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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 21, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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jose. witnesses say two brothers were shot and killed in front of their home near south 8th and market streets and tonight police are looking for the shooter. lilian kim is live at the scene. lilian? >> it appears to have been a drive by. san jose police are here trying to piece together the sequence of events. the two brothers believed to be in their 20s and 30s were in their home when two separate vehicles pulled up. the people inside the vehicles opened fire. each brother was shot at least once. one was pronounced dead at the scene and the vekd -- the
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second victim was pronounced dead a short time later. police are trying to determine a motive. we spoke to one neighbor who heard six gunshots before looking out his window. that's when he saw the two vehicles pull up followed by more gunshots. >> and i saw a white truck coming toward my house followed by a black suv. they made a u it up on martha and went back the other way. it looks like they meant business. i looked out the window and i saw flashes from an automatic -- it was an automatic weapon. it was rapid then i came out and i heard a bunch of screaming and i heard a man growning and saying please help me, please help me. >> san jose police say the gunmen are still at large. at this point police have not released suspect or vehicle description.
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lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you. a dead body was found near downtown los gatos. it was made before 6:00 near the los gatos trail. police are investigating if there was foul play involved. a new state law is causing a scramble for some parents to get their children vaccinated before classes begin. sergio is live at a clinic at berkeley. srnlg crow? -- sergio? >> reporter: eric, this is one of the clinics at the ymca in berkeley. they offer free orie deuced os os -- are on reduced costs. there are quite a few students who may not be allowed to start classes tomorrow because they don't have their shots. august 22nd, the first day of school for oakland unified. students will need to provide a new piece of paperwork to be allowed in class. >> the schools themselves is
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where the kid walks in and say they have them checked in with their immunizations. if they have their i'm mu nations they will go to class like everybody else. >> they removed the personal belief exemption that allowed some is parties not to get their children vaccinated for school. over the last few years controversy has grown because some parents believe vaccines can cause uh testimony. one -- autism. one person who is autistic takes issue with that controversy. >> it is something that puts a lot of people at risk and it is irresponsible. autism is something not caused by a vaccine and it is something that is genetic. >> oakland unified schools reported about 4100 students didn't have their vaccination records on file or incomplete records. by morning that number will have shrinking by a thousand. there are also a lot of those students who can show proof that they have appointments to be vaccinated in the next few days and they will also be
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allowed to start school on time. some students will be turned away. >> unfortunately if you walk in tomorrow and you have presented immunizations. we want you to get them as soon as possible. we want our kids in school. >> students whose airports presented a personal belief exemption will be grandfathered in unless they are entering the seventh grade. abc7 news. firefighters in san luis obispo county are working into the night trying to prevent a ferocious fire from hitting the hertz castle. it scorched 42 square miles and it has been burning for more than a week. it destroyed 48 structures. those forced to evacuate are trying to remain optimistic. >> we can hopefully find a place to stay and we are concerned about the many people whose homes are in danger. we are lucky we are renters.
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>> the castle is closed to the public, but the visitor center remonies open. remains open. the fire is two miles from the historic landmark. firefighters say it is 35% contained night. all evacuation orders were lifted for residents forced out of their homes by the blue cut fire. crews are working around the clock to restyer electric -- to restore electricity. the 37,000 acre wildfire broke out in the cajon pass in san bernadino county on tuesday morning. it is about 85% con intad. 85% contained. 82,000 people were under an evacuation order last week. in the bay area, a 2,000 year old relic that is believed to be part of the cross that christ was crucified on was taken from a san francisco church. it was in a case at saint dominic's catholic church and it was stolen sometime on thursday. cornell bernard has the story. >> we have unfortunate news. >> reporter: it is not the way
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father michael hurley wanted to start sunday mass at saint dominic's catholic church. jay this past thursday the church was robbed of a sacred item. >> reporter: the church's most treasured relic stolen from this display case and believed to contain a fragment of the true cross. >> it goes back 2,000 years to christ himself. for it to be stolen in this kind of very deliberate way is certainly both upsetting and very saddening. >> here is a picture of the relic. a tiny crusifix. they showed how they popped open the case and taking the relic leaving the seal from the 1700's. >> it is devastating. >> devout parishioners prayed there every day. >> it is like a piece of our heart has been just pulled out and that heartbeat is gone and we need to get it back.
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>> for somebody to do it, they must be out of their mind and i am sorry for them. i pray for them. >> it is sad that something would happen to such a church that does so much good for everyone. >> there were no witnesses to the crime and no security cameras in the church. police say with few clues there is little they can do. >> we are hoping that people have a change of heart and perhaps we can recover it and restore the important relic to our church. >> despite the theft saint dominic says they will continue to keep their doors open to the public all day long. in san franciscoing cornell bernard, abc7 news. san francisco's lgbt community is taking a stand against violence. abc7 news was in the castro this afternoon as organizers of a peace rally handed out safety whistles and cards with common sense rules to keep people safe. their messageing stop the violence and stop hate.
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organizers wanted to do something after an attack against a gay man. >> my friend was beat up and severely injured and had to have surgery to reconstruct his beautiful face. >> he was beaten so badly his fractured jaw needed to be reattached to his skull. the attack happened at a bar on market street called the cafe. police are still looking for the attacker. abc7 news was in palo alto as they held a walk in honor of fallen law enforcement officers. the group vets for cops is comprised mostly for military veterans. it was formed after the deadly attacks on the dallas police officers as a way for the former members of the armed services to support local police. the sister of the fallen police officer attended the event. >> it means so much to my family and it means so much to me. you never want to be forgotten for what they have done. >> today's walk started at the v.a.'s medical center. joel davis was shot and killed
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in 1988 by a man he was chasing. the officer was only 26 years old at the time. now to the race for the white house. democratic vice presidential nominee tim kaine made a stop in the bay area. hillary clinton's running mate held fund race -- fundraisers this afternoon. republican nominee donald trump may be considering a major flip-flop. appearing on cnn trump's campaign advisor suggested the businessman may no longer want to deport 11 million illegal immigrants living in the u.s. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00 -- >> and as it is unraveling he is still lying. >> new fallout for ryan lochte. next, the action the u.s. olympic committee is considering taking. >> well, it felt more like autumn out there this afternoon than it did summer. the temperatures are 5 to 10 degrees below normal and more of this on the horizon.
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i'll explain in the accu-weather forecast. >> and the hunt for a massive reptile. people are error weed after mull -- are worried after a multiple citing of a 10-foot snake. and a new glass bridge 1,000 feet in the sky and developers are actually letting people smash it. stay with us. abc7 news
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next to the frenzy surrounding ryan lochte and his teammates. the u.s. olympic committee is weighing the punishment after lochte's fabricated robbery story. matt gutman has the story from rio. ryan lochte is telling a
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brazilian tv station -- >> why did you change the version of the story so many times? >> i over exaggerated. the very first part i was intoxicated. i was a little frightened. i mean, having a gunpointed to you -- -- >> reporter: his story from this fanciful account. >> we got pulled over in our taxi. these guys came out with a badge, a police badge. the guy pulled out his gun. he cocked it and put it to my forehead. >> reporter: to a statement saying he should be more candid and careful describing the boozing night he vandalized this sign and then confronting security guards when they said they would call police, but he still doesn't admit to lying. >> i overexaggerated the story. i overexaggerated parts. my mistake was overexaggerating what happened. >> why did you lie?
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>> i didn't lie to a certain extent. i overexaggerated to a certain extent. i can't say if it was a robbery or anything like that. >> reporter: his explanation? >> i was intoxicated. >> reporter: and for a swimmer with a million dollars in endorsement deals with speedo and ralph lauren, there could be more fallout. lochte admits he could lose endorsements. >> how bad could it be? >> would you endorse somebody who lied to his mother? lesson number one, never lie to mom and then lie to the u.s. olympic committee and then goes on national television and makes up a lie about what happened that night, and then as it is unraveling he keeps lying. when you take the narcissism of what he did coupled with the stupidity of what he did, why? why would somebody endorse that? it is dumb founding. >> reporter: while it is doubtful lochte will face charges in brazil, a furious ceo of the u.s. olympic committee furious saying he
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will face disciplinary action in the u.s. meaning a lengthy suspension. abc news, rio. >> eric: right now thousands of pounds of food from the bay area are headed to feed starving children in one of the poorest countries. abc7 news was in oakland as they filled up a 20-foot container. they started it in april. 18,000 worth of food has been donated. more people die from starvation than bullets and bombs in yemen. >> they are dying every day. if this little one project we can do to help one or two children, it is enough for us. >> the food is traveling 8600 miles to hospitals and orphanages. they hope to continue this drive every year. >> eric: a team volunteered making sure students in the east bay are well prepared for the in you school year. abc7 news was at the international house at uc berkeley as hundred of people
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helped assemble thousands of school supplies and dental its k. dental kits. a local nonprofit packages the gifts. they were hosting this event for the last six years. >> eric: high anxiety in china tonight. don't look down, but you can't avoid it. the newest glass bridge spanning a thousand feet in the air between two mountain peaks opened to visitors. the developers allowed them to smash it with a sledge hammer and it was still able to holdup an suv filled with people. it is time for a look at our forecast. let's not smash that. >> if you do not like the weather the summertime brings, you will love the next seven days. it is perfect for the cool weather fans. live doppler 7 showing you the march of the coastal fog making its presence is known. live doppler 7 is tracking a
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few returns. press in a little tighter. it is around the 101. there is a chance light drizzle is reaching the ground in the north bay hills at this hour. we had a little measurable precipitation. we are tracking a weak piece of energy and it is unsettled across the northern half of the state. we will keep a chance of an isolated light drizzle pocket, mainly in extreme portions of the north bay overnight tonight. the same system that is bringing the unsettled weather to northern california also giving us the cool temperatures and refreshing air mass. 61 in oakland and 58 in san francisco. 60 in fremont and 61 in san jose. antioch is holding on to warmth and currently at 74 degrees. outside a live look from the exploratorium. showing the canopy of clouds overhead. the forecast will call for the morning overcast like we have in the month of august and coastal mist and drizzle. the air quality will be on the
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healthy side. the smoke will stay away the next few days and the cooler temps will rule the forecast. overnight, everybody will fall into the 50s as the coastal fog is making its trek around the bay and inland locations. there is a chance of a little drizzle first thing tomorrow morning. we will say hello to the students of oakland unified. here is your bus stop forecast. we will start off with cloud cover. cool temperatures. after school a lot of sunshine will break out. the temperatures will be below normal with a high of 68 degrees. future weather as we go hour by hour first thing tomorrow morning fremont, oakland, san francisco and our usual spots. san ramon and even into livermore. we will take you into big bend and you will have cloud cover. and by the afternoon this afternoon. there is the typical slow clearing in the afternoon. the big story is really going
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to be the cool temperatures we have to start off the new work. and for some, the school week. highs on your monday 62 in san francisco and 59 for half moon bay. cool 68 in oakland and sift -- 78 in san jose. 85 antioch and 76 napa will the accu-weather seven-day forecast will show you the cooling trend continues for much of the seven-day forecast. a bit of an up tick by wednesday, but that is short lived. the cooler numbers come right back and saturday and sunday, yes it is feeling like fall and it will stay cool for august for much of next weekend. >> drew, thanks a lot. >> eric: still to come at 11:00, the price of history. just how much someone is willing to shell out for steph curry's mouth guard.
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someone is the proud owner of steph curry's used mouth guard. they paid $3200 for the signature mouth piece that is usually seen hanging out of his mouth. these are pictures from the sports memorabilia website that auctioned it off. curry wore it during this past season. it is custom made for his teeth and yes it was washed before it was auctioned off. that's very important. rick quan is here with a look at sports. >> you can have my night guard for less than that. billy butler was not in the lineup reportedly because of a fight with a teammate. and he was going for the gold tonight throwing a no hitter
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the giants and mets in a pitcher's dual. they squared off at at&t park. call it the dog days of summer. it was the dog day at the park. on the game's first play brandon crawford robbed him of a base hit. he guns them down at first. he was on his game and tossing a no hitter for six innings. he struck out seven including success paw tis -- sis paw disin the fourth. he struck out six while allowing just two hits. the giants' defense kept the no hitter going in the 6th inning as the glove toss gets him again for the out. bit in the seventh the mets finally breakthrough. that would do it for the no hitter. the next batter and he then ends the shutout with a two-run blast to left. it is his third homerun in two games. the giants lose it 2-0 and
11:30 pm
they split the series two games apiece. the dodgers were at cincinnati and chase utley lead off the contest with a homerun to right field. he went two for five with two r.b.i. and now check out this gem by justin turner. he catches it with his bear happened and throws out barnhardt. they regain the lead and l.a. will host them on tuesday. according to the san francisco chronicle the a's billy butler has missed the last two games because he got into a fight with valencia. they will not confirm the story. after blanking chicago, the a's fans are not a lot to cheer about. abreu grounds short for an inning ending double play. that left the door open. the white sox would take advantage. with two men on he sends this, that and the other pitch to
11:31 pm
the wall and it is 1-0. the next batter and todd frasier rips the single. instead of getting out of the inning scoreless it was 3-0 white sox. oakland got on the board in the fourth. chris davis continues his homerun barrage with his 32nd of the season and that's third most in the majors and it cut the lead to one. the white sox center fielder made a couple of great catches today. the a's had 10 hits today, but they could only score two runs. chicago got some insurance in this half. abreu with his 16th homer of the season. the white sox win it 4-2 and the a's in their road trip are one in five. tomorrow they host cleveland. and this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by riverwalk casino. later in the show you will hear from the 49ers that comes off the win. and kevin durant talking about the gold medal victory.
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>> like the sound of that. >> eric: still ahead at 11:00, after an incredibly difficult week the emotions are high as the residents start the long process of
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only at a sleep number store. ♪ ♪ award winning interface. award winning design. award winning engine. the volvo xc90. the most awarded suv of the century. the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws.
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i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> eric: good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm eric thomas. two brothers are dead in san jose following a drive by shooting. it happened around 8:45 tonight on south eighth street south of downtown. witnesses say someone in a passing car shot them. police are looking for the gunman.
11:36 pm
>> eric: leaders at saint dominic's catholic church are begging to have a treasured relic returned. somebody stoled a crusifix believed to be from the true cross of jesus christ himself. it was housed in a display case in the church. it is the first day of school in oakland and thousands of kids may not be able to go. the oakland unified school district said 4100 students need to turn in immunization records. a new law requires studentsen -- entering daycare or kinder gardened that to be i'm immunized. more than 60,000 homes were damaged in catastrophic flooding this month. paulo sandoval spoke to one family who had a heavy hit. >> the water got up to two and a half foot in the house.
11:37 pm
>> you will see what hundreds of homes in southern louisiana looked like today. a bear interior stripped of the comforts of home. >> we had to gut everything totally in the house. >> he only saved what he and his son could carry out as the water approached this doorstep. most of what was left behind now sits soaked on the front lawn. >> it happened fast. it is sad. you do what you got to do. we saved a lot thanks to him and my brother. they put everything as high as they could. >> he savey his family and the small irreplaceable items including his mother-in-law albums. >> i said we don't need to get that. i felt bad the next day. they wanted to destroy it and
11:38 pm
i said i will go back to get her things that she wanted. >> this is a damn shame. >> he used his cell phone to capture the return home with his son. >> i didn't even remember it was his birthday because of the trauma going on. >> ♪ happy birthday to you >> reporter: there was time for a brief celebration amid the heartbreak. >> i actually sang happy birthday when we were standing in the water in the house. >> reporter: dad fashioned a cake out of whipped cream and cookies. like many of the families on his block he has help from friends and neighbors and co-workers. >> i am living in my camp, and it is gonna be rough for the next two months, but all of us are safe. >> reporter: even with the helping hands it will be weeks and perhaps months before he turns his house into a home again. >> you can help out the flood victims in louisiana by donating to the red cross. text red cross to 90999 to
11:39 pm
give $10 to disaster relief efforts. >> eric: two florida police officers are being called heros after saving a 23-month-old girl from a capsized boat. it happened on friday on the indian river east of orlando. the mother, father and baby managed to swim to safety, but there was no sign of 23-month-old charlotte. the responding police officers dove into the pitch black water and found the girl crying floating in her life vest under the boat in an air pocket. >> kept praying to god. it is a miracle. it is a complete miracle that everything worked like it d. >> she was brought to safety. charlotte was brought home after being checked out at an area hospital. >> eric: a warning from authorities in maine about a massive snake on the loose. police in westbrook sent out this photo of a large snakeskin found near a river this weekend. they have been searching for the 10-foot long snake since june after a woman reported
11:40 pm
seeing it near a playground. national health officials say the zika virus could stay in the u.s. for another year or two and gulf coast states are the most vulnerable. zika cases were found in two neighborhoods near miami. one pregnant mother says she is moving out of state until she has the baby because of the mosquito-borne disease. >> it is our life and he comes first. the same with this baby. i want to give that baby the chance that he had. >> if we have to move away and separate for six months, that's pennies in the long run. >> eric: her husband is staying behind when she moves to virginia. she plans to return after the baby is born. >> eric: with the race to get the first self-driving cars on the road, they will be the first for uber's new technology. abc news reporter lauren lister has the story. >> the multimillion-dollar race to turn your car into a
11:41 pm
robot accelerating. uber is now just weeks away from unleashing this newt -- futuristic fleet. this ford fusion bringing self-driving technology to the average consumer. a trained human will be ready to take over the wheel where technology falls short. uber's test is the latest in the global push to have a completely self-driving car. >> this volvo has some of the most semi-uh -- autonomous features. it is suggested that drivers keep their hands on the wheel. >> it just pulled up all by itself. >> neil karlinsky is with the prototype. and this week ford promising fully autonomous cars like these in five years. but there are safety concerns. this year the first deadly accident with the car in self-driving mode. and so far self-driving legislation has only been introduced in 16 states.
11:42 pm
>> they haven't been tested sufficiently for our regulatory agencies to say yes. >> reporter: as for uber, no plans to deploy the test cars anywhere outside pittsburgh. abc news, los angeles. >> eric: a woman in fresno is beyond relieved to be reunited with her pet of almost 55 years. nancy and her tortoise, touche, she has had it since she was five years old. recently touche snuck out of her yard. touche traveled over six and a half miles from home in 10 days. she covered her neighborhood and fliers and posted pictures of the lost pet on social media. when a man saw the tortoise roaming the neighborhood he knew it didn't belong and he found the owner on-line. he did more than reuniting her with her beloved pet. >> yes, there is a lot of bad in our world right now. but there are a lot of very good people that care too.
11:43 pm
>> it seems the 100-year-old nearsighted tortoise located a friend and she was getting cozy with that friend. that's really nearsighted. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, a hit for her. meet the mother going through some difficult times, but on this night she could just watch her son and forget about it all for a little while. >> and mother nature deciding it will feel more like fall the week a
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saw knee shaw, san ramon, san mateo and all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> eric: if timing is everything, a hop run at a little league world series first round koobt have come at a -- couldn't have come at a more perfect moment. >> when jt garcia stepped up to bat he knew his mom jen was in the stands. >> one of the biggest baseball games we played in and her being here is special. >> reporter: jen at that moment was being interviewed by espn and is pretty sick. >> the diagnosis came december 1st that i had pancreatic cancer. >> reporter: the purple ribbons worn by the teammates says jen's prayer team. it is about friends standing by each other in hard times. if that suggests positive energy wait for the unscripted surprise that comes next. >> they have come together and
11:47 pm
become a family. >> reporter: and yes, it is headed for the fence and over. the timing of it, well it seemed like a gift. >> i was trying to hold back the tears because i was on camera. very proud of him. >> reporter: trotting the bases jt said he could not pick out his mom's cheers, but knew the best gift he could give her. >> i gave her the ball, the homerun ball. >> reporter: by the way, jt's team won by four. for jen these days baseball is less about winning than something else. >> baseball has brought normalcy to our family. it has been a blessing through this and having that has been very helpful. he is a great kid. >> reporter: yes and he is a homerun hitter too. abc news. a you. >> eric: a huge wall of dust swallowed phoenix, arizona. the haboob covered the area.
11:48 pm
it is a common weather event in the summer in phoenix. it caused delays at the phoenix airport tonight. >> eric: speaking of weather let's look at what is going on in the bay area. >> the same system that caused the dust storm in phoenix is helping to keep temperatures cool in the bay area. overnight you can see the numbers fall into the 50s across from the coast to the bay and inland with the fog making its eastward trek overnight tonight. the day er will -- the day planner will reflect that. by 4:00 it is sunshine for most away from the cost. the bigger story will be the comfortable temperatures in terms of august numbers. let's look at the highs for your monday. 62 in san francisco and 85 in cloverdale. a comfy 68 in vallejo and oakland. san jose about 78 degrees. and livermore is 82. the accu-weather seven-day forecast shows we are below average. partly cloudy on tuesday. a little warmer inland on wednesday. you do notice the bay and the cost are staying stagnant.
11:49 pm
it is the inland locations that see a little variation. nonetheless it will stay cool for august in the next week. >> thanks a lot. >> eric: yeah, it is baseball season and football season. rick quan is here. >> we'll talk baseball first. crow ennis success paw tis comes up big again. and you will hear from chip kelly as
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> colin kaepernick is expected to see his first pre-season action this friday when they play host to the packers. blaine gabbert will be the starter when the regular season begins. for the second week he got off to a slow start. gabbert wound outcome peteing six of nine passes for 69 yards and no inter -- interceptions. this one for a short gain. he lead them on a 63-yard drive that ended with this hyde touchdown. the niners won it 31-24 and coach chip kelly said gabbert is improving. >> every stop he takes there is an evaluation and he understands that and i think relishes that. for that entire group and everybody we need to build off of this. there are a lot of teachable moments that happened in that game that can't come up in training sessions. >> being in a new system the ups you get against a new
11:53 pm
defense in the games the more comfortable you will be. the pre-season games are crucial to success. anytime there is a rep on the field we are out there to compete and win games. >> giants and mets in a pitcher's dual as they squared off at at&t park. call it is dog days of summer and it was dog day at the park. you will never see crawford dogging it. on the game's first place he robs reyes of a base hit with this diving stop and throw. there was a no hitter for six innings and struck out seven including yoenis cespedes in the fourth. he matched him throwing eight allowing two hits. in the seventh the mets finally breakthrough after a double by granderson, cespedes connects and the giants lose it 2-0. they split the four-game series. the dodgers were at
11:54 pm
cincinnati and chase utley lead it off with a homerun to right field. he went two for five with two r.b.i. and now check out this fielding gem by justin turner. he knocks the smash into the air and still throws out barn hart. barnhardt. they regain the lead in the west by a half game. they will host them in a three-game series on tuesday. in chicago the a's fans were waiting for something to get excited about. that game in the fourth is oakland's chris davis going deep for his 32nd homerun of the season. the two-run shot cut the lead to one. the center fielder made a couple of great catches today in the fourth. the a's had 10 hits. abreu with the 16th homer of the season. the white sox win it 4-2 and the a's end their road trip one and five. tomorrow they are back at home to play the indians.
11:55 pm
>> at the summer games the u.s. men's basketball team beat serbia for the third straight gold medal. the contest was over by half time as the americans won easily 96-66. kevin durant scored a game high 30 while klay thompson added points. they tweeted this photo out and all proudly wearing their gold medals. playing with this team was a great experience. >> when we first got together in july we do it with a group of guys. we are bonded forever. it was better doing it with this group. >> now it is time to relax and get ready for the show. >> with the games over here is a look at the final medal count. the u.s. came in first with the most gold and overall medals with 121. china with a distant second with 70 overall. britain was third with 67 total medals, but second in
11:56 pm
gold with 27. at the pga wind ham championship, kim began the final round with a four-shot lead. it went to five after he birdied his first hole of the day. the only thing that could rain on his parade is the weather and the wet stuff coming down. he was on the 17th tee when play was suspended. after an 80-minute play he wrapped up the win and he shot a 67 to finish 21 under. good for a five-stroke victory. kim's proud dad celebrates by giving him and his caddie a champagne shower. mother nature was also causing problems at bristol motor speedway after they success spended the bass pro shop race. there woos a caution and he blew a tire. he avoided hitting the wall, but he had to settle for a 10th place finish. the rain continued to interrupt race, but they got it done. kevin harvick pulls away to take the checkered flag. it is the first win since
11:57 pm
march. >> this sports report has been brought to you by riverwalk casino. in case you missed it, kristi yaw ma geu key won on "family feud" and they won $25,000 and it goes to her always dream foundation. >> eric: if you have met her you would know how smart she is and you met her. that's it for us. i'm eric thomas. the news continues at 4:30. thanks for joining us and have a great evening and a better morning.
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