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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 24, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive. >> now, breaking news. >> the breaking news out of afghanistan where there is an attack happening right new on campus of the american university in kabul. witnesses describe hearing explosions and gunfire and a source tells abc that two people are dead, five are hurt. >> this comes two weeks after two professors were kidnapped at gunpoint. former first lady laura bush launched american university in 2006 and the school main tapes partnerships with many united states colleges including stanford and the system,he u.k. system -- the uc system. >> we are tracking news from italy with the death toll claiming from a devastating, in. a short time ago, the prime
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minister announced 120 people are now confirms dead. the 6.2 earthquake struck in the middle of 90 can you see the drone showing the town reduced to rubble. this was 100 miles northeast of rome. our reporter has the latest on the developing story. >> it lasted seconds. the impact will be felt for a lifetime. the shock on the faces of those who lived through it. >> right new, the desperate race again the clock to find people trapped under the debris. >> a rescuer tries to calm a woman asking in she can brief before pleading to. calm, covered with dust from debris, destruction every where. >> this person pull out alive on the stretch are by rescuers, those who experienced the violent tremors sharing the horrifying moments. >> terrible sensation, literally
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the ground was moving your feet. having lived through this...all the 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck at 3:00 in the morning and the epicenter is over 100 miles northeast of rome. the tremors felt cross the vast area of the country. >> we escaped from the window so we are alive. all the aftermath seen here, ripped from homes, cement blanket the roads, triage centers formed to care for injured. the centrallian prime minister vow to rebuild. >> together, our family, our city, our hamlets be last ahelp. the second earthquake in seven years to hit this region of italy. in 2009 the 6.3 earthquake killed 300 people and demolished towns. there have been a lot of incredible images coming from
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central italy as the desperate sent for survivors continues. jessica castro is at the live desk with that story. >> i want to show you more of the images we have been seeing coming into our desk and i start with the rescues we saw through the morning. women being taken out of the rubble on a stretcher and you can see how they had to get her out. so many people carrying and trying to get through the rubble the devastation and the destruction of the buildings. this other video showing a man on the very last of the scene all in white. he is able to limp out of the rubble. a woman being helped out here of the destruction and, also, you look in the middle of the scene can you see a pet dog being carried out of the destruction. a last pets were being fund this morning through the devastation.
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good news for the owners and this new drone video from people by the first name. they know the people. it has been an emotional morning. >> thank you, jessica. a powerful 6.8 earthquake shook central myammar killing at least three people in the former capital, shaking felt several hundred miles away in the capital of thailand, bangkok with a depth of 52 miles and video officer the city shows damage to the builting, as well at historic pagodas. reports indicate that some of them have collapsed. >> stay with abc7 as the detailed emerge on the earthquake in myammar and italy.
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we will bring you continuing coverage. make sure to down let the free abc7up for instant updates on the phone. >> today, the two-year anniversary of the napa earthquake. the 6.0 earthquake damaged a good section of the historic downtown. our reporter is in napa to see how well the pices have recovered. amy? >> the mayor said that the private sector has recovered quicker than she would have expected but the public buildings like the library and the courthouse are taking longer than she would have in the so mentioned progress. people are reflecting on this second anniversary. >> the coffee shop? downtown napa is busy and beautiful. you would never know that there was 6.0, here two years ago until you look right next door at the damage windowless building and cross the street, at the courthouse, it is still closed. >> our historic courthouse we are proud of, just sitting
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there. untouched. >> the street in front of the cafe just opened last month. >> i'm happy. [ inaudible ] >> the napa community foundation has distributed $8 why 3 million in donations to 1,400 earthquake victims and you can see examples of recovery throughout the downtown area. new buildings stand where there was rubble two years ago. >> pretty exciting. a lot going on in napa. not everyone is getting help. risk said that he could not get relief money because his building was okay and the cafe stayed open. he has last customers because of damage around him. >> i sold my house... [ inaudible ] life goes on the that is the reflection we hear on the anniversary, how much worse it could have been especially as they hear tragic news of the
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italy earthquake. >> eerily connected. [ inaudible ] >> at 3:30 in the morning. strange connection. >> at this time last year napa had 131 buildings red tag asked now they have 50 that are red tagged. they are plugging along but it look like it will be at least a career until they can get the courthouse and the library repaired. >> thank you. develop news in the south bay, a police officer is under arrest acussed of providing intelligence to gang members as part after larger sweep called "operation gang of thrones." matt keller spoke with san jose's mayor and joined us from police headquarters. matt? >> yes, natasha, we are four hours away from hearing from the san jose police chief garcia and representatives from the d.e.a. and fbi about the huge operation
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that took place here in san jose. it led to the arrests of one san jose police officer. this investigation began back in march. officers were targeting a vietnamese street gang. investigators say the gang is believed involved in numerous crimes including assault, extortion, drugs, gambling and public core rigs. multiple arrests and search warrants were served in homes and businesses and cafes yesterday including for a 9 1/2 contrary veteran of the san jose police department. our need can partner identified the identify as derrick antonio accused of share sensitive information with the gang members. he was backed into the santa clara county jail for five felony counts of unauthorized computer access and one of accessory after the fact. we spoke with the mayor liccardo about the arrest. >> i am confident this department did everything it needed to do, when it discovered the first indication that this was a police officer who was involved in the crime. did everything it could do to
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ensure he was immediately taken off the force and now prosecute ed. >> the mayor liccardo said he believes san jose has the best lived in the country, just not enough officers. as for antonio we checked jail records and he is in longer in custody. the press conference here at san jose police department is conditioned for 3:00 -- scheduled for 3:00. in san jose we are tracking breaking news in the south end of the city right now. look at sky 7, showing us a police raid happening right new, on almaden road. we are working to get more information on what this raid is about, but you can see officers confiscating several plants from the back of the house, and we do not know in this is what unusually brought them there. we will have updates on our social media site so download the news app. it is free. we send you punish alerts when we have more information. >> a superior court judge will visit a hotel in oakland this
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afternoon to see in the conditions are as bad as described in the lawsuit. the building is a 30 unit residency hotel on 8th street with primarily chinese immigrants. when we visited last week there were only two working toilets, one shower and one common kitchen the building owners say they are making repairs as quickly as possible and deny trying to push current residents out in favor of higher paying tenants. >> tomorrow, john fisher will tour what could be the a's future home with talks moving the team out of the coliseum and over to jack london square. it would free you the coliseum to build a new stadium in the raiders. fisher is working with the same ground that helped the warriors move to san francisco. the move could cost oakland $90 million for adding parking. >> next, a cyber attack on one of america's large of the
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newspapers, and who investigators believe is to blame. >> hillary clinton back in the bay area with two fundraisers and a new message that donald trump is sending to win back some of clinton's momentum. >> another day, another development in the swimmer scandal, part of the story that one member of the team is sticking to. >> good morning. i am meteorologist mike nicco. you can see it is gray away the heart of the gray but i have temperatures and hurricane at this, below agency today, and even cooler as we head to the welcome.
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>> now your voice your vote. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton will hold two fundraisers in the bay area, one in redwood city soon and one in silicon valley tonight with apple c.e.o. after a fundraiser in piedmont she stopped to snap photos with supporters, some waiting two hours to catch a glimpse. one said it was worth wait. she is new 16 points ahead of donald trump. >> donald trump is saying he could change the hard-line stance on immigration. speaking in austin, texas, the republican nominee made in mention of the proposed deportation force to remove 11 million undocumented workers. that was a core talking point. but he continued the attacks against hillary clinton.
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>> in our secretary of state can be bought or bribed or sold, look, what is happen right new with government favors then the whole american system is threatened. >> he will hold an event in jackson, mississippi, mississippi is one of only two states where a majority of republicans support mass deportation. >> byes are investigating cyber attack again "new york times" burrow in now, saying that no internal systems was compromised but authorities suspect it is part of a continuing attack by russia. officials tell abc here's the same hackers would located unanimous,000 e-mails among the democratic national committee. >> if you details in the olympic swimmer robbery scandal in rio another athlete is responding saying he is "sorry for the serious distraction," they
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caused and say he left out facts like urinating behind the building. he maintained a gun was pointed at them, and he said he paid the $11,000 fine. lock look originally said the group was robbed. >> the kids probably went become to school or soon will so a teacher put a creative twist on the back-to-school blues. >> a look at our camera at pier 15, meteorologist mike nicco is. can up with the
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>> first time teacher discovered a sure fire way to get students excited for the first day of
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school: check this out. ♪ hello ♪i'm your teacher >> the whole thing is worth listening to. this is dewayne reed, the 4th grade teacher this chicago creating a song in a typical welcome back newsletter. reed spoke with "good morning america" about the inspiration in the happy song. >> i wanted to spice up the old fashioned news letter and i thought i am good at music and i can put lyric together and i will put together a song that gets the kids excited. >> he wants the classroom to be a place of hard work, respect, positivist, and showing kids how fun learning can be. >> love it. high production value. not a selfie iphone video. >> it is fun to see mike sing
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the forecast. >> this is that request. >> i would rather have you help me out. >> backup answer. >> good morning, everyone. check out the beautiful sunrise. most of us could not see it so i did a time-lapse. check out the clouds, at 1,500' and it is claiming so slowly, up mount tamalpais up to 2,000'. walnut creek and the rest us are cooler than average although we see the summer patton unfolding with afternoon sunshine developing. the clouds and the drizzle are more likely tonight and what that will do for the rest of the week it will be a touch cooler but not so cool. we shifted timeframe and the winds are at breezy and about 2:00 this afternoon to 10:00 this evening north of the bay bridge and east going glue the delta so it is a little rough.
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you can see on satellite cloud cover is holding through the going going and, some of the lower valleys along the north bay chest and into petaluma that is the case, again, tonight. and could be some fog. petaluma is thicker than this morning. temperature are 50s in the san francisco and half moon bay and vallejo and everyone else in the 60s and 70s, and comfortable. will not need a jacket in the south bay. back to average, 82 in san jose, milpitas is cool at 7 pa, gilroy is 85. now, as we head up the peninsula we will hit a last mid-to-upper 70s until milbrae at 70, and san mateo is 72 and low-to-mid 60s in pacifica and half moon bay and through san francisco, from 66 downtown, to the richmond and marina, in balboa park at 61. in the north bay the brings keep us in the mid-70s to a few low 80s heading deeper into the not bay and 6 at richmond and everyone else in the low-to-mid 70s, and a last step, we go inland east bay, upper or
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mid-80s to low 90s. at the game, or this afternoon, 12:30 first pitch, 66 degrees and warming to 68 and increase sunshine and watch out for a high burn factor. we are still having a cooling trend but the key is it is a cooling trend. temperatures are five to aid degrees cooler by saturday and sunday but nothing too extreme a comfortable weekend. >> thank you, mike. >> good news. the second world war ii aircraft carrier off the bay area coast is not an environmental threat. scientists using dining recoveries collected sponge and sediment from the us independence. they were analyzed and confirmed barely any radioactivity develop ment. it was part of united states pacific fleet take part in nuclear bomb testing. the navy sunk it on purpose in 1951 with no plans to retrieve it. they will leave it there. >> interesting. you can see homeowners take decorating to the extreme during
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the holidays but this brown stone is the talk of the neighborhood all year year wetlands embody the life-giving abundance that nature has to offer and perhaps more than any other organization, ducks unlimited is working to ensure that our continent's wetlands not only survive, but thrive. for generations well beyond this one. the time is now... to band together the time is now... to rescue our wetlands. the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health.
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now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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>> coming up at 4:00, home delivery meal kits are growing if popularity saving a tip to the grocery store. are they worth the money? "7 on your side" michael finney looks at what is right for you. tonight, at 5:00, think before you post. why a social network will now block users from making certain things known. >> only in new york can you find a bedazzle home in the heart of brooklyn. check it out, neighbors say the owner is as colorful as the glass times on her brown zone. if you look closely you see buttons, seashells, figurines and even cds. >> she began work on the colorful display as therapy following the 9/11 attacks. it has become a wall of hope and beauty. she is not slow down, she now is working on a mother earth statue to add to her front entrance. you can see people taking pictures. she does not have an hoa so put all of that. you know? go for it! >> for all of us, thanks for
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joining us. caught
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>> hi, everybody. all this week, we're raising money for an amazing charity, shriners hospitals for children, and nothing would make me happier than to give them a ton of cash, so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to "millionaire." i am so glad you've joined us for this very special week, where we're raising money for shriners hospitals for children. every time someone gets to that $50,000 threshold, we're donating $10,000 to shriners hospitals and a fantastic organization that has transformed kids' lives by providing the expert medical care they need regardless of their family's ability to pay. and you don't want to miss friday's show, because that's when we're gonna have a very special guest who will be donating 100% of their winnings to shriners hospitals for chilen


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