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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 6, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> two teens died in a terrible accident over the weekend. we are in union city. >> this is a very sad way to start the school year. you can see candles burning out here outside of james logan high school in young city to remember teens killed in a car accident over the weekend. friends and lord ones gathered for a candlelight vigil showing memories of joe ioramo and izaiah mease. one friend in the car was injured. hundreds showed up to show memories and pay respect. >> i have known him for a long time...fighting for his life. >> one of the most beautiful souls. he always wanted to make you smile. make sure you were happy.
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>> the crash happened on interstate 880 in hayward on sunday morning. the boys have a lot of friends. there will be grief counselors on campus today. such a sad story. >> bruce miller faced uncertain future after being cut bit 49ers after the arrest in san francisco. police say miller assaulted a 70-year-old man inside a hotel at the wharf. officers say it stemmed from miller trying to enter another person's room at the marriott leading to a fight with a 70-year-old and his 29-year-old son. surveillance video shows miller staggering around the travelodge across the street from the marriott, the clerk said that miller was pleading from the head and vomiting. >> maybe he burned his head somewhere so i called 9-1-1. >> he just got caught at the
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wrong time and wrong situation. >> this is not the first scrape with the law arrested in march of 2015 accused of shoving his any answer and breaking the phone. >> convicted sex offender is in court on child molestation charge, thomas rebounds of sunnyvale was arrested last month charged with having sexual relationship with a 15-year-old san jose girl. he was the girl's language tutor and convicted of sexual child abuse in alameda and sacramento county. police are asking any other victims of reeves to come forward. >> police say that the union endorsement of the acting chief is interfering with the hiring process. the san francisco police officers association endorsed toney chaplin and now it is taking the recommendation a step further with a radio ad. >> in the late 1970's officials made a huge mistake by hiring an outside chief with no credibility. the city repeated that mistake with the hiring of george gascon
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who had little interest in our department leaving only after a few months for political advancement. >> critics say it sounds like the association doesn't want a highly qualified and reform help minded outsider running the lived 69 so far, 60 people have applied for the job and the police commission will recommend flee candidates to the mayor. >> group is raising money for a former san francisco police officer sentenced to prison. a judge sentenced the 44 -year-old to 14 months for illegal search back in 2010 that was caught on surveillance video a groupon fundraiser is calling the conviction unjust and want to raise $50,000 to help the family. the campaign has raised $1,600. >> san francisco-based chair city work as a fundraising arm for black lives matter movement, with a partnership started a year ago. they are managing financial affairs for black lives matter
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so leaders can focus on increasing membership. it is receiving grantses and tax deductible donations. the contract between the two groups will last at least through the middle of next year. >> a small black lives matter protest had big implications in london overnight. jessica castro is here with the details. jessica? >> in the hour, seven protesters have been arrested and just in the last 20 minutes they have gotten everyone off the runway at london city airport. overnight several of the protesters locked themselves to a tri-pod. this website sheers video of what was happening police officers are still at london city airport right now and it is at the main international harbor but the protesters certainly tied things down for travelers in london and they are black lives matter protesters. this is a movement that we are familiar with in the bay area and across the united states, demonstrating against a proposed airport expansion. i will keep an cry on the
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situation at the live desk but it is were whering up. back to you. >> speaking of london, another airline is recovering this morning from a system meltdown. this time it is british airways back online after big delays overnight. we were at sfo with thousands of travelers waiting for hours. one flight left four hours late at 11:15 last night set to arrive at 9:00 this morning our time. >> it was down around 5:00 and we got here and we have been in line for three hours. >> problems happen and you have to keep calm and carry on. >> that is the good attitude to have. the airline said that the passengers are checked in at heathrow airport with the process could be slower than usual but passengers can check in on-line before the airport. >> donald trump and hillary clinton are turning up the intensity of both of their campaigns with both in keep
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battleground states as a new cnn poll came out this morning. it shows a dead heat in the race. clinton is trailing donald trump by 2% and another shows her in the lead but loading -- losing ground. >> campaign blitz focusing on must win states, hillary clinton rally the troops in florida and donald trump is in virginia and north carolina. on monday, both candidates faced off in the state of ohio where it was crowded on the tore mack in cleveland. clinton and donald trump parked next to each other and both now traveling with press for the first time. >> hi, guys. >> aboard "hill force one she took questions from the press for the first time since july 31 include ago foreign diplomacy her health and the drama surrounding her time at secretary of state. all the state department has said there is absolutely no evidence of any kind of external
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influence. >> donald trump was shaking hands at this ohio county fair. >> we are going do bring jobs back to ohio. we are --. >> answering questions on immigration policy. >> not ruling out anything. no. to become a citizen you have to go out and come back. >> candidates did not hesitate a few jobs after hillary clinton was overcome by a coughing speech. >> when i think about trump i get allergic. >> donald trump campaign manager mocked her, must be allergic to the media. >> clinton now has a six-point lady over donald trump according to a fox poll in august down from the 10-point lead making the time in the key battleground states "do or die" moment for both campaigns. >> this morning, philippine president say he regrets
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threatening president obama saying he would curse the president in person if he questioned the killing of drug suspects. in a statement he said that his strong comments caused concern and distress and he expressed his affinity for president obama. the two were scheduled to meet but it has been canceled for the moment but we are told it will be scheduled for a later date. >> san francisco, waking up to temperatures warmer than yesterday, most of us are 53 to 55 degrees. if you are headed to the financial district it is 56 and headed to the ferry building it is 58, and downtown it is 55. we have 40s in the north bay and the rest of us the low-to-mid 50s santa clara at 50. 58 in walnut creek and 61 in pittsburg with the warmth starting to creep in, inland, and here is a look from the east bay hills where it is calm and 60 degrees. on the bay it will be choppy north of the bay bridge walking the dog, cool this morning, hot
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this afternoon and it will be bicycling the air quality is okay for the activity planner. sfo is clear and 55 degree on the peninsula, check out the temperatures today, the 90s are back inland east bay neighborhood and they are going to get warmer tomorrow and you can see it is over. thursday. a bit of a cooling trend starts to roll in. we will look at how long that will last in the weekend forecast. that is next. >> nothing too serious, we are looking at a few minor trouble spots but nothing southbound 680 okay through walnut creek area and you can see the volumes starting to return to normal so we have nice breezy commute for the day yesterday and today. in oakland and san leandro and 44th avenue we had the serious overnight crash where three people have very serious injuries and all three were ejected from the vehicle, we left c.h.p. to see in it was still blocking and they said
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troopers are on scene so use caution if you are heading through that way maybe take some other side streets. hearing about this on the scanners, southbound 880, at the alameda and san jose we is a new two-car crash a vehicle on right hand shoulder, another one, possibly blocking the far left hand lane so we are going to get more information on that in about:50. >> muni will expand a program designed to brighten your commute putting more art on the buses. five artists have won a contest to display the work aboard 100 muni buses double the number from a year ago, part of a partnership between muni and san francisco beautiful. it is reported that the theme is san francisco neighborhood and you can expect to see the art appearing abort the buses in january. >> k-9 take down caught on camera and a brave police dog handled it.
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>> ladies having trouble finding a man? certain majors in school may
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>> all news, all morning. a k-9 helped take down a suspected prowler on the run from police in southern california. the suspect led officers on a case through steep and rugged terrain in the west hills
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neighborhood of los angeles and took off a shirt trying to hide. moments later the dog camped up to him and lunged and pulls him down on the hill. officers were able to surrounds him before he surrendered where no injuries to the k-9, or to the other officers. >> hurricane hermine is expected to weaken today but power will waves and flooding could continue to impact new york and southern new england before it moves out to sea. a tropical storm warning is in affect from long island to massachusetts and hermine windrd at 6 pa miles per hour at the peak and the national hurricane center said hermine is expected to be stationery tonight before turning to the northeast tomorrow. >> as soon use get steep you are getting swept down the beach and faster than i can run. >> hermine has caused three doubts with a trail of damage and knocked out power to hundreds of thousands from florida to virginia. >> we are not having to deal with that, but we had very nice weather for the long weekend,
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and through the week. mike? >> it will be warmer today and tomorrow. i were withed it go back to hermine to show you it does not look impressive on the radar here but it is churning and kicking up the waves with beach erosion a big problem. from the exploritorium you can see the stars above san francisco. sunny. warmest today and tomorrow. mainly clear. comfortable at night. that is the key. that why this is no heat advisory. we get heat relief by the weekend. it will be breezy today. but not the same areas add yesterday. mainly north of the bay bridge. you can see it affects the richmond-san rafael and carquinez bridge and through the delta from 2:00 this afternoon to 9:00 this evening, and 24 to 38 miles per hour but calm this morning, good time to be on the water but not this afternoon unless you are in a bigger boat
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like a ferry. now, talking temperatures, down in the south bay, san jose warm sunshine and 84 and a last mid-to-upper 80s in the south bay, as we head up the peninsula it will be warmer and not is breezy mid-to-upper 70s by san mateo at 77 and on the coast, fill be cooler and 64 at half moon bay and redwood city is the warm spot at 81. san francisco, 70 so cool to mild, cool at the coast, and 66 and richmond, sunset, 66, and as you get to the other side, marina at 70 and mission at 71. through the north bay, warm and dry today and the temperature ranging from 75 at sausalito to 88 in santa rosa and long the east bay shore more comfortable areas from mid-70 like oakland at 73 to a warm 83 in fremont and the last look, hot spot developing, 87 at san ramon to 92 in livermore and pittsburg and antioch at 93. tomorrow, it will be hottest,
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you may need the stretching of the legs on the air conditioning and maybe thursday and then the temperatures taper back to 60s and 70s and 80s by upon. >> conditions looking good today with the zipper truck doing their thing on the golden gate bridge. giving you more room on the southbound side. from the north bay, we have no issues. we have one problem in the last 10-15 minutes in san jose. southbound 880 at alameda. there is a two car collision. one vehicle went off the road. another vehicle is blocking the left lane. the fast lane. we have message crews on the way. it sounds like one person possibly had injuries. there is no backup. i am keeping a close try on it. it is the only blocking situation. mass transit has 28 trains in service for bart. you reasonable were aware of the weekend work, saturday, sunday
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and monday. as of 4:00 a.m. today, the tracks reopen and it was between daly city and glen park. both have daytime closures with daily work monday through friday but the full closure is wrap up. the central valley time is ramping up in less than ten minutes. >> this is interesting, women in some of the most lucrative fields get married later. the federal reserve bank found those who major in science, engineering, technology and business reduce chances of being married by age 23 by 10% and odds of being married by 30 at 15%. the survey was done only at new york university and the trend to marry and have children later has fit a broader friend we see across the united states. >> hurricane newton is gaining strength. we will tell you where it is headed. >> beyonce is on vocal rest with a medical issue affecting her
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concerts. >> today is the day michael strahan joins "good morning america" full time officially. >> apple is take on spotify. they are rolling out the new personalized playlist to some apple music subscribers offering 25 tracks based on listening history, just like spotify. >> for the first time, smartphones are half of the time americans are on-line using computers only for a third of our time online. >> tablets make up another 11% and we just finding phones more convenient than others. >> and new high-tech help at airports in japan a robot on roller skates to guide
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>> we are back with a famous little probe that was the first ever to land on a comet found after more than a year of silence. >> scientists say it is incredible. we told you about this little guy before. we are calling him a "guy," a
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space craft that was on a european space agency mission on friday showing whelmed in the shadow crack and it uses solar panels to recharge the battery and in the shadow it has been silent and dead. it will join the probe when it crash lands on the comet and the mission on september 30. we will do more research and figure out what this means. so the robot is dead but we found the dead body? >> that could be what we just said. >> okay...people are bracing for the worst of the hurricane approach on mexican baja peninsula with capital beltway -- with cabo going to be hit by newton. people are boarding up the windows and coastal areas of mexico could see between 5-10" of rain. this is the season. we are just back-to-back.
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>> and the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, everyone, the latest shows it moved over cabo and accelerating to the northwest at 17 miles per hour. with 90 miles per hour wind. the winds on the southern side of the storm are less so cabo is taking the full brunt of it in the last two hours. you can see the next 24-48 hours it will move into main land and become a tropical storm and as it moved into the united states on wednesday it will be an area of low pressure and bring potential of flooding rains to southern arizona and especially into new mexico. we will look at what is going on back home from sutro tower our extremes today. bodega bay, 62, to brentwood, 94 and our summer spread as we like to call it although we are into fall is 32 degrees today. it will be larger tomorrow. the a's and angels going at it
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regular time now we are back out of the only day, 7:00 first pitch, 67 under sunset and not is breezy as yesterday. grab the hoodie, by 10:00 we are down to 62 degrees under stars and the sun sets at 7 ok. on tuesday, next, we find out about the commute. >> although we have a couple of problems include a new one in the east bay this is in lafayette, 24, the eastbound side, we have a vehicle on the roof right now. we have reports that the vehicle was going at least 90 miles per hour. it lost control. it hit the have divide. it ended up on the roof. a lost other vehicles stopped to help the person, reasonable trapped and working on getting a tow truck to the scene. we have not con gived how many lanes are blocked but normally really hit on the eastbound side of 24 and we seeing a little bit of a delay. keeping a close eye on that. the central valley commute
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inbound from tracy through the altamont pass, we are already seeing red and yellow on the traffic flows and san jose we have a problem on southbound 880 at the alameda, a two-car crash and that is mocking the slow lane right now and we are not seeing backups this. we will look at drive times coming up at 5 o'clock a.m. >> beyonce's voice has gone to the left to the left. >> no! >> she is on vocal rest because she is having problems with her voice. she is postponing the formation of the world tour under "doctors' orders." >> the stadium in new jersey released a statement saying the show has been postponed until october 7th and you might know that she is scheduled to be back in the bay area at levi stadium next saturday so we are crossing our fingers the vocal rest will get her all better.
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>> she gave everything of her voice but i remember because i was there and i do remember her acceptance speeches her voice was hoarse and i remember that. >> 49ers bruce miller is out of the a job, a video evidence surrounding his second run in with the law. >> muni's latest attempt to sing out crowded -- thin out crowded trains during morning commute. stay tuned.
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good morning, east bay, let's get going. >> good morning on back to work tuesday, september 6. we are flood you here. i am natasha zouves. >> i am reggie aqui. >> i am ready to start the show. we started half an hour ago. alexis' has a black dress but i bled all over it this morning. >> it has been that kind of morning! i am here with jessica castro and meteorologist mike nicco and it is monday again. >> even though it is tuesday. >> we were here yesterday and back today. we have a special treat in the studio. live doppler


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