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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, east bay this is abc7 morning. >> good morning, it is august 24 , i amendment natasha zouves. >> i am regular. >> and we have alexis smith and mike nicco. >> you can see what going on with live doppler hd. necessity need for an umbrella. there could be mist the next couple of hours on the coast. from the pier 15, marine layer is 1,500'. the day planner is 55 to 61 through 7:00. 59 to 76, you need the sunglasses at noon.
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an average noon is 59 at the cost to 86 inland. we will look at next three days next. alexis? >> you we are okay, a couple of minor incidents in the richmond-san rafael bridge which is wide on. we have had blocking issues but not today so far. looking at our drive time, tracy to castro valley an hour and 11 minutes because of an elderly disabled vehicle. northbound 280 is green. >> we have breaking news from italy. dozens are people are dead after a 6.2 earthquake rocked the central mountain area of the country. not only was it deadly it has left buildings destroyed. it was is powerful it could be felt 100 miles away in rome. jessica is monitoring the updates as the sent for survivors continues. >> the death toll is 38 but this is an active search underway and i am monitoring that from the desk with imaging pouring in.
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this is a look where the center of the earthquake hit, you can see the buildings are destroyed, there are several search crews this right now on the ground. there are incredible images including a nun that survived check her phone and powerful video we are getting into our live desk right now, as well, and i want to point out someone to you, take a look at this give, wearing an apron, in the white shirt there. you can pay tax to him as he walks out of the ruins. he is okay. that is good news for the searchers this this morning. also, i want to show you some other images as you can see the people picking up peaces of the building trying to find any survivors. right now it is mid-afternoon for them. the 6.2 earthquake hit when people sleeping at 3:30 in the morning. this is been numerous powerful after shocks in the area
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>> we hear from the people who experience the earthquake. here is a womb who was stay with her family in the 200-year-old converted farmhouse 50 mimes from the were byst. >> my husband was shaken side to side in the bed and it continues for six or seven seconds after we woke up. our children were next door to us and they woke to the shaking and i checked to make sure they were okay. >> er family is okay, the family is still feeling the after shocks. >> happening today, it is the second anniversary of the napa earthquake and a new report addresses what happened to the 11 million in donations. amy hollyfield is in napa with the next step. >> look behind me, a last progress to show you here in
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napa, look at this new construction, the beautiful brand new looking building here, the alexander building on 2nd street in downtown, and now look at what it looked like two years ago after the earthquake struck, a 6.0 earthquake that struck at 3 2:00 in the only on sunday. the shaking was strong and lasted 10-20 seconds, depend on the location. 200 people were hurt. and one person died. damage was estimated in the hundreds of millions. donations poured in, including $10 million from napa wineries, so the napa valley foundation was formed, a community foundation, to handle the money. now the foundation is reporting how the money was spent. the napa valley register is reporting the foundation gave $5.4 million in cash to 1,300 earthquake victims and $1.1 million want to local nonprofit agencies. nearly $hull,000 for community preparedness including reinforce
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ing mobile homes. neither going do put $2 million aside to have it ready to go for the next disaster that happens. the recovery is not complete, look look at the picture of the historic building in downtown still under construction and fenced off, they still have 50 build, red tagged in napa so the recovery is not complete but a last regular to report. >> thank you, amy, we are expected to leadership more of the san jose police department arrested during a gang sweep. three is identified at derrick antonio accuses of sharing sensitive information with gang members. the snuck is scheduled for 3:00, with san jose police chief garcia and representatives from the fbi and d.e.a. >> a federal teacher is accused of having sex with a teen he tutored will appear in court. thomas reeves had sex with a
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15-year-old girl from october of 2015 to april of this year. this is not the suspect's first brush with the law. back in 2002 reeves was arrested in sacramento in a sting operation after police say he tried to set up a date with a it will-year-old girl. he is a registered sex offender. the campaign continues to fine housing for 82-year-old twins, homeless, sharing a van in sonoma and living out of the van. here is more on the story that has moved so many of us. >> at 82, the twin sisters, sandra and tanya have spent a lifetime caring for others. >> our job when we came into the universe was to help other people. >> tanya said she has been an the world as a personnel nurse for hollywood stars like myrna couple of becomes, they spent most of their adult life apart
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but recently sandra decided to care for her twin after tanya had a brain injury. the pair are happy to being to again but their live space is cramp, they share a white conversion van. >> this is your home? that is it. >> each night tanya gets front seat. >> i was on tour for so man areas you get used to sleeping anywhere. >> sandra tries to stretch out in the back. their friend has watched them live like this for two months and decided to do something. >> i can hope. i can get a place for them. i have only been looking for, i started the government site three weeks ago. >> she a real estate broker and will cosign a lease to security rental but g will pay for deposits and moving costs. the sister's modest retirement is enough for rent. >> it would be nice to have a bed. >> absolutely. it has been a long road for the two.
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hopefully, it will be easier. in sonoma for abc7. >> now, a look at the gofundme page right new they are up to $4,200. they are looking to get $10,000 which is the follow. the money will be used to opinion for deposits and moving costs. >> now the word "extreme," is the changes in the chimney fire which has burned 39,000 acres. of evacuation orders trend in effect and hearst castle is closed until sunday because of the fire. 52 buildings have burned and 2,000 others trend at risk. the fire is 35% contained this morning. the firefighters have 30% containment on the fire burning in suburb bra county, the soberanes first in monterey county is at secretary% and firefighters have full containment on san bernadino county's blue curt fire that destroyed 300 buildings, a third
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of homes. >> judge will make a field trip visiting a hotel in oakland to see for himself in the conditions are as bad as described in a lawsuit. this is a building, a 3 unit residence hotel with mostly chinese residents as i grants. when we visited the hotel last week this were only two working toilets, one shower, and one common kitchen. again, 30 units there. the building own are said they are making repairs as quickly as possible is deny trying to push current residents out in favor of higher paying tenants. >> a move to then out traffic in mill valley, according to the marin i.j. there is a trial for student whose attend mcgwire and strawberry point elementary. the two way passes for the morning and afternoon cost $588 and when way past is $300. families eligible for the free and reduced lunch program will
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get half off. the goal is to reduce the amount of cars on the road during the commute time. >> now, good morning to the south bay we are start with you, clouds are rolling in, temperatures in the upper 50s to let sick, and the rest of the neighborhoods, we have low 60s around newark and redwood city and mid-to-upper 50s elsewhere and novato and san pablo and danville at 56, and we have san carlos at 58, and san francisco is 57, and 58 is mostly cloudy on the peninsula and that includes sfo, any arrival delays i will let you know. on the water today, watch out for breezy and choppy conditions this afternoon, and swimming is great inwhat 80s and 90s, and the batches, the clouds are stubborn but when is it that it a good day at beep. walnut creek is mostly clear. and 56. lacking south on 680. temperatures are going to peak inland today and ever so slowly
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fall. the rest of us will not fall so rapidly, but when we come back we will look at the welcome forecast and our microclimates. if you like a change, you will like what you see. alexis? >> good morning, we are okay traffic wise this morning. over all, anyway. looking outside at the golden gate bridge very light volume with the zipper truck through. more room on the southbound side, driving conditions are good this morning. over all, we are seeing a lot of green on the traffic maps, and we got word of a new problem on the peninsula, southbound 280, the vehicle hit the center divide and the driver called authorities to say he fell asleep at the wheel and did not hit any other vehicle. he'll on okay they run a traffic break to get the vehicle to the right shoulder but i don't think that will an beg problem. we have delays from the central valley, and we will look at that in less than ten minutes. >> tesla is feeling the need for
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sped. coming up, what they are adding to the model "s" sedan to make it faster than a ferrari. >> a man who spent 25 years in prison for a crime he did not commit celebrates the first night of
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♪ >> berkeley police are searching for two men suspected of stealing and damaging property at the library back in june 23rd. the library has closed for the
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night. investigators have not said what they are accused of vandalizing. >> this is the damage of a man swinging a golf club at west oakland bart station. bart police arrested the man they believe smashed windows along the stairway yesterday. a report said he also swung at a train but it wasn't damaged. the attack disrupted service at west oakland for about 30 minutes. >> tesla is creating a new battery to make it the fastest expensive. here is jonathan bloom with the details. >> it was year ago that tesla aminutessed the top-end models get an upgrade to ludicrous speed. now it is getting even more ludicrous. >> my gosh. >> c.e.o. elon musk announced a
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new battery capable of taking it from 0 to 60 in 1.2 seconds with a range of 270 miles but the new version goes 315 on a battery charge from san francisco local to los angeles. tesla said it is the fastest car in production in the same deal as $1 million vehicles. it brings the cost of two models to $130 million. so the let charging the better and more excite about the 315 miles. >> a it gets this in but can you not temperature the difference it is just show off but it is impressive. >> one owner is salivating. >> i get less than 100 miles a day. >> osama bin laden said the pricey model will pay for the launch of the new economic a.m. model 3. >> what we care most about now is getting mass market affordable electric vehicles out there for millions of people. all the model 3 will ship next
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year. >> there are new developments in the social needia story between riceman and oakland raiders on monday we showed underwood asking her out on a date using video chap and she said "yes." >> he is very quiet. >> you know who he is? >> i would go on a date with him. >> yes, of course, the team had fun at raiders practice. >> lonely feeling going out there on the him i am happy for him. she made a good decision saying yes because he is a good day the. >> we have a celebrity in our midst. it is amazing how things get traction. >> underwood said that he will be in the bay area next month so the love story is to be continued...and we will track it >> cute couple. >> they are. they have not even met.
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>> we are already setting their wedding date. >> we will see how it looks outside. >> maybe he can do the super bowl ring to go with her medals. >> i expect big things from the raiders this year. >> from south beach across the bay bridge you can see how clear it is. i expect the clouds to lower the next hour or so. then they will go away by noon but for the coast they will be warmer, and more clouds tonight, so patchy fog is jump starting the cooling trend lasting through the weekend. we have breezes in the same area but that is a 2:00 to 10:00. want out on the bay water. in the south bay, mid-to-upper 70s until you get to santa clara south through san jose and gilroy, low-to-mid 80s, and low-to-mid 70s from millbrae and san mateo and money 70s for the rest peninsula and low-to-mid 60s interest downtown san francisco, and through the north bay we have upper 70s to let 80s, and long the east bay shore a lot low-to-mid 70s and as we head into our inland neighborhood we
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have temperatures that are running in the upper 80s to nearly nine. so you could need air conditioning near antioch and brentwood. this is one of our warmest days the cool be trend starts tomorrow and you will notice it this weekend. >> we are off to a quiet start in marin as usual, and looking light, 101 if you are coming in through the san rafael area, not many vehicles on the sob side. over on the track map never that light of a commute out of the central valley, through the altamont pass, and we have a small issue this morning 45 minutes ago a disabled vehicle cleared at north gasoline road and it was enough to slow us down and at look at rave time, much more heavy than usual this type of day, westbound 580 tracy to dublin up to an hour and 2012 minutes, usually we are still under an hour at this point in the day. plan on the extra drive time if you are heading out the door. we will look at the south bay in less than 10 minutes. >> in "first look," amazing
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story of survival. a florida teen has fully recovered from a brain eating in? >>guest: that is nearly 100% fatal. >> in this morning's first look 16-year-old is recovering from the unthinkable: a rare and deadly brain-eating disease that kills 97% those infected. all the family when they came to me i had to toll them to stay goodbyes. they expected he may have been exposeed in a fresh water lake around august 3rd. the teen was admitted four days later and placed in a medicalally induced coma for a week. >> we woke hill up. >> there have been 13 cases in the united states between 1962 and 2015. he is only the 4th to survive. coming up at 7:00 a. we will have more on this rare brain
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infection. >> modern technology has freed an innocent man convict evidence murder and rape 25 years ago, anthony wright walked outside prison yesterday. the innocence project sent out this photo of wright and his attorney. the d.n.a. evidence cleared him in the death after woman in 1991 during a retrial, he used to prove the closes that the philadelphia police say he wore were not his, evidence identified the real killer who now is dead. >> next we will share the seven things you need to know as you start the day. >> the danger in the water that had this seal jumping to safety. >> little league coach goes to the mound during the game but it was more emotional than most.
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number one, the big story this morning is a powerful, that hit italy has killed at at least 38 people. rescue operations have been going on for hours as crews look for survivors. >> the authority bay is marking two years since the devastating 6.0 earthquake hit napa area, 60s buildings were red tagged still because of earthquake damage. leaders are working to be prepared better next disaster. >> this is a news conference in san jose to discuss the arrest of one of their own officers. derrick antonio is accuses of passing information to vietnamese street gang being investigated. >> san francisco police are keeping a closer cry on twin peaks after more tourists were robbed there. someone threatened two men with a gun on monday night. no arrests have been paid. >> five, we will look at the weather window off to a cloudy start but dry. temperatures running in the 50s and as we head into the afternoon hours we will look at
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temperatures running from the 60 at the cost to the 90s inland. >> we got a new crash for san mateo drivers, southbound we we before you get to third avenue, two-car crash blocking two right lanes with an update, and another new crash in the fairfield area come up in a few minutes. >> security cameras caught part of a sidewalk cave in on the shoppers in a chinese city. it happened without any watching. several people were swallowed by the sing hole. two of them were seriously injured. >> tomorrow is the 100 anniversary of the national park service. to celebrate add in session free to all national parks through the weekend. there are 27 national parks california including yosemite, muir woods, alcatraz and presidio. tomorrow and running through sunday all of the national parks entrance fees are waived. however, not everything is flow, for example, the ferry ride to
5:26 am
alcatraz is still paid for. >> look at this video: a smart little seal who is hitching a ride with whale watchers in canada and doing this to escape a pod of orcas. the seal just: saw the danger, got on the boat is said, fought today. the whales surfaced again, so you do not see the seal being tossed an by the whales before it was rescued on deck. after 45 minutes the seal want off. so it got on the boat and said, no, i prefer it here. >> wails were playing with the seal. >> i guess the seal felt differently. >> a pet talk is daying the stare yes talk of little league dad. listen as he talks to his son who is pitching. >> i love you. as a dad.
5:27 am
you are doing awesome. one more is your last hitter. >> that is in bend, oregon, the coach talked to his son during a game at the world series which now is underway. he responded to his dad's positive emergency because he got the next bat are out. organize woman 6-2. you can see the little league world series championship game on sunday at noon right here. we have another 90 minutes of news including details on an effort to ditch daylight saving time in california. anew video of the bay area visit by hillary clinton how she interracted with supporters outside a high priced event. >> breaking news, jessica castro is next with new details on the effort to fine survivors
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>> good morning, bay area.
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let's get going. this is abc7 morning. >> almost 5:30. it is mike nicco! [ inaudible ] >> i am mike nicco, the meteorologist at abc7 news. good morning, natasha and reggie . we will move on and get you some nice news and weather and devastating news, unfortunately, this morning from the mother land, for me, from italy. now, what is going on with live doppler hd you can see it is quiet out there. what we will see as we head influence the morning a last cloud cover from our exploritorium camera, we will put our day planner up there and you can see we are in the mid-to-upper 50's and by noon in the 50s at 4:00 along the coast, and 60s to 70s from noon to 4:00, away the bay and 70s to 80s inland neighborhood. now, what we will see as we head into the next couple of days a
5:31 am
necessary cooling friend, if you want it to physical like fog? i fry to get that. >> first on the roads, back to san mateo we had a two-car crash blocking the two right lanes on southbound 101 and at third avenue, it sounds like it is pushed to the shoulder but we have a new crash to talk about in vacaville, so, westbound 80, you can see filling in at mason, we have four vehicles involved in this crash, one spun around facing the wrong way blocking the two last lanes and an update coming up in a few. >> this morning we continue to follow [ news from the central italy area. a deadly 6.2, hit last night and inwiths are describing what they want through. >> we felt like the body was on rollers and we respect out the bay area where this is a big chandelier that was swaying back-and-forth. >> jessica is franking latest
5:32 am
from the d.c. jessica? the news is that central italy felt a 4.9 magnitude after shock. i am monitoring the images from the central italy area where the 6.2 magnitude earthquake hit. you can see the rescuers on hand and the buildings destroyed. the aftershocks have been feeling but 38 are dead after deadly en. this image of the witness shows where the aftershocks are hitting in central italy and i mentioned that 4.9 earthquake on the knowledge of your screen you can see the earthquake just came in but i also point out to you where this after shock is hitting, and as they zoom into the map, this big one is where the epicenter was. you can see the earthquakes surround the area. i want to show you part of our website where we are tracking
5:33 am
all of the very latest and bringing you images working to get you the latest images and nervous online. also, some of the statements from the mayor of that area where amatrice was hit the hardest skying "the town is in more." that is from the live desk and i will continue to monitor the images. there are a lot of survivors, thankfully, being rescued but the death toll is at 38. >> facebook has activated safety check feature for users in the italy earthquake zone, letting people mark themself as "safe," on their page and you can see a list of friends who also are marked as "safe." type safety check into the seven bar to find it. >> we are getting new information moment by moment. we have continuing coverage with details on-line as they come in
5:34 am
and can you follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> in myammar a powerful 6.earthquake has struck and this map shows the epicenter of the state at 15 miles of the of chalk with shaking felt several hundred miles away in bangkok and the u.s. geological survey said there was a depth of 52 miles. this is the first video we are we seeing. a canadian professor advancing in country has just left a temple moms before the earthquake struck. he said that the earthquake toppled part of the temple and this this is significant damage. so far, there is no word on casualties or injuries. >> the earthquakes come as we mark the second anniversary today of the 6.0 earthquake napa earthquake. residents are still weaponing with the impact from the 2014 earthquake. the build, in napa are red tagged and 25 other structures were desteroid.
5:35 am
1,400 earthquake victims received $5.5 million in cash payments, and city federals have decided to put aside $2 million for the next disaster or american. >> a san jose police officer is on the other side of law this morning, arrested by his fellow men and women in blue. they say he was providing intelligence to gang members as part of a bigger sweep called operation gang of thrones, and matt keller is at police headquarters. matt? >> good morning, san jose police chief garcia and representatives from the d.e.a. and f.b.i. will be holing a press conference as 3:00 this afternoon, they will be discussing the arrest of the san jose police officer. this is another hit to a department that is suffering from lore morale. the san jose police department was targeting a vietnamese criminal gang, operation gang of lens, and investigator say the gang is believed to be involved in numerous crimes including assault, drugs gam billioning
5:36 am
and public corruption much search warrants were served in homes and businesses. he is a 9 1/2-year veteran of lived. the officer is identified as derrick antonio accuses of sharing sensitive information with gang members. he was backed into the santa clara jail on five felony couples of unauthorized computer access and aingly any of accessory after the fact. we checked the jail records and it shows that antonio is now out of custody. >> thank you, matt. new this morning, police in daly city are investigating an overnight shooting that left a man critically hurt. it happened at 12:30 this morning near hillcrest drive. the victim was in his 20. he was shot in the stomach and taken to san francisco general where he underwent surgery. police are investigating what could is already up to the shooting. >> people living in the tight night community of general are reeling from the death of two
5:37 am
june sisters after a pickup truck afternoon drove off highway one and plunged into to russian river yesterday in jenner. sarah markus was driving her two daughters four years old and six-year-old when the scar kid on the pavement and want into the water. people living in the area say this stretch of road is dangerous. >> a guardrail would be a great help to hopefully stop any cars from going over the edge. you can see how steep it s cars go straight into the water. when this is a heavy mist it is slippery. >> the game's mother broke the truck witnesses to try and save them but the vehicle sank before anyone could reap them. >> grief counselors and therapy dogs are onhand at the school today. >> a san francisco shoe shine man and his assistant are in critical condition this morning after a taxi bailed into their stand on market street.
5:38 am
the 66-year-old has been sleeping shoes in the city since 1999. yesterday afternoon, he and his assistant were working at the stand near the montgomery bart station elevator when to happened. though were hit. a woman who works at a jewelry stand 4' away saw everything. heard a crash. and the old man was flying into the air like a movie. >> police are investigating the cause including the possibility that the cab driver has a medical emergency. >> hillary clinton will be fundraising today. she has opened up a huge lead in virginia with 16 points head of trump after being tied in may. last night she stopped to snap photos with supporters some of who waited two hours for a look.
5:39 am
one said it was worth the wait. there is a fundraiser today and one tonight with apple c.e.o. >> donald trump is in florida and mississippi and in texas yesterday called hillary clinton a bigot saying she only sees community of colors as votes. donald trump told the crowd this border security is the most vital issue and at a townhall meeting suggested he is open to softening laws dealing with people in the united states illegally. >> now the trust with mike nicco. >> i thought we would start on the peninsula and tell you the temperatures under clouds. we are going from 54 in daly city to 61 in redwood city and menlo park. around the rest of our neighborhoods, we are mainly in the my 50s to increasely 60 with a 60 in san jose, fremont, oakland, 62 in los gatos, 61 at palo alto and 57 in san francisco. now, we will look at what is going on in oakland today, your average high is 74 degrees, we will get up to 71 after the 2:00 hour, and if you are head the
5:40 am
out at lunch, 56, and 59 at 6:00, in the evening, it will be 66 degrees. as far as what will happen the next couple of days, we will look at the green, yellows and oranges, 60s and 70s and 80s, and antioch is warm at 91, and that is it. we will be 90s tomorrow but, notice, the bay is cooling tomorrow and we go from the my 60s down and the low 60s in san francisco and as we head into friday, the warmth even retreats inland neighborhoods. coming up next we will look at your forecast for saturday, sunday, and a's fans, stick around. a last sunshine at the coliseum and traffic? >> a lot to get to on the roads. i will start off with an update on the san mateo crash, on southbound 101, before you get to third avenue, we still have green traffic flows and not causing major delays, and all haves involved have been pushed to the right shoulder but we have a fire orange ingive them
5:41 am
room and they are block off the far right lane. also, vacaville has a crash involved three or four vehicles westbound 80 before allison drive. they are work on get the vehicles pushed to the right shoulder right now, and still some emergency response and a backup. there are reports that we could have either a collision or a disabled vehicle westbound 80 near the tunnel and we will look at that and obviously we have congested traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. another update to a few minutes. >> a city council member was booked on suspicion of domestic violence, early yesterday morning. a woman showed up at the police department and told officers that she was involved in a domestic violence incident with christina, her fiance. police investigationed and arrested him. he posted the $25 bail and release yesterday afternoon. >> civilian police say they
5:42 am
keeping a closer eye on twin peeks after two more tourists were robbed injurying the city views. no arrests have been made will ifing the incident when a man threatened two men with a gun and this is the latest in a string of problems on twin peaks in the last year. in january, purse snatchers person per sprayed a tourist, and in december, two people beat and robbed an 81-year-old man. >> the bart delay many of you experienced yesterday may have been because of this give: he robbed a united states bank in lafayette at 4:00 in the afternoon, and bart service was interrupted as authorities scoured the area at first street and mount diabolo. fess are still searching for him and it is not clear how much money he got away with. a new kind of clean for a stinky problem on bart, but it will not quit, with a tactic unleashed near you. >> and action an opponent is
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5:45 am
abc7 morning, all morning. >> activists scale for removal of judge persky connected to the stanford sexual assault scandal. we were outside the state building in june when a group gathered demanding justice for sentencing former stanford swimmer brock turner to only six months in jail for assaulting an
5:46 am
unconscious woman after he recued himself from another sex crimes case. he was supposed to go before persky to get the felony bumped to a misdemeanor. another judge will hear the case. >> no other judge gives less than six months, and in other judge invited the defendant to come back for a misdemeanor. >> this is a look at giant pink slips that activists will have at a rally in san francisco this morning. the reason for the termination says protecting perpetrators, not survivors. >> california is a step closer to helping their tax on tampons and pads, with a bill headed to the governor's desk adding them to a list of necessities like food and prescription medicines. the bill is fundamentally about gender equality and the assembly passed it yesterday with strong support from the democrats and republicans but the senate approved it last week and now the governor has signaled he intends to sign the measure. in so it will take effect next
5:47 am
year. >> the push to dump day light saving types has failed. the california state senate fell four votes short of placing that initiative on the ballot. on pops say putting california four hours behind the east coast is an issue for businesses. senator ted gaines has million next week get lawmakers to containing their mine. >> now, the smelly bart elevators, they double as public toilets sometimes, and according to the agency they have a new but unconventional trick their sleeves: bacteria eatingen disciples. bart plans to spray then disciple down elevator shafts once an hour. the station is the guinea pig for that and if it wore it will be rolled out in downtown san francisco. they will still add urine resistant floors to elevators by
5:48 am
april. >> $1.6 million is being spent to make through an avenue through berkeley is more accessible to those with disabilities. the state will wide were the sidewalks and make sure curbs are wheelchair accessible at stat -- at shattuck avenue. >> new, mike nicco how is the weather? >> we will start with a look at 87 near the shark tapping. you can see it is mostly cloudy in san jose but nothing is falling from the clouds at 57 degrees. my highlights for this forecast cycle, we will have an average summer day. cloud rolling back and temperatures warming up seasonal levels. the clouds and the drizzle are more likely tonight, and that will signify the beginning of a very minor cooling trend as we head into the weekend. the next six hours, in need for the umbrella and maybe a little mist loan the confident but this
5:49 am
is it. we will look at the fog forecast and watch how rapidly it rolls back, and it doeses there during the afternoon hours and we see how it affects temperatures in the south bay where we are become to am with a lot of low-to-mid 80s until sunnyvale and santa cruz and low-to-mid 70s and up the peninsula, clouds to sunshine, and 722 in san mateo, and half moon bay is 64. law san francisco, breezy in the afternoon, sunshine on bay, a last low-to-mid 60s and in the not by from patchy fog to sunshine this afternoon, and mid-70s to lowity, and loan the east bay sure, most of us in the low-to-mid 70s below average inland east bay, upper 80s to low 90. my seven-day forecast of with you know it we are 5- to 10-degrees cooler and it is the weekend. alexis? >> not so great on the roads with self insurance continues it -- we have several incidents in bake valley. three to four car crash.
5:50 am
one vehicle is spun out facing the long way. it is in the process are being pushed to the right surely. this is before you good it to allison drive. that is a two mike backup. we heard of a potential problem westbound 80 on the bay bridge around tunnel the i can see the yellow at treasure island. you are slow through the bay bridge toll plaza. we still have far right lane block southbound 101 in san mateo before third avenue. due to another crash. >> seven 15 has a tip when you travel overseas and you should anyway pay with a dollar traveling in england. >> and the first evidence that the soda tax is doing the job intended to do. >> steph curry making major moves wit
5:51 am
5:52 am
♪ sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. only at a sleep number store.
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>> berkeley soza tax could be working. the penny per ounce tax said some of the low income residents are switching do water the study was push accomplished that show as 21% decline in consumption since the tax want into affect march last year. researchers interviewed people in low income areas where obesity and diabetes rates are higher, and increased prices had a greater impact on purchasing patterns. the american beverage association said that this is no indication that the tags has a measurable impact on public health. >> speaking of that, the american heart association just released new guidelines regarding sugar consumption. now it ises children between the aims of two and 189 consume no more than six teaspoons of add sugar a day and children younger than two should not consume
5:54 am
foods or drinks with added somethings at all. starting in july of 2018 food product solve in the united states must list the amount of added sugar on the nutrition panel and i should add that a can of coke has nine teaspoons and mountain dew which is more than you should have. a day. >> presidents of people are tired of trying to catch the together man after dropping from 45 million playing to 30 president last week according to analysis from capital managements. the drop off was expected. do not expect manage position to disappear. right now, it is still number one in google's play store and i checked 11 in apple's app store. >> steph curry is expanding his are fill in the technical woman and now is a partner and the new face press play, a digital media
5:55 am
start-up that offers video of steph curry to continues in china. he already co-foundered slyce a network with a former college teammate and he is an we vestor in kochup a startup that lets parents book private cops for third kids. and his emoji a collage of emojis for smart fans -- phones. mike nicco? >> good morning. we have another beautiful sunrise developing on mount a.t.m. -- on mount tamalpais. i could not get it on solve media yesterday. now, what will happen, concord is 87. average. san jose is 83. a degree below average. oakland and san francisco and san rafael and redwood city at three to five degrees below average. for the a's forecast, 66 to 68 degrees. you will need the sunscreen with winds at 10-15 miles per hour.
5:56 am
alexis? >> the bay bridge toll plaza we had a possible problem an the continue knell but it was not officially reported to c.h.p. now we hear on the far right side we have a minor commission involving a motorcycle rider and a stopped vehicle. looking at our other blocking issue this morning, is north of the fairfield area on westbound 80 before you get to allison drive, three or four car crash that has been punished to the showers and storms now and ewing our speed indication tool, it is stop and go at 18 miles per hour. we will look at our drive times in a few. >> an artist is make progress on the public art project in san leandro called "truth is beauty," that will be a 55' stadium sculpture of a naked woman. right now you can see the legs and most of the torso. we checked on it and only the feet and legs have been installed and the sculpture is located near the san leandro
5:57 am
bart station the artist hops the sculpture sparks a conversation about humanity of women. >> a new report on the staggering number of guns confiscated at perk's airports, after the t.s.a. collected 81 firearms at check points last week. 70s were loaded. 31 had a round in the chamber. 1,900 have been seized this career so far this is eight a day. >> this is a watching for iphone 6 and 6 plus your 15 could suddenly stop working. >> today is the anniversary of napa. how the city is doing two years later. >> breaking news in italy the search for survivors from a large earthquake that rocked the country.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> this is abc7 news. >> remaining up on can a.m., it is wednesday, august 24. i am natasha zouves.
6:00 am
>> i am reggie aqui. >> we have jessica castro and meteorologyist, mike nicco, and alexis smith. owe newest member over here. >> how does it look? >> nice. we have cloud cover. a little bit of fog around petaluma. you can see on live doppler hd it is dry. the marine layer is gorgeous picture this morning from our east bay hills camera. use this to talk about day that is unfolding with should cover and 55 to 61 at 7:00. sunshine inland around the bay and not at cost at noon, 76 inland, and average this afternoon at 59 at the coast to 86 inland and heading out this evening, 76. >> here is alexis. >> westbound bay bridge toll plaza when you are through the toll plaza, it will take a while as you can see we are back up into the maze this morning, but there is a minor collision on right happen


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