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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 23, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> from abc7, breaking news. all the break buzz is in sonoma county, the fire department said that three people are dead in jenner after a truck plunged into the russian river. jenner is 30 miles west of santa rosa. highway 1 is closed near general are beach trail. c.h.p. is investigating the crash. we will keep tracking the breaking news with up-to-the-minute updates by enabling the push alerts. >> i am natasha zouves. >> i an kristen sze. hundreds of students are not shipping up for class at twoism schools today. the charter schools are wrestling with parental outrage and accusation of financial mismanagement. amy hollyfield is at three district offices with the developing story.
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amy? yes, an allegation is that the school forced a foreign exchange student to sit in the car as punishment because he refused to transfer to the stockton school. this is a very serious allegation and the u.s. said the offices are taking a lot culls from concerned parents. she said it has been emotional. >> a lost tears. a last stress. >> livermore superintendent said that about 400 parents have decided to pull their kid out of him's charter schools and put them in public schools. she said that some teachers have also called her worried because they have not received their retirement payment. >> we if meet 28 teachers who are very concerned from the charter school. they were worried about their paychecks and retirement payments. they are worried about their future. all the school has been investigated since february and
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are trying to get the school back on track. >> it is never in the best interests of student tent shut down a school. that is not a direction we want to go. we want temperature to fix the problem. all the problem according to the administrator include not paying rent, not paying teachers, and transferring foreign exchange students to stockton against their will. the last one has drawn the attention of prosecutors who are look into whether a crime occurred. >> my understanding is this is to be taken seriously. >> plenty of parents were returning kids to class. >> we have again law a lot in ten years and we made it through and we will make it this time. >> we asked the administration in it looks like the company running the charter school will fix the problem. author doing some positive things. it is not clear whether they will be financially viable.
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>> i asked what parents should stay, and he said it you is up to them you have to do what is best your for child. i reached out to the country that runs the charter schools for comment but i have not heard back. >> reporting live inism for abc7 news. >> more trouble today at the santa clara county jail. a former deputy is under arrest accused of astateing an inmate and could appear in court this loan. he admits kicking an inmate in 2015 but said it was in self defend. the inmate had a broken cheekbone. dri said he tried to grab inmate's leg and tri was forced to leave the department last night. he is the latest santa clara jail guard to be arrested. five other former deputies have been charged with betting inmates, one inmate, michael tyree, was killed. >> oakland express two people in custody suspected of attempting to carjack an s.u.v. on saturday. two people jumped out of the
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black car toward the s.u.v. parking along california street but they up successful. investigators say the same two people were caught on the same surveillance camera in april of last year stealing an 82-year-old woman's purse knocking her down and driving her a new feet with get away car. the woman suffered bruises but was okay. >> right now victims of sexual assault are staging a protest in the east bay after a teacher was arrested acauses of having a relationship with a teen. the 40 year old heather butts taught at st. elizabeth in oakland and was arrested in san bruno last welcome when someone the spot her acting inappropriately inside a car with the teen. she is out on bail with the first court appearance next month. >> the santa clara judge behind the controversial sentencing of a federal stanford swimmer is recusing himself from another sex case. the case involves a san jose man trying to get a child pornography conviction reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor. the judge persky filed a statement with the court saying
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some doubt he could be impartial. he made national headlines in june when he sentenced former stanford student brock turner to six months in jail for sexually assault an unconscious woman. in a statement turner in part blamed his actions on stanford's party culture." >> when stanford student arrive they will learn about a new alcohol policy, no hard alcohol will be allowed at on campus parties. this only puts students more at risk. our reporter is on stanford's campus. matt? >> with this new policy, stanford officials are focusing on hard 8:00 because of the potential for binge drinking as they tried to limit high risk behavior. >> stanford is quiet now, and summer school is out and the fall semester does not start for five weeks when students arrived they will know about change in the alcohol policy on campus. the head of student affairs sent a letter to new and returning undergraduates, the new policy
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banned hard alcohol at on-campus pairs with the, exception of pairs for graduate constitutes, beer is wine are the only alcoholic beverages undergraduates can serve as parties on campus. high volume distilled liquor containers, the big boughters are hard alcohol, are banned for all student in undergraduate housing. the dison alcohol use on campus started in march with stanford's president asking the community for solutions to change the culture around drinking in the midst of the high profile sexual assault case of former stanford swimmer brock itemmer. in a letter to the court, turner said his life was shattered by the party culture and risk taking behavior. he was sentenced to six months in jail. >> stanford law professor has been an outspoke were critic of the handling of case and sentencing. she feels the policy is going do push students to drink hard alcohol in private rooms potential increase the risk of alcohol poise oning and sexual assault. >> creating policy pushed the
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students to drink in private rooms with doors closed maybe aggressively pre-gaming and drinking as much alcohol as they can in private rooms, it actually create as situation of enhanced danger. >> according to the policy, in a student protects the rules they could face administration action. in the problem is ongoing they could be kicked out of university housing. >> the san jose police union is calling on the city to declare a state of emergency over the officer shortage. today, union plans to meet with the police chief and a city manager for a second state day and yawn members are hope an emergency declaration would lead to put more officers on the streets. we receive add copy of a letter from the city manager's office saying that in order to fully staff street patrols, 47 officers would need to be reassigned. an update from cal fire on the
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wildfire burning on the central coast, the chimney fire grew by another 4,000 acres overnight to 37,000 now and it is burning in steep terrain and it is threatening 1,800 structures including hearst castle. the mansion is now anations center. look at this photo you can see the only now plume of smoke covering the historic landmark with the fire burning now for 10 days. it is 35% contained. >> in san bernadino, crews have a 36,000 acre wildfire 100% contained. the blue cut fire destroyed 300 structures. 105 were homes. all evacuation orders have been lifted. residents are looking to rebuild. investigators are searching for a cause of the fire that broke out a week ago. >> five engines from san mateo county are now headed down to battle the cedar fire which has charred 19,000 acres south of
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sequoia national park 40 miles from bakersfield and only 5% contained after a week. communities in the area have been evacuate and crews are trying to keep the fire to crossing highway 155 closed through the area. >> in the bay area firefighters say they have nearly surrounded the clayton fire as of this morning it is now 96% contained. arsonist set the fire august 13. it has burned 4,000 acres and destroy 200 homes. >> democratic presidential nominee hillary clinton is in peed minute for a fundraiser. you can join the secretary of state and it will cost $33,000 to pose for a picture with hillary clinton. if you would like to join her at the reception, it is $100,000 per couple. the fundraisers is hours after she appear on jimmy kimmel last night and he teased her choice for vice president. >> donald trump?
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>> were you looking for someone who look like he jumped out of the front row of a jimmy buffett concert? >> someone who has been...a successful mayor, a governor --. >> all of those things but it is not too late to dump timmy and get jimmy on, you know what i am saying? >> the fundraiser is put on by apple c.e.o. tim cook. >> donald trump is campaigning in the lone star state but what is really getting attention is three canceled appearances two in battleground states, nevada and colorado. donald trump has canceled an upcoming event in oregon but still expected in las vegas later this week to participate in a round-table discuss on immigration which has been, of course, a hot but the top issue are for the campaign. >> love takes an unexpected turn. i will not believed what on a date that left romeo with wounded pride.
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>> before you plan your labor day get away, what to know. no homework? no problem. a teacher is on a mission to start a new trend this school year. >> good morning, you can see the sun is breaking through the cloud deck as we hook from the exploritorium camera. temperatures today are in the 50s at the coast to about 90 in clearlake and we will see that shrink headed to the weekend. i have some warmer weather for the
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>> we just got new video on a breaking news at the to which the shore in sonoma, the fire department said that three people are dead in general are after a were -- in jenner after a pickup plunged into the river. sky 7 was over the jenner beach trail where crews are searching the water for more people. the area is closed as the c.h.p. investigates the crash. we will continue to follow the story on air and online with breaking alerts and follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> in southern afghanistan, the united states military said that an american soldier has been killed by a ready side bomb. another united states service member was hurt along with six afghan soldiers and officials say their patrol was struck by a ready side bomb. attack is a day after united states officials announced 100 more american trips have been superintendent to help defend the city against taliban insurgents. in louisiana now, president
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obama is visiting flood ravaged baton rouge right now, this is a look at the president meeting with residents after he landed less than an hour ago. the president visited the areas affected by the massive understanding, and 60,000 homes were damaged. president obama faced it civil for not cutting his vacation short to make the tip sanner. >> part of the message is that the united states government and the american people are standing with the people of baton rouge as they rebuild the community. >> officials are in louisiana right now processing claims for the thousands of residents who have registered for help to replace what was lost. >> pennsylvania man is recovering after being stuck between two build, trying to impress his date trying to jump from one roof to another but ended up wedged between two buildings in a space that is only 15-17" wide and temperature three stories. they broke a hole through a
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restaurant but could not reach him. a medic was lowered down on a rope to get him out. he should be okay. physically okay...pride...wounded probably. >> so long to homework, a mantra from a texas teacher has students overjoyed and parents confused. >> the golden gate bridge is socked
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>> and now, the national safety council wants to be extremely careful with motor vehicle deaths were 9% higher in the first six months of 2016 than
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2015 and it is estimated 19,000 people have been killed on the united states roads since january. there are recommendations that could seem obvious but can save lives, make suren has your seatbelt buckles, designate a driver if you are partying, do not drive drowsy and stay off the cell phones. >> this morning we are waiting for an announcement from tesla on the next invention or develop president. the c.e.o. elon musk tweeted to want for tesla product announcement at noon today so we will keep you posted on what it is. and right after the model "s" and model "x" cars are available to lease for two years arrest nearly $600 monthly payments if you put down $7,200 by september 12. >> not the time to roll down the
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sunroof. >> wish i had a convertible. my birthday is coming up. >> that is true. >> and so is kristen, by the way. >> good morning, everyone, a look from emeryville and the clouds are starting to break a little bit. that will bring us nice sunshine and slightly warmer temperatures away from the cost in san francisco today and tomorrow. the clouds, the drizzle, they return on thursday and that will signal a change to the cooler as we head into the weekend and it will feel like fall. now, the cloud cover, you can see we are in the north bay, right through the heart of the bay and in the monterey bay socked in but the next hour they will thin out. temperatures are running in 630 in san francisco and half moon bay is 61. 67 in oakland and only 62 in santa rosa as the clouds pull out, and san jose is 68 and low-to-mid 70s inland east bay neighborhood. comfortable as you head through lunch. now, in sheets, below am as is most south bay mid-to-upper 70s at 78 in san jose, and
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the, exception is morgan hill, los gatos, and gilroy in the low-to-mid 80s. as we head up the peninsula we will see temperatures holding in the mid-to-upper 70s and millbrae is 67, loan cost up to 50s to low 60s and it will be breezy in san francisco and that is going to held our temperature to about 63 here, and even upper 50s in sunset and the marina. in the mill bay a last mid-to-upper 70s and napa is warmest at 80 and santa rosa is 78, four degrees warmer than yesterday. we have to watch out for the winds, small craft advisory is two hours earlier than yesterday and today it starts at 1:00 when they kick up at 24 to 38 miles per hour, and it is choppy and dangerous for the small are craft. breezy. in oakland. and same in berkeley and richmond, calmer and warmer low-to-mid 70s and at game tonight, address for 64 at 7:00, and 59 with increasing clouds as we round out the game at 10:00. parking on tuesday, mid-to-upper
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80s inland valleys of the east bay where it is steady in walnut creek and by 7:00, up more 50s along the coast and around the bay upper 60s, and mid-70s inland, more on our hottest day tomorrow, talking 50s at the coast, 70s and 80s elsewhere and we slowly cool back to temperatures below average, and that machines the cloud cover will be more dominant with drizzle on thursday and friday and some on saturday, too. >> back-to-school weather. >> good way to put it. >> speaking of back-to-school, a teacher in texas is trying identity a new policy: no homework. ever. listen to this, the letter was sent to the parents of the students and now going viral and she said after much research she would rather have the kids spent time doing things proven to el correlating with success such as dinner as a family and reading together. this are a few different reactions. >> they should have home work. it prepares them for her on.
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>> they spend all day in school and committee they have an hour of homework in 2nd grade? a bit much. >> of course, the kids are loving it. you do not want them to do busy work, but to explore, that is when creativity happens. >> mike was saying summer days are drifting away and the summer nights? police crewers are letting lose. >> on the wetlands embody the life-giving abundance that nature has to offer and perhaps more than any other organization, ducks unlimited is working to ensure that our continent's wetlands not only survive,
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but thrive. for generations well beyond this one. the time is now... to band together the time is now... to rescue our wetlands.
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>> coming up at 4:00, fascinating underwater expedition off the cost right here in the bay area. we will take you 2,600 feet underwater to look at the uss independence and tonight at 5:00, moms like me want to know how is it on back-to-school supply costs? we have ways to reduce the bill. >> and there are tunes to make your drive better, police troopers sang a classic hit "grease," by lip syncing. ♪ summer days ♪ summer nights ♪ well, well, well >> they got it down.
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the freeways randomly picked "some are nights," to sing along to and posted this video and it is going viral, and the troopers wanted to show they had personality and love to make people laugh. see you soon.
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>> hey, everybody. all this week, we're working to raise money for a very worthy charity, shriners hospitals for children, and i can't wait to give them a great big check. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to "millionaire." all this week, we're raising money for shriners hospitals for children. they are a wonderful charity that provides kids with life-changing medical care regardless of their family's ability to pay. every time a contestant gets to the $50,000 threshold, we're gonna make a donation of $10,000. [cheers and applause] plus, on friday, we're gonna have a very special guest with us who will donate all of their winnings to shriners hospitals for children as well, so it's gonna be a great week.


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