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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  August 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: this summer governor jerry brown psyched sb277 into law. that gets rid of california's personality belief exemption that some parents had been exercising in order to allow their children to get into school without having vaccinations, but with the start of the new school year that law means that students are going to be required to collect all vaccination records or children will be sent home. they have been rolling out information for students and parents to make sure shotters are up to date in order to guarantee an orderly start of the school year, but it was estimated 4,100 stunts stunneds in at the system was not current on vacations. now -- on vaccinations. more than a thousand student have now updated their records. students with appointments in the next few days will be
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allowed to tend the first day of stool. there will be a thousand students or so who may be turn away tomorrow. >> unfortunately if you walk in tomorrow and haven't presented immunizations prior or don't of. the tomorrow, we went let you get in class. we want our kids in school. >> reporter: there are about 400 students within oakland unified whose parents exercised a personal belief exemption before this law was passed. those students will be grandfathered in and will be allowed in to class but there is an exception to that rule. it if a student is entering the seventh grade that personal belief exemption no longer holds. so students who are entering the seventh grade need to have vaccinations and records to prove it or they'll we not bev allowed into class. recording live in oakland, abc7 news. >> thank you. right now, story road is closed in san jose as crews work to
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repair a gasline break, crash broke the line early this afternoon. homes and businesses in the area were evacuated until pg&e could cap the leak. no estimate on when the work will be finished and when at the road will re-open. happening now. a lake tahoe, people are keeping their eyes on the sky. a storm popped up a causing lightning distributions. true drew tuma has more on this. >> doppler d. tracking activity. right around -- do notice we're tracking a coup of pop-up thunderstorms with lightning but the past 20 minutes the storms happen weakened thanks to the sun setting, losing also energy. the reason we're saying that's, live doppler 7, there's a week ripple of energy to the north providing instability to bring in the popup shower. going a little tighter, you see there's one lone shower trying to make its presence know.
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that to the west of hoffman, ukiah and falling apart. the same system in tahoe will supply the cooler temperatures in the week ahead. >> police in stockton have arrested a man accused in a hit-and-run crash that killed a police officer. officer justin kepler died last night when a car pulled in front of his personal motorcycle while he was offduty. the suspect learn brut the chp found him. officer kepler came from a family of law enforcement officers and he was described as a cop's cop. the joined the force in 2012 and was a field training officer. >> that's a pretty good accomplishment to get into by that time in his career and that i just think points to the impressive nature of officer kepler and what an outstanding officer he was. >> police say the outpouring of support from the community for kepler's fellow officers and family has been incredible.
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a 2,000-year-old relic believed to be part of the cross that christ was crucified on was taken from the st. dominic church on thursday. cornell bernard is there-live with the story you'll only see on abc7 news. >> reporter: this ripoff is unbelievable and heartbreaking for church leaders and parishioners. police are investigating but the church is praying that over stole the relic will simply bring it back. >> unfortunate news. >> it's not the way the father wanted to start sunday mass at st. dominic's catholic church. >> on thursday, the church was robbed of a very sacred item. >> the church's most treasured relic stolen from this display case, believed to contain a fragment of the true cross. >> the true cross goes back 2,000 year to the cross of
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christ himself. for it to be stolen in this very deliberate way is certainly both upsetting and very, very saddenle. >> here's a picture of the relic before the theft. a tiny crucifix containing a sliver of wood. >> the father shows us how a thief or thieves popped out a lock in the case and made off with the relic. leaving behind the red wax papal seal from the 1700s. >> every debt staves. >> parishioners played at the relic mose e most eave day. >> it's like a piece of our heart has been pulled out. and that little heart beat is gone and we need to get it back. >> for somebody to do it, it's like really -- must be out of their mind and i'm really sorry for them. pray for them. >> it's really sad something would happen to such a church that does so much good. >> there were no witnesses to the crime and no security cameras inside the church. police say with few clues
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there's little they can do. >> we hope the people have a change of heart and perhaps we can discover it again and restore this important relic. >> a sign on the case asks for the relic's concern. despite the theft the church will keep its doors open to the public automatic day along. >> san francisco's lgbt community is standing strong against violence. we were in the castro this afternoon for a peace rally. activists gathered to raise awareness after an attack against a gay man two weeks ago in the neighborhood. they want police continue crease patrols and the city to improve lighting in the area. the goal, stop the violence and stop hate. >> we want people to feel safe. san francisco has always been a place of peace and love, and we need to get back to that and welcome people with open arms and make sure everybody feels safe to come here and be themselves. got to let our freak flag fly. this is san francisco, our home. >> the activists handed out
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safety whistles and cards with common sense rules to keep people safe. the bay area's helping starving children in one of the world's poorest countries. project feed yemen filled up a container with foot. oakland international high school started the food drive. $18,000worth of food has been donated. these nutritional pacts can bring a starving child back to health in two weeks. >> each pact has $500, for children severely mall underrished. >> the food is now traveling 8600-miles to hospitals and orphanages in yemen. organizers hope to make this yearly donation drive permanent. still ahead at 6:00, fire closes in on a california landmark that is home to thousands of price log works --
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priceless works of arts. firefighters and farmworkers burning for greater pay. battles being waged inside and outside the capitol this week.
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today firefighters working to stop a wildfire from reaching the hearst castle. the chimney fired burned 24,000-acres and destroyed 48 structures and has pushed 8,000 acres of the hearst ranch and is closing in on the castles. none of the artifacts have been removed yet. to help stop the flames crews set backfires in the brush around the castle to help stop the spread of flames. however cal fire say winds are making it difficult to control. calfire firefighters will rally at the capitol tomorrow to protest pay disparity issue. the union says state firefighters work 72 hours a week versus 56 hours for locals. the state firefighters also earn
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just minimum wage. also at the state capitol, there's new showdown over pay for california farmworkers. lawmakers could consider new rules for overtime as soon as tomorrow. right now, farmworkers have to work at least ten hours a day before receiving time and a half. the proposal now moving through the senate would lower that requirement to the standard of ought -- eight hours by 2022. there's growing recognition farmworkers need higher pay. and some say it could lead to higher food praises and could cause some growers to leave california. >> power over community in the east bay. and find out if the cooling trend will continue. meteorologist drew tuma up next with the monday morning forecast. >> coming up in sports, you'll hear from the warriors kevin durant on the u.s. winning the gold medal in basketball, and the a's khris david drilled
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>> a community art project in the east bay drew artists of all ages. in walnut creek a neighborhood build event was held to create pieces pieces of ceramic tile that will adorn two murals. the project is a big undertake so needed help from volunteers to create the tiles. the murals will debut in summer of 2017. meteorologist drew tuma has a look at the cack accuweather. >> feels like a fall evening out here. overcast skies and temperatures well below normal for this time of the year. live doppler 7, as it comes autumn, tracking a couple showers off the coast. showing you also instability off the coast and trying to pop up a shower in the north bay. we'll go to street level. when you get just a little piece of energy and you force it over the higher terrain of the north bay hills it creates a shower. we'll go in even tighter and as it tries to make its presence
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known across 101 it falls apart. too much dry air at the surface so nice to see showers. they're just not hitting the ground, the same system instigating wet weather is bringing us a refreshing breeze. 18 miles-per-hour at novato. 20 in san carlos, 33 in fairfield and that's helping to keep temperatures on the cool side. we're 60 in san francisco, 73 concord. 70, san san jose, oakland, 64. a little fog pushing through and notice a bit of haze but the air quality is doing signature -- significantly better and smoke from the fires is being blown away thanks to the sea breeze. a look at mt. tam showing you the fog making the journey inland and the forecast calls for morning overcast skies.
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coastal mist and drizzle. cooler temp is will rule the upcoming week. overnight tonight, 50s on the board. that fog may get inland and chance of coastal drizzle. the future weather, show you where the clouds are from san jose to fremont, sunnyvale, livermore, a little fog. oakland, san francisco, santa rosa first thing. mid-morning, pulls back from the coast and we'll see plentyiful sunshine. highs on monday, 76 the high in kuper ten know. 71 mountain view. 58 pacifica. downtown san francisco, a call 58. 58 daly city. north bay, 73 santa rosa. 73 san rafael. calistoga, 75. oakland tomorrow, as the kids head back to school, 68 in the afternoon, 73 fremont. 66ry.
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-- 66. >> the accuweather forecast shows we're below average tomorrow, partly cloudy tomorrow and a bump on wednesday and that will be noticeable inland. otherwise temperatures are back done friday, cooler day saturday and sunday. yes, we'll good from fog to sunshine, what is not typical is the temperature, well below farmol, so enjoy the cool weather for the next seven days. >> , and they sigh of relief is from moms and dads all over the area. school starts tomorrow. >> i think i can hear them. >> thank you. mike shumann is off and rick quan is here with sports. >> leading off with baseball. the a's were trying to take the rubber match of their series against the white sox. let's good to u.s. cellular
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field. that left the door open. with two men on, justin morneau sends the punch off the wall for a double. the next batter was todd frazier. he rips a two-one single past simeon. so instead of get out of the inning scorelet is 3-0 white sox. owning -- oakland gets on the board in the fourth as khris david fits a homer, and in the a's had ten hits but could only score two runs. chicago got some insurance in its half april. buie with his 16th homer of the season etch white sox win 4-2. the a's end their road trip 1-5. >> the giants are playing the mets at at&t park.
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san francisco began with half fame lead of the west. call it the dog days of summer. it was doing day at the park. brandon crawford robbed reyes of a hit. guns him done at first. this has been a pitchers dual. smardzija strikes out cespedes. the mets have yet to get a hit. the donors at cincinnati. chase utley led off the contest with a home run to right. he went 2-5 with two rbis. now check out this gem by justin turner. he throws this into he air and then to thes out the ripper. the dodgers are now tied with the giants for first place. >> at the summer game, u.s. men's basketball team won its third straight gold medal. the contest was over by halftime as the americans easily beat serbarch 96-66. kevin durant has 30 and klay
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thompson added 12. the war outside tweeted this photo showing them wearing their gold medals. kd saying it what a great experience. >> when we getter not together in july, we wanted to do what we did tonight and to do if with a group of guys i'll call brothers for the rest of my life, it was even better. >> relax and get ready for the show. >> with the games ending here's other a three-quarter final medal count. nuss first with the most gold and overall medals with 121. china was a distant second with 70 overall. great britain was third with 67 total medals and second in gold with 27. at the pga winham championship in cleveland, kim began with a four-shot lead and then birdieed his first holele the only thing that could rain on his parade was the weather. he was on the 17th tee when
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play was spined but after 80 minutes he wrapped up his first tour win with this birdie on 18. shot a 67 to finish 21 under golf for a five, stroke victory. his proud dad celebrate biz giving him and his caddie a champagne shower. >> mother nature suspended the case at bristol. rain continued to interrupt this race but they did get it done. kevin harvick pulled away and takes the checkered flag. his first win since march. this sports report has been brought by orchard supply hardware, kristi yamaguchi and her family on celebrity family feud. >> next on abc7 news at 6:00. the summer blockbuster season is over but can any of the new
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>> join us tonight on kofy tv
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20. an event could keep kids smiling and then at 11:00 on channel 7, bay area veterans group comes together to honor fallen law enforcement officers. tonight at 11:00. >> the summer blockbuster season is over and the new movies out this week were not big enough to take over the box office. sausage party was second with 15 million. war dogs debuted in third. animation fantasy kub expo the two string was fourth and the religious remake of ben-hur was in five with $11 million, awaying back just one tenth of the production cost. and that it for abc7 news at 6:00. we'll see you once again at 9:00 and 11:00. thank you for being here. see you in a bit.
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