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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  August 21, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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a religious who done it has police and the chaffing chuck searching for a stolen relic. the missing item as piece said to be from the cross on which jesus christ was crucified. we begin with the story you will only see on chance chan. cornell bernard is live. what are church leaders saying? >> reporter: church leaders are heartbroken today and
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parishioners are playing for the safe return of the relic, a prized and sacred possession. the church discovered that it was gone. sunday mass at st. dominic's catholic church, time for prayer and reflection, but today sad news. >> the church's most treasured relic, stolen from this display case, believed to contain a fragment of the true cross. >> the true cross goes back 2,000 year to the very cross of christ himself. for it to be stolen in this way, certainly both upsetting and very a sad 'king. >> here's a picture before the theft. a teeny crucifix containing a sliver of wood. >> you don't do this accidently. >> a thief or thieves pop out a lock in the case and made off with the relic, leaving behind the red wax seal from the 1700s.
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>> it's just devastating. >> devote parishioners prayed terelic most every day. >> it's like a piece of our heart has been just pulled out, and that little heartbeat is gone. and we need to get it bask, for somebody to do it, it's like really must be out of their mind and i'm really sorry for them. i practitioner for them. >> were there no witnesses to the crime and some security cameras. police say there's little they can do. >> we're hoping that people have a change of heart and perhaps we can discover it again restore this important relic to our church. >> a sign on the display case now asks for the relic's return no, questions asked. despite the that, st. dominic's say they will not change anything. it will continue to keep their doors open all day long as they have been, and they hope the
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relic will be return very soon. >> thank you. >> destruct stiff wildfire from reaching historic hearst castle near san simeon on the central coast, the chimney fired has scorched more than 37 square miles and hat's burning for more than a week and destroyed 48 structures. residents forced to evacuate say they had little warning. >> able to get back to the home, grab our keys, grab everything and then we had to get out. very quickly. >> the state passion department closed hearst cast toll tours. the visitor center is open. the fires two miles from the castle and they expect the landmark to be spared. >> a small but significant -- a
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fire line they constructed yesterday worked to keep a portion of the fire from spreading. it's now at nearly 19,000 acres, almost 30 square miles and is 10% contained. that fire started three days nothing loss los padres national forest. >> five teenagers suffered jerries when a cor believed to be stolen crashed in san jose, the car's owner saw it being stolen and he ban trailing the car which smoosh bead a vehicle at 1:30. >> all i knows my car got stolen. that's all i know. we started following the guy, and opposite we notice we were following him, he lost control, driving like a main yack. >> a man in bmw that was hit was not seriously hurt. all five people were taken to the hospital. a man was killed in a rollover crash in east oakland that happened just before 4:00 this morning. you see the black car there on its roof.
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at this point police are releasing few details. also in oakland, map involved in a violent collision is now in critical condition. you can see a car turning just as two dirt bikes approached the same intersection in west oakland yesterday afternoon. people nearby rushed to help. the other dirt bike rider and the car's driver were hurt. they're expected to be okay. police are still drying to term who was at fault. a child suicide bomber that killed at least 51 people at kurdish wedding party near turkey's border with syria. official says the bomber was between 12 and 14 year old olds old -- 12 years old. the turkier president says it is done by -- the deadliest attack in turkey this year comes as the country is dealing with instability following the failed
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coup attempt. >> the son of guzman was kidnapped. officials will only say acronal group was responsible for the abduction, al afraid go duesman is want by the u.s. olympic gold medal swim we are ryan lochte says he is taking responsibility for embellishing an incident in rio that brought international outrage after he claimed that he and his three teammates were victims of armed robbery. >> i overexaggerated the story of the. >> reporter: in an interview, ryan lochte took, quote, full responsibility for embellishing the incident rio that brought interjanuary outrage. >> if i had done that number of this would have happened and it
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mass by may have. >> video showed lochte and three teammates at a gas station after a party. lochte told bras salin authorities, as they attempted to leave the gas station in a cab, a security guard forced them out of the taxi at gunpoint and on the ground. rio officials later questioned the swimmers and refuted lochte's account of the night and said they were confronted by the security guard only after they vandal criesed the gas station bathroom and were asked to pay for the damages. >> you said at some point after you refused to sit down, the security guard put the gun to your forhead and cocked it. that didn't happen? >> that didn't happen. >> why did you do that? >> i adopt know why. was still intoxicated and under the influence. >> the international olympic committee and u.s.a. swimming will determine whether the swimmers will face fines or suspension. >> a group of veterans held a walk on the peninsula to remember law enforcement officers who made the ultimate sacrifice.
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we were in palo alto as the group, vets for caps, gathered for a peaceful one mile walk. the group is comprised of military veterans, the idea to form the organization came after the deadly attacks on police officers in dallas. >> the same thin line. theirs was blue, ours is green. that took care of our families when we were deployed and it's time for us to stand for them. >> the crosswalk from the va medical center to a grave of fallen police officer joel davis. the office what shot and killed during a foot chase in 1988. ahead, an event to keep kids smiling and the den dentistway. hundreds came together to provide children with items man of us take for granted. >> he'll take you to a local tournament featuring china's national pastime. >> i'm drew tuma. the calendar may say august but it is feeling like october this afternoon. we'll take a look at how long the cool temperatures l
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today the last day of summer break for students at oakland unified schools. the school area starts tomorrow. the district superintendent will visit six schools as children return to class. under a new state law student width incomplete or missing immunization records cannot register or attend encloseses. volunteers spent sunday make sure deserving students are prepared for the start of the school year. we were at the international house in berkeley where 250 people assembled thousands of school supply and dental kits worth a quarter million dollars.
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corporate sponsors donated everything. local nonprofit, packages the kids kids kids and will them to local school districts. >> everything from the essentials to white boards and art supplies and construction paper, everything that third kids need. >> the sixth consecutive year k to college has been assembling the kits tsunami. artists got their hands dirty in east bay as part of a community art project. we were at the walnut creek civic park studio for the neighborhood build event. people were invited to help create ceramic tiles at that time will become part of two murals. >> the leading artists make the template in the sketch, it's all laid out for them. the community comes in and finds a design they want and then make it out of clay. from beginning to end. >> the mural is expected to be completed next summer. if you have a pet you can
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imagine just how difficult it would be if the pet was missing. now imagine having the pet for 55 years. well, it's not a dog but a pet reunion brought joy to this woman. >> taking a live look outside at sfo, you can see cloudy skies there. some patches of blue. feels almost like fall. drew well
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nice! >> we were in san francisco's chinatown for the ping-pong
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tournament. players from beginners to pros took part in the event. the sport has green in popularity and so has this tournament. the even was held at four locations around chinatown to accommodate all the players. a woman in fresno is beyond relieved to be reunited with her pet of almost 55 years. nancy said her tortoise, touché, she has had since she was five years old, but touché snuck out of her yard and covered the cities stance of 11 financial fields a day, traveling six and a half miles from her home in ten days. she covered her neighborhood and postes pictures. when a man saw the tortoise in me neighborhood he knew it didn't belong there and went juvenile find the owner help did morning reuniting them. >> there is a lot of bad in our world right now. but there are a lot of very good people that care, too.
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>> seems that touché, who is 100 years old and a bit nearsighted, located a friend and was found while she was getting corsesy with this domed mount over a water pipe. she is near-sighted. here's a look at the accuweather forecast. >> ending the week on a cooler note. temperatures running five or ten degrees below normal and those numbers continue to fall as we head into monday as well. if you like the cool temperatures you're going to like the accuweather forecast. live doppler 7, we are tracking just off the coast a couple of showers right now. we'll press in closer and see showers developing off the coast at force rosser and have a rip of energy and it's bringing a little shower activity. we'll look even tighter. a couple returned look the coast in the north bay and having a hard time getting into populated areas but i think we have to alie for at least a -- a slight
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chance of an isolated sprinkle. live doppler 7 tracking stronger storms around lake tahoe, about ten to 15 lightning strikes over the past 15 minutes and the showers will continue for at least the next two hours as the sun is up, giving the atmosphere energy but will diminish as the sun sets. air quality now is on the good side and will continue through the next couple of days. golden gate bridge, overcast skies and a light breeze. 60 san francisco. 74 san jose. half bob may -- half moon bay, 50s. and we're santa cruz, the folks enjoying a sunny day on the coast but certainly is chilly. the forecast is going to call for the morning overcast along
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the coast, a little mist and drizzle. the great news is smoke will stay away but the breeze that keeps the smoke away also keeps us on the cooler side for much of this upcoming week. tonight, the lows in the 50s in and a chance of coastal drizzle. the future weather hour-by-hour, showing you we have those clouds first thing on monday morning from san jose, fremont, oakland, san francisco, vallejo, pulling back to the coast by mid-morning. and the. >> sunshine. the forecast calls for highs in the south bay in the 70s. 78 san jose. 73 mountain view. 58 pacifica. san francisco, 52. north bay, 73 santa rosa, 68 vallejo. 76 novato. oakland,ful. 73 fremont. and then look at these numbers. upper 70s and mid-80s.
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so your accuweather seven-day forecast, shows you below average tomorrow, partly cloudy on tuesday. a slight uptick in temperatures wednesday but any warm weather is short lived by this and friday, cooler days and next weekend will feel like october opposite again with the temperatures still well below normal for this time of the year. so a cooler pat -- pattern is prevailing. >> summer games starting to wrap up. the u.s. men play for the gold medal in basketball, and chris davis continues to crush the baseball. he hit number 32 but would it
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after splitting the first two games with chicago the a's were trying to take the rubber match with the series against the white sox. let's go tout just cellular field. abreu grounds a short for what should be a double play but alonso can't hang on. then this pitch goes all the wall for a double. anderson will score, 1, 0. the next batter was todd frazer and he raps a single past simeon, so it was 3-0 white sox, oakland got on the board in the fourth as khris davis goes deep. what a year he is happening. cut the lead to one. the white sox center fielder made a couple of great cashes.
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in the fourth he robs eigner. the a's hat ten hits but could only score two. chicago got insure yaps, abreu with his 16th homer of the season. the white sox win 4-2. the a's end the road trip 1-5. >> cleveland comes to oakland tomorrow. ed to the indians beat toronto in a battle among division leaders. ramirez put cleveland on top with this two-run shot. 3-2 was the final as the indians take two out of three from the blue jays. >> the giants and mets just underway. san francisco began with a half game lead in the west. the dodgers are at cincinnati. chase utley with the home run to right field. went 2-5 with two rbis. chest out this by justin turner. knocks this into the air and still throws out tucker
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barnhart. the dodgers are tied with the grind first place. >> at the summer games u.s. men's basketball team won it third straight gold medal. the cop test was over by the half as the americans easily beat serbia, 96-66. kevin durant scored 30 and klay tomson add ed three. >> with the games ending here's a log final medal count. u.s. had the most gold and overall medals with 121. china, 70 overall. great britain was third with 6 medals but second in gold with 27. at the pga wind ham championship in cleveland, kim gang with a four shot lead and then birdie is his first. the wet stuff came down do and he milled a short par putt.
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he was on he 17th when play was suspended but after 80 minutes he wrapped up his fir tour win with this bird on 18. he shot a 6 to fun -- 67 to finish 21 under. his proud dad celebrates by give can him and his caddie a champagne shower. next up the winter games in core use and then the 2020 games in tokyo. kristi yamaguchi and her family will be on celebrity match game tonight. see why this orca is a real showoff when abc7 news at 5
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coming up at 6:00. a man is in custody after a california police officer was killed in line of duty. firefighters and farmworkers pushing for greater pay. the battle is being waged inside and outside the capitol this week. join us for abc7 news at 6:00. tourists off the galapagos islands got a huge surprise. a giant killer whale tossed a tiny sea turtle. the tour operators posted the video and they believe in the orca knew it was being watched and wanted to show off. the turtle swam away. hopefully he was paid for hit endeavors. that does it for us at 5:00. thank you for your time.
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we'll see you a 6:00. welcome to "world news tonight." olympic swimmer ryan lochte changing his story. admitting he was drunk when he said he was robbed at gunpoint in rio. >> i was still intoxicated. >> tonight, lochte's public apology. admitting he overexaggerated his story. but says he still wasn't lying. politics of race. donald trump's new mission -- reaching out to minority voters. so why are some african-americans calling his outreach offensive? path of destruction. >> tornado on the ground! >> tornadoes tearing across parts of the midwest. damaging homes, flipping cars. new flash floods leaving neighborhoods under water. wedding massacre. new developments in that deadly terror attack overseas. the suicide bomber, as young as 12 years old. and, race against time. the franti


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