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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 28, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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we've got low clouds this morning and temperatures on the cool side, a lot of us in the 50s and low 60s and clouds over cloe santa rosa and the bay and
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gilroy. by this morning at 9:00 we'll still see the low clouds over most of the bay. temperatures will mainly be in the low 60s and upper 50s. by noon the clouds pull back to the coast. and this afternoon plenty of sunshine for everyone except at the coast where temperature wills stay in the low 60s. around the bay, in the 70s. inland will reach the low 80s today. i'll let you know when we can expect a warm up with the accuweather seven day forecast. one person is dead after her car crashed, narrowly missing a school building in san leandro at around 2:30 this afternoon. three girls were in that car which officers say was speeding when it hit a driveway, went airborne and then hit a fence. the girl who died was the driver. the two passengers were taken to the hospital with serious
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injuries. they are expected to survive. firefighters are still at the scene of a four alarm fire at a storage facility in san jose. it started around 9:00 last night at the public storage facility on felipe avenue. crews say flames got out of control, quickly spreadingng to the second floor and nearby units. no word on the cause. officials say ten to 15 units have been damaged. one firefighter suffered minor injuries and is expected to recover. the controversy surrounding 49er's qb colin kaepernick continues to grow this morning after he refused to stand for the national anthem at the start of friday night's game. now we are hearing from the head coach as well as former players about what his actions mean. >> reporter: colin kaepernick is
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competing for the starter position at quarterback for the 49ers this season. but his passing is not really what everyone is talking about. >> regardless of your own personal believes stand out of respected. >> reporter: it's not not to miss him not standing but sitting during the national anthem at friday night's game. >> he was a starter and he was the jewel of the league a couple of years ago and he's fallen so quickly. >> reporter: kaepernick says he refuses to stand up for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. >> what i get was not supporting a country that's going to support the innocent killing of plaq blacks. >> reporter: whether it's on social media or at sports events, ckaepernick is drawing mixed bag. >> we have a country that's supposed to be fair and balanced
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but it's not fair and balanced. >> he used to be like a really incredible player. i just think it's kind of, i don't know, sad. >> i think it's disgusting. it's a lack of respect and there's no excuse for it. >> reporter: former nfl player damien woody took to twitter saying he has every right to express his feelings and people have every right to disagree. this is a rarity, chip kelly holding a conference call with the media, taking questions on the kaepernick controversy. apparently friday was not the first time kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem. he did the same thing last saturday when the team played at denver. coach kelly has this reaction. >> we recognize the right of any individual to choose to participate or not participate
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in the national anthem. so does the league. the league's statement is they encourage them but it's not required to stand during the playing of the national anthem. it's his right as a citizen. we'll talk about it as a team. >> kelly says he's only talked to kaepernick about football and will not encourage him to stand during the anthem. the niners wrap up their preseason on thursday in san diego. the father of a blind man rescued from a burning home has a message this morning for his son's rescuers. >> good stuff. they're amazing people. they're to be admired and respected. >> on wednesday two pittsburgh police officers pulled jim taylor out of his house on west 11th street before firefighters got there. the 65-year-old cal state east bay grad is in a medically induced coma with severe smoke inhalulation. he wasn't burned. his father spoke from his home
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in washington state. he says doctors tell him his son is improving. >> the prognosis i guess is still to be determined. they hopefully will have him being able to feed him or to take food in the next day or two. >> the father says the home is destroyed. taylor's caretaker is now working to find him a new place to live. new detail this is morning this attack caught on video in san francisco's pacific heights. police now have a sketch of the man seen here, repeatedly punching a woman. the unprovoked attack happened last week near lafayette park. abc 7 news visited the neighborhood saturday. no one we spoke with recognized this man in the sketch. investigators say he appears to have dirty blond hair and a mole on his upper right cheek. he left the victim with a broken nose. if you recognize this man in the sketch, sfpd wants to hear from
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you. for the first time we're learning how a kidnapping victim feels about the city where police once called her a liar. she says she no longer feels safe living in vallejo. that statement comes in new documents filed in her civil lawsuit against the city. she and her boyfriend were the victims of a home invasion robbery back in march of 2015. police called the kidnapping a hoax even after the suspect's arrest. she says her life has been destroyed and she suffers from depression, anxiety and paranoia. a mid-air engine problem could have resulted in a horrific crash for a southwest jet carrying more than 100 people. everyone is safe this morning. >> reporter: an in-air
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emergency, this southwest jet losing one of its engines. the pilot breathing heaviy lily they go through the emergency checklist. this image showing the jet engine ripped apart is what the 99 passengers on board saw as they looked out their windows. >> we heard a lound boom. sounded like an 18-wheeler tire blowing. >> reporter: that's passenger stephanie miller and her husband michael putting on their oxygen masks. flight data shows the plane above 30,000 feet, quickly descending more than 20,000 feet in just eight minutes. >> our ears started popping pretty bad. >> reporter: the boeing 737 landing safely in pensacola only about 30 minutes after takeoff. >> this was not just any engine failure. this was an explosive event. this is very very rare.
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and it's very dangerous. because in this case the engine actually threw a piece of metal into the cabin. somebody could have easily been killed. >> reporter: southwest airlines are cooperating with federal investigators. passengers talking about how grateful they are to the pilot for keeping them alive. in england britains hoping to take a weekend trip to france ran into a massive traffic jam. a truck slammed into a pedestrian bridge, tearing it down onto the m-20 motor way which leads to the channel which leads to france. you can see how the bridge shredded the truck's trail the road was closed in both directions. traffic was heavier than usual
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because monday is a bank holiday in england and many have a three-day weekend. we have a three-day weekend right around the corner. too early to talk about the weather? >> no, no. it's going to be pleasant and nice. unfortunately we're still below average for quite some time. i'll let you know when you can expect a slight bump in centers. here's a live look at the clouds mostly over the bay area. then the bay area gives back. abc 7 news checks in with a local restaurant making a difference for victims of that deadly earthquake in italy. and later, the faithfulness of a long time 49ers fan has paid off. but he needed help from michael ♪
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welcome back, everyone. thank you for waking up so early to join us. this is a live look from our mt. tam cam. it is beautiful. you see the clouds hanging low there. frances says they will dissipate around noon. she'll be back with the full forecast in just a few. cooking for a good cause, a san francisco restaurant is raising money for the victims of that deadly earthquake in italy by serving up this special dish.
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it is called amatrice, named after the italian city damaged in last week's quake. restaurant milano on pacific avenue yesterday, this weekend all of the money from every dish sold is being donated to earthquake victims in italy. >> it's been very popular. i had a big response. people were very supportive. >> the owner has family who survived that earthquake. he says more than $800 has been raised so far from that one dish in just two days. 291 people died in the earthquake on wednesday, including a 9-year-old girl who died in her younger sister's arms. the younger sister survived. at the little girl's funeral yesterday, the bishop recalled firefighters finding the girls in an embrace. happening today here at
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home, there's a fund-raiser for victims of the soberanes fire. it is the biggest fire burning right now. an illegal campfire sparked i e more than a month ago. more than 90,000 acres have burned. that fire is 60% good sunday morning. it's 6:15. still a lot of cloud cover over the bay, spilling inland as well. but we will see some sunshine pretty soon. in fact in the south bay we'll see it earlier than everyone else. here's a look at san francisco. see some of those low clouds out there. it's 59 degrees there. oakland, 62. san jose 62. morgan hill, 57. half moon bay at 59 degrees. if you're headed towards sfo
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some arriving flights are delayed by about 30 minutes. keep that in mind if you're picking someone up. that's due to the low cloud ceilings. concord and livermore in the low 60s right now. we'll head up to mt. tam so we can get a glircmpse of the sunrise. we've got the wide spread over cast conditions. then just a little bit warmer by the end of the week. so 7:00 this morning into 9:00 we'll still see some clouds spilling in. you'll find some gray conditions over santa rosa, petaluma, san rafael. looks like your latest model run shows some of the clouds pulling back earlier. by lunchtime, everyone gets sunshine except for the coast.
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that's where it's going to be partly cloudy to mostly cloudy throughout the afternoon. highs for today on the cool side once again. san jose 79 degrees. gilroy at 85. at the coast, that's where things will stay in the upper 50s for some areas like daly city. downtown san francisco, 65 degrees today for the giants game. and a lot of 70s in the north bay. napa at 76. east bay numbers also comfortable. upper 60s through berkeley, richmond. low 70s and a little bit warmer as you head farther south all the way into fremont at 74. east bay numbers with brentwood possibly reaching 87 degrees. mild and much more comfortable while it's below average.
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carolyn mentioned burning man. we've got temperatures hitting the low 90s for the next few days. it's going to be pretty cool at night in the 50s with some blowing dust as well expected in that area. here's a look at the accuweather seven day forecast. just a touch warmer today compared to yesterday. notice we have a steady pattern and we'll stay below average through tuesday. breezy at the coast. a warmer day friday. but for a slight dip, but overall still pleasant into the next three day weekend that we have coming up for labor day. >> people have really been complaining. >> it's been too cold. and then people in the east bay like it a lot because it's been below average and much more comfortable. well, today is the last day to take advantage of free admission to national parks. it's in honor of the national park service's 100th birthday.
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so the weather should be good. there are 412 national parks across america, including 27 here in california. visits to muir woods, yosemite and other national park service attractions nationwide are free today. we've got a bucket list of ten park experiences on our website. two are within driving distance of the bay area. you can see the list on today target is holding a one day sale to try to win back some customers. the retailer is discounting everything 10% as it tries to win back shoppers after a boycott over its bathroom policy. single stall unisex bathrooms are now being installed in all stores. just ahead on the abc 7
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ask your doctor about xarelto. there's more to know. xarelto. the engine broke apart
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mida midair. what it was like inside that cabin and in the cockpit. plus the star nfl quarterback refusing to stand before the national anthem before the came. buy k and fresh questions for hillary clinton. new documents obtained by abc news now raise more questions about whether donors to the clinton foundation received special access while she was secretary of state. a lifelong 49ers fan now has a small part in the team's new start at levi stadium thanks to 7 on your side's michael finney. >> reporter: the catch that sent the 49ers to super bowl xxi is not only a big moment in niner history it's also huge in his family. andy was just 4 years old in
6:24 am
1982 but he recalled his father's reaction through stories passed down by the family. >> my dad cried. >> reporter: andy has the highlight of that game on vhs. he also has a football commemorating the catch. when andy's wife toured levi stadium with him and saw how much he admired the commemorative bricks, she purchased one for him as a surprise. >> just because i love him. >> reporter: shelly kept her purchase a secret. a replica of the brick arrived in the mail when she was at work. >> he opened it and he was very surprised. >> i'm like what is this? >> reporter: the brick was supposed to be installed in the stadium by the summer. then there was the little thing called super bowl 50 at levi
6:25 am
stadium. she would learn shortly before the super bowl that the brick promotion ended in december. at that point, both gave up hope of seeing the brick installed. >> i thought that we got paid 300 for the brick to sit by my tv. i was a little bit disappointed. >> reporter: this summer shelly called 7 on your side and we contacted the 49ers. they told us, we are pleased we were able to coordinate the construction schedule to get the brick to the rightful place before the start of the 2016 season. the couple couldn't wait to see the brick. andy saw several other notable names before he found his. >> there's jerry rice. oh i'm right here. there it is right there. right here in the front. that's a good spot too. >> i'm just really glad that we got to see it together. >> she means a lot to me. i have to thank my wife for doing this for me and you guys
6:26 am
for helping us get this done. >> yay michael. if you have a question for michael finney record it on your phone or tab llet and share it social media using the hashtag ask finney. you may see your question answered on abc 7 mornings. today levi stadium is helping the 49er faithful gear up for the start of the regular season. it's hosting the second annual yahoo sports fancy draft party at 1:00 this afternoon. participants get to stage their fantasy football drafts from the comfort of a private luxury suite in levi's s.a.p. tower. 49er alumni will be there and ready to anxious yoswer your qu
6:27 am
still to come here on the abc 7 sunday morning news, people in milpitas are stinking mad. then teenagers making a difference are honored for their work. we'll take you inside the bay area tribute to the leaders of tomorrow. let's take a live look now at our sutro tower camera. frances is tracking your accuweather forecast. the abc 7 sunday mornin
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good morning, everyone. so we've got the low clouds once again and then sunshine this afternoon. live doppler 7 showing the extensive cloud cover right now that has spilled into the bay and the east bay and san jose all the way into gilroy. live shot looking towards downtown oakland. wea we've got the low clouds sticking around with most
6:31 am
temperatures in the low 60s. other areas will be breezy around the bay with inland areas reaching the low 80s. in the low 70s around the bay and at the coast near 60. we want to update you now on our developing news this morning in san jose. that's where a four alarm fire has damaged at least ten units of a storage facility. it started last night around 9:00 at the public storage facility. firefighters say flames quickly raged out of control, burning ten to 15 units. no one was hurt but one firefighter has niminor injurie. crews say the fire is under control. a family run market in livermore is considered a total loss after a devastating fire. investigators say it started around 4:00 yesterday morning at the ramirez market on maple street, threatening the business next door. these are pictures from the fire
6:32 am
department. that fire caused an estimated $300,000 in damage to the market. no other businesses suffered significant loss. walnut creek recorded its first had had of the yea-- homie year. >> you heard like six pops go off real quick. >> there was a lot of police. it was one guy on the floor. >> reporter: someone shot brown in the back three times. police think he was targeted because of what they call a confrontation. a source told me after brown left the sports bar, the suspect came from an opposite direction
6:33 am
and started shooting. i spoke with his sister seen here on the left by phone. >> him and somebody got into it. knowing him, he don't want to fight. he didn't fight. he wasn't a fighter. he tried to walk away and the guy shot him. >> reporter: brown lived in vallejo with his younger daughter wile his 14-year-old lived in oakland with her mother. >> he was a family man. he loved his daughters. >> reporter: brown's siblings all chose to leave the bay area and move to texas because of the violence but he chose to stay. >> i just knew eventually something like this was going to happen, because it's just too bad now in the bay. it's just way too bad. >> reporter: police are scouring the intersection and checking surveillance cameras from area businesses. they stress finding this murderer is their top priority. still downtown regulars admit this shooting has shaken them and their weekend habits may
6:34 am
change as a result >> i'll still come but i probably won't stay as late. i'll probably get out before anything really starts happening. >> reporter: police continue to follow up on leads. so milpitas residents say they want to stop plans to double the size of a landfill. abc 7 news was in milpitas when several families aired their complaints yesterday. near a popular walking and cycling trail that runs right alongside the landfill where public waste plans to expand because the landfill has nearly reached its current capacity. >> the citizens want this dump ground to be closed. that would only be in line with the lifestyle of the entire bay area. no other city has to deal with this. >> in november milpitas residents vote on measure l to decide on the landfill's future.
6:35 am
milpitas has also sued the landfill's operator over the smells coming from that facility. now onto politics. donald trump will come here to california for a fund-raising trip this week. a group of local accountants will rally today, urging trump to release his tax returns. democrat hillary clinton did not campaign yesterday. instead it was her turn to receive a briefing on threats against america. abc news reporter elizabeth hur has the story. >> reporter: hillary clinton spent two hours at an fbi office in white plains new york getting her first top secret national security briefing as a presidential candidate. abc news has obtained these e-mails between doug band and clinton's inner circle when she was secretary of state. in one exchange a request from the foundation for invitations to a state lunch with the chinese president.
6:36 am
on the list, executives from three groups that donated millions to the foundation. donald trump calls it corruption. >> it's hard to tell where the clinton foundation ends and where the state department begins. >> reporter: clinton says -- >> my work as secretary of state was not influenced by any outside forces. >> reporter: trump facing criticism himself after working the friday murder of dwyane wade's cousin into his stump speech. >> it's horrible. >> reporter: trump tied the killing to his recent bid for african-american votes, tweeting dwyane wade's cousin was just shot and killed walking her baby in chicago. just what i have been saying. african-americans will vote trump. later trump tweeted his condolences. clinton's running mate tim kaine took exception to trump's remarks. >> we just ought to be extending our sympathy to the family.
6:37 am
on this week, donald trump transition team chair governor chris christie will talk about the candidate's shift on immigration policy. and democratic national committee chair donna brazil discusses the state of hillary clinton's campaign. you can watch the full interviews on this week with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 this morning right here on abc 7, followed by abc 7 news at 9:00. still ahead on abc 7 morning, teenagers who founded charities across the country came to the bay area to be honored. up next, a look at how they're making the world a little bit better one by one. and here's a live look from our mt. tam cam. the sun beginning to rise in just about 30 seconds or so.
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and a five hundred dollar labor day bonus when you buy or lease a new 2016 passat. some young people making a difference in the world came to san francisco this past week to receive a major award for their work. jonathan bloom talked to the teenage leaders who are taking on some of society's biggest problems. >> i started an organization when i was 11 years old. it's called warm winters. >> reporter: she got the idea on her way home from swim practice in walnut creek. >> it was the coldest c esest de
6:41 am
year and there was a man sitting outside with nothing but a t-shirt and ripped jeans. >> reporter: she's among the teens being honored by the foundation. >> the concept is very old. it goes back to a thousand years to the rabbis in israel. >> to me it means just having someone feel better, feel happy and have a smile on their face. >> reporter: kayla started her charity in florida, collecting toys, movies and video games for kids who are hospitalized. >> i spent a lot of time in fed facilities. whether it's my arthritis or crohn's disease. it's so boring in hospitals. i really wanted to change that. >> reporter: the recognition and the funding they receive here will let them start expanding across the country. >> it's going to expand from southern california to arizona
6:42 am
and wherever my feet land. we've worked the kids who are ten years old and they can't even pick up a book or formulate a sentence. >> it is a hockey program for kids with special needs really to give these kids the opportunity to be like typical kids. >> reporter: acce >> the stepdad of a child with autism said thank you, this is helping me to understand my son better. >> reporter: the teens say the real prize is the other bright young people they can now call their friends. >> it makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. >> and corinne hindes will be featured on we day at 7:00 right here on abc 7. congratulations all of those
6:43 am
kids. let's get a check to have accuweather forecast. >> we've got sunny weather ahead. but of course we've got the clouds to deal with first. here's a live view. i'll have all the details coming up. also ahead raiders quarterback derek carr steps on the gas in preseason action at the coliseum. head coach jack del rio says he expects more
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let's check out sports. the giants are trying to catch up to the dodgers but after yesterday's loss they're back to being down two games behind l.a. later today it is the little league world series championship matchup between new york and south korea. the game starts at noon right here on abc 7. the raiders played at home for the first time this preseason. here's abc 7 news with all the highlights. >> good morning. the giant suarez got the start last night. san francisco took the lead in the second. brandon crawford with a blast down the left field line. it's fair. that's crawford's 12th home run of the season. suarez did not give up a lit until the fourth with two men
6:47 am
on. matt kemp gets all of this pitch and send it deep to center. span with only watch. the braves go on on the 3-1. crawford doubled the lead off the 7th but was left stranded. brown strikes out to end the inning. l.a.'s lead in the west is back to two games. the as were at st. louis. the cards wearing their 1927 throw back uniforms. it's his 18th homer of the season. st. louis tacked on another run in the third. garcia scores and it's 2-0. oakland pulled even in the eighth with a man on third. moss's throw home is wide. davis scores to make it 2-2. a fly ball to medium center field. he is going to score what proves to be the game winning run.
6:48 am
3-2. last week against green bay the raiders offense failed to score a touchdown. last night it found the end zone twice but oakland still came up short. after falling behind 7-0 oakland's derek carr finds crabtree for 41 yards. he loses his helmet but hangs onto the ball. washington is in for the score. second quarter now, the raiders take the lead. carr goes deep for cooper who does a great job staying in bounds. third quarter action, a short pass to washington. he's going to get popped by shawn spence. david bass will take it all the way for a touchdown. tennessee wins 27-14. the raiders fall to 1-2. they next play seattle on thursday. >> it was good to move the ball and show what we've been working
6:49 am
on just a little bit. but we're going to play them here in a few weeks. you can't show too much. we kept it pretty base. it was good to go out there and get some points and just execute. >> we have intentions. we're not shying away from that. we're not backing down from that but it's got to be a whole hell of a lot better than what i saw out there tonight. starting off with low clouds once again this sunday. the clouds have spilled in from the coast around the bay. live shot right now as we look out towards coit tower. it's currently 59 in san francisco. oakland 62. san jose 62. morgan hill 57 degrees. half moon bay hanging onto 59 degrees. sfo with the low cloud ceilings
6:50 am
that are flight arrival delays of about 34 minutes. santa rosa and nap tha in the ur 50s. livermore in the low 60s right now. this beautiful live shot from mt. tam, you see those clouds spill into the bay. carolyn showed you that shot right at sunrise. that was really pretty. we've got the widespread low clouds during the morning hours. a mild pattern continues. we've been below average for quite some time. then we get a bit of a warmup. the cloud forecast animation shows low the cloud ceilings as well over the north bay and into parts of the bay. but it shows pulling back pretty quickly from the east bay and the south bay by 9:00 this morning. sunshine for everyone else except right along the coast.
6:51 am
highs today will be very similar to yesterday's numbers. so at the coast we'll see some low 60s. half moon bay, 62. san francisco 65. oakland 70. san mateo 70. 84 in antioch. napa, 76 today with plenty of sunshine. if you're heading to the beach, should be a nice day at the santa cruz beach board walk. it will be sunnier and milder as you head down towards santa cruz. overnight lows tonight, the clouds spill in once again. you see these areas of green here. that shows where we could get some drizzle. here's a look at the week ahead. we've been below average and we're going to stay that way through most of the week. a slight bump towards the end of the week on friday. that looks to be the warmest
6:52 am
day. but still just a degree below average at least in livermore. the accuweather seven day forecast shows minor warming today. notice a very steady pattern, not much change into tuesday. breezy at the coast wednesday. slightly warmer thursday. into friday. that probably will be the warmest day for most locations. and then a slight dip so we're right back to be where we were for the three-day weekend next weekend. if you want it cool, head to the coast. yes, in san francisco people have been complaining about how cold it is. some people in the east bay say i like it cool. >> thank you very much. hundreds of people were taking advantage of the great weather to get outside and help patients fighting breast cancer right here in the bay area. abc 7 news was at oakland's lake merritt saturday for the 12th annual walk sponsored by friends of faith. i'm one of the cofounders of
6:53 am
that group. it honored my friend faith who died of breast cancer back in 2003. friends of faith has provided thousands of dollars to grassroots organizations in the bay area that help low income breast cancer survivors. coming up,
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an isolated speck of desert two hours north of reno is growing into a city of thousands. it's burning man. the annual gathering gets underway today in black rock city. 70,000 people are expected to attend this year's 30th anniversary event. many create art projects in the desert. the festival culminates next saturday night when a huge effigy of a man will be set on fire. that's where the name burning man comes from. the entire festival wraps up on labor day. high school football fans witnessed a first in san francisco. take a look at this video provided by st. ignatius college prep of claire in her varsity debut yesterday. she's the first girl to ever play football for the wildcats. s.i. was an all boys school until 1989.
6:57 am
its football history dates back to 1893. the wildcats won their first game of the year, 56-20. she made all three of her extra point attempts. way to go, claire. let's get a final check of your accuweather forecast with frances. >> cloudy and cool right now with temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. by this afternoon plenty of sunshine for everyone except at the coast. san francisco will have a high of 65. san jose reaching 79 degrees. and inland areas mild at 84 degrees. so not too much change but a slight warmup by the end of the week. that will do it for us. thank you for joining us on the abc 7 sunday morning news. i'm carolyn tyler. the news continues now online, on twitter, facebook and instagram, abc 7 news continues at 9:00 this morning. good morning america is coming up next. have a great sunday, everyone
6:58 am
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xarelto. there's more to know. good morning, america. air scare. the on-board emergency. a catastrophic engine failure at 30,000 feet. >> engine failure. number one engine. we're descending. >> this shocking sight out the airplane window. the cabin losing pressure. terrified passengers grabbing for air masks. >> children were screaming and crying. >> what went wrong? and could it happen again? the shooting investigation this morning. three people questioned overnight in the shooting death of superstar dwyane wade's cousin. she was caught in the cross-fire. >> we do have a gang and gun issue in chicago. but we're doing our -- our very best to fight this. >> this morning, the new calls to stop the violence. immigration and e-mail. dona


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