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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 31, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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matt? >> good morning, this is one of the places where you can be picked up and taken to the graton casino from san jose to sonoma county. the people who were on the tour bus had a scary situation. look at this video shot by san jose firefighters and posted on twitter. it shows smoke coming from the bus at 880. fire started in the back of the bus. more pictures from twitter show the view from someone driving on 880. 16 passengers were on board. all are okay. [ inaudible ] >> the tour bus company got another bus to the scene and the passengers boarded on the way to the casino. only one lane of 880 was open to
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traffic. the connection to 880 was closed. it was reopened after firefighters got the situation under control. no word on the cause. >> thank you, matt. we have breaking news from ireland, officials say severe turbulence forced the emergency landing of united airline flight from houston. telephone passengers and two crew members were taken to the hospital. all have been released but for one. 200 passengers and crew were on board the flight headed to london. >> two hurricanes are churning in the pacific, madeleine and lester headed toward hawaiian islands. jessica? >> right now they getting ready in hawaii for hurricane madeleine, the first storm hitting and we got new video this morning of people getting
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things prepared boarding up the boards and windows. it will hit the big island tonight. mike will talk about that and the path of the storms. local officials say businesses have been cooperating. the president is bracing for the storm and scheduled to fly there today after a stop at lake tahoe. he will address thousands of foreign dignitaries at world conservation conditioning hosted by the united states for the first time ever. after madeleine hits, a lot of folk travels from the bay area to hawaii but the good news, last check all flights from both sfo and oakland are on time. >> now to mike nicco tracking the storms with live doppler 7 hd >> the latest date is now in. doplar shows a few random showers ahead of madeleine. and lester is more impressive
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storm and madeleine is falling apart, now down to category one with 90 miles per hour wind and lester is still category 4 with 140 miles per hour. madeleine is the one on tap and the course shows tonight through tomorrow morning still weakening but a hurricane as it hits the big island and it will keep heading to the southwest and snowfall apart. we will town our attention then on saturday and sunday and all the way possibly into early monday you can see lester will skirt the northern part of the island with heavy rain. flooding is the big issue. and dangerous is surf. we have high surf advisory for the big island. >> in southern california firefighters are battling a fast growing 1,000 acre brushfire in riverside county. one outbuilding is destroyed half an hour east of riverside. they are having a testify time getting the flames uncontrol starting at 1:00 people.
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200 homes were evacuated and many were allowed back in. the fire is 10% contained this morning. >> cell phone video captured frightening moments in lake county as a wildfire triggered evacuations but the crews stopped the flames and contained the fire to 20 acres. lake county has seen more than its share of destruction with fires including the clayton fire this month and last year's valley fire. >> there is a rally in san francisco supporting kaepernick's national anthem protest. a group formed after police shot and killed mario woods will gather outside san francisco's police union building in sonoma. kaepernick getting support from nab legend kareem abdul-jabbar with this story next. >> the presence on stage was dynamic and so are the word, kareem abdul-jabbar is an n.b.a. all star turned activist.
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>> this is about appreciating the country and trying to make it a better place. >> that is what kareem abdul-jabbar thinks kaepernick was doing when he did not stand during the national anthem. the 49er quarterback did it to show frustration over what he called the open presentation of minorities in america. >> he could have picked another place to make his statement but he has the power of having so were attention focused on him as the quarterback for the 49ers so he used that. >> kareem abdul-jabbar wrote about the decision in an op-ed piece in the "washington post" and was not the only one speaking out. reed backed up the teammates. >> you listen to what he is saying about how he feels about the issues you have to feel he is using his platform to voice an opinion. >> many agreed with the message. >> it was good. it took a lot of courage. akaepernick takes the field next
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on thursday. >> the 49ers will open the regular season on september 12 and you can watch that game try here on abc7. coverage of espn's monday night football is at 7:00 people. all the first commercial flight between the united states and cuba in 50 years will land on the communist island. 150 people are on board the jetblue flight when it take off from florida taking off from fort lauderdale at 6:00 our time and land in santa clara, cuba after ties were restored last year. american airlines will start flights to cuba a week from today and 110 united will run each day between the two countries. >> donald trump traveling to mexico to meet privately with mexican president happening hours before donald trump's big speech on immigration. here are the details. >> donald trump is heading south
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of border, the same border he plans to build the wall. >> we are going to secure our border. >> he rallied in washington state but today the man who climbed to the top of the g.o.p. ladder on a plan of mass deportations of mexicans. >> they bring crime, they are rapists. >> will meet privately with the mexican president. he has compared trump to hitler and promising to make mexico to pay for the wall is causing problems. >> i am not pay for the [blank] wall. >> donald trump's son said his plan is not shifting or softening. >> his policy has been the same. >> hillary clinton campaign response? what matters is what donald trump said to the voters in arizona and not mexico and if he is committed to flight up of families in deporting millions.
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>> clinton pulled in $12 million in the hamptons and now more e-mail fallout about 30 e-mails related to the attacks in benghazi were record during the f.b.i. investigation into the former secretary of state's private mail server. >> hillary clinton may have turned over some or all e-mails but the state department said it will need time to review them. like donald trump hillary clinton was invited to meet with the mexican president and the campaign said show look forward to it at the appropriate time. >> now a look at what is going on in the south bay, with 56 in cupertino, for a cool spot in san jose at 61 and los gatos in the hills at 63. alameda is 60 and san pablo and lafayette and san francisco is 58 and novato is 57 right now. here is what will happen today in oakland, our average high is 74 degrees. 6:00 this morning, clear and 60. it will be total sunshine at noon and 68. we will hang out in the low 70s and you will need the
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jacket at 6:00, at 68. the rest of our neighbors today, you can see the green take over the coast at 60 there and 70s around the bay and 80s inland but cooler than yesterday and as breezy in the afternoon, the highs continue to drop tomorrow, 60s and 70s and 80s again. two- to four-degrees cooler and headed to friday, the bump up in the temperature, the highs are going to rebound 70s and 80s and there 90s. we will look at the weekend forecast for holiday weekend to wrap up summer. >> the these day holiday is coming up. our traffic shows if you are headed out the door, no blocking issues, so a quiet start on the roads and the only red we are seeing is westbound 205 to 580 through the altamont pass and using the speed indication tool, 29 miles per hour average so that is not too bad. a quiet start to the toll plaza and no metering lights yet and
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give that another 40 or 50 minutes and we will see the lines that are wide on. mass transit is coming up. >> a bay area man get as break from president obama. what the man's family is saying. >> move over uber, google is about to get into the
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>> abc morning, all news all morning. >> in florida this morning, it is calm right now. that could change. warning now that be prepared for flooding all the way to panama city with several storms that are hitting the united states including two storms that now are headed to hawaii. meteorologist mike nicco is talking about it. >> in connecticut, check out the surveillance video of a woman pulling two children from the back seat of the car on fire. the driver backed into the gas pump. she accidentally ran into the pump. it started a fire when she bumped interest it. it damaged two cars and dap three others, and you can see the ball of flames but no one was hurt. it is not clear in she will face charges. >> rebound has commuted the sentences of 100 passengers including a man arrested 30 years ago.
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48-year-old was found guilty of districting crack and cocaine in 1990. reed was only 20. he was busted by the feds as a king pin in oakland's crack cocaine drug trade and know as little "d" and as part of the war on drugs from from the reagan period he got 35 years in prison. >> a it was ridiculous but i said, i believe the lord sent him there because he still is alive and has a good mind because most of the guys they are gone. >> he was a major player and a gangster. that is the only way you can characterize it. >> reed is scheduled to be released december 28. >> chris brown is out on bail this morning booked for assault with a deadly weapon. we are hearing from the woman who called police. the officers served a search warrant to get into his los angeles estate on tuesday morning. they not saying if they found a
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weapon. the victim talked with abc about why she called 9-1-1. >> i thought he was going to shoot me. he took the gun out like that and said get the "f" out >> the ton tweeted that theallies against brown are demonstrably false and he said he did nothing wrong on instagram. >> police are investigating a second mugging in san francisco's westfield shopping center in less than a month. someone robbed two customers and punched them in the face on monday. the victims were work on their laptops when it happened. they say there were five muggers, all teens. early this month a man was attacked and robbed in another mall, two days before that, a body was found in a rear stairwell. mall management said extra resources are defeated for security. police say this is such a busy area it ises for criminals to target shoppers. >> you have to be on guard
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constantly with a cell phone or 4 top or anything else. >> police and mall officials are checking security cameras inside and outside the mall to help find the robbers. >> this is interest, google is getting ready to expand their bay area pilot program for employees at several companies including wal-mart and adobe systems, that uses the waze app to connect drivers and users going in the same direction. google will expand the service that puts it in direct competition with uber and lyft and ways has a fee of 54 cent a mile to reimburse drivers for gas and maintenance. >> it is not every day drivers not dedicated people doing it for a living, an interesting concept. >> mike nicco, what is what? >> i will stick to weather. you can see the flags are not infurled. the breezes will pick up and
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solve the clouds at the coast as we head into the afternoon hours patchy clouds and drizzle and the warmth next week. september and october are the warmest months in san francisco and it could pan out that way next week. the next six hours, nothing on live doppler hd and here is a look at the clouds by noon they are encrouching on the north bay coach and in the afternoon they hit the peninsula. never really making it much further to the east than that. we will have sunshine in san jose at 80 and a last mid-to-upper 50s until morgan hill is gilroy same thing. we have brighter and breezy conditions in san mateo, 72 west the peninsula, and along the cost we have low-to-mid 60s and that includes downtown san francisco at 66, and same in the marina, and sunset is cooler at 63, and daly city is 61. the further by is warmer, 86 in santa rosa to 78 in san rafael.
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we have inland east bay neighborhoods, a lost mid-80s. my seven-day forecast shows coolest tomorrow. a bumpup on friday and saturday. our warmest temperature is labor day monday and 90s return on tuesday. alexis? >> off to a quiet start on the roads and the richmond-san rafael bridge is on the richmond side. yesterday the eastbound side was where we had the big trouble with the sig-alert but nothing like that this morning and we have light volumes and no major problems anywhere. mass transit, the daily reminder they will continue the power table work between the south hayward and fremont station for bart again today and it is every week day monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. through september 9 and this week between daly city and glen park the full bart closure even on monday the labor day holiday. >> there is a new reason to be worried of the zika virus and the health danger to if you
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borns. >> the warriors have the pre-season schedule with a look at the special giveaways they have. state lawmakers take the sting out of working on thanksgiving day. >> we have a big and major change: no head 15 jacks. what do you do with the plug ins? >> this audio adopter lets you connect conventional set to smartphone with no jack. the price? $20. >> a recommend come are you for couple potatoes a new papa john's app lets you order pizza directly from the apple tv. dominoes and samsung have a similar situation and papa john's is offering
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a daly city elementary school is expected to be back open after a sewer problem and a clogged drain that was supposed to have been fixed over the weekend. officials tried to bring in port-a-potties but they could not get enough before classes started. >> ten kayakers are recovering after a ferry collided with them in the hudson river. theyed that to be recused after being knocked into the water. five kayakers were taken to the hospital and a man suffered a partly severed arm. no one on the ferry was hurt.
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officials are looking into who has the ride of way and in the set sun affected visibility on water. >> president obama will be in south lake tahoe for a summit on the lake's clarity. data from the uc davis lake tahoe environmental research center shows lake tahoe had warmer temperature read enlast year than ever before. a century ago there was clarity of 100' in democratth and now it is down to only 73'. that is not the only issue that the governor and president obama are hear about. we have invasive species and we are trying to help prevent that from going into the lake and creating a catastrophe. >> rebound is the key note speaker today at the summit held at harvey's outdoor theater. >> riding bart at the right time can get you a reward. bart perks will reward rider whose travel outside of the peak morning commute which bart said is between 7:30 to 8:30.
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riders win a point for every ride they take and if you take a ride during off-peak hours it could be worth up to since points each and they can be changed for cash reward. there is no benefit for the evening commute. you can christian the program by registering hip are card on bart's website >> the warriors have released the pre-season schedule and three of the seven games are in the bay area, at oracle arena and one at the s.a.p. center in san jose. that is october 5. >> that game will receive this, a bobblehead of klay thompson in a sharks jersey. draymond green and steph curry will be headed out october 4 and october 21. >> like that. >> your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> check out how clear it is, no marine layer clouds but they will come back along the coast headed into to afternoon. we will look at our day game, a quick to game set with the dimmed backs and tough loss last night, 63 at 12:45 and warming
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to 68, breezy and watch out for the strong sunshine and if you are traveling an the state lake tahoe, speaking of that, 73, 88 in sacramento, los angeles is 84 and 110 in palm springs. it is still summer there. hex election? >> we are in the time when the construction overnight is wrapping up and the volume not too bad. westbound 80, moving along just fine. in major issues. looking at our early slow spots here for the drive time, tracy to castro valley, 45 minutes and what is the only one is not in the green, northbound 101 in the south bay, and 85 to the san jose airport is looking fine, and same for northbound 280, interest san francisco and that is in the green at 10 minutes. we will take a closer look at the central valley commute in a few. >> there are reports of pore health problems in backs born with the zika virus.
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researchers in brazil say the virus can cause hearing loss in new bonds, zika is known to cause babies to be born with incomplete brain development and other studies show it is responsible for vision problems and now hearing problems. scientists are test three drews now with the hope that it could counteract the effect of the virus. >> ikea missed a deadline over the recall of dressers helpinged to the death of sixd to hers. according to the to the philadelphia inquirer they had until august 15 to lawyer whose sued after a dresser crushed her two year old. the lawyer is asking a judge to fine ikea $1,000 a day until they comply. they recalled 27 million dresser in june but did not comment to the newspaper and said in court filing and documents should stay confidential. >> you have to welcome on thanksgiving day your company could be required to pay you more, the california senate is pushing through legislation requiring large companies to pay
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employees double time for working on turkey day. the proposal approved this week comes as stores have been opening earlier and earlier to accommodate shoppers on black friday. >> we have break news from ireland where turbulence forced the united flight from the united states to make an emergency landing. >> at 5:00 a.m., new video and details on what the passengers want through. >> new reward that will lead to the killer of a young rap artist >> it is not a gorgeous -- isn't that gorgeous skyline?
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good morning, east bay, let's get up and get going. this is abc7 morning. >> it is tough to get up but it is 5:00 a.m. we are here. you here. it is wednesday, august 31. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. we have alexis here, and meteorologist mike nicco and we want some good news. >> good morning, everyone, here is live doppler hd. it is clear across the bay. and inland. we have clouds starting to develop along the coast. here is a look from south beach at the bay bridge. can you see it is absolutely


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