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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui, we have alexis and of course mike and jessica castro but we will start with the weather. how is the labor day looking? >> great. >> perfect. >> keep it simple. don't want to bog you down with details. now, live doppler hd is showing clear to partly cloudy now. unfortunately, fur thinking today was the day to go did the coast, yesterday was probable the brighter of the two dares. the suspect shine will return if you have the week off. at pier 15, temperatures are going to more time, here is the 12 hour labor day pan old 47 do 58 at 7:00. cooler this morning. 60 at the coast and 75 inland, minor warming today, 61 at the coast, 84 inland.
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how is the commute? alexis? >> quit a deficit activity here in the last hour and a half, however, we talked to c.h.p. and confirmed this all lanes are open, westbound 580, transition to westbound 80 and, yes, one car, zipping by so this was a one and only problem a big issue. however, less than five minutes ago all lanes are back open. mass transit and the drive times at 6:08. >> now the next story, developing news in the south bay, an extremely dangerous sex offender is trying do kidnap young women in san jose. you need see his picture and matt keller has it in willow glen neighborhood. >> a lot fear in the neighborhood and san jose police are hoping you can catch the guy before he attacks again. take a look at the figure, reggie was talking about, this is 56-year-old david lee russell, 5' 10", 200 pounds, and police say the extremely violent
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convicted association often december is responsible for two incidents the past week, where he physically assault asked tried to kidnap young women. first was in willow glen in meridian and hamilton avenues, trying to talk with the young woman and grabbed her, covered her mouth and tried to drag her to the car the show fought him off and got away as did the second target, four miles away in hills day area near south san jose. people are on high alert. >> my wife runs from our house a couple of blocks down the road and that is every evening. now it is sort of like scary to see her walk out of house. police posted photos of russell with an image of a white s.u.v. he could be driving. they believe it is a newer model me son rogue with no plates. i posted the suspect foe dough and information about him on my facebook page i just looked and a follower wrote "can't wait
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for him to be behind bars." i know that san jose police hope that happens soon. >> stay safe, keep an cry out. >> new details in a deadly crash in the east bay, school district officials are confirming that two students from the high school died in a weekend accident and hundreds joined a candlelight vigil for meese and john iramomo after a collision with makeup. he was a running back and linebacker for the logan football teen. >> teen is in the hospital after being hit by a truck in contra costa county. the 14-year-old was ride home with trends after going on a fishing trip, the pose say high was riding on the sidewalk and veered off to the road and struck by the truck. the driver appeared to stay at scene and the boy was airlift to the hospital with the injuries as "major." >> two officers are in critical
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condition after police say a child rapist opened fire inside of a fresno jail. we this was a rare service last my for the two officers and the main lobby reopened last night following saturday's shooting. this is what happened, the suspect if thong vang walked into the lobby and said he was visit someone and tried to cut the line and pull out the gun and shot the two officers. he now faces attempted murder charges, the deputy sheriff is accepting donations to help the officers' family and if you want more information go to >> we have an update on the breaking news from houston with two people shot at a night club. and jessica castro has new information into the liz -- live desk. all the two people who were shot are expected to survive. one person was shot in the face, and right now, we have helped that shooting actually happened in the parking lot of the area of southwest houston not inside the club but in the packing lot.
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the rapper drake was at the nightclub at some point overnight for an after party, but it is unclear if he was there would be the shooting happened or inside or outside. we dough no that drake performed at the devote center. there are 200 people in the club when the shooting happened with reports of multiple shooters and is far, no arrests and still no suspects in the case. i will watch it from the desk. back to you. >> happening today, burning man is ending after anyone days in the never desert, the beeners are tear down their temporary cities. as you can see this is the burning that happened at burning man, the camp has a leave in trace tradition trying to keep the environmental impact as minute mall as possible with 70,000 people attended the event including a lot of people from the bay area and attend yeses at airport are asked to bag their luggage to prevent it from contaminate the other bags with
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the desert dust. >> it is everywhere. >> welcome home! >> , time you scale for help in fremont, you could see a new set of wheels by the fire department ready to put to planned new aerial ladder trucks into service. the fremont first new trucks in 10 years, and allows the riders to escape burning we building and help people trapped in cars and life saving medicine gear. >> off with the handcuffs and on the republican. an accused killer escaped and the clue uncovered in a massive manhunt. >> steph curry is making a splash overseas and how the star is reciting more
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>> now the forecast with mike nicco. >> as we look at 280 and 17 and san jose and the sun, we lose two minutes and 20 seconds of sunshine reach day through the month of september we lose an hour and that drops the temperatures in san jose from 892 on high side to 75, 58 to 75 and the extreme is 35 and 106. it is 49 in castro valley, and low-to-mid 50s most of the we east bay and richmond is 57,
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oakland is 52 and fremont and san francisco is 55, today the temperatures are 60s at the coast, 70s around the bay and 80s inland and 90s are back tomorrow, and the eat,-day is the hottest day, upper 90s inland. the rest of the seven-day forecast. alexis? >> if you were with us the first hour and a half major traffic alert, it cleared and looking great. >> very light volumes negotiate 101 and 880, not filling in sold, and of course that is because folks are off for labor day holiday. daly city to glen park, a bart traffic worker situation, so because schedule is in place, no ace train service today. caltrain is on sunday schedule. >> happening today a pick raisin at streets of san francisco. >> it will partly close a few
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streets including battery and green and front right in front of abc7 news, and greenwich street will have one lane closed. you have been warned. this is video from last year the first at 8:00 a.m. and the final is at 3:00, and the race is the 42nd annual in san francisco, going for quite some time. alook forward to watching them exercise. >> as they fly by. >> first a sister and new a saints, inside the canonization ceremony for mother teresa. >> from not standing to not showing off, people are sounding
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narrator: it wasn't that long ago. years of devastating cutbacks to our schools. 30,000 teachers laid off. class sizes increased.
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art and music programs cut. we can't ever go back. ryan ruelas: so vote yes on proposition 55. reagan duncan: prop 55 prevents 4 billion in new cuts to our schools. letty muñoz-gonzalez: simply by maintaining the current tax rate on the wealthiest californians. ryan ruelas: no new education cuts, and no new taxes. reagan duncan: vote yes on 55. sarah morgan: to help our children thrive.
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>> this morning, a manhunt for suspected kill certificate intensifying in nevada, with the mystery he just vanished out of the handcuffs and a search that lasted all weekend turned up no clues on where three is heading. here is the story. authorities if las vegas looking for an allege killer, this man 25-year-old perez arrested for murder on friday morning and placed in a police interrogation room. in handcuffs. the detective left the room he made his move. >> heisted the handcuffs this will they break. after they broke he was able to glee the building. >> when free he stole this pickup truck that was referred on saturday we but no sign of
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perez. early this summer in floridian accused murderer break free from his handcuffs inside of a courtroom and escaped. he was captured a few days later. perez is a con vicked felon accuses of fatally shooting mohammed robinson, with the mostive is robinson let a door close on a woman with perez at a mcdonald's. >> he let this man escape? how can we feel safe now? anyone in las vegas, nevada. it did not appear perez took weapons when he escaped but it is believed he is armed. and dangerous. >> a rare clip of what is believed to be the usualliest interview for nelson man deli has been found. afrom the beginning the african national congress... [ inaudible ] >> this shows hill in his late 30s speak on the intent the anc to fight against racial
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discrimination predating the earliest known clip by five years. we know what followed spending 27 years in prison and elected president of south africa in 1994 and he died in 2013 at the age of 95. >> from one great person to another, mother teresa is now a saint. pope francis canonized her admired by millions of course for the lifetime of work, and members of the missions of charity were at the vatican to watch this, dying 20 years ago with the impact still felt around the world including here in the bay area, local catholics honored her during the sunday mass at san francisco's st. mary's cathedral. [ inaudible ] >> st. teresa visited san francisco 25 years ago, local
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nuns carry on the work after they asked she help the needy. i cannot believe she passed 20 years ago because the his and work selled so alive the >> absolutely, and at the love people are happen to see she is a saint. >> now, over to mike the saint the weather. >> trying. good morning, from the camera you can see how quiet and on the embarcadero and the sky is quiets also, breezy and warmer today, but nothing like the first heat wave is coming to week can means at fate we are going to see stars and feel cool. i am sorry, it is nice and needed when we get the fall heat waves it always stays warmer our stays cooler at night which is refreewaying. small craft advisory from 1:00 to 9:00, we and wherever you look whether it is the delta, the bay or the coast, and upper 70s to low 80s through the south bay, san jose cupertino and at 80, and low-to-mid 70s on the peninsula today, and more cloud cover along the coast,
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low-to-mid 60s and 67 in downtown san francisco, mostly sunny and 72 in sausalito and toward the we golden gate bridge where it is breezy, the east game shore is mid-60, and mid-70s along the east bay shore and the north bay is in the upper 70s to mid-80s. 67 and 1:00 first pitch and accident at 4:00, 8:00 see medium and a's and angels, the coolest this week mid-to-upper 80's. my 15 seven we have temperatures in the 90s starting tomorrow and all the way through saturday inland, 60 at the coast. >> good morning, we are nice and quiet on the roads if you are with us at 4:30 today, a can you of traffic alerts, but this is what we are looking at light values so no metering lights for the bay bridge toll plaza and that is how it is. the maybe day holiday, later on, into the afternoon and evening, of course, we can see volumes pick up as folks head into town after the long holiday weekend
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but i when dead show you the picture of our maps and everyone in the green at this point so if you are one of few holding to work, you have a nice light commute. our drive time, all in the green so far today, westbound 580 tracy to dublin at 24 minutes after of encouragal and antioch to concord is 1 minutes and southbound 101 to san francisco is 17 minutes. >> warriors star steph curry is gearing up tore the regular season in asia. >> what a reception teaching fans how to play basketball. the team posted this on twitter of steph curry on the tour spending the weekend in china meet fans and teaching young players his moves. obviously, you can see thousands showed up and there he is...the tour continues to week in hong kong. >> where is foot massage?
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>> colin kaepernick boeing out. all the 48ers quarterback failed to show up at a clutch function but the new show of support for the public protests.
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>> now, ask michael finney, a question from anna from fremont on billing issues. michael finney is the right person to ask with "7 on your side". >> i agree on a deal and then i get a beale that is completely different from what was agreed on. >> isn't that frustrating? sometimes it and accidental, sometimes it is not. catch any issue of missed billing early can means reading the bill each month. if you complain right away companies get things straightened out quickly. call the, be nice, and if that does not work let me know. we thats for the question. >> if you have a question is for michael finney record it on the smartphone or tablet and share it on social # askfinney.
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your question could be answer the right here. >> at the love people left third baptist church to san francisco disappointed away colin kaepernick brady to talk to the congregation. and did not show up. the pastor brown said kaepernick has every intention of speaking yesterday. a last minute training conflict came up. many fans wanted to hear from kaepernick as he fans the protest by kneeling during the national anthem. he is calling attention to police brutality. >> i was mad because i brought my little brother and sister and we like to see his. honor should sit with collin and support this man and sit down. >> pastor brown said kaepernick will be invited back. >> rebound is now weighing in on kaepernick's protest asked about it at the g-20 summit in china. >> as a general matter when it comes to the flag and the
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natural anthem and the meaning that helds fur our men and women in uniform and those who fought for us, that is a tough thing for them to get passed. >> the santa clara police union is threatening to boycott 49ers game over kaepernick's protests and the police chief is upping officers to protect the public. >> kaepernick's controversy could be helping his jersey sales. his jersey is now the best several at 49ers online store and did, woo ago it was number 20 on the list. we at the end of last season they were on clearance but not all fans are happy some are burning. it will set you back $100.
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>> can you catch the homeowners next monday against the programs right here with come at 7:00 p.m. and kick off is 7:20 followed by news at around 10:20. another professional athlete is joining colin kaepernick in the protest, a female soccer star was down on one knee playing with the seattle national soccer league and helped win the world cup tweeting it is the least i can do to keep the conversation going. >> convicted sex offender on the prowl in the south bay and we will show you the man police are looking for after his behavior put a neighborhood on high alert. two car crashes, a double dose of trouble and how they pointed officers to potential crime spree. >> choosing san francisco's top cop the don't forcement mannedded to the -- and the endorsement handed to the top cop. >> do not look for as much
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sunshine as we have had at the cost but temp
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>> good morning, bay area let's get up and get going. >> should be a gorgeous labor day holiday, if you have the day off fantastic, in not...
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>> i am reggie aqui and we have the whole team here, jess yes and alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco and i am natasha zouves. >> no one mentioned that tie. >> laboring on lay day why not salute us. >> new, everyone, thanks for joining us, live doppler hd shows if you are looking for sunshine along the coast that is where the clouds are most stubborn today and there the moratorium you can see the bay water already choppy and it will be worst this afternoon as we have a small craft advisory and the labor day 12 hour planner, 61 at coast and 84 inland and nothing like the heat i have coming in the seven-day forecast, either, details next and here is alexis smith. >> our traffic cameras are looking light, westbound 80 through willingryville so folks
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coming in from berkeley and heading to the bay bridge you do not have much to wore about if you are one of the few working, and northbound 880, off-ramp in the east bay we hearing of a new hit-and-run collision and it sounds minor and blocking the right lane and that is coming up in less than 10 minutes. >> what a tough start for the new school year in union city, and this is heartbreaking a second high school student has been killed in a terrible crash over the weekend and our reporter is at the hospital for us this morning. look at the candles that are lit at the high school, for the deaths, we have just learned of a second death, joe jr. iora mo has died the second student to die over the weekend from the car crash. the candles burning at the school from last night's vigil and they have the vision el for 17-year-old we meese who died at the scene of the accident and
6:32 am
gentleman died later at the hospital. we are working do get a picture of joe. 100 people shed up at school last night for the candlelight vigil. his football coach was here and said he was a leader full of contribution pa. >> if i had a daughter he would be the young man who i would like her to be with, everything e you could ask for in a young man, respectful, honest, hard working. >> he was driving and he had two other people in the car when he crashed into a pickup truck, the third person in the car was taken to the hospital and the two people inside the drunk were taken to the hospital. this happened at 1:30 on sunday morning on interstate 880 in hayward and is still under investigation. >> new this morning, two stolen cars taken from a fremont dealership were involved in pair of accidents along interstate 880, the first involved three vehicles on northbound 880 and
6:33 am
the second crash happened further north in hayward at another accident and all energize are minor. the crashes happened because stolen cars were being followed by a dealership employees. >> the law enforcement agencies, we were not involved and it sounds like they by have been chased by either security guard or an employee of the car dealership at the time. >> that is wild police in her hard arrested the suspect that crashed their city and the c.h.p. said that the suspect involved in the fremont crash got away in a get away vehicle which may also have been stolen from the dealership. >> three cars crashed on interrogate 880 and reported came of shots fired. police are not saying they are connected. this is the scene near the high street exit before 5:00 a.m. c.h.p. said the driver of the mercedes was passing on the shoulder and try to merge when the wreck happened. the driver jumped out and ran down the freeway shoulder moments later reports of shots
6:34 am
fired. >> shooting and the accident at this point we do not know if they are linked, that is being looked into and in anyone has information that can help us with that, give us a call. >> two people have minor injuries and the person we ran from the crash and the person what fired shots on the off-ramp have fought been fund. >> police in richmond arrests two gun men and recovered a pistol and a magazine capable of carrying 50 rounds. officers pulled over a car at 6:00 p.m. for a traffic slylation and officers smelled marijuana after speaking with the driver of the car and searched it. both people inside the car were arrested on firearm and gang-related crimes. >> out of ohio brock turner was spotted at his house two daze after being released from jail. the student wearing a blue kansas university t-shirt right there and sunglasses served half of the six-month sentence for
6:35 am
sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. his cases we received worldwide attention for widely received light sentence and will be on the sex regular city for life. >> police are asking for your help to find a miss man who could be at risk. 47-year-old has been missing since friday with long black hail pulled back in a person tail. police say he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia and has been without his medication since disappearing. the san francisco police officers association announces their choice for the new cheap saying we are looking for the right leader at the right time and we believe that toney chaplin is the candidate and he was appointed to the interim post in may after the former chief greg suhr resigned one of 60 candidates would applied. the mission -- commission will
6:36 am
recommend three and the mayor will make the final choice. >> and a determine dan is back in office after resigning in a sexual harassment accusations. he resigned in the spring after being suspended and the dean assistant sued uc berkeley claiming he made unwanted advances toward her starting in 2014 and the interim dean leads and his future role as a faculty member trends unclear while the university panel reviews the case. >> this is the most important story we can pass along to you today so pay attention, developing news in san jose, residents in a neighborhood are on edge because police are searching for what they say is an extremely dangerous sex offender accused of trying to kidnap two young people. matt? >> good morning. we are at the intersection in willow glen neighborhood of san jose where an attack happened.
6:37 am
there is a suspected attempted kidnapper, this is david lee russell, 256 years old, and about 5' 10", 200 pounds. the extremely violent convicted sex offender tried to talk to a young woman on monday and grabbed her and covered her mouth and tried to drag her to the car. she fought him off and got away as did a second target, in south san jose, police posted we pictures of russell and the image of the white s.u.v. he could be driving that is believed a newer nissan with no plates. if you see him or the vehicle call police. >> hurricane hermine is parked off the east coast but forecasters want she could regain hurricane strength any time. hermine did a lost damage already when it hit the south and two people died in the storm. the governors along the east
6:38 am
coast are taking emergency precautions and new york city beaches are closed and emergency has declared a "safety emergency," in some counties. >> you can feel when the waves hit the pilings you feel it in the house the >> people are urged to use caution to stay out of the water as the threat of deadly rip currents trends extremely high. >> historic river boat has capsized on the delta. no one is hurt but there is a lot of worry of a fuel leak. the spirit of sacramento is floating upside down in eastern contra costa county. it had mechanical problems and took on water. that is bad timing. the new owners just bought it on saturday at the auction. now crews are rating do clean up the diesel. it is hazardous to wildlife so that is why we are on the scene.
6:39 am
we need to get it out of the environment. no one was on board. the tours ended in 2009. >> the act weather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> cloudy along the bay at 52 to 57 and the ferry is 56, and downtown is 54 and only 50 in daly city. santa clara is about 51 and palo alto and american canyon, 48, and petaluma is friction. we seeing the effect of longer nights. on bay it will be breezy and:y and the delta and our beaches. swimming, do not close the pools we have 100s possible later this week and the beaches are not so sunny along the peninsula as yesterday. 60s to 70s we in san francisco the next three days and most of us from the 70s and 80s to 80s and 90s and 97 on wednesday.
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>> we started off with trouble this morning and that has fully cleared but now light volumes. 87 at the shark tank, counting cars over there in the traffic center. you should have a smooth drive if you are one of the few laboring on labor day like we are in the studio. the mass transit organization shows bart with traffic work between daly city and glen park and all the way through until 4:00 a.m. and the shuttle is set up in blaze of that and everyone else on a sunday schedule and ace train is not running today and caltrain is on a sunday schedule, as well, so check ahead. if you hit the road we have good news. jessica castro has new detail on gas prices. jessica? >> the new numbers came in across the nation gas prices are the lowest they have been in 12
6:41 am
years since 2004 the national average for a glover regular is $2.21. that is 20 cents cheaper than this time last year. i did research locally and the bay area is still well above the national average at $2.83 on average. but that is 54 cents less than what we saw last year. if general, a summer low gas prices has meant big savings for drivers across the country and, in fact, the average household is expected to pocket an extra $320 this year because of the lower gas prices. that is good news. >> a warning if you are planning to visit the golden gate the welcome center is closed to personal cars at the golden gate bridge to avoid the big backups
6:42 am
you have seen on the bridge past holidays, and will be closed until 5:00. >> today, a lost fun stuff going on in the bay area including a special day in oakland at third and chestnut with three stages set up, a block party. 40 knew anythings are featured there start at 11:30 and goes until after 7:00 tonight and organizers encourage people to take public transit to the event because street packing is limited. >> from bad to worst, the emissions scandal with volkswagen is much, much larger than we first thought. >> siri is upgraded. apple said the feature will make your life and your commute
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did you know people can save over $500 when they switch to progressive? did you brush your hair today? yes, mom. why? hmm. no reason.
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breaking news. >> from los angeles area, right now police are dealing with a man who barricade himself at a construction site off the 5 freeway in commerce. these are pictures. they are graphic. this is on-line on twitter from a colleague in los angeles area. you can see the man is pointing a gun at police in the area. crisis negotiators are on the scene. we it is a fluid ongoing situation just coming in to the live desk with no injuries reported. back you it. >> thank you, jessica. >> donald trump and hillary
6:46 am
clinton will both be in he on labor day an important state. trump and his running mate will meet with leaders in cleveland and headed to youngstown for a festival. chin toll be in cleveland today celebrating labor day with union leaders and workers and yesterday on this week, the running mate ice tick defended she has not had a press conference for nine months. >> all the time she on the trail she is talking to the press hundreds interviews and i am doing the same. the labor day to election day stretch is going to ramp up even more. ohio crucial for both especially for trump because no republican has ever con the white house without winning ohio. >> world leaders focus on quickening economic growth as they met in china for the summit. the summit is the last for president obama posing for a final photo with leaders from 19 other major economies. the president addressed the united kingdom vote to leave the
6:47 am
european union and say despite brexit we will maintain a strong relationship with britain. >> despite the political events of the last several months, we have every intention to make sure that continues. >> probe and russianment vladimir putin have agreed to keep up negotiations of a cease-fire agreement for syria, president obama will travel to laos after the summit, the first to visit the country. >> a new study finds americans cannot stop working. we 40% workingers have not taken a single vacation day last year, and 41% of. lives have stuff working. despite the figures, the united states is not the most overworked country in the world. that distinction goes to turkey. >> what is he doing over there? >> textile industry. >> they cannot take a break? all the time at work is less
6:48 am
time sleeping. amens are overworked so they are sleeping less. the american time use survey found americans are trading sleep for work. many clocking on at 4:00 a.m. to get an early start of the day and hopefully you watching us at 4:30. this is taking a toll on health, turnover and happiness. coming up on "good morning america" why the long hours do not necessarily translate to success. >> meteorologist mike nicco despite the lack of sleep we have on this day you are bright and pushy. >> i get my energy from the sun! >> he is doing the sun salutation on the camera. >> i want to get in front the camera. >> beautiful shot from east bay hills camera and i have seen you both this morning and everyone and joining. now, today, cooler beginning and a warmer ending and the next couple of nights you are happy we will see stars and feel
6:49 am
comfortable because we have heat wave the first of fall coming in the middle of this week. the next six hoursing in showing up on mcdonald's a dry day today. san jose is 80 and average and upper 70s to low 80s through the shut bay and at the boardwalk, 73 in santa cruz and most sunshine along the coast, and low-to-mid 70s on the peninsula and we the coastal side more clouds and pacifica at 61. san franciscos clouds at the coast and sunshine on bay and temperatures in the mid-to-upper 60s and the north bay is upper 70s to mid-80s and the east bay sure temperatures mainly in the low-to-mid 70s and oakland is 69, no worries. worry of the u.v. index if you are at the game, 67, 1:00 first pitch and 70 by 4:00, and angels and a's a at the coliseum. my seven-day forecast shows temperatures in the low-to-upper 90s through saturday inland and 80s around the bay and 60s at the coast. alexis? >> good morning, i have pretty pictures on my traffic cameras
6:50 am
so not original is the sunrise pretty but the traffic volumes are pretty, as well. we are enjoying the lighter volumes now, especially science we have gotten through the two traffic alerts from 4:30, nothing blocking, no bay bridge metering lights all day, so hopefully that will sets the case but since you started at 4:30 today it is not you turned on the green all the way around and same for drive time, westbound 80 albany to the maze is only 4 minutes got to love that. southbound 880 fremont to san jose is continue americans and 280 northbound between 101 and cupertino, 11 minutes. >> thanks. we have details on the bankruptcy of one of the largest ship companies, going do court this week to prevent the ships from being seized by crediters. 68 of 141 ships belonging to the south korean company have been stranded sense they collapsed. or turned away altogether at ports in the united states, china, canada and elsewhere.
6:51 am
terminals are refusing to load and off load cargo. they do business at the port of oakland. >> remember the help mission scandal involving volkswagen? it keeps getting larger and worse. a german none now is reporting that the european commission has found that the vw broke consumer laws in an eye popping 20 countries all by cheating on emission tests. the commission is urging volkswagen to compensate customers financially like it is doing in the united states in all of the countries. >> we are ready for apple's big iphone launch in san francisco, seniorry is getting a makeover. "usa today" reports that iphone voice activated assistance is a key part of the new ios upgrade. companies are coming up with new ways to integrate siri into apps including uber. this will come during the inphone launch in san francisco which happens on wednesday. it is time for siri to do
6:52 am
something more useful. >> music fans this is a star-studded lineup coming to the districtly bluegrass festival in san francisco. >> including emmy lou harris, cake, and chris isaak with 100 acts free to the public and takes place september positive through october 2nd in golden gate park. we have the seven things you need to know before you go when we return. >> but, first, our instagram picture of the day, do you want to be on that sailboat or what? stay tuned.
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>> before you go, students at james logan high school mourn the death of two class mates that died when thai car collided with another car 8980 in hayward yesterday morning. >> number two, san jose police want did find this man, 56-year-old david russell, con springed sex offender accused of attacking two women in the past week. if you see him call 9-1-1. >> three, a pair of cars stolen
6:55 am
from a fremont dealership overnight caused two separate crashes along northbound 8980 and fremont in hayward. the highway police say the security guard or worker was chasing the evenings have on the freeway and it led to the crashes. one person was arrested and the injuries are minor. >> president obama asked about camp's e protest at the g-20 summit in china and he said it is his constitutional right and said it is tough for armed fors to get beyond anyone appearing to disrespect the flag. >> on this labor day, it is going to be cool to comfortable, warmer and not so much sunshine along the peninsula coast so we are 63 at 45 half and 70's and the bay and 80s inland and big time heat wave the first of autumn season. >> we are doing good on the roads as you would expect with the holiday labor day holiday, but bart is still going the weekend work and no service between glen park and daly city through tonight morning at 4:00
6:56 am
a.m. and most of mass transit agencies are on a weekend or sunday schedules. >> this could motivate you the 42nd annual san francisco bicycle race period aming -- peddling >> day starting at 8:00 a.m. and wrapping up at 3:00 a.m. >> exercising while the rest us are napping. clear
6:57 am
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good morning, america. hermine triggers states of emergency. and dangerous coastal flooding. as life-threatening rip currents from the carolinas to new england keep beaches closed this morning. now the storm is tracking farther east. now, have millions dodged a bullet? breaking right now, high-stakes showdown. president obama meets one-on-one with russia's president vladimir putin, trying to strike a deal on syria to fight isis. the president speaking out from china just moments ago. and nascar superstar dale earnhardt jr. now announcing that he's stepping away from the racetrack. >> i definitely don't belong in a race car today. >> the crash that's put his career on hold, sidelining the two-time daytona 500 winner with another concussion. >> it's earnhardt! >> will he ever get behind the wheel again?


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