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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 7, 2016 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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>> live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> i have not bothered anybody. i don't deserve this. >> a homeowner is speaking out after swastikas and racial slurs were spray painted outside her home and police are investigating who could be behind the apparent hate crime. i am kristen sze. >> i am natasha zouves. it is not just the hateful vandalism outside, there was fire at the home early this morning with molotov cocktails. amy hollyfield spoke with the woman who lives there. amy? >> you can see the homeowners is putting the finishing touching
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on cleaning up from what happened. she said she is thinking this could be related to what happened a couple days ago, her son and the girlfriend idea their car vandalized. she does not want to specific light as to why. they pained over the vandalism. we have video of her other son who painted over it not the car that was vandalized. he does not live here. the woman would live here with adult children and grandchild woke up at 3:15 to fire on the roof and bushes at their antioch home and used extinguishers to get out the fire and kept it from spreading too much. there is not a lost damage from the fire but they saw the spray painted swastikas and the (n) word and the home owner is angry. >> i felt like i need to fine out who this person is to bring them to justice. i have not bothered anybody. i don't deserve this. it is between my son and my grass who lives here regularly and we did not harm anybody.
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i'm surprised this is coming to my house. >> investigators are taking this very seriously saying it could be attempted homicide because the attacker tossed molotov cocktails at garage and door blocking escape routes. the homeowner has surveillance cameras and said on the video you get a good look at the guy who did this and said you can see him lighting three bottles on fire and throwing them. investigators are looking at the video now and deciding whether to release i. in arrests have been made. the chief police is saying they consider this appalling and disgusting. thank you, amy. from the east bay police are sending for a second man in connection with a killing of a young woman in her unborn baby in san pablo. police want to talk with duarte a "person of interest" and homicide suspect was taken into custody overnight.
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police say that they found the 21-year-old hiding in an apartment in vallejo. he was arrested after a stand off with police. investigators do not know the relationship between him and the victim. but they may have dated. the 18-year-old was shot on monday at corner of 17th and sutter in san pablo and she was seven months pregnant. >> a man was shot to death and sky 7 was above the scene near 10th treat. the victim died after being shot at 5:30 this morning. officers arrived moments later after reports of shots fired. detectives have fought said what led to the shooting. the victim's name has not been released. >> we have new details on a crash outside of oakland involving a c.h.p. patrol vehicle. investigator say the c.h.p. unit was exiting the park street off-ramp on interstate 580 and the wrong way driver slammed into a c.h.p. unit. the officer has minor injuries.
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investigators state that the people jumped out of the car and ran away. officers searched for them but could not find them. it started as a pursuit at 1:00 when c.h.p. tried to stop the driver for a traffic violation. >> the president of san jose state university is addressing a new report that a professional who sexually harass add student was allowed to trend in his job for months. our reporter, tiffany wilson, has the details. tiffany? >> that is right, the president sent an e-mail to spire campus community last night, responding to the reports in the mercury news of professor with an office behind me, and he now is on leave. >> a female student accused the professor of sexually harass her in class last year saying he repeatedly asked in she was single can said he wanted to date her the attorney told our media partner the questions trend in the context of class discussions and a cam pice
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investigation found that the student was harassed saying the questions probed for more personal information that possibly related to an academic program. the reports were that two other students complained of about the forever's behavior in 2014 and their complains were not factored support punishment. he trends chairman of the counselors education department for five months after the investigation ended and then he served a ten day suspension last spring. the president said that actions recorded of troubling and we are looking into them. we will learn from them and we will take appropriate systematic actions based on what we learn. >> the university said they will offer no further comment because much of that is discussed was taken from personnel files and is under privacy laws. >> now, an accweather alert from abc7 morning. >> good morning, i am
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meteorologist, mike nicco and we have a "spare the air" day and a hottest day ahead with the winds first, on live doppler hd they are less than ten miles per hour and they are variable. it led to this, a water park in berkeley has the poorest air quality and we are in "safe," levels but in the afternoon, inland east bay and santa clara valley could be unhealthy. you know this but i feel better to remind you to stay hydrated and limit outdoor actists stay in the shade if you can, and wear light loose fitting clothing. >> thanks, former 49er bruce miller will appear in court on friday on charge he assaulted a hotel guest. this morning, more details emerge of what led up to miller's run in with the law. this is his mug shot taken hours before the 49ers cut him. his troubles began on sunday night, and he posted the picture on insurance grant saying "out with the boys," and later that night a manager at at tommy's
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joynt said he looked drunk when he came in and tried to take the customer's sandwiches. >> he was escorted out by manager. miller assaultd a 70-year-old on sunday when he tried to get support wrong room at fisherman's wharf marriott and was arrested before in march of 2015 after a dispute with his then fiance. >> kaepernick is thanking fans are sales of the jersey skyrocketed after the national anthem protest. he posted this on instagram this morning saying he did not expect his number 7 jersey to been a top seller and kaepernick said he 8 donate the proceeds. also, nfl commissioner reacted to kaepernick's decision not to stand for the anthem. he said that he disagrees with the choice but recognizes that the quarterback has the right to protest. >> right now apple is introats
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duesing the next generation iphone, and the c.e.o. tim cook is holding a big event in san francisco at 10:00 this morning. matt keller in the newsroom with the changes you will see on the iphone 7. matt? >> this started like most apple special events where the 140 down loads from the apple app store but about new iphone having sold a billion iphones, and this iphone 7 does not look like the old ones, happening right new in the announcement. it has a new design. with a high gloss finish. it comes in five different colors. it has two cameras. it will be water resistant. >> it is jam packed with new features to enrich the daily expenses. for instance, can you simply lift your iphone to waken, we have added siri capability for apps from the app store. i can say "give me a lift to sfo." you can become a ride with
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voice. >> we are waiting to see in it is true this is no headphone jack on the new iphone, apple unveiled the new apple watch called siri two and is swim proof. a big announcement for gamers with super mario coming to the app people app store and pokemon go is coming to the watch. they will dough not macs and apple tvs to will schools including software to teach kids to code. jonathan bloom is inside the apple event for all the news on apple and the new iphone follow him on twitter where he was tweeting about the new camera and said fill be a new, bigger camera. can you follow him on twitter with the information. >> thank you. the apple announcement continues on the abc7 news app by download it for free and able push alerts for the updates on your phone or tablet. >> race to the finish line in the race for 2016, the showdown
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tonight bringing both candidates to the big apple. >> a community is on alert after a family is followed and then attacked in their home. the clue that could help crack the case. a comeback in the bay area where tiger woods is setting sights
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>> police are increasing their presence in a community when a family was followed and robbed inside the home. the four men watched their
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family and followed them into their garage on sunday night. two of the men had guns. a man detained the family while the others ransacked the home. neighbors are taking note. >> we should be careful when we enter into the house. look around. in case someone is following us. or unusual activity going on. the surveillance video shows the white infin city driving away from the scene. police think this man could be a key witness. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are gearing up to appear on the same stage in new york tonight. here is the latest on how both candidates are preparing to compete for military support. national security now dominating the campaign trail. in philadelphia, donald trump lay out a plan to end deep military spending cuts, known as the sequester that went and affect in 2013. >> when i take office i will ask
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congress to fully eliminate the defense sequester and will submit a new budget to rebuild our military. it is so depleted. we will rebuild our military. >> year, trump said if he is elected the top generals will have a critical assignment right out of the gate. >> they will have 30 days to submit to the oval office a plan for sound lick and quickly devoting isis. >> we have no choice. >> hillary clinton using the issue to slam her rival. >> he said he has a secret plan to defeat isis. but the secret; he has for plan. >> the trump campaign trying to boost national security credentials releasing a list with support from 88 generals. on the campaign plane, clinton brushed it off. >> we are up to 89 but who is counting? >> campaign is counting releasing their own list showing the 95 generals that support her. >> and a surprise endorsement from a very unlikely source: the dallas morning news backing
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clinton, the first time the newspaper has endorse add democrat since before world war ii. the editorial said there is only one serious candidate on the presidential ballot in november, we recommend hillary clinton. >> tonight, donald trump and hillary clinton on the same stage but not at the same time. they will both participate in a forum in new york on national security. >> dubs nation the moment you have been waiting for all summer is here, your chance to sear the worse in action happening right now and how you be part of the next tip-off in san jose. at 11:15 a look from the sutro tower camera and it is sunshine at the golden gate bridge looking gorgeous. meteorologist mike nicco said it is 78 downtown and he is come one the accweather
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>> warriors fans in the south bay today is the day to get the tickets in your own backyards. an hour ago the season ticket holders got the first crack of tickets on ought 6 against kings which is played at the s.a.p. center. you can buy tickets at noon with the general public tomorrow afternoon. the first 10,000 fans at the game get a bobblehead featuring warriors star klay thompson wearing a sharks uniform. that is a collectible, ladies gentleman. >> selling like hot cakes. one on steph curry was selling for a lot of money on ebay but no hot cakes today, something cool. >> find air conditioning or a way to stay cool every where.
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good morning, everyone, from mount tamalpais that societies the table, right? look how hazy it is you can barely see to the sunset because of all of the fine particulate matter that is in the air. hazy sunshine this 19th summer "spare the air" day, and our warmest day this week, clouds overnight but be creeping up the coast tomorrow, and a real fall flavor to our forecast next week. over the next six hours you can see live doppler hd showing how clear we are going to be and we will look at the satellite and i want you to focus around monterey where the clouds are right now and as we head to tonight they will creep north as the southern surge comes back so if you like the heat, especially in san francisco where it is 78, today is the day. 68 at half moon bay. everyone else in the 70s. and 80s. on our way to 90s. we start in the hottest area first, inland east bay where the unhealthy air is likely mid-to-upper 90s and brentwood, pegged for triple digits today.
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as far as santa rosa, 94 a hot spot. sausalito is 78. that is warm for you. san rafael is 9. vallejo is 86. through the south bay we are in the upperrity to mid-90s unhealthy air is likely and the cool spot is santa cruz, holding down there, and 85, water temperature? about 59. san mateo, warm sunshine and 82, and a lot of low 80s around millbrae to upper 80s and redwood city at 89 and on the cost, pacifica and daly city and half moon bay in the low-to-mid 70s. here is the east bay, uncomfortable, sure, a lot of people did not have air conditioning and we hit the low-to-upper 80s could be feeling bad inside with no fan to keep you cool, 82 in richmond and 86 in castro valley. at the game in the sun, u.v. index is high and feeling 10- or 15-degrees warmer. stay hydrated. 82 by the time the game ends. the numbers in downtown san francisco are all over, at 84. the marina and daly city the
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cool spot at 73! the good news, tonight we are back in the 50s. tomorrow, we are going to lose five degrees inland up to 15-20 degrees from san francisco to the coast with the sea breeze. we stay steady thursday and friday and saturday and then a cold front. it is colder next week, 50s, 60s, and 70s. we could get to 88 inland but that is an exception. >> back to normal. >> roller coaster. >> interesting, mike. >> tiger woods will make the long awaited return to competitive golf and he will do it right here in the bay area. tiger woods announced he will play in the on in napa starting october 13. he is running from multiple back surgeries and did not compete on the p.g.a. tour this year. the last event was in august of last year where he finished tied for 10th. >> oakland's mayor and at&t are teaming up to make sure
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schoolchildren start the school year with the support though need for success. at&t is giving $400,000 to four oakland nonprofit organizations as part of the september giving campaign. one recipient is a foundation that will instantly put the money to good use. >> hundreds of students will be able to attend their first semester of community college at one of the four community colleges, for flow, this fall. all the other organizations to receive the grants include hidden genius project, black girls code and art works for change. and now, looking for a new co-hot for kelly who had a big announcement and this could be your big chance to sit in the cohost chair.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. >> coming up at 4:00, cleaning up debris in drake's bay after the oyster farm was shut down and returning the bay to the natural state. talk about a wrong turn, a flight flew 30,000 miles in the opposite direction landing in the wrong country is tonight on
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abc7 at 5 o'clock. >> now, good news for commuters in the east bay with improvements to the richmond-san rafael and we are look at that live. there could be a third eastbound lane by october of next year. work could begin by next month. now that caltran has approved the final design. the lower deck prevents traffic from backing up on 101 and 580 in marin. >> a big announcement on kelly this morning right here, that could land you in front of camera. >> i have been reading on instagram how easy this job is. now, you have the chance to prove it. you, yes, that's right, could be co-host. >> a lot of fans thought she was reveal the cohost but she is giving fan as chance to be on the show. you have until september 30 to submit a video pitch to show why you have what it takes to sit on
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the co-host chair with the details on >> by the way, i pass along from the apple event that there is no headphone jack, for the next iphone. >> and i am the only one upset? thank now are joining.
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>> hey, everybody. it's armed forces appreciation week. we are honored to have some of the courageous men and women from our nation's military with us today. let's see if they can battle their way to $1 million right now on "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready for a special "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good because our returning contestant committed to the military for two years. he has stayed over 20 years because he loves it that much. from the army national guard, please welcome back sergeant 1st class mr. daniel wade. [cheers and applause] how you doing? >> good to see you again. [cheers and applause] whoo! [cheers and applause] ♪ >> back again.


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