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tv   ABC 7 News at 5  ABC  August 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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i think it's something that unify this team. something that can unify the country. >> 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is answering critics of his decision to sit during the unanimous anthem in last friday's preseason game. for the first time since it happened capper in nick is answering questions about hi actions. cornell bernard is live at niners training camp with new details. cornell? >> reporter: colin kaepernick was very, very candid today. he said he didn't realize his actions would spring some controversy but is glad it did because he has no intention of
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steps. all eyes were on none 7, colin kaepernick, during 49ers practice. later in the locker room he broke his silence. >> the country standses to freedom, liberty and justice for all and it's not happening for all. >> reporter: spots and politic collided when kaepernick refused to stand for the national anthem. >> i can't look in the mirror and see other people dying on the street that should have the same opportunities i've had. and say, you know what? i can live with myself because i can't if i just watch. >> reporter: he says police brutality against people of color must stop. >> cops are getting paid leave for killing people. that's not right. that's not right by anyone's standards. >> reporter: the quarterback knows there are fierce critics but says his stan is not meant to insult the u.s. military. >> i have great respect for men and women that fought force this country. >> reporter: other players respect his right to free
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speech. >> he has a right to do whatever he wants to do and. we're focused on keeping the team together. >> re support every player in here's right to be man and have on opinion. >> reporter: kaepernick knows his actions could have consequences, even if that means getting cult from the team. the says he won't stop. >> i'll continue to sit and stand with the people about being oppressed me this is something that has to change. >> reporter: he says is stan is just beginning. >> you can watch the interview on our web site, abc7 it's there on the home page. an investigation is underway after a chp officer shot a man he says was threatening him with a knife. it happened around 3:00 this morning as officers responded to a call about a man walking on highway 101. the chp says he refused to get off the road and officers used a taser on him to no effect.
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>> the pedestrian then produced a knife, raised it over his head and began to make a thrusting portion towards one of the chap children officers. >> the suspect was taken to a local hospital and is expected to survive. one officer fired the shots. no officers were injured. police believe alcohol might have been factor in a fatal extent that ended with a car crashing crashing into a san leandro school. a car sped off the roadway this morning. the kia finally stopped when it plowed into the side of the gymnasium at bancroft middle school. >> that particular roadway is a t-intersection where the street they were traveling on terminates into another roadway. >> they continued straight on to the school property, which let them to collide into the wall. >> reporter: the driver died at the scene. the driver's two passengers survived. beth women are being treated at a hospital. there was another fatal crash, this time in fremont.
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itself happened on northbound 680 at the washington bluffed ramp this morning. the victim was found lying on the shoulder of the road. lanes of 680 were closed for nearly three hours. a fire damaged the public storage center in san jose. some 60 firefighters battled the flames at the public storage facility near 101 and 680. one firefighter suffered minor injuries and is expected to be okay. crews say flames quickly spread to the second floor and to several units. 10 to 15 units were damaged. no word on the cause. fire crews battling a wildfire in monterey county are dealing with another threat. firefighters say poison oak is the worst they've seen. 500 firefighters have reported to the fire's medical units to treat poison oak. nearly 1500 fire personnel are working the fire which has been burning since july 22nd. started by an illegal camp fire. flame destroyed 57 home ands
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this is a look at the area scorched by the fire. it's grown to more than 143 square miles. calfire estimates the fire will be contained by september 30th the search is set to begin tomorrow for a new top cop in oakland the mayor is expected to make an announcement at city hall about launching the search. in june the deputy chief david downing was named new active assistant could chief, following the resignation of the previous chief following a sexual scandal. downing is the fifth person to head the department in a few weeks. in the race for president, donald trump will return to the bay area tomorrow for the first time since protesters attacked some of his supporter in san jose. trump is reportedly scheduled to attend a $25,000 per ticket fundraiser at an undisclosed location on the peninsula. he is also scheduled to hold a fundraiser in napa county on monday.
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reporter kim church which is son has a look at trump's latest stance on immigration. >> the first thing i'm going to do. the first piece of paper i'm going to sign, is we're going to get rid of these people day one. >> donald trump returned to a common theme in his campaign saturdays as he hadlined an annual fundraiser in des moines, iowa, this time came with a twist. >> on day one i'm going to begin swiftly removing criminal illegal immigrants from this country. [cheering] >> reporter: the republican presidential nominee promised to introduce some monitoring system to ensure no one overstays their visas, and would immediately deport any undocumented immigrants with criminal records in the u.s. >> in including removing the hundreds and thousands of criminal illegal immigrants that have been released under the incompetent obama-clinton administration. >> trump's speech comes a week
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after he said there could be a softening of his immigration policies. his running mate says that was never the case. >> what be very clear. nothing hat changed about donald trump's position on dealing with illegal immigration. we'll secure the bored, build a wall, have physical barrier, enforce the laws of the country. >> reporter: abc7 news. >> to hillary clinton taking a break this week prepared to tom campaigning. yesterday she spent the morning at an fbi facility near her new york home, meeting with staffers from the office of the director of national intelligence. they briefed her on major threats threats and emerging concerns. trump received his briefing ten days ago. fundraisers for clinton were held today in south carolina and rhode island. another tragedy has hit louisiana two people died when a bus full of construction workers, going to to rebuild damaged homes, slam into firefighters working to clear an earlier accident.
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the dead include a fire chief who was trying to save lives. here's more. >> we need more help. >> reporter: choose on interstate 10. a charter bus crashed, shutting down the busy highway. state police saying earlier in me morning a pickup truck was speeding when it hit a guardrail, firefighters responded and minutes later the charter bus slammed into the scene. hitting three firemen two, who vehicles and the pickup truck. to the three firefighters were thrown over the edge of the highway, into the water below. one died from his injuries. you can see a helicopter waiting to transport some of the more than 40 other people injured. another person who was in one of the cars the bus hit, that red camry, also died. he interstate littered with debris. >> we need some help out here quick. >> reporter: say the bus driver does not have a license.
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is from honduras and in the u.s. illegally. the dozens of people on the bus were workers heading to do construction and rebuilding in baton rouge following the flooding there earlier this month. police say the workers are also here illegally. >> two united airlines pilots are arrested as they prepare to take off. when every minute matters see how this hair-raising rescue ended. then a day in the park that will make a big difference in the lives of children with special needs. >> we had a gorgeous day today. a built of a warmup. 80s inland. suns
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>> the music world is mourning the death of singer juan gabrielle. he warmed the hearts of millions in his native mexico and beyond. he had a heart attack at his home in santa monica this morning. his death came right after he began a concert tour on friday night help was 66. two united airlines pilots accused of being under the influence of alcohol as they were about to fly. both pilots working a fright from scotland to new jersey. they're believed to be u.s. citizens. police held them in the cockpit and arrested them last night. the plane's captain was not arrested. the flight was delayed ten hours until another crew was found. we want to share with you a gripping moment.
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a new jersey transit police officer saving the life of a despondent man lying on train tracks inch video obtained by a new jersey station you can see the officer barely gets the man off the tracks before the train goes by. ahead an opportunity to make, create, and shop. a one of a kind online shopping experience comes to san francisco. the stories when abc7 news continues. >> a couple of hours into sunset and it's still in low 80s in inland east bay. a beautiful evening ahead. fog will be slow to make it across the bay. we have drizzle to talk about in september, which arrives next week. >> thank you. here's a look at what is coming up on world news at 5:30. >> coming up, arrest in sheeting of an nba star's cousin and how to the chicago top cop and two united airline pilots excused of
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being too drunk to fly, and thor have been covering, the star quarterback from the niners and his than anthem protest, some now burning his
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we were in livermore for the taylor family foundation's day in the park. the event raise is money for camp arroyo. mike nico urged donors to bid during the auction. >> when you have 3,000 kids through the camp every year, they get used and played with. they're going to get used and they need to be replaced. >> abc7 news anchor and self members of our work family were also there. 3,000 children attend the camp every year. the camp serves kids coping i've
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diseases and other challenges. hundreds of people looked for items to enhance theirs homes and work spaces today. we were at san san francisco's r gear dillly square. crafts people ask antique dealers met customers face-to-face. buyers enjoyed hard to find items. there will be another popup store next month. >> it was just gorgeous today. a lot of tweets from people saying how warm it felt. the onshore flow backed off and felt warm along with sunshine. doppler you can see the fog that has pull a. from the coast of san francisco and half moon bay. almost similar today in the mid-sixes in. we have some interesting weather to talk about. first feature here, a series of low pressure systems over the month. now, this system is going to interact with moisture to the south of us off the coast of
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southern california that could bring us some dry lightning on tuesday, mist and drizzle. then pushes east. so, little hint of fall in the air as we get towards the end of august, and we welcome september. so, right now, temperatures in the mid-60s. 71 mountain view. 74 san jose. low 80s in morgan hill. emeryville. tons of sun. look at the eights a that came back continued and come back the folks few days and all week long we'll see pleasant low to mid-80s, the golden gate bridge, you can see hour clear it is here. breezy but the winds coming into the golden gate at 20-miles-an-hour. that is helping the atmosphere keep things cleared out and the haze and smoke that been roped the central coast, not moving into the bay area due to the strong wind. so low clouds make a comeback
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today and tonight. looking for dry lightning possible and that always a concern and then we'll have a nice easy transition into september. meaning temperatures wont change that much. mid-50s north bay with the clouds pushing through overnight. upper 50s to 60, then mild. san jose and livermore. so this is the tonight. going to take time to move across over the bay. this is 11:00 tonight. we just have patches of fog in the north bay. patches in san mateo coast and then pushes in. by the morning hours, maybe even some mist and drizzle. clouds in the january. changes things up, but it will be sunny, and then tuesday the next feature will bring clouds from the coast to inland valley. tomorrow if you're headed to the beaches, mild, mosquito 60s. 70 in santa cruz, and looking at temperatures the next several days, up are 80s, little warmer into tuesday and then looking at a slight cooldown
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with temperatures then holding steady. so south bay locker 80s in morgan hill. 77 in redwood city. shy of average. up are 60s downtown, 80 sonoma. partly cloudy tomorrow. 72 oakland. 85 antioch. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we're looking at temperatures coming up and down also about day-to-day. not a big change. tuesday could be interesting. and then you'll notice that september, looks like august. going to feel like august. >> i like the part about the drizzle. you have shrunk. >> i know. i'm in my chair. mike shumann is back and going to have a look at sports. >> colin kaepernick spoke to the media today. we'll have more and joe pan knick took a stan against the braves. that's next in sports.
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>> giants hosting the braves and madison bumgarner on the hill. every game from here on out is huge and joe panik took that to heart. the giants mascot looks lost. joe panik hit his first home run in two months on thursday. and doubled that today. second inning, his ninth of the year, 2-1 giants. in the fourth, hits a two-run shot to almost the same spot. panik, 3-4, 4 rbi.
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4-1g-men. same inning, giants to the right field wall. span. 13-4 victory. dodgers win over the cubs to see g-men are still two back. >> a's looking to take two oust three from the cardinals. a's up 2-0. vogt leading the way. three-run homer, his 11th. 5-1 lead which was plenty of support for andrew trigg. his first career win in majors. went six innings, struck out eight. they take two out of three in st. louis with the 7-4 victory. >> little league world series championship win new york and south korea. top six, number up 2, 1.
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ryan harland when the distance, strucking out eight. the little league erred from new york became the first american team to win the series since 2011 and first team from new york to win since 1964. -1 the final. >> after refusing to snapped for the national anthem friday nation, colin kaepernick addressed his teammates in a team only meeting he has the right to sit for the anthem and he refusal according to kap was for the people who don't have a voice. he says he will not stand the rest of the year. >> i have great respect for men and women who fought nor the country. i have family and friend mod have fought authorize the country and they fight for freedom, for the people, for liberty and justice. for everybody. and that's not happening. the fact that it has blown up like this, i think is a good thing. it brings awareness. everybody knows what is going
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on, and this sheds more light on it. >> the curling iron has more education and training that people that have a gun on the streets to protect us. i don't see it as a distraction. i think it's something that can unify this team and something that can unify the country. if we had these real conversations that are uncomfortable for a lot of people. if we had these decisions there's a better understanding where both sides are coming from. and if we reach common ground, you can understand what everything is going through, we can affect chiang and make sure that everybody is treated equally and has the same freedom. >> it will be interesting to see if the 49ers want to deal with kaepernick and the consequences he will bring to the team good, or bad, and each city that plays and by sitting during the anthem and hough this affects teammates who are thinking super bowl and not social
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comping up at 6:00 a peninsula congresswoman makes a call for stricter gun control. the symbolic act to get her message across. a realtor in austin has found an opportunity in the upcoming presidential election, he bought a billboard that features donald trump and hillary clinton. the billboard reads: leaving the country after the election? we can sell your home. he says since the ad went up he has received lots of calls. one way to happen it.
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at it for abc7 at 5. see you at welcome to "world news tonight." outrage in chicago. two brothers charged with gunning down the cousin of an nba superstar. one just released from jail, still wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet. tonight, the emotional plea from the city's top cop. >> when will enough be enough? a pair of united airline pilots arrested just moments before takeoff. accused of being too drunk to fly. plus, investigators on the scene of that emergency landing for a southwest flight. a piece of the engine ripped right off. the charter bus crash that left a fire chief dead. the mangled wreckage. and now, the shocking discovery about who was behind the wheel of that bus. the desperate call to 911. and the frustrated dispatcher on the other end. >> what did he lk


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