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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 24, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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meteorologyist, mike nicco, and alexis smith. owe newest member over here. >> how does it look? >> nice. we have cloud cover. a little bit of fog around petaluma. you can see on live doppler hd it is dry. the marine layer is gorgeous picture this morning from our east bay hills camera. use this to talk about day that is unfolding with should cover and 55 to 61 at 7:00. sunshine inland around the bay and not at cost at noon, 76 inland, and average this afternoon at 59 at the coast to 86 inland and heading out this evening, 76. >> here is alexis. >> westbound bay bridge toll plaza when you are through the toll plaza, it will take a while as you can see we are back up into the maze this morning, but there is a minor collision on right happen side so we will
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someone around to the last. heavy drive time, westbound 580 tracy to dublin is an hour and nine minutes. it started with a disabled vehicle early today. antioch to conquer is 22 minutes. southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco in the ideal let at 18 minutes. >> breaking news from italy a 6 6.2 magnitude earthquake caused extensive damage in amatrice. many are trapped. jessica is tracking the story. >> i have boat look from the area, with live images, the death toll right now is standing at 38, but we expect it to go up. also, i am with a seismologist with the u.s. geological survey, said damage could be in the billions. a lot of this is riceless. this is brand if you video we
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have just gotten in, the last few minutes, a huge building completely destroyed. italy has the old build, and infrastructure which makes the country beautiful but the ages of the building is making the destruction widespread. here are survivors because we have seen a last these images, as well, this is video of a woman and her dog being rescued and another thing to note: the epicenter is in a rural area in central italy where people know each other, there is a long family lineage and cruise are calling people by name, so incredible stories coming in through the morning, and 2,500 people are displaced right now and the number could be on low end. i will keep my eye on developments. >> so were destruction. we are now hearing from the people would responsed the
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earthquake. here is a woman staying with a family in the 200-year-old converted familiar house. 50 miles from the epicenter. >> my husband and i work up being shaken from side to side in the bed is how it felt. it continues for six or seven seconds after we woke up. our children were in the next room and our immediate reaction was wait until it dies down and make sure they were okay. >> it would have been quite scary. her family is okay and they still feel the after shocks. >> it is the second anniversary of the napa earthquake and a new report addresses what happened to the $11 million in donations that poured in the amy hollyfield is in napa with the next step. >> part of plan is to set money aside for next disaster. recovery is expensive and take as while the look at the old courthouse, still fenced off at
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2nd and brown. they still have not started construction. still needing to repair the old building. a coffee shop owner on brown street between 2nd and 3rd said it feels like it has been long are than two yours. his shop shut down for three months after the earthquake and with the courthouse still not repaired cross the street he said the recovery of the has felt a bit slow at times and in some areas. >> been a long-term -- long time. a long-term. the street just opened from two years ago it has been long. but we are a good town and doing well. >> according to the napa valley register here is where the napa community allocate donations $5.4 million to 1,3 victims. $1.1 million to although nonprofits and $800,000 to community preparedness including
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reinforceing mobile homes. that is where they spend the money but they have decided to is the aside $2 million to have it ready to go in the event of another disaster. >> a third person has been arrested in the death of a san francisco hopeless man. according to the police they tracked down a 19-year-old woman yesterday in flag staff, arizona, as she posted a message on social media that gave away her location. she and nicky williams and steven billingsly are accused of beating a man over three-day period accuses of dumping the body if a pend at golden gate park. the prosecutor say the motive was street justice because the suspect believed williams inpresently touched himself near children at the park. she is interested to be extradicted back to san
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francisco. >> we are expected to learn more of the san jose police officer arrested during a ban sweep. our media partner identified the officers at derrick antonio accused of sharing sensitive information with significant members and faces six felonies. the news conference is scheduled for 3:00 with san jose police chief and representatives from the f.b.i. and day. -- d.e.a. >> a former future accused service having sex with a student he tutors will appear in court. police say thomas rebounds had sex with a 15-year-old from october of 2015 until april of this year. back in 2002, reeves was arrested in sacramento in a sting operation. he tried to set up a date with a 12-year-old girl. reeves is a registered sex offender. >> a businesswoman is leading an effort now to find housing for 82-year-old twins. the twins have lived in this
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white conversion van for three months. a friend who happens to be a real estate broker started a gofundme page to help pay for rental. the sisters are approvive of the support and trying to get used to the media attention their story has received. >> wherever we go, people take our picture and i am thing, lord do i have makeup on? i hate that. >> typical woman. >> usually i say that. >> slowly by surely we are watching the gofundme total go up, in fact an hour ago it has jump $75 and they are now at $4,275 which will be used for deposits and moving expenses. >> caltrain is using the word "extreme," to describe the changes in the claim any fire. evacuation orders are in effect at hertz california. 52 buildings have been burned
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and 2 the others at risk. the fire is 35% contained. alameda superior court judge will visit a hotel in oakland to see for himself in the conditions are as bad as described in a lawsuit. look at this, the building is a 30 unit residency hotel primarily chinese immigrants police officer there. when we visited the hotel last week this were only two working toilets be one shower, and one common kitchen. the building owners say they are making repairs as quickly as possible and they deny trying to push current residents out to get higher paying tenants in. >> an effort to ease the morning commute in the north bay and how your kids can get involved. >> dramatic rescue effort in southernal and a person was saved when
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>> the forecast with mike nicco. >> it is hump day at 6:11. opening the weather window the cloud cover is still there, not unexpected but more dry than yesterday and it was expected. mid-50s to 60s along the east bay shore and your neighbor, san francisco, 57, san jose is 61, concord is 2357, and
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albany at 5 in novato and napa. san rafael, watching fog around petaluma and has not made it here. breezy and choppy on water. if you are swimming, warm inland and stubborn clouds at bops. over the next these days you can see it is going do cool ever-so-slightly on thursday into friday. i will have the weekend forecast next. >> the roads this morning, starting to calm down for a while we had a couple of serious issues but they are in the clearing establishes. westbound 80 bake valley before allison drive all of the vehicles involved in the crash, three or four totals pushed to the right shoulder. the backup is thinning. it is now 40 miles per hour average. it was 18 minutes. okay in the south bay. 280 at highway 17, no mocking -- blocking issues. the drive times are coming up in ten minutes. >> the federal government is
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you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. >> all new, all morning. an injured hiker in southern california was pulled to safety in a dramatic night rescue.
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the fire department located the hiker and helped him to a spot where a helicopter could pull him up. this happened in west hills. this is no word on the hiker's condition. >> ed ifen technology helped tree an innocent man convicted of murder and rape 25 years ago. anthony wright walked out of philadelphia prison yesterday. the innocence project tweeted this photo of wright and his attorney. the d.n.a. cleared wright in the death of a woman in 1991. dug a retrial, morrison used it to prove the cloths that philadelphia police say he wore were not his. evidence identified the real killer on now is dead. >> you are looking at damage of a man swinging a golf club at the west oakland bart station. the remain employee shared the photos with us, police arrested the man would smashed window on the stairway yesterday. a report said he swung at a train but it wasn't damned. that attack disrupted service at west oakland for 3 points.
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>> secretary transportation anthony fox is in silicon valley did see what his department is paying for. fox is seen here in san francisco last in, will join a host of elected officials in a tour of the bart silicon valley protect in santa clara and san jose. the obama administration forked over $900 million in funding for the project. one regulate is forly -- is nearly complete. >> turkey is launch anation to free a syrian border town that is held by isis. you can see the tanks. they are turkish forces. military sources say 70 far gets in the area have been destroyed. resolution ditches are asked to evacuate as the area comes under heavy first. officials have not confirmed the report. vice president biden just arrived in turkey to meet with their president and prime
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minister. all the olympic flag has arrived in tokyo, the host city of the some are games in 2020. the flag was flown in on the jet to rio de janeiro. together yes city officials received the flag from the mayor every yes during a hand over. preparations are for the 2020 games are underway in tokyo with construction later this year of the main stadium this will host the opening and close, ceremonies. >> there are new developments in the social media saga between aly raisman and underwood, after he asked her on a date using yahoo video and she said this. >> you are very cute. >> you know who he is? >> yes. i would go on a date with him. >> the tomb has some fun with this at raiders' practice. >> a lonely feeling being there out there on a limb. i am happy for him. and she made a good decision say
6:19 am
yes because he is a really good day. >> we have a celebrity in our midst sos i don't, it was...amazing how things get traction. >> underwood said she is scheduled to be in the bay area next month in the south bay and the story is just going. >> but in pressure. >> in treasure. they have not even actually met yet but we are thinking their wedding colors. >> like pre-season football, pre-dating. they close. >> one of our favorite twitter followers, nelson. >> we love nelson. >> he knows i am a fan of the middle linebacker from the raiders from kansas and he is supposed to be break out star for the raiders. >> nice article on espn. can't wait to read that and see the raiders. big, big, big expectations with the playoffs helpbly making noise. >> just in, an hour and seven
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meant flight arrival delays because of a low cloud deck. clouds to sun, warmer today. more clouds tonight, patchy drizzle and that is the beginning of the cooling friend that will last through the weekend. >> getting the kids are for school dress warmly at 55 to 61 and they will stay dressed warmly, but they will be more comfort an as you head through day and inland, 70s to mid-80s. on the water it will be rough go, again, different problems, an eight-hour window of winds. up to mid-80s with san jose at 82. low-to-mid 70's on the peninsula, and low-to-mid 60s on the coast and money 60s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito. mid-70s to low 80s through the north by. to the east bay sure, 70 in berkeley to fremont at 7. at the game this afternoon, tons of sunshine, a nice west wind at
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10 miles per hour 12:35 first pitch warming to 68. inland, a warmer day, a town of heat at antioch and brentwood with he 90's. brentwood in upper 80s. my seven-day forecast shows. cooling trend is so slow by the time we get do the welcome we are 5-10 degrees cooler you will not notice. >> looking outside at the haziness that mike was mentioning it is out there in a few areas if you travel southbound 680 obviously we have heavier value so as you head from concord to walnut creek area we are looking at dense value and same thing for the bay bridge toll plaza. only ones moving are the car pool lanes and that is the norm. looking at drive time, not bad. southbound 101 santa rosa to petaluma, 17 minutes. in the green. northbound 101 from 280 and the
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680 split highway 5 in the south bay is 14 minutes. >> alexis, you know what they say, just call me. >> thank you. >> i called her someone else. planning a trip overseas? michael finney explains why you should avoid using the united states dollar when you are in great britain. >> trouble for the iphone users thousands of phones can suddenly stop working.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪
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one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) >> are any of you iphone 6 and 6 plus users experiencing problems? many people report problems with the town scene. they say the screens are not registering their finger's touch. a recent update could be to blame or defective chips inside the phone. this is insider that reached out but the company has not responded. >> now, ask michael finney. we have a question about spending money overseas. "7 on your side" michael finney has the answer. >> michael, my daughter and i are going to the u.k. next week and i have put airline and hotel
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reservations on my credit card but i am wandering if it is a better benefit to pay with the british pound when i get over there, do i get the benefit of the following pound to the dollar? >> you do get the benefit. it is a great time to travel to the u.k. first, get a credit card that does not have a foreign transaction fee. they easy to find you may already have one, that will saab you 3%. get cash locally using your tap -- a.t.m. card sea you 10% and when a clerk asks if you want to pay in dollars decline. they are making money off of a herrible exaggerate of up to 20% off. send me a postcard. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on your tablet and use hash tag ask
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>> solving a stinky problem on bart a new tactic at a station near you. >> in italy a large, has rocked the country knocking buildings their foundation. jessica has an update on the efforts to find the survivor. >> hillary clinton's bay area visit, new video of the again! again! again!
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>> good morning, north by, get up and get going. >> it is 6:30. on wednesday. august 24. i am regular. >> halfway through the week. doing well. i am natasha zouves. we have jessica castro and reggie aqui and alexis smith and mike nicco. >> good morning, everyone, here is live doppler hd. the air is more dry than it was this time yesterday. we will jump to a but sunrise about to develop from the east bay hills camera. just the rain colors this morning. we use our day day planner to take about what to expect, in the mid-60s through 7:00, comfortable at noon at 76 away inland neighborhood and 67 around the bay and 58 at the coast and in the 50s through the afternoon and around the bay and 72 at the bay and 8 inland so an average day, but it is going do change and i will show
6:31 am
thank you in with schools going back and the district will be back. >> and how much better is it looking in vacaville, the location of a fur car crash one facing the wrong way westbound 80. it is gone it is cleared, now, 15 or 20 minutes. the backup is gone, too. san mateo bridge westbound is heavy. but that is the story. slow in the usual spots. >> the latest on the deadly 6.2 earthquake in central italy. crews are looking for survivors. >> man who experiences the shaking spoke with "good morning america" what he now is seeing. >> the destruction was devastate . there are multiple homes that came down. just external. >> unbelievable destruction.
6:32 am
express can castro is tracking the story for us. >> the earthquake that hit central italy 12 hours ago but the search has naughtied down. -- not died down. a woman minutes ago was pulled from the rubble. 38 people are reported dead. 2,500 people are displaced. the town of amatrice is hardest hit. this are hundreds of emergency crews in the town right new searching amid the ruin. the hope is they will find people still alive and a lot of animal rescues. this pup was just rescued. the concern is after shocks. in the last hour they felt a 4.9 earthquake and while you were sleeping it was the biggest at 5.5 earthquake. that is the concern as the search efforts continue. damage could be in the billions. we think the death toll could
6:33 am
rise. >> facebook has activated the safety check feature for users in the, zone letting people mark themselves as "safe." you can see a list of friends in the area marked "safe." you can type "safety check," in the search before. stay with us for continuing coverage on air and line with the details as they come in. can you follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> from industrial myammar a powerful 6.earthquake struck the region. you can seat epicenter is 15 miles west of the town. shaking was felt several hundred miles away including in bangkok with a --th of 52 miles. a canadian recovery vacationing in the country brought the historic temple -- visited the
6:34 am
historic tell people. this is significant damage to the temple. no word on casualties. or injuries. >> san jose police officer is on the other side of the law this morning. he was arrested by his own fellow men and women in blue providing intelligence to gang members. this is part of a bigger sweep called "operation gang of throne s." matt keller at police headquarters with the story. matt? >> good morning, the san jose police chief garcia and representatives from the d.e.a. and f.b.i. will be at the press conference at 3:00 p.m. to discuss the arrest of the san jose police officer. this is another blow to a department suffering from low morale. it started in march. officers were targeting a vet -- involved in drugs, core
6:35 am
reduction, and public core reduction. multiple warrants were served yesterday. including for a 9 1/2 your veteran of the san jose police department. the officer is derrick antonio accuses of sharing sensitive information with gang members. he was backed into the jail on five felony counts of computer access unauthorized and accessory after the fact. the skill records show he has been released from custody. >> police in daly city are investigating an overnight shooting that left a map critically hurt. it happened at 12:30 this morning near hillcrest drive. officers say the victim was in his 20s. he was shot in the stomach and had surgery. police are investigating what led up to the shooting. >> people in a tight night community of jenner are reeling
6:36 am
from the delegate two young sisters who drawn after their mother's pickup plunged into the russian river in jenner. sarah was driving her to daughters, four and six-year-old daughters to school when witnesses say the car skidded on the pavement and want into the water. police would live in the area say the stretch of road is dangerous. >> a guardrail would be great help to stop any cars from going offer the edge. you can see how steep it is. cars are separate into the water. >> there is a heavy mist and it is slippery. >> markus broke the truck whens to save the girls but the vehicle sang before anyone could reap them. >> grief counselors and therapy dogs are on hand at campus at the school today. >> san francisco man who shined shoes and his assistant are in critical condition this morning. this is after a taxi barreled into their stand on market street. the 66-year-old saleem bae has
6:37 am
been shining shoes in the city since 1999. he and his assistant were work at the stand near the bart station elevator and hit by a taxi. a woman who worked 4' away saw it all. >> i heard a crash. i saw the old man fly up in the air like something from a movie. unbelievable. i was shaken. >> police are investigating the cause of the accident including the possibility that the cab driver has a medical emergency behind the wheel. >> south bay city council member is on bail this morning after being booked on suspicion of domestic violence. according to our media partner, police arrested the council member yesterday morning. a woman showed up at police d and told officer she was very muched in domestic violence with christina, her fiance. police investigated and arrested him. he posted $20,000 bail. he was released yesterday
6:38 am
afternoon. >> new your voice your vote. z presidential nominee hillary clinton is fundraising in the bay area today knowing that she is opening up a huge lead in the battle bound state of virginia. a new poll has her 16 points ahead of donald trump after they were tied in may. fundraiser in peed monday snapping photos for supporters and some waited two hours to catch a look. one person said it was worth the wait. today hillary clinton has a continue razor in redwood city and another in silicon valley with apple c.e.o. tick cool. >> donald trump is campaigning in florida and mess miss and in texas he called hillary clinton a bigot only seeing communities of colors as votes and told a crowd in austin that border security is our most vital issue. he suggested that he is open to softening laws dealing with
6:39 am
people who are in the united states illegally. >> your accweather forecast with mike nicco. >> goingous sunrise from mount tamalpais. you have to be above 1,500' to see the sun. we have a special treat: kids are back to school. new haven at union city in hayward cloudy and 59 but 75 in the afternoon. we have a couple of other areas back-to-school, campbell and union school in san jose, 59, and 83 with sunshine this afternoon. san carlos is 59, cloudy this morning, and mostly sunny and 73 during afternoon. inland east bay neighborhood, mid-to-upper 50s and right now, rather, where we are. we have mountain view and san jose in the 60s. to afternoon from 60s at the cost to 90s inland and weekend forecast is. coming up next. >> good morning, i want to look at our traffic maps we have a if you problem if you are traveling in the north by this morning, it
6:40 am
is right an the downtown santa rosa area southbound 101 with the off-ramp to highway 12 a disad vehicle on the shoulder but not a wide shoulder. another vehicle hit the stalled mustang. it now is a traffic collision. but no backups. looking at our drive times for bridge commute, southbound 101 golden gate bridge wide on at sex machines, and westbound 80 bay bridge is 14 minutes in the yellow and westbound 92 san mateo, some delays with stop-and-go traffic at 22 americans. another look at collision in the north bay in a few. >> activists are calling for the removal of judge persky would by new you probably necessity was the judge in the stanford sexual assault case. we were outside the state building in june when the group gathered demanding justice for sentencing brock turner to only
6:41 am
six months in jail for sexual assault this is after judge persky suddenly recused himself from another sex crime case. the defendant was spoused to go before persky tomorrow to get the felony bumped to misdemeanor. another judge now is hearing that case. >> no other judge gives less than six months and no other judge were invited the defendant to come back to a misdemeanor. >> this is giant pink slips, the activists are expected to have a rally in san francisco later this morning. the reason for termination "protecting perpetrators not survivors." >> similarities with the brock turner case are unfolding in massachusetts the sentencing for a star athlete convicted of sexual assault is triggering outrage, 18-year-old david becker pleaded guilty to assaulting two unconscious teens and he was sentence custody two yours probation and? jail. the lawyers argue he had no previous criminal record and
6:42 am
deserved to go to college. prosecutors wanted him sent to prison. >> san francisco police are watching twin peaks after two more tourists were robbed enjoying the views. in arrests have been made. after the mop night incident. a an threatened two men with a gun. it is the latest in a strong of problems on twin peaks the last year n january you can see% snapers pepper sprayed the tourists and in december two people beat and robbed an 81 year order man. >> big written for graduate students across the country, and reason that the universals may hand out paychecks. >> it has been two years since the napa earthquake and next, what has happened to the millions of dollars
6:43 am
6:44 am
narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased. art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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>> breaking news from the live deck -- desk. >> a 6.2 earthquake has level add town in italy, 38 are dead of the a search is going on now for anyone who survived. this brand new video. the crews are working right now. 2,500 people are displaced. the town of amatrice is hardest hit in rural extra italy. the condition right new is after shocks and in the last hour they saw the 4.9 earthquake and while you were sleeping there was a 5.5 magnitude. the images are coming to the desk with the story changing throughout the morning. also, information on our website
6:46 am
at new images are pouring in and our crew is working on this and the u.s. geological survey estimates damage in the billions and the death toll could still rise. who are following the breaking news through the morning. happening today, it is the second anniversary of the napa earthquake and a new report addresses what happened to the nearly 11 million dollars in donations that poured in. amy hollyfield is in napa with the next step. amy? >> there is still work that needs to be done in napa. look at the old courthouse behind me on brown street between 2nd and third. the construction has not started yet. the progress is here, too, of course, with the huge corner of damage sticking out. we talked to the owner of the coffee shop across the street. he said recovery has felt slow to him. the common reaction to an anniversary is, wow, time flies, well listen to what he said when
6:47 am
we asked him about the second anniversary. >> it feels like a lot more but, you know, it is -- it has been a long time. a long time. the street just opened in july. >> he said it feel longer than two years. the foundation that distributed the donations to the recovery effort is now anything ahead. according to the napa valley register, the foundation is going to is the aside $2 million to have it ready to go for the next disaster. this morning, google is targeting sites that use the annoying pop-up ads. >> jane king has that story and more in the money report. >> good morning. pretty quiet here. we have been talking about the meeting, the speeches on friday, that the fed chairman will give and no one wants to get in the
6:48 am
market ahead of that. the dow is down 20 points trading sightly lower but near record highs. the debate on college graduate students is going on for years, they students, employees? now the labor relations board has weighed in. they ruled that they are employees so this means the graduate students would work as teaching assistances at universities can form a union and lobby for high are wages and better working conditions. google will deal a small blow to most annoying ads on mobiles the pop-ups saying they could be ranks lower because of search results. it is to make the mobile spend more enjoyable. x book has the latest design: not what you think. it is a onesy, clothing, with big pockets for the xbox controller, pouch for easy access to mobile phone, greens to prevent slipping during the edge of your seat moments and big hood to accommodate head
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societies -- sets. like a snuggy. >> that is good! >> do you t on the keyboard or with speech recognition? a study from stanford shows a drastic difference in speed. >> researchers put 32 texters against speech recognition software and after typing in 100 phrases in english and mandarin speech recognition was three times faster and lower error rate. they knew it would be fat are but not that fast. they want to encourage engineers to take better advantage of the technology. >> if you or mike nicco wear the xbox onesy, know either one of you. >> there goes your birthday gift and a mapping one for natasha. >> good morning, everyone, i will show you what a difference elevation makes, at 1,900' from the east bay hills camera we
6:50 am
have a pink sunrise and walnut creek is looking gray this morning, and, in fact, the grayness goes away at the same time timeframe as yesterday leading to an average summer pattern and it will change tonight, and clouds and drizzle, and more likely tonight and the cooling trend while it will not be as row best as we talked you will still notice it will be a bit cooler this weekend. the next six hours, no measurable rain on live doppler hd and we will look the at cloud cover, and how quickly it races back to the coast and sticks an at afternoon. in the south bay we are back to average, 82 at san jose, santa cruz is 70, and santa clara about 80 degrees. a lot of low-to-mid 70s, and redwood city is the warm spot at 77, and low-to-mid 60s along the coast and we will take over san francisco, and downtown, a warmest at 66 and sunset at 63 and through the north bay, temperatures are 80 as we go from patchy fog to subshine and everyone else in the mid-to-upper 70's and the east
6:51 am
bay shore local 70s in most neighborhoods and oakland at 71 and below average inland mid-80s to low 90s. my seven-day forecast shows a few hot spot again inland tomorrow and notice by saturday, home 80s upper 60s to low 70s away the bay and upper 50s to low 60s at the coast. hot one day. alexis? >> we will take it. not too bad on the roads this morning. i will zoom in on the traffic map and get you to santa rosa with a disabled vehicle now turned into a collision, southbound 101 to highway 12 we hearing it is closed from c.h.p. we had a mustang trying to hang in over the right hand lane but it was disabled and a vehicle hit it. the off-ramp is closed and a tow truck is on way. down to the nimitz, a weird incident, someone is maybe taking a night southbound 88066 avenue off-ramp and havings are swerving around that trying to get to the bottom with c.h.p. south bay you are quiet and at look at 101 at the 880 split
6:52 am
moving along okay just stop-and-go traffic northbound side. drive time is remaining up in a few minutes. >> there are new details on a story many of you probably know all too well, the mommy bart elevators. they double as public toilets sometimes, and according to bart they have a new unconventional trick up its sleeve, bacteria help eating enzymes, and bart will spray the enzymes down the elevator shaft and in the mist works, it will be rolled out to other downtown san francisco and oakland stations. bart is still landing to add urine resistant floors to all of the elevators by april. coming back in 90 seconds with seven things you need to know. >> our instagram picture, look at these cute pictures. you can share your photos and
6:53 am
videos using #abc7now. ago this guy
6:54 am
>> these are the seven things you need to know. number one, break news from italy where the death toll climbs following a 6.2 earthquake the town of amatrice, and there are reports up to 50 people are dead. there are hundreds of injuries. rescue tease have been working
6:55 am
for hours to unth survivors. all the north bay is marking two years since the devastate 6.0 earthquake hit napa area with 50 buildings still red tagged of the local leaders working to better prepare for the next disaster. >> san jose police are hold a news conference today to discuss the arrest of one of their own, the mercury news reports that derrick antonio is accuses of passing information to a street gang being investigated. >> the communities of jenner mounting the drowning death of two sisters. they died when their mother's truck plunged into the russian river. witnesses say the truck slid on the west pavement and the mother escaped. >> five, the sun is setting on the chance to dump detail light savings time falling four votes short of getting rid of the cheneyed time on the ballot. supporters have until next week to get lawmakers to change their mine. >> speaking of sunshine, ready foreign a average summer day? cloudy start, sunny ending,
6:56 am
60s at the coast in san francisco, 70s an the bay and 80s inland and antioch is warm at 91. >> a look at traffic here this morning and a check of the drive times, westbound 80 albany to the maze okay and in the equal low and eight minutes, southbound 880, fremont, into san jose, that is coming in at 16 minutes, and if you are on 288, highway 101 to cupertino in the yellow at 15 minutes. >> we made it through the day and we will see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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i need to swipe something. get hiednternet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on. good morning, america. breaking news. a deadly earthquake rocks italy. victims pulled from the destruction. a desperate search for survivors right now. after the 6.2 magnitude quake turns homes and buildings to rubble. in a spot popular with tourists. >> quite severe shaking of the bed. the first thing i did was panic. >> the tremors even shake rome. one mayor says his town is not here anymore. the pope speaking out this morning. and "gma" live on the scene with the latest. cyberattack on "the new york times." the fbi investigating if the same russians hackers who targeted the democratic national committee tried to do it again. who is behind this new series of attacks? donald trump signals a shift on immigration. >> there certainly can be a softening, because we're not looking to hurt people. >> and sharpens his attack on hillary clinton and the clinton foundation.


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