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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 3, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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vindication in the opener this year. >> steve: they are rewarded by continually playing the big boys to start the season. >> brian: give them credit. think how far this win is going to go not only for wisconsin this season but how far it's going to go for paul chryst and recruiting in this region. >> steve: nationally this marks two teams that have lost in the first week, back to 1972, nebraska was top ranked and arkansas at number four. this is going to be an interview you want to hear. here's todd. >> todd: coach, you grew up in wisconsin, coached in wisconsin, went to wisconsin, you come back as the head coach. you told me you were on the field four other times, once for a concert and three times to watch friends play. how was this for you? >> obviously i'm happy but i'm really proud of this team. that's what i love about this game, it's a player's game. i feel best for them.
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obviously i'm happy but really because what they did and they put it out there against a really good team. i'm proud of this group and i'm really happy for them. >> todd: it's hard to know what you're going to get from a quarterback who hasn't really played and started a game since 2011 i think it was and first collegiate start to come out in this environment. what did you see in bart houston? >> he was bart. he's going to compete and there's going to be a couple plays we're going to want to learn from but he competed and kept his poise throughout it and i was just proud of the way everyone played together. we had that spurt where we gave them some momentum. the fumble and the pick six. guys just stayed with it and hats off to the team. they came through in a big way. this was fun because it took everyone. >> todd: i know you have a whole season to play and this is one game but watching your players and how excited and emotional they were yesterday to walk through on this field, to get this win against an lsu team that a lot of people thought
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could be a national champion, how much does this mean for all these young men who grew up packer fans watching brett favre and the other greats? >> two things. one, we want to enjoy the moment. they put themselves out here and they can't take that away. then i think there's another part. we as a team this year, how we choose to take this and go forward, that's on us. that's the challenge. right now i want them to enjoy it. it's a great opportunity. it was a challenge but a great opportunity and they took advantage of it. >> todd: great job, coach. congratulations. >> thanks so much. >> todd: we have bart over here. hey bart. how are you doing, man? how are you doing? >> doing good, very good. that was a solid victory. lsu is a great team.
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best of luck to them, but we drove, we fought. the defense made plays. we made some plays. i'm going to have to get a lot better next week too. >> todd: you're named after bart starr, first start of your college career is here on lambeau field. what does it mean to you? >> it means a lot, i think it means more to my dad. that's his favorite player. i don't know, you couldn't have made up a better story, i guess. it's an awesome experience. i love playing out here. i'm so happy. it's a great time. >> todd: there were some ups and downs. things weren't going well. how were you able to overcome that? >> keep confidence, keep driving and keep going. i think we might have gotten a little satisfied after the first drive in the third quarter and that's why we kind of didn't do as well after.
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i was telling our guys, we got to keep the confidence up, keep driving, keep striving for victories. >> todd: heck of an effort today, man. congratulations. >> thanks. >> steve: this is a disney movie, brother, right? this is real close. this is a movie script. wow. a special afternoon in a special place. >> brian: that's the difference between college and nfl. >> steve: no question. you didn't see this one coming. bart houston hadn't started since 2011 in high school. starts and wins at lambeau field. be sure to tune into abc tonight at 8:00 eastern for saturday night football presented by wells fargo, usc/alabama. in the end, they did the leap. there's no flag on the play. a win by wisconsin. number five goes down.
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this brutal attack was caught on video. now another woman says she was also stalked by the same man. the kaepernick fallout. santa clara's police chief responds after some officers threaten to not staff 49er games. and hermine's fury leaves a lot of damage behind. a tropical storm batters the south and is heading north. millions of people stand in its path. the news starts now. my blood went cold when i saw that surveillance video. >> the video is disturbing. nearly two weeks after a brutal and unprovoked attack on a woman in san francisco's pacific heights neighborhood, another woman says she believes the same man stalked her, and she called police to report suspicious activity hours earlier.
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>> hello, i'm eric thomas. welcome to this early edition of abc7 news due to college football. tiffany wilson is live at lafayette park with more on this story. tiffany? >> reporter: the attack happened right in front of this tall, pink building behind me. then a woman says she and her friend were menaced, stalked by the suspect for nearly an hour as he stood in front of their apartment here on clay street. they say they called police twice, but no officers ever arrived. the surveillance video is hard to watch. a hooded man pounds his victim's face repeatedly. continuing on even after she collapses to the ground. austin allen says this could is happened to her. >> he said something beginning with "hey, girls," in a raspy voice. >> reporter: around 2:30 august 20th, allen and her friend returned to clay street after a night out. allen said the suspect in this sketch started after them. >> we locked the gate behind us before he got there. >> reporter: for nearly an hour, both women huddled in the
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apartment. her friend called police twice. >> every car we heard, i was like, that's the cops, right? that's the cops, right? because i knew if he didn't get us, he could do something to someone else. >> reporter: finally, the man walked away, and allen went home. 17 hours later and a block away, this happened. >> my blood went cold when i saw that surveillance video. he was wearing the exact same outfit. he had the same build. and then when i saw the sketches, i knew it was completely him. >> reporter: allen immediately called the san francisco police tip line. the police released a statement that reads in part, "we're looking into the possibility of a second victim. investigators are northern station will follow up." today we canvassed lafayette park asking if people recognized the sketch of the suspect. no one did. >> and i know a lot of people in the park, but i've never seen him. >> reporter: allen wishes her friend's calls to police had led to a different outcome. >> i feel so bad for that woman. >> reporter: she plans to carry pepper spray with her from now on.
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in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news. breaking news right now in san francisco. a boat capsized near aquatic park a little after 3:30 this afternoon. there are reports as many as 16 children went to the water. they are members of the sea cadets. the coast guard helped in the rescue. all the kids are out of the water and are being taken to the hyde street pier. we're told they're being treated for bumps, bruises, and hypothermia. we have a crew on the way and will bring you the latest later in this newscast. we have new details about the police response to colin kaepernick's anthem protest. santa clara's police chief said his officers will continue to work levi stadium events despite a threat from the police union. kaepernick has sat and will now kneel during the national anthem in protest of what he calls racial injustice. he's also worn socks that depict police as pigs. yesterday the police officers association said members may stop working home games at levi stadium. today chief michael sellers issued a statement saying, "as distasteful as his actions are,
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these actions are protected by the constitution. police officers are here to protect the rights of every person. even if we disagree with their position, police officers have sworn an oath to uphold the constitution." the chief promised to work with both sides to find a solution. napa police are asking for the public's help in finding this vehicle. they say the 2014 silver vw beetle was involved in a fatal hit-and-run accident yesterday morning at the intersection of monarch street and biway east. the male victim died this morning from his injuries. police say the suspect's vehicle has possible damage on the driver's side. the vehicle has a california license plate. it's on the screen now -- 7efy913. if you recognize that vehicle, call napa police. new at 4:00, an inmate mistakenly released from a san francisco county jail turned himself in this morning. victor rodriguez surrendered before 9:00 a.m. and booked back
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into jail. rodriguez still had three months to serve when the sheriff's department erroneously let him if wednesday night. he was in jail for threatening to shoot deputies with an ak-47 rifle. in fresno, two corrections officers are in critical condition after being shot in the head inside the county jail. it happened around 8:30 this morning in the jail's main lobby in the public area just before people go through metal detectors. 15 others were in line waiting to go in including children. the suspect is a parolee who was previously convicted of raping three children. he surrendered after the shooting and said he wanted to go to jail. >> hurting now because we have two people that work in the sheriff's office that are injured very, very badly by someone who didn't care about them and didn't care about the public in the jail lobby. >> this was the first shooting at the fresno county jail. it's going to be a labor day washout for millions of americans in florida and east
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coast. what's left of hurricane hermine is going out to sea, but the damage is far from over. it's gaining strength as it moves north. many are still at risk for potentially deadly conditions this holiday weekend. abc news reporter eva pilgrim has more along the new jersey coast. >> reporter: hermine went up and around. >> reporter: in north carolina's outer banks, reports of a tornado leaving several injured. >> we're getting multiple calls in reference to the house collapse. quite a few subject in the water. unknown how many injuries. >> reporter: in nags head, fire crews responded to a hotel where a small electrical fire forced an evacuation.
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families sent down to the lobby, watching as the wind tore through the city. in virginia beach, the surf is barreling in. residents left waiting out the holiday weekend at home. >> this is labor day weekend, and this beach is as it should be -- even diehard surfers are not here because of rip currents deadly, as well. >> reporter: the focus moves north. hermine is back in the atlantic, gaining strength as a post tropical cyclone. warnings and watches extending up to new jersey, new york, and connecticut. residents heading to hardware stores. >> requiring about the generators, batteries, flashlights. >> reporter: back in florida where hermine made landfall as the first hurricane to hit the state in more than a decade, residents are surveying what's left. >> this right here sets you back a whole year at least. >> reporter: millions now hoping the rest of the storm won't be as bad. eva pilgrim, abc news, atlantic
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city, new jersey. still ahead on abc7 news at 4:00, several states felt a shaking early this morning. the cleanup today in oklahoma. what experts say the state is seeing, that the state is seeing, rather. more earthquakes. plus -- i am here to listen to you, and i've been doing that. >> a message of unity. republican presidential republican presidential candidate donald trump reaches again! again! again! again! again? again! again! general mills is removing artificial flavors and colors from our cereals. so you can love cereal... again!
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people in oklahoma are cleaning up damage after an earthquake this morning, tied for the strongest in the state's history. the earthquake was a magnitude 5.6 and could be felt as far away as eight states including arizona. the damage includes cracked walls, crumbled bricks, and food knocked off store shelves. it was centered near the town of pawnee, 75 miles north of oklahoma city and an hour west of tulsa. 35 oil and natural gas wastewater disposal wells around the epicenter have been ordered to shut down after the quake. oklahoma is seeing more earthquakes linked to underground disposal of wastewater from oil and natural gas production. now to "your voice, your vote." republican presidential candidate donald trump visited a black church today for the first time during his campaign. he was in the front row at a church in detroit with former rival and detroit native ben carson and former "apprentice" contestant oma rosa. he's been appealing to voter by
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talking about problems with african-american communities but doing it by talking to predominantly white crowds. he showed humility while reading a 12-minute speech. he said he understand the african-american community has suffered from discrimination, and that there are many wrongs that should be made right. highway also cast himself -- he also cast himself as a republican in the tradition of abraham lincoln. >> the great abraham lincoln was a republican. it has been the greatest loner of my life -- it is on his legacy that i hope to build the future of the party. but more important, the future of the country and the community. [ chanting ] >> a large crowd of protesters gathered outside the church. they say they do not support the visit and called trump a racist. on to this holiday weekend and the weather. we're in midst of it now. >> we are. starting off on a cool note. warmer air is waiting in the wings. it's on its way. live doppler 7 showing what was slow to clear for much of the
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region today. a little bit of cloud cover. live doppler radar 7 is tracking still a lot of high clouds moving through the bay area. tonight, it's really going to be focused in the south bay where we have the cloud cover. out there now, it's comfortably cool. the numbers still well below normal for this time of year. 61 in san francisco. currently 66 in oakland. a comfortable 72 in san jose. and right now, fairfield, the warmest spot, 79 inland. 82 now in santa rosa. to look at future weather, we'll go hour by hour. watch the time stamp. a tale two of skies overnight. south of the golden gate bridge, that's where the cloud cover will be focused first things on sunday. if you wake up 7:00 in the morning, in the north bay we're dealing with clear skies. in the south bay, around san jose, morgan hill, gilroy, we'll have the fog. the high clouds first thing. it's going to be a nice afternoon. the clouds going to pull back to the coast and the coast, too, tomorrow afternoon, a fair amount of sunshine. a little bit of patchy cloud
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cover on future weather by 4:00 sunday afternoon. highs on your sunday, still temperatures employ normal for this time of year. we're making our way up. 65 in san francisco. 69 the high tomorrow in oakland. about 76 in san jose. 81 in fairfield. and napa up to 79 degrees. as we look at your labor day forecast on monday, we'll start off with a little bit of coastal cloud cover. temperatures mainly in the 50s. sunshine for most midday. coastal clouds. by the afternoon, look at this -- really nice on monday. everybody sees sunshine. temperatures finally near normal for this time of year. then we go above normal midweek next week. the accu-weather seven-day forecast is going to show you we're still cool for september tomorrow. we're near normal on the holiday itself on monday. then temperatures really take off. by wednesday and tuesday, it's going to feel like summer. inland close to 100 degrees. and temperatures staying still above normal. friday and saturday, only two more days of temperatures feeling chilly.
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then we're taking a turn for the warmer. >> a return to the warmer. just in time for fall. >> just in time. >> summer will be here. thank you very much. time for a little sports action. the band's all together. >> talking football. college football kicked off today around the nation. we already have our first top five upset. 15th ranked houston knocked off third ranked oklahoma in a complete beatdown including special teams.
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there's always upsets on the first weekend of college football in the preseason game. the coach isn't sure what he has with his team. third ranked oklahoma found out
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the hard way against 15th ranked houston. second quarter, oklahoma takes the lead. baker mayfield to andrews. mayfield threw for 322 yards, two tds. 17-13 sooners. only week one. but already have a player of the year nominee. sooners down two. they can take the lead. 53-yard field goal, but short. from the back of the end zone, runs the entire length of the field. it will if down as 100-yard touchdown. that was about 110. even had to leap over his own guy to score. houston with the first major upset of the year taking down number-three oklahoma, 33-23, that final. number seven michigan hosting hawaii. jim harbaugh naming wilton speight the starting quarterback. his first pass was a pick. he rebounded on the next drive. 12-yard td pass to perry. 7-0 wolverines. in the first, finding it for 19
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yards, 35-0 at the half. chris evans, eight carries, 112 yards, two tds. his longest here, 43 yards. michigan cruises 63-3. we'll take a brief time-out before we check in on the cubs. and a pitchers duel. it came down to the final frame.
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sending madison bumgardener to the hill and trying to get a much-needed win. a nail-biter to the end. fans enjoying wrigley field. there it is. getting a run at the top of the first with two outs. cubs' third baseman with the rounder away. angel passion -- angel pagan scores. san francisco up 2-0 in the fifth. jakearrieta. and baez comes around, the throw is not in time. 2-1. top of the sixth, still 2-1. stealing second and third. two outs, arrieta with the wild pitch. scores to make it 3-1. the bottom ninth, cubs with the tying run and nobody out. the bunt and gets to first. anthony rizzo goes too far off second. panic causes the double play. that's a much-needed 3-2 victory. >> we haven't been playing bad
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baseball. just coming up short. today of a good win for us. hopefully, you know, it don't take much to get us started on the right track again. hopefully that's what will happen. >> the cubs today. the 49ers no surprise, gabbard at quarterback, and as expected colin kaepernick on the 53-man roster. the niners got rod straighter from the chiefs. a good pickup. and cuts, jeff driscol likely to go on the practice squad. ponder made the team. shane skobe and deafyon cajuse released. bryce treggs headed to the practice squad. dujuan harris and garrison smith had a nice camp, all relieved. the raiders -- released. the raiders have not put theirs out yet. stay with us after the game. we tour the action nationally
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and locally. more from college football coming up later. stick around. eric? >> all right. thanks a lot. a landmark deal coming up on abc7 news. the agreement president obama made with china today in which he says the best chance is for saving the planet. and a live report on breaking news in san francisco where more than a dozen honey nut cheerios get their delicious taste from honest ingredients. like real delicious honey...
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and real oats. ok, that's still honey. ahhh, there we go. we're back to honey again. who's directing this? that guy! figures. ♪
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amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. don't miss the biggest sale of the year. right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed, plus 36-month financing. hurry ends monday! know better sleep. only at a sleep number store. breaking news, more than a
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dozen kids have been pulled from the water in san francisco near aquatic park. let's head to abc7's tiffany wilson who's live with the latest. >> reporter: eric, yes, a boat carrying those 15 sea cadets and one adult capsized behind me outside of aquatic park it an hour ago. i want to take you live. you see the ambulances that are still parked over there. we also have some pictures from those children who were rescued out of the water. now, this all began shortly after 3:30 when firefighters say that a boat carrying sea cadets and one adult capsized. immediately a red alert was put out, and the fire department, the coast guard, and the police responded. the good news, they were able to rescue all 15 kids who are aged between 8 years and 18-years-old. they also rescued the adults. everyone was taken to the hyde street pier where you can see
4:35 pm
the kids were immediately wrapped up in blankets. the fire department spokesperson says that the sea cadets, some of them suffered some bumps and bruises. some were at risk of hypothermia. so everyone, all 16 people who were in the water, are being taken to area hospitals as a precaution. right now, there is no word as to what caused that boat to capsize. they will be looking into that. but again, the good news out here at aquatic park is that all 15 children and the adults who were on the boat are rescued safely. and they are all in relatively good condition. we'll is much more throughout the evening. stay with abc7 news. for now live in san francisco, i'm tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> glad to hear they're okay. thank you very much. president obama signed a landmark climate change deal on his final trip to china today. at the global economic summit, he and the chinese president
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sealed the agreement from last year in paris. china and the u.s. are the biggest carbon emitters in the world. for the agreement to take effect, 55 countries must formally join. >> we have a saying in america that you need to put your money where your mouth is. and when it comes to combating climb change, that's what we're doing. >> the president's trip started on a sour note when air force one first landed. there was no staircase. he had to use an alternative exit. there was a verbal argument between a white aide and a chinese official with the official yelling "this is our country. this is our airport." now to the urgent search for two americans. experienced mountain climbers went missing a week ago trying to scale a treacherous mountain in pakistan. bad weather has hampered search efforts. abc's lauren lyster with the latest. >> reporter: the climbers lost, trying to summit a treacherous peak that's never been climbed. >> they don't have gps with
4:37 pm
them. we have no idea of where they're at on the mountain. >> reporter: expert alpinists disappearing after a snowstorm nearly two weeks ago. they were taking on the ultra-steep north face of ogre 2 in north pakistan. the trip expected to take five days total. the men haven't been seen since a day into the climb. their headlamps spotted halfway up the peak. 24 hours after that, a storm rolling in. that storm not letting up. helicopters grounded for nearly a week, and friends know time is running out. >> you can imagine the pit in your stomach every time you get an update that says helicopters can't fly, snow, clouds. >> reporter: the pair attempted the same climb last year. the trip nearly killing both of them after they fell hundred of feet to the glacier below. family and friends now hoping the men will come out alive this time, too. >> they were more than confident that they could go back and finish what they had started.
4:38 pm
we have to believe the best case scenario, that they got caught in the storm, they realized how bad it was. they've dug a snow cave and are waiting out the weather. >> that was lauren lyster reporting. supporters started a gofundme page to fund the rescue mission. in three days it's raised more than $193,000. the goal is $250,000. investigators have found the remains of a boy who had been missing for three decades thanks to a person of interest in the case. in 1989, a masked gunman abducted 11-year-old jacob wetterling. became a national story that led to stronger sex offender laws. investigators reopened the case last year which led them to child porn suspect danny heinrich. the victim's parents were led to their son's remains. he goes on trial for separate child porn charges in october. nfl hall of famer lawrence
4:39 pm
taylor is facing drunk driving charges in florida. this is the former new york giants linebacker's mugshot. police say he sideswiped a highway patrol car and crashed into a motor home last night. no one was seriously injured. police say he had a blood alcohol content of.082 and .084 nearly five hours after the crash. pope francis blessed spay group today including a four-legged guy. the pope shook the paw of an italian rescue dog named leo and spent time with the dog's handler and his colleague at vatican city. the black labrador retriever was part of a rescue team looking for survivors after an earthquake killed nearly 300 people last month. firefighters and volunteers who helped look for survivors from the earthquake in central italy attended the pope's prayer vigil today. he called them artisans of mercy whose hands and voices help people who suffer. pope francis greeted the thousands who attended the prayer vigil today.
4:40 pm
it was held for mother teresa in st. peter's square. mother teresa will be can anized tomorrow -- canonized tomorrow. before her death, she cared for the poor and destitute on the streets of india. in his speech, pope francis said ignoring those suffering from hunger or exploitation is a modern sin of today. still ahead, saving history. what others are throwing away has turned into a treasure trove for one bay area couple. how you can enjoy it for free. and the clouds were slow to clear today. we start off the holiday weekend on a chilly note. as we celebrate the unofficial end of summer, you're t's about to feel like summer. and how about a look at some beautiful sunsets taken by abc7 viewers. there you go right there. there are a couple. gorgeous. you want to see news and weather
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where you live, hash tag #abc7now. comfort food... you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new. something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating. making. serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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if your labor day weekend plans include visiting the golden gate bridge, you cannot park at two parking lots near the span. the vista point lot in marin county and the visitors center lot in san francisco will be closed during peak hours. private vehicles are banned from both lots develop 11:00 in the morning and 5:00 in the evening through monday. tour buses can still use those lots. and another reminder -- bart service between glen park and daley city is shut down through monday. the transit agency is performing maintenance on the stations. a free bus bridge is being provided to get passengers through the closure. bart warns the bridge could add an extra 60 minutes to your trip. what happens when your book collection outgrows your home? you open a library, of course.
4:44 pm
one san francisco couple did just that and made it open to the public. here's more. an extremely large collection. >> reporter: if libraries are repositories for thoughts, this will make you think like never before. it's a private collection of this and that stacked to the ceiling. the couple have spent decades collecting old maps, technical handbooks, what they call historical ephemera. >> we have little on sports nursing, fashion. we collect what we like. >> reporter: they started in 1982. when the collection outgrew their home, they moved to san francisco's south of market neighborhood. some of their books were purchased. others were donations or came from old libraries. it's all carefully curated to meet their hope of preserving the past. >> we were both interested in what kind of material maybe wasn't in every library. what falls between the cracks, what can you find in odd places.
4:45 pm
and what kind of a picture of history would you get if you put all that together. >> reporter: the prelinger library is full of things that most libraries would have tossed out. 30,000 bound objects. 60,000 loose sheets of paper. 10,000 magazines. >> to show the volume of the candy industry journal -- you know, can blow their mind. >> reporter: the library is open to the public and free. it's funded by donations. because many of the copylights have expire -- copyrights have expired, visitors are able to make copies. >> an old list or government document, it's filled with ideas that might not hold up today. but historically, they're incredibly valuable. >> reporter: the prelingers are digitizing the library, as well, making much of the collection available on line. >> we hold on to things and make things astlabl available --
4:46 pm
astlabl are undigitizable. >> reporter: they also collected old films. everything from travel guides to commercials. ♪ you wonder where the yellow went ♪ >> reporter: instructional and educational films -- >> your shoulders slump, your stomach -- take a look. >> reporter: and even corporate promotional films. >> imagine if you can an electronic brain operating at millions of a second speed. >> reporter: the library gave that treasure trove of films away so they could be researched and enjoyed by the world for free. >> that collection went to library of congress in 2002. 18 tractor-trailer loads. >> reporter: those film are still available on the prelinger website, joining rick's latest obsession -- home movies. >> home movies are personal documents. it's people shooting things they care about. people they love, events that mean a great deal to them. home movies it turns out is the great hidden and unknown record of 20th century life.
4:47 pm
>> reporter: why would someone save all of this? the prelingers say it's all about keeping the past alive. >> the p relinger library at 8th and fulsome streets in san francisco is open to the pop wednesdays from 1:00 to 8:00 p.m. and by appointment. apple's new spaceship campus in cupertino is close to liftoff. the drone pilot caught an aerial view giving people a look at the progress. construction updates include the near completion of two large garages, an auditorium, as well as the installation of massive glass windows and solar panels. the building is expected to be finished by the end of 2016. apple hopes employees will be in place by early 201. this weekend, you can take a trip to the big east without leaving the bay area. abc7 news was in millbrae for the mardi gras-like celebration. transforms downtown into new orleans with live music, food, drinks, as well as artists.
4:48 pm
there are fun events and rides for the kids. the event continues tomorrow from 10:00 to 5:00. it's free get in. it's mating season for tarantulas, bet you didn't know that. and you can watch if you want to. the mt. diablo association is offering what they call a tarantula walks starting at the top of the hour. 5:00 p.m. that's when the hairy but harmless male spiders crawl out of their boroughs. take your hands from your eyes over there, drew. looking for eight-legged love interests. mt. diablo is crawling with the dark brown creatures that can range in size from a finger nail to a salad plate. come on. >> a salad plate? >> salad plate! i have arack-- arachnaphobia. that's huge. let's talk about warming temperatures. live doppler 7 shows it is tracking a bit of fog along the coast and high clouds in the
4:49 pm
south bay. i'll go in tighter on live doppler 7 now. you see the gray shading over san mateo, fremont, san jose? that is the high cloud cover. it was thick for much of the day today. as a result, temperatures were much cooler compared to yesterday. look at this 24-hour temperature change. temperatures have just tanked, especially inland. concord, 14 degrees cooler this afternoon. 12 in livermore. 10 in antioch. across the bay, generally four to, say, ten degrees cooler to start off the holiday weekend. temperatures out there now, not feeling like september at all. 61 in san francisco. 66 in oakland. 72 in san jose. will concord, pretty comfortable at 73 degrees. the forecast tomorrow once again, below average by ten degrees once again in spots. by labor day monday itself, we get to near normal. then temperatures are going to quickly rise midweek. and it's finally going feel like summer here as we officially -- unofficially end it on monday. overnight tonight, we'll drop into the 50s. the big story overnight is going to be the tale of the cloud cover.
4:50 pm
it's going to be focused in the south bay again. future weather, watch the time stamp. 4:00 in the morning, south of the golden gate, it looks like the clouds will set up. into the north bay, clear skies. by the afternoon, typical pattern. clouds are out of here. a nice, sunny afternoon on the way for your sunday. temperatures, a touch warmer than they were today, but still below normal for this time of year. 65 in san francisco. breezy on the coast. half moon bay, 60. 69 oakland. san jose, 76. 82 the high in antioch. and napa up to 79 degrees. here's a live look at santa cruz right now. it's a bright beach day. it is breezy. do notice the umbrellas and canopies are moving in the wind. tomorrow once again, if you're going to the coast, your beach forecast does illustrate the wind will be with us again. the sea breeze, 10 to 20 miles per hour. the ocean water temperature is dropping. currently at 58 degrees. it is chilly if you dip your toes in there. accu-weather seven-day forecast shows you we are cool for september. tomorrow once again. the holiday itself on monday, we are near normal finally.
4:51 pm
by tuesday, we are warming one clouds to sunshine. by wednesday, midweek, sunny and warm here. finally on thursday. been delay good three months, but it feels like summer around here, nearing 100 inland. yes, we go a little cooler friday and into saturday. still temperatures above normal. it's got to feel warm finally. just took a couple months to get that heat here. >> all right. didn't think you were arachnaphobic. >> no, i knew that story would be scary. >> don't be thinking anything over there -- >> yeah. we'll take a tour of the pac 12 action. what a finish at lambeau field. that's right. wisconsin and lsu.
4:52 pm
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4:54 pm
it may be the start of college football, but there was a huge game this afternoon in chicago against who else but the cubs. warming up. two outs on the third baseman. throwing the grounder away. angel pagan scores from second. 1-0 san francisco. we go top sixth. two runs. crawford singles, stole second and third. two outs take arrieta to the wild pitch. crawford scores. giants if up 3-1. bottom nine, cubs with the tying run, nobody out. the bunt. getting to first. anthony rizzo goes too far off second. no panic. crawford for the double play. the giants will hold on for a 3-2 victory. >> finally got a couple breaks today. we did some -- today we scratched and clawed. got enough runs, the bullpen
4:55 pm
stepped up. just a great game for us. and a must-need win. number five lsu taking on wisconsin at lambeau field. the college debut. 205 yards two pick third quarter. white with the interception. goes sideline to sideline. 21 yards, tigers down 13-7. they took the lead a minute and seven seconds later. brandon harris to see to kevin durell. ten yards on the score. then the kicker -- 3-3 in the game. 47 yards there. wisconsin up 16-13. for the tigers, a minute left. the ill-advised throw picked off by dixon. then leveled. celebrating -- that was daughtery hit. led to an ejection and likely suspension. wisconsin with the upset, 16-13 the final. and number 16 ucla at texas a&m. the aggies take a 15-point lead
4:56 pm
in the third. reynolds to the 40-yard score. but ucla will tie it up. bruins running back lands on the a&m defender, doesn't go down, gets up. a nine-yard score. we go to overtime. in ot, trevor knife runs it in n to give the aggies the 31-24 lead. last chance for ucla. rosen knocked down by justin evans. texas a&m will hold on to win 31-24 the final. chris peterson, number 14 washington, hosting rutgers. the huskies off and running. jake browning connecting twice. the 50 yarder. 24-0 after one quarter. plenty of big plays last year. this year, the same. taking the rutgers kickoff at his own 8 yard line. barely touched. the step final step -- 92-yard. a long way to run in shoulder
4:57 pm
pads. the huskies on a roll. 48-13 the final. and stick around. alabama-usc. following that, yours truly after the game. we'll take you to around the nation in college football. couldn't ask for a bigger game to start this date than alabama and usc. >> that's right. 92 yards is a long way to run in shoulder pads. >> a lot. that's it for this edition of abc7 news.
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4:59 pm
5:00 pm
welcome to field and stream stores kickoff week. >> chris: an ambition so rarely attained. success so difficult to sustain. we call it a dynasty. >> the trojans of usc, your bcs national champions. >> alabama, back on top. another building block in this dynasty. >> chris: dynasties rule. reign. dominate. tonight, the last two teams to hold that distinction face off. the trojans, who once ruled the sport.


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