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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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thank you is not. we go to the bay bridge and looking much better. this shot is to the west of treasure island. this is where we had the police activity since midnight last night. though are wrapping it up and not confirmed all lanes are back open eastbound and westbound but i am not see anymore flashing lights. if we are not there we are really, really close. an update on this in a few, plus, a piper issue it is clearing and in enough move i promise add look at that and i will show you the map in a few minutes. now, over to meteorologist mike nicco and feeling more comfortable. >> yes, i wonder if it is a minor issue at 82 yesterday, in san francisco, beings, everyone, that southern surge we talked about, look at how it is painting the coast and our valleys with clouds and the marine layer is back and it is 2,000 feet so it will climb over the east bay hills and make it into our inland east bay neighborhood. we stepping outside, and temperatures are the same, 52 to
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65 and we head into the afternoon hours, 62 at the coast and 82 inland. up to seven degrees cooler than yesterday. the weekend forecast is. coming up next. guys? >> so were, the man at the center of a berkeley law school sexual harassment lawsuit is now defending himself. he wrote an op-ed about why he shoud be back on campus and many in the community disagree. amy hollyfield is at uc berkeley. amy? >> i have been reading online comments to the editorial this morning and this sparking a spirited debate. but a lot of people are saying he does deserve his due process. chow -- he is asking people not sign the next on-line petition calling for my head to quickly and not go on social media and hurl invective at me and leave
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me in peace and let me go to work as is my legal right." he is back at work six months after resigning and will not be in the classroom but he will work in his office. a year and a half ago he was accused of unwanted advances toward the assistant and saying the indications and hugs had no sexual intent. and a university investigation found that he was not conscious of his actions. now, the woman is suing the university and officials have launched a new investigation. choudhry called eight due over and said he is not a sexual predator. there was a protest yesterday again the professor be back here on campus so there is a lot talk about this here at cal. if you want to read the complete letter it is on our website at
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>> thank you. certainly relief for some concerned drivers in south san jose. the arrest of a man suspected of shooting at people in cars along one stretch of blossom hill area a busy area. the 30-year-old michael james lewis was arrested august 14 on unrelate charges. but detectives found a handgun sing his house as pat the other case and it was determined it matched shell casings found on blossom hill road that took place between may 4 and august 5. >> four oakland police officers have been fired for their involvement in a sex scandaled from around celeste guap, each committed one or more offends and attempted sexual assault, lewd conduct and assisting in the crime of prostitute and accessing law enforcement database for personal gain and failing to report crime and other misconuct. officer seven officers are on unpaid leave and one ordered to counsel asking traying and soft
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gathers have examined 80,000 families of social media documents and 28,000 text. >> celeste guap told her story for the first time to dan noyes who has conflicting feelings. >> i specific to less through the process on way to rebill dangerous in florida and she said show did not want the cops to be in double and considered them to be friends but it blew up when an officer she was seeing committed suicide and he named names in the note. she did not want them to get in double but now she said that they did town their backs on me, association perhaps, she has changed her opinion. >> in adecision to oakland police five richmond police officers are accuse evidence having sex with san jose less and funding was obtained from a compensation program to pay for her rehabilitation in florida. >> we told you of the discipline action facing oakland police with a push alert from abc and you can download that for free with breaking news update as
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they happen. >> we have breaking news from wisconsin right now. >> over to jessica castro with the live desk an early morning flight that had to mechanic an message landing? that is right. the airlines plane made an message landing in milwaukee, as the mitchell international airport. and in the last five minutes i listened it is a mechanical problem after taking off from the airport in milwaukee. it was headed to minneapolis. i want to storm in and show you what happened. they were forced to turn around. you can see the loop. they turned the plane around after they found a remember. the plane landed safely in 45 minutes to an hour ago at this point, and the if news is right now we have no reports of injuries but it is only a problem with the plane. >> worse star steph curry is now
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experting colin kaepernick's protesting of the national anthem in an interview steph curry praised the quarterback for the decision to extend for what he believes and applauded the profit because it sparked a national conversation about injustice. kaepernick is spend to the rumors he is converting to islam. >> i have seen that. i have not. i have great respect for the religion. i know a lot of people that are muslim. they are phenomenal people. but that comes along where people's fear of this rest. >> kaepernick said some of teammates are reluctant to gin but respect his decision. >> the 49ers play the first regular season game on mohammed against the programs with our coverage starting at 7:00 p.m. right here on abc7. >> the first for the bay area, the non-stand and inexpensive flight that will soon be conducting us to europe.
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now the accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we will start in the south
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by. we are in the mid-to-upper 50s in most neighborhoods. san jose is 60. the hills of los gatos or 65. movie is 61. lafayette and san pablo are 59. san francisco is 58. check it out, clouds in the east bay. that means it will be cooler today and our benches, also. breezy on the water. now the next three days we look from mount tamalpais and what you will see is a pretty steady diet of temperatures in the 60s around san francisco and 70s and 80s for rest us with dramatic changes to the seven-day forecast. that coming up next. alexis? >> big changes in the traffic department. we are all clear. we confirmed that in the last ten minutes with c.h.p. bay bridge is fully become open, eastbound and westbound, and on the traffic maps, slight residual delays and we are back in the green to the west treasure island. i have been mentioning this the last few minutes, a minor issue
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on southbound 101, that is right around shoreline road, and near the shoreline theater we had a crash i believe fully off to the right shoulder with no delays and there could be blasts video cross the lanes so use caution were we will hurricane at drive times in less than 10 minutes. say the newest and largest destroyer of the they have is headed to the new home base in california. >> this is video provided by the united states navy she uss 14 sailors trained for three years to learn the new systems which is named for the admiral born here in san francisco. >> the campaign countdown to the first presidential debate, the issues that new have donald trump and hillary clinton taking sides. all the commute of the future what is happening today in rohnert park putting it well on
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kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. >> hillary clinton is returning to the bay area and bringing music with her. she is holding a concert fundraiser on monday in san francisco. jazz singer his wright is headlining from $250 to $50,000. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are back optical pain trail. both were under the same roof last night at commander and chief for rim in new york. never face-to-face but answers
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questions from former and current military members. hillary clinton pledged air support and training to defeat isis and made a point very clear. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again and we are not putting ground troops into syria. >> donald trump was asked of his commend that he knew more of isis than military generals. >> under the leadership of president obama and hillary clinton the generals are reduced to rubble. >> the first presidential debate is now only 18 days away. >> the two democrats running for the open united states senate seat in california have agreed to debate next month. california attorney general kamala harris and representative sap chose will debate on the campus of cal state los angeles scheduled october 5 at 7:00 p.m. whoever wins in november will fill the seat of saturday boxer. >> south korean officials say the shipping vessels strapped off california should be able to unload cargo this week.
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this is after the ship line filed for bankruptcy recollection last week. 85 hanjin ships are strapped at sea. the crews face shortfalls of circumstantials like food and water creditors have seized some shots that have entered the ports and some may see delays in getting holiday merchandise because of the stranded ships. >> a man accused setting the clayton fire is also accused of lighting four other fires. according to the resolution democrat damin pashilk face as total of 19 arson colleges and three related to the clayton fire. investigators say the g.p.s. device in his car placed him at the scene of a wild four a minute before it started. he pleaded not guilty to all chances yesterday. in convicted of all charges he faces 45 years to life. authors believe they have cause man suspected in a string of bank robberies and 55 year old is the man in the surveillance video taken during a bank heist in lafayette. they believe he is responsible for holdups in napa and
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brentwood and roseville and sacramento. officers arrested dennis where he was arrest on felony drunk charges. >> today a property tax program for low income homeowners is returning to san francisco. the state comptroller will announce the run of program designed to help low income seniors and disabled people to defer their tax payments. the program was suspended in between between because of lack of funding. the legislature approved reinstatement of the program two yours ago. officials will start accepting new lesses this year. >> i live in the south bay at 82 degrees in the south bay and it is pleasant but 82 in san francisco is like hell is opened up. the compliments that come n >> like you are living in a grill. >> that is it. >> how did it work for you why heard? >> you told me to expect it was okay. >> i will set lower specific faces. the temperature.
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not specifications. good morning, everyone, up to 15 degrees cooler in san francisco. you can see a very color will sunrise developing on sutro tower because of the gap fire with fine particulate matter, cooler and cleaner afternoon breezes and clouds and drizzle the next few nights. look at the winds, 23 miles per hour, and the sea breeze is back. and here is what it does to the neighborhoods cleaner and not is hot 85 in concord and mid-to-upper 90s and antioch is the only nine degree temperatures, santa rosa is mild to warm and 80 and low 80s across the north bay and headed to the south bay, matt, 81 and back to normal and cleaner air milpitas is 785 cool spot and only 70, san mateo and breezy and 73 along the peninsula and millbrae at 70 but on the cost you can see that daly city is 62 and pacifica is 64 degrees and we have temperatures at 72 so the comfort returns to oakland and richmond is 70 and union
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city and san leandro at 76 and downtowning in to worry about today, we are back to 65 degrees. even 62 in daly city. now, a look at lows you can see a lot 50s, notice the cloud cover is make its presence felt more is around the bay, the south bay account north bay and there is the president of drizzle. the rest of my time i will talk about the seven-day outlook, because what you are going to see is a couple degrees cooler tomorrow, not dramatic, saturday is a lot like today, and the cooling resumes on sunday as we drop two to four degrees and check out tuesday, 50s and 60s and 70s and fall favor to that forecast. that is it from here and alexis? >> yes, we are quiet right the new abc7 news now. that the drama over the bay bridge is over. i figured to show you a few other commutes okay in the south bay, so here is a look outside at 280, right around 17, and everything is moving along fine obviously filling in on the inbound side. that is what who are seeing on
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our normal busy routes, westbound 205 to 580 through the altamont pass leaving the central valley this morning, use are our speed indication tool, 11 miles per hour and you are stop-and-go through that stretch. the drive times, westbound 80, highway 4 to the maze is up to 30 minutes and westbound 80 bay bridge is bouncing back from thely pose activit all lanes are become open both directions and that is the yellow at 17 minutes and southbound 101 san francisco is in the green. the south bay is coming up at 6:30. in rohnert park testing will begin on the new smart train system. this means you can expect to see more trains and more activity along the tracks from rohnert park expressway, and testing is happening over the next seven days from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. until september 15. the first smart trans are expected to begin service by the end of year. >> if you are planning a trip to spain next summer this news is for you, norwegian air is adding
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nonstop service for under $200 starting in june, saying economy fares start at $19 each bay. the offer is part of the aggressive growth plan in the united states market. >> do you have an opinion on whether readdressal marijuana should be legal in california? we will have details on the major public impose medium taking place. >> scary moment for a shopper, a security guard did this, held him at gun "it's halloween time my frightful fiends, and disneyland is ours!" "going down!"
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>> santa clara officials will host a marijuana concert to discuss the facts and myths behind the issue deciding in november whether to legalize marijuana. 25 national experts will speak. top is include public health concerns and impact on the workplace. conference runs today and tomorrow. it starts at 8:00 a.m. at the santa clara county convention center. >> time for askfinney. a question from bring an in sunnyvale on medical claims. michael finney has the answer. >> how long do you have to file a medical claim?
6:25 am
>> that is an interesting and important question. it is really complicated. generally, insurance companies give you a year to file from when the services were provided. the day the service occurred. some companies have even tighter rules saying you only have six months. and aural companies will on occasion make it an exception when a provide it does not bill you until after the initial time period is over. the best protect yourself file every time you receive medical care or set aside a single day each month we to file all of your insurance claims. from question. you helped a little people with it. thank you. >> if you have a question for michael finney record it on your smartphone or tablet and share it on social. you can see your question answers right here on the morning news of the >> coming up the hate crime spark an investigation in folk community, a suspected serial
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shooter in san jose arrested. police were able to finally track him down in a special way. more fall out from the sex scandal involving a teenager and bay area law enforcement a dozen new police officers implicated in the investigation and the punishment handed done bit mayor. >> and the one and done heat wave temperatures up to 17 degrees cooler with clean are air today. go outside and enjoy. if you really want cool weather stick around for comfort food, you've had a good long run. but your time is over. it's time for something new, something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating, making, serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. let's get comfortable with our food again.
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>> ing, south bearings let's get going. this is abc7 morning. >> it is thursday be september. i am matt keller. weekend is in sight, and i am jess yes and we have meteorologist mike nicco, and alexis smith as well, and looking at the roads. a lot of people complained about the heat. >> i got a lost hate on social media yesterday. >> you told everyone where to go the how many complains? >> it was nice, i appreciate that. good morning, everyone, we will look at what is beginning on, the sign of change, look at the cloud cover along the coast and into our valleys, and push over interest our east bay valleys right now, the marine layer is tall enough it will bring all of us a break today. here is the day planner, when you step identified you say, he is crazy, it feels victim as yesterday.
6:30 am
it does. but at 4:00 we are 2 the at coast and 83 inland. that is up to 17 degrees cooler than yesterday the weekend is ahead. alexis? all the commute is better. we did have a lot of police activity on the babe but it is cleared. in row said you'll delays. a steady crawl westbound 80 through emeryville area if you are coming in from berkeley, expect some heavy stop-and-go traffic and a new issue on caltrain we hair there are power issues northbound 207 at santa clara northbound 309 clear to cross over and move so we are working on confirm that with drive times coming up. >> police arrested a man responsible they say for shooting at cars on a busy south bay road. >> tiffany is joining us in san jose with the evidence police say they have. >> good morning.
6:31 am
since may someone has been shooting at cars on blossom hill road. [ inaudible ]
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he says his mis/* kisses can and hugs had no sexual intent. an investigation 230u7bd /* found he was not conscious of his actions chl the woman is suing the university.
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the lights are posted next to world trade center to create two columns of light. suspect in the den paris attacks stayed silent again. he did not say anything at a hearing in may and refused to attend a hearing in july. his lawyer said he is not obligated to explain his silence but a nod to the 24 hour
6:45 am
surveillance he's been under. he added it could cause psych lojs call damage. a man was caught on camera taking two bikes from a garage on a home on willow street. he appears to be in his 30s with a goatty and wearing a watch with a wide band. if you recognize him call the police department. ryan lochte's robbery scandal is leading to a ten-month suspension. that means he will not participate in the world champ championship meet next year. three other swimmers involved in the episode face suspensions but not as long as lochte's. next competition he will be i believe v eligible for will be in 2019. before this unfolded ryan lochte signed up to be on "dancing with the stars." it airs 5:00 p.m. next monday.
6:46 am
the 49ers will regular season game at 7. a schoolteacher will be at the white house receiving the presidential medical of excellence. >> she has been named one of the best math teachers in the nation. today she will attend a ceremony to receive her prize, which includes $10,000. she is one of the teachers nationwide to earn the award. nasdaq tries to make it a record-setting day. a most interesting man. that story and a check of stocks in the morning money report. >> good morning to you. we are starting today, at least if this trend continues we will not see a record in the nasdaq. weekly jobless claims came in.
6:47 am
minimal impact. the dow down 54. a huge amount of oil has been discovered in west texas a year's worth of crude production. the discovery is one of the largest in recent years. pokemon device will launch next week it could improve safety by notifying users with a vibration. there have been traffic accidents because of people with their eyes glued to the game. 41-year-old french actor will take over the famous role and this is the video put out on tv to introduce him. kanye west kicked off new york fashion week by debuting his collection. >> it was hot, as in the
6:48 am
temperature. they were showing off his collection. other models searched for shade and water after getting off the catwalk because the conditions were sweltering heat. and don't want to wear a coat and hoodie for. >> i feel this is what people felt like in san francisco. >> if they would have listened to mike nicco they would have known. >> i was driving through downtown yesterday and usually the colors r gray, black, uniform but yesterday everyone was wearing all sorts of colors. nice to see a change. good morning. a live look from the roof camera. i want to go back and show you yesterday. 82 degrees. 113 days to go back to may 17th, the last time we hit 82 in san francisco. our average is 71. i want to show you here.
6:49 am
look at this flag. directly east. unfurled the sea breeze is back. what's that mean? cleaner air today and cooler also. more clouds and patchy drizzle and cool autumn highs next week. arrow pointing in to the central valley. the sea breeze is back. the surge we talked about yesterday pushed clouds to the coast, tried to push it in to marine bay. notice by noon they are back at the coast. they will break up today but not close to seeing the sunshine you have seen the last couple of days at the coast. let's talk about temperatures. little less comfort in gilroy with 88. on the peninsula 94 degrees yesterday. 79 the warm spot today. low to mid-60s along the coast. breezy this afternoon. only 65 today in downtown san
6:50 am
francisco. head up to the north bay, breezy at times. 76 san ra well. and 75 valet poe. oakland 73. 73 fremont. the comfort is back along the east bay. antioch the warm spot, 90, 92. the rest of us in the mid to upper 80s. tonight good sleeping weather. notice the cloud cover becoming more prolific, if you will. that's why we will see drizzle also. the accuweather seven-day forecast, we will drop a degree or two tomorrow. it will be like today. the highs rebound. cooling resumes on sunday. highs in the 50s, 60s and 70s next week. the bus stop forecast up next. things have been bright since we had the police activity on the bay bridge wrap up this morning. all is eep on the san mateo
6:51 am
bridge. live look at the richmond san rafeal bridge, we had a high wind advisory earlier in morning. could be breezy out there. check out 80. we are crawling. from hercules from highway 4 to richmond, berkeley, that is a slow crawl. backed up through the maze, as well. for folks coming from 580 over to 280 across the bay bridge. plenty of red on the traffic flows. an update on mass transit. no new information in the last 30 minutes but hearing about power issues for 207 train. they were stopped at the santa clara station. 309 was cleared to switch to move around that. we will give you an update if we get more details on that. in the meantime prepare for delays. next update in ten minutes. san francisco's new transit center will look eerily familiar
6:52 am
to anyone who crosses the bay bridge. it will feature a miniature replica of the eastern span. abc 7 news is there where construction is underway. you can see think the tower rises above the overpass. it will be used by buses. the 49ers willen veil the first ever rooftop farm at a professional sports venue. >> it will gre veggies and herbs and used to grow food served to fans at the stadium. >> back in 90 seconds with seven things you need to know before you go. we have great photos.
6:53 am
6:54 am
seven things to know before you go. police arrested a man they believe shot at drivers in san jose. special task force captured the man last month on separate charges. number two taking a live look at the toll plaza. nothing blocking. if you were with us this morning, we had police activity on the bay bridge west of treasure island. that's gone. this is normal volume starting to fill in to get through the
6:55 am
plaza. looking average just about everywhere this morning. police officers have been fired for their involvement in the sex scandal. seven are unpaid leave and one submitted to counselling. jerry brun is expected to kppd on the climate change law. he is signing legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% by 2030. >> cool and breezy. check out the beautiful sunrise i'm capturing from the camera. temperatures 10 to 17 degrees cooler than yesterday. where's that put it for the kids? 50 to 65. 62 to 82 inland. a refreshing day outside. >> sounds good. the smart transit system will start today. more activity on the track
6:56 am
should be expected. >> number seven record for the boss. bruce springsteen and the e street band, u.s. show last night in philadelphia. concert went on for four hour and four minutes. >> wow. >> he performed 34 songs. i don't think i could stand at a concert for four hours let alone play a concert. that's amazing. we will be back here in 25 minutes with an abc 7 news update. >> look at that sunrise. gma is next.
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good morning, america. national security showdown. hillary clinton and donald trump going at it overnight. >> we are not putting ground troops into iraq ever again. >> clashing over the military, isis and experience. >> the generals have been reduced to rubble. >> now questions about those classified intelligence briefings. did trump reveal too much? and hillary clinton defends herself over her e-mails. flash floods and funnel clouds, a massive storm hovers over arizona as remnants from hurricane newton fuel flooding from the dakotas to wisconsin. now, the midwest on alert for more rain as the east braces for a heat wave. temperatures that feel like 100 degrees. a stunning shoot-out caught on surveillance camera. a 71-year-old man shot while watering his lawn in chicago. the city facing the deadliest violence i


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