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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 23, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we are glad you are with us. we have jessica castro and alexis smith with traffic and mike nicco with weather. >> worried about shower and drizzle of yesterday? it is dry on live doppler hd. what is tracking fog around petaluma and the visibility was down to two miles. through the day planner, starting in the mid-50s to increasely 60, we will stay in the 50s at the coast from noon to 4:00, 67 to 74 and quicker sunshine around the bay, and at 76 to 85 from anyone to hurricane inland and warmer than year, but nothing too taxing. we will look at the bus stop forecast, kids going back to school today. alexis? >> you will see officers value on the roads and you want to slow down in the school zone. we are looking at plenty of traffic, southbound 680, condition considered to walnut creek, no collisions in that stretch but a couple of problems getting out of the central
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valley. westbound 423 and southbound we from marin san rafael to san francisco will take 20 minutes. and a smoldering semi in pleasanton area coming up. >> developing news in the east bay, parents are pulling kids out of two charter school by the hundreds, facing several accusations and, now, livermore public schools are dealing with the sudden flux of students. amy hollyfield was at the school district building. amy? >> the issues have caught the attention of the state. the estate superintendent has met with district officials about the issues. here is a look at the website of the two schools in question. according to the bay area news group, the livermore valley charter school and the livermore valley charter prep school which brags on its website that it is ranked on newsweek's list of best schools. here are the allegations now
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facing the school. according to the news group they are accused of financial mismanagement, illegally charges foreign exchange students tuition, and transferring students against their will to stockton. the district attorney is investigating. livermore is now dealing with twice as many new students as expected. they are going to decide later this woke whether they need to hire more teachers to handle all of the new students. >> more trouble at the santa clara county jail this morning a federal deputy is under arrest accused of assaulting an inmate. timmy tri-admits he kicked an inmate in the face in 2013 and imclass it was sell against, leaving the inmate with a broken cheekbone and cuts to the face. he said he kicked the inmate because he tried to grab his leg and was forced to leave the department last year and is just the latest santa clara county
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jail guard to be arrested. five former deputies have been charged with betting inmates, one, michael tyree, was killed. >> an armed suspect is? a stand off with police in san francisco's tenderloin district last in. he is expected to appear in court. the stand off want on for four hours on july 6. police say dyson had a gone and -- had a gun and threatening to hurt himself. he was treated for unanimous life threatening injuries and now is charged with possession of a concealed and loaded first arm and resisting arrest. >> a man found dead on highway 101 in san jose is believed a homicide victim. someone reported seeing the body near the northbound 280 connection august 12. he has been identified at 41-year-old dying from blunt force trauma. no suspects at this time. all the san jose police young wants the center i to declare a state of emergency to an effort to get more officers on the streets.
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they will meet with the police chief and city manager today after meeting yesterday for an hour. officials vowed to work with the department adding reassignments to fight the rising crime in san jose. we talking over 340, ten hour shifts that need to be filled each week in patrol. >> it is important we do this together. we have a common interest. to protect our officers and protect our communities. >> we got the copy of the letter from the city management office that said to fully staff, they need 47 new officers next month. heads up for parents with breaking news from continue done this morning. >> some happy meal products are under an official recall. and jessica is a the desk with more. jessica? >> the recall is on the happy meal activity wristbands. they look like adeputy fitness
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trackers. it could sound familiar because mcdonald's had decided to stop soling the children's products but, now, we have a full-blown recall underway as of this morning. they giving kids skin irritations and buns and the watches say "step it," so if you have the product at him, there have been 70 reports is far of incidents where kids have been affected by this. seven veries blisters. and the if youest recall is affecting 32.6 million of the happy meal toys. in your child has one, take them back to mcdonald's and they will replace it with a toy and a back of apple slices so it sounds like a deal. for more nervous on the recall we have all of the information you need to know especially if you went to take it back at >> california is changing a
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long-stand law at rain and bus stations and minors who jump the gate are in longer charged with a crime. the governor signed legislation yesterday that ends criminal penalties for fare evasion but if you are over 18 you would still have to pay administration fines. the bill's. >> their said it is not right to criminalize those who cannot afford the fare. critics say it is not fair to make hard working people pay for those who can not or in some instances won't fork over the cash. >> don't you hate the annoy robocalls? new, some of our biggest local tech giants are coming together to destroy them. the fcc is forming a robocall tab force to get companies like apple and google and microsoft, meeting in october to come up with ways to use damage to stop identity thieves and telemarketers. scammers have fond ways to get around the do not call registry. >> the only way to' the pro-be is to use technology that can block the calls or know for sure
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who is calling so the law can be enforced. >> they are irritate asking rip-off millions of dollars from consumers. >> a relative report on affordable housing units in san francisco finds they actually slowed down construction. according to the city comptroller, the report found private developers who rent 20% of units as "affordable," delays construction of the housing with the current requirement at 25% of uses this have to be listed as below market much the city comp controller is going to release the final report next month. >> new details in the shocking price hike for a life sending drug, and what two lawmakers are demanding. >> they are not the average teens, the difference these young people are making in the world and a
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>> and now on the peninsula, we have temperatures address for mid-to-upper 50s until redwood city and the entire east bay shore in the south bay and in the north bay, mid-to-upper 50s and the bus stop forecast, a cool start and maybe the kids
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need a sweatshirt but we just do not have it. walking the dog there is dew and choppy waves if you are on the war, other than san francisco and the peninsula, the next two difficulties we have a warming trend, all of us are going to start to physical like falls on thursday, i will show you how far the temperatures drop in my seven-day forecast. you have two sig-alerts? >> eight has turned south big time and i get to our traffic alert. the first i told you about in pleasanton, westbound 580, a treasure -- tractor-trailer was smoldering and two vehicles hit the semi. you can see we have a significant backup everthey miles at this point, and, also, north to the junction another sig-alert, a flipped vehicle on the roof right now, and when 80, right near the 680 splits again, two left lanes are down in this
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situation and upgrade on both of these in a few. >> a bay area teen is one of several young people being honored for trying to tackle society's busiest problems. we have 17-year-old from walnut creek, the foundation is honor ing her after starting when she was 11 organizing teen volunteers to collect and distribute lost and found actuals from ski resorts. >> a i noticed a man sitting outside with nothing but a t-shirts and japaneses and my heart was broken. i thought, i have to find a way to help this man and i really knew i wanted to help the homeless. >> she will be feature on the special day, a one hour special on sunday at 7:00 people on abc7. >> next, we have new details of the marriage of linda thompson to caitlyn jenner. >> and safety issue that must be
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> from afghanistan, a united states soldier has been killed by an i.e.d. dying while training at the local police force. more than 100 troops were just sent there to fight the taliban. one other service member was
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injured but is in stable condition. >> today, tones for bergdahl will argue that comments by john mccain have tainted the case. he walked off his post in afghanistan in twine between but was a captive of the taliban for five years. john mccain, a determine p.o.w. in vietnam, said that bergdahl was clearly a deserter and would hold a hearing in the army did not punish him. defense attorneys the argue the comment could sway those with power over his prosecution. >> a warning from the f.d.a. will ground dozens of hot air means until the operators fix potentially dangerous leaks in propane burners after a deadly balloon crash when 16 people died in texas last in. the f.a.a. directive is not a direct reaction, but officials have increased scrutiny of the hot air balloon industry since last in's crash. >> linda thompson former wife of opinion we know as kaitlyn generaller has a new book,
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talking about her relationship with general are then then as bruce. >> when i first met her she was in a bruce jenner body. he was just an incredible person, still is, and i said to her, you know, you have to give yourself credit you have kicked manhood's butt. >> she dated the king of rock and really, coming up on "good morning america" how she felt when she first metal voice at a movie theater at 7:00 a.m. right after abc7 morning. >> we debut our new set and you can see our stories in new way. if you wonder what happened to the previous set it has a new home at san francisco state, and many of our own employees including joey, our floor director, are san francisco state alums and we know the new set will be put to great use in their department of broadcast and electronic communication art. we let you know when the state of events will debut in the fall
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and we are guessing dill look fm to help manufacture you morning viewers. >> a nice set coming their way. >> a nice 13 year run. >> like man things we evolve and change and get better so helpfully you will find this set better and for the weather center, it is going to be better and we can multi-task with latest information during the we atmospheric rivers, those understanding event we we have in the winter we can go hive on social media and tv at the same time, a great, great, tool tore disseminate information. from mount tamalpais, and you can see a little bit of smoke off in the continue fewer clouds the next now days and warmer in the afternoon, the clouds and drizzle return on thursday morning and then the winds we talked about small craft advisory starts early today at
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1:00 in the afternoon to 9:00 in the evening for the area highlighted 24 to 38 miles per hour wind so hold on. mid-to-upper 70s through most the south bay, and low-to-mid 80s in gilroy. upper 60s and federally 70 for millbrae and san mateo and upper 50s and increasely 60 at the coast and mid-60s for downtown and south san francisco and sausalito, and extent through the north bay valley and mid-60s to mid-70s from north and south hoop the east bay shore and flow parking on tuesday at coliseum, and indians are in town at 64 at 7:00, and 59 and increasing clouds, dress warmly. do not dress warmly inland this afternoon, mid-to-upper 80s. warmer tomorrow, and a slow 8:00 trend and the next thing you know it is the weekend and it will feel like fall. how are the sig-alerts? >> we will get to the traffic maps westbound 580 between pleasanton and dublin, two separate incidents first was a
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smoldering semi attempting to get over to the shoulder to see in it was on fire it hit a couple other vehicles. that is one problem. and before you get to the 80 american, we have another three car crash blocking the three left lanes, with the semi blocking the two right lanes and this is not it, we have another sig-alert well north of this, so up to the junction from forward this morning, not good news we have a car on the roof. this is westbound 80. beyond the 680 split and it is picking the two left lanes, as well, trying to get pore information on all of issues but obviously, both of these will take a while to clean up. another traffic update in 10 minutes. >> have you seen this video, the indiana troopers lip syncing "summer nights," from "greece." >> look at this.
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♪ summer day ♪ drifting away ♪ some are night ♪ well, well, well >> they were patrolling the state fair and they decided to sing the song and they posted this on-line and now it is everywhere. the dropper said they wanted to show they have personality and love making others laugh. getting a ton of views. >> it was pretty good. >> next, seven-day forecast and michael finney tackling a landlord question that renters and prosecute owners need to know about. >> how riley curry and little ♪
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>> if you details on a story we brought you abut the massive increase in the price of epipens that inject a drug used only in emergency conditions for food am ski reactions. the price for the life saving device has subjected from $57 in 2007 to $500 today. several united states senators are criticizing the rising price. they have sent a letter to the manufacturer asking for more
6:25 am
information on the reason of the spike. lawmakers want the form trade mission to lock. >> in barbara streisand want as siri update she gets one. siri has been mispronouncing her name. she said it is pronounced wrong because it is a soft "s" and she reach out to tim cook and he told her he would will have siri change the pronunciation and will be rolling out an update coming out at the end of month. >> that is power. >> and to your dad is back to back m.p. -- mvp and try "playous masters," with riley
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curry getting a princess poppy-themed lay house. what does that mean? a princess and a opiniony together or... >> will be a dog house included but that is for the best friend family pet. >> now, ask michael finney we have a question from anna from santa clara, "7 on your side" and michael finney has the answer. >> i put in a request for maintenance to come bay several times to check before coming by they come in unannounced and i an not sure in that is okay. what do i do? >> i am sorry that happened. california state law is clear on this. the owner and you, you are supposed to grow on the purpose of the entry a day and approximate time, landlords can get sloppy so the next time you see the owner tell them the law and your expectations.
6:27 am
if you need me to chime in i will be happy to do it call my hotline. >> you have michael on your side. if you have a question for michael finney record it and share it on social with # #askfinney. >> next, a warning for people in an east bay neighborhood where a sick coyote has been seen. >> stanford approved strict new rule for alcohol use and why some say it could put more students in danger. all the wrong way do fall in love, a date went really wrong evernature for a man in pennsylvania. >> if you expect visitors coming in through for? pump the brakes with flight arichmond-san rafael delays averaging at 52 minutes right new. deeper into the forecast, our extremes are 57 at bow -- bodega extremes are 57 at bow -- bodega bay and narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off.
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class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. (music plays from one way or another )♪♪
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>> good morning, bay area, let's get up and get going. >> this is abc7 morning. >> good morning on tuesday august 23rd. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui with jessica castro and mike nicco and alexis smith. >> the group band is back folk. a big happy fake. >> now the weather. >> good morning, everyone, let me take you outside and show you
6:31 am
what is going on and what to expect. wish we could watch this but i will time-lapse it, on twitter and facebook as we head through the only hours. we will look at our forecast and what you will see on the day planner. temperatures are starting in the mid-50s and ending up...we are going do see the temperatures climb higher during the lunch hours than they have the last couple of difficulties because of the center sunshine. that will push us -- there you go 59 to 77 at noon, and 60 to 86 at 4:00, and if you are headed out 7:00, 57 to 76. you need a coat. we have had a couple of sig-alerts. alexis will update us. >> pretty picture of nothing but ugly stuff on the traffic center this morning. get you to westbound 580, traveling in the blast were area, we have two separate
6:32 am
incidents, all before 680 one involving a smelledderring semi and another a three car crash in the same area one blocking the right side and the other blocking the left side. good news in fairfield, another sig-alert there on westbound 80 at the 680 split we had a vehicle on the roof, westbound 80, at 680. that has been push off to the shoulder but there is still a three mile backup. i will look at the drive times coming up. >> this morning, a federal santa clara deputy who used to guard the jim is now facing possible jail time himself. he is just the latest in a string of guards accuses of using excessive first against inmates. matt is in san francisco with more on the developing news. matt? >> good morning, this former deputy used to work here and now after his arrest last night, he was backed into the santa clara jail. timmy tri was backed here in the santa clara county jail on
6:33 am
$75,000 bail and santa clara county clarke department said he was arrested on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon and assault under color of authorities. this dates back to 2013 when called to restrain a combative inmate. during a struggle the department said that tri kicked inmate in the head and face, two or they times of the unmate suffered cuts do his face and a broken cheekbone. the three year gap between the assault and the arrest is a result of gathering all of the facts. >> we submit the case to the district attorney. the district attorney had additional questions. we resubmitted the case to district attorney. we get an arrest warrant. we made the arrest. >> thank you, matt. last area's beating death inmate michael tyree, and two others charged with beating another inmate, rubingarcia and breaking
6:34 am
his view. >> police in oakland are searching for two machine what shot a man to death. officers were called out to the scene near 35th avenue before 5:30 yesterday. they found a man shot at least once. he died at the hospital. police say the suspect's car could have been damaged by the gunfire. >> the santa clara county judge behind the controversial sentencing of a stanford swimmer and recuse himself from another case. the case involved a san jose map trying to get a child pornography conviction reduced from a felony to misdemeanor. according to the mercury news the judge persky filed a statement with the court saying that some felt he cannot be impartial. he sentenced brock turner only to six months in jail for sexually assaulten on conscious woman. in a statement to the judge, turner blames his actions on stanford's party culture." >> stanford is updating the alcohol policy, and undergraduate students can not
6:35 am
be drinking hard alcohol at on-campus parties. original beer and wipe. no mixed drinks or shots. breaking the rules do result in being kicked out of university housing. the stanford law professor who is leading the tonight recall judge persky said show things this will put more students in danger by driverring drinking underground. >> firefighters working to protect the hearst castle are using the landmark as an operations center. they tweeted this photo from the hearst castle, look at all of the smoke from the chimney fire that is burning now, two miles away, and aircraft are using the private air strip at the hearst castle. cal fire said the fire has destroyed 52 structures in the county. it as burned 33,000 acres. it is 35% contained. >> residents east of los angeles are running to their fire scorched nabbeds and officials have lifted all evacuation objections so crews get the upper hand on the blue cut fire in san bernadino county that
6:36 am
started a week ago. it has destroyed 100 homes and green to more than 37,000 acres. in the bay year firefighters say they have nearly surrounded the clayton fire, as of this morning it now is 96% contained. an arsonist set the fire august 13 and has now destroyed 300 structures including 189 homes and burned norly 4,000 acres. >> breaking news from chicago incredibly sad story, a fire at an apartment building has claimed fur lives, including that of a three-month-old baby. >> jessica castro has why investigators think this want an accident. jessica? >> they think it was intentional. unfortunately we learned in the last 10 minutes, chicago police say it was three kids inside and one man who was killed. look at this video we just got: a they alarm fire. one of kids killed was three
6:37 am
months old. three people also hurt in all of this. police say at this point it looks like someone was having a done mistick dispute, left, came back, lit the building on fire in the rear upon. a neighbor told our sister station in chicago that a well-known mentally unstable man from the neighborhood, nod on her door at 1:00 in the morning and asked for money and she said "no," she thought maybe he retaliated by setting the police on fire and police now are still hooking for a "person of interest" the man and a major investigation is underway with the latest from chicago. back to you. >> thank you. a warning to anyone representing out their hems on airbnb sites, mountain view police say thieves are targeting people for burglary. police say a man canceled a reservation at an apartment. police believe he then break into the house and stole several items from the owner including personal information. after that, the homeowner got a
6:38 am
call from an at&t store this someone opened an account and bought a new iphone. police arrested the man when he showed up to pick up the phone. >> thousands are dollars are coming to help a bay area woman who was hit by a tree him and may never walk again while watching had daughter'sbly at washington square park in san francisco's north bench this month. a 100-pound branch crushed her she now is paralyzed and her his set up a gofundme page that has raised more dap $6,200 in less than two days and now up to $6,600. we have a link to donate at abc7 news come. >> a coyote with a severe skin disease is calling on streets of danville in neighborhoods, sick with severe case of mange and it could die if not treated last seen near respond high. some are nervous knowing the
6:39 am
coyote is living nearby. >> it frighten me because it looks very sick. and very. place -- very starveed. my little dog would be a morsel for a coyote. >> but only if you are close. if you see a coyote, report the sightings to police. >> now the accweather forecast with mike nicco. >> more kids are ready for school with mostly cloudy and 58 and breezy. more sunshine and 75, and right across the bridge, we are going to have benicia unified school direct with temperatures a couple of degrees warmer with mostly cloudy conditions and sunny and breezy. in san jose, at can, 61, a lot of sunshine and warmer but
6:40 am
nothing too excessive. other neighborhoods in the south bay, a lot of upper 50s to let 60 this morning, and broadening it out everyone is falling into the same range of 58 in san francisco and alameda at 59. lafayette and danville and fairfield at 57. and novato is 58. the next throw days shows minimal changes and you can see the friend is starting to take over more tomorrow, and the orange is starting to come in so there are 90s and that is as warm as it will be, a slow cool trend, hitting on thursday, and i let you know how much more killing we will get in the seven-day forecast. >> in the traffic department, this morning, we have a church major traffic alerts. on the tri-valley westbound 580 we have two problems, the first problem is westbound 580, that a semi smelledderring and and necessity were trying to get to the shoulder. that is on the last happen side of the road, and when you are beyond this, we have another
6:41 am
crash, and it involved five vehicles and that is blocking the two right lanes is we have a sig-alert issued and that is pretty big traffic there if you are coming from the central valley to the try valley this morning. look at this drive time, westbound 580, tracy to dublins an hour and since minutes and westbound 4 antioch to concord is not much better at 33 americans, and southbound 101 from marin county okay in the green at 17 minutes. another sig-alert in fairfield, it was improving with more on that in a few. >> now your voice your vote, hillary clinton will be in piedmont this evening for a fundraiser. you can join hillary clinton but it will set you back. it will confident you $33,000 to pose for a picture with hillary clinton. if you would like to join her at the recession it is $100,000 a couple. this is hours after clinton mid-an appearance on jimmy kimmel last night, where she was teased on her chase for vice
6:42 am
president. and on debating donald trump she said she would draw on her experience in elementary school. >> donald trump is campaigning in lone star state with a rally in austin calling for a special investigation to look into pay to play scandal as secretary of state. the fbi and the justice department whitewashed her e-mail claims. he is use the controversies to push the idea that clinton is part of the washington establishment and cannot be trusted it say no to special interests. >> legal trouble at two almost schools sans students scrambling and now there are conditions for other campuses. >> more problems for costco members who switched to the new credit cards, you may is received notice t
6:43 am
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> in the east bay new students are being pull out of the two charter schools in livermore after serious accusations. amy hollyfield is at the school district building. amy? yes, the school district now is having to deal with twice as many new students as expected. this has caught the state's attention and the state superintendent has met with local officials about this issue. here is a look at the schools involved: according to the news
6:46 am
group, lynch valley charter prep school and livermore valley charter school, the superintendent told the newspaper that it is the most serious set of alleges against a charter he has ever seen. the tri-valley learning corporation runs the schools and faces these alleges: financial mismanagement, illegally charging phone exchange students tuition, and transferring students against their will to a school in stockton. formals did not return a california asking for a comment. the alameda direct ton is investigateing. livermore school district officials will be discussing this week whether they need to hire more teachers to handle all of the new students. this morning, uber is denying that they are interested in buying lyft. and jane king has that story in the money report this morning. jane? >> good morning, we are positive so for. best bay, the stock of the day,
6:47 am
very strong internet sales and that is helping the stock to be boosted and the dow is up 100 points at the moment, and the s&p and nasdaq are in the green. the consumer financial protection bureau ordered wells fargo to pay $4 million over allegedly illegal student loan practices failing to provide important payment information to consumers, charged them illegal fees, and failed to update inaccurate credit information, and wells fargo said they have stopped the fees and some of the errors were due to computer problems. >> costco credit card might their got worse, with the city card users receive cancellation notices leading to confusion. in some cases, they have received e-mails addressed to other people that contain the last four deaths of their account number and that raised concerns the accounts have been hacked. costco e-mails the aing ifed customer to disregard the e-mails. >> uber is russia pickupping off the idea of buying lyft telling
6:48 am
buy ares that it would not pay more than $2 billion to acquire the company, and the figure more than we have in our piggybacks is less than half the value others put on the company. reggie aqui and natasha zouves? >> interesting. we could not take our eyes off a live expedition happening right in our backyard, researchers worked to film the uss independence that is on the bottom the pacific ocean and this is 30 miles from half moon bay. two robot cameras covered the architect carrier to bring us the pictures and we sped up the second so you could see it docking in san francisco after a service but the carrier was damaged so the navy sang it with two torpedoes. you could be able to tell we are seeing a new home this morning along with you. >> we are excited about our new digs so here is a look at our
6:49 am
new digs. we will provide great coverage of the local steps that matter to you most. >> oops, i did not wave. >> how rude. here is a time-lapse with special music to share with you. >> we have been listening to that music all morning. mike nicco has fancy technology?
6:50 am
>> i do but most it is...over this. what i like is we have special keys and i can get up in your face, and i can check out the shoes. >> i can touch the sun. the shoes were the socks. we are ready to go. hopefully this will enhance the prosecution in all seriousness when we get interest winter we get into the rainy and floody ever develops and we will have the technology to go hive from twitter facebook and the or stuff for the latest information. we are having fun and it looks great it is very functional. i appreciate everyone who helped make this happen. >> now a beautiful sunrise in mount tam, it is just gorgeous. now, fast are sun and a warming trend. fewer clouds and cooler tone, and, look at that. felling like fall this weekend. the next six hours, we have nothing showing up on live doppler hd, the form of
6:51 am
measurable precipitation, and upper 70s fore most of the south bay and 80s in the usual spot and los gatos. the seven-day forecast shows this is where the biggest changes are taking place, we will get warmer tomorrow, and we will have drizzle on thursday morning, and that will signal an end to the warming trend, and you can see the cooling that will take place by the time we get to saturday and sunday, it will feel like fall with the 50's, sick, and a last -- a lot 70s. >> we have major trouble spots in the central valley, zooming in to westbound 580 in blast were, two separate issues. the semi fire, that has been cleared off to the side. we are hearing that. we still have another crash blocking the two right lanes and we have a sig-alert in the area and that will take you well over an hour if you are coming in from tracy this morning. an update, in fairfield, we were starting from an early flip vehicle at the 6 yet flip at the
6:52 am
cordelia junction push off to the shoulder and now we are hear we have a disabled vehicle back into the fairfield area and that is westbound 80 before highway 12 a transmission problem in the right lanes and that is not going anywhere any tomb soon. i have an update in a few. >> you have to see this video from washington state, so scary. an employee just gets out of 9 way from an s.u.v. this crashes right through this shoe store. the driver was trying to park. the driver hit the gas rather than the brake. the employee ended up with only a small cut and the driver and passenger are okay. >> back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know before you go. >> take us with you for breaking news and real time updates and personal east alerts.
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you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever.
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food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. >> good morning, whether you are just joining us or about do go out the door, the terrible fire out of chicago a man and three children including a three-month-old baby died in an early morning farm fire and mess are looking for the person they think set the fire intentionally. >> a former deputy timmy tri-has been arrested for assaulting an inmate at the lane main jail leaving him with a broken cheekbone, one of six arrested for inmate abuse. one inmate died.
6:55 am
>> undergraduate students at stand form will for longer be able to have hard alcohol at on-campus parties. beer and wipe of the only drinks allowed and breaking the rule could result in getting kicked out of housing. >> a spread today and we will jump to half moon bay to 90s as you head out to antioch and brentwood, but what you will notice this morning, clouds and more sunshine today and only limited bit of drizzle near the coast. >> looking at traffic, we have a sig-alert for the tri-valley if you are coming in through pleasanton, two split issues on westbound 580, one with the two right lanes down, and i had an early semi fire and a six mile backup stretching into livermore >> the consumer product safety commission is recalling 32 million wrist bans from mcdonald's that could burn the skin, coming days after mcdonald's stopped handing out the bands with the happy meals.
6:56 am
>> from pennsylvania, a date went horribly wrong, a man reportedly tried to impress a girl by jumping from rooftop to rooftop and fell and got stuck 22 buildings, and crews had to cut holes in the wall to get the machine out. but because he jumped, she needed to dump. >> i agree. >> it mas dipper and a money sound good. >> for simple people. see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, donald trump takes on hillary clinton and those thousands of new e-mails. saying she gave clinton foundation donors special treatment. >> the clintons made the state department into the same kind of pay-for-play operation. >> trump calling for a special prosecutor. terror attack in virginia. the fbi looking at this man accused of stabbing two people, possibly trying to bye head one. tropical threat. three systems brewing in the atlantic. the caribbean on alert as we hit peak hurricane season. missing tom. the patriots' star quarterback, nowhere to be found at preseason games or practice. even his teammates now questioning where he is just


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