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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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>> it's saturday, september 10th. good morning, everyone, i'm chris ngyen. let's start with a first look at the forecast. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan, in for lisa argen. hi, frances. >> hi. it's sunny and warm this afternoon. but right now the clouds are along the coast and around the bay. but it's already clear in santa rosa. so we have the foggy areas right now. temperatures mainly in the mid-to upper 50s. a few low 60s out there. a cool morning with temperatures still near 60 degrees. still cloudy at the beach by 9:00. we will see sunshine most everywhere else. inland numbers by lunchtime will be warming up into the low 70s around the bay and the low 60s. and at the coast unfortunately still hovering in the upper 50s throughout the morning hours. temperatures are going to take a tumble, and i'll let you know when and by how many coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. chris. >> frances, thank you.
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this morning a four-year-old child -- a four-year-old child is dead and a bomb to the hospital. the child was in a vehicle on san ramon on northbound 6780 when the woman was hit. >> paramedics airlifted 4-year-old elijah dunn after he was pulled from the wrangled wreckage of his mother's car. as seen from sky 7, the boy was seated in the rear on the driver's side of the toyota camry as the family waited for gas. the mother had pulled over on the right-hand side of the roadway near the bollinger canyon road exit. around 6:20 the california highway patrol received the call that a white at this time second had slammed into the back of the stalled car. paramedics transported two other children in the car, as well. their grandfather said a 12-year-old boy and nearly 2-year-old girl taken to children's hospital in oakland, but they are okay.
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the mother is currently being treated at john muir medical center. she has a broken back, ribs and other severe injuries. the driver of the s.u.v. was also transported for her injuries, but no word on her condition. chp shut down lanes to investigate, but by 9:00 all lanes had reopened. cbs7 news. abc7 news. family and friends honored a mother to be last night who was gunned down in san pablo. the 18-year-old died after being shot to death monday. abc7 news was at the peacekeepers in richmond will loved ones gathered together. mccoy had been going to the teen center since the 7th grade. mourners wrote notes to her and talked about the positive person she had become. they were looking forward to seeing her as a mom. >> she truly just wanted to succeed in life. i know she had a lot of dreams
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and aspirations about being with her daughter. >> and i was really looking forward to being able to hold the child at this point. >> mccoy wanted to become a mentor at the peacekeepers and talked about maybe becoming a police officer. criminal charges have been filed against more than a half-dozen east bay officers for their involvement in the widespread police sex scandal. five of the men charged are or were oakland police officers. another worked at livermore police, and another was in the contra costa county sheriff's office. the range. showers include lewd acts in a public place, engaging in an act of prostitution and obstruction of justice. abc7 news repter alyssa harrington has details on the case. >> we left no stone unturned in terms. the evidence. >> reporter: after a month's long investigation scouring thousands of text, pictures and facebook messages, seven bay area cops will be charged in a sex scandal. the woman at the center of the case, a teenager, no one as
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celeste. the girl said she had sex with officers, including when she was underage. >> the action, of the few have shed a negative light on all of the hard-working men and women who come to work every day as police officers. >> five ever those being charged are linked to the oakland police department. felony obstruction of justice and engage being in prostitution, and another for searching official data without permission. and one more felony oral copul ation with a minor, and another charged with making searches without permission. and a retired sergeant for failing to report sexual misconduct against a minor. also being charged is is one in the contra costa county sheriff's office and one of livermore pd. both have resigned. o'malley said there's evidence some had sexual encounters with the victim where where other jurisdictions. the city's police department is handling that investigation.
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>> we are waiting to see what the outcome of the investigation is and we will make our own evaluation. >> in a statement the president of the oakland police officers association said the actions of a few are disappointing. alyssa harrington, abc7 news. >> a statement was released saying, quote, the consequences of pour judgment and bad behavior. -- bad behavior can end careers and shatter lives.
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>> former san francisco co49 ther bruce miller made a court appearance yesterday. miller is facing felony assault charges after he allegedly beat up a 70-year-old man and his 29-year-old son. the 49ers released miller from the team earlier this week. melanie woodrow caught up with them and have the story. >> reporter: 49-year-old bruce miller would not talk about what led to his arrest. >> do you remember what happened that night? do you want to say anything? >> i'm just not at liberty to talk about it right now. there's an investigation going on. >> sundays are for the boys, he post today instagram over the weekend. around 11:50 last night a manager at the tommy joint restaurant said miller tried to take customers' food. we have this cell phone video. a manager escorted miller out. >> i don't even know who you are. >> miller allegedly tried to get into a 70-year-old man's room at
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he fishermens wharf marriott. when he told him he had the wrong room, he allegedly charged at him and punched his 70-year-old father with a cane. >> it's a major embarrassment to us, not only because they were visiting the city, and unfortunately they were victimized, but also this is a clear case of elder abuse. >> surveillance video captured miller across the street at the travel lodge. his forehead was bloody and he was stumbling. >> how was your head injured last night? >> i'm sorry, excuse me. >> a motion to increase his $178,000 bail was denied. the court ordered miller to stay away from the victims. his arraignment was moved to november. in san francisco, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. a san francisco woman is in jail in this morning after police said she slammed her skateboard into the back of an officer's head, cracking his helmet. the 21-year-old attacked the officer at fifth and mission. he was standing on his bike.
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she walked up behind him with two hands, swung her skateboard at his head. after being hit the officer was able to grab the suspect. he was treated for an injury but was not seriously hurt because of the bicycle helmet. happening today in the east bay, the urban shield police training in the east bay will continue following the arrest of nearly two dozen protesters yesterday. we were at the almeda county fairgrounds as the protesters chained themselves together on friday. they blocked traffic. demonstrators want the event to train police for disasters stopped. they say it's a factor in deadly police shootings. >> we believe true safety comes from building up community resources and practices, alternatives to policing.
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>> it's hard for me to understand why you would want this at sites like an earthquake, like a disaster, like a terrorist attack. after the arrest, the group took their protest to the county jail where the 23 others are being held. the biggest the unknown will monday night's 49ers regular season opener isn't the final score, instead many wonder who will by quarterback. but it's getting tracks at the compound in santa clara. here's news reporter david louie with more. >> reporter: colin kaepernick's controversial protest is gaining support on the home field. niner's safety, larry reid, took a knee last week in san diego. and some are following the lead by donating $1 million to address social injustice. so what could be a devicive or authority issue could become, as chip kelly put it, something positive. >> i've been getting conversation about injustice in this country and i think it's a positive thing. instead of just a conversation they take it a step further. what they have both done i think is positive. >> we tried to get kaepernick's reaction but he turned down interviews. where does this lead fence sitters, those who haven't joined kaepernick on bended knee? >> he does a good job as a person and no one said anything
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if a guy did decide to take a knee. we are just trying to stay focused on what's important, and that's winning games. >> marshall neiled during the national anthem thursday night and it cost him an endorsement with the credit union. they said that's the risk for taking a stand. >> i feel like i'm doing something bigger, bigger than what money -- i don't scare. -- i don't care. if i lose an only endorsement -- well, that the the only endorsement i have. but if i am lose that, i wants be worried about it. >> he said reid now needs to focus on action. >> we will like to see something on legislative end to help make the relationship between community and police officers and community, and whatever the issue is, better. >> in santa clara, abc7 news. monday is a special day on abc7. the new show "right this minute" premieres at 3:00 p.m. followed by world news tonight at 3:30
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and abc7 news at the 4:00. and season 23 of dancing with the stars premieres at 15:00 -- be 5:00 p.m. live from los angeles. it's on early because at 7:00 pm we begin the 49ers pregame show. watch as the 49ers take on the rams in santa clara. the niners regular season opener is live right here on abc 7 monday night. meteorologist frances dinglasan is in for lisa argen. you are tracking the forecast for us? >> yes. it's going to be a nice day today. temperatures will be cooling down, though, and i'll have the details with the accuweather seven-day forecast. >> thank you. the federal government is extraordinary steps to keep consumers safe from a popular smartphone prone to exploding. we will have more. also -- [impression of a train horn] [train horn] >> longing for silence. the newest train line causing a stir for
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>> welcome back. lisa is office and frances dinglasan is ahead with the accuweather forecast. >> last night a candlelight vigil in memory of a student who disappeared 20 years ago.
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19-year-old christian smart disappeared in may of 19ed 6 when she was a student at cal-poly. last year officials launched a new dig site on the same hillside as smart's dorm in the hopes of finding her remains, and they found what they call several items of interest. smart remains a strong pull in the community. there's a memorial in her name in a park overlooking the ocean. in an unprecedented action, the consumer products safety commission announced anyone with a samsung galaxy note 7 should turn it off and stop using it immediately. as we explain, this follows dozens of fires and explosions. >> it was very surprising to me how quick the dash caught on fire. once it got the dash, the airbags started exploding. >> reporter: nathan said his samsung galaxy note 7 exploded in his car. the company is telling people to power down their phone immediately, don't charge it, don't use it. >> it's one. fair flagship, high-end phones,
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very anticipated and well-reviewed. >> they said not all note 7s are at risk. it's only in the galaxy note 7 and it's only on some of them because not all the batteries came from the same factory. >> but he said there's no reason to take a chance and samsung is promising to give customers a replacement phone or a refund. the cpsc is working with samsung on an official recall. >> the first that time we saw it in headlines, it's like the note 7 on fire. you think like hot sales, right? >> this person fixes phones. he said it's rare for phone batteries to catch fire, even when they overheat. >> different manufacturers have different ways of dealing with the battery, but for the most wart all batteries have a safety mechanism that's built in. >> the note 7 fires have been frequent enough to prompt the faa to ask travelers not to turn on or charge their note 7s in flight or to put them in a checked bag. abc7 news. >> a mattress store in texas has decided to close indefinitely after deciding to spoof 9/11 in
6:17 am
one of their ads. >> what better way to remember 9/11 than with the twin towers sale. it's all day long! >> oh, my gosh! >> we will never forget. >> miracle mattress in san antonio faced an avalanche of backlash after advertising a twin towers sale. the owner said his daughter, the managering of the store, made the video without his consent. both agreed it's taste less. >> some residents in the north bay talk about the sound of silence. for many weeks a new commuter rail line has been testing trains in the track and testing out the horns, as well. now the loud sound is testing the patience of many. abc7 news reporter cornell barnard is in san rafael with the story. [train horn]
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>> reporter: a test run of the new smart train comes with all the bells and whistles, and a loud horn. some have their own impression. [impression of a horn] >> its very deep. sort of like a freight train. >> lives inside the mobile home park, adjacent to the tracks where the sound of train horns seem to echo. [train horn] >> it seams to be day and night. it makes no difference. it will wake you up. >> they said they were testing the trains at night, but only temporarily. a spokesperson said our horn is between 96 and 98 decibels, so it's on the lower end of the spectrum. it's all about safety and it's a community conversation. >> we are stuck with the train. we don't want to be stuck with the noise. >> relief is coming. both novato and san rafael have applied to establish quiet zones near crossings and restrict engineers from sounding horns unless there's an emergency or when the train leaves the station. >> we will still hear the bells
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and whistles at the gates, but other than that we will be happier. >> smart train starts moving commuters later this year. i leave with the impression. [train horn impression] cornell barnard, abc7 news. >> now your accuweather forecast from abc7 news. >> i love that impression. here's a look from live doppler 7 showing us the cloud cover along the coast and into the bay. we will see a lot of sunshine later on today. i want to take you above the low clouds from the east bay hills. we are looking toward mt. diablo. the sunrise at 6:38. just about 30 minutes. temperatures are still on the cool side right now. san francisco its currently 56. oakland 58. mountain view and san jose at 60 and morgue bay and half moon bay in the mid-50s. you see the low clouds here in san francisco. more temperatures mainly in the 50s. napa 55 degrees. concord at 57 degrees. we head back up to the clouds, or above the clouds from mt. tam. you can see the beautiful color
6:20 am
in the sky out there. here's what you can expect. temperatures are coming up today, but just by a little bit. and down tomorrow. then a sharply-cooler by monday. i'll show you that in a little bit. more seasonal by late next week. so that's what you can expect. the much-cooler monday. i'm talking about temperatures being ten degrees cooler than average. for example, in san francisco, the average high is 70. we will only hit 60. oakland 10 degrees below average, as well. monday expecting it to hit 64. san jose only 73. so if you have been complaining about the cool weather in san francisco, you definitely get a pass en monday. make sure you grab a jacket. today cool and breezy. san francisco 64, oakland 70. still warm inland. some upper 90s or rather low 90s. livermore 90 and antioch 92. if you are heading to wine country today, nice and sunny. very comfortable in the
6:21 am
mid-70s and upper 70s. napa hitting 79. also san jose at 82 degrees. a live shot right now. santa cruz, we see the gray skies. but by this afternoon we get a little break in the sunshine there. so santa cruz will be one of the warmest beach spots at 70. elsewhere cloudy and cool with most temperatures in the 60s and breezy at the coast with the 10 to 20 miles per hour westerly breeze. mountain view is going to be really pleasant today for the art and wine festival. temperatures upper 70s. tomorrow still mild but just come down to the mid-70s. so t-shirt and shorts weather there and definitely have the sunscreen and sunglasses handy. here's a look tech week ahead in livermore. this will let you know what to expect. it's going to be cooler inland. notice how temperatures are dropping by almost 15 degrees into monday. so that's the cool day we are watching. then we will climb right back up to near normal for the end of next week. and here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. so you see the trend.
6:22 am
we've got the morning fog. a warmer afternoon. low 90s inland and 60s at the coast. starting to cool down on sunday. and then really cool, well below normal on monday with some drizzle. and you have a system passing to our north that's going to bring us really breezy conditions. that's why temperatures are going to be very cool on monday. still on the cool side tuesday morning after some drizzle. and then we start climbing back up. we will be closer to normal and sunnier by the end of the week to are week. a lot of people are complaining about the cool weather in san francisco. you have the right to complain until monday, at least. >> looking ahead to monday, anyone heading out to the niners game, probably want to bring a jacket, right? >> your bring a jacket. temperatures will be in the 60s in santa clara for the evening. but it will be pretty pleasant but you can use an extra layer. >> good to know.
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>> we are joined from new york to tell us what is coming up at 7:00 oven good morning america. >> good saturday morning, everyone. coming up, samsung is under fire. two federal agencies are now warning consumers about the galaxy 7 note phone and not use them immediately. the new flagship device can alleged by burse burt into names. we have the story ahead. and the wisconsin attorney
6:26 am
general is now appealing last month's rule that overturned a murder conviction. the hanging decision could prevent him from walking free, and finally with he are getting excited for tennessee v virginia tech. record crowds are expected for the epic college football game. stay tuned, it's coming up on gma this saturday. hope to see you soon. >> u.c. davis researchers have a potentil link between autism and genetics. the key is getting enough participants. the study aims to recruit 50,000 families to get a bigger sample to give them a better understanding of what triggers autism. families can go online and mail out their saliva collection kits to a lab. their dna will be analyzed and stored for the study. >> it could be a game-changer in really understanding what causes autism. as i said, once we understand the causes, then we can really start to work on more tailored
6:27 am
treatments. >> researchers say there are a lot of genetic causes for autism and they hope the studies will help solve mysteries about the disorder. still to come on abc7 saturday morning. after 15 years after 9/11, how america's enduring resilience has ♪ ♪ give extra. get extra.
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>> live where you live, this is abc7 news. good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan. she's in for lisa argen. hi, frances. >> hi. low clouds again spilling into the bay this morning. limited visibility along the peninsula coast. here's how the day plays out as we show you the wide view of the low clouds over san francisco. so we've got some patchy clouds this morning. thoe temperatures will be in the 60s by 9:00. mostly sunny this afternoon. and then by 4:00 it will still be cloudy at the beaches, but highs inland will be warm, in the low 90s. around the bay look for upper 70s and at the coast hovering 60 all day. sunset at 7:24 with a comfortable evening ahead. temperatures will be changing quite a bit with the accuweather seven-day forecast and i'll have the details coming up. chris. >> frances, thank you. president obama declared this >> live where you live, this is abc7 news. good morning and thanks for waking up with us. i'm chris nguyen. we are starting this half-hour with a quick look at the weather. here's meteorologist frances dinglasan. she's in for lisa argen. hi, frances. >> we have cloudy conditions. here's a pretty view of some of the low clouds as we look toward mt. diablo. patchy clouds in the morning hours. by noon mostly sunny for everybody. and by 4:00 the clouds will still be at the beaches, but inland numbers will reach the low 70s. except for at the coast where it will be near 60 today, as well.
6:31 am
it should be a beautiful evening. if you have man's out, sunset at 7 do 24. and i have a big cooling trend coming up. chris. >> frances, thank you. president obama has declared this weekend national days of prayer and remembrance. tomorrow will mark 15 years since the 9/11 terror attacks. yesterdays employees at the pentagon had a moment. silence during a ceremony honoring the 2800 people killed that day. 184 of them at the pentagon. >> to all those who lost loved ones on that day, we send our heartfelt pray speakers condolences. and pledge to you that we will never forget those fallen members. our collective american family. >> this was the first of two 9/11 commemorations at the pentagon. president obama will deliver remarks at another ceremony tomorrow.
6:32 am
♪ god bless america ♪ land that i love ♪ stand beside her --. >> nearly all 420 members. house of representatives, both democrats and republicans, gathered on the u.s. capitol steps to sing "god bless america" just as they did hours after the attacks. they also held a moment of silence. yesterday the house pass add -- passed a bill that would allow families of the victims of 9/11 to sue saudi arabia, which some say will change long-standing international law about sovereign immunity. >> the new york police officers yesterday marched in a parade from lower wall street to broad street to the police officers memorial wall. twenty three new york officers were killed by 9/11, along with 47 port authority officers and 343 members of the fire department. commemorations will take place tomorrow at ground zero.
6:33 am
the pentagon and in shanksville, pennsylvania to honor 9/11 victims. there will also be events around the area. you can look for information on our website at the symbol of america's enduring resilience from 9/11 has finally returned home. the historic flag raised by firefighters raised over the rubble has come an icon. but the flag disappeared, then made its way back. >> with will never forget our trip to the 9/11 museum in new york before it opened. the stairs many of the survivors used to run to safety. >> literally hundreds of people used this staircase as an escape route on 9/11 when the attacks were taking place. >> so many reminders here. the fire truck in red driven by captain patty brown. >> i'm on the 45th floor. >> okay. >> the command post. we are trying to get up. he and ten of his men lost on
6:34 am
that morning. a clock frozen at 9:36. missing from the museum, the famous flag. raised among the rubble by three new york city firefighters, that flag was lost just hours later. and for 15 years its whereabouts a mystery. >> we need your help to find this icon of history. >> it was this episode of "lost history " that sparked interest in a flag that \a retired marine had dropped off at a fire station in everett, washington. >> what i saw from the buildings going down were in the flag. >> after months of forensic investigation, the flag was on its way to new york and tonight it now sits inside the 9/11 museum. >> the newest of artifacts is certainly one of the most emotionally and historically powerful. >> a flag finding a new home. that was david muir reporting.
6:35 am
president obama is asking us to join him in remembering the victims of the attack. in his weekly address. president said we sand with the survivors, salute the first responders and salute the men and women in uniform who help keep us safe. he added that resilience sustains us during terror. >> do not give in to those who divide us. we can't react in ways that ruin the fabric of our society because it's our diversity, our welcoming of all talents, our treating everybody fairly, no matter their race, gender, ethnicity or faith, is part of what makes our country great. >> the president added that in the 15 years since 9/11, the united states delivered justice to osama bin laden, prevented attacks and saved lives happening today more than 35 years after he tried to assassinate the president ronald reagan, john inc. hadly is leaving a washington mental
6:36 am
hospital for good. hinckley is now 61 years old, as seen here. he's declared not to be a danger to himself or anyone else. he will live full time at his mother's home in virginia. it's on the 13th hole of a golf course. hinckley must find a job, continue his therapy and not drink or use drugs. he's also barred from speaking to the press. in san jose members of the lgbt community were stunned after a city council candidate crashed a news conference they were holding to share their concerns about him. next came a showdown, and we were there for it. >> at the lgbt community center in san jose, an unexpected guest took to the podium. >> i asked you what your -- [overlapping] >> i can tell you -- >> if you can -- >> i can tell you, i have -- excuse me. >> i asked you -- >> this is not your press conference. >> city council candidate steve brown said he's been misunderstood by members and allies of the lgbt community. >> this group here was so concerned --
6:37 am
>> reporter: prior to california primary the advocacy council, a conservative group, publish a voter guide in which brown said yes to -- because of their belief that union is only marriage of only one man and one woman. brown refused to say if he parts gay marriage, but said he has no interest in campaigning to take away that right. >> we need to teach our children not to discriminate. we need to uphold anti-discrimination, but we need to stop with the hate mongering. >> as a business owner, brown said the federal government shouldn't tell him or anyone else how to run their compan. but the state assemblyman didn't buy the candidate's explanation. >> this is an opportunity for us to highlight the positions he has, the far radical right positions he has, and this is about accountability. >> brown is calling it a smear campaign. in 2012 he was recognized by the city, as well as the police department, to help catch a suspected bank robber. >> brown has been endorsed by groups such as the santa clara
6:38 am
county republican party and the chamber of commerce. >> is still ahead, looking for hidden earthquakes. digging for answers, setting explosions in order to learn more about the dangers of the hayward fault. first a live look outside from our mount cam camera. a beautiful view to wake up to on this saturday morning. frances dinglasan will have the full accuw
6:39 am
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>> scientists are digging deep into the earth. jonathan bloom explains how all the digging at the park in castro valley will help us be better prepared for the big one. >> reporter: seismic researchers are digging deep. >> we know that the hayward fault will do an awful lot of damage in the bay area, but we don't know the exact degree, and this helps us to narrow that down a bit. >> go ahead. >> they are drilling a hole that's not on the hayward fault, but on an adjacent fault, one we know far less about. >> we think it may have the potential to behave like the fault in west napa, which was thought to be effectivelypretty quiet, and we found out it's not. >> the south napa quake was a sobering reminder. why the work is being done. but the study began a year earlier when cal state east bay
6:42 am
imploded the seismically unsafe wallen hall. they measured the shockwaves with hundreds of sensors across the bay. >> it gives us an image of the subsurface, kind of like an ultrasound image. >> now they will do it again by setting off explosions at the bottom of deep holes like this one. they plan to dig about 30 holes like this one, some as deep as 40 feet in the ground, and set off the tiny explosions one at a time. >> we will send teams out all over with backpacks. >> reporter: teams included grad students from cal east bay. the researchers could answer whether faults like this are connected to the hayward fault and give first responders a better idea of where they may need to send help. >> it is well overdue that we understand this fault and similar faults like it. so better now than after the earthquake. >> in castro valley, jonathan bloom, abc7 news meteorologist frances dinglasan is in for lisa argen this weekend. how is the weekend shaping up?
6:43 am
>> pretty nicely, chris. we will see a lot of sunshine this afternoon and warm temperatures inland. here's a live look in santa cruz. gray skies and currently 55 degrees. santa cruz will be one of the best beach spots, hitting 60s. i'll have the details coming up. >> also in sports, hunt pence gets a face full of fence in an extra innings marathon for the giants. we will have the highlights we will have the highlights coming alright, how's this for a tv show. sous chef. lawyer by day, prep-cook by night. also, his name is sous. no. sloppy joseph. a middle-aged man who's trying to get his life together, but he can't - he's to sloppy. huhhh - no! here you go. i got this. i get cash back so it's like everything's on sale. with the blue cash everyday card from american express you get cash back on purchases with no annual fee. everything's on sale! a home shopping show takes place on a sailboat. that's the one! banana boat dessert on me. look at you being all lactose tolerant. it's more than cash back. it's backed by the service and security of american express.
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a u.s. lawmaker says the expansion of yosemite national park announced this week is a violation of federal law. rob bishop said the addition of 400 acres of meadows and forest land must receive congressional approval before it can happen. bishop said he doesn't want to give the land back, but he does want some answers. the expansion announced on wednesday is in the meadow along the western side of the park. a nonprofit group bought the land from private owners and donated it to yosemite. in sports, the cal bears play their first game on the mainland tonight. the san francisco giants are sleeping in this morning after a long night in arizona. it took twelve innings, but the giants finally pull it out. the single to center brings home brandon belt. giants lead 7-6. in the bottom of the inning, the pitcher gets one out. then the manager sends him to left field. one out later, back on the
6:47 am
mound, he gets thomas to groundout and the giants win. we have the rest of this morning's sports report. >> you saw the end of the wacky giants game. meanwhile the a's, their tough season continuing last night against the mariners at the coliseum. plenty of good seats available there. i'll pick it up in the third. the mariners leading 1-0. the first pitch. the inning and former giant, this means good-bye. the m's off to a 2-0 lead. a's trying to claw their way back in. bottom of five, two out and the rookie joey wendell with the base hit. knocks one in. a's down a run and that's how they would finish, down a run, losing 3-2. you. >> the 49ers, they will be the last team to kickoff 2016 hosting the rams on monday night football. you can see it here on abc7. there's been speculation about maybe chip kelly putting in colin kaepernick for a run or two to run the read option.
6:48 am
i don't know how the marathon started because he needs as many reps as possible running the new offense, does gabbert. the fastest way to start a new qb controversy is having kaepernick kaepernick come into this. and on top of that. he showed good mobility. this figures to be his show to run. >> one of the unique things about here is both of our quarterbacks can run, even chris can run. all three have done that in the preseason. sometimes teams do that. and when there's a difference between the runability of one and two and three. >> it's only week two but i believe there's a new candidate in the heisman race who literally jumped into the picture last night. 13th ranked louisville at syracuse. the vimmage. the play action fake fakes everyone, including the cameraman. you lamar jackson to james quick, and he is that.
6:49 am
72 yards for the touchdown. now jackson threw for 411 yards. he ran for 199. see ya. leaping over the orange defender for a touchdown right there. jackson accounted for five touchdowns total as louisville rolls, 62-28. u.s. open semifinals, he was so frustrated. he started his own shirt off. in the fourth, showing great touch here. he has him on the run. look at the joker. cover ground, cross court, a little flick of the wrist for the winner. at times he was so out of whack he appeared to stop trying. a borderline unprofessional that john mcenroe said he made no effort on the return point. he advances in four sets and will go to the finals. that's pa wrap on morning sports. have a great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. now your accuweather forecast from abc7 news. >> good morning. i'm meteorologist frances dinglasan. live doppler 7 showing us the
6:50 am
low cloud ceilings and gray skies along the peninsula coast and into the bay. here's a live shot of sfo. you are heading to the airport to pick someone up, call first because there are about 48 minute flight delays on average. temperatures in the cool side. 50s and even 60 in's in some spots. morgan hill and half moon bay at 54 degrees. check out the beautiful shot. i just have to get it out. this is >> from the east bay hills looking out toward mt. diablo. sunrise just happened two minutes ago. just gorgeous and we are above the low clouds that will be clearing well before noon for inland areas. right now in santa rosa it's 52 napa and novato at 355, fairfield 54 and concord at 57 degrees. this time i want to show you the pretty sunrise from the mt. tam camera. and you can just see how gorgeous it is. we will see clear conditions. but here's what you need to know for the forecast. temperatures are coming up
6:51 am
today, just a little bit. so up, then down tomorrow. sharply-cooler by monday. so just be prepared for that. and then more seasonal late next week. here's how the cloud cover plays out. with he have the clouds even by 7:00. it will pull back to the coast where it will stick around all day. so everywhere else we are going to see plenty of sunshine. if you are headed to the a's game you will need your sun glasses and sunscreen. it will be sunny. and temperatures will be comfortable, starting in the upper 60s, climb to near 70 by the time the game ends. also, highs today will be really warm inland. we will see some low 90s. the warmest locations will be antioch at 92, lake port at 93, and then getting cooler as we head toward the coast. pretty comfortable if you are head today wine country. napa at 79 degrees. san francisco on the cool side, especially half moon bay with the sea breeze and only the low 60s there. and also in san jose, you will
6:52 am
see the low 80s. but milder and warmer in morgan hill, mid-80 eats for you there. a lot of events in san francisco today, including the chocolate festival. temperatures will start off in the upper 50s by nonand then climb only into the low 60s. tomorrow you will notice will be a touch cooler compared to today. so grab a jacket if you are heading into san francisco and you also need some patience because a lot of events and there will be a lot of traffic. here's a look at the average high necessary san francisco. 70s. notice we will be well below that on monday. then climbing closer to normal by the end of the work week. and the accuweather seven-day forecast shows a very similar trend, as well, for inland areas. today will be in the low 90s. we've got the morning fog. a warmer afternoon in store for us, and then notice temperatures will start to cool down again tomorrow. monday, and as the system moves to our north we will see morning drizzle. a very breezy average. that's why temperatures really
6:53 am
tumble. we are talking only mid-70s inland, and cooler, as well, around bait and at the coast. holding steady, but a touch cooler on monday, as well. so enjoy the sunny saturday before things really drop on monday >> good to know. frances, thank you. next, a baseball fan sugar rush. the cotton candy face that's ♪
6:54 am
♪ give extra. get extra.
6:55 am
we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait. maxx life at t.j.maxx. >> welcome back, everyone. here are the winning numbers from last nice's 111 meg million
6:56 am
dollars drawing. nobody matched all six so tuesday's jackpot goes up to $122 million. a little girl became an online star after going crazy for cotton candy. you see her outrageous excitement with blue candy residue smeared on her face. the three-year-old was at the seattle mariners game wednesday when her dad bought her the tasty treat. the team had fun with the vieo, tweeting the caption "we are going to need some more cotton candy." >> it doesn't seem that long, but today marks the 40th anniversary of the san mateo transit district. in commemoration, they are holding ascoma memories at the fairgrounds. you can see historic buses, enjoy live music and get your face painted. several food trucks will also be there. the fun runs from 11:00 to 3:00. >> let's get a final weather check. >> there's something for
6:57 am
everyone today. the coast will be cool. san francisco 64. but t-shirt and shorts weather inland, hitting the low 90s today. 29 antioch. one of the warmest spots. san jose 82. oakland 70 degrees today and really nice if you are headed to the north bay. comfortable 79 degrees in napa. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have a warmer afternoon and the cooling starts tomorrow. monday is the coolest day of the week. a breezy afternoon and temperatures will be about ten degrees cooler than average and slowly ramping back up to the end of the week. we will be keeping track of the cooling trend on monday. you can always have it handy with your abc7 news app. you can find out the latest 7 day forecasts. >> thank you. thanks for joining us on abc7 mornings. i'm chris nguyen alongside frances dinglasan. the news continues now online, facebook and twitter and instagram. "good morning america" is next. abc7 news continues at 8:00 a.m. see you then.
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good morning, america. new this morning, turn them off. the urgent warning from the consumer product safety commission about samsung's troubled note 7 smartphone. the fire risk, fears they could burst into flames and don't even think about using them on an airplane. war of words. the candidates launching new attacks. >> she could walk into this arena right now and shoot somebody with 20,000 people watching. >> and this from hillary clinton. >> you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. >> the reaction to the candidates' comments this morning. [ sirens ] dramatic rescue. the race against time. officers pulling a woman and two infants out of this burning car. >> i started hearing citizens yelling, there's kids in the car. there's


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