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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 29, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, south bay, let's get going. this is abc7 morning.
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>> good morning, everyone, on monday august 29 at 5:00 a.m. i am rogue regular. >> i am jessica castro here for natasha zouves with alexis with traffic and mike nicco. happy monday. >> so far. >> so far so good. it has only been half an hour, mike. >> we hope it only gets better. >> in need for the umbrella, mostly cloudy, but, no wet weather on live doppler hd. here is a look from the off, it is -- from the roof, it is cloudy. planning out the day the next 12 hours at 55 to 62. if you head out, 5959 coast and comfortable accident inland and 62 to 80 breezy in the afternoon, and that is going to be the mainstay in the forecast. it will be breezy the next couple of days and cooler-than-average. that is next. alexis? >> looking at our traffic maps, we potentially have a problem in the east bay, southbound 580 at the 13 split, right around
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seminary, we are getting reports of a fire under 580 and we called c.h.p. and they said they have not confirmed that. and what is burning whether it is a brush file or vehicle. in other blocking incidents. the bay bridge is looking good and the lower deck looks like it is with respected up. the drive times are coming up. >> 49ers quarterback kaepernick defended the decision to sit out during the national anthem adding that he could take a stand in other ways. ryan smith has the details. >> this morning in the first look, colin kaepernick is speaking out. underfire from fans and fellow employers after the refusal to stand up for the "national anthem," doubling down. >> i will continue to sit and stand with the people. that are be will oppressed. when this is significant change and the flag represents what it is supposed to represent i will
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stand. >> 49ers quarterback refused to on the flag does not mean he is disrespecting the military. >> people are dieing in vein because this country is not holding their end of the bargain up as far as giving free done and justice to everyone. >> kaepernick said that 9 have it troll is worth it to make a point. >> i am doing what is right. >> and espn weighs in with the first look this morning. >> a false report of a gunman at los angeles international airport sent passengers racing for safety and caused several flight cancellations but this morning it is slowly getting back to normal. we will show you the flight tracking website reporting on average delays of about an hour and a half as of two hours ago and starting to get back on
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track with six canceled flights and 22 could be delayed. things as we have been were welcoming through the morning, but the map is showing them green and we starting to see things pick up. passengers took no chances last night when they heard a shooter was in a terminal, and we have that full story for you. >> a it was chaos. we got off the plane and were exiting and saw a crowd running to us. >> frantic scene at the second business of the airport with passengers running in all directions after reports of "shots fired." >> we have technical difficulty and i apologize. >> two united airplane pilots expected of being drug before the flight are in court they were arrested on saturday at glass coe international airport preparing to fly 141 people to newark and the f.a.a. have poet calls do randomly test pilots for drugs and which will and it
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is not clear in this is the result of tests or someone turned them in. the 35 and 43-year-old trend in scotland for the court appearance today. >> in the united states, the southwest flight had to be divert because of this, southwest said they had a mechanical issue on saturday, and passenger photos show large part of the engine is missing. passengers heard a loud "boom," and the flight from new orleans to orlando had to make an emergency landing in pensacola, florida with no one on board hurt. >> looks terrible. >> from belgium police say the explosions that people heard at a bruce soles criminal institute were not a bombing. the explosions were materials schooled by a fire started to destroy criminal evidence. belgium has been on high alert since coordinated suicide attacks in the airport and subway that el asked 32 people in march. >> classes expected to go on in
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san leandro after a fatal crash of a middle school, a man died yesterday morning after crashing a kia into the gym at the middle school. two women were hurt that were in the car. the man drove through the parking lot, hit a fence and the side of the gym. >> that particular road is a key intersection where the streets they were trapping on terminates into another road. they continued straight on to the school rot and that led them to collide into the wall. >> one of the women is in critical condition. people mess that alcohol was a factor. >> san jose city council will vote tomorrow to declare a public safety message because they do not have enough people on the police force. san jose's police chief garcia tells our media partner of the mercury news the department will not have enough officers to patrol the city necessary month. the emergency declaration would let the thief override the
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police union contract to reassign officers who are on special assignment to patrol. >> a surveillance camera was rolling over the weekend when a sheriff deputy shot a man inside his truck. the suspect was pulled over for a traffic stop. video shows the deputy talking to the man in the car and stepping out and pulling out his firearm. you can see it in his hand. the truck manufactures, the deputy runs toward it and it rolls back-and-forth the deputy steps away and fires at the suspect the suspect is "stable." the deputy has been laced on paid leave. all the accweather forecast with mike nicco. >> the flags on the ferry building are unfurled and they stay that way. today account next couple of days. we have autumn breezes keeping us below average. this morning in the mid-to-upper 50s inland east bay neighborhood, mt. diablo, warm air rising and 72 degrees not
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too bad. 60 in oakland and hayward and mountain view and san jose. 57 out of san carlos and in pacifica and san francisco dress for 56, novato and napa at 55 to 57. today, notice the green, a last it along the coast and some of it spilling into the bay and a last 70's and 80s away from the coast in san francisco. a little bit of a warm trend tomorrow, a slight bump up in the temperatures, in santa rosa hitting 88 and nearly 90 in concord and toward antioch and 80 in san jose and we will start to see as we end august, ending on wednesday, we will start another cooling trend. i will show the rest of the seven-day forecast next. the morning commute? alexis? >> looking at the traffic map we are hearing reports of a possible fire in sonoma area of san francisco, so it is not con fin but i will show you where it is. zooming in, it is a couple of
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blocks north of 80 to the north and the west. working on more information on that and we will have an update. the drive time southbound 680 is good at highway 4 to walnut creek and westbound 24, walnut creek to highway 13, the only one that is slow so far and no surprise, westbound 580 tracy to dublin up to 15 minutes. >> coming up when every second counts, heart stopping rescue helps. >> two brothers are arrested in chicago for the murder an n.b.a. superstar's cousin and a
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>> protect -- breaking news. >> breaking news where fire crews are on the scene of a two alarm five at 5th and miller. this is two-alarm fire and we have a news crew on way. we will bring you more information when we get it, in between 5 there and 6th. you can follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea with breaking news updates. >> on the peninsula, police are looking for a man accused of stealing a package from a home in the wealthy community of hillsborough. this is the suspect, you can see him walking away from a home yesterday. the home owner took this photo after he knocked on their door asking if he had soon his dog and the same afternoon was seen taking a package from a home
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nearby. a side door was forced open. the suspects got into an open model black honda with another person driving. >> unlicensed, and undocumented charter bus driver in louisiana is expected to be charged with two counts of negligent homicide after a crash left to a horrific chain reaction. two people were killed and 41900 in the sunday morning accident. the charter bus hit a fire truck and firefighters responding to an early crash and slammed into another car. three firefighters were lone into the water below. >> we need help. quick. another fireman needs to be pull up. >> one of the firefighters died and so did the passenger in the car that was struck. people on the bus were on the way to do construction and rebuilding following the devastate flooding in baton rouge. the bus rider and undocumented immigrants immigrants from honduras. >> two brothers charged in
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shooting debt of a coypus of dwyane wade is scheduled to appear in court today. the 32-year-old nykea aldridge was shot on friday in chicago after registering her kids for school. darwin sorrells and dare zaire are charged with first-degree murder and attempted murder of nykea aldridge. they had criminal backgrounds, are gang members and were out on parole. chicago's top cop had this to say what he things needs to be done do make gun violence stop. >> it is crystal clear. the gun offenders that class to do this time and time again we have to hold them accountable and put them in jail and keep 'em there. >> despite the tragedy, the aldridge family is speak of hope governor those who commit the violent crimes. >> rescuers work in central italy to recover bodies from the rubble after the 6.2 earthquake. 291 people have died from the
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earthquake and now italian authorities are promising to investigate in negligence or fraud in maintaining building codes was a factor in the high death toll. a memorial service is held tomorrow. >> a new jersey transit officer is being praised for putting his safety on the line to save a man. a man laid down on the tracks in a suicide attempt on friday, you can see the officer barely getting the man off the tracks before...the train rumbles by just seconds later close call the video was obtained by a radio station in new jersey. the officer is be commended for his periphery and his actions. thousands, and you likely no one someone who is going to burning
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man the gathering of the unconventional and uninhibited was under way yesterday in black rock city. 70,000 people are expected to attend this year's 30th anniversary event and many will credit art projects in the desert. the biggest event is saturday when a huge effigy of a man is set on fire where "burn man," name comes from and wraps up on labor day. as everyone who knows anyone who has been there the only people that like more about going to burning man is talking about it. over and over again. >> someone sounds like they have had personal expense. >> good morning, everyone, it will be breezy. the sand is flying over the weekend. in san rafael it is cloudy and 60. and no fog south on 101. we will have high clouds filtered sunshine and a cooling breeze and the extended period is cooler-than-average
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transitioning from august to september. there is a chance of a stray shower across the north bay. over the next six hours you can see the showers showing up over the ocean and they are pushing to the west or foes and it could clip the north by. today, how about brightest air had the south bay, the further south you go the less you have of the high clouds in the mid-70s to the mid-80s through santa clara valley. on the peninsula, it will be breezy and high clouds and sunshine and temperatures millbrae 69. at the cost at half moon bay and pacifica, 61 and 66 and the of the of us 74 to 76. in san francisco the average high is close at 68 and 63 in the sunset, and daly city is 61, and south san francisco, around 70 and through the north bay temperatures are hitting the upper 70s to let 80s santa rosa at 81 degrees so the sunshine is keying people below average and in oakland 72 is breezy and richmond is 69 and
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low-to-mid 70s and free air conditioning inland east bay neighborhood. mid-to-upper 80s and the seven-day forecast is in the mid-to-upper 50s tonight with clouds. a trend warming trend on tuesday and wednesday. we will dip down on thursday and friday and warm-up on saturday and sunday any. >> the bay bridge toll plaza is looking good, but give it another 10 minutes and we will start to see the metering lines on and backups forming. we trying to get to the bottom of the reported fire in oakland area. we heard it was westbound 580 and now we hear it is eastbound 580 west of seminary avenue. trying to confirm that location. police are saying it is a vehicle on fire and possibly abandoned fire. it is under 580 on the off ramp. it is single road off-ramp or system lane off-ramp. trying to get to the bottom of this as i mentioned and the update and the drive times
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coming up in 10 minutes. >> a cab driver and his passengers recovering after they suffered injuries from a bad accident. we at 9th and howard in san francisco as the passenger was loaded into the ambulance. she was wearing a neck brace and holding her head. there is the damage to the cab and the car involved. the crash knocked down two mailboxes and a trash can. >> community in south carolina is on alert after kids reported seeing a clown in the woods. dozens of kids are talking about seeing a clown behind a basketball court in greenville, south carolina, and a woman saw the clown in the area waving at her. a mother called the sheriff after realizing this could be a serious concern. >> my child was say things and the next day i had 30 kids say, did you see the clown in the woods. >> they are on high alert and an apartment complex sent a letter to residents saying police will
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be doing sweeps of the area. >> seven then you need to know as you start director day. california lawmakers are taking it down to the wire, the big measures they have just three days to consider that could affect all of us. >> history at the music awards but it is awkward moment that is getting all of the buzz. honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey... and real oats. ok, that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy! figures.
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get between you and life's dobeautiful moments.llergens flonase gives you more complete allergy relief. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls 6. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ♪ >> if you are just joining us the seven things you need to know to start your day, number one, 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick said police brutality is west main reasons he will continue sitting out during the national anthem, and the teammate are defending his decision and say that it brought them closer together. >> two, delays continue at l.a.x. this morning after a traveler nightmare. passengers running and hiding
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after hearing a shooter was in a terminal. police determined the report to be false. >> three, donald trump returns to the bay area today for the first time since violence at his rally in san jose in june. he is expected to attend two fundraisers. >> we wake up to temperatures two- to four-degrees cooler and will end up with temperatures two or four degrees cooler-than-average. i had a slight chance of a shower and a thunderstorm in the seven-day forecast. difficulties on that are coming up. >> five, we are off to a typical start on the roads, and the drive times show the only one in the red so far, westbound 580, tracy to dublin, up to an hour at 58 minutes, and westbound 4, antioch to concord, okay, and san rafael to san francisco from marin county. >> six, new federal rules going into affect today so people would own or fly drones. the rules require most operators to get an operating certificate
5:24 am
and obtain security clearance. >> this bear is caught on camera, stealing a bird feeder in new hampshire. the homeowner saw him dragging away the feeder. he was close to the bear. the bird feeder is just fine and he last it behind and just took the sun flower seeds inside the bird feeder. >> smart bear. >> spanish music fans warn the death of acclaim singer juan gabriel. he was the leading singer and songwriter in mexico and three could sell 100 million in his life. this is video, about love, heartbreak, popular throughout latin america and the spanish speakers in the united states. he had a heart attack at his home yesterday morning. he was supposed to come to san jose as part of concert that
5:25 am
started on friday night. he was only 66. >> talk about a big inbox, governor brown has nearly 200 bill on his desk and state registrars to mail battle lots do all voters and community colleges do have a shower on campus and eliminating limitations on rape and sex crimes. >> beyonce proving again that she is in a lane of her own at the mtv awards. >> i fell asleep before i saw her performed but i watched it this morning and show broke the madonna record with the most awards ever. ♪ crazy >> beyonce!
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and that is team u.s.a. presenting her with the award. >> she becomes the most decorated winner surpass madonna who held the record with 20 awards and this performance was unbelievable! she was on stage live longer than any artist has ever been there. and this is the first return to the stage since she had a melt down years ago. >> i remember that. >> this wasp better. >> and rihanna took host the michael jackson award. and then this happened. he tried to kiss her and it
5:27 am
ended up being a hug-kiss. >> that awkward moment... >> oh, well... >> well...i am sure a lot people continue to talk about that today. >> we are coming back with another full 90 minutes of news including the final chance to add your input on who you should should be the next san francisco police chief. >> and relief for families who use the epipen after weekend of controversy and the rising cost. all the santa clara judge that made headlines nationwide in a stanford sex assault trial is causing mother controversy. the new decision that has some scrapping their heads.
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>> good morning, east bay let's get up and get going. >> good morning, everyone, it is monday, august 29. and jessica castro is here for natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui with meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis. mike? >> quiet. cloud cover, but i have not heard drizzle yet, and no rain right now. but that could change tonight and i take brought that in the next weather. today as we look at the moratorium at pier 15 wake up in the mid-50s to increasely 60 the at noon the low clouds give way to high clouds and sunshine. 59 to 62 at coast. 51 to 71 at bay and 70 to 80 inland so, temperatures, again, below average. enjoy it while it is here. alexis? >> looking at the traffic maps we video a new problem in a rough spot, this could be a big deal. before sunol boulevard at 680 a
5:31 am
three scar crash blocking the two left lanes that is backing up. and a vehicle fire in oakland. more on that ahead. >> breaking news we have been noting in san francisco, a two alert fire in sonoma at 6 there street. the san francisco fire crews are on the scrap right now. it brock it on upper floors of a four story building. you can see the number of fire trucks that are there. we told the building is vacant the we have a news crew headed that way. >> taking a stand by: sitting. 49ers quarterback kaepernick is not assured the top spot but by protesting he has guaranteed he is in the spot lit. everyone has an opinion and matt keller is in santa clara with
5:32 am
the latest racks. matt? >> good morning, collin kaepernick is getting a lot of criticism and support for taking a seat did you the national anthem. he said do not expect him to stop taking a standard on the issue any time soon. he was here at levi stadium last night for a fundraising event and does not answer questions but spoke at license about the decision to sit during the natural anthem. he has been doing it all reseason but first noticed by the media before the game against the packers last week. kaepernick cites oppression of minorities and police brutality as the reason he no longer stands. >> it brings awareness and make people realize what is going on in the country, a last things going on and people are not held accountable and that is something that needs to change. that is something the country stands for, freedom, liberty, justice for all and it is not happening for all. >> so are in, teammates are
5:33 am
defending the kaepernick decision saying the controversy is actually brought the time closer according to one accomplish. kaepernick said he knows he could face consequences for take the stand like being cut from the team, criticized or ostracized. the next game is thursday again the chargers. >> you can watch kaepernick's entire 18 minute interview on our website at abc7 it is the top story by clicking on the link and you can watch it on our news app that can download free through phoneup store. >> we have numbers from a fallout last night the scare 59 l.a.x. with reports of gunfire causing people to panic. the reports were false but it caused epic backups that are still going on this morning. early in the newscast, we heard
5:34 am
there are 281 delays. two cancellations. and 27 diversions. passengers tried to find any place safe. >> ran on the run way and got behind a catering vehicle. >> it was just panic. and i saw there was a janitor's closet i grab add broom. i did not know what else to do. >> passengers were allowed back into the terminals to be rescreened law security. there is no word on what the loud noise was. a man was briefly detained but later let go. the impact of the scare is still being felt this morning and we have been looking at a website that tracks all of delays throughout the morning, and no now earlier we thought things were getting better but there are major delays at lamb so we will watch that carefully
5:35 am
through the day. >> your voice and your vote republicans presidential candidate donald trump is in the bay area today and this is first appearance sense he was here in june and as you can see protesters attack trump supporters when they left the san jose convention center. custody a different situation because they are fundraisers not big rallies, a $25,000 per person private event on the peninsula will head to another fundraiser later in napa. >> certainly a big week for donald trump tweeting yesterday that he will be making a major speech on illegal immigration on wednesday in arizona. his campaign insists the immigration plan will be fair but donald trump said he plans toable wall on the mexican border. >> we will use immigration law to prevent crime and we will not wait physical an indent american has been armed or killed --
5:36 am
harmed or killed. hillary clinton and another round of e-mails is revealing more questions of whether clinton foundation donors received prefer usual repeat and political favors while she was secretary of state. >> developing news now a pharmaceutical company will offer a go -- generic investigation of the epipen after announcing the gentleman ferc version will cost $300 for a two pack available in the next several weeks a two does package topped $600 early this year up from 94 dollars in twine that counteracts life threatening allergic reacts and they will keep in place the $300 savings card announced last week along with the patient assistance program. >> walnut creek police say they have taken a suspected murderer roof the street, and the swat team captured this man, larry
5:37 am
griffin in bay point last night be held at the contra costa county jail in martinez. detectives believe grave were shot and kill courtney brown, 38 -year-old vallejo mother after leaving a bar, crogan's sports bar & grill. her isistory speaks the >> it is not often they catch the bad guy and it happened so fast. there has been past beefs, a few months ago in pittsburg, i don't know about what. >> this is walnut creek's first homicide of the year. >> three separate investigations have been launched into the c.h.p. shooting of a man walking on a freeway on the peninsula. this happen on highway 101 in belmont. c.h.p. get a call of a pedestrian on the from were and officers say the man refused orders to get off the highway and kept jump back and forth cross the center divide.
5:38 am
police say they tazed the suspect and he pull out a knife. >> raised it over his head and began to make a thrusting motion towards one of the c.h.p. officers. >> the officer fired and shot the suspect and the suspect was in the hospital this morning with life threatening injuries and the san mateo district tomorrow and c.h.p. investigated >> memorial services will be held this week for two young sisters who died when their mother's car crashed into the russian river. four year old and six-year-old girls were in the back seat of a truck when it went off the road into the river last wednesday. they were on way to school. a memorial will be held on wednesday followed by a burial service in bodega. friends have set up a gofundme account to help the familiar. it has raided $38,000 in the last week. >> the search begins again for a
5:39 am
new oakland police chief. mayor schaaf and other city leaders homed a 2:00 news conference at city hall where they are spenting to outline the expectations of the next chief. the department is being everseen by the city administrator and deputy chief david downing is overseeing day to day operation. the former chief resigned in noon over sexual misconduct scandal involving officers and schaaf name three ating chiefs in the nine-day period and each stepped down after a few days. >> today is the deadline to apply for san francisco police chief and according to the "san francisco chronicle" there is a last competition. the people reports 25 people including acting chief chaplin and two deputies want the job. the commission will narrow the list to two or three and the mayor will have the final choice. your voice counts and the commission is host the last public meeting tonight to get input from the communities on what you would like in a chief.
5:40 am
that meeting is happening tonight at 6:00 at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco. >> now the weather in the south bay the clouds are rolling in and the temperature is 53 in los gatos the cool spot, and san jose and campbell and cambrian park at 60 and the warm spots. everyone is pretty much in the mid-to-upper 50s cooler than yesterday, and our temperatures are going to stay in this range through 9:00, and the morning lows will break up and we will start to feel the warming. walnut creek is about 57 degrees right now, and dew on the grass, and on the bay, anywhere, it will be breezy and choppy. enjoy the comfortable breezes in afternoon. sfo shows it and 59 degrees with clouds and spenting flight arrival delays. when i feign out i will put those on sole media -- social media. 68 and 68 and 68 for the next
5:41 am
these days in san francisco. cooler on the peninsula. by wednesday, we will see a bump up tomorrow. and cooler for elsewhere. september, that is coming up next. alexis has an update. >> not too good in sunol area southbound 680 a crash with two left lanes still blocked southbound 680 before sunol boulevard an area that does not take much to cause a big backup moving further and further north toward 580 and using the distance measuring it is longer at five miles at the crow flies so the road is surfing and turning. that is looking at big delays. also, eastbound 580, at the undercrossing in oakland, we had abandoned vehicle on fire and tow trick is on the scene not blocking. update on the sunol situation
5:42 am
and two new problems for south bay in 10 minutes. >> just cold showers for some in los altos with a water main break after 7:00 last night at springer roads. crews turned off the water but 8-10 hopes affected. most of the water flowed into the creek with nod with on when service is restored. >> evacuation warning in affect for a small portion of monday dry county near the soberanes fire because of an equity -- expect increase in wind that is bounded by castro canyon and in the coast ridge highway and highway one. crews are dealing with another natural threat besides the flames 500 fires have been reported because of poison oak.
5:43 am
>> straight ahead we have more at breaking news we have been following this morning, a two alert fire burning in san francisco and look at this picture showing flames we have a report from the scene, a reporter just getting there next. >> this is not how the duck boat tour was supposed to ♪
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abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> in san francisco firefighters are on the scene of a two alert fire and amy hollyfield is at the scene for us. amy? >> can you see smoke is still coming from the top of this building but fires are retreating. they are rolling up their hose and some of them are saying this is out. we are at 6th. they got the call here in san francisco and they are saying it is an empty building so, no one was hurt in fight the fire. they did call for a second alarm. there were reports that you could see the flames from the highway and to get to it necessity had to pull out two huge ladders but we do not see anyone on the ladders at this time and we see flashlights inside and it looks like they are looking around to make sure they got it all out but you can hear the glass breaking, too, trying to ventilate it so they
5:47 am
are with brokeless abandon demolishing the windows so they can get water on every inch of it and veteran late it to make sure they get thement spots out and they can declare it is knocked down. when we arrived a firefighter said this was out. it looks like they think that the emergency, the major threat, is behind them. there is no word on the cause of the fire. two things, they are just focusing on making sure that it is out. >> that is good news. >> congress is coming to san francisco today to hold a hearing about the california lie speed rail project. a house subcommittee is cupping the hearing on the project which has dramatically changed since it was first aproved by voters in 2008. lawmakers want to know, why? it was originally called a $32
5:48 am
billion project connecting san francisco to los angeles. now, the protect estimate is putting it closer to $118 belt. and it will not connect the two cities. the hearing is homed at the federal building and is open to the public. >> the former stanford swimmer convicts of sexual assault is expected to get out of jail on friday. he will have served only half of his six-month sentence and now santa clara judge persky is criticized for another controversial sentencing after presiding over the case a year before he oversaw the stanford trial delay the sentence of a college football player gunderson who was charged with bath his ex girlfriend. judge reduced the felony if he went to counseling so he could play football. critics call it another example of a lenient sentence issued by judge persky and you have to continue the recall. >> we have to continue to go
5:49 am
forward with the recall in order to ensure that he is no longer a judge. >> gunderson ended up serving jail time for beat his ex girlfriend. >> a torch money was raised to help children with corner evening disease close to or exceeding $1 million for the annual "day in the park." i was at the event and i was getting down to that song. i am glad i was not caught on camera. we are a proud partner of taylor family foundation and look at that, meteorologist mike nicco, again, serving as an. see a foundation that helps kids with chronic illness and helps them coach and to acquire learning mechanisms. it raised money for a camp and mike nicco urged them to open up
5:50 am
their wallets to help the kids. ought panel option and a lot of our abc7 colleagues attended, and 3,000 children attended the camp each year, and the camp served kids facing the live threatening challenges and disease. >> great and important event. >> switching gathers we will talk traffic. >> we have a significant traffic alert and this is in the sunol area. you can see the line red on the traffic maps southbound 680. it sound like we have two collisions in the same area, one in sunol and one at sunol. you can see the backup to 580 and we are looking at six miles or more than that and we are seeing delays on 84 so foothills
5:51 am
road could be the alternate. getting you to the south by we have a flipped vehicle northbound 87 before you get to 280 the vehicle we on its roof but they are work on getting it pushed to the shoulder and we had the two right lanes blocked and we are down now to the far right lane blocked. obviously, there are delays. i have updates on both situations in a few but, now, we will check with our emcee, mike nicco and the forecast. >> from job yesterday >> all for the kids and the families. the golden gate bridge has no fought. maybe toward 7:00 or 8:00, could be more cloudy, and ten miles per hour winds at angel island. cooler-than-average, and full breezes into september. today, look at the ocean, under
5:52 am
a small craft advisory from 3:00 this afternoon until 3:00 in the morning so 28 do 38 miles per hour winds and it will be choppy. mid-to-upper 70s for the south bay and the usual hot spots with ingly provide mid-80s, and mid-to-upper 70s for peninsula and more sunshine along cost and low-to-mid 60s and upper 60 and nearly 70 southbound in sausalito, and high clouds are thickest in the north bay and 69 in richmond and everyone else around 70 to 74 and oakland is 72. check out the low-to-mid 80s inland east bay neighborhoods no need to run the air conditioning and it will be warmer through wednesday and we will cool down on thursday and slowly warm up as we head to saturday and sunday. minor changes outside the chance of a shower in the north bay. >> new at 6:00, a game that landed a teacher in hot water the >> an 84-year-old woman
5:53 am
this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you. you are amazing. ♪ ♪
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>> 20 people expecting to shore boston did not get to finish the ride much the roof of a duck boat was torn off 15 minutes into to ride while the boat was trying to pass under a bridge. the tour company said that the first year driver was deferred off the normal route because of a road being closed. the driver and the actions are "under review." >> the study shows continuing to place play sports with a concussion doubles recovery team for teens. the study published found it also leads to worse short-term memory than those who stop playing until they are fully recovered. researches say athlete whose continue to play delayed
5:56 am
reporting symptoms. they say that half of the concussions in teen sports not reported. >> and now, alexis? >> we have problems in sunol, at southbound 680, there are three separate crashes, one near sunol boulevard that sounds like it is cleared and the other beyond that, it is blocking the two left lanes still. though got the fire crews out of lane four. so we have one more lane open. can you see there are heavy volumes and normal congestion in the toll plaza and another update in 10 minutes. now, mike nicco has the forecast. >> good morning, everyone, can you see from south beach not too much fog and the temperatures today are 2-4 degrees cooler-than-average and breezy for all us this afternoon. in oakland, 6:00, 60s and at lunch, only 64 degrees and heading home at 5:00, it will be around 68 degrees. below average. 93 and hazy in lake tahoe and 93
5:57 am
in yosemite and 85 in los angeles and 112 in palm entries. >> neighbors in oklahoma community are criticizing a police officer's actions after he pepper sprayed an 84-year-old woman. the body cameras captured it, trying to arrest her son for a drunk driving stop sign violation and show tried to intervene and they pepper sprayed her and tazed the son. the police which said the video does not tell the entire story of what the officers encountered >> the head facebook and the head of the catholic church met privately at the vatican. >> we are at the scene of a two
5:58 am
5:59 am
the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids. >> let's get up and get going. this is abc7 morning. all the end of august is near. >> ominous.
6:00 am
>> good morning on the 29th i am reggie aqui at 6:00. >> i am jessica castro. along with meteorologist mike nicco and traffic reporter alexis smith. >> looking nice. all the doom and gloom... >> we have had a real stretch of below agency temperatures and that will continue. i have a going we will pay for this later in september. and october. en with the offshore breezes develop. can you see live doppler hd is convey it this morning and how it looks from mount tam with the marine layer giving way to high clouds. 62 to 80 and breezy at 4:00 everywhere. grab a coat this evening, 60 at coast and 70 inland. how is the commute, alexis? >> gloom and doom. in southbound 680, it is a mess today. two separate crashes in the sunol area, and the first near sunol boulevard, and that is


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