. >> then one day it was gone. >> very disrespectful. like throwing my son in the garbage. >> she argues a ride of silence each year, making stops where bicyclists have died. all over san francisco she's noticed ghost bike tributes are disappearing and as a member of the city's bicycle advicery committee, she's introducing a resolution on monday calling on the public works department to hold up for a year on
5:52 am
dismantling the memorials. >> i would like to work something out with the city that they would permit the putting up of the ghost bikes. of course, provided that no ghost bike is imposing on the public safety. >> the current pals policy is a two-week stay for all makeshift memorials. but he's open to change. >> if it's a piece of art or if it's something that doesn't involve a lot of maintenance, then maybe there is something we can look at and see what is reasonable. >> julie mitchell said the city should stop removing the ghost bikes or erect a permanent memorial to fallen cyclists like her son. >> the bicycle advisory committee meets tomorrow night at 6:30 at san francisco's city hall. coming up next, another fun-filled day in san francisco for sunday streets. we will tell you where you can enjoy one of the
5:53 am
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
5:55 am
>> here are the numbers from the powerball draw. wednesday night's jackpot goes up. and the super lotto plus. no one picked all six in that drawing either. wednesday night's prize grows to $28 million. happening today, san francisco's sunday streets spot lights the mission district. sun streets is a day of free, healthy activities that promote community in public streets. this is video from a previous event, valencia street from the plaza. 26th street is where all the fun is. there will be arts and craft,
5:56 am
street art, live musical and dance performances and many more activities. no cars on the streets. sunday streets runs from 11:00 this morning to 4:00 p.m. >> coming up next on the abc7 sunday morning news at 6:00. developing news in the south bay. a possible stolen car crashed. who was behind the wheel? how the car owner saw the entire incident. plus, starting over from nothing after the clayton fire. residents in lower lake begin the long process of cleaning up.
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>> good morning, earn. thanks for joining us on this sunday, august 21st. i'm carolyn tyler. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, carolyn. marine layer just below 2,000 feet. >> you see it pretty much covering the bay, except in the inland valleys. this is sfo. temperatures in the upper 50s from san francisco to san jose. oakland checking in at 60. and from emeryville, the sun not coming up for in the after half-hour. mid-50s in petaluma and santa rosa. clear concord and livermore. today the low clouds and fog taking their time as they retreat to the shoreline. sea breeze kicks up. the air quality improves and we will be in the 60s and 70s throughout most of the early afternoon. it will take all day to reach the mid-80s inland. we will see the clouds cling to the coast. temperatures will be cool


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