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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 28, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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now from abc7 live, breaking news. >> the breaking news is out of los angeles international airport where a false report of a shooting lead to panic in several terminals. the scare started around 9:00 tonight when passengers heard loud noises in the united airlines terminal. passengers mistook the noise for gunfire and ran fearing this was an active shooter. they ran out to the tarmac and it spread to other terminals as well. police have no evidence a shooting took place, but it has caused a major disruption to flights in and out of l.a.x. the airport says all passengers will have to be rescreened before they board their flights. good evening. i'm eric thomas and now to our other top story. >> i know there are other players who feel the same way. i had players reach out to me. >> what do the other players really think about colin
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kaepernick's decision to sit down during the national anthem through the rest of the football season? despite the continue controversey surrounding him he was all smiles at levi stadium. they held their fundraiser and abc7 news' tiffany wilson is there with more on kaepernick's decision. >> the 49ers held several team meetings to discuss the fallout of colin kaepernick sitting during the national anthem including some fans burning his jersey. they say his acts will not distract from this season. a relaxed colin kaepernick strolled down the stairs at the stadium displaying no signs of stress despite the growing controversy surrounding him. he did not answer questions at the pasta bowl, but he had plenty to say about his decision to sit during the national anthem. >> there are a lot of going on that are unjust and people being held unaccountable for
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and that's something that needs to change. >> reporter: he cites police brutality as a reason he will not stand for the anthem. >> you can become a cop in six months and you don't have to have more training than a cosmetologist. that's insane. somebody holding a curling iron has more education and training than people who are holding a gun to go out on to the streets to defend us. >> reporter: so far teammates are defending his decision. >> it is bigger publicly than it is in the locker room. >> reporter: the controversy has actually brought the team closer together. >> right now we are talking about kap and his stance. it can be something completely different with another person. the fact you talk through it, it builds relationships. >> even though the players wanted to keep the night focused on the fund reazer most recognized the pre-season game gns the san diego chargers will attract attention for what happens on the field and in a chair next
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to the sidelines. tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> you can watch colin kaepernick's entire 18-minute interview on our website, it is the top story on our site. you can watch it on our news app. it is also one of our top stories on the home page. download it for free through the app store. in other news, walnut creek police say they have taken a suspected it murderer off the street. a s.w.a.t team captured this man earlier this evening. griffin is being held at the contra costa county jail. they believe griffin shot and killed courtney brown after the victim left the sports bar early yesterday morning. the 38-year-old leaves two daughters behind. new at 11:00, abc7 broke the news of the arrest to the victim's sister who lives outside california. >> it doesn't happen often.
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i am so happy and it was so fast. >> i was toll tha there has been -- told there was in pittsburgh. >> this is walnut creek's first homicide of 2016. >> at least three different investigations will look at what happened when a highway patrol officer shot a man on the peninsula. you can see on this map where it happened, on u.s. 101. make that route 101 near ralston and belmont. the chp got a call about a pedestrian on the freeway after 2:00 this morning. the man refused orders to get off the freeway and then he kept jumping back and forth across the center divider. an officer tased the suspect before he pulled out a knife. >> raised it over his head and began to make a thrusting motion toward one of the chp officers. >> the officer then shot the man. the suspect suffered life-threatening injuries. the san mateo county and the
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chp are also looking at what happened. >> now to your voice and your vote. in the race for president donald trump is planning to make a major speech on immigration on wednesday. >> on day one i am going to begin swiftly removing criminal, illegal immigrants from this country. >> trump defended his latest stance on illegal immigrants. he backed off harsher measures and it is what they call a fair and humane policy. trump is coming for a fundraising trip being kept quiet. lilian kim tells us that this will be trump's first visit during one of the rallies ended in a clash between his supporters and protesters. >> if he can take time out of his schedule to come here i can take time out of my schedule to see him. >> he is a die hard trump supporter. he served as one of his delegates and then on monday he will be attending his
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fundraiser at an undisclosed location. the price of admission is $25,000. >> when trump says what have you got to lose, i agree. i don't know anybody that would disagree. >> this will be trump's first bay area visit since june. that's whenç his appearance was overshadowed by protests that got out of control. his supporters were attacked leaving his hall re-- rally at the convention center. clearly the trump campaign is hoping to avoid another clash. likely while it is keeping the specifics of monday's fundraising location under wraps. trump has raised money several times before, but never in the bay area. >> he is lagging far behind in fundraising and lagging behind in tv buys. >> melissa michael son said the fundraising trip may be taking time from the fundraising trip, but it may be what the campaign needs. >> we have 70 odd days before
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the election. there is still time. but you need money to do all of the things it takes to become more competitive. >> in addition to the peninsula, trump is expected to hold a fundraiser in napa valley. lilian kim, abc7 news. tonight hillary clinton held a fundraiser with big money donors in the hamptons. newly surfaced e-mails questioned if the clinton foundation got special treatment while they were secretary of state. you're looking at the scene of a tragedy in san leandro. police suspect alcohol may have played a role in a crash that killed a driver. the woman died when her car plowed into the gymnasium just after 2:30 this morning. two other women inside the car were hurt. both are in the hospital and one in critical condition. the highway patrol feared hazardous materials might escape when a shipping container fell off a big rig. a photographer with our media partner tweeted the news from the expressway. officers closed the westbound
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road for about two hours. firefighters determined that there were no hazardous materials inside the container. a cabdriver and his passenger went to the hospital following a crash. abc7 news was at 9th and howard street in san francisco as the passenger was being loaded into an ambulance. she was wearing a neck brace and holding her head. you can see the damage to the cab and the car involved. the crash knocked down two mailboxes and a trashcan. two brothers are accused of killing an nba cousin. a plea to stop the violence. >> his songs brought lovers together and soothed the broken hearts. remembering one of latin america's most popular singers. the event that was much more than just a day in the park when abc7 news at 11:00 continues. it was sun intoe and
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warmer for the last weekend of august. we've got more sunshine on the way, but with a new week and a new month we will see if we
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and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. chicago police arrested a pair of brothers in the shooting death of an nba superstar's cousin and the top cop says he has had enough of gun violence. now the latest from chicago. >> reporter: tonight an emotional plea from chicago's top cop after arresting two brothers accused of gunning down the cousin of nba superstar dwyane wade. >> he was just another mother who wanted her children to get an education like any mother would. >> reporter: the mother of four had just finished registering her kids for school on friday.
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she was pushing her newborn baby in a stroller on chicago's south side when she was killed, hit by bullets meant for someone else. >> when will enough be enough? >> reporter: the police superintendent visibly angry. darrin sorrels confessing to police he is the gunman and his brother also armed. both have criminal backgrounds. both documented gang members and both are out on parole. darrin released just days ago, even wearing an ankle monitoring bracelet at the time of the shooting. >> what do you think has to be done to make this gun violence stop? >> the answer is clear to me. it is clear. it is crystal clear. the gun offenders who choose to do this time and time again we have to hold them accountable. we need to put them in jail and keep them there. >> her death is shining a spotlight on a growing problem in chicago where murders are up a staggering 48%. tonight nakia's family asking why. >> i was angry.
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i was mad. i didn't understand why. why my baby? >> now focusing on the children she left behind. >> abc news. >> here in the bay area today dozens of people held a sit in to take a stand against gun violence. abc7 news was in san mateo for the event organized by jackie spear. she says she was motivated by last year's killing of nine people at a church bible study in charleston, south carolina. her goal is to get congress to vote on a loophole that prevents people from going through gun background checks. she also wants to prevent people on the no fly list from buying guns and wants a ban on assault weapons she believes are commonly usáq in mass shootings. >> to make the point you should be able to go to a church, a movie theater, school, dance club and not fear for your life. >> they hope to do more sit ins like this throughout san
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mateo and san francisco. a claim to mexican singer juan gabrielle has died. ♪ >> gabrielle was mexico's leading singer/songwriter with sales of 100 million albums. this is video from his vivo channel. the ballads about love and heartbreak were popular throughout latin america and spain and with spanish speakers in the u.s. gabrielle had a heart attack at his home in santa monica this morning. he just began a concert tour on friday night and scheduled to perform in san jose in december. gabrielle was 66. the search is set to begin for a new top cop in oakland. oakland's mayor is expected to make an announcement at city hall about launching the search. in june he was named the new acting chief that began when sean went resigned amid a sexual misconduct scandal. downing was the fifth person
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to head the department in two weeks and he is set to retire in two months. in livermore, it was much more than a day in the park. the program to help sick children gathered for a big funder and abc7 is a major co-sponsor of the event. unit you couldn't have ask -- >> reporter: you couldn't have asked for a better looking kay or better song. they were volunteers at the annual fundraiser day in the park. >> you may know reggie aki. >> reporter: mike nicco was master of ceremonies and other members were in uh -- attendance. it provides fun and learning experiences for kids facing life-threatening diseases and other challenges. >> when you put 3,000 kids through this camp every year items will get worn out and used and played with.
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they need to be replaced. >> over the years the taylor family foundation has raised millions of dollars to help children with disabilities and serious illnesses. now your accu-weather forecast with lisa argen. >> gorgeous day today. lots of sunshine. inland to the coast we managed more 80s. right now a little fog. not much. in fact, the marine layer has shrinking in half insurance is yesterday. half since yesterday. right now about 1600 feet and it is clear in san francisco. a little fog in the north bay, but a couple of features that will bring changes our way. this is an area of low pressures and then there is a dying subtropical system. these two things will link up and as they get closer to the bay area they could bring us not only breezy conditions, but a high fire danger and the chance of dry lightning coming our way on tuesday.
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red flag warnings are up for the reno area. right now it is beautiful out there. where is the fog, right? nice vantage p so int -- point. 62 mountain view and 63 in san jose. upper 50s in half moon bay. the golden gate bridge looks fine with visibility, 55 in santa rosa and 60 in fairfield. concord 62 and livermore at 60. our forecast highlights, this is a look at el -- emeryville. it is breezy for your tuesday and especially along the coast the high fire danger and as the winds kick up and the system lingers offshore, we will see an easy transition to september. meaning the temperature has no big swings up and down throughout the week ahead. upper 50 to 60 in san jose and livermore. you will wake up to the mid50s in the north bay. it will take awhile for the fog to reform and make its way across the bay. after midnight you will have it in oakland and hayward and fremont and then it pulls back
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of -- then it pulls back. looking at some of the high clouds pushing into the north bay making it partly cloudy in the north bay and mostly sun intoe elsewhere. heading to the beach? yeah, it could be nice with mid60s along the coast for half moon bay. 70 in santa cruz and the ocean temperature at 61. the upper 50s near bodega bay. usually we give you a trend and you can see how far off we are from normal. it is about 3 degrees off from normal in livermore tomorrow. a bump up on the breezy day on tuesday. then the numbers go down. looks like coming back up just in time for the holiday week end. 79 in san jose. 76 in milpitas. low 70s san mateo. 70 south city and up in the north bay highs ranging from the upper effort ises to lower 80s around santa rosa. another warm one in the north bay. 73 san leandro.
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look for the low 80s for pleasanton and 84 in livermore. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, we have 60s on the coast with sunshine. mid80s inland. breezy day on tuesday with some morning drizzle. could see dry lightning which is not unusual and it increases the fire danger. look for minor changes. it is looking nice. >> it is. thank you, lisa. bringing olympic athletes and music together. who had to sit out the mtv who had to sit out the mtv music awards when the news at honey, is the internet back yet? yes!! i'm surfing!! get high speed internet from at&t. keep calm, your internet's on.
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olympic gymnastics star gabbie douglas landed in the hospital with an infection. a lot of sports going on today. a lot of things going on outside the sports arena today too. >> we will stay in the arena. the dodgers were at the national league west. it is homerun derby at at&t park. complete highlig
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♪ sleep number beds with sleepiq technology give you the knowledge to adjust for the best sleep ever. the time is now for the biggest sale of the year, where all beds are on sale! save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. only at a sleep number store. a abc7 sports brought to you by riverwalk rock casino. >> the giants remain two back of the dodgers. every game from here on out is huge and joe panic took that to heart. he looks a little lost out at
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the cove. he hit his first homerun in two months. he doubled that today. his 9th of the year. the giants are up 2-1. then in the fourth, a two-run shot and three for four with four r.b.i. that's a career high. his first multi homer game as a pro. the same inning. the giants running the right field wall. the giants four home runs on the day and four triples and 18 hits on their way to a 13-4 victory. the giants hope to gain some ground over the dodgers hosting the cubs. eighth inning and bases loaded and two outs. grounds into what should be an easy out, but he does president get his -- doesn't get his foot on the bag in time. he strikes out david ross. l.a. wins it 1-0 the final. here is a look at the standings in the national league west. a two-team race. dodgers holding a lead over the giants. rockies are second, but they are 11 games behind. the a's held the giants this
11:30 pm
week end by taking two of three from the cardinals. chris davis with two outs. drills off jaime garcia. the fifth best in the majors 2-0 a's. here it is and there it goes. the third inning with a three-run homer. oakland goes up 5-1 and there is plenty of support for andrew. six innings and struck out eight. the a's win it 7-4. the pirates are in a fight for the wild card. the 6th inning and it is a 1-1 tie with a solo homerun. he has another in the eighth. pirates have three in the game. pittsburgh sweeps the four-game series. top two teams in the wild card will make it. the giants are on top with the cardinals. a three-game lead over the pirates. little league world series title game between new york and south korea.
11:31 pm
he went the distance and struck out eight and it was right there to end the game. the little leaguers become the first american team to win the world series since 2011 and the first team from new york to win it since 1964. 2-1 is your final. tennessee and panama played in the third place game. he crushes it for a walkoff homerun. panama who trailed 2-0 heading into the final takes third place in the tournament with a 3-2 victory. this sports report is brought to you by riverwalk casino. more from colin kaepernick. stick around. it is worth the wait. >> the national anthem decision is making headlines around the country. he makes his living off the national anthem and he says he supports the quarterback's move to stay seated during the song all season long. and a new controversy for the judge criticized in the
11:32 pm
stanford swimmer case. another half hour
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mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait. live where you live this is abc7 news. >> good evening. i'm eric thomas. let's look at tonight's top stories. we'll start with breaking news at of los angeles international airport. that's where they ran out of the terminal after reports of a shooting spread. but no shots were fired at l.a.x. the officers did detain one person who was wearing a zoro-type suit outside the terminal. it caused major delays in and out of l.a.x. a suspect is in jail tonight and walnut creek police say
11:36 pm
they captured a man accused of shooting another man to death outside a bar early yesterday morning. a s.w.a.t team arrested the suspect during a raid in bay point. the republican presidential hopeful donald trump will visit the bay area tomorrow. the trump supporters will attend an undisclosed location. this is the first time the trump area visited the bay area since the violent clashes in san jose. despite backlash from across america. colin kaepernick says he will keep sitting when the national anthem is played before games. kaepernick cites oppression of minorities and police brutality is why he will no longer stand for the anthem. kaepernick is getting unlikely support from a national anthem performer and die hard 49er fan. now that story from sacramento. >> ♪ oh can you see >> reporter: it is a tune raymond coats is proud to sing. >> what do i feel? it is history that i am a part
11:37 pm
of. >> reporter: he was singing since he was seven, but for the past threa years some of his biggest performances have been on the field. >> ♪ by the dawn's early light >> reporter: raymond sings "the star-spangled banner" in front of all kinds of fans. there is one fan he never experienced. >> i haven't noticed anyone not standing up. >> reporter: that's exactly what 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is doing. the football star says he is sitting out the national anthem in protest of what he says are wrongdoings against african-americans and minorities in the u.s. >> it is not harmful to do it to me, and it is not harmful for a person to choose, hey, i don't feel like it. >> reporter: he says he is not offended. >> to me you got that national stage if you -- whatever you feel, whatever your opinions are about anything.
11:38 pm
it should be -- i mean you probably should use that opportunity. >> instead he is proud of the statement cab per nick is making. >> extremely bright to be able to, wow, because he has a lot to lose. >> as a black man who loves his country and the 49ers, raymond says it is nice to have someone stand up for change. >> they have somebody that says here i stand. >> or in this case sit. in stockton, abc7 news. >> a pair of air scares rattling passengers at home and abroad. they have a court date tomorrow and charges that they were too drunk to fly. police arrested the two before they were bound to take off from glasgow, scotland to newark, new jersey. this came as investigators searched for clues in the southwest flight that made an emergency landing in florida. part of the engine ripped off at 30,000 feet.
11:39 pm
>> tonight a pair of air fare from the u.s. airlines. trying to fly their boeing 757 under the influence of alcohol. the united parents as they take off from glasgow airport to newark on saturday. >> the 12 hours bottle the thought 2e8 -- throttle making sure the crew is men tea -- mentally caps tated jievment they were due to take off at 9:00 a.m. when police made the arrest. a more senior pilot was reportedly not arrested and the plane taking off at 7:15 p.m. confused passengers left in the dark. >> i am really, really happy that somebody had the strength to report that they were not concerned about.
11:40 pm
they tested for drugs and alcohol. >> mechanics every year are looking for those who are drunk on-the-job. >> this is after a southwest flight was forced to make an emergency landing after an engine exploded. >> passenger photos showed a big piece of one of the engines missing. the oxygen mask is dropping from the ceiling. the airline called it a mechanical issue and no one was hurt. >> there is a large gash down the back of the plane. knowing it could have monk -- punctured. if it did we would be dead. >> abc news, london. santa clara county judge found himself at the center of a new controversey for a case he presided over a year before he over saw the stanford sexual assault trial. they delayed the sentence of the college football player who was charged with beating his ex-girlfriend.
11:41 pm
he reduced the felony charge while he went to counseling so he could play. they call it another example of a lenient sentence and vowed to continue an on going recall effort. >> we have to continue to go forward with the recall in order to ensure that he is no longer a judge: jay he ended up serving jail time for beating his exgirl end from. the former stanford student brock turner, a swimmer, is scheduled to be released after serving half of his six-month sentence. 50 years ago the beatles performed their final concert. next a look back of a photo journalist that was in candlestick park with the band. >> a summer night in san francisco. west wind at 15 and where is the doing? where is the fog?
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tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of what would turn out to be the beatles' last concert and it was right here in the bay area. it was a far different experience from today's rock concerts. abc7 nice reporter jonathon bloom spleans. -- explains. >> when sir paul mccartney played the last rock concert it looked nothing like the first. no spotlights, no dancers, just a stage at second base. >> the sound company still does business in san francisco. i am not going to mention them
11:45 pm
by name. your high school auditorium had a better sound sis -- system jievment he shows us home video taken at the concert and explains that the bad sound hardly mattered if you were screaming your head off. >> the beet tells were the original boy band. they had cute haircuts. >> that was the problem. >> masses of screaming teenagers. they couldn't hear themselves on stage and they couldn't hear the music. >> as they broke new ground in the recording studio playing the same old hits at rock shows was holding them back. >> george harrison knew that. he recounts flying out of san francisco saying that's it for that. and he was glad. he was relieved. >> of all of the people who caught a glimpse of the beatles that night the best view was reserved for the photo journalists. their job was to document history, but they had no idea how historic it was. >> looking back i wish i took
11:46 pm
more photographs. >> he shot for "the examer" back then jievment when they came out of the dug out we were walking backwards and photographing until they got to the stage. >> a stage surrounded by a wire fence after what happened at the last show. >> they literally leaped up and jumped up on the stage. >> the show lasted just 35 minutes and then the ride showed up and. >> they jumped into the armored truck and away we went and that was the last we saw of the beatles. >> jonathon bloom, abc7 news. >> a lot of bands couldn't get away with that. let's check the forecast. here is lisa argen. >> let's start with the most interesting day of the week, that would be tuesday. check out the temperatures. it is warm inland, upper 80s and we could see a system of dry lightning. a slight dip arrives for cooler temperatures. holding assisted tea for thursday. it is a nice looking couple of days with the temperatures in
11:47 pm
the 60s tomorrow and partly cloudy at the coast. upper 60s in san francisco. sunny in oakland at 73. low to mid80s return inland. and it is going to be a pretty nice week in santa rosa despite the cooler than average temperatures where one day it is above average. elsewhere mid70s, fremont, san mateo of the we -- san mateo. then for labor day a tiny bit warmer. but the day that stands out is tuesday. morning drizzle and breezy afternoon winds. >> thank you very much. no politics there, but politics over here. >> i'm staying out of it. colin kaepernick has always been measured with the peaked yaw, but today -- with the media, but today opened up big time in regards to his decision not to stand during the national anthem on friday night. the reaction he got, positi
11:48 pm
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
after refusing to stand for the national anthem on friday night cal lynn kaepernick -- colin kaepernick addresses the players for 18 minutes. he has a right to sit and stand during the anthem and his refusal to stand was for the people of color who don't have a platform like he does. the timing and venue was questionable, but he said today he will not stand the rest of the year during the anthem.
11:51 pm
>> i have great respect for men and women that fought for this country. our family and friends who have fought for this country and they fight for freedom. they fate for the people. they fight for liberty and justice and for everyone. that's snot happening. that's not happening. the fact that it has blown up like this, it is a good thing. everybody knows what is going on and this sheds more light on it. >> somebody that is holding a curling iron has more education and training than people who have a gun and are going out on the street to protect us. i don't see it as a distraction. i think it is something that can unify this team and this country. if we have these real conversations that are uncomfortable for a lot of people, if we have these conversations there is a better understanding where both sides are coming from. if we reach common ground and can understand what everybody is going through, we can really effect change and make sure everybody is being treated equally and has the
11:52 pm
same freedoms. >> colin has a right to do what he wants. the league and the 49ers don't demand he stand, button courage it during the anthem. he said he will not stand the rest of the season. this will bring positive and negative attention to the team depending on the venue. this will be a distraction throughout the year and not being the starter quarterback as we speak, the niners have to decide if it is worth keeping him on the roster. stay tuned. the raiders loss and threw two touchdowns on the the first half.was 12 of 18 in cooper caught one for 29. great throw and catch. washington is having a great camp. the rookie out of texas tech had eight carries for 55 yards and will be a great complement to murray. he was excited to get a chance to play with the first team offense last night. >> to be able to go up against
11:53 pm
them is a good feeling. >> even if i can give up one of the plays it is a good deal. >> we wanted to make sure we gave the two young guys an opportunity to run with the first group and give them that exposure in the third game. >> nfl pre-season action the cardinals are taking on the texans. rough day for carson palmer. five of nine with two interceptions. it was picked out of the air and returned for the pick 6. 17-7 texans. ossweiller had a better showing. 26 yards to fuller and the texans go on to win it 34-24 the final. minnesota sakings opened dar -- vikings against the chargers. bridge water throw itself to kyle rudolph. first viking touchdown in their new home 27 yards. they had some home field luck in the third.
11:54 pm
he threw it to pew pitñi -- pruitt who fumbled it and it is picked up in the end zone. vikings win it 20-10. >> for any team seeing any starter hurting, he would leave with a right knee injury, but the bengals say it is not serious. jacksonville was down, but scored 23 unanswered points. the fourth quarter and the third with a 62-yard pick. fed ex cup playoff at the bar clays. barclays. he was four over on the back including a double bogey on the suks teen. >> on the 16. fifth hole and chips in for the birdie. reid hangs on to win the barclays by a stroke at nine under par. to the track and the nascar sprint cup series in
11:55 pm
michigan. kyle larson came in without a win and he was outside the chase for the cup. today he took the checkered flag for the first time in his career. he guaranteed one of the 16 spots in the playoff that starts in three weeks. this abc7 sports report has been brought to you by riverwalk casino. the 49ers have not a choice to make, but it will be interesting to see how they can deal with this as the season goes on. >> that's how shu parks downstairs. we have one more story to bring you now. >> major new rules going into effect tomorrow for people who fly drones for fun and for work. it will require most drone operators to get a remote pilot operating certificate by passing on-line tests and obtaining security clearances. the rules ease restrictions for most commercial operators. but most will be required to get the same licenses to the commercial operators.
11:56 pm
breaking the laws comes with a hefty fine up to $1100 per violation each time you violate the law. more tomorrow on abc7 morning starting at 4:30. that's it for this sunday night. i'm eric thomas. for lisa argen who was kind enough to come in and mike shumann who was kind enough to come back from another vacation, i'm eric thomas. we will see you later. have a good evening.
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showing leadership. at this point, i'm more interested in him not showing certain things. a star is born. previously on "scandal"... at 15, josephine marcus walked into a maternity ward pregnant. but when she walked out, there was no baby and no birth certificate. (jake) pete foster tattooed the navy flight plan for a secret mission called operation remington. there were five of us on the ground and one plane flying air support. that pilot was the president. so why does this guy go get a tattoo


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