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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 31, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning, east bay, let's get up and get going. this is abc7 morning. >> it is tough to get up but it is 5:00 a.m. we are here. you here. it is wednesday, august 31. i am reggie aqui. >> i am natasha zouves. we have alexis here, and meteorologist mike nicco and we want some good news. >> good morning, everyone, here is live doppler hd. it is clear across the bay. and inland. we have clouds starting to develop along the coast. here is a look from south beach at the bay bridge. can you see it is absolutely
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clear. we will tack ability the temperatures wicking up in the upper 50s to low 60s. at noon keep you in the low-to-mid 60s at coast, up to 72 around the bay at 4:00, and 74 to 80 inland from noon to 4:00. cooler-than-average. and breezy. we are tracking a couple of hurricanes and storms over hawaii and the east coast. alexis? >> i don't have much happening in the traffic department. yet. mostly green aside from the tri-valley so 205 to westbound 580 to the altamont pass, 24 miles per hour average and last time we checked it was 28 miles per hour. slowing down. fine in the south bay. northbound 101 at 880 no issues but filling in. we will take a closer look at riff times in a few. >> breaking news in oakland, two bodies were found in a park overnight, and this is on 38th
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and foothill. police were seen taking the bodies away but officials have not given any other information as to what happened. we have calls into oakland police and we will let you know the moment we get an update. >> in the east bay we are tracking a trim shooting in richmond, one person is dead and amy hollyfield is on the scene on marina way. amy? >> look at the yellow markers hooped me, they each represent a bullet casing they found. and 29 have been discovered in the middle of the marina way at wright side in richmond next to interstate 580. we have video of the ambulance that took the two gunshot victims to the hospitals what survives. a third did not. we are waiting for the coroner. police say all three were in a car. it crashed. they presume the gunman was in a car and drove away.
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this car was targeted. the shots were fired at the car. the victims trend inside. this happened after midnight. the big question, who did this? why? and who are the victims? this is all yet to be answered and investigators are still on the scene working this case. >> thank you. we are tracking developing news in the south bay, this morning, c.h.p. is trying to determine what caused a tour bus to catch on fire on interrogate 880 in san jose. 16 passengers were on board at 9:30 weapon the bus driver noticed the flames coming from the back of the bus, but he pulled over safely and no one was hurt. the driver tried to use a fire extinguisher. firefighters knocked out the bus windows to put out the flames. c.h.p. said the tour bus was heading to gray ton casino. passengers were loaded on to
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another tour bus. it is fortunate that no one was hurt. >> update on breaking news from overseas, a flight from the unwas forced to make an emergency landing in ireland. >> several injuries have been reported. jessica is at the live desk. >> yes, the united delight was en route from houston to london when it hit severe turbulence, and stopped at shannon airport in ireland. 12 people were hospitalizeds ten passengers and two crew. three of the injuried are kids. the hospital that treated the injuries told abc that one passenger trends in the hospital. most of the injuries were minor, head injury or cuts. united flight 880 landed safely but that is when folks had to given medical help. bbc reports of 207 passengers and 13 crew. right now staff at the hospital
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of helping passengers get back to the airport so they can continue on their way to london. i will let you know when we get more information. >> a surprise trip today for republican presidential candidate donald trump headed to mexico to be with the president hours before he delivered immigration speech in phoenix. the president nieto invited trump for a one-on-one and trump tweeted he is looking forward. >> and justice for mario woods killed by police is defending 49ers quarterback kaepernick and the protests of the national anthem planning to rally in front of the san francisco police officers association near 6th and bryant at 11:00 a.m. this week the association sent a letter to the 49ers and the nfl that kaepernick has a lack of knowledge of shootings involving police. >> people in hayward are demanding the city come clean on
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the reason police chief stuart has been placeed on leave only say she is placed on paid leave for a confidential personnel issue. police do not know when the investigation started or what it is about. some say they are afraid city leaders are hiding something. >> if we cannot trust them who can you trust? all the city council member would not comment but told us that hayward neighbors can expect hayward police officers to continue to respond to service calls as usual. >> the f.b.i. is hoping you recognize the serial bank robber who struck in several cities including twice in the last week. you can see right here the images from the surveillance camera showing him robbing a wells fargo branch in napa on monday, the lafayette police say he robbed a bank on tuesday last week. f.b.i. suspects him of robbing banks in sacramento and brentwood. >> berkeley police have a
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$15,000 reward hope to solve the murder of a young rapper that happened on thursday outside the only of 22-year-old alice goodwin. a memorial is set up where he was found. police say it was not a random shooting. he was a rapper and relatives say he went outside when someone tried to enter the house at midnight. several gunshots were reported. this is the first homicide the career this berkeley. >> former san francisco police officer is now headed to risen in misconduct case. a federal judge sentenced the officer are to 14 months, convicted of searching the hotel rooms of drug suspects without a warrant during a 2010 investigation. the judge also fines him $12,000 say the betrayal of public trust is extraordinarily serious. according to his attorney, he has been work as an uber driver. >> hurricane madeleine is new a category one storm and will pass south of big island this
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afternoon. this is video from international space station. the hurricane can be seen here as a hurricane three but the hurricane one is new in effect. maui in a tropical storm warning and a second hurricane is behind it, lester, passing negotiate of the hawaiian islands on labor day weekend. at sfo hawaii-bound travelers are concerned. >> scary knowing we have to flight there tomorrow and you are saying the category four hurricane winds. >> in flights have been canceled or weather advisories issued. one airline has seep the threat with planes almost empty. can you stay on top of the severe weather with the news app by down ling it for free and enable push alerts. mike? >> good morning. we have live doppler 7 hd out of hawaii and you can see a few showers, otherwise, most of the
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islands are quiet this morning. madeleine continues to weaken and it is disorganized at 90 miles per hour winds something to be contended with when it is dropping 5-10" of rain and possibly 15" over the next 46 hours by 3:00 a.m. on thursday the brunt of it is pulling away and it will continue to weaken, flash flooding, and high surf is the big problem with this storm. and the next storm, lesters on saturday morning, all the way through sunday evening, it will skirt to the north and that machines you are on the son side of the stormens the weaker side, but, still breezy with save, and the rainfall amounts are less. now, to south of florida tropical depression 9 is rollover that on the holiday weekend, and anywhere from 4-6" of flooding rain, southern georgia and headed to hurt tell beach and charleston, south carolina, and at home, quiet weather, mainly clear in upper
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50s and 60s in most most of us are below average, but we will be cooler tomorrow. not so breezy today. a warming trend on friday. alexis? >> sounds good. worry still looking quiet on the roads so far. the golden gate bridge shows we are counting cars. so far. not bad from the north end. we do future have any incidents to report and we have not since 4:30 this morning so almost too good to be true. quick look at drive times westbound 580, tracy to dublin is the only one in the yellow out of the central valley, 40 minutes. and westbound 4, antioch to concord is 14 minutes and san rafael to san francisco is 18 minutes. >> coming up, moments of terror you will hear the just-released 9-1-1 calls from the pulse
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nightclub. >> information that 8 be of interest to parents of newborn, a simpl
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>> we are hearing 9-1-1 calls from the night a gunman killed 49 at a nightclub mostly from friends and family of those trapped inside. >> my brother is in there. he called and three is in the bathroom. >> okay. >> i don't know... >> the orange county sheriff
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released the calls yesterday, taking overflow calls from orlando police not releasing the 9-1-1 culls. dozens of news outlets are suing orlando police department for access including communication between shooter and police. >> isis said the chief strategist has been killed overseeing operations in syria head of the external operations. he was the most wanted terrorists in the world. he was tied to the attacks in paris and the airport in duringcy account downing of a passenger jet. the united states offered a $5 million riyadh for capture, and this is a significant blow to isis and a huge relief to the united states. >> gun advocates are speaking out after university of california officials announced the first state funded gun violence research center saying the center will examine why so man americans die from gun violence each year. researchers will work with law
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help form and officials over five years to help shed light on ways to prevent future gun-related tragedies. proponents say they are concerning that the findings will breeze strict are gun control legislation. >> a we are not conditioned with the research, honest research is go. but when it is set up and is one-sided we have great concerns. >> officials expect the detailed operation and research to be done by october 10 based an uc davis sacramento campus. >> diagnosing autism is costly in children and time consuming and doctors could be turning now to a cheaper alternative: tablets or ipads. 37 children with autism were asked to play a game and in they could identify in the child had oughtism based on how the child interacted with the game. the study could help identify autism early, and give kids the
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resource they need. researchers say more work is need today value date the findings. the study is published in the journal of scientific reports. >> in the south bay, a playground designed by kids is put together. it is kicking off this morning at the campus in cupertino, which supports people with disabilities. 200 volunteers from the shark foundation will put together the playground businesses on children's drawing created at a design event in june. >> we want to know how the weather looks for the construction workers, mike? >> we will have great weather at home. we are keeping an cry on atlantic beach near jack sonville, florida, on the ocean side. this is the side that the take less of a hit than the gust side from the tropical depression 9 we have been following. the radar shows there are showers and storms all over the place. that is why the flooding rains
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are a big issue the next two or three days in the southeast. at him, a quick return of the many layer is developing right now and can you see it on sutro tower and that means we are going to be sunny around the bay and inland, clouds at the coast and breezy this afternoon, and cloudy morning and drizzle, returning tonight and they hang around through the better part of the weekend and next week, that september warmth we are used to the autumn warming we will get a touch of that. >> small craft advisory for the entire bay and into the delta again, same timeframe and same wind, 1:00 to 9:00, afternoon to evening, at 24 to 38 miles per hour wind. here is what will happen with our temperatures today, they will look and feel like yesterday from 76 in mill pete and san jose and 80 to gilroy at 86, and on the peninsula, we have 70 in millbrae to redwood city and palo alto at 78, low-to-mid 60s along the coast today, mid-to-upper 60s in downtown, south san francisco, and at the game this afternoon, 12:45 first pitch, breezy 68 and
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the sun will get you today. 78 to 86, is our video cross the north bay, and the east bay shore 70 at richmond, to oakland at 73 and fremont at 77. inland, 83 at men and brentwood is 87. nothing too extreme. my seven-day forecast shows it is cooler-than-average through mound and the warming trend on the holiday monday and 90 returning on tuesday. alexis? >> good morning. still not were happening with traffic. that is how we like it. the bay bridge toll plaza shows slowly starting to fill in. give it another 10 minutes, because we could see the metering lights turned on when it gets busy at 5:35 and we will check on that. and westbound 80 through emeryville coming in from berkeley this morning heading to the bay bridge. necessary and quiet in the south bay san jose, seeing all green traveling conditions and heading further south, gilroy and san martin and morgan hill, wide on
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so far. mass transit is. coming up in a few. >> the video shows a deadly tanker crash that killed since people in brazil last month, the driver of the tanker was driving more than double the speed limit on the highway. the driver lost control. hit the median. there is a big ball of fire. it continues down the opposite side of the road. barreling into several cars. brazil forces say the driver knew the tanker had faulty brakes. he survived and faces charges. >> drivers rescued a rapped driver on a america stay highway and we are hearing from them. >> in "first look," the machine behind a daring rescue caught on camera speak out. >> tough. tough. hard to watch. >> a massive accident was caught on camera, the tractor-trailer spins out of control in the middle of a new york highway. >> lick a demolition derby.
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motorists run to the mangled white car now on fire. >> several cars are on fire, several people are trapped. >> an elderly woman is trapped. >> a female was try to get our attention waving her hands, frantic. all the cabin of the car was filled with smoke. >> they struggled to pull out the door open, a bursting of flames. >> more of the emotional story at 7:00 a.m. with the first look. >> they took matters into their own hands. >> illinois man is emseparating the collecting pokemon thing, to the next level. it is printing pokemon characters with a 3-d printer and hiding the figures an his hometown of rockford, illinois. >> he is luring collecters using photos posted on facebook and getting a prize requires more
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effort than catching them on chart phone. >> running. all the first pest got so were attention that i was not expecting it. it blew up. from there...each day for the last month i am hiding pokemon. >> okay. she had a charming laugh. the community is coming together the lovely. >> good time. >> next, seven things you need to know as you start the day. >> close encounter of an amazing time caught on video. >> i ran. someone in the car and the car is on fire we got to get 'em. >> a news photographer putting the camera down to rescue a pregnant woman from a burning car.
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>> here are seven things you need to know before you go. donald trump taking a last minute trip toñç mexico meeting with the leader who compared him to "hitler." meeting privately with the mexican president hours before delivering a high stake speeches on immigration in phoenix. >> jetblue passengers are ready to make history lining up at the gate in fort lauderdale for the first commercial flight to cuba in more than half a century landing in cuba before 8:00 a.m. authoritiesvicting what spark add fire in san jose on a bus, the driver saw flames coming from the back the bus and pulled over in time. the bus was headed to the casino in rohnert park. all the people of hawaii are getting ready this morning for two hurricanes. they are getting sand bags, boarding up windows and doors
5:25 am
preparing for both madeleine and lester. >> i will have the latest on madeleine and lester coming up. we will talk about killing breezes, the marine layer is developing, the clouds are coming or way. i will let you know what it will do for the afternoon temperatures. >> we are quiet this morning and so glad and there is weekend traffic work so no service between brentwood and daly city saturday, sunday, and monday, including the labor day who day. >> ryan lochte making a quick rebound, losing four sponsors follow the robbery situation and now a new sponsor with a company that makes...personal safety alarms. hmm... >> a pregnant woman is safe because of the quick actions of the tv news photographers in louisiana. the photographer patrick perry
5:26 am
pulled the 21-year-old from the burning car and carrying her to safety. he was drive down the road when she lost control, rap off the road and crashed into some trees the car caught fire. >> i looks for something on the ground to bust the window and i saw this, and she said i am over heres i am over here and i ran on the other side of the car and she said i am 7 1/2 months pregnant and i thought, we will get you out of here. >> he dropped the camera and did the right thing, calling for help while others attempted to the woman, she was pleading from the head but it -- does not have major injuries. >> whale watcher in canada got quite a freeway with a humpback in nova scotia. the wails were so close she
5:27 am
could almost touch them. don't do it. the video shows a humpback floating on the? beside the boat happening out and the can't said they do not usually come so close and were surprised by the interest in the boat and passengers. >> so cool. cool. >> a full 90 minutes news including an update on kaepernick controversy. how people are showing the support for kaepernick. chris brown in trouble with the law again? >> it is just gorgeous outside we are so lucky to live here in the
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♪ ♪ ♪
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>> good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> we will try to get you
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through the day wednesday august 31. >> no more snooze. i am natasha zouves, and we have jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco. >> we have the marine layer re-establishing itself, and the clouds are develop along the coast and possibly drizzle at pacifica and daly city this morning. from sutro tower we will use this to tack about the clouds and the day planner that will show temperatures in the upper 50s to secretary by 9:00. we stay in the low-to-mid 60s at the coast. upper 60s to low 70s from noon to 4:00. total sunshine around the bay inland at 75 to 80, most of us in the 60s can 70s by 7:00. you will need the coat when the sun is setting at 7:39. alexis has the commute. >> as of 30 seconds ago we did not have the bay bridge toll plaza metering lights on.
5:31 am
yet. but it will happen any minute. we are looking at the light remark will haves today. the original slow spot is 58 to 580 to the altamont pass from tracy those folks are down to 18 miles per hour for the average. >> breaking news, richmond police are investigating a triple shooting that left one dead. this happened on marina way, south and wright avenue. this is close to interstate 580 at 12:30. this morning. the front end of the car is smashed in. the back side of the car we can see what appears to be a bullet hell. our reporter is at the scene gathering information. we have a report coming up. >> videoing news if the south bay, 16 bus passengers head to the can send are doing okay this morning after the bus caught fire. >> a scary situation. matt keller is in san jose. it is a close call matt?
5:32 am
>> it was. five minutes ago one of the tour buses actually dropped off a couple of passengers here 100 yards away from where i am standing and i talked to the two passengers on the bus that caught fire. they said it wasn't as scary, they got off the bus, the driver told them to get off the bus, and they waited and they got on a much newer and better bus and taken to the graton can -- the casino. smoke was coming from the bus near 80 much the fire started in the back of the bus. the flames did not get far. 16 messengers were on board when fire started. driver put over can tried to use the extinguishers but it was not enough. >> several passengers were on the bus. [ inaudible ]
5:33 am
>> the company has three pickup lobbies in san jose and they take the passengers to the casino the last night northbound 880 was closed along with the connection ramp from 101 to 880. it was then reopened after fires had the situation under control. this is no word on what started the fire. >> right now we are reporting a united airline flight headed from houston to london had to make an message landing in ireland and providing care to the it will people hurt. ten passengers and two crew members were taken to the hospital. all have been released but for one. 220 people were on board. airline is new working to get the passengers on another flight to heathrow airport. >> there are two hurricanes in
5:34 am
the pacific right new called madeleine and lester. both headed to the hawaiian islands. jessica castro is tracking this. >> hurricane madeleine will hit first and then lester. a lot of people travel from the bay area to san francisco. i have not seen any flight delays from eitheror oakland but the hawaiian airlines wednesday shows the blue tag running all way across the top is an update tab on madeleine. they are actually offering this morning the option for folks to change their flight. at the center of of the screen you can see an advisory in affect and you can change your flight if you travel today or tomorrow. you have to change it for a flight before september 5th. i want to show you the new video we have this morning and we have been seeing, people preparing in hawaii this morning, and they
5:35 am
are boarding up windows and doors to get everything ready. the president value to be on high alert because he is scheduled to go to hawaii after the stop in lake tahoe and he will address thousands of foreign dignitaries at the woman conservation congress hosted by the united states nor the first time. the president was scheduled to go to hawaii and i will keep an cry on our local airplanes and let you know if we see any of the delays. >> the president is going to be traveling to hawaii but people traveling to the big island need to be concerned. mike nicco what are you seeing? >> good question. on the big island you can see the showers and put this in motion and they are traveling from necessary to southwest and they are light, you do not see the yellows or oranges or reds but it will change. right now, madeleine continues weekendening and looking more disorganized, but, still, 90
5:36 am
miles per hour wind at the strongest, and it will weaken as it heads at 80 miles per hour when it is moving across the big island and it will start to full apart and move away tomorrow morning into the afternoon hours and we will turn our attention to lester which will weaken and it is more to the north and hadding to a northwest track and the bottom or the weaker end of lester will hit the islands but not the flooding rain on the big island for madeleine. >> into to see. >> in southern california, firefighters are battling a fast growing thousand acre brush fire in riverside county, saying an outbuilding is destroyed in cherry veal half an hour east of riverside. they have a testify time trying to get the flames under control. it started at 1:00 p.m. yesterday and 200 homes were evacuate asked many people were allowed back in. the fire is 10% contained this morning.
5:37 am
>> cell phone captured frightening moms as a wildfire triggered evacuations in upper lake. crews contained the fire yesterday to 20 acres of the lake county has seen more than its share of destruction include clayton fire and the develop fire last month. >> jab -- job job is -- kareem abdul-jabbar is weighing in on the kaepernick controversy saying it is highly patriotic, let athletes love their country in their own way. >> kaepernick could have picked another place to make his statement but he has the power of having so much attention focused on him as the quarterback for the 49ers. he used that. >> this is more support being thereon behind kaepernick with a rally today at the san francisco police officers association atth and bryant defending
5:38 am
kaepernick's actions. >> the 49ers will be opening the regular season on september 12 and can you watch that game right here with coverage of espn's monday night football starting at 7:00 p.m. >> this morning, republican presidential candidate donald trump will meet with the president of mexico which is a surprise to a lot of people, after the criticism of donald trump comparing trump to hitler. they will meet privately today. donald trump will then deliver a much anticipated speech to clarify his stance on the core campaign message, message, happening in phoenix. >> hillary clinton is looking forward to meeting with the manage can president at the appropriate time. >> 30 maims represented to benghazi were recovered during the f.b.i. investigation into
5:39 am
her use of a private mail server and wents to review the e-mails to determine if they contain classified information. >> new, bringing it back inland east bay neighborhood in the mid-to-upper 50s in the san ramon valley and livermore and mid-50 out highway 4 at pittsburg and antioch and brentwood and low secretary around oakland and 62 there, and hayward and mountain view and san jose, 61, and san carlos, 59 along with spray low and northwest so cool at 52 and pacifica has drizzle at 56. redwood city has average of 81 and today we are around 70 at noon. we will hang out in the low-to-mid 70s during the afternoon. it is refreshing. temperature will top out at 78 there. 75 in hayward. 67 in sausalito. petaluma is 78. we are 80 in san jose and mid-80s as the cool breezes take our temperatures down today and more is tomorrow. wees there another two to four degrees.
5:40 am
on friday, they start to rebound. just when you think it will feel like summer, saturday and sunday are looking cooler but i have 90s coming back in the forecast. >> we are still light are than average but looking at the bay bridge toll plaza you would not know it. we have metering lights on as of 5:30 going on 10 minutes with the car pool lanes looking good. traffic is not backed up too bad through the maze and marin county from san rafael, southbound 101, you are still looking at light value. a check of brief time, westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze is 19 minutes and in the green and when you make it through the toll plaza and cross the bay bridge it will take you 11 minutes on westbound 80, and southbound 101 san francisco a flight out of sfo that is only taking you 90 minutes. back to traffic maps in a few minutes. >> too easy this morning. >> i know. >> a bay area man get as break
5:41 am
from president obama and what the man's family is saying of the president's decision. >> move over uber, google is about to get in on the ride sh
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this is your moment, this is your time. i believe in you. congratulations bro on a job well done. i'm so proud of you. you are amazing. ♪ ♪
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>> look at surveillance video from connecticut, a woman is pulling two kids from the back seat of a car. it is on fire.
5:44 am
you can see the driver slammed into the gas pump hitting the gas rather that brakes. the woman goes into a back seat to get the kids out and the pump fell on top of another car and the fireball of flames. the fire destroyed two cars and damaged three others. no one was hurt. it is not clear in the initial driver will be facing any charges. >> president obama has commuted the sentences of more than 100 prisoners including the east bay man arrested nearly 30 years ago, the 48-year-old was found guilty of distributing crack and cocaine in 1990, and reed was only 20 when bust by the feds as the king pin in oakland's crack crow contain drug trade known as "little "d" on the street. as the war on drews he got a sentence of 35 years in prison. >> it was totalliry deck husband but i told myself, too, i believe the lord sent him there for a ron because he is still
5:45 am
having a if mind and still alive because most of the guys dead and gone. >> he was a major player and a gangster. that is the only way you can characterize it. >> he is scheduled to be released from prison december 28. all the move to put more san jose police officers on patrol is now official. the stir leaders approved the message declaration in life the well documented police shortage. 47 officers have been reassigned from other divisions to patrol. the police young approved move. it cannot come soon enough for the residents. >> someone broke in and they were still in my house and i called the police though could not come out. >> the take takes effect in two weeks. >> chris brown is out on bail after be booked for assault with a deadly weapon. now be we are hearing from the woman would called police. officers arrested brown in the
5:46 am
los angeles estate after 14-hour standoff yesterday. the allegeed victim talked with abc about why she called 9-1-1. >> i thought he was going to shoot me took the gun out like this and put it in my face and said get the finished out getting hate mail from the fans and very hurtful, saying kill yourself. >> police are not say right new in they found a weapon but brown's attorney tweeted last night that thals against brown are demonstrably false. the suspect are said he did nothing wrong in posting on instagram. >> google is expanding the bay area car pooling program. law is a pilot program that is tested for employees of a handful of company including wal-mart and adobe using the waze app to connect drivers and commuter going in the same direction. google will expand the service that puts it in direct
5:47 am
competition with uber and lyft ways will set a fee of up to 54ent whys a mile to reimburse drivers for gas and maintenance. >> mike nicco? good morning, reggie and natasha zouves. in san jose it is clear with a few high clouds and they are producing brilliant colors. the clouds are returning and becoming breezy with patchy clouds and more drizzle in our overnight forecast and that will bring us cooler conditions until next week with the waxth we get used to is on the way. the next self hours you can see nothing other than a little bit of drizzle along the coast. in the south bay, total sunshine today, 80 in san jose, sunnyvale at 7. los gatos at 84 and santa clara at 78, out peninsula, we have temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s and the 78 you can see in
5:48 am
palo alto and in the south bay mountain view cooler in millbrae at 70 and low-to-mid 60s along the coast and a lot of mitch 60s from san francisco and downtown at 6, and richmond at 67. daly city is cooler at 61. average in santa rosa at 86. vallejo is 75. along the east bay shore temperatures are close to average bright most the day, low-to-upper 70s from richmond at 70 to fremont at 78. inland, we are going do have a cool morning and a warm afternoon, and temperature are in the mid-to-upper 80s. i will show you what is going on in florida and in the costs of the carolinas and into georgia a tropical depression 9 is rolling through and dropping the flooding rain. if you are heading to disney for the weekend, it will be pulling away from this and hopefully by saturday. my seven-day forecast shows what you are going to sear temperatures below am, not is breezy tomorrow and friday. breezes come back on saturday and sunday.
5:49 am
then it is warm again on monday with 90s inland on tuesday. alexis? >> feel like doughnuts? i will pick up something to eat because this is nothing happen on the roads. seriously. wide on on the san mateo bridge westbound 92 for folks in hayward. we are okay. i am probably jinxing it. fingers crossed the honestly, we are looking at light are than average volume with a couple of slow spots but it is typical, westbound 205 to 580 tracy to the try valley we have stop-and-go traffic and in tri-valley you can see southbound 84 and southbound 680 we have stop-and-go traffic but in insurance continues. >> a couple of krispy kremes. >> glazed. nothing fancy. >> ryan lochte has landed a new deal. there is a new ad campaign with
5:50 am
hock lock. >> the warriors have the pre-season schedule. the free stuff they are getting ready to give away. >> move to take the sting out of having to work
5:51 am
honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey... and real oats. ok, that's still honey. ahhh, there we go.
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we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy! figures. >> check out this video of a small plane that crashed into an r.v. park in reno, never, and everyone in the r.v. park is accounted for. no one was hurt, the condition the pilot or anyone on the plane is not clear. it is quite a fire the plane hit nose first burst into planes and hit trailers and vehicles. the park is evacuated and the
5:53 am
f.a.a. and ntsb are investigating. >> daly city elementary school is expected to reopen after a sewer problem. students at west lake were sent home because of aing colored drain. 9 clog was supposed to be fixed over the welcome but federal tried to bring in port-a-potty ies but they could not get enough before class. >> if you have been to machine hat you know how by difficult the hudson river is. ten kayakers recovered after a ferry collided with them in the hudson. they were rescued after being knocked into the water. five kayakers were taken to the hospital and a man suffered a partly severed arm. the other four suffered minor injuries. no one on the ferry was hurt. officials are looking into would had the right-of-way. and, also, whether the setting sun affected visibility on the water. prove will be in south lake tahoe on a summits on the clarity. a study shows lake tahoe had
5:54 am
warmer temperatures last year than ever before. a century ago the clarity was 100' but now that is down to 73'. it is not the only issue that the governor brown and remember will hear about. >> we have invasive species here and we look to try to prevent that from concreting a catastrophe. >> president obama will be the key note speaker at the summit being hell at harvey's outdoor theater >> the warriors release the pre-season schedule. >> bobbleheads. >> but, first, they of the seven games are in the bay area two at oracle arena and one at s.a.p. center in san jose october 6. >> look: bobbleheads. >> attend careers will receive klay thompson in a jacks jersey and draymond green and steph curry bobbleheads at oracle arena on october 4 and 21st
5:55 am
and just love this. i want one. >> the accweather forecast with mike nicco. >> good morning, everyone, here is a look from the moratorium the marine layer is caught in the fog oning in and the spread is 26 degrees from daly city to bodega. at the game have the sun scene. kress for temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s. around the state hazy around palm springs and hot at 110. 84 in house an. 78 in lake tahoe. enjoy the sunshine. safe travels. alexis? >> the bay bridge toll plaza has the metering lights on since 5:30. everyone is stop-and-go other than the car tool lanes. a new collision. not sure in it is blocking. it is in the tri-develop southbound 680 beyond the 580
5:56 am
split we a call to them for more details the we have a little bit of a delay beyond 580 . >> ikea has miss added lip over the ralph dressers linked to the delegates of six toddlers. according to the philadelphia inquirer they had until august unanimous to hand over efforts to lawyers representing a mother who sued after a dresser crushed her two-year-old. she is asking a judge to fine ikea $1,000 a day until they comply. the company has not commented to philadelphia inquirer and said in court filing the documents should stay confidential. >> if you have to work on thanksgiving day, your company could soon be required to pay you more. the california senate is pushing through legislation that requires large companies to pay employees double time for working on turkey day approved
5:57 am
early this month as stores are opening earlier and earlier. >> we are tracking several deadly shooting in the east bay and we are in richmond where not one, not two, but they people were shot overnight. >> and the man who compared donald trump to hitler wants to meet. days on trump's first official sit down with the head of state of the republican presidential nominee. >> more on a rally in support of kaepernick's national anthem protest. here is a look outside. stay tuned.
5:58 am
the oil companies pollute our air. putting their... ...profits ahead of our kids' health. now they're trying to weaken california's clean air laws. i'm tom steyer. we've had a million kids get asthma. we need to send the oil companies a message. tell your legislator to stand up to the oil companies and protect our clean air laws. don't let the oil companies put their profits... ...ahead of our kids.
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>> good morning, east bay, let's get going. this is abc7 morning. >> it is wednesday. august 31. i am reggie aqui. >> we are all working other than alexis. that is true. my feet are on the deck, an easy morning, drinking coffee. >> unusually light.
6:00 am
>> i am natasha zouves and jessica castro is here and alexis is taking it easy and mike nicco. >> maybe it is the post birthday present. here is a look at what is going on with live doppler hd. the clouds and drizzle rolling back in. the south bay will have the gorgeous sunrise. a few high clouds. the colors are changing at 280 and 17. temperatures in the 50s, and nearly 60 at 9:00. we-out in the 60s at the coast. the upper 60s to 70s around the bay and mid-70s to mid-80s inland from noon to 4:00. we will have more on the hurricanes barreling down on hawaii. alexis? looking at our traffic maps the one and only issue we have reported in the last hour and a half, it is in the tri-valley southbound 680 beyond the 580 flight there is


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