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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 30, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> this is abc7 morning. ait is tuesday. august 3. 5:00 a.m. glad you here. i am natasha zouves. jessica castro is tracking latest and we have alexis smith with the roads and meteorologist mike nicco looking at skies. >> alexis? mike? >> it is someone's birthday. >> thank you the i am ready for the cinnamon rolls and the
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cookies. that is what i am waiting for. >> me too. best friend. i will share live doppler hd with the shows we talked about yesterday, across lake and membership dough send county. there is no lighting and that could spark wildfires from the roof camera i will throw up the day planner, 57 to 63, warmer by give or six degrees and 64 to 77 with filtered sunshine, and 64 to 83 at cost inland as we head through and with temperatures close to average. how is the commute? >> we are looking outside at the emeryville drive, westbound 80 for the forbes heading to the bay bridge with no major problems and the drive time really looking good, westbound 580, tracy to castro valley at 52 minutes and that is it this early, and to downtown san francisco, 280, highway one, into downtown that is in the
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green at 10 minutes. we will look at a couple of early problems in the south bay in a few. athanks. we have breaking news from the oakland hills this morning, a home invasion has sent an elderly man to the hospital. three men broke into a home through an unlocked sliding glass door in the back and took wallets of two who lived there and pistol-whipped one. they took the man's beige cadillac the second time this house has been burglarized this month. we have a crew gathering details at the scene. we will go back to a live report. >> a man is accused of stab two men in the head with a screwdriver on a bart station. the 48-year-old ronald knolls attacked the machine as they approach the fremont station. he robbed them. he ran off the train. three stole a bicycle from another man the he faced attempted murder and several other charges and is held without bail. no word on the victim's condition.
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>> in the south bay the san jose city council is spotted to declare a public safety emergency. the reason? not enough police to patrol the streets. matt keller is at the san jose police department. matt? >> good morning, the officer short average is obviously a big deal and a serious problem for the san jose police department. staffing lets are at unprecedented lows and there does not appear to be any relief in sight so the city council is considering declare an emergency at the momenting and they went to redeploy 47 officers for a special praises back to patrol to meet minimum staffing levels much the emergency declaration lets the chief override the police young contract to reassign investigative officers to patrol. the union said that is the only way to do it because it would violate the contract. how bad is the shot agency? the department need as minimum of on police officers in the patrol position but the number of available officers for september is only 4 thin.
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so 87 unfilled positions need to be filled and something be done with mandated overtime shift and other officers volunteering for the extra shifts. today the regular session for the city council starts at 1:30 this afternoon. >> developing news a shakeup at the hayward police department and the chief has been placed on leave. a confidential personnel issue is the republican we are being given for student yard to go on the leave. she is the first female police chef accepting the job in august of 2011. before that she was assistant chief in san jose which she joined as a rackcy in 1986. the police captain new is ebbing as acting chief. >> san francisco police are searching for a a new chief. 25 have allied including the interim chief toney chaplin who is refusing to revalley where he
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got his bachelor's degree. the application process for a new chief helped tomorrow and the police commission will get the application pool down to three and the mayor decide. >> in oakland, there is a professional recruiter who is hired. leaders are hoping between a nationwide search and people in the community they fine the right person. some are clear about what they want. >> we need someone who is fair. if you see someone of your police officers not doing right, say something and take care of the community. >> young people are the future. >> the mayor will interview candidates by november and hire the new chief by john. we have more information on how to get new input on our website at >> olympic swimmer ryan lochte is back in the limelight on "good morning america" talking about the rio de janeiro robbery
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controversy and what is neck. jessica castro is at the live desk. >> what is next for ryan lochte is the "dancing with the stars" with the tomb behind the dance show saying they put the swimmer on the show best games and he embellished facts on be held at gunpoint. this is a preview of him speaking out, he does not hold back, addressing the scandal head on, and does admit wrongdoing. he said that he wants to manufacture forward and he made a mistake which could be high hopes considering four of the major sponsors have again backwards on supporting him, including speedo and ralph lauren. >> still dealing with the backlash do you still feel like it is a good idea to put yourself out there. all the past two weeks have been lowest pat of my life, my family and my friends have been positive, and keeping me going and that is what i want to do and this is perfect. >> in the interview, ryan lochte
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does not confirm if he will or will not return to brazil to face charges. you can catch the fill -- the full sit down after our newscast. >> thanks, jessica. santa clara board of supervisors will consider upgrading the surveillance and security systems at two facilities following an attempted inmate escape. new cameras at the correctional facility in milpitas helped to capture the man during the sunday escape. the surveillance caught the inmate trying to climb the fence and was arrest on friday. he could have been sent home yesterday. the before willment at 9:00 to discuss security upgrades. >> a couple faces felony animal cruelty chaz for the scalding death of their dog. this is a picture of the dog taken before he was hurt and investigators say the owners brought him to the emergency animal clinic claiming a cup of boiling water spilled on him but the humane society believes he
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was put into a hot liquid. >> a teaching assistant with the school district is accused of smuggleing heroin and cell phone to a death row inmate. officials were suspicious after they spotted this plastic bag in the trash can. a search turned up the phones and drugs under a woman's closes. she faced up to four years in prison. the latest reaction to kaepernick's protest of the national anthem the alameda county sheriff is inviting him to attend the police academy, in response to his statements about how long it takes to become a police officer. our reporter explains. >> the alameda county sheriff inviteed san francisco 49er kaepernick to see what law enforcement training is all about. >> great opportunity to come out and view exactly what we do. >> the sheriff extended the invitation to the bake police academy by facebook after kaepernick made this statement.
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>> a curling ire reason had more education and training than people that have a gun and are going on the street to protect us. all the emergency we hold them to, the physical training, the background checks to get in there to begin with, he would be impressed. >> the san francisco police officers association took a different approach. the union sent a letter to the president of the 49ers and the nfl commissioner saying we will not stand by while he attacks police officers in the country with statements such as "people are on paid leave while people of color are killed." the san francisco police commission president said a lot of work is be done to create equity and safety. >> more folk want to be about safety and just communities i welcome it. >> are you going to be a person that goes out and does something or are you going to be the monday morning quarterback and criticize and do nothing? aso fares kaepernick has not
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responded to the invitation. >> president obama coming to none cam this week to talk about environmental issues and will address the lake tahoe summit tomorrow. the event focuses on policies to protect lake tahoe and the surrounding area. the president will be gin by -- joined by governor brown and senators boxer and feinstein. >> the act weather forecast with mike nicco. >> it is clear but you have a little bit of low clouds working its way in. it will not last long. the breezes will kick up. and wage it out. it is milder, at 57 to about 60 across san francisco from west portal and portrero hill at 57 through the ferry building at 60 headed downtown and upper 50s to low 60s and pittsburg is 65 degrees right now. in oakland the average high is 74 and at 6:00 this morning you are at 61. and delightful and sunny at noon
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so watch out for the breezes in the afternoon. now the rest of our neighborhoods as you can see the 80s are around santa rosa, san jose, and inhand east bay neighbor, 60s and 70s an the bay and the coast, and we will end august cooler tomorrow, and that will translate into september. can you believe that is on thursday? we will talk about friday, saturday, and sunday when we come back in the seven-day forecast. alexis? >> taking a look at the south bay, moving along just fine, 101 at 880, late in the morning, on the southbound side is where we have the semi overturned and that is long gone. also, long gone we had an r.v. that ran out of goose northbound 17 south of summit and it cleared and it looks like someone brought them gas and they cleared the lanes. and northbound 85 at the union avenue on-ramp we had an overnight overturned vehicle and when we first started at 4:30 we had the far try lane blocked and all lanes are back open. we will look at mass transit in
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a few. coming up after sending out have itations to a big event, you could get your first look at the new ever iphone. >> running a marathon is tough enough and the wall turn that made one longer and what it cost runners in the north bay.
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>> window washer who fell 11 stories from a high-rise is suing the owners of the building
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two years later. he was working at top of the building when he fell 120' and landed on a car. he suffered brain injuries and a fractured pelvis. the lawsuit accuses the company of negligence for having an improper paragraph railing around the building. >> today, italy is tolding a state funeral for victims of the devastating earthquake with the surface scheduled at 9:00 a.m. our time for 200 of the 292 victims of the earthquake in central italy six days ago. it is going to be in arm trace hit the hard of the by the 6.2 earthquake. the funeral was planned as an airport hangar 40 miles an but the residents demanded it be held in town. today, the first look the search is intense faying for the person would stabbed the college student to death in upstate new york. >> eight happened during a large brawl. this morning, in the first look a murder mystery, people that
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stabbed two ithaca college students on cornell university's campus early on sunday morning, killing one of the students. >> two patients. two patients. one is unresponsive. all the 19-year-old and a friend both froth can college attended a student organized party at cornell and a brawl break out. all the friend bumped the girl by accident and he apologized and both apologied. pose do not believe this is any securent threat to safety on campus. they are continuing to investigate what happened. >> we have a lot videos submitted by folks in the area. >> we will have more on the investigation coming up at 7:00 a.m. that is the first look on "good morning america" froth can, new york. >> 10,000ally post workers are suing the restaurant chain claim they are owed were paid wages, saying chipolte made them work
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center hours off the clock without paying them. the workers come from every state that has a chipolte. they say they have paid all wages it owes to employees and said the case has no merit. >> you know going the extra mile, doing this for santa rosa likely cost some a chance at place at the boston marathon this is where they should have turned left. >> somebody in a lead group took a right hand turn and everyone just decided to follow. to be honest, it is part of responsibility to know the course. >> whoa...harsh. >> tracking software shows the runners returned to the correct spot account wrong turn added a mile to the 26.2 mile race. many of the runners ended up with times that are now too slow to qualify for boston. >> tough. >> if you are outside last night
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around sun down you may have caught an amazing sunset. >> i waslying in and saw this sunset from the plane is the viewers were out with their phones and cameras with unbelievable images of the sunset that is pink and the glowing oranging on water. my gosh, where we live: the just amazing. if you have a photo post it on social #abc7now. you could sea it on the morning news. >> i want a repeat! mike nicco? >> is that on menu? i believe it is. the clouds will not be so numerous as yesterday, during the sunset and there will be this morning dug the sunrise so if you capture it do the same thing, #abc7now. we appreciate it. 87 near the shark tank in san jose it is partly cloudy and 61 degrees with more high clouds and pleases today and mostly cloudy and mild and the marine laser running but nothing extreme. in the seven days.
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the next six hours you can see there is moisture off the cost and that is provide mayoral where it is going to stay. no need for the umbrella, unless you want to change your self or talk temperatures heading to the south bay, mid-to-upper 70s for sunnyvale and milpitas and santa clara, and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80s like san jose and upper 80s in morgan hill gilroy. on the peninsula, low-to-mid 70s until palo alto at 78, and low-to-mid 60s where it will be windy along the coast, and sand could be blowing up. maybe not the most comfortable day. in the mid-to-upper 60s for downtown, south san francisco, and sausalito. and we will have 78 in petaluma, and sonoma at 79 and everyone else in the low 80s through the north bay valley. and oakland is at 72, and inland, mid-to-upper 80s. my seven-day forecast shows we are in the mid-50s to 60 again tonight, and tomorrow afternoon, through thursday, cooler and we will try to bump up the temperatures with more sunshine on friday and it will be warmest on labor day, monday.
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>> good morning, we are hear some new reports of a problem in the fremont area is we will look at that on the roads in a few, and i want to talk about fremont, regarding mass transit. so, a friendly warning that bart is doing the power cable work on monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 378 between the south bay and fremont stations and that new is all the way through september 9 so we still have a couple of weeks to go. in addition they will have full track closures this weekend with the lebanon day holiday and i talk more about that further in the week. >> apple fans, waiting and the speculation ends next wednesday when they will unveil the latest iphone and apple wants. it will be with invitations to select media members and others saying "see you on the 7th." the latest will be similar to
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last year's model, but there will be one glaring and controversial difference, the new iphone is expected to not have a headphone jack and it will be replaced by blue tooth instead. >> latest top party schools now is out. that is surprising. according to review, northwest philadelphia is number one, and vmi in pennsylvania is 4, and university of illinois at three, and number two is west have have and the top party school i did not see coming, the university of wisconsin. >> if you want to go to the opposite direction, vyu is the most sober school for the 19th year in a row. >> renting out your home on airbnb can earn extra cash but it could cost you if you want to refinance. >> an eye opening ad that you will not believe what it is
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pitching. >> but, first, most amazing shots from the sunset last night han abc7 app. then we can find it.
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doctors recommend taking ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful, non-drowsy 24 hour relief... for fewer interruptions from the amazing things you do every day. live claritin clear. these are the seven thing you need to know, agree news from the oakland hills, a home invasion sent an elderly man to the hospital with head injuries. three people broke into the home and pistol-whipped him and robbed him and the roommate. >> in hayward the police chief is placed on lead because of a 6:00 a.m. personnel issue. she has been chief since 2011. all the san jose city council will declare a public safety emergency today to allow officers from other departments to patrol the streets. the city council meets today at 1:30. all the european union hit apple with $14.5 billion fine.
5:25 am
they claimed the company unfairly reduced their tax bill in ireland. cupertino based apple is expected to appeal. >> five, wake, up partly cloudy and i track a few showers across the north bay and i show you those with live doppler hd and, today, most likely our warmest day until labor day on monday. >> six, we are okay on the roads this morning, and potential problem in fremont, and that is nothing and we are hearing about a new crash between vacaville as you head westbound 80 direction. possibly blocking a right lane. >> seven, in the santa cruz mountains, this horse is back home after escaping from the penn with the help of a goat. owner did not lock the get and the horse ran free for five days before it was caught. >> many airbnb hosts do this, represent out rooms with short-term to help cover the norths and they hurt homeowners
5:26 am
looking to refinance. the "wall street journal" reports that bank of america and wells fargo are both subjecting some airbnb hosts to additional scrutiny when they apply to refinance. in some cases the hosts are in longer eligible for sent loans. short temperature rentals are a business and could be less likely to lend. airbnb spokesman said the indemocrats are incredibly rare. >> normally our job is to tell you what a story is about but we will play a game. can you gas what this ad is sell ing? >> any guesses? guesses? this is an ad for perfume. it goes on like this for 3 1/2 minutes and dancer turned actress is starring and choreographed by the person who did a video for "chandelier."
5:27 am
a lot people were involved who we recognize from his previous work. >> okay... >> unconventional and getting a last attention. where is the perfume? >> what perfume? >> coming back with a few 90 minutes of news include the new way the state is tackling sexual assault. >> how you can weigh in on the next police cheap. >> how the white house is spending to the kaepernick stand against the national anthem. >> beautiful shot of the golden gate bridge and traffic is not too bad. fought too foggy. or misty.
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>> good morning, bay area, let's get up and get going. this is abc7 morning. >> and now, time to get up on this tuesday, august 30. i am natasha zouves.
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>> i am reggie aqui. >> it is dark outside but it is bright? here, jessica castro and mike nicco and alexis smith. mike? >> looks quiet. other than across lake and mendocino counties where we have a few radar returns but those are possible showers we talked about yesterday, so the day planner waking up warmer this morning, upper 50s to low 60s and in the mid-60s at the coast and not so much sunshine as yesterday, from the 70s at noon to the 70s and 80s around the bay can inland as we head into the 4:00 hour. now a look at what is going on with the morning commute. any hot hot spots? >> a difficult one is tracy, with a very long drive this morning. we have our typical delays through the altamont pass with the high wind advisory that expired this morning. that is not so gusty. using our speed tool, about 13 miles per hour last time, and we are at 20 miles per hour, so that is filling in more slow
5:31 am
down. also filling in the bay bridge toll plaza and we will look at that in a few. breaking news in oakland an elderly man is recovering after being attack by a team of burglar whose broke into the home. >> amy hollyfield is at the scene. >> natasha zouves, two older men live in this home and police estimate that they are in their 80's, here is video of the aftermath, one pan was speeding in the attack, and police say he was pistol-whipped. by the three men who broke into the home. they came in through the sliding door that was unlocked and ran samed the bed program and took money from the men's wallets and they pistol-whipped one of the residents the he was shaken up, roughed up, asking why it happened to him as he was escorted to the ambulance on sequoia road in oakland. a very quiet street.
5:32 am
and wooded street and tree lined. you can barely see the homes because there are so many trees. it is the second time this month this house was targeted and it was broken into once during the day when the men were not home. this time, they were here and the thieves got away with the residents' beige cadillac and took the car. the victim was taken to the hospital. he is expected to be okay. the three men, no arrests have been made and no good description of them, only they were wearing hoodies. >> stun developing news from hayward this morning police chief stuart has been placed on leave. officials say the reason is confidential personnel issue and they are not going into details^. she is the first female police chief on the job since august of 2011. she started her career in law enforcement with the san jose lived in 1986. hayward police captain is new
5:33 am
serving as acting chief. >> now, three major bay area cities have fill ins, in the police department, oakland and san francisco are looking for chiefs. we were at st. mary's cathedral in san francisco last night as people talked about what they want to see in the next chief. the police commissioners were there to listen and will decide who is going to fill the spot. >> the folks who can have an advanced degree and be educated as to the street and be connected to the community. we are hearing qualities of honesty, integrity and understanding of the environment. >> 25 people is allied including the man there, interim chief chaplin who is under pressure to reveal where he earned his bachelor's degree and so for he has declined to say citing privacy. >> oakland has started the sent for the next police chief and they want you to weigh in. on thursday, the city will hold the first of ten community forums through september and the
5:34 am
mayor schaaf will post the conserve in the next nine days and start interview candidates in november. she hopes to hire a chief by stat of next week, and the union leaders believe the hiring process has taken "to long." a national recruiter has been hired to help in the search and you can give your input launching today or attend the community meetings in person and just call a new hotline they set up if you want to lobby a voice mail. we posted the information on >> san jose city council is expected to declare a public safety emergency today because they have an understaffed police force. the police department will not have enough officer they say to patrol the biggest city next month. the emergency declaration would let the chief override the police young contract and reassign high level officers back to patrol. the mayor liccardo said this is a necessary short-term fix that with take effect september 11.
5:35 am
>> a boy inspired by the controversy am sentencing of brock turner, is now heading to governor brown. the bill requires prison time for anyone convicted of sexually assaulted someone who is severely intoxicated or unconscious. the assembly passed this measure yesterday. turner received six months in county jail more sexual assaulting an unconscious woman last year and prosecutors wanted six years in state prison. he new is set to be released on friday for good behavior after searching only half of his sentence. >> we have more on break news involving bay area based apple. >> the company is ordered to pay back a huge a taxes by the european union. jessica castro is tracking that story. >> i got an update. the united states treasury released a statement saying that this demand by the young yawn regulators could undermine foreign investment. if you are wake up with us, antitrust regulators finish add three year investigation interest apple and ordered the
5:36 am
company to pay $14.5 billion if back taxes to ireland. it is behind -- the highest fine ever issued. they think ireland was giving the company a tax break and the finance minister of ireland has fired back saying they will likely appeal decision and several apple say that apple follows the law and pays all taxes we owe, when we rate, we will appeal and we are confident the decision will be overturned. >> i will for the latest on the story as it develops through the morning but that is the newest now in the live desk. >> the white house is responding to kaepernick's profit of the national anthem. the white house press secretary said he is confident that president obama is aware of kaepernick's actions although the two have not discussed it. >> i don't share the views. those views expressed by
5:37 am
mr. kaepernick and explaining his reasoning, as objectionable as we find his perspective, he certainly is entitleed to express them. >> some of his teammates are coming forward to support him saying they respect his right to protest. a different response from the san francisco police officers association saying and i quote, "they not stand by while while there are attack on police officers in the country." >> a day after donald trump appeared in june in the bay area, we were in woodside when he emerged from his s.u.v. at the home of the c.e.o. of private equity firm. only one prefer showed up while they celebrating the appearance. >> you are the only person here. >> i not there would be more protester, i am a hillary clinton supporter and anti-trump. >> glad he is here, i don't want
5:38 am
to support hillary clinton. i am not a hillary fan. >> he stayed only two hours before head off to the central valley. >> donald trump posed for a photo with the man there, the host security guard. he said donald trump kept it life -- light. >> he thanks everyone for supporting him and hopes to see them in the future and a great event and he was not trying to sell himself because everyone there loved him. >> he gives us insight on the menu saying that guests dined on steak and salmon. clinton in denver. hillary clinton is raise money in the hamptons and jimmy buffett is performing at buffett's house along with john
5:39 am
bon jovi. >> up to circuit everywhere, and daly city is 59. we have temperatures in the mid-50s in the north bay for the cool spot. the warm spots are concord at 62, and antioch at 64, and san jose at 61. walnut creek shows mostly clouds and 60 and at the beach it is windy, with sunshine but not that great. on the bay it is breezy and choppy this afternoon and if you are jogging, cool to comfortable and san rafael has temperatures about 57 dids under clouds and you can see no fog, no drizzle, looking subon 101 and we will throw up what will happen the next three days. what you will see are temperatures remaining steady around san francisco in the mid-to-upper 60s and we will drop a little bit on the planes from 76 to 68 and everyone from the 70s and 80s down into the 70s mainly as we head to
5:40 am
thursday. i have the weekend forecast next. >> you have to love our rewind on our tickers because it comes in handy. the bay bridge toll plaza shows we were looking good, and now it has stalled and filled in and we have metering lights on, and just car pool lanes are moving along, and swimming over to our traffic maps, looking okay and can you see the red, westbound 580 to the altamont pass, and, really, we not had very many blocking issues, nothing get were so far today. between vacaville and fairfield i mentioned a crash westbound 80 and that cleared quickly and it is totally clear from the bars now. not even on the shoulder. >> bart riders have seen it all but this is too wild to believe. coming up how this guy could have put the health of riders an him at risk. >> a rampoley photo too many.
5:41 am
donald trump turned the disgraced congress machine's disgraced congress machine's latest sexting scandal and an someone's finally ready to start her day. time to work some magic. tada. get gooeyflakyhappy. toaster strudel. ♪ ♪
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>> all news, all morning, police need your help to fine the two averages robbers, wanted for a robbery on friday afternoon at money transfer service on
5:44 am
monterey road. a man had a gun. the two got money from the cash register and got away in a red sedan possibly a camry. >> sties behavior we see on bart can be stubbing and a man appears to have taken that to a new level. check out what was caught on video, a shoeless man on the train, a towelsoever his head and then lights up and inhales from a pipe that appears to be a crack pipe. bart said they are looking into this but no one complains over the welcome about it when it happened. bart said in riders see crime that will activity call 9-1-1 or report it so a bart agent. >> the top aide for hillary clinton anewspaper she and her husband are separating after another sexting incident. anthony weiner was forced to resign in 2011 after a sing
5:45 am
scandal. the latest pictures you can see a racy photo of him next to his son he sent to a woman, a smaller photo and donald trump implied hum an -- huma aberdeen is a security risk. you can read the quote, and clinton has not responded to the aide's announcement and she is staying out of the spotlight skipping fund raiseers in the hamptons yesterday. >> city leaders voting to set up represent control and other tenant protections. a city council voted this month to adopt the ordinance 4-2. in it passed rent control goes into effect for units built before 1995. the measure requires landlords to have a good reason to evict a tenant. it protects and stabilizes the most vulnerable renters in the city. some say it punishes landlords too severely. >> the city council in men let
5:46 am
park takes the second and final veto ban drones from city parks. last week the city council okayed an am to the municipal coat that bans take off and landing of drones other then those with emergency service bringers. the drones create safety wrecks and noise that can disruptive to those in wild life. critics urge regulations on drones rather than a total outright ban. >> blue skies in the video and more from mike. >> good morning, everyone, we will see more sunshine than yesterday afternoon and the best chance of capturing one of the gorgeous sunrise by sunset last night a such set and today it is the sunrise with the clouds decreasing into the afternoon. the first signs right here are some of the clouds that are hanging out there is the lack of low clouds. more clouds gather tomorrow, and a minor cooling friend is coming for the rest of the trust. today, here is where the breezes will be fat of the, not only at
5:47 am
our beaches but over our bay area at 1:00 this afternoon and around 24 to 38 miles per hour. for the small craft advisory. we will start in south bay with less cloud cover than yesterday, 80 degrees in san jose, and sunnyvale is a cool spot at 77 and milpitas at 76, and warmest around gilroy at 88. the peninsula today, brighter. more breezy. with temperatures from 70 in millbrae, san mateo at 72, menlo park is 76, and san francisco, few green high clouds and low clouds from the marina and balboa park at 68. daly city is 61, and at the game this evening, 63 at 7:15 and diamondbacks in town, with increasing clouds and breezy and 60 at 10:00, across the north bay, it will be brighter but you have the bulk of the high cloud through the morning, and temperatures are in the upper 70s to mid-80s and the east bay shore temperatures running from the low-to-mid 70s and almost warm inland east bay neighbors, total sunshine and money 80s.
5:48 am
my enseven shows a california ending to the day tomorrow and a cool going to september, thursday, but as we run out summer it will be warmest on labor day. alexis? >> nice for the folks' plans, but maybe not timing out so nicely we are starting to ranch up southbound 680 commute through walnut creek. no collisions blocking with a lot of folks hitting the brakes and filling in. the traffic maps shows words of a new crash eastbound 580 beyond the mid-span, on the richmond-san rafael bridge and maybe a little bit of backup westbound side which is a tow truck or caltrain vehicle that hit another car. the car caught fire but the fire is out. i will have more on that in a few. tracy to dublin westbound 580, 56 minutes. still good on westbound 4 between antioch and concord and slight delays southbound 101 san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. >> we just then days away from
5:49 am
the son premiere of "dancing with the stars" and there is a controversial choice on the cast. >> absolutely. this morning, "good morning america" is reviewing that celebrity cast. >> first up. marsha, marsha, marsha. and amber rose, and realty star, and governor rick perry. whoa! >> and there is another olympian, including ryan lochte with more coming up next hour. season 23 of "dancing with the stars" premieres on monday september 12 and ryan lochte will see if he can dance back into the money hearts after the scandal. >> and rick perry...i did not see that coming. >> new at 6:00 unresidenced move
5:50 am
to make it easier for families to go onings have. >> targeting sea otters the search for the person who shot and killed at at least four of them with a reward offered. >> the government said we are upfront -- the
5:51 am
5:52 am
>> and this video from a mall in mexico, look at the water just everywhere. this is 180 miles east of mexico city bringing heavy rain to the area. can you see the flooding that caused. there are two malls and a kindergarten and 17 roads flooded. >> look at this video showing a storm rolling over colorado springs and the flash flooding
5:53 am
and hail hit the area yesterday. it forced crews to rescue several drivers whose cars were stranded in the floodwater. four people were in this car including a toddler. they were not hurt. there have been no reports of injuries. >> who could do this? the california department of fish need your help to identify who shot and killed three sea otters in santa cruz. all three washed ashore 20 santa cruz harbor and sea cliff state beach between august 12 and august 20. federal and state law protects others as a threatened species and killing one is punishable by jail and $100,000 time. for locals, kill this is unthinkable. >> for someone to do that, especially in this area, it is a marine sanctuary and to do it anywhere, it is a shame. >> horrified. i don't know...i cannot imagine why anyone would do something like that.
5:54 am
>> $10,000 reward is being offered for any information about the shooting detects. >> napa native and astronaut indicate rubins is preparing for the second ever spacewalk happening on thursday and nasa posted this picture of her using the equipment to sequence d.n.a. over the weekend, the first time it has been done in space. her experiment could protect astronaut health during long missions. she help install a docking adapter during the first spacewalk a week and a half ago and this time she will help install a new h.d. camera to take photos of her and the international space station. she will need a nice vacation when this is over. >> she has been busy. >> absolutely. >> good morning, everyone, the 90s around sacramento and chico and 80 in lake tahoe, and 113 in palm springs and hazy 86 in los angeles. we are thinking about hawaii because we have two major hurricanes heading that way, category three and category four
5:55 am
madeleine which is our first concern because it will be there first. hurricane watch for big island and that means in the next 48 hours, hurricane force winds, rains and dangerous surf coming that way. it will happen tomorrow night through thursday morning. as we head into next week you can see the next system rolling all the way into hawaii and it will go up cross the northern part of the island and that puts it on the south side of the storm which is the weakest part. >> in san rafael on the bridge it is look okay on the richmond said with folks traveling westbound approaching the toll plaza and i want to get you to our traffic map, they just issued a sig-alert and we have not chaired what happened but it sounds like a tow truck or possibly a caltran work truck was involved with a crash involving another vehicle that caught fire. there we go we have lane number two and that second lane over, the right lane blocked,
5:56 am
eastbound, at the mid-span of the richmond-san rafael on the busy side and it is not good, with more information on this in a few minutes. >> four airlines now are facing fines for not give customers accurate that nations about payments for lost luggage, the government said southwest, last action united and american airlines all violated federal rules. during inspeaks the agents failed to slain the potential compensation when passengers were bumped from oversold flights or when they lose our luggage. the fines range from $35,000 to $40,000 an airline. ahaving your child going through surgery is stressful and new research about technology you may have that can make a big difference: tablets. according to consumer affairs new research suggests that tablets are as wefective as sedatives in lowering kids' presurgery anxiety. parents were less stressed and better in there were no side effects like the pills. >> the road to the 2018 winter
5:57 am
olympics will stop in san jose, with united states figure skating championships held at s.a.p. center in december of 2017, and john of 2018. i love them. love them. this is from figure skating in 2012 national championship also in san jose and the championship is the final qualifying event before the 2018 skating team is picked the first time the championship is held in san jose dug an olympic year so a big deal. >> is that meryl streep? >> president obama is headed west at 6:00 a.m. critical issue he is tackle that could impact the future of the sierra. >> new this morning, ryan lochte is smoking out and what he -- is speaking."
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> good morning, let's get going. >> good morning, coming up on 6:00 a.m. on tuesday august 30.
6:00 am
i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. jessica castro is here and meteorologist meteorologist mike nicco and birthday girl, alexis smith. >> good morning! >> mike? >> what is going on this morning with live doppler hd a new showers, in lake and mendocino county but not reaching the ground the i cannot program it is as good as last night but the sunrise, look the at high clouds and waning crested moon it could be almost as nice. 57 to 63 at 7:00, waking up warmer this morning, 64 to 77 from the coast inland, and the fading clouds will allow us to hit 64 at chest to 83. warmer today across the board. here is the birthday girl. >> in good news. we have a sig-alert. this is popping up on the richmond-san rafael bridge, on the eastbound side that we do not want something going on. we have a collision involved if a vehicle fire that now is out and lane t


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