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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 25, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> where do we start? we will start off on our traffic problem, southbound 680, we have a collision involving a motorcycle and this is near a bad spot to have anything blocking the motorcyclist sitting but not get up. hopefully the injuries are not too serious it is in the far left lane. you can see it is stacking up quickly. drive times are brutal from the central valleys an hour and 30 minutes, westbound 580 tracy to dublin with the usually crash long gone. it is cleared since about 45 minutes ago at this i positive. westbound 4 an tock to concord 23 americans and southbound 101 still okay. another problem on the bay bridge in a few by mike nicco has the forecast. >> you know what is not an issue, measurable precision, and live doppler hd is showing you it is dry with patches of drizzle and if you run into any,
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a lost snow, and another beautiful sunrise from mount tamalpais, cooler this morning, dress for temperatures in the mid-to-upper 50s and in the 50s at coast, 60s to 70s an bay and 70s to 88 inland from noon to 4:00. >> appreciate it. new day on the short am of officers in the san jose police department. two local fast values are now being postponed because the certify said they cannot provide police coverage. matt is there with the story. matt? >> yes, labor day weekend is coming up afternoon and it is busy for fun evens in san jose and it is a busy sometime for san jose police officers. but there are not enough officers to go around in the city. this is what people are going to miss out on, the website for the by con festival, held on labor day weekend. when you go to buy tickets the
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dates are for mid-october because san jose police told organizer they do not have the available resources to help during the holiday weekend. another festival by movable feet lands for labor day has been indefinitely postponed and police department is facing a major officer short average and considering moving dozens of detectives back to patrol. and the police unit wants a "stay of emergency." organizers are offering refunds to those on bought stick coats and i reach out in the san jose police and they have yet to get back to me. >> this mornings san jose police are looking for six were it is who are still on the run after a major track down on vietnamese street gangs, resulting in would dozen arrests including a member of the police department. officer derrick an ton i don't is on leave and he is accused of providing k allah enforcement information to members of a san jose criminal street gang. >> the acts were demorable and
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in no way represent the character of remaining ms. of the department would end extraordinary circumstances protect and serve the city with great honor. >> the gang is accused of being involved in numerous crimes including assault, extortion and narcotics trafficking. including the items seized guns and drags and $200,000 in cash and an alligator. >> now, we are watching the horrible news from central italy after the 6.2, that last hundreds dead with search efforts still underway, a bleak task. jessica castro is watching the story for us from the live desk. any survivors? >> yes. we are getting stories of survivors but in the last few minute we are hearing another large after shock may have hit the area and our colleagues are getting the information. we are still at 7,000 -- at 24 dead but we expect it to go up.
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the search is continuing this morning. they are finding some survivors. that is the good news. i want to show you new pieces of video in the live desk where you see survivors being pulled from the rubble and this video came in, the lat five minutes and you are seeing the ground c.i.a.s hard -- crews hard at work some personnel there for more than 24 hours. they are finding the victims still alive and it is keeping they will going. new video from italy not too far from where the epicenter hit. this is another hard hit town we have been talking about an trace, italy but this is to the cot line and you can see animals being found but you can see the buildings in ruin. i machine for some of the information and any word whether americans are among the dead but we are only hearing phoneers from other european countries.
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>> clean up after several tornadoes touched down in ohio and indiana and reports of eight funnel clouds. residents caught self on camera. kokomo, indiana, is one of the hardest hit areas with dozens of homes and businesses were leveled. somehow, no serious injuries are reported. >> it is impossible to watch this video and not get your blood boiling police are looking for a man would brutally attacked a woman in pacific heights captured on the security camera while she was walking dutch the street and a stranger starts purposing her in the face over and over again over the weekend. you can see she tried to recollect herself but she no match for him. the victim's nose was broken in several places. show suffered cuts on her face. the suspect took off to lafayette park and not been seen since. >> san francisco police are look for a man who beat a muni driver with a skate board this week. it happened at 4:00 on tuesday
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afternoon, we are showing you the map. the driver of the 47 van ness because was hit in the had by a skateboard and taken to the hospital after a cut on his for head. the skateboarder escaped and police are review the surveillance video. >> marin county sheriff deupties sharing photos of the recent drug bust. in san rafael they discovered 110 pounds of advantage you'll sealed miles an hour juan. -- of vacuum sealed marijuana. authorities found at his home, seven firearms, 168 marijuana plants and $17,000 in cash which led to a second home where authorities found more gunses drugs, money and $24,000 worth of marijuana honey oil. >> sergeant with a police department could see the first raise in five years with a 3% officer on tuesday to be voted on taking the maximum pay from
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$131,000 a career to $135,000 a year and add 1040 hour as year to the schedule. the raise would cost the city $50,000. >> the senate approved a zeal -- bill to protect people from foreclosure after a man of 19 years last local his home after his wife died. the bank refuseed to honor a deal his wife made. it is on way to governor's deck for signature. >> a special gift for survivors of the
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the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. >> now a traffic alert. >> we are at the point of, are do i start? we have several spots to talk about including a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. extra slow across the bay bridge. on the westbound side. that is because we had a pedestrian on the street, on the
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off-ramp and residual delays of 11 or 12 miles through the central valley westbound 580 from a crash that cleared an hour ago the southbound 680 in sunol area a motorcycle is down. that is blocking the last -- left lane. mike nicco has the forecast. >> you have been doing great, alexis, here less than a month. >> aren't you nice. >> not missed a beat and an honor working with you. walnut creek is gorgeous from the east bay hills camera, and we will look at temperatures on the peninsula we are cooler at 52 in daly city and pacifica to 56 to 59 from san bruno to redwood city and most us in the mid-to-upper 50s. the bus stop forecast is 53 to 59, a cooler start, mist out there, and plenty of sunshine away from the coast at 59 to 8 inland and milder ending and temperatures today from 60s at the chest to 90 in antioch and
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the next couple of days, starting to get cooler. >> we told you about 82 year old twins were homeless living in a van and a lot of you have reached out. >> so many of you have been touched by this make a difference, sandra and tanya have lived in a white van for three months. their friend, a real estate agent started a gofundme pay to pay for a deposit for an farm, and now our viewers have helped push that beyond $6,000. the goal is $10,000, we have posted a link to the gofundme page on our website by sending for the story. >> very nice. new help for patients who buy epipens the company will help some customers to buy the pens as the price gouging controversy grows. >> a steakhouse shootout the
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that is when waiter pulled out the gun. no one was hurt. both men could end up facing charges. >> survivors of pulse nightclub massacre will not billed for medical care. two orlando hospitals say they do not plan to charge patients out of pocket medical responds. they plan to find other options to cover costs such as state and federal money, private insurance or the one orlando fund and will write off $5.5 million or more in care. the june 12 attack killed 49 people. it injured 50. >> thousands people have signed a petition asking for the removal of a massachusetts judge who sentenced a teen to probation for sexual assault after party, two girls woke up to find 18-year-old david becker sexual assaulting them. the judge agreed with becker's torn that harsh punishment would make it difficult for him to have a college athlete career. an official with the rape abuse
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incest national network reacted this way. >> the judge's sympathies are misplaced, and the college clear should not be a priority but punishment for the act committed shoulden the priority. >> the story in it researches a bell is similar do that of judge persky who sentenced former stanford swimmer brock turner to only six months in jail a his conviction for sexual assault. >> new details this only of the fallout from the huge price increase of epipens, the manufacturer said it is expanding programs to reduce the cost by $300. he said that it is expanding eligibility for patient assistance program and has raised prices force epipens as frequently at three type as year over the past nine years and that means the rice for a two pack is more than $600. >> you have heard obesity is linked to several health issues and there is new research this morning that links obesity to
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eight different cancers. researchers from the world health organization looked at a thousand studies and found that excess body fat can need to cancer specifically gastric and police officer and gal bladder and ovarian and thyroid and blood and brain cancer. to hear the science watch "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. >> facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg is anyway diagnosis rome next woo to hold a question-and-answer says on monday. the trip was mapped before the devastate, in central italy. it is not clear if he will visit enough the affected towns during the trip. facebook activated safety check feature on tuesday night after the 6.2 earthquake. >> now to twitter and all the buzz about the new shoes of james harden, not in a good way. >> this photo was located of the new shoe, and some call it a cross screen crocks and work boots and other say they are
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grandpa shoes and someone said it looks like something frankenstein would wear to the jim. the company is not confirming in it is the shoe. >> now, you may remember steph curry has seen very share social media reaction to these shoes his shoes, and they sold out so whoever has last laugh best. >> to the bank. >> new, alexis you are trafficking three traffic issues? >> we have trouble spots this morning. the traffic map shows if you coming in through the tri-valley we have a problem southbound 680 still trying to confirm we are still blocking on this or not but it sounds like they are close to pushing it off the shoulder. we have the left lane blocked by emergency response and it is involving a make rider. the backup goes back up to 580 in dublin.
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very slow through pleasanton and slow on the central valley, early problem right an the anti-pass, long gone, cleared for an hour and 15 minutes. westbound 580 tracy to dublin, still an hour and 28 minutes and the bay bridge westbound recovering into downtown san francisco we had to stop traffic completely because of a pedestrian on the shoulder and it is still quite congested. >> hearing of a new problem on the film and its i will talk about that in less than ten but right now mike nicco has the forecast. >> since we last talked, sfo announced arrival delays averaging 54 minutes. no summer heat, smoky in the south bay, hazy for the rest us on friday, and saturday, and sunday as winds shift and bring the smock up from the south, and in august it will end cooler than today. and today is about 3-9 degrees below average. in the south bay it will be sunny, and this is the first plays, temperatures in the mid-70s to upper 70s until morgue ill and los gatos, and san jose is 77 and agency high
6:21 am
is 82. brighter later today on the peninsula, l70s, until millbrae at 68 along the coast up to 50s to low 60 and san francisco is breezy, and we will have 60 at balboa park and downtown at 64, and deals is around 59 degrees, and in the north bay it will be breezy this afternoon from mid-70s to allow off 80 with patches of fog and the lowest visibility is only two miles. cooling breezes on the east bay shore and fremont is at 74, and headed inland, tens are going to be in the mid-80s to nearly 90 almost agency here, and that is as close as we are going to get my seven-day forecast is more drizzle tomorrow, and temperatures in the 50s and you can see how we are going to progressively come into the 50s, 60, and mainly 70s bit end of august which is in the middle of next week. >> cannot believe it is will coming up so fast. >> against fence michael finney is tackling your questions next.
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>> remembering prince, when fans can go inside his minnesota estate. >> breaking news on the news comfort food... you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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>> the prince come pound outside
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of minneapolis will be turned and a museum and open to the public and could happen by october. his sister said it is what her brother wanted. he died april 21 from a drug overdose in an elevator at paisley park. visitors go through the recording and mixing studios and sound stage and concert hall and are on sale tomorrow at noon. no word on how much the tickets will be. >> now, ask michael finney, a question on sales tax. "7 on your side" michael finney has the answer. >> when you buy something, what does the extra tax go to? >> employ, a great question. glad you asked. in california, sales tax money is used locally and at the state level it is used for schools, prisons, and social services and more. we do not like to pay taxes but we all like safe and healthy were environments and that is what we get by paying, this part, sales tax. good question. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on your
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smartphone or tablet and share it # askfinney. you could see your question answers right here. >> there are two east bay police officers called "heroes," for saving a man trapped in his burning home. >> next, a verbs attack caught on camera in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood the soming crime and what the suspect my have said moments before the attack. >> if appeal based hewlett-packard is being sued by form employees. the rope four people say they were unfairly fired. >> a beautiful sunrise on the east bay hills camera the backdrop to talk about a spread stating in the 50s at cost and under up in the nato inland with a cooling trend ahead. i have the back to school forecast with
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>> good morning, south bay, let's get going. this is abc7 morning. >> it is thursday. august 25. 6:29. i am reggie aqui. >> it is droid eve. i am natasha zouves. with jessica castro here and mike nicco our meteorologist, and alexis smith. there is a new issue? >> let's add another, right? we have a garbage truck on fire. this is on the nimitz so i get to that shortly.
6:30 am
southbound 680 involving a motorcycle righter and the opinion was transported but all lanes are cleared. they just gave us the update in the last couple of minutes with heavy traffic approaching. southbound 680 and i used our distance measuring tool and it is seven miles on the way back up to the dublin area. southbound 880 the garbage truck is burning. more information in a few. and mike nicco has the forecast, and how is it looking? >> we are a citizen closer to the last weekend in august to check out live doppler hd and it is dry. with a few reports of drizzle at 3:00 or 2:00 this morning. coolerren with you step outside, and day planner, still sun inland, or clouds lingering
6:31 am
around the bay and the cost at noon at 57 to 75 and at 4:00, 59 at coast to 85 inland. i have the grabs next. >> in san francisco the search is on for a man seen on camera punching a woman in the face. over and over again as he attacked the stranger for no reason. amy? >> some resolution citizens here are tag about need for security in the area. this attack was caught on video, take a look, the woman was out for a walk at 7:45 at night when a man just walked up to her and started hitting her. this happened on saturday night. the woman did not know the man and police are hoping by releasing the video someone would sees it will recognize him and help them make an arrest. we showed the video to people
6:32 am
would live in the area. >> very surprised. we will have to have a gathering and be able to pay for a guard to be here beyond a certain time of day and go around the block on a regular basis because we cannot live with that. >> this happened near lafayette park. police say that the man brock the william's nose in several places. they say he could be homeless they do not necessity if he suffers from mental illness or under the influence of drug or alcohol. after boating here he took off headed south. >> develop news, the civic center bart station in san francisco is back open this morning after a stabbing, the victim was fund in a platform by the station at 10:00 last night. the station was shut down to investigate. they are trying to determine in the victim was stabbed there or earlier. the rim is in the hospital with
6:33 am
in word on their condition. >> cleanup underway with hundreds without home in the midwest after several door mades ripped through the section of the country. >> jessica is in the desk with an update on what is happening there with new video. jessica? i had updatedness on what is happening in kokomo, indiana, the hardest hit town focusing on that. officials just told me they are lucky no one is dead and i want did show you widespread damage to the year we have been seeing all morning, we are just learning that 10-15 people have minor injuries in howard county the hard hit area where an ef320 touched down, 136 to 165 miles per hour winds. 220 people are in shelters in kokomo. many from a big apartment complex damageed. the big focus is to work on repairing damaged lines and
6:34 am
restoring power. a picture is incredible showing the tornado in kokomo. early this morning, i showed you the view of a starbucks completely leveled in the storm but now i want to show you video from inside the store as we zoom in you can see the heavy wins and the lights go out. that is what they dealing with this morning with 1,600 people still without power -- no, 18,000 people. they are dealing with the aftermath this morning and clanup and no power. >> certainly a lot devastation. >> strong after shock continue to hit italy as crews sent for any sign of life. >> 6.2, killed 7,000 people in central italy. three after shocks jetly same
6:35 am
area causing one building to partly collapse. incredibly there are still victims being found alive. this is 36 hours after the earthquake. days are racing through the rub beach -- through the rubble to help. the majority of victims trend around to towns, including the epicenter of the earthquake amatrice. this is a remind are it is never too usually to prepare for a earthquake where we live. we have a from resource including guidelines for, survival step and an percentage plan for the -- an emergency plan for family at >> a pittsburg police officer will wake up in the hospital after what can only be described as "america report," rescue going into a burning home with another home and pull out an unconscious blind man from inside the home and revived him.
6:36 am
the officer had to be treated and had a significant cut. the officer is in if spirits. the man they saved is being treated for smoke inhalation. >> a man would collapsed on a highing trail meet the people would saved his life today. the sheriff technician shot the video while they raced it rescue him. he passed out on the trail after suffering heat stroke. he will be meeting with the opinion would made the 9-1-1 call. >> we are learning move the domestic violence accusations against a california bell city council member after police arrested cristina for battery. now they say cristina grabbed the am of his fiance and kept her from calling tore help and learning house. according to the police three and his fiance have been together for eight years with two small children. >> he could need some counseling and...we want to have the best
6:37 am
representation this we can get in campbell. >> cristina is out on $20,000 bail and has not responded to our request for comment. >> a suspect is under arrest accused of break into the same home several times. these are bronze statues that the sheriffs found, and they responded for three separate bug her calls in the span of 24 hours at a house in martinez and after receiving the tips, the deputied arrested a man and identified him as charlie summers tracking down items including two bronze tiger statues. >> police released sketches based on witness description during a deadly stabbing. the pair stabbed a man to delegate august 14 near cottonwood avenue and corkwood street much the victim, 42 years old, died at scene of the witnesses say the two men accused in the murder took off in a white vehicle. if you necessity about the case,
6:38 am
call hayward police. >> your voice your vote, only ten weeks hefts into the presidential election and now the campaigns are in full attack. >> hillary clinton was in the silicon valley elite yesterday in the bay area. later in a again interview with cnn hillary clinton blasted donald trump for pedaling bigotry and paranoia. >> he is starting a hate movement in the campaign and bridge it to the communities and our country. >> hillary clinton is a bigot. with seas people of color only as votes >> donald trump will be in new hampshire today and clinton be in nevada. >> new polls show donald trump head of clinton by five points in arizona which usually is a lock for republicans and new cnn
6:39 am
battle ground state polls show the republican presidential nominee in a tie with clinton in north carolina. >> in south bay, a big public for the there attend vote, more than a quarter million eligible young adults and latinos in santa clara county are not yet registered. the group of faith, community, and labor leaders launch an alliance of is the vietnam and will host a registration drive. >> a traffic alert. >> out of commute of the morning is from the central valley today. we will check it out on the traffic maps. slow going. you can see where the circle is, that a crash we started with at 4:30 this morning. it cleared before action. around the altamont pass. but there are lingering delays sticking around all morning. also, southbound 680, if you travel danny dublin and sunol we had a crash involving a make and that has cleared and it is about seven mile backup and we have a
6:40 am
current issues southbound 880, the nimitz, through the oakland area we are hearing of a garbage truck on fire and north of that south of the arena we hearing reports of a collision and not sure in either of those are blocking but we have delays. mike nicco has a look at forecast and you have better news. >> yes, especially we talking about back-to-school forecast, students and fact consult and pains, cloudy and 58, sunny and mild this afternoon, and 75. we will head over to millbrae unified school district covering ill bray and san bruno, and it will be cloudy and 56, breezy and sunny and cooler and 69 at 3:00, and then over to the east bay, hayward unified school district, cloudy and 58 this morning and mist is possible and sunny and 71 this afternoon. good luck. have a great year. look at the colors...the east
6:41 am
bay hills...pretty in pink. gorgeous. walking the dog the morning dew, choppy on the bay, north of the bay bridge and good breezes if you are bicycling especially around the bay shore. this shot is beautiful, too the look a next three days. temperatures are steady with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine so we will be below average. the welcome forecast is next. >> popular events put on hold in san jose and how police officer short average is now impacting community events. >> a big bill for apple and could be forced to pay $19 million. now a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. >> good thursday morning. next on "good morning america" breaking reported tornadoes in the midwest looks likes winds up to 165 miles per hour and a state of emergency is declare
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>> the hunt is on for sick coyote in the east bay. this said i don't shot by wildlife emergency services suffering from advance cased of mang. caused by mites. emergency services are out to catch the coyote and cake him to a wildlife hospital for
6:45 am
treatment. >> more fallout from the police shortage in san jose, a popular festival has to be post pointed because of lack of security. malt kill are joins us where the festival is supposed to take place with the details. >> good morning, not all evens are postponed in the last sure or so, we saw the fencing put up for the music in the pub event, and tower of power is playing. in a week and a half on labor day weekend two festivals are postponed. the bay condition festival, the 4th annual event was scheduled for labor day weekend but when you try to buy tickets the dates are mid-october. that is because san jose police said they do not have the available resources to help during the holiday weekend of the another fast valley called "breakfast," is postponed indestinily. there is a major officer shortage with the police department and considering
6:46 am
moving dozens of detectives back to patrol. others are offering refunds to ticket holders. >> san francisco police need your help to fine the tagger whose defaced a mural by a popular artist of chavez and the united farms worker flag. can you see wasp, two taggers pointed across the bottom the mural. the activity is famous for the obama "hope," poster in 2008. >> how do you feel about a new facebook feature with the ads playing at full volume. facebook is testing ads that do this right now only in australia. users have to manually change the setting to avoid the sound blasting. you can imagine it puts advertisers in a precarious position because they do cut want to infewer rate users but
6:47 am
they have to find new ways to reap consumers without sound like with captioning. >> celebrities are coming to the support of saturday night live star leslie jones. % personal website is still down after she was targeted by hacker s with someone get interesting% personal information and posted race unfortunate comments and sexist comments and nude picture of the star and they did the same thing last in and now people are saying leave her alone. >> this morning, palo alto based mvp mvp is facing accusations it fired people because of their age. >> and here is that story from the nasdaq. jane? >> good morning. we a little bit lower today the we got weekly jobless claims out and they were 261,000. the first time filing for
6:48 am
unemployment benefits and the same as the previous week. job market is hanging in there. but the dow is down 19 and the nasdaq is down by four. ex employees are are s&p 500 are suing for age discrimination pore being purged unfairly as part of a major restructuring of the tens of thousands of layoffs and h.p. made it a point to transfer to a young company from an older company. h.p. said they are >> of the claims and deny them. >> apple could be on the hook for $19 billion in taxes. the european commission is expected to levee the judgment against apple in the next few months accusing them of striking a deal with ireland where apple would move the profits to irish subsidiaries do reduce the corporate tax burden. the obama administration said the commission is unfairly targeting united states companies. godaddy hiring interns right out of college -- not out of
6:49 am
college but looking for older and wiser workers with paid intern were somes for mid-year professors returning to the work police after a few years' absence. reggie and natasha, back to you. >> when you open your home to a dog you get a new family member and you also open up your wallet all the numbers show you how much it costs to own a dog and the average cost depend on on the size, terse year from; $1,30020 $1,800 and then more, and another said $2,800 when you factor pet sitting, pet surfboardings teen cleaning and emergencies. can we just add it it is worth every penny? >> absolutely. >> and alexis has had a busy morning. >> not a lot of fun.
6:50 am
in central valley and the tri-valley and the east bay is not looking great. a couple of the rough spots westbound 580 is but dallas out of the tracy area we had a crash around north anyone early this morning and it does tut take much in the area using the speed indication tool at eight miles per hour and the toll plaza looks like cash lanes are okay and fast track is become up with a situation earlier today where traffic was stopped on the bay bridge in san francisco because of a pedestrian of the everyone is okay. southbound 680, recovering, dublin to sunol at 50 minutes double what it should be and that is due to an early motorcycle crash. we will check where mike nicco for at look at the forecast with a lot of pretty sunrise shots. >> a couple them and what it looks like from the east bay hills and from walnut creek where you can see the cloud deck is opening for sunshine as we hook south on 680. slower reveal sunshine and it
6:51 am
will. can become faster during the afternoon and evening so we will be below average. the haze is going to increase on friday and saturday and sunday and winds coming from the south and the stepped forecast is cooler than agency through the end of the month and breezy tim frame from 1:00 in the afternoon to 9:00 in the evening. the cloud cover lingers longer around the central bay and interest parts of the for the by and it clips to the cost during the afternoon hours. in the south bays an area we will see sunshine first, mid-to-upper 70s in most neighbors san jose is 77 and lower 80s in los gatos and gilroy and low-to-mid 70s for peninsula today, the clouds keep us in the upper 50s to nearly 60 loop the cost and downtown and south san francisco and sausalito, mid-60s and below average in the north bay with mid-70s to upper 70s until know small at 80 and along the east bay shore the breezes keep richmond is berkeley and oakland at 6 to 68 degrees and the rest of us in low-to-mid 70s and inland we have temperatures from
6:52 am
83 at san ramon, a few minutes in antioch and brentwood. tent are in the 50s again, more drizzle in the morning, of watching the smoke and haze from friday and saturday, and our cool of the days are the last two difficulties of the month, tuesday and wednesday. >> a push to provide afford average housing for teachers in san francisco is another step closer to reality. yesterday, the state assembly passed a bill allowing the school district to develop employee housing on the property. i this is one part of a bigger initiative to provide housing for 500 teachers by 2020 and includes a program that offer downpayment loans that are forriven in the teacher sticks around for 10 years. an average salary of $62,000 many teachers are priced out of the housing market. >> we are back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know but, first, our instagram picket of the day follow us for a lot more great follow us for a lot more great photos like this.
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food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. >> good morning, here are the seven things you need to know. alexis? >> not an easy day on the roads out of the central valley starting with a crash involving a sports car going really fast, lost control, and it was around flynn road the it is long gone. in altamont pass area. now, new activity on the shoulder westbound 205, land on
6:55 am
an extra drive time if you are try to get out of the tracy area this morning. >> police want you to get this guy off the streets. we need your help. they are trying to track down this man who verbsly attacked a woman in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood left with a broken nose and injuries to the face. show should recover. >> at least eight tornadoes ripped through indiana and ohio destroy hopes and leaving 189,000 people without power this morning. somehow there are no reports serious injuries. >> computer could have a speedy tiptoed with new signs between the bay bridge and carquinez bridge will guide drivers around accidents and other snags in the commute. >> if you are a planning san jose's bacon festival for labor day you may need to reschedule, a police shortage is forcing organizers to post point the event physical october. >> another day without summer heat leashing temperatures below average from 60 at the coast and san francisco and richmond and
6:56 am
oakland, and 70's to 80s and one 90s in antioch not happening for the week. >> seven, pets traveling through sfo have a place to go for some...relief. a new pet only area is opening in february. right now there are some outside but this one is inside. >> hmm. >> wondering about the smell of that? >> they are figure it out see you in 25 minutes.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. breaking overnight, state of emergency. at least 35 twisters tear through the heartland. >> oh, my gosh. starbucks just got blown over. >> winds hit 165 miles an hour, flattening homes and buildings. as more storms move in. miraculous rescue. a 10-year-old trapped for 17 hours in the earthquake rubble, making it out alive. [ cheers ] >> as crews work overnight in italy searching for survivors on the ground and in the air. the death toll climbing as more than 200 aftershocks rock the country. steakhouse shooting. the waiter furious at a customer pulls out a gun, fires it on the job. people hide behind tables, running for their lives. hope solo suspended. the soccer superstar in trouble again. this tim


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