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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 10, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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this is "abc7 news." it's ridiculous that people can drive under the influence and hurt innocent people and take innocent lives. >> a grandfather devastated by the sudden death of his grandson, killed by a suspected drunk driver. tonight, we're learning more about the other drive everything arrested after the violent brash. good evening. i'm eric thomas. tonight, the grandfather says he wants an apology. katie is live where she spoke with the victim's family tonight in san ramone, right, katie? >> reporter: correct. the collision happened on interstate 680 in san ramone. the driver of the vehicle is
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still at the hospital tonight. he is improving. she does have fractures in her dine and ribs. it was her young son, elijah, that was killed. tonight his grandfather makes this plea to the driver of the suv that caused the collision. chuck still hears 3-year-old elijah's voice. >> hey, papa, what are you doing? you know, i miss him. i miss him so much. >> reporter: he watched elijah and 1-year-old eliana yesterday. his daughter, crystal, was driving her family home when she ran out of gas on the interstate. >> i told her, you can't blame yourself. you know, you've got to be -- everybody runs out of gas. it happens. >> reporter: chp investigators say 39-year-old yaranite drove under the influence when she
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the stalled toyota camry. >> unfortunately, the vehicles collided. >> reporter: the children were all properly buckled, but elijah had to be airlifted to children's hospital. >> it tells us that my grandson didn't make it, and he died right on the table. >> reporter: eliana arrived in an plans but is okay. all he wants to hear from her is "i'm sorry." >> it's not going to bring my grandson back, but at least i know you feel remorse about what you did. >> reporter: chp says she has no prior dui convictions and had a valid license. katie utehs, "abc7 news." police are trying to find a driver and passenger who ran
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away from a crash in the castro district. a speeding car slammed into the rainbow corner store this morning. minutes earlier, police had tried to pull ore the driver but policy kept them from chasing him. the car slammed into a lift car. on the peninsula, a driver crashed into a vacant store front, ending up all the way inside the building. no one was seriously hurt. the driver did go to the hospital to be checked out. protesters vandalized a bank in oakland this afternoon. "abc7 news" was at the bank of america where spray painted messages covered the windows and atms. they painted over the security camera at one atm. it was enough damage that the bank had to shut down. police arrested at least one person. the protesters want to stop prison labor and the corporations profiting from it. >> to be honest, if this happened during the day and i was trying to get money from the
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bank, i wouldn't feel safe at all. >> with this kind of vandalism, i haven't seen it before. >> he estimates the damage to be at least $2,000. the atm company will be back out tomorrow to clean up the mess and replace parts on the machine. tomorrow continues the third day of intense tactical training for law enforcement all over the bay area. lonny rivera caught up with law enforcement working around the clock to get ready for emerging challenges. >> reporter: medical personnel take the pressure and pulse of this deputy. >> our day has been a mad rush of getting from one scenario to the other, dealing with everything from dignitary protection to hostage rescue. >> reporter: in this scenario, police focus on physical fitness. >> it's a three-mile run with five or six obstacles and then the confidence course. >> reporter: it's nathan's first
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year competing. >> it's always good. and all these people are here supporting us. >> reporter: in this drill, university of berkeley police handle a hostage situation. >> anywhere, where there's a heat signature, we can pick that up to determine whether or not it's human. >> reporter: they're given a thermal imaging device to locate a baby inside. >> all of law enforcement is using the same technology, seeing similar situations. it gives them a chance to train for what they may need to do. >> reporter: 35 scenarios in all over a 48-hour period. their takeaway -- their hope is to be better peace officers in real-world situations. tomorrow, the president will hold a moment of silence to honor the lives lost 15 years ago in the 9/11 attacks. earlier, new york city fire department firefighters paid respects to their fallen broth evers and sisters.
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♪ god bless america >> thousands filled midtown manhattan st. patrick's cathedral to remember the 343 firefighters killed in 2001. another 127 had died from medical problems stemming from their work to recover victim st ground zero. republican donald trump and hillary plan to attend. devin dwyer has more from the campaign trail. >> reporter: as they hit the homestretch, the can date's tough talk is turning extreme. >> she could walk in her right now and shoot somebody with 20,000 people watching right smack in the middle of the heart and wouldn't be prosecuted. >> reporter: donald trump in pensacola friday night, then hillary clinton dishing out
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this. >> to be grossly generalistic, you could put half of trump's supporters into what i call the basket of deplorables. the racists, sexists, homophobic, you name it. >> reporter: the outrage from the trump campaign was swift. the republican nominee tweeting saturday morning -- >> reporter: the clinton campaign tried to clarify. >> but that other basket of people are people that feel the government has let them down. the economy has let them down. they don't buy everything he says. >> reporter: trump's running mate mike pence responded. >> they are not a basket of anything. they are americans and deserve your respect! >> reporter: saturday, clinton
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said in a statement, i regret saying "half," that was wrong, but won't stop calling out racist rhetoric. the race heating up with election day less than two months away. devin dwyer, abc news, washington. still ahead on "abc7 news" at 11:00, nur warnings for a smartphone. and new life for a popular basketball court in san francisco. its connection to an nba great when we return. the second half of your weekend will feel cooler tomorrow, but e
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the man who tried to assassinate president reagan is out of a mental hospital for good. >> president reagan. [ gunshots ] >> reporter: 35 years after nearly assassinating president reagan, john hinckley is a free man. the president was gravely wounded by a bullet that just missed his heart. a shocked america was shocked again when a jury found hingery not guilty by reason of insanity. >> disbelief, anger and we builderment, all words that describe what happened today around the country. >> reporter: since then, he's been a mental health patient in
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washington. although he's been allowed extensive time away, in july, a judge ruled he's no longer a danger to himself or others. now 61, hinckley will live with his 90-year-old mother in a gated community on a golf course in virginia. neighbors are divided about his permanent homecoming. >> it just seems that he played the system, got put away in a mental institution. now he's out, free. >> i mean, he's been under mental health care for decades now, so they've had plenty of time to make a reasoned decision about it. >> reporter: his lawyer said in a statement that john hinckley will be "a citizen about whom we can all be proud." commission is trying to see if replacement samsung phones are
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safe. this follows a series of fires sparked by batteries in the s samsung smart phones. >> batteries create heat. that's part of what they do to create energy. hopefully the heat was well within tolerances. >> the faa has asked airline passengers to keep their note 7 phones turned off for the duration of their flights. samsung is encouraging customers to exchange their phoning at retailers. ilan musk is expected to reveal major improvements to the tesla. tesla is under scrutiny after a driver died using auto pilot in may. the system couldn't tell the difference between the bright sky and a white big rig.
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analysts predict the palo alto company will add more radar and cameras and upgrade the software. the coast guard plobelieves will take weeks to safely remove a fuel from a boat. they will work with other partners to deal with the hazard. the boat capsized last sunday morning hours after the new owners bought the vessel at auction. there's a permanent honor to a long-time fixture, nate thurman was a member of the abc 7 family. he died in july. "abc7 news" was in san francisco for the dedication of the newly refurbished basketball courts.
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brown calls thurman the athletic symbol of the city. >> he visited school after school after school. nate thurman never turned any request down. >> larry beil emceed today's dedication. monday is a special day here. the new show right this minute premieres at 3:00 p.m., followed by "world news tonight" at 3:30. then "abc7 news" at 4:00, and season 23 of "dancing with the stars" premieres at 5:00 p.m. it's on early because at 7:00 p.m., we'll begin the 49ers pregame show. watch as the 49ers take on the rams in santa clara. the regular season opener is live right here on abc 7 monday night. >> now your accuweather forecast. >> we had a pretty nice day today, but at least a 34 degree temperature spread, like usual, right, for summer. 57 degrees around pacifica today
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with 91 at the livermore airport. and in the days ahead, our temperature spread is going to get narrower and narrower and there's a good reason for that. right now, live doppler 7 hd showing low clouds and fog banked up along the shoreline and about the move across the bay. but looking at showers around yosemite, just south of lake tahoe. actually some thunderstorms. these are dissipating and some of the cloud cover pushing back westward into the south bay, not expecting any showers. a live look outside right now from our roof camera, and looks all quiet with temperatures in the upper 50s. 61 in san jose. half moon bay at 57 degrees. and from this vantage point, 54 in santa rosa. low 60s concord and livermore. wait till you see the forecast for monday. so we're going to lose a few more degrees tomorrow,
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especially inland. slower clearing across the bay. temperatures should be coolest around monday and more seasonal readings. 51 in napa. palo alto, 52. cutting right to the chase here, look at the highs here on monday. 75 in antioch. 60s all across the bay. then tuesday, not much change. well below average, as much as 15 degrees below average inland. monday and tuesday. by wednesday, we get some minor warming. check out the mist and drizzle. by monday, looking at about 0.07 along the shoreline here. so this pushes on through by tuesday and wednesday we'll see a lot of clear skies, and temperatures in a more narrow range for the extended outlook. 78 tomorrow in san jose. partly cloudy skies here, low to
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mid 70s for you. mountain view, you've got the art and wine festival continuing tomorrow. mid 70s. lots of cloud cover, san francisco, well below average at 61. mid 70s for sonoma. you should see his in the low 80s. oakland, you head inland, 80 in pittsburgh. that's cooler. if you're along the east bayshoreline for oakland, the mariners in town. sunny and mild conditions. upper 50s to low 80s and mist and drizzle on monday. breezy, with bright and cool conditions for tuesday. sunny and mild on wednesday. towards the end of the week, more summer warmth. fall, about a week and a half away. >> it will feel like summer for a couple of days before fall begins. someone in silicon valley
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abandoned a dog.
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a dog abandoned in mountain view will soon have a new home. police hosted pictures of the animal. the cops took the little guy back to the police station, rinsed him off and one of the dispatchers fell in love with him. she called animal control authority and now is in the process of adopting him. shu is here. big college football game. >> college football rules the roost on saturday. the cal bears face san diego state. what a track meet this game was. davis we
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well, the cal bears were well rested for their second game of the season. the bears had a bye after and seemed to be ready for their second road game. sonny knights was steaming the whole way through. 49-yard score here. tied at 14-14 after a quarterer. second quarter, webb picked off by a lineman. that's a nine-yard pick six. third quarter, this kid is a player. breaks free for a 57-yard score. breaks marshall faulk's career
11:29 pm
record. san diego state up 38-21. bears make a move. webb's fourth touchdown of the year. 38-28. this is from four yards out. 45-34 aztecs. right now, it is 45-40 in the fourth quarter with 56 seconds left. we'll have those updated highlights coming up later in the show. all right. san jose state hosting portland state. rode the team bus down almost 700 miles. second quarter, shakes a defender, eight yards, 14-7 spartans. going deep here for justin holmes. they're up 42-14. spartans with 409 yards rushing,
11:30 pm
six touchdowns. cooper, 18 carries, 126 yards. party wins 66-35. >> it was very disappointing last week. we felt we didn't show our potential against tulsa. but it's good that we bounced back. it's very important for our team and our confidence. we know we're a better team than we showed last week and we proved it today. giants' offense showing life in the desert. posey triples in pagan. giants up 5-0 after the inning. johnny cueto was dealing on a night when the bull pen needed a rest. just one hit, a home run. otherwise shutting down the d'backs. hunter pence a home run. giants win 11-3 your final. the only ace pitch tore make all his starts this year, got
11:31 pm
roughed up today. 6-0 in the 6th. this makes it 8-0 seattle. gives up 8 runs on 12 hits. ryan healey, two-run homer, but mariners roll 14-3. this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. stick around. back to you, eric. still to come on "abc7 news" at 11:00 -- >> heart pounding moments captured on a dash cam. we hear from the first responders who saved five people from a fiery wreck. also -- >> we're just going to play for him. >> a coach's fight to survive a shooting in fresno is inspiring his high school football team.
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live where you live. this is "abc7 news." good evening. here are tonight's headlines. the grandfather of a 3-year-old boy who was killed last night on the interstate says he wants an apology. this woman is accused of driving under the influence when her suv slammed into a car with young elijah inside. tomorrow, crew also be out at the bank of america in oakland after a case of vandalism. protesters who want to stop prison labor and the corporations profiting from it, spray painted the bank this
11:36 pm
afternoon. tomorrow marks the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. hillary clinton and donald trump plan to attend a large memorial at the world trade center in new york city. they will not be campaigning tomorrow to honor those killed. today, we're hearing from the people who pulled off an amazing rescue in maryland. they saw a woman and two infants trapped. some of the police officers involved are recounting what happened. ron claiborne has their story. >> reporter: caught on police dash cam, an act of heroism. watch as police reach into this burning car, pulling the passengers to safety. deputies from the charles county sheriff's arrive, only the ch y chevy's driver and 19-year-old passenger managed to escape after the car slammed into a tree and burst into flames. >> we could hear somebody
11:37 pm
screaming for help. >> reporter: they rushed back to the flaming car, where a 2-year-old woman and two infants were still strapped into their seats. >> i started hearing citizens yelling, there's kids in the car. >> it changes everything. >> reporter: with the babies in their arms, the officers raced to began to treat their injuries, while firefighters strange into action. one firefighter removing his oxygen mask, offering it to the woman pinned inside, struggling to breathe. the sheriff says this kind of bravery is what helped save the lives of all five people in that car. >> that was ron claiborne reporting. police say the two toddlers were in car seats at the time of the crash, but investigators are looking into whether they were properly secured in those seats. a strong earthquake in tanzania killed at least 13 people. it was centered near lake
11:38 pm
victoria. buildings collapsed. it's unclear if more people are missing. the area often sees weaker quakes. they're rarely this strong. four tornadoes in illinois left a trail of destruction friday evening. one destroyed two homes and caused damage to the village of homer. this is video of a farm destroyed after it was hit. no damage reported after the other three twisters. no one was hurt. a woman is in condition as she recovers from a shark attack in hawaii about 20 miles from honolulu. witnesses say she was about 300 yards offshore when the shark bit her on the arm and shoulder. a surfer rushed to help her on wednesday. >> i got to her and i saw her shoulder. she had been bitten by a shark. so i said, you're going to be okay, you're going to be all right. i put her on my board, and i
11:39 pm
started badling with my feet up, because i knew she was pleading and there was a shark in the water. >> lifeguards say the 51-year-old victim swims regularly at that beach. police in ohio have released the mugshots of a couple overdosing on drugs with a child in a car. he's facing a year in jail and his girlfriend has pleaded not guilty. the local police department posted a pair on facebook to send a message to drug users. the woman's 4-year-old son is in the back seat. police say the mother was already passed out and her boyfriend blacked out right after being pulled over. concerns about safety forced a high school football team to give up a home game and play on its field. gunfire erupted on tuesday just a block away from a stadium in
11:40 pm
new jersey. east side's high school opponent asked for the game to be moved to their homefield. not everyone agreed with the decision. >> i understand all the violence that's going on, but it was their home game. they should have been able to play at home. >> it's unfair to the kids. they're at a home game. you had a chance to have support. >> i think it was 100% correct. patterson, a lot of trouble there, and it's the safety of the kids is what we're worried about. >> east side lost 45-13, and it's not clear if they'll be able to play their next home game at home at the end of the month. an emotional night on the field last night for a high school football team in fresno. players honored a coach who was critically injured in a jail shooting last saturday by a convicted felon. christina fan from fresno has the story. >> reporter: the field at fresno christian school glowed bright friday night.
11:41 pm
>> there's going to be a hole that he's not there with us. >> reporter: he and another correctional officer are still recovering in the hospital. both fought for their lives after being shot in the head and neck at the county jail. >> if you've seen that man, you understand. that man is strong. both physically, emotionally, and mentally. >> reporter: his progress has been slow but steady. while he may not be able to speak -- >> i'm praying for the coach and the officer. >> reporter: his players can feel his energy. >> a lot of emotions are coming up right now, the first game that he's not going to be here. but we're just going to play for him. >> reporter: nate stood in place of his uncle on friday, watching as the team executed near perfect play in honor of their
11:42 pm
coach. >> we're grateful for it. >> reporter: he was a ten-year veteran of the department, working a dangerous job few would choose. >> people are unpredictable. i'm just thankful that both were there to stop the guy before he could do more harm. >> reporter: and now his fight continues to inspire his players and his team, to keep winning and chasing down their dreams on this football field. >> we want you to see this and be proud of us, because we're proud of you. >> those players have a lot to be proud of today. they won the game 60-0. coming up next on "abc7 news" at 11:00 -- >> it's the shoe that feels like a sock, and boy, is the company off on the right foot. i'm jonathan bloom with the people behind this on "abc7 news." it is 58 degrees in san francisco. cloudy skies. 59 with clouds moving into
11:43 pm
oakland. a stronger on-shore push,
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"it's halloween time my frightful fiends, and disneyland is ours!" "going down!" "boo!"
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(screams) halloween time at the disneyland resort means there's wicked fun in both parks... and make sure to see the twilight zone tower of terror before it's final check out. "trick or treat." the new season of "dancing with the stars" premieres monday at 5:00 p.m. right here. the reason it's on early is because of this, the 49ers play their first regular season game here on abc 7 at 7:00. espn's "monday night football" kicks off right here on abc 7. the latest trend in the tech
11:46 pm
world isn't on your screen, it's on your feet. jonathan bloom has more on the footwe footwear. >> reporter: in the shadow of the transamerica pyramid, there's something equally eye watching on the feet of two guys out for a walk. >> first question, are those as comfortable as they look? yeah, they are. >> reporter: joey might be a little biased. he helped invent those shoes with tim brown, from new zealand. >> it's the land of 30 million sheep. >> reporter: those sheep have been hard at work. they're made almost entirely of wool. >> everyone in new zealand knows that wool regulates temperature, wicks moisture. >> i found out about it on facebook. >> reporter: greg became a repeat customer. >> i bought my mom a pair, all my family. i am picking up my third pair
11:47 pm
today. >> reporter: and what co-workers ask what are those? that's how a shoe goes viral. >> you can wear them in a start-up environment, they're casual, but not super casual to the point where you're nervous wearing them to work. >> reporter: after becoming an overnight hilt, it only makes sense they've attracted a lot of attention from venture capitali capitalists. >> venture capitalists recognize we are doing something a little different. >> reporter: after taking on $2 million in august, they just closed another $7 million in funding in time for the holidays. >> one of the biggest challenges has been making enough shoes. >> reporter: now in this store in jackson square, they're unveiling new colors. >> a lot of the inspiration comes from birds from new zealand. >> reporter: and folks try them before they guy. >> it's exciting to be in a physical space, and once you try them, you'll be hooked. >> reporter: jonathan bloom,
11:48 pm
"abc7 news." >> you think they keep your feet cooler or warmer? let's find out where the weather is. here's lisa. >> you probably saw all those downpours in the midwest earlier. tomorrow, a sunnier day throughout the ohio valley, and temperatures will be comfortable, in the 70s. so we'll look at upper 70s in st. louis. mid 80s in d.c. so still feeling like summer there. closer to home, low 80s sacramento. 65 in monterey. upper 80s in yosemite. talk about cooler, here's a look at oakland for the week ahead. we're going to see 60s the next several days. and then we're going to warm up, but not to where we should be. if you're headed to the peninsula tomorrow, highs in the low to mid 60s. slow clearing along the shoreline. the seven-day forecast, a cooling trend beginning tomorrow and monday. but the breezy conditions, maybe
11:49 pm
some drizzle, even a light shower. then we wash out that marine layer. temperatures warm slowly. by the end of the week, we're back to 90 degrees. track the changing weather conditions and the possibility of that early morning misty monday perhaps. so that would be a helpful hint, i think. >> thank you very much, lisa. we've been waiting for the end of the game. >> we will have that. along with a lot of what we call cupcake games. central michigan pulled off the ending to match all ending today, and it should knot have counted. we'l
11:50 pm
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last lost to houston, thanks in part to a 109-yard missed field goal return for two points. today, central michigan went one better. oklahoma state with a three-point lead and four seconds. mason rudolph throws it away with no time left. game over, right? wrong. refs call intentional grounding. the penalty against the offense means extending the game unless it's a penalty that includes a loss of down, which intentional grounding is a loss of down.
11:53 pm
the refs missed the rule. they give central michigan a free play. a hail mary, and before he gets tackled, he laterals to willis who sprints in for a touchdown. central michigan wins 30-27. what a finish, never should have happened. officials admitted their mistake afterwards. cal-san diego state. it's good in the corner. they missed the two-point conversion. 45-40 aztecs. the bears have to get the onside kick to have a chance. they grab it. we're in business. last chance. webb, throws it down the field. going to be picked off to seal it. 12 straight victories for san diego state. cal falls to 1-1. 45-40 your final. stanford's next opponent,
11:54 pm
third quarter, usc up 24-0. jackson picks up the punt and they have looks back. 77-yard touchdown return. later in the fourth, usc up, piling on. this is schuster in the end zone. he had two touchdown catches on the day and the trojans roll 45-7. washington hosting idaho. lloyd high tower gets hit, fumbles. huskies recover. jake brown rolls out, 21-yard pass. 16 seconds in, and it's 7-0 huskies. in the second quarter, browning short pass to mcclamper. he goes 25 yards. the dogs start on a 35-0 run and cruise 59-14. number 24 oregon and virginia. oregon rolling in the third
11:55 pm
quarter. devon allen back on the gridiron. 77-yard touchdown. oregon up 37-13. oregon makes a run, then freeman might get into an award discussion somewhere. 85-yard touchdown run. ducks fly all over, 44-26 your final. the u.s. open women's final today, serena williams lost on thursday, and then the 10 seed faced the number two this afternoon. both women going for that you are first open title, split the first two sets. third set, up after a break three games to one. but she's going to come back and key winner down the line. and she breaks back and is pumped. match point. going to hit it wide, and there
11:56 pm
it is. first open title for kirber. she will be ranked number one on monday. raiders and new orleans. it will be a tough test for the silver and black. raiders have only one one of their last 13 openers, and derek carr wants to change that trend. he'll have to be lights out against his former head coach and keep pace with drew brees. >> i love all of it. the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the fact that we can go in on a mission and we get to let it rip. my biggest thing is always go in prepared as possible and have no regrets. give it everything you have. >> this sports report brought to you by river rock casino. cal bears, what a tough ending. they just can't come up with a
11:57 pm
win. they're now 1-1. >> and i bet coach del rio likes the ups more than the downs. >> oh, yeah. >> but he talks a good game. shu, thank you very much. and you, lisa, as well. that's it for tonight. "abc7 news" continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. for all of us, thanks for joining us. have a great evening and a better morning. but your time is over. had a good long run. it's time for something new, something simple. grown right here in california with absolutely no antibiotics ever. food we're comfortable eating, making, serving. this is the new comfort food. and it starts with foster farms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever.
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