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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 30, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> i am natasha zouves. jessica castro is here and meteorologist meteorologist mike nicco and birthday girl, alexis smith. >> good morning! >> mike? >> what is going on this morning with live doppler hd a new showers, in lake and mendocino county but not reaching the ground the i cannot program it is as good as last night but the sunrise, look the at high clouds and waning crested moon it could be almost as nice. 57 to 63 at 7:00, waking up warmer this morning, 64 to 77 from the coast inland, and the fading clouds will allow us to hit 64 at chest to 83. warmer today across the board. here is the birthday girl. >> in good news. we have a sig-alert. this is popping up on the richmond-san rafael bridge, on the eastbound side that we do not want something going on. we have a collision involved if a vehicle fire that now is out and lane two is down.
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can you see it is backing up into the san quentin area. it sounds like we have a new problem in hayward. nothing is blocking. the next traffic upstate in a few. >> breaking news from the oakland hills this morning, a home invasion has sent an elderly man to the hospital and we tell abc7 that three men break into the home off sequoia road through an unlocked sliding glass door in the back and it took the wallets of the two who live there and pistol-whipped one of them. this is a look right now of the suspects who took a beige cadillac the second time this home has been burglarized this month. our reporter is giving us a picture and she is gearing details to bring us a live report at the bottom the hour. >> happening today in the south bay, public safety emergency could be declared in san jose. all the reason is not enough police officers on the street. our reporter is at the san jose police department.
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matt? >> good morning, the police shortage in san jose is not new but this could be a new low, the head of the we police yawn said that this is a major problem and that is why the san jose city council is considering an message beck collarration at their meeting today. san jose police want to redeploy 47 officers from special operations back to patrol to meet minimum staffing levels to override the contract to reassign investigative officers. the union said that is the only way to do it because over it violates the agreement. they need a minimum 500 in the patrol division but the number those available in september is only 413 so there are 87 positions that need to be filled. everyone agrees that more needs to be done. the regular season for the city council starts at 6:30 this
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afternoon. >> a shakeup at the hayward police defendant and chief stuart is on leave. the reason is a confidential personnel issue. there is no more detail. she is the first female chief and top dog since 2011 starting her career in 1986 in san jose. hayward police captain now is second as acting chief. the san jose lived is searching for a new chief. at least 25 people have applied for are the position including interim chief chaplin who is getting heat for refusing to reveal are he got his bachelor's degree citing privacy reasons. the application process for a new chief ends tomorrow and the commission will name three candidates and the mayor will make the final decision. >> and mayor schaaf said there is a recruiter hired for
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oakland's chief. >> they want a police officer who is fair, and in someone is doing something not right, say something. take occur of the community. >> the mayor schaaf expected to post the job next woo and interview candidates by november and hire the new chef by january. we have more information on how to give your input on our website at >> 49ers quarterback kaepernick has received a special invitation, the alameda sheriff is asking him to attend the police academy. this is after kaepernick said it takes longer to become a hairdresser than a police officer. they say this includes a use of force similarity is so far kaepernick has not responded. >> breaking news apple is slapped with a huge bill this morning. >> this is happening overseas as european union wraps up an investigation into the tax
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benefits of the company. jessica castro has the latest. >> we have followed the story all morning. we want to update a different story, first, where an interview with hock lock that is coming up on "good morning america" because this is just coming in to our desk. the swimmer is say he made a mistake. i will get to the new video we have of the interview, look at the team behind "dancing with the stars" which is ryan lochte preparing, he announced he will be part of the show they say the decision to include him in the show came before the controversy in rio de janeiro and the interview on "good morning america" said that he was hell at gun point and he is saying he lied about that part of the story and he said he wants to manufacture failure, he made a mistake and he denies damaging a gas station bathroom. take a listen. >> there was no damage to the bathroom. >> you never entered the bathroom. >> i never endeavored the
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bathroom. i was locked. so we could not go in. at all. the store about me vandalizing the bathroom is absurd. >> that goes against some witness accounts. ryan lochte does not say if he will go back to brazil to face the charges. attorneys for ryan lochte have said they are cooperating with the authorities in brazil. that is the latest coming in to our live desk and i will track the story with apple, as well. >> it is already the highest rated political events in history, the way that hillary clinton and donald trump are preparing to face off in their first debate. >> the plot surrounding epipen thickens and the action the federal government is taking in the wake of
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>> and now, back to a traffic alert on the richmond-san rafael bridge, on the eastbound side, so we have turned our camera to get a visual but it is a little bit beyond our reach. you can seat headlights coming toward us beyond the crash and the tail lights are in the other way and we have onlooker delay
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westbound. on the track maps, you can see where the backup is hefty with a crash involving four vehicles and we have a tow truck on the way, a two way bridge to the right lane is blocked eastbound 580 at the mid-span, stop and go for two miles. southbound 880 in hayward before 92 we had another crash blocking the far right lane but it has been pushed to the shoulder. an update on these coming up in a few minutes and we will get over to meteorologist mike nicco with the trust. mike? >> good morning, electric election, -- alexis, and mount tamalpais not so many clouds as yesterday but it should be gorgeous. we will start in in the not bay2 is rope republic and tiburon is coolest at 59. most of us are in the upper 50s at brentwood at 53 and san
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jose and newark at 50, and san francisco at 58. schools will be colorful, milder than yesterday, warmer, too, with a comfortable breeze for the kids outside during the later part of the afternoon. average today at 60s and 70s around the bay and 80s inland and cooler for the last day in august, and even cooler than that for the first day of september. but i do have waller weather for the holiday weekend. that will coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> the list of the top party colleges is out and after the break, parents are going to want do hear this, and you are probably going to want to cover the ears of the students. >> ten car pileup caught on camera the moment that strangers rescued a woman from a
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grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again. abc7 morning, all news all morning. >> happening today, italy is holding a state funeral for victim of the devastating earthquake with a service citizens for 9:00 a.m., for more than 200 of the 292 victim of the earthquake in central italy six days ago. this is going to be held in amatrice, the town here that wassed heartest hit bit 6.2 earthquake. the funeral was originally ping to be 40 miles away, but the
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resolution departments demanded it be held where this happened. >> generations of movie fans are mourning a performer who touched thai hearts, gene wilder. >> dr. frankenstein... >> he provided decades of laughs including in "the producers," and my favorite "willy wonka." he is willy wonka. he died at 83, he had alzheimer's disease complications. >> we are four weeks away from the first presidential debate between hillary clinton and donald trump and both candidates are preparing differently. it is reported that hillary clinton is reading briefings on his past commends and donald trump is relying on former fox news boss roger ailes to support. donald trump has not commented or committed to mock debates believing that his skill as a
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rally tv show man will suit him and the debate is expected to be noon the highest rated political events in history. >> this morning the fbi is upping states to increase computer security before the november election after breaches were discovered in illinois in databases and in arizona. intelligence officials are becoming increasingly worried that hackers sponsored by russia or other countries are trying to influence our election. in illinois voter information was, whatted while in arizona malicious software was placed in an employee's computer. >> and now an investigation on the increase of epipens with price gouges having raised it to $600 for a two pack when it used to be $100 in 2009. the house of representatives sent a letter to the c.e.o. requesting documents regarding the price hike having a monopoly on the product. the company has naughton
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resonded for comment to abe. >> apple fans, you will is all about waiting and speculation that will end on wednesday when the tech giant has the late -- latest iphone and watches. they have sent out invitations "see you on the 7th." the latest iphone will be similar to last year's model, and there will be one big difference, it is expected to not have a headphone back. it is getting smaller. because this is no room and it will be replaced. >> september 7, iphone 7, it is...come together. all the new list of top party schools. >> some surprises. the closest to us is 2,000 miles away according to rinse ton, bucknell university northwest of philadelphia is ranked number five. lehigh in pennsylvania is 4th. and university of illinois was
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third. and west virginia was two. what is the top party school of year? drop roll. the university of wisconsin. >> what? the school also has another top honor to to be fair, best health services which you will need if you are the number one party school. >> very true. >> if you outside around sundown last night you may have seen one of the most stunning sunset seen in years. look at this. i was on a plane flying into sfo when the sunset was happening and so many views were out there with the phones and cameras and you snapped the most unbelievable images. >> how does it look? >> stunning. stunning i will post on my twitter so you can see. if you have a paragraph to share post it #abc7now. just the pings and neons and the water...we have it good.
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>> great. if you do it once it is better the second time around. mike? >> the high clouds are going to goodness. i feel terrible. high clouds are staying in the afternoon. there will not be so many. if you can get out there now you could get a nice sunrise! camera at pier 15, that is pretty calm this morning and winds are only seven miles per hour at angel island so enjoy the ferry ride. it will be really busy in afternoon. the breezes will come in, again. cloudy and mild and the marine layer comes back but nothing extreme the next seven days. the next six hours you can see the tropical moisture bringing us a chance of moisture but it
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is mainly staying to the north and to the west of us. our temperatures are starting in the south bay, sunnyville and scholar mid-to-upper 70s and low-to-mid 80s until gilroy and morgan hill upper 80s, and 70 at millbrae and 72 in smile i didn't and money 80s for the let of the peninsula and windy along coast and low-to-mid 60s but not so much sunshine as yesterday. mid-to-upper 60s downtown and south san francisco and at the game, dimmed becomes are in town for jewish heritage night sun is setting at 7:41 dropping temperature down to 60 at 7:00, and at 10:00, it will be braisey. upper 80s to low 90s excuse me, upper 70s to low 80s through the north bay valley. richmond is 70, and oakland is 72. not so comfortable inland east bay neighbors mid-to-upper 80s
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. our temperatures are going to be mid-to-upper 90s as we head through the overnight hours. i will go we to the seven-day forecast and what you can see going on here, below normal temperatures as we end august on wednesday, and start september, on thursday, warmest day could be labor day on monday. >> good morning. we have an area that is tough to see on, the east bay hills camera is turning on to check out the richmond-san rafael, and we have fog messing up the view, so the headlights are coming to us on the eastbound side; they have made it beyond the crash and you can not see the tail lights. i tell you what, at traffic map, eastbound 580 at the mid-span, the light lane is blocked, the crash involving four vehicles, and one of the vehicles caught fire and that is out now, but two lane bridge, only one lane is getting by and using the speed indication tool, at seven miles per hour average, so, a lot fun for two miles, and in
6:22 am
the other direction, westbound, you are looking fine approaching the toll plaza. >> dashcam a video captured a ten car pileup and the brave actions of bystander in new york showing the moment the crash happened. one of the cars burst into flames after the enormous impact and several people jumped into action and you can see they were helping to put out the fire and to rescue the driver. she suffered cuts and becauses. ten people were taken to the hospital. two had serious injuries. the cause of the crash is under investigation. >> dreaming of a fabulous family vacation? not sure if you can swing it in the new and what is sold as an easy way to pay. >> commercial is getting a lot of tax. can you tell what this is selling? an unconventional ad in a minute.
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>> monday and fridays, the only day people can get away. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on the smart phone or tablet and share it using tash ask finney -- # askfinney. >> we are tracking breaking news from oakland after the break, the attack on two elderly men in their home overnight the all the way oakland leaders want you to weigh in on the next police chief. all the white house is responding to the kaepernick stance against the national anthem. >> and a significant dark alert if you are traveling in the richmond-san rafael bridge there is a sig-alert at the mid-span, one lane is down. an estimate on when the
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>> good morning, this is abc7 morning. >> welcome to tuesday, august 30. i am reggie aqui. it is 6:30 a.m. >> i am natasha zouves. jessica castro is here with the breaking stories and alexis and her birthday and mike nicco has the beautiful sunrise. >> truly gorgeous. the showers we talked about yesterday have not materialized with nothing reaching the ground from clearlake to corning heading east into the central valley. there are the beautiful clouds from the exploritorium at pier 15 and mild breezes.
6:31 am
here is the day planner, you will notice it is milder stepping outside, with temperatures at favor degrees warmer in the upper 50s to low 60s. at 71 to 76 from noon to 4:00. we will see more sunshine this afternoon, it will be breezy, it will be warmer than yesterday. alexis? >> it sounds good. traffic alert is not is good for richmond-san rafael bridge with the far right blocked. eastbound 580 at the mid-span, four car collision and i checked with c.h.p. and it sounds like one of the vehicles is not out of there because it is disabled. they are trying to call another tow truck, no estimated sometime of the lane opening. hearer than average southbound 680 through walnut creek with emergency vehicles moving by but no incidents to report. another traffic update in a few.
6:32 am
>> breaking news from oakland this morning, an elderly man recovering after being attack by burglar whose broke into his home. amy hollyfield is at the scene off of sequoia road. amy? >> i checked with the sergeant and he said no arrests, no new leads. though are still working the case. here is video of one of men whos with attacked in this incident, three men rough the him up and he was taken to the hospital. he will on okay. two elderly men live in the home. it was around 2:00 in the morning on sequoia road a quiet wooded street in the hills here in oakland and off of 580. three men came in influence the backsliding door and it was unlocked and they got the resident's wallet or the money, and the beige cadillac, taking their car. it is the second time the home
6:33 am
has been targeted this month and broken into a few weeks ago. police do not know why the november was wandering, why, too . he was they were armed and wearing hoodies. >> the parents are the same age and it is terrible to see him roughed up. >> happening today, city council is society to take an extraordinary step declaring a public safety emergency. all the reason is to put more police officer on the street. >> our reporter is at the san jose police department. >> good morning, the officer short at the lived is a very serious issue, staffing levels are at unresidenced lows and there does not appear to be any relief. that is why the city council is
6:34 am
considering declaring an emergency today. san jose lived wants do redeploy 47 officers from special operations back to patrol to meet minimum staffing levels, and the emergency declaration would let the chief override the policeup contract to reassign investigative officers to patrol. the police young said that is the only way to do it because other it violates the contract. how bad is the short average? the department need as minimum of 500 police officers in the patrol division and the number of available officers for september is only 413. so 87 unfilled positions and some of that is continue with mandated overtime shifts and other officers come veering for the shifts ahead of the police young saying it is an emergency based on the numbers, and the city council's regular session starts at 1:30. >> stunning news from hayward this morning, the police chief stuart is on leave, over a
6:35 am
confidential personnel information with no more details. this is the first female police chief on the job since august of 2011. she started the career in law enforcement at the san jose police department in 1986. hayward police captain is new acting chief. >> two other bay area cities try to find new leaders for their police department. we were at st. mary's cathedral last night and talked about what they want in their next chief. the commission is narrow the list to a few candidates forward them to mayor lee who makes a final decision. >> the folks on one hand have an advanced degree and educated as to the street and are connected to the community. we are hearing defaults of honesty, integrity, and understanding of the san francisco environment. >> 25 people have allied including interim chief chaplin who now is under pressure to reveal where heaped his before lore moves degree. so far he has declineed to do
6:36 am
that citing privacy. >> oakland is asking for your strong input from the public selecting the next police chief, the city holds the first of ten community forums and the mayor intends to post the job in nine days and interview candidates in november and will her a new chief by the start of the next year. union leaders think this is taking too long. a national recruiter will help in the search and you can give your input through an online survey that lawns today or attend a community meeting in person, and you can call a new hotline they have set up, by leaving a voice mail, with the meeting dates and location on our website at >> we a bill inspired by the controversial sentencing of former stanford swimmer brock turner is now headed to the governor's desk requiring risen time for anyone convicted of sexually assaulting someone she varily box indicated or unconscious. the measure was passed
6:37 am
unanimously yesterday, and you will remember he received a six-month sentence for sexually assaulted an unconscious woman and is is being the sentence in a county jail. the prosecutors wanted a six-year sentence in state prison, and is to released on friday. >> the white house is spending to kaepernick's protest of the national anthem. the resolution secretary said that he is confident that president obama is aware of kaepernick's actions but there has been no discussion about it between the two. >> some of the teammates are coming to sparred him saying they respect but a different response from the san francisco police officers association and that said "they will not stand by while he attacks police officers in this country." >> president obama is. coming to northern california tomorrow to talk about environmental issues, and he will address the lake tahoe
6:38 am
summit focusing on policies to protect the lake and the surrounding area. the president will be joined by governor brown and senators fin stein and -- senators feinstein and boxer. >> trump will be here for a fundraiser, the second in so many days on the west coast and attended a fundraiser at thed side home of technical investor fox last night the first appearance in the bay area since june. later he posed with supreme court guard in a photo who said that donald trump was general in his remarks. >> he specific for 15 minutes about the election, he talked about the guests and the food and comments and friendly conversations. >> a $25,000 ticket to attend the event and the street leading to the home was laned with pro clinton signs. all the hewlett-packard c.e.o. is holding a fundraiser for hillary clinton in denver. clinton is raising money in the
6:39 am
hamptons, with jimmy buffett performing today. all the clinton campaign is taking a history with the top aide huma abedin is separating from her husband form new york congressman buy neither who sent a racy picture to a woman showing him laying next to his son. he resigned in 2011 because another sexting scandal and donald trump has implied she a security risk because of the husband. the congressman disagrees. >> this is a sad story. anthony weiner is a bit of a weird oh and hillary clinton did not marry him and she did not hire him. she hired huma abedin. to make the leap that he is a security threat i disagree. >> hillary clinton has not responded to her aide's announcement. >> and now, mike nicco.
6:40 am
>> closer to seeing summer going goodbye, with students ready for 58 this morning and under clouds and 71 and sunshine this afternoon. congratulations. have a great day and a great year. now, temperatures in the south by, we have a lot of mid-to-upper 50s and san jose is at 60, and campbell is 54. else are we have 60 in alameda and newark and 58 in lafayette and 56 in san francisco. from mount tam you can see the gorgeous sunrise developing and a small chance of many layer cloud and beaches are windy watch out for blowing sand and you will see the sunshine maybe not so much as yesterday with temperatures in the low-to-mid 60s and prey and -- and breezy and choppy. our temperatures today, you can see we are going to get cooler after today. one of our warpest days 689 the holiday is looking warm in the
6:41 am
seven-day forecast. >> become to our traffic alert, the richmond-san rafael bridge we have a crash blocking mid-span eastbound side so we turned our east bay hills camera, so we cannot see teach with day light, in anything, the remark is going away from us and you can see it is heavy, and that is because of onlooker delays. two lanes, in each direction, through the stretch evidently and one of those is again so that is a second alert, five car crash we have been dealing with for going own an hour. the lay is on the westbound said. and back to hayward southbound 880, before you get to net, we were clear from the early crash and the right lane now is blocked and traffic is very heavy through the area. >> apple hit with a huge fine. who is behind it and why though say apple needs to pay up. all the necessary
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>> and now apple has breaking news, e.u. is demanding they pay back taxes to ireland. jessica castro is at the live desk with the newest information. >> the back taxes are a womaning $14.5 billion and i have been
6:45 am
tracking this all morning. this is a press conference i have been listening to with new details for you. the commission is saying that for every billion dollars apple made they only had to pay $56 in taxes. regulators say ireland gave apple a massive tax break and the european union said it illegal and they are demanding that ireland ask apple to pay back the taxes. it is the end of a they year investigation interest apple. the specific years in question are 2003 through 2014. both ireland and apple have already said in the past few hours they will appeal the decision. the united states treasury office spoke identity in the last hour saying that this could damage international investment. last weekend the united states treasury accused 9e.u. of using different criteria on american companies and they call all of this very troubling. apple said that they have no doubt this morning's rulings is overturned and we will have to wait-and-see.
6:46 am
>> the stock market is trying to keep rally going and hotels are taking a cue from the airlines and charging for every little thing. >> and to the nasdaq with that story and more in money report. jane? >> good morning, apple shares are down half a percent on the news. the biggest moves in the market that is not moving that much, yesterday, i was our lightest value day of the year and today is rivalling it with the dow down 11 points, so, little movement before lib day weekend. a day after federal regulators barred education services from enrolling new services using financial aid at technical campuses a california regulators prohibited them from enrolling all new students at the 15 schools in the state. they issued the order because of the department of education's raising of concerns over viability of the i.t.t. >> now the hotels fees are
6:47 am
hitting record high and inroom coffee is at risk with fees a growing moneymaker so that means they are not going to go away. new research indicates that hotels in the united states tack on $2.5 billion in fees and the rate of increases have slowed in that is good news. nordstrom and j. crew are patch -- participating in a partnership now for the new fall lynn. >> now, a traffic alert. >> from abc7 morning, taking you back up to the richmond-san rafael bridge, i checked the time stamp on when we first started hearing of the problem, eastbound 580 at the mid-spokesperson it was at 5:40 and we are beyond an hour now at this point with two lanes through the stretch, the far right lane is city blocked and it was a crash involving a
6:48 am
caltran vehicle with a sig-alert and the vehicle is not out and one of the vehicles that was involved caught fire and it was put out quickly and only one person with minor injuries. this is the good news, everyone is okay. >> looking at the backup beyond two miles, we are get closer to three and it is become up to the 101 merge if you are leashing san rafael i would plan on pretty big delays and we have onlooker delay in the other direction traveling westbound this morning. we did have a problem all clear southbound 880 in hayward before you get to 92 and it is blogging the right lane again for emergency response and other than that we are quiet. the san mateo bridge is at a standstill with a lot of trouble spots. now, mike nicco has the forecast. a last pretty sun tries. >> on sutro tower it looks better with the such getting brighter. the eye of the camera is needing
6:49 am
sunglasses. the clouds will decrease in the afternoon and our best chance of catching a colorful skies with during the morning hours more so than the evening. it will be breezy this afternoon and the cold front will roll through, and that is going to bring the marine layer back with more clouds tomorrow and it will prius a cooler trend. here are the winds that are kicking up along the coast and the bay and into the delta at 1:00 this afternoon to 9:00, 24 to 38 miles per hour so the ferry ride this morning i checked the winds at 10 miles per hour and hike glass out there but it will not be that way heading home this evening. our temperatures are mid-60s around the coast into san francisco and we have low-to-mid 70s around the bay, and increasely 80 in the south bay and the north bay and mid-to-upper 80s inland east bay and i take you to the game, the diamondbacks are in town at at&t park, 63 at 7:15 and
6:50 am
dropping quickly to 10:00, and it will be breezy and the clouds are coming back feeling cooler than the temperatures. paradise, two huge hurricanes both major hurricanes. hurricane lester at 125 miles per hour winds before hurricane madeleine. category four, 130 miles per hour heading west at nine miles per hour. it drops to category throw, and category two is hopefully only category one around 75 to 90 miles per hour wind and rains on wednesday night through thursday morning. the next one comes in and it is going to head into possibly friday and saturday and it will head north of the island you are on the southern tip of the storm the weaker tip so i expect quite the waves. cooler tomorrow, and thursday, and warmer trend and the holiday monday is going to be the warm of the day but we will keep an
6:51 am
eye on hawaii i know you are concerned. >> up of us has a trip come up to hawaii and it is not me. >> my sister lives there and she posted they are preparing. >> florida residents are preparing for a possible tropical storm this week and the national hurricane center in ma'am said a tropical depression in the gulf of mexico could hit northern florida. officials are telling people to have a week's worth of supplies ready and sandbag stations are open at 30 miles per hour wins moving toward key west and forecasts expected moving to the northeast. >> a few day away from 23rd "dancing with the stars" season and one hoping to win his way back into the american's favor talking about his decision to join, for ryan lochte joining
6:52 am
the cast. >> marsha, marsha, marsha, and amber rose, and marry lou -- mary lieu letter, and governor rick perry and race car driver and country music sensation janet kramer. >> you can hear the full sit down with ryan lochte coming up on "good morning america" and how he hopes the show will shift the negative attention away from him and to the dancing. season 23 premieres monday september 12 rate here. back in 90 seconds. >> but, first, our instagram photo of the day. you can see a lot more great photos like these. share yours and your video
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>> here are seven things you need to know before you go. alexis? >> we have a tough situation here for the richmond-san rafael bridge. if you are coming eastbound we still have one lane getting by, two lanes, the right lane is blocked. and, still, no e.t.a. and someone said it was for 45 minutes and they have not made it to the first tower. >> breaking news from the oakland hills, an elderly man
6:55 am
recovering from head injuries after he was pistol-whipped during a home invasion at his home on sequoia road. police say three people broke in and robbed the man and his troop mate. >> police chief of hayward chief stuart is placed on lead due to a confidential personal issue. the police police captain serving as acting chief. >> four, san jose city council is expecting to declare a public safety emergency today to allow the police department to move officers from other departments to patrol the streets. that meeting starts at 1:30. all the european union hit apple with $14.5 billion fine claiming the company unfairly reduced the taxes to the island. >> now, a beautiful picture from mount tamalpais this morning, low who clouds and high clouds and how the day will up fold, 57 to 63, warmer this morning, 64 at cost to 83 inland, breezy and
6:56 am
warmer this afternoon. >> parents, cover your kids' ear, the university of wisconsin was names the top party school of the country and west virginia and university of illinois round out the top three. >> no one was on the west coat. beautiful for us and beautiful sunrise to start the morning. see you in 25 minutes. happy birthday to alexis. >> happy birthday!
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good morning, america. storm watch. a tropical storm warning for the carolinas. one of three big systems growing in the atlantic. florida's gulf coast also on alert for heavy rain, rip currents and dangerous winds. out west, two hurricanes could be heading for hawaii. >> scandal in the clinton campaign. hillary's closest adviser huma abedin now separating from her husband anthony weiner after that new sexting scandal. donald trump already on the attack calling it a national security issue. >> he's a pervert and just a very sick guy and she's married to him. >> how clinton's campaign is reacting this morning. a dramatic rescue caught on dash cam. ten cars piled up trapping a woman inside a burning car. brave bystanders rush to the scene and pull her free. the all-out ar


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