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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 27, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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live, where you live, this is "abc7 news." >> he took a stand by sitting down. now controversy is rising up around colin kaepernick. kaepernick chose to sit down for the national anthem last night at the game. tonight, we're hearing from the head coach about what his actions mean. >> reporter: colin kaepernick is competing for starting quarterback for the 49ers this season. though his passing is not what everyone is really talking about. >> regardless of your personal belief, stand out of respect, because nothing in this game goes unnoticed. >> reporter: it's hard not to miss him, sitting during the national anthem. >> he was a starter, the jewel of the league a couple years
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ago, i think that might be something. >> reporter: kaepernick says he refuses to stand up for a country that on presidents people of color. >> what i get is not supporting a country that's going to support the innocent killing of blacks. absolutely. >> reporter: kaepernick's decision is drawing a mixed bag of commentary, from criticism to support. >> honestly, i have some mixed feelings. we represent a country that's supposed to be fair and balanced but it's not. >> he's a really incredible player, and i just think it's kind of, i don't know, sad. >> i think it's disgusting. it's a lack of respect, and there's no excuse for it. >> reporter: former nfl player damien woody took to twitter saying cap has every night to express his feelings, beliefs,
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and people have every right to disagree. in san francisco, lonny rivera, "abc7 news." >> rick kwan joins us now with how chip kelly reacted. >> reporter: head coach chip kelly held a conference call with the media today and took questions on the kaepernick situation. yesterday was not the first time cap sat down for the national anthem. he did the same thing last week at denver. coach kelly had this reaction. >> we recognize the right of every individual to participate or not in the national anthem. so does the league. the league's statement is very encouraging but it's not required to stand during the plague of the national anthem. we'll talk about it as a team tomorrow.
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>> kelly says he only talked to kaepernick about football and will not encourage him to stand during the anthem because that is his right as a citizen. i wouldn't be surprised if kaepernick starts the next preseason game. we have breaking news now in the south bay. a fire at a storage facility that just went to a fourth alarm near 101 and 680. that fire was reported around 9:00 p.m. at around 10:00 p.m., firefighters were in defensive mode, then ordered a third alarm, then a fourth. again, the fire is burning near 101 and 680 at the public storage area. new t 11:00, the father of a blind man rescued from a burning home has a message for the rescuers. >> amazing people who should be
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admired and respected. >> saturday, two pittsburgh police officers pulled taylor out of his house on west 11th street before befores got there. the 65-year-old is in a medically induced coma with smoke inhalation. he was not burned. his father spoke to us today from his home in washington state and said doctors told him that his son is improving. >> the prognosis is still to be determined. they will hopefully be able to feed him and have him take food in the next day or two. >> there is a go fund me page set up to help the son. the caretaker is working to find a new place of the year. walnut creek has recorded its first homicide of the year. our reporter joins us from cyprus and locust with more. lisa?
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>> reporter: eric, violent crimes are rare in walnut creek. that's why this one is upsetting, shocking, and troubling to those who live here. kourtney brown was a doting father of two teenage girl. he was out with his friends and fiance when something went terribly wrong. >> we heard about six pops go off. >> reporter: someone shot brown in the back three times. police think he was targeted because of what they call a confrontation. a source told me after brown left the sports bar, the suspect came from an opposite direction and started shooting. i spoke with his sister by phone. >> him and somebody got into it. knowing him he don't want to fight. he didn't fight. he wasn't a fighter. he tried to walk away, and the guy shot him. >> reporter: brown lived in vallejo with his older daughter,
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while his 14-year-old lived in oakland with her mother. >> he was a family man that loved his kids. >> reporter: the brown siblings chose to move to texas because of the violence, but he chose to stay. >> i just knew something like this was going to eventually happen, because it's just too bad in the bay now. >> reporter: police meantime are scouring the intersection and checking surveillance cameras from area businesses and they stress find thing murderer is their top priority. still, downtown regulars admit this shooting has shaken them and their weekend habits may change as a result. >> i'll still come, but i will probably get out before anything happens. >> reporter: police continue to follow up on leads. while walnut creek has seen only one homicide, san jose just
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recorded its 35th. police received a report just after midnight of a disturbance. they found a victim who had been stabbed death. san jose police are investigating the motive for stabbing. san jose has already seen five more homicides so far this year than in all of last year. san francisco police now have a sketch of the man seen in this video punching a woman in pacific heights. the unprovoked attack happened a week ago. no one we spoke with recognized the man in this sketch. investigators say the suspect appeared to have a mole on his upper right cheek and dirty blonde hair. if you recognize him, the police would like to hear from you. cooking for a good cause. tonight, a san francisco restaurant is raising money for the victims of the earthquake in italy by serving up this special dish. "abc7 news" was at the
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restaurant on pacific avenue where all of the money from every dish is being donated to amatrice, italy. >> people were very supportive. >> the owner has family there who survived the earthquake. he says more than $800 has been raised so far in just two days. 291 people died in the earthquake on wednesday, including a 9-year-old girl who died in her younger sister's arms. the younger sister survived. tomorrow, every museum in italy is donating all the proceeds to earthquake rebuilding work. coming up, another controversy over something donald trump tweeted and more questionable e-mails surrounding hillary clinton, just ten weeks before the election. plus, hear what it was like inside this southwest airlines flight after an engine broke apart in mid-air.
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low clouds and fog kind of slow to move across the bay tonight, still in the mid 60s but you wake up to the gray and the afternoon, stick around and see a little bit of a warmup for your sunday afternoon. a look at that for you and another cooldown coming up. and the tool that will save stanford students from answering the question, how do you pronounce your name? ♪
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another live look at the breaking news in san jose tonight. it was a four alarm fire at a public storage facility. firefighters are now mopping up. a public storage building burned near the intersection of 101 and
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680. the fire started at 9:00 a.m. and went to four alarms. not all at once as we normally see with fires of this type. firefighters found flames in different spots. we're going to keep an eye on this firefight throughout the news cast tonight. on to politics. republican donald trump will head to california for a fund-raising trip next week and local accountant also rally tomorrow urging trump to release his tax returns. hillary clinton didn't campaign today. instead she got a briefing on threats against america. elizabeth hurd tells us more. >> reporter: hillary clinton spent two hours at an fbi office in new york today, not answering more e-mail questions but getting her first top street national security briefing as a presidential candidate. abc news obtained these e-mails between then top clinton official doug vand and clinton's inner circle when she was secretary of state. in one exchange, a request from
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the foundation for invitations to a state lunch with the chinese president. on the list, executives from three groups that donated millions to the foundation. donald trump called it corruption. >> it's hard to tell where the clinton foundation ends and where the state department begins. >> reporter: clinton says -- >> my work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. >> reporter: trump, facing criticism himself after working the friday murder of dwyane wade's cousin into his speech. >> it breaks all of our hearts to see it. it's horrible. >> reporter: trump tweeting, dwyane wade's cousin was just shot and killed in chicago. just what i've been saying, african-americans will vote trump. later, trump tweeted his condolences and tim kaine in
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florida took exception to trump's remarks. >> we just ought to be extending our sympathy to the family. jewelry chain jared blames the election for slumping sales. last week, sales dropped more than 7% than the previous quarter. the ceo of the parent company claims uncertainly surrounding the election. new at 11:00, "abc7 news" was at the fair grounds in san jose when a bloodless bullfighting was held today. a man was not seriously hurt and did not go to the hospital. for the first time, we're learning how a kidnapping victim feels about the city where police once called her a liar. denise hus kins says she no longer feels safe living in
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vallejo. that statement came in new documents filed in a civil lawsuit. vallejo is moving to dismiss the claim. she and her boyfriend war the victims of a home invasion robbery in march of 2015. police initially called the kidnapping a hoax, even after the suspect was arrested. hundreds of people walked today to help patient fighting breast cancer right here in the bay area. "abc7 news" was there for the 12th annual walk. "abc7 news" anchor caroline tyler co-founded friends of faith and honors her friend faith blanchard who died of breast cancer in 2003. >> she would go into the hospitals or her doctor's office, she would meet women with little resources, she wanted to do something about it.
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and she asked us to form an organization to help underserved women. >> friends of faith as raised millions over the past 12 years. now your accuweather forecast. >> four days left of august and it looks like this one is going to go down as one of the crueller ones since san francisco has been keeping records since 1874. so we're looking at live doppler 7 hd where all the fog continues to sit offshore. it's beginning to come back across the bay, but temperatures are still mild. the deck of low clouds and fog nice and tall. so that's why we're not seeing visibility issues. likely tomorrow things will be fine, but it will be stubborn from time to time. a series of areas of low pressure that has kept that on shore flow with us day after day and the fog cozying up to the coast and that's why we've been
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so cool for august. right now it's mild with the cloud deck. 63 in oakland. 62 in mountain view, as well as san jose. 59 in morgan hill. 61 in half moon bay. it looks like tomorrow with that deck of clouds higher and taller should be fine. 59 by the delta. southwest end up to 4 miles per hour. numbers to near 60 in concord. looking at low clouds all the way to our inland east bay. the mild pattern with temperatures coming up a few degrees tomorrow continues. that will take us through sunday and monday and on even cooler system with some northern california rain on tuesday and we will see a slightly warmer trend right after that system exits. we should see upper 80s, livermore, mid 80s, san jose, low 80s.
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and look at the next column, anywhere from 2 to 9 degrees below average today. so yes, that's been the way it's opinion all month long. tomorrow, not a whole lot different around the bay, but inland, a little warmer. mid 50s in the north day and first thing in the morning with a cloud deck, but by 10:00, 11:00, it will peel back, giving us a boost in temperature. today, we didn't see any 80s at all. if we skip ahead to monday, limited warmth here into sunday. still staying below average. and the last day of the month looking at temperatures once again very little change out there. in the south bay, upper 70s. a nice day for you, 73 in redwood city. 60 in pacifica. mid 60s in san francisco and the north day. 75 santa rosa. 76 in napa.
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berkeley, 73. and inland, temperatures in the mid 80s. so the seven-day forecast, looking at temperatures from 60 to 84 tomorrow. and look at this, very little change with that steady pattern. looking at some cooler weather once again to start september. i talked about that slight chance of showers on tuesday. then beyond labor day, we could see maybe a little more interesting weather. put it that way. >> it's been an interesting weather season. lisa, thank you very much. coming up next, ho
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and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. high school football fans witnessed a first in san francisco today. you're looking at video here,
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it's good. the first girl ever to play football for the wildcats. st. ignatius was an all-boy's school until 1989. she made all three of her extra point attempts. way to go. congratulations. coming up, the giants struggled against
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with giants pitcher jake peavy going on the dl, albert
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suarez got the start tonight against atlanta. san francisco took the lead in the second. this is crawford's 12th home run of the season. suarez did not give up a hit until the fourth. matt kemp gets all of this pitch and goes deep to center. the braves on top 3-1. crawford doubled in the 7th, but trevor brown strikes out the end the inning. giants lose 3-1. the a's were at st. louis, the cards wearing their 1927 throwback unis. this is deep to left for a solo shot. st. louis tacked on another run in the third. this goes off of ryan healey for an error. oakland pulls even in the 8th.
11:30 pm
chris davis ties the game here at 2-2. then a fly ball to medium center field. healey tags up at third and he's going to score the game-running run. the a's beat the cardinals 3-2. last week against green bay, the raiders' offense failed to score a touchdown. tonight, it found the end zone twice but still came up short. after falling behind 7-0, derek carr finds his man for 33 yards. a few plays later, it's carr to washington, and the rooky is good for the score. he had 55 yards rushing. second quarter, carr goes deeper. cooper, who does a great job staying inbounds. 14-13, oakland. third quarter action, a short pass to washington and he's going to get popped by shawn
11:31 pm
spence. the ball comes loose and takes it in for the touchdown. tennessee wins 27-14. the raiders call to 1-2. >> it's good to move the ball and show what we've been working on a little bit. but we're going to play them here in a few weeks, so it's good to go out there and just execute. >> we've set our intentions. we're not shying away from that. he're not backing down from that. but it's got to be a whole hell of a lot better than what i saw tonight. >> later in the show, more from the raiders and colin kaepernick on having a shot at the starting quarterback job. >> rick, thanks a lot. well, something stinks and neighbors say it will get worse. a land fill is supposed to
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double in size. plus, the flight that
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live, where you live. this is "abc7 news." good evening. thanks for joining us. here are tonight's headlines. breaking news in san jose where a four-alarm fire is burning through a public storage facility on felipe avenue near highways 101 and 680. it quickly got out of control. there are reports of one firefighter suffered burn injuries. police in walnut creek are trying to find the person who shot and killed a father in the
11:36 pm
downtown area this morning. police believe kourtney brown was kartargeted. but the source says the suspect came from an opposite direction and started shooting. coach chip kelly will talk about colin kaepernick refusing to stand up during the national anthem. kelly says it's the quarterback's right as a citizen not to stand. today, a mid-air engine problem could have resulted in the crash of a jet. >> reporter: tonight an in-air emergency, this southwest jet losing an engine. the pilot breathing heavily as they go through the emergency checklist.
11:37 pm
this image showing the jet edgerrined apart is what the 99 passengers on board saw as they looked out their window. >> we started smelling smoke. >> reporter: oxygen masks deploying. that's stephanie miller and her husband michael putting the masks on. >> children were screaming and flying. >> reporter: flight data shows the plane above 30,000 feet, descending to 10,000 feet in just eight minutes. the jet landing safely in pensacola 30 minutes after takeoff. >> the point is, this was an explosive event, a and this is very, very rare and very dangerous, because in this case, the engine actually threw a piece of metal into the cabin.
11:38 pm
. >> reporter: southwest airlines are cooperating with federal investigators. meantime, passengers were talking how grateful they are to the pilot for keeping them alive. in england, britain is hoping to take a weeke-- the bu highway leads to the tunnel which goes to france. you can see how the bridge just shredded the truck's trailer. only one person, a motorcyclists, had minor injuries. monday is a bank holiday in england and many people have a three-day weekend. some residents say they're tired of holding their noses and want to stop plans to double the size of a land phil. "abc7 news" was there when several families aired their complaints near a popular walking trail.
11:39 pm
the landfill has nearly reached capacity. >> the citizens want ultimately this dump ground to be closed. now the city has to deal with this. >> in november, residents will vote on measure "l." if city has also sued the operator over the smells. tonight, we know the identity of a man killed in a motorcycle crash on the golden gate bridge. the sheriff's office says 39-year-old amir khan was killed when his motorcycle hit the guard rail. investigators say khan was speeding north bound when he lost control. no other vehicles were involved. a family run market in livermore is considered a total loss following a fire overnight. investigators say the fire
11:40 pm
started around 4:00 this morning on maple street and threatened the business next door. the fire caused an estimated $300,000 in damage to the market. no other businesses suffered significant loss. tomorrow there's a fund raiser for the victims of the fire in monterey county, the biggest fire burning in california right now. an illegal campfire sparked it more than a month ago. since then, 91,000 acres have burned. there are a dozen wildfires currently burning in california. hurst castle was shut down because of a chimney fire. the fire is 52% contained. the newest wildfire is near chico. the santos fire is 45% contained after burning 100 acres. firefighters say they'll have the ray fire contained by
11:41 pm
wednesday. it has burned 33,000 acres and 54% contained. stanford wants to make its first day ice breakers way less awkward. the university will use a program that allows students to record their name and gender. the program was created by stanford graduates. this is the first time it's being offered at the start of a school year. about 300 students so far have registered their name pronunciations. the first day of class is just under a month away. new rules for drones take affect monday. co co low clouds and fog by sun rise. looking at a few more 80s arriving.
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the number of uses for drones is about to expand because of new rules that go into effect on monday. it could open the flood gates of the drone world to science and industry. jonathan bloom has a look at why this is a big deal. >> reporter: it's the day the industry has been waiting for. >> it helps businesses use drones legally. >> reporter: getting certified to survey land was difficult and costly.
11:45 pm
>> many of our clients have been in a waiting mode. they want to operate and use drones themselves. >> reporter: the potential is enormous, using drones, they make 3-d models from the sky. >> so they can take a building and measure it and see if it works like it's supposed to. >> reporter: the u.s. geological survey started making scientific maps using surplus military drones. >> they had several of them that they were going to destroy. >> reporter: they've replaced what was a slow analog process for the study of mountains and fault lines. this means new tools will come on the market. >> we're a little more excited about the small ones that you can learn quickly. >> reporter: most of the new rules evolve around safety and the procedures are modeled after what's already common practice
11:46 pm
in the aviation world. flight lists and check plan also be standard practice. while getting certified will be easier than before, there's still a test to take about how not to fly. >> you can't fly over crowded public areas. how to make sure you don't hit power lines. >> reporter: these rules don't address long-distance flights, but could change whole industries. >> walking back and forth to do surveying of areas that can now take minutes. >> reporter: in san francisco, jonathan bloom, "abc7 news." tomorrow is the last day to take advantage of free admission to national parks, in honor of national parks service 100th birthday. visits to yosemite and other attractions nationwide will be free tomorrow.
11:47 pm
website, the northern spotted owl was added to the endangered species list. scientists hope to revive its population before it becomes extinct. an isolated speck of desert north of reno is about to grow into a city of thousands, for a week. burning man, the gathering of the unconventional and uninhib itted gets under way tomorrow. many will create art projects in the desert. a week from now, a huge effigy of a man will be set on fire. the entire festival wraps up on labor day. and lisa is back now with
11:48 pm
another check of the forecast. >> cooler than average numbers in august. we do have not only a cool day tomorrow, but we will be looking at a cooler day into the early part of the week. so right now looking at temperatures across the state tomorrow in the 90s for you in chico. 81 in los angeles. around the bay tomorrow, look at the fog in half moon bay. partial sunshine, mid 60s there. san francisco, partly cloudy, 70 in oakland. low 80s in walnut creek. 84 in antioch. check out santa rosa, up and down all week long. the numbers will be hovering around 80 all week. 77 in san mateo. 73 in palo alto. 83 in livermore. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll keep this trend through the early part of the week, a few degrees warmer wednesday. tuesday looks to be one of the
11:49 pm
most interesting days, maybe some northern california showers. then over the holidays, it could be even cooler. so keep an eye on that. >> i'm okay giving the a.c. a little rest. coming up in sports --
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11:52 pm
tonight in their next to last preseason game, derek carr played the entire first half and one series in the third quarter. he treated 12 of 18 passes for 169 yards and two touchdowns against tennessee. that included this one. >> the nice thing is the mistakes aren't, dang, how do we
11:53 pm
fix that? is it going to be something that is going to take a lot of time and we have to find a different way to do something. that's not the case. the mistakes are maybe mising a couple throws by that much or a route by that much. that's good, especially this time of the year. >> carr did pretty well throwing two touchdown passes, but he was upset about missing another touchdown toss right before the half. moving on. jared goth completed just 4 of 12 passes for 45 yards. he came out of the contest after this hit. the broncos beat the rams 17-9. the 49ers wrap up their preseason on thursday at san diego. it will be colin kaepernick's
11:54 pm
last chance to make his case for the starting quarterback job. last night, he completed just 2 of 6 passes for 14 yards and his last three passes were deflected. perhaps his best play is when he took off on the scramble. but he still came up short of the first down. after the contest, he asked if he was still in the running to start the season. >> that's really up to chip and the coaching staff. it's just good being back on the field. it's exciting to be out there. it was good to get out there and get my feet wet. >> we'll see where we are, but first and foremost, we got to be better offensively. >> the cal bears are feeling good about their season opener.
11:55 pm
yesterday they beat hawaii by 20 in australia. davis webb had a great debut. he threw for more than 440 yards and four touchdowns. two of those touchdowns went to chad hanson who had 14 catches. cal won 51-31. in just a north time, they had developed a strong connection. [ indiscernible ] >> just happy to be out there with our team in sydney, australia. >> it's such a great opportunity to experience something so different and special. so yeah, i would anticipate this becoming an annual event. major league soccer.
11:56 pm
san jose and columbus. no score, this shot scales over the bar. the crew with the deep pass, all kinds of time here and he finds ethan findley to score it. 2-0, columbus was the final. >> this is adam scott putting for 44 feet for the birdie. he's two shots off the lead with a 65 today. he's trying to catch ricky fowler who shot a 68 this afternoon. this sets up a birdie. going into the final round, fowler has a one-streak lead. he is 9 under for the tournament. eric? >> i saw marshawn lynch a couple weeks back. he looks like he can still play. >> he's very active in the
11:57 pm
community, and good to see him on the sidelines. >> noticed anything new here? this is our new set here at "abc7 news." this is our first weekend on it. so you can see a time lapse of its construction on our website at it's great. that's it for tonight. thanks for joining us.
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