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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 31, 2016 1:07am-1:38am PDT

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now from abc7, live breaking news. >> >> that breaking news is from san jose.
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>> i'm ama daetz. >> dan: there is a tour bus crash on the 101. >> ama: let's get to katie. >> reporter: ama and dan, we were at the exit and this is why traffic is backed up. there is only one lane open. this is where the fire started and it didn't get very far because of the broken out windows on the side of the bus. this is what firefighters had to do to put the fire out. we have twitter pictures of the fire as this bus was burning. we want to show you those now so you can get a feel for what was going on. the chp on the scene tells me there were 16 passengers on this bus. he believes they were headed to a casino when the driver noticed the fire in the back of the bus. he was able to safely pull over and safely get off the bus.
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he tried to use his fire distinguisher, but it wasn't enough. the fire department had to be called in and the highway was shutdown. the tour bus company, medina tours, was able to get a second bus here. all of those passengers walked over and then they were put on another bus. we understand it was within 20 minutes and they were safely on their way. you can see this tour bus is up on the tow truck. it is almost ready to get pulled out of here. the clean up of the roadway is still under way. chp tells me they should be able to reopen all lanes of northbound 880 maybe in the next 15 to 20 minutes. >> our other top story, president obama commuted the sentences of more than 100 prisoners today including an east bay man arrested 30 years ago. >> he was found guilty of districting crack and cocaine
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in 1990. now he is months away from freedom. >> cornell bernard talked with reid's family and he is live in san leandro. cornell? >> reid's family is grateful for the pardon, but not everybody is happy that he is coming home. >> he is coming home. they say in december. i said woo. it is the news that she has waited 26 years for. her son, 48-year-old darrell lamar reid is being released from prison. >> i told myself that i believe the lord sent him there. >> he was busted by the feds as a kingpin. it earned him the street nickname. that's part of the war on drugs and he got a stiff sentence of 35 years in federal prison. >> i want to thank president obama. it has been a long journey. >> reid's son, lamar, thanks
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the president for commuting his sentence. >> i had a father who loved me and he wanted me to be better than he was. he was going to push me to be that. >> lamar went to college and is now a mixed martial arts fighter she said reid has been a mentor to hundreds of youth by calling into meetings over the years. >> he feels it is his responsibility to turn the tide the other way and to use his life experience as a way to help steer young people in oakland in a more positive direction. >> they believe reid should stay behind bars. >> he was a major player and a gangster. i mean, that's the only way you can characterize him. >> darrell lamar reid is scheduled to be released from prison on december 28th. cornell bernard, abc7 news.
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>> dan: the police department's bomb squad checked out a suspicious item. it was near san jose state university. the situation started before 3:00 and that's when they discovered the suspicious item. the area was reopened at 5:30. we have new details on the unprecedented action taken late today by the city council. a shortage to police officers has lead to an official state of information. here is katie. >> reporter: the san jose police department is 87 patrol officers short of the 500 minimum. that amounts to hundreds of unfilled shifts a week and that is an emergency. >> reporter: we are not robbing peter than paul, but the most important thing is to answer the call for service. >> 47 officers will be taken away from their current jobs. for example in investigations.
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>> this is simply utilizing a provision in state law that will enable the chief to do what he needs to do. namely reassigning 47 officers to patrol. >> another 40 officers will work mandatory over time which is nothing new. they tell us some in their ranks sleep in their rv because they don't have time to go home. officer fatigue is a concern for the chief and residents we talked with and not to mention worklife balance. >> they deserve to have lives and we need to consider all of our options. >> people were all for it. >> i came home the other day and the guy or gal was in the house. >> the pd came out. >> the changes in the department will take effect in two weeks. in san jose, abc7 news. >> dan: happening now, we are
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tracking the tropics as not one, but two major storms. the first could make landfall as early as tomorrow and it is bringing strong winds and heavy rain. abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel is tracking the twin storms with live doppler 7. sandhya? >> let's take a look at live doppler 7hd and there are storms headed from hawaii. it is the one of most immediate concern. the second one is lester. lester is the stronger of the two hurricanes. here is a closer look as it approaches the hawaiian island. you can see the radar approaching the big island. they are under a hurricane warning until friday. the -- as you look at t track of these two storms category four hurricane is lester. it is expected to actually strengthen briefly and then weaken to a category one as it
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approaches and passes south of the big island. heavy rain and mudslide and flash flooding and storm surge will be the biggest issue. lester comes in north of hawaii as a category two this weekend. if you are traveling, keep that in meaned. >> we have new details facing the 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick following his decision to sit during the national anthem. >> a basketball legend weighed in on the controversy in the bay area. abc7 news reporter lisa amin gulezian is live with what kareem abdul jabar said. >> he spoke before a packed house. he talked politics, sports, race relations and all of that lead to the topic of colin kaepernick. his presence on stage was dynamic and so was his word. >> i think patriotism is about
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appreciating your country and making it a better place. >> that's what abdul jabar thinks kaepernick was doing when he chose not to stand during the national anthem. the quarterback did it to show his frustration over what he calls the oppression of minorities in mark. >> he could have picked another place to make a statement. he has the power of having so much attention focus on him as the quarterback for the 49ers. >> abdul jabar even wrote about kaepernick's decision in a piece in today's "washington post." he wasn't the only one speaking out. eric reid backed up his teammate. >> did you listen to what he is saying about the issues in this country? you have to respect that. he voices his opinion and he is using the ma the form. >> many agreed with kaepernick's message. >> i thought it took a lot of courage. >> kaepernick takes the field next on thursday.
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lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. >> the 49ers will open the regular season on september 12th. you can watch that game here on abc7. our live coverage of monday night football begins on september 12th. >> coming up, a 9-1-1 call ends with singer chris brown under arrest again. >> the serious charges he is now facing tonight in southern california. >> and the race for the white house is making it south of the border. the last-minute trip donald trump has planned for tomorrow. >> and we are continuing to follow breaking news. a tour bus fire in san jose. a live update next. >> first here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." jimmy? >> thanks, dan and ama. feast your eyes on this entertainment buffet.
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you are looking live in san jose and that's where crews are cleaning up after a tour bus burst into flames. the highway patrol told us 16 passengers were on board and
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they were moved to another bus and they were fine. >> this is what drivers saw when they approached 880 near 101. the bus driver battled the flames with a fire distinguisher, but it was too big to put out. right now traffic is moving slowly past the scene. >> r&b star chris brown faces more trouble with the law. he was arrested after his home was searched jievment but before officers took him to jail he proclaimed his innocence on sorell media. >> chris brown using instagram to say he did nothing wrong, but by the evening police say otherwise. >> he will be booked for assault with a deadly weapon. >> police were seen talking to him outside his home after they waited for hours for a warrant. they were called to the r&b star's address early tuesday morning. >> as far as the location, two females and one crying and asking for help.
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>> brown just completed his probation period in the rihanna assault case in 2015. in 2013 he was charged with a misdemeanor assault for hitting a man outside a washington, d.c. hotel. brown was ordered to rehab, but he was later dismissed from the facility for violating its rules. this time, however, the entertainer says this is bogus. >> what i do care about defacing my name. i am a father and one of the best entertainers out here. >> los angeles police say brown was cooperate could be could be cooperate -- cooperative and they did not say if a gun was found in the home night. now to your voice, your vote. trump will visit the mexican president hours before he is scheduled to speak on the immigration policy in arizona. the republican presidential nominee tweeted he has accepted the president's invitation to mexico and looks forward to meeting him. he criticized trump for his
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insistence and mexico will pay for a border wall. previously undisclosed e-mails that may refer to the benghazi attack are included in the thousands of deleted documents the fbi recovered while investigating hillary clinton's use of a private e-mail server when she served as secretary of state. the department wants to review the e-mails to determine if they contain classified information. debbie wasserman schultz may serve another term. wasserman schultz resigned as the party chair after leaked e-mails show preferential treatment toward hillary clinton in the primaries. google is getting ready to expand their bay area carpooling program. a pilot program is being tested in the bay area among a handful of tech companies. it uses the ways app to connect drivers and commuters. starting this fall google is expected to expand the service that will put it in direct
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competition with uber and lift. ways sets a fee of up to 54 cents per mile to reimburse drivers for gas and maintenance on their vehicles. >> ama: time to turn our attention to the weather. >> dan: and it couldn't be nicer. sandhya patel is here. >> sandhya: we will keep it going. since so many like it we will show you live doppler 7h d and talk about what it looks like right now. we are watching high clouds move across the bay area. the clouds will move out of here by the time your commute begins. visibility is not a problem from our abc7 news exploratorium camera. as we look at the beautiful day lights, here is a look at the temperatures. low to mid60s from san francisco to oakland. it is almost 70 in mountain view and san jose. a live lookk from the tower camera and notice the absence of the fog over downtown san francisco. 62 in santa one saw and mid60s in gnaw paw and novato 61 and
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still in the upper 60s concord, livermore 65. as you look from the emeryville camera it is pretty clear looking across the bay. mild and mainly clear in the morning and below average temperatures in the weekend and a warmer pattern begins on labor day. it did warm up today, but the temperatures are going to fall again tomorrow morning. not falling much. tomorrow as you notice a low 50s to the low 60s. then you will notice the really mild area around the region. when you get going tomorrow morning, i don't think you will need an extra layer because it is going to start out pretty comfortable. the little ones will not need a coat or jacket either. 11:00 p.m. you will see the hour by hour forecast. high cloud are passing through. by morning they are long gone. at 5:00 a.m. when the commute begins it is unlimited visibility across the bay area. and then the low clouds will fill back in along the coast. this is what we typically see around this time of year. for your wednesday afternoon the coastal areas will soy some clouds. the inland and bay will see the sun. here is a look at some of the temperatures for tomorrow.
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napa is 82 and santa rosa mild and sunny. you will notice mid70s in vallejo and 78 in san rafael. 67-degree read manage sausalito. giving uh sampling of the temperatures. and then tomorrow afternoon you are looking at still warm conditions in land, but not as warm as today. we had low 90s today. the temperatures as i mention will be coming down. 84 in concord and 86 antioch. 73 oakland and 66 san francisco. mid80s around santa rosa and 75 saw vallejo and 80 in san jose. 66 san francisco and breezy at times in half moon bay. 64 degrees and you will see a return of the low clouds. 73 in santa cruz. if you are going to the giants game against the d-backs at at&t park, the uv index will be very high. sunscreen and the shade is what you need. 61 at the start of the game and by 4:00 p.m. we are going mid60s. it should be a nice day for a ballgame. accu-weather seven-day forecast is a little cooler tomorrow. mid80s inland and low 60s coast. below average pattern will continue and carry us right on
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through the end of the workweek starting off the long holiday weekend. the hot weather is taking the holiday as well. at least for the next few days. mid80s through sunday. monday, labor day, the temperatures will come up a few degrees for any outdoor activities and on tuesday we will have the september warmth. as we unofficially end summer we will bring in the warmth. how does that sound? >> one last chance for summer.
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>> ama: you are looking at a stunt that says don't try this at home. this captivated more than a half million youtube viewers. the trained professional circled the top of a chimney 840 feet above the ground. he has been [peddling|pedaling] [peddling|pedaling] -- peddling peddlingunicycles. >> that is crazy. >> it is. >> i saw that on my phone at first and i was nervous on my phone. i mean, i know he will make it because they are not going to show it to me if he doesn't make. it. >> very stressful. >> must be tough to get a life
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insurance policy. >> oh yeah. >> the giants, they wanted zach greinke and they got johnny cue
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abc7 sports is brought to you by riverwalk casino. >> good evening. with the giants trying to catch the dodgers they faced the former dodger ace zach greinke. you will recall they tried to sign greinke. he chose arizona for big money. instead they signed cueto who took a 14-4 record to the hill. get your dreadlock right here. he was sailing along until the fifth. he walked three batters and then he makes him pay. he would leave with a neck injury. bottom of six and this ball is smacked into triple valley. hunter pens scores it and he was stranded. bottom of 9 and angel knocks him in and suddenly it is a 1-1 game. can the giants pull it out? buster posey hasn't hit a homerun in an eternity.
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good contact. it was right at him. that's your ballgame. the d-backs win it 4-3 and the giants drop two back of the dodgers who were rained out tonight. the astros mascot doing a portrait of alonzo. he is like the van gogh of mascots. the bottom of the seventh and this is crushed off braveman. and now we have a sad face, a frown. up the middle and a dive and snag and gun to first. the frown has been turned upside down. but only for a moment. the a's fall 3-1 and we end with a frown. the a's, they are expected to trade coco crisp to the indians tomorrow. cocoa's production is down. there has been friction over his playing time. he is trying to reach a threshold that guarantees him 13 million next year. he could be pretty available
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for cleveland in the playoffs. now an interesting twist in the kaepernick saga. tonight the # veterans for kaepernick is trending. members of the military are now showing support for kap whose national anthem protest was not a knock on the military. 49ers and their final pre-season game is thursday in san diego. kap has been limited following three off season surgeries and played sparingly. should gt plenty of r -- should get plenty of reps. gabbert is not going to play. >> unfortunately because of colin's injury and missing the first two pre-season games he got 13 snaps. we have to move forward and see if we can get him more snaps. >> players -- they are making the games more appealing giving away three new bobbleheads. the warriors' first home game is october 4th against the clippers and features the curry mvp bobble.


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