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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 23, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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between the assault and the arrest is just the result of gathering all of the facts. >> he submitted the case to the district attorney. the district attorney had additional questions. we resubmitted the case to the district attorney and got an arrest warrant. >> tri is the latest jail guard to be arrested. three former deputies have been charged with the beating death of inmate michael tyree. two others are charged with betting another inmate, garcia, and breaking his view. >> police in oakland are looking for the two men who shot a man to death. officers were call to the scene before 5:30 yesterday. the man was shot at least once. he died at the hospital. police say the suspect car could have been damaged in gunfire. all the santa clara county judge behind the sentencing of a stanford swimmer is recusing himself from another sex case a
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san jose man trying to get a child porn graph conviction reduced from felony to misdemeanor. according to the mercury news, the judge persky filed a statement saying that some doubt he could be impartial. he made national headlines in june when he sentenced stanford swimmer brock turner to only six months for sexually assaulted an unconscious woman. in a statement to the judge turner in part blames the actions on the stanford "party culture." >> stanford has new which will policy and will immediately start banning the consumption of hard alcohol by undergraduate students at on-campus parties. that includes mixed drinks and shots of hard chad. beer and wine are all that are allowed. breaking the rule could be a result of being kicked out of housing. the lay professor loading the ever to recall judge persky feels this pits students in danger by driving drinking underground. >> first working to protect the historic hearst castle are using it as anations center to fight
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the wildfire tweet this photo with the smoke from the claim any fire burning two miles away. aircraft are even using the private airstrip. cal fire said the chimney fire has destroyed 52 structures in the county. it has burned 33,000 acres and now is 35% contained. residents east of los angeles and returning to the fire scorched neighborhood now. officials have lifted all orders as they get the upper hand on the blue cut fire. the fire start add week ago and destroyed 105 homes and ruined 130,000 acres. the clayton fire is nearly surrounded. the arsonist started the flames nine days ago. 189 homes and eight commercial buildings were destroyed. >> there is a crazy story, a man recovering after getting stuck between two buildings. the crews took hours to get him
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out. jessica is at the task with the unusual reason he was caught in such an awkward position. jessica? >> it is unusual. this is a case of a date gone horribly wrong. the man was trying to impress a woman jumping in between buildings and he ended up like this, between the two building, take a look, its happened overnight, in oakland, part of the pittsburgh, pennsylvanias and the video is just in to the desk with crews working to get him out, talking to him and looking through the hole just to see how he is doing, and you can see the two build, he was wedged in between. the rescue was so elaborate they had to go into the mexican grill and cut a hole in the wall on the inside the restaurant be as well. message crews were able to talk to him who will time and just moments ago he lucky he did not land on his head, and he is taken out on a stretcher an hour
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ago, and he actually gave a thumb's up to paramedics as they put him into the ambulance. no word on how badly he is hurt, but message crews said he was only complaining of a hurt leg or ankle but when i get an update in the live desk i will let you know. >> he was trying to impress a woman? he made an impression. >> warning to those who rent out on homes like airbnb, thieves are targeting you. >> a man canceled a reservation at an apartment and police believe he broke in, then, and tell self mediums from the owner including personal information. soon after the home owner got a call from a at&t store that someone opened an account in their name and bought a new iphone. he was arrested when he showed up to pick up the phone. >> wild coyote is wandering through a city and neighbors are concerning after officials say the coyote was sick and disease
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ed. here is the story from danville. >> video shows the coyote wandering around a neighborhood in danville, officials say it is sick with a severe case of mange and could die in untreated. ray saw the animal on saturday. >> it was in the middle of the day. and he was crossing the street, very sad-looking coyote. >> the wildlife emergency services want to catch the coyote, and take it to a bay area animal hospital. >> this coyote knees help, he is suffering from severe case of mange caused by mites and causes hair loss. >> the coyote was last spotted near the iron horse trail. it was also seen near charlottewood middle school. some are nervous knowing this coyote is living near. >> it frightens me because it does look very sick.
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and very starveed. i have a little dog and she would be just a mors. l for a coyote. >> mange can be transmitted to pets and people but only if you get close. anyone who sees the key society urged to report sightings to police. >> happening today, president obama will take a tour of 9 flood damage in southern louisiana. 13 people died in the storm 11 days ago and it dropped up to 2' of rain in 48 hours. more than 630,000 homes received some sort of damage. the president has been criticized for are remaining on vacation rather than visiting the flood zone. donald trump visited the area last week. >> we will talk about how to dress when you step out in the north bay mid-to-upper 50s, and we will look at the rest of our neighborhoods a few 60s around if you arc and redwood city and tracy and san jose and
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62 and vallejo also at secretary -- 60, and san jose it is cloudy. some dew as you walk the dog and moderate air quality if you jog and choppy waves. but, first, the golden gate is not too foggy and the marine layer is deeper and it is dry outside. today, we will start in san francisco at 63, and mid-to-upper 70s about everywhere else until inland east bay, warmer tomorrow, and, thursday, we are going to see the temperatures start to drop, just a little bit. when i come back i will show you the weekend that will fowl like fall and if you are an a's fan i have your forecast. now, how is the traffic? >> we are okay when you consider how it was yesterday on the richmond-san rafael bridge. we had the serious crash involving the pegup that flipped right at the toll plaza and hit the toll booth with all of the
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repairs wrapped up and not many folk using them but all the fast track lanes are on on the richmond side for westbound 580. on the traffic maps, in antiochs someone took out a power pole at east bay north of highway 4, and we could have dark stoplights in the area and closures. >> thank you. the capital corridor is making changessed to that should help out with the commute including changes to add an extra morning train to san jose and an evening train to sacramento, a corridor spokeswoman said they looked which train had a hot of riders and which did not to better match commuter demand. formals say this is the first major schedule adjustments since 2006. >> a trip from san francisco bart look as mother with a devastating injury. you can help a woman crush by a tree him. >> adventure under the sea, we will show you amazing video coming from the wreckage of a
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>> all news, all morning. thousands of dollars of pouring in to help the bay area woman who may never walk again after being hit by a tree him. the 36-year-old woman was watching her daughter's play at washington square partner in san francisco's north beach early this month. that is when a 100-pound branch crushed her. the family said she is now pair
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layed. her husband set up a gofundme page and you can see it has raised more than $6,000, almost $6,200 in less than two days. i have a link in you would like to donated at >> east bay mud is paying hundreds of thousands for a cement by that clogged a creek, and they have agreed to pay $426,000 for accidentally dumping 12 truckloads of see meant into a creek last year. they admit it was their mistake when a valve was last open. the district has spent $1 million to up and restore the creek. our and now the vote, hillary clinton will be in piedmont this evening for a fundraiser, and you can join the former secretary of state but it will set you back a pretty penny and confident you $33,400 to pose for a picture with hillary clinton and if you would like to
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join her at the reexception it is a cool $100,000 a couple. this is a day after donald trump appears to back away from his tough immigration stance and hillary clinton laughed off the attacks on late night tv. here is that report. >> to the african-americans who i employ so many of, to the hispanics, tremendous people, what the hell do you have to lose? >> now it appears the campaign is working to soften the tough immigration stance, at a rally in ohio he again hammers hillary clinton, for private e-mails, and the alleged special access the donors receive to the former secretary of state. >> after the f.b.i. and the department of justice, whitewash hick help's mail crimes they certainly cannot be trusted to quickly or impartially investigate hillary clinton's new claims. >> clinton stayed up late with kilpatrick live to watch it all,
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with the rumors of her health. >> my god there is nothing there. >> nothing there. >> on debating trump? >> i am drawing on my experience in elementary school. >> what about trump using the private e-mails? >> he makes up stuff to use against me. if he would stick with reality i would not have a worry in the world. >> donald trump is not laughing. on immigration he was scheduled to deliver a major speech on the issue later this week but it has been postponeed. >> victory for california teachers union, the supreme court let stand a ruling reserving traditional teacher job protections like tenure and seniority-based layoffs. they voted 4-3 not to reveal the appeals court ruling contended the job protects were constitutional and reasonable. the rueing overturns a 2014 verdict and suit finalled by students mar at s vessey based nonprofit. >> parents of the school for the deaf in fremont demand the state
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appoint a new superintendent. a dozen parents march through the campus yesterday to draw attention to their conditions. they questioned the leadership of superintendent for months now. a coalition of parents and staff say that the leadership is lack ing and important programs have suffered during the five year tenure. an interim replacement has been appointed. >> they put someone else on and we want him out, we want a new superintendent who will listen. >> during the first death person to head to school in history and he is a celebrated alumnus. >> a fascinating expedition just wrap up off the coast of northern california, researchers worked to film the us independence on the bottom of the pacific 30 miles from half moon bay. come as scoped out the aircraft carrier, 2,600' down. we sped up the video so you can see what we are talking about after its service in world war
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ii it docked in san francisco, it was damaged, so the navy sank it with two torpedoes, the san jose native led the expedition. >> you can tell we have a new home this morning. >> we are excited about our brand new set at abc7 news and here is a new way to see it overhead in the weeks had we are going to bring you the news in new ways while providing great coverage of local stories that matter to you. >> this is the months in the work and we will show you how this all came together.
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a lot of people involved and a beautiful work of a. >> it is. we are so excited. alexis and mike have new areas. now, mike, you guys look great. >> everyone looks great on the new set. we appreciate all the hard work of all the people did you not see that maybe are not recognized. now, we will talk about the set through the morning. i went to show you south beach, a look at half moon bay and what you are seeing -- no, the bay bridge. what you are seeing is the lack of clouds this morning. we do have clouds but they are not hugging bridge. it is not so damp. faster up. a slight warming trend. fewer clouds. cooler ton. the weekend, like early touch of fall. the breezes i talked about, small craft advisory from 1:00, two hours earlier but still
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lasting through 9:00 with winds up to 24 to 38 and it will be choppy and brick. look how quickly the clouds and falling fade pulling back to the cost by noon but we will not see a lot of suspect shine. we will look at the temperatures starting in the south bay, 78 in san jose, to 83 in gilroy, so, still, below average. we will have more sunshine on the peninsula, low-to-mid 70s today. as we head into downtown, 63 there, to 60 in the sunset, and as we go up to the north by we have temperatures mainly in the mid-to-upper 70s over two hours inland east bay neighborhood in the low-to-mid 70s but 69 at oakland and a last stop, inland, we have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 80s. my seven-day forecast shows warmest tomorrow, but the 50s, 60s, 70s over the weekend. >> good morning. we okay on the roads so far in major issues to talk about, just slowly filling in all the normal spots, when 80 through emeryville. no major delays.
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i went to do a quick check of mass transit, the friendly reminder that bart is continuing the power cable work between the south bay and fremont stations and that is each weekday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. and we start add week ago and we have a little over two weeks to go but they will not wrap it up until september 9. expect delays up to 30 minutes. >> if you have driven to silicon valley you know you are in the 5th worst area for traffic in the country. the auto insurance center released the data, and, naturally, san francisco and the east bay, even worse, cracking the top throw. in terms of how many months are wasted on the road over 4-year career, drivers in silicon valley waste about 5 1/2 months and in san francisco, 6 1/2 months. when you put it august is depressing. >> next, the amusement park rider whose got more than they bargained for.
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>> not ready to commit? tesla is trying to get you behind the wheel of the model "s" without big one. >> police are anxious to get this man and accomplice off the street. but, first the techbytes. >> good morning, sony society to announce the newest editions to the play station family, and with a high end system known as project neo, debuting next month. >> and book lovers are go low tech again. sales of physical becomes are up 6% this year after being down last area. at the same time, sales of. becomes are down for the first time since they existed. >> barbra streisand was so annoyed with siri she went to the stop for mispronouncing her name. >> she culled the tim cook and now siri will now pronounce her name correctly.
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name correctly. >> those (whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses. technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait.
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>> this is video from hershey park in person, 27 riders were removed from the roller coaster after it was stuck. search fine. park officials say the ride experienced a stoppage. that is obvious. they are trying to figure out why, the second time it has
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happened in less than a week. on friday a roller coaster was stuck for since minutes before continuing. >> today, crews are expected to return to the scene of the crash in marin county that sent a dump truck 250' down an embankment. sky show as man airlifted from the ravine along highway 1, two other people were able to get out on their own. critics are society to show up today to pull out the truck itself, all three people were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. >> tesla is making it easier to get a car, you can lease it, with a two-year lease, $593 a month after a downpayment of $7,300. the company stresses that this is a limited time offer and will apply only to orders placed by september 12. >> it is time for the daily pokemon go story. we will take you to taiwan. this crowd of people, wow, these are all pokemon players who
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spotted a rare figure at a park in taipei. a lot of people. this were thousands of the pokemon characters in the area and there are complaints from the people would live there about all the people, blocked roads and all cars. no word in anyone captureed the figure. >> it is a dark green with a cream colored face. >> obviously. >> mike nicco? >> everyone knows that. >> good morning, everyone, from the exploritorium you can see the cloud cover not hanging on the buildings so much as yesterday. we will look at what is going to happen with our 24 hour highs compared it average, we are 2-8 degrees below agency but warmer today and at the game tonight, a's and indians, 64 at 7:00 and dropping to 59. lake tahoe after having hail and thunderstorms yesterday, you are
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going to be out of thed withs today and yosemite, definitely some thunderstorms and hazy hazy in los angeles. speaking of traveling, alexis? >> the cash lanes on the toll plaza are stacking up and we need a few more cash toll books with fast track moving okay as is the car pool. a check of the drive time, no major blocking issues to talk about so far this morning, the only one that was not in the green so far this morning is westbound 580, no surprise, out of the central valley, tracy to dublin, 37 minutes in the yellow, and antioch to concord 14, and southbound 101 from marin, okay at 17 minutes. we have a power identity agency in antioch, committee will choke on that in a few. >> police are asking for your help identifying two men suspected of robbing a man at gunpoint at an a.t.m. and you can see the camera here, this is one of suspects. the robbery happened at a wells fargo a.t.m. in washington square shopping center. officers say the victim was withdrawing money at 5:30 in the
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morning on august 11, and the person stole his cash and took off. >> if you have eaten scalp althoughs, listen up, seaports is recalling scallops sold to restaurant in california after hundreds of people became sick with hepatitis "a" with stomach pain and fatigue showing up in 15-50 days. if you want to heat scallops the f.d.a. said to ask the restaurant where the scalp theres came from. again, seaport products is issuing the recall and the f.d.a. and centers for disease control are investigating. >> wells fargo is paying up to several claims for charging student loan borrowers late fees that are unwarranted and is paying, $3.6 million for illegal fees between 2010 and 2013. the bang must also set aside $410,000 to refund customers impacted by the fees. >> students bolting from two
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schools in livermore after classes started and next, the legal trouble sending them scrambling. >> hanging up on the annoying robocalls, silicon valley riva
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>> good morning, bay area. let's get going. this is abc7 morning. >> 5:00 a.m. on the dot. on tuesday, august 23rd. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. we have alexis on traffic and we have meteorologist, mike nicco amount dry morning? >> more dry than yesterday. in there is drizzle it will be near the coast. live doppler hd


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