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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 4, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone, same carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, september 4th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, everyone. good morning, carolyn. the fog mainly along the san mateo coast. you see it is clear in the north bay but temperatures are dropping. in fact we are in the upper 40s santa rosa, 54 in the city. 56 san jose. another vantage point outside our studios. you don't see much fog. 48 novato. yes, we are waking up cooler today. temperatures trying to come up inland. upper 50s at the coast. low 80s inland. we begin our warmup but we have to wait for the holiday for
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that. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. breaking news out of hayward. one person is dead following a violent collision between two cars on southbound 880 north of the west a-street off-ramp. a dodge pickup and a honda accord involved. the fatality, a young man, was in the honda. four other people were transported to the hospital with various injuries. that accident happened approximately 1:30 this morning, briefly closing all five lanes. the lanes are now back open. in other news, history has been made in vatican city this morning. mother theresa was canonized? sainthood. hundreds of thousands of people jammed into the square for the event. mother theresa, who died in 1977, was known as the saint of the gutters for her tireless work among the the destitutin in
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the inbrand city of calcutta. [foreign language] >> pope francis called her the model of sanctity. saint theresa also founded the missionaries of charity, now a global order of nuns identified by their trademark. colin kaepernick is scheduled to speak at a church in san francisco this morning, expanding on his views on racial injustice. kaepernick has been expressing the views both on and off the football field. kaepernick says he sits or kneels during the national anthem to protest inequality. the church said although they don't like it, they defend his right to say it. >> santa clara police officers are the front line of traffic enforcement and safety around the home of the 49ers. >> with he are here to protect
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and serve and protect those we may disagree with. >> michael sellers has found himself caught between colin kaepernick and his accomplice officers. members of the police officers association wrote a letter saying they are offended by his comments about police brutality. >> cops are getting paid leave for killing people. >> and they didn't like the socks he recently wore depicting a pig wearing a police hat. he wants the 49ers to do something about it. if they don't stop the workplace behavior, it could result in police officers not working at their facility. >> making a statement but we have a job to do, and that's to provide a safe community not only for our community but the fans and members attending levi's stadium. >> are there a lot of police officers going against what they are saying or is it the whole force?
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>> safety is an important thing. if we can problem solve and not put people in jeopardy, security at the game is really important. >> the controversy won't end soon, along with an appearance at the third baptist church, he's also pledged to donate $1 million to various charitable causes 15 sea scouts won't forget a recent trip to the san francisco bay. the 30-foot boat overturned in the chilly waters, forcing the coast guard to come to their rescue. lisa amin gulezian has the details. [sirens] >> fifteen freezing kids were plucked out of the san francisco bay. their sailboat capsized minutes after leaving. those at the park believe the strong winds were to blame. >> we weren't able to get the anchor out so it flipped over again. we had everyone go to the other side of the boat and hold on.
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>> this is what the boat looked like as the san francisco police and the coast guard responded. each boat rescued 8 passengers. >> they looked to be afraid and serious. we quickly moved in and threw a line. a line we hold on to and allow a person from the water to grab on to. >> the skids were in the 55-degree water for more than 15 minutes. medics worried hypothermia may set in. >> you always worry about the youngest ones. but if you had i don't know swimmers out there, pan ag alone could throw them into a 'tiszy. >> everyone on board were wearing a life vest and most had some sailing experience. the sea scouts go out weekly, even during a small craft advisory, which was issued for the entire weekend. >> this is a boat that typically goes out in small craft advisories and it can be sailed very well in those winds. >> this is the first time a sea scout boat has capsized in the bay in more than two decades. no significant injuries were
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reported. lisa amin gulezian, abc7 news. a driver with a passenger on board crashed into another car after being shot in san francisco. it happened just before 9:00 last night. police say the victims were in a car at webster and fulton when the gun plan approached and opened prior, hitting both. they drove off, crash being three blocks away at webster and fell. police have not announced any arrests. both victims should survive. in berkeley an out of control car slammed into the corner of a house. it happened just after 7:30 last night. the engine of the car briefly was on fire, but was quickly put out. the driver suffered minor injuries. in fresno, two corrections officers are in critical condition this morning after being shot in the lobby of the k the jail. the suspect is in jail. he's been booked on attempted murder and being a felon in possession of a gun. that shooting happened around
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8:30 yesterday morning. fifteen other people, including children, were in the lobby at the time. authorities say vang demanded to see someone in the jail, cut in line, and started pacing back and forth. when two officers confronted him about his odd behavior, he pulled out a gun and shot them both in the neck and head. vang surrendered after a brief shootout with the lieutenant. no one else was hurt. the suspect is a parolee who was previously convicted of raping three children. the jail is close today visitors until further notice. this is the first time there's ever been a shooting at the fresno county jail. >> hurting right now because we have two people who work in the sheriff's office who are injured very, very badly by someone who didn't care about them and didn't care about the public in the jail lobby.
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>> and again, that jail is closed now until further notice. former stanford swimmer brock turner has still not returned to his home in ohio after serving a three-month sentence for rape. tmz reports turner's parents have called police in ohio asking for protection for their son. swarms of protesters are gathered outside the family home. ohio is an open-carry state, and some are armed. the sheriff there gave turner five days to register as a sex offender and begin serving his probation. he was released from the santa clara county jail on friday after serving half of a six- month jail sentence while turner initially faced up to 14 years in jail. napa police have arrested a suspect wanted for a fatal hit-and-run. people reported seeing the man's bmw on i-80 yesterday afternoon.
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the police found the car and arrested a 54-year-old man of napa. police believe he hit a pedestrian at the intersection of monarch street and bay wide east yesterday morning. the victim died from his injuries. hurricane here mean is expected to regain hurricane strength sometime today. the storm is blamed for two deaths. right now hundreds of thousands of people have no power. beaches along the atlantic are closed this holiday weekend. hermine hit florida before heading north. it could cause widespread destruction the next two days before weakening again on tuesday. lease auction do you have any update on in a? >> yeah, the sunny skies along the eastern seaboard now. really the storm surge they are looking at. it's not a total washout for labor day. and we started out with much cooler than average temperatures form the holiday weekend.
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today it's going to be pretty similar to yesterday. but wait until you see the seven-day outlook. we are going well above average. i'll have that coming up. >> thank you, lisa. after this brutal attack was caught on camera, this morning a new woman is saying she was stalked by the same man. >> here today to learn. >> that's republican presidential candidate donald trump visiting a black church for the first time during his
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>> it's been almost two weeks since an unprovoked attack on a woman in the pacific heights neighborhood. now another woman is coming
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forward saying she believes the same man stalked her the same day. tiffany wilson has the story. >> the surveillance video is hard to watch. a man punches a woman's face repeatedly, even after she collapses to the ground. >> he said something beginning with hey, girls with a raspy voice. >> 2:30 allen and her friend returned to chihuahua street after a night out. she said the suspect in this sketch started after them. >> we made it in the gate and got there before he got there. >> both women huddled in the apartment. her friend called police twice. >> every cars we heard, i was like it's the cops, right? it's the scopes, right? because i knew if he didn't get us he could do something to someone else. >> finally the man walked away and allen went home. 17 hours later and just a block away, this happened. >> my blood went cold when i saw that, that surveillance video
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because he was wearing the exact same outfit. he had the same build. and then when i saw the sketch of him, i knew it was completely him. >> allen neededly called the san francisco police tip line. the police released a statement that reads in part, we are looking into the possibilities of a second victim. investigators from northern station will follow up. the kansas lafayette park asking people if they recognize the sketch. the suspect. no one did. >> and i know a lot of people in the park, but i've never seen him. >> allen wishes her calls to police had led to a different outcome. >> i feel so bad for that woman. >> she plans to carry pepper stray with her from now on. >> again, that attack took place right in front of the tall peach building behind me. and she said she and her men were here right on clay street. so far no arrest the has been made. in san francisco, tiffany wilson, abc7 news protesters joined hands in song to call to an end to family detention throughout the united states.
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♪. >> abc7 news was in richmond yesterday as the group sang in prayer and called for three immigration and customs enforcement family detention centers across the country to close. the richmond facility does not house families. the protest is in solidarity with 22 detained mothers on a hunger strike in pennsylvania. the republican presidential candidate donald trump is reaching out to the black community. yesterday in detroit he visited a black church for the first time in his campaign. trump has been criticized for appealing to minority voters while talking about problems in african-american communities, but doing it while campaigning before predominantly white crowds. during his twelve-minute speech he told the congregation he fully understand the african-american community has suffered from discrimination, and that there are many wrongs
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that should be made right. >> i'm here today to learn so that we can together remedy injustice in any form, and so that we can also remedy economics. >> no trump, no trump! >> a large crowd of protesters gathered outside the church. them say they do not support the visit and they call trump a racist. donald trump's campaign manager will be on "this week" this morning, as will democratic vice presidential nominee senator tim kaine. their different takes on the presidential campaigns promise to be interesting viewing. you can see "this week" with george stephanopoulos at 8:00 right here on abc7. happening today, if you like rock music with a definite bay area vibe, head to at&t park for the 20th test value. it features journey, santana,
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the steve miller band, the doobie brothers. use public transit to avoid delays around the park. the music begins at 3:00. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> right smack in the middle of the long holiday weekend. and live doppler 7 showing not as much fog as we usually have. notice the north bay you aren't totally impacted but along the peninsula into the east bay. and also the cool air mass continues overhead. so visibility anywhere from three to nine miles. this will continue to push to the west. i think we will see some sunshine at the coast. i want to get you updated in the atlantic where this system, which was hermine, continues to spin off shore about 65 miles an hour. it is still impact being the eastern seaboard in terms. flooding, high waves and the storm surge. it will be a little off the coast right on through the middle of the week and impact
5:18 am
northern new england. but in terms of the immediate threat, it's the water levels going above ground anywhere from two to five feet due to the higher than normal wave action n the pacific, things are really working out just fine as lester was a hurricane moving to the west at 65 miles an hour in that much, much cooler water. things really settling down from the atlantic to the pacific and back home we are looking at a little fog in the city. 54 san francisco. good morning mountain view, 56 for you and 52 morgan hill, half moon bay 55. from our roof camera, upper 40s in santa rosa. check out the 43 in novato, 48 napa, 55 in fairfield, 57 concord and livermore. boy, i felt the change getting out this morning with temperatures well below where we were yesterday at this hour. it's certainly chilly, but the visibility on the golden gate bridge not an issue. and with sunny skies on the coast, it's still going to remain cool and breezy with the
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gusty winds. a slight warmup begins tomorrow for the holiday. boy, does it get going into the upcoming work week. here's a look at the fog. maybe some mist and drizzle from the san mateo coast through davenport, into fremont. and then as that evaporates we are looking at a pretty nice afternoon once again, although temperatures still remaining shy of where they should be. but for tuesday back to work. we've got 90s arriving. check out wednesday. even warmer with the reds trying to push into the bay. then by thursday this forecast model featuring temperatures flirting with 100 degrees. you want to head to the beach in santa cruz, we have 70s right on through tuesday. overnight lows pretty mild in the 50s. looks pretty good if you want to head to santa cruz. 62 in san mateo, 76 in san jose. and the accuweather seven-day forecast, we've got low 80s inland today. near normal tomorrow. then the warmup arrives on tuesday with low 90s.
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mid-90s for wednesday. boy, it looks like summer, getting quite hot thursday. by friday and saturday, we are holding on to the warmth, but not too hard to take. mid-60s along the shoreline. you know, it always happens that way, right? >> yeah, this is the time of year things start to heat up. >> right. >> thank you, lisa. just ahead, construction on the south bay campus is moving forward. this video was taken months ago. next, someone's finally ready to start her day.
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>> within five years every appliance you purchase you should have the ability to connect to the internet.
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but how ready are we for this new technology? "7 on your side" michael finney looked into that question. >> the retired television engineer connected his lighting, thermostat and audio systems to his home more than a decade ago. >> the house is pretty easy. it's made it more convenient. >> the audio system in several rooms in his house can be controlled through his tablet. he can even turn things on before he gets home. >> when i'm coming home at night, i want to be able to turn the lights on before i get home. i would like to raise the temperature in the house on the heater. >> allen may be the exception. >> right now i think there's very limited acceptance. the technology. >> he's a marketing professor at san francisco state. he quotes industry studies which estimate as few as 10% of homes in the u.s. are connected to some smart technology. lighting and thermostats are the most likely connected devices.
5:24 am
when it comes to home appliances, the professor sees some resistance. >> you have to demonstrate how they are superior to what you currently have. >> smart refrigerators will be able to tell you while you are at the supermarket if you are short on eggs or milk. he believes privacy concerns are partly holding consumers back. manufacturers are able to collect data about how you use their products and could potentially sell that information to third parties. for now, he says, expect more incremental innovations rather than breakthroughs. there's a lightbulb that doubles as a stereo speaker for those in smaller spaces. it also has a bulb that's used as a security camera. >> it connects to your wi-fi network and sends video and audio to the cloud toe you san see your house from anywhere in the world.
5:25 am
>> there's a smart house in san francisco to demonstrate how the technology works. technology is here to stay. >> i like the advantages it has for me. i'm anxious to see what kind of sophistication happens in the future. >> it's estimated in ten years 70% of the homes in the u.s. will have some sort of smart technology. if you have a consumer yes or need help >> want to hear from you. the "7 on your side" hotline is open monday through friday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. you can also reach me on my facebook page. i'm michael finney, "7 on your side". >> apple's new spaceship campus in cupertino is close to liftoff. here's an aerial view of it, giving people a at the progress. construction updates include the near completion of two large garages, an auditorium, as well as the installation of massive
5:26 am
glass windows and solar panels. apple hopes employees will be in place by early 2017. happening today the mt. diablo interpretive association is offering another tarantula walk. it's mate thing season for tarantulas, and mt. diablo are crawling with the dark brown creatures. the harry, but harmless male spiders crawl out in the afternoon looking for an 8-legged love interest. tarantulas can range in size from a fingernail to a salad plate. the walk begins at 5:00. a corny tribute to retiring boston red sox slugger ortiz. a corn maze dedicated to him opened yesterday. the 8-acre mays features a rendering of his trademark home run pose and his "thanks big papi" carved into the corn.
5:27 am
today he will play his final game at the coliseum as the a's close out their weekend series. he received a bottle of fine wine from the a's as a retirement gift. still to come on abc7 mornings, the campaign for support underway for the sonoma county sergeant who shot and killed 13-year-old andy lopez. and treasure hunters in southern california turn to social media to help reunite a woman with her
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at >> welcome back. we are starting this half-hour with a look at our weather with meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, everyone. it certainly feels like fall out there for some of you with temperatures much chillier than they were yesterday morning at this time.
5:30 am
70s around the bay a few 80s inland. talking about a warmup heading your way. it is still on track and it's going to turn out to be pretty hot in some neighborhoods, i'll have the details coming up. carolyn. >> thank you. hermine has almost returned to hurricane strength as it barrels on. adrian banker has more. >> hermine has lost its hurricane force, but it's banking up the eastern seaboard as a powerful post tropical cyclone that's triggered storm alerts from north carolina to new england. hermine 60 miles per hour winds,
5:31 am
strong enough to sheer metal from the side of this truck and to tear this tree from the earth. >> it was like an explosion in my backyard. everything went up in the air and around. >> making a holiday weekend a washout for millions of would-be beach babies. along the east coast sandbags were as close as some got to the shore. they were handing them out in new jersey as the surf kicked up along with the wind. the boardwalk was packed as one tried to salvage one last blast of summer. >> everything everyone is pretending there isn't a tropical storm coming. they are all in denial. >> hundreds of thousands are making due without electricity. it's cold water. no coffee. >> residents of the flash flooded-out mobile home park had to be rescued by boat. >> it's really frustrating, especially when you feel trapped. and there's no power. >> i've had more than enough. >> hermine is expected to get
5:32 am
stronger as it sweeps north on sunday. expect storm surges of three to five feet at high tide and significant coastal flooding and beach erosion in some areas. a b. c news, new york. >> the storm left two young raccoons without a home. it ripped down their tree. their mother is now gone. a homeowner found the little critters and started taking care of them. >> i feel like they are out here stranded and they are wet and cold. they are babies. they don't know nothing. this is all they know. >> a rescue group has stepped up to help the young raccoons. in china president obama is promising that americans relationship with great britain will continue as always in the face of brexit at the global economic summit. leaders of the world's 20 largest economies posed for a group photos. although the summit focused on climate change, the president also made sure he focused on insuring american's long time
5:33 am
partner of continued cooperation. >> despite the turbulence of political events over the last several events, we have every intention to making sure that continues. >> the president's trip started on a sour note. when air force one first landed, there was no staircase for him to use so he used an alternative exit. there was a verbal argument between a white house aid and a chinese official with the official yelling this is our country, this is our airport. investigators have found the remains of a boy missing for nearly three decades thanks to a person of interest in the case. back in 1989 a masked gunman abducted 11-year-old jacob wetterling. it became a story that led to stronger sex offenders laws. investigators reopened the case last year, which led them to child porn suspect danny
5:34 am
heinrich. wetterling's parents confirmed that heinrich led investigators to their son's remains in central minnesota. he has not yet been charged in the case. he goes to trial for separate child porn charges in october new details this morning regarding the sheriff's deputy involved in the shooting death of a santa rosa teenager in 2013. according to "the press democrat" deputy eric dollhouse has hired a public relations firm to help his image. he said he's still being targeted by activists, despite being cleared twice of any charges in the death of 1-year-old andy lopez. lopez was carrying a toy replica of an ak-47 when he was shot. treasure hunters in southern california turned to social media to help reunite a woman with her missing ring. they found the gold class ring
5:35 am
with the name charlotte king while searching a now-demolished church in fullerton. people on social media saw the ring and helped them contact the owner. kim's father 2006 after visiting. >> after 30 years this, is the first time i'm actually able to give something back. >> as a thanks kim gave the couple a korean tea set. if you are in the stands at a baseball game, you may have a glove on one hand and there's a good chance you have your cell phone in the other. abc news reporter johnathan bloom went behind the scenes at&t park for a look at how they handle all those phones and why drones could soon be a big part of it. >> in between the singing and
5:36 am
cheering, there's tweeting and sharing. fans so enthralled with their phones they may not notice the patchwork of nondescript boxes around them that makes it possible. above and below modern stadiums are packed with cell sites and hotspots. at a press conference at&t park, at&t showed live video from a drone being used to inspect the equipment at the stadium in seattle. >> we look at our cable and the quality checks. >> it's work that's traditionally done by climbers. at&t are testing drones that can you prove to be not just faster and better and safer, but sometimes better. >> if we want a birds-eye vow of the top of the tower looking down, web can't do that with a person. we can do it with drones now. >> the giants score the winning run and you have the video to prove it. how well with your phone actually work when you go to share it with the wouldrd?
5:37 am
>> san you hear me now? >> it's based on how networks are tested in real life. >> we put backpacks on full of equipment and we walk it. what a drone allows us to do, to fly. >> drone contractors will add a device called an echo got that measures how the network will perform for real losers. they can fly the stadium about five times faster than walking it. now with the miew rules -- >> it opens the door for at&t because we can look at potentially having our own drone pilots. >> one day they said they could use it for all their inspectors. meaning this guy -- >> can you hear me now? >> -- might want to work on his piloting skills. ♪ abc7 news. >> the unfolding mystery of the missing naturalist john muirs. how many they are tracing his
5:38 am
travels through his journals. chilly right now, but warming up just in time for labor day. lisa argen will have your forecast in just a few.
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. >> happening today, you still have time to visit the 46th annual greek festival. lots of food, music, dance and all things greek. the fun continues today and
5:41 am
tomorrow at noon. it should be pretty good weather for something like that. >> it was 66 yesterday. today 68. today just small increments of warmth headed your way. emeryville this morning, 58 degrees. partly cloudy sky. temperatures near 70 here today. but we will look for perhaps even 80s by the middle of the week. we will talk about it next. >> all right. and the giants took on the cubs at wrigley field. aggressive base running was the difference. mike shumann has all the highlights and the post-game reaction coming up in sports. ♪
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>> welcome back. it's 5:43 on this first sunday in september. thanks for joining us. this is a live look from our golden gate bridge camera. if you are tired of the below-normal temperatures, especially on the san francisco side, things are changing. lisa will be along shortly with
5:44 am
the full accuweather forecast. in sports this morning, the giants will try to gain a split of this weekend's series against the cubs at wrigley field. johnny cueto faces john lackey. first pitch 11:20 our time. yesterday it was a battle of ace was madison bumgarner matched up against jake arrieta. here's shu. he has all the highlights in this morning's sports. >> good morning. well, after losing two heartbreakners chicago, the giants sending madison bumgarner to the hill to try to get a much-needed win. this was a nail-biter to the end. a young giants fan enjoying wrigley field. giants in the top of the first with two outs. hunter pences is thrown away. angel pagan scores from second. 1-0 san francisco. giants up 2-0 in the fifth. jake arrieta. overruns the ball.
5:45 am
the throw is not in time. 2-1. top of sixth, still 2-1. crawford singles, then stole second and third. with two outs, the wild pitch makes it 3-1. bottom of nine. nobody out. the bunt. nunez gets him at first. but he throws to crawford for the double play, and the giants with a much-needed 3-2 victory. >> we haven't been playing bad baseball, we were just coming up a little short. today was a good win for us. it don't take much to get us started on the right track again and hopefully that's what will happen. >> we finally got a couple breaks today. we've hit some balls hard, but today we scratch and claw and got enough runs. it's just a great game for us and a much-needed win. >> a's and red sox at the coliseum. jose canseco throwing out the first pitch and that was the
5:46 am
only highlight. the sox kept on hitting. 7 runs in two and 2/3 -- 2 and 2 third innings. sox scored 7 runs in the third. gives up a two-run double to david ortiz. a playing in his last game at the coliseum. red sox with 27 runs in the last two games. they scored at least one run against all four pitcherrers in the game. 17 hits and they go on to win 11-2. san jose state hosted by tulsa in their season opener. just like the players, this guy has been preparing for this game all summer. kenny potter returning as quarterback for the spartans. first quarter, 64-yard td pass to rashied johnson ties the game at 7. second quarter, tulsa pulling away. evans to hobbs makes the over-the-shoulder catch. it gets worse. calls for the fair catch. then he drops it.
5:47 am
mckinley whiffed in the end zone. tulsa goes on to win big, 45-10 your final. and that's the way the ball bounces. i'm mike shumann. have a great day. >> now your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. >> good morning, everyone. live doppler 7 this morning showing some patchy fog along the peninsula. a little bit into the east bay. right now visibility not an issue in the north bay. 8 to 9 miles, five files half moon bay. the sun not coming up until 6:43. you can always check all our cameras on our abc7 news app and that features all the beautiful sites and several cameras we have to look at that. 56 mountain view. 52 morgan hill. 55 in half moon bay. from the roof camera all is quiet. the winds again will be a issue from the city to the coast. 45 novato, mid-50s by the delta. 57 concord and livermore. so you are noticing it's cooler, as much as 2 to 5 degrees
5:48 am
cooler. the breeze moving through the delta again as a cooler parcel of air continues to sit over the bay area for one more day. that will allow for temperatures to stay below average today. the warmup begins tomorrow, a modest one. then is really gets going on tuesday right through thursday where temperatures in the inland east bay could be flirting with 100 degrees. so temperatures across the state today, looking at the cool-down in the sierra nevada. mid-60s there. overnight lows have been around freezing and in the southland 74 in los angeles, 62 monterey. sacramento just 83 degrees. so if you are headed out this morning, it will be breezy on the water. so use some caution there. but otherwise we've got pretty nice morning, a little dew out there for a dog walk. heading to the beaches, lots of sunshine but temperatures hard-pressed to make it out of the low 60s. as you head toward oakland, a few degrees warmer. it's an afternoon game with numbers from the mid-60s at
5:49 am
1:00, and 760 at about 4:00 this afternoon -- 70 at about 4:00 this afternoon. another day in 70s in san jose. 74 in sunnyvale. look at the upper 60s for the greek festival. 68 redwood city. 70 palo alto and san francisco. up in the north bay, just a couple of oranges. that's featuring 80s here. 74 vallejo. 69 san leandro. 71 union step, as well as fremont. and you head inland, low 80s. but mid-70s for you in liver more. the accuweather seven-day forecast, today a lot like yesterday, although the winds dialing back. but still kind of choppy out there on the water and gusty along the shoreline. near normal for the holiday tomorrow. then the warmup really gets going with 90s arriving inland on tuesday. warmest days shod be wednesday, thursday, depending on where you are. the 80s have arrived around the bay. and then looking at temperatures staying pretty comfortable, but
5:50 am
more summer like friday into saturday. so looks very nice out there. and yesterday was a little cool. take some time to get warm. >> yeah. we've really paid our deuce in san francisco, i would say. >> thanks, lisa. and there's a detective story unfolding at the university of california. researchers ever facing the travels of john muir, one of the most famous environmentalists in history and they are revealing what he brought back to the bay area. abc7 news anchor dan ashley has the story. >> whether touring with teddy roosevelt or fighting for national parks, john muir is reveered as a champion of the outdoors. turns out the same environmentalist wasn't just offending nature, he was also collecting it. >> he was first and foremost a gotnist and scientist. >> this is in martinez. it was muir's home in later years where he would return with plant samples from his treks
5:51 am
across the wilderness, collecting and organizing the collection in his delightfully disheveled den. >> he wrote down what he did so he could tell the public about all these natural wonders. >> while he was passionate but collecting, cataloging was a different story. andrew is at the university of california, which recently took possession of the plant samples. >> a lot of the collections. some unfortunately he putzier they have on his labels. >> and he says the original cataloging project is now morphed into something after detective story. researchers plan to pour through his personal journals and letters, comparing dates and matching locations, all with the goal of learning where muir was and who he was with when he collected each plant sample. >> one thing he's encountering, we can join the dots. where he wasn't really known for making very detailed collection
5:52 am
information, butches noting down where he was in his journal. >> research efforts are also photographing and dunk advertising the samples to make the collection available to gotnists and the general public and ultimately blaze ago new understanding of the man whose passion for nature saved so much of it for the rest of us. >> it's neat to go back in time and literally retrace someone's steps. >> and really it's his inspiration for people to want to go out and explore nature and protect the places for future generation generations to enjoy. >> and enjoy they will. dan ashley, abc7 news. >> coming up, a lucky lottery ticket. what won young man won after buying a ten dollars scratcher.
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>> here's the powerball draw. no one picked all six so wednesday night's jackpot grows to $186 million. new this morning, a 21-year-old man bought a ten dollars lottery ticket and is now three quarters of a million dollars richer. the ticket, a mystery crossword scratcher, was purchased at a mill gray gas station on el camino real. he said the money will change his life. the $10 scratchers are part of an effort to give out more
5:56 am
prizes and more money to public education. coming up on abc7 mornings at 6:00, a boat with 15 children capsizes in san francisco bay. no one was seriously hurt. how the unexpected happened. and the colin kaepernick controversy. santa clara's police chief responds after some officers threatened to not staff 49ers games.
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>> good morning, everyone, same carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, september 4th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. good morning, everyone. maybe another layer out there if you are headed out to walk the dog because it is chilly out there. we are looking live at san jose. you see a little built of fog there. temperatures ranging from the 350's san francisco, 50 morgan hill.
6:00 am
55 in san jose. no delays at sfo but look at all the 40s from santa rosa, napa, novato. upper 40s believer more. plenty of sunshine and breezy at the coast. low 80s return inland, and the warmth arrives just in time for labor day. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. we begin with breaking news out of hayward. one person is dead following a violent collision between two cars on southbound 880 north of the west a-street off-ramp. a dodge pickup and a honda accord were involved. the fatality, a young man, was in the honda. four other people were transported to the hospital with various injuries. that accident happened approximately 1:30 this morning, briefly closing all five lanes. the lanes are now back open. in other news, history has been made in vatican city this morning. mother theresa was canonized into sainthood. hundreds of thousands of p


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