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tv   ABC 7 News at 6  ABC  August 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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kaepernick and teammates today. >> reporter: for now teammates are supporting their quarterback. colin kaepernick said he didn't realize his actions would bring such controversy bus it glad he did because he has no intention of stopping use, this country stand ford freedom and justice for and all it's not happening for all. >> reporter: niners quarterback breaking his silent about igniting a firearm -- fire storm of controversy. >> it bricks awareness. >> sports and politics collided when he refused to stand for the national anthem before preseason games. he says to highlight black oppression in the u.s. >> i can't look at the mirror and seeing people dying on the streets who should have the same opportunity i have. i can't live with myself if i just walk. >> hi brow tallity against people of color must stop and he experienced that in college
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while moving out of the parchment. >> we were the only black people in the neighborhood, the coaches got called and they had guns drawn on us. >> he knows he has fierce critics but says hi stand is not meant to insult the u.s. military. >> i have great respect for men and women who fought for the country. >> other players respect his right for free speech. >> he has a right to do whatever he wants to do. >> we support every player in here's right to be man and have an opinion. >> reporter: kaepernick knows his actions could have consequences, even if that means being cut from the deal or losing endorsement deals. he says his silent protest won't stop. >> i continue to stand with the people about being oppressed. this is something that has to change. >> reporter: he says his stand is just beginning. >> you can watch the interview in its entirety on our web site,
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abc7 the stepstore consider the top story on our web site and you can watch it on our abc7 news app. police in belmont are investigating a shooting involving a highway patrol officer that left man wounded. the indent happened this morning on the northbound sign of 101 near ralston avenue. lilian kim has more. >> we are at the belmont police department. they are the lead investigative agency in this terrify-involved shooting that happened just after 2:00 a.m. on highway 101. the chp arrived soon after getting a call about man running in the northbound and southbound lanes. they say the pedestrian defied their orders to get off the freeway and began jumping back and forth over the concrete divider. the chp says an officer tased the man but it failed to subdue him, and they said moments late are the peddian pulled out a
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weapon. >> the suspect produced a knife and began lunging it towards an officer as he raised nye knife over his head. our officer opened fire, and the suspect was struck. >> reporter: the suspect was taken to the hospital where he is being treated for life-threatening injuries. police will be working with the district attorney's office and the chp in the investigation. abc7 news. >> thank you very much. police in san jose are looking for suspects in a double shooting. investigators say two men walked into a hospital with gunshot wounds this morning. the shooting happened just after midnight here in a parking lot. police are looking for two men accused in the shooting. alcohol may be to plame for a woman's death following a high-speed crash in san leandro.
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he car slammed into a gymnasium of bancroft middle school this morning. the kia was heading eastbound when it failed to stop or turn at bancroft avenue. >> the street terminates into another roadway. they continued straight on to the school property, which led them to collide into the wall. >> we speculate speed was factor in this collision. >> the driver lived in oakland and died at the scene. both of her passengers survived the impact. one of those women is in critical condition. no other vehicles were involved. a cab driver and his passenger went to the hospital this afternoon after a crash in san francisco. we were at ninth and howard street as the passenger was being loaded into an ambulance. she was wearing a neck brace and holding her head in pain. you can see the damage to the cab and the car involved. the crash also knocked down two mail boxes as well as a trash can. there was another fatal crash third, there is time in fremont. the two-week accident happened
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on northbound interstate 680 at the washington boulevard onramp. the victim was found lying on the shoulder of the road. fire damaged a public storage center in san jose. some 60 firefighters battled the flames at the public storage facility on filipe avenue near 101 and 680. a firefighter suffered minor injuries and is expected to be okay. the flames quickly spread to the second floor and several units. 10 to 15 units sustained college. no order on the cause. >> turning to politics. donald trump is expected to return to the bay area for a pair of fundraisers top. it's his heir final in the bay area since a june rally in san jose that turned violent. trump is expected to attend $25,000 per person fundraiser on the peninsula and then will behind to another event in napa.
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both events are private, open to donors only. trump's planned bay area swing follows a visit by hillary clinton. she headlined fundraisers in piedmont and redwood city. new at 6:00, dozens of people held a sitin to take stand against gun violence. we were at the unitarian church in san mateo for the event organized by congresswoman jackie speier. she says she was motivated by last year's killing of nine people at a church bible study in charleston, series. he goal is to get congress to vote on closing a loophole that prevents people from going through gun background checks and wants to prevent people on the 0 know-fly list from buying guns and a ban on assault weapons that are commonly used, she believes in mass shootings. >> should be able to go to a
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church, to a movie theater, go to school go to a dance club. and not fear for your life. >> spear hopes to do more sitins like this throughout san mateo ask san francisco. coming up at 6:00, oakland's search for a new top cop will enter a new phase. what the city will announce tomorrow about the department's leadership. and drone operators take note. the strict rules taking effect tomorrow about what you'll need to do before taking to the sky. >> warmer weather trophied due to sunshine and less wind but fire danger increases for the week ahead and won't be from the heat wave. i'll explain next.
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oakland well formally launch a search for a new police chief. the mayor and residents will gather at city hall for an announcement. in june the deputy chief was named new acting assistant chief following a shakeup when the former chief resigned amid a sexual scandal. down is set to retire in a few months. >> major new rules go into effect tomorrow. people who dry drones for fun and work. the rules require most drone
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operators to get a remote pilot certificate by passing online tests and obtaining security collapses. the rules ease restricts for professional but hobbyists will be required to get the same license issued to other operators. the fine is $1,100 per violation. at 6:00, making a difference in lives of children stricken with chronic illnesses. >> ahead the bay area nonprofit that is offering the gift of camp to some courageous young people. >> a warmer weekend but how is the work week forecast shaping. >> colin kaepernick held a players only meeting to discuss his refusal to stand for the unanimous anthem. we have reaction from kap.
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and joe pa
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his music warmed the hearts of millions in his native mexico and beyond. fans enjoyed his ballads about love and heart break, he had a heart attack this morning. he death happened right after he began a tour. he was 66. we want to share with you a gripping moment. a new jersey transit police officer saved the life of a despondent man lying on train tracks. in video you can see the officer just barely pulls the man off the tracks before the frame comes by. the officer is being commended for bravery and heroism. an isolated speck of desert north of reno is growing into a city of thousands. burning man, the annual gathering of the unconventional and uninhibited gets underweigh in black rock city. 70,000 people are expected to attend this year's 30th 30th anniversary event. many will create art projects in
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desert. festival cull -- culminates next week end. events on sunday and the whole thing wraps up on monday. and setting the effigy on fire is where the name comes from, burning man. hundreds of people celebrated the work being done to brighten the lives of children facing deadly diseases and other challenges. >> we mike nico bid. the event set up the camp arroyo and 3,000 children attend the camp every year. we have been a proud sponsor of the foundation for many years. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> clear skies. a beautiful afternoon, getting
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into the evening, more fog is going to be slow to push across the bay. we have the west wind allowing for a breeze right now. here's a look at live doppler 7, foggest just nowhere to be seen, 66 in half moon bay and san francisco so nice afternoon. and a bonus, temperatures headed into the 80s tonight, but we told you that was going to happen. but things are changing. we have had a series of troughs and low pressure over the past month that has kepts -- kept us cool but the energy is going to interact with some moisture from an old tropical system. these two coming together could bring us dry lightning in the north bay, breezy conditions in the sierra nevada, maybe showers there. that all happens on tuesday. we have got clear sky here from the golden gate bridge, beautiful looking afternoon with 72 in san jose, 75 in morgan hill, and low 60s half moon bay. another vantage opinion for you with tons of sun.
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more cloud cover tomorrow, 73 santa rosa, novato, 81 in fairfield. 80 concord. temperatures shy of the average by four to five degrees. i don't think anybody minded. with the winds look how much warmer, anywhere from six to nine degrees, concord, livermore, at the coast, temperatures mild in the 60s. so we'll keep things the same in terms of temperature. a little more cloud cover tomorrow but the winds playing a factor monday night, into tuesday, with a frontal passage -- the area of low pressure passing to the north. the winds kick up and with a little bit of the energy around, maybe a slight chance of that dry lightning. so low clouds make a comeback tonight late. dry lightning possible north bay, or anywhere on tuesday. but the shower activity, that should be in the sierra nevada and an easy transition into september with temperatures staying below average and
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comfortable. so, you'll notice as we get into the later evening hours, the fog really is still staying back a bit. patchy north bay, we have it here along the coast. overnight, moves across the bay, waking up to partly cloudy conditions and then again throughout the afternoon. a little about of extra cloud cover so temperatures across the state with some smoke, 83 there tomorrow. mid-60s in monterey, and hot in our interior. a tour of the bay, looking at mid-60s tomorrow with clouds, partly cloudy on the coast. 68 san francisco. 72 oakland. 83 in walnut creek and temperatures in the mid-80s towards antioch, so the changes come with a little bit more wind monday night. in terms of temperature, nice-looking day tomorrow. 74 in fremont. 79 in san jose with 82 in napa. the accuweather seven-day forecast, 60s to mid-eight's.
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and temperatures mid-70s, mid-80s, as we usher september in. >> the giants hosting the brave with mass disson -- madison bumgarner on the hill. the giants mascot is lost in joe panik hit his first home run and doubled that tonight. ensecond inning, ninth of the year, 2-1 giants. in the fourth hilts a two-run shot. 3-4 with four rbi and has ten home hopes on the year. his first multihomer game as a pro. same inning, giants to the right field wall. giants with four home runs, four triples and 18 hits. they win 18-4. the team is still two welcome of the dodgers. a's looking to take two out of three from the cardinals
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in st. louis. davis drills one. his 34th of the year. fifth best in the majors, 2 or a's. steven vogt, four rbis despite one hit. here is it and there it guess. a three-run homer, 11th of the year, oakland up 5-1, which was plenty of support for andrew trigg. first career win in the majors, pitching six innings, struck out eight. a's win two our out of three in st. louis with the victory. >> little legal world series championship twin new york and south korea. hollis went the distance, struggling out eight and his eighth right there. to end the game. the little leaguers from new york become the first american team to win the world series since 2011. the first team from new york since 1964. 2-1 he final. >> after refusing to stand for the national anthem friday night, colin kaepernick addresses head team nates in a player only immediating and then
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the media for 18 and a half minutes help has the right to silt or stand during the anthem and this refusal to stand is only for the people of color who don't have a platform to make a difference like he does. his timing is questionable but he said today he will not stand the rest of the year during the anthem. >> i have great respect for men and women that fought for this country. have family and friends have gone and fought for this country, and they fight for freedom. they fight for the people. they fight for libertiy justice for everyone and that's not happening. the fact that it has blown up like this, i think is a good thing. bring as i wareness, everybody knows what is going on and this sheds more light on it. >> the curling iron has more education and training than people that have a gun and going out on the streets to protect us. i don't see it as a distraction. it's something that can unify the team and the country. if we have real conversations
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that are uncomfortable for a lot of people. if we heave this conversations, there's a better understanding where both sides are coming from. and if we reach common ground, it can understand what everybody is going through we can effect change and make sure that everybody is treated equally and has the same freedom. >> the fedex cup playoff at the barclays, rickie fowler 1-under but 4-over of the back. he was 3-over on the day. patrick green needed a win to take over first place in the fedex cup standings. despite bogeys on 16 and 18. he wins bay stroke at 9-under par. to the track. nascar sprint cup series in michigan. kyle larson came into the race without a win. also outside of the chase for the cup. today he took the checkered flag for the first time in his career. the 13th driver to win this season. guaranteeing one of the 16 spots in the playoff which starts in
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three weeks. >> the 49ers now have to decide if they want to deal with the consequences of kap not standing for the anthem every week good, or bad, especially the way he has been playing. should be interesting. eric? >> thank you very much. next at 6:00, a crafty way to spend a weekend. how some handmade goods took center stage at a unique i want my blood sugar i to stay in so i asked about tresiba®. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® is a once-daily, long-acting insulin that lasts even longer than 24 hours. i want to trim my a1c. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪ tresiba® provides powerful a1c reduction. releases slow and steady. works like your body's insulin. when my schedule changes... i want something that delivers. ♪ tresiba® ready ♪
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tonight on kofy tv 20, climb excessive force after officers pepper spray an 84-year-old woman. at 11:00 on abc7 news, colin kaepernick's decision not to stand during the unanimous anthem all season is the talk of the bay area this weekend. what some 49ers alum are saying about it at 11:00. hundreds of people went looking for odds and ends to brighten up their homes and work spaces today. we were at san francisco's ghirardelli squarey the online north place has a popup store. dozens of crafts people and antique dealers met customers face to face. buyers were check ought hard to find items. they '8host another popup store next month. see you tonight at 9:00 and
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, the san jose earthquakes are kicking off the 2016 silicon valley light the night walk. >> i'd seen they'd done walks in stadiums before, and i kind of started pushing them -- "hey, do you want to try to do it at avaya? we could host a really cool walk here." >> then tips on how to prepare your child for an earthquake. >> "do you have the supplies you need -- food, water, shelter? and is everything mobile and easily accessible for you?" >> and the passion behind a family-owned furniture business that's been around since 1892. >> growing up, i was in a furniture family. the ladies all knew me as "the kid in the bassinet." >> plus one bay area woman helping kids build their confidence and spirit. >> ms. ohlson is the best teacher ever. >> all of this fun driven by your northern california honda dealers.


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