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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 12, 2016 2:30am-4:01am PDT

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good morning. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. here are some of top headlines this morning on "world news now." players on several nfl teams protested during or after the national anthem on the nfl's opening sunday. members of the dolphin, chiefs and patriots either took a knee during the anthem or raised their 50s. we have full details, straight ahead. hillary clinton called off a two day swing through california after a health scare in new york. clinton was held up and even helped into her van after becoming sick after a 9/11 memorial. we know she's battling pneumonia. full details, ahead. stan wawrinka of switzerland is the new u.s. open men's single championship after defeating novak djokovic in four
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sets to claim his third grand slam victory. it took nearly four hours. and miss arkansas crowned miss america for 2017. after energizing the crowd with this jazz routine and her politically safe response about hillary clinton saying both candidates have done a great job. well, those are some of our top stories on this monday, september 12th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." let's begin with the nfl player protest. they took place before several of sunday's games. >> last night before the game against the cardinals, bennet and ellis raised their fists after the conclusion of the national anthem. and earlier other players took action, as well. here's abc's ron claiborne with more. >> reporter: as they avowed the seahawks players stood with linked arms in a show of unity during the playing of the national anthem. members of team they were
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playing, the miami dolphins stayed down on one knee. seattle receiver doug baldwin explaining the linked arm gesture in this facebook video. >> we honored those who have fought for the freedom we cherish. and we stand to ensure the riches of freedom and the security of justice for all people. >> reporter: among those standing, the seattle defensive back jeremy lane. just last week lane sat during the "star-spangled banner" in a show of solidarity with san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick. around the league sunday, there were few acts of protest. perhaps because it was the 9/11 anniversary. kansas city chiefs player marcus peters held up his fist. in an interview he said i salute colin for what he's doing. he's standing up for a great cause. i'm 100 % behind him. at other games players stood during the anthem. many with their hands over their hearts.
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>> of course, there is another nfl game tonight with the 49ers and the l.a. rams. i'm sure a lot of people were looking to see if there's any sort of similar protests. we're going to move on to politics. hillary clinton resting at home here in new york after being diagnosed with pneumonia and falling ill at a 9/11 memorial in new york. >> clinton's campaign said she left the event because she was overheated. her legs buckled. she nearly fell to the ground and needed assistance to get to her van. clinton went to her daughter's nearby apartment and emerged a few hours later with a clear smile. but she wasn't ready to talk about the incident. >> what happened? >> it's a beautiful day in new york. thank you. >> clinton's doctor revealed she had diagnosed clinton with pneumonia on friday, put her on antibiotics and advised her to rest. she said last night clinton is recovering nicely.
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>> donald trump has questioned whether or not clinton is fit and healthy enough to serve as president. the health scare is expected to fuel more speculation. we mentioned new york's 9/11 memorial service. there was also an event at the pentagon to mark the 15th anniversary of the attacks. president obama laid a wreath to honor the victims there. >> the largest event, as usual, was here in new york at the world trade center. david wright was there. >> reporter: today at ground zero, one toll of the bell and silence. standing still for that moment 15 years ago when the first plane struck the north tower. then -- >> gordon m.amoth, jr. >> reporter: -- the endless list of names. >> chris romeo. >> reporter: nearly 3,000 names. >> 15 years may seem like a long time, but for the families who lost a piece of their heart that day, i imagine it can seem like just yesterday.
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>> reporter: president obama at the pentagon. >> perhaps it's the memory of a last kiss given to a spouse or the last good-bye to a mother or father. >> reporter: the last words fiona has from her husband is a voice mail from the 100th floor of the first tower. >> he said, sweetie, i'm trying to get out of the building. as soon as i get out, i'll call you on your cell. i love you, bye. >> reporter: you were probably just a little baby, huh? >> yeah. i was 3, almost 4. >> reporter: that day sent a generation to war and raised the threat level here at home. this family found a way to move on but flew back here from their home in colorado determined to be here. >> donald g.havlish jr. >> it's a day of resolve. >> it is.
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it can be a day of forgiveness. >> reporter: they are two of the thousands of people whose lives changed that day, and the rest of us had little idea how much our world was about to change. the consequences still unfolding. david wright, abc news. ground zero. overseas now, humanitarian aid could soon be delivered to the syria city of aleppo now that a cease-fire is scheduled to take effect. a deal was worked out by john kerry and his russian counterpart. the u.s. and russia will coordinate attacks on isis and the rebels and the syrian government will stop fighting each other. south korea they're worried that north korea could soon have another powerful nuclear test at any time. the north carried out its fifth bomb explosion several days ago, the most powerful one to date. it also says it's now able to mount a warhead on a ballistic missile. south korea's news agency reports there are signs there's another tunnel ready for a test. with the tension between north and south korea, russia and china have started eight days of war games in the south china
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sea. the exercise is expected to feature destroyers, submarines and fighter jets. last year the two countries held war games in the sea of japan and the mediterranean. operations are back to normal at the albuquerque airport after a security scare on sunday afternoon on the anniversary of 9/11. a fake bomb was found in the screening area which was evacuated. outgoing flights were delayed and incoming passengers could not disembark. a man was arrested in connection with the hoax. and in northern california, a quickly spreading wildfire. at least 1,000 acres forced some mandatory evacuations in the small town of susanville. it grew rapidly yesterday because of strong winds. the latest reports say no structures have burned in the flames. >> so it will be cooler in northern california today. it will be a pleasant day in the northeast, ohio valley and the great lakes region, as well. there will be rain and even snow in the rockies. >> the high temperatures in the northeast beginning the 70s. miami and new orleans hitting 88.
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portland will be warmer than los angeles today, but great falls, montana, only 49 degrees in great falls. >> not so great. we have new video this morning of some little boats being swamped. >> this happened at a port in sicily last month. a carnival cruise ship's powerful engines too much for the small marina. >> when the water gets churned up, it causes damage. they're going to need a new dock and luckily no one was injured in that whole mess. >> and it is a bit of a mess. >> many unhappy boat owners. coming up, a would-be presidential assassin has been released from custody. he has been moved to the home of his 90-year-old mother. his release does have some conditions. and taking fire, we'll check out one brave group of soldiers deployed to one of the most dangerous spots on earth who are not only engaged in combat but capture it on video.
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with smoke billowing from an with smoke billowing from an engine fire, a site seeing boat in london was heading quickly for shore. a little too quickly. you can see it hit the pier nose first. there were no serious injuries and the 142 passengers were evacuated by two other boats. the fire was out before firefighters could get on scene. here at home the gunman who tried to assassinate ronald reagan is a free man this morning after 35 years. >> but john hinckley jr.'s court-ordered transition from a mental hospital to his mother's home does come with some conditions. >> reporter: john hinckley jr. beginning a new chapter.
2:43 am
seen outside his mother's virginia home. 35 years after trying to assassinate president reagan. the horror on the minds of neighbors inside the gated community where he will live. >> that person has always been a risk to society. they was a risk early. he's a risk now. >> reporter: in recent years hinckley has been given unsupervised visits tr his hospital. a federal judge ruled him as no longer a danger to himself or others? >> because he's shown the court that he can obey by the rules and regulations set out by the judge. it's time to try and see how he does on his own without coming back to st. elizabeth. >> reporter: the rules include a ban on using social media and contacting any of his victims or their families. the court also forbidding hinckley from googling himself or researching weapons or porn. he must continue therapy and be tracked by the gps on his cell phone. prosecutors insist hinckley remains dangerous, claiming on one occasion he pretended to go
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to a movie, but went to a bookstore to stare at books about presidential assassinations. >> reporter: if hinckley violates the rules, he could be sent back. his lawyer says he continues to regret the suffering he's caused. devin dwyer. >> and hinckley will be living with his 90-year-old mother. >> at the time of the whole incident, he was 25. he was obsessed with actress jodie foster, one of the other stipulations for his release is he cannot get in touch with the actress or even google her as well. >> that's right. they said he was obsessed with "taxi driver" the movie. and before he shot president reagan, he was stalking him. and then james brady, the press secretary died years later as a result of the injuries he sustained in that shooting as well. coming up, u.s. soldiers in afghanistan taking fire. >> they aren't just fighting for their country. they're documenting the battles. you're watching "world news now."
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♪ ♪ an american soldier an american ♪ ♪ my brothers and my sisters i will proudly take the stand ♪ patriotic tunes. the horrors of war have been documented as long as there have been wars to document. >> usually the story is told by a third party. not those engaged in combat. >> but now abc's dan harris shows us one group of american soldiers who are giving us a first-person view by strapping cameras right on to their helmets. >> those are close as [ bleep ]. >> reporter: in some ways, it may look like a video game. but this is as real as it gets. >> welcome to afghanistan.
2:48 am
>> go, go! >> reporter: this is the story of a rookie platoon in the army's 101st airborne. >> behind that wall, sir. >> reporter: told in a way we have never seen before, through the eyes of the soldiers themselves. >> what is that? is that a camera? >> reporter: in 2010 kyle's unit was deployed to one of the most dangerous places on earth. how did it come about that you guys started filming your lives? >> the guys wanted to have memories of the deployment. if they wanted to go back years later and say this is what i did. >> reporter: with the help of tiny, mountable cameras, for the first time, we can see war filmed by the soldiers themselves. the concept of a new series on the discovery channel taking fire. >> this is my first patrol. i'm thinking it's a beautiful country. up there when the sun comes up, and you're wondering, man, like, this is so cool. >> reporter: kyle was just 22 when he left home for afghanistan. he was sent to the afghan
2:49 am
boarder with pakistan, a remote hali ban-held region, nicknamed the valley of death by the bullet battered battalions stationsed there. 42 american servicemen lost their lives in that valley. hundreds more wounded. >> where's it coming from? >> i don't know. dude, behind me. >> reporter: in the show, it looks like you guys are sitting ducks, incoming fire all the time. was it actually that bad? >> yeah. we were at the bottom of a valley. the taliban could just creep right over the peak of a mountain, drop small arms fires and rpgs on us and disappear into the mountains like it was nothing. >> reporter: were people getting hit by shrapnel while eating lunch? >> all the time. >> reporter: six years later, kyle buchet is one of the stars of "taking fire" along with his close friend, j.j.
2:50 am
j.j. was the first to rig his helmet with cameras. for the series the department of defense had the final signoff on what made the cut. >> this was filmed by us. we didn't have reporters out there, journalists. >> reporter: their pov footage tells the raw story of a year on the front lines. the panic. >> we've only got two rockets left. >> reporter: the adrenaline. >> whoa. it's still shooting. >> reporter: and some pretty funny pranks. >> candy has always been somewhat of a passion of mine. you didn't really have to try ask hide something from anyone else because no one else in our platoon will steal something, even as trivial as a piece of candy. >> mccool probably has the best care packages, when he's sleeping, we sneak into his boxes and steal his chocolate and mountain dews and stuff. >> reporter: there are moments of fear and concern and stress, you're also having fun and you like each other.
2:51 am
>> yeah. we loved each other. we still love each other. i'd do anything for any of those guys at the drop of a hat. >> reporter: woven into that love, the pain of the losses they suffered, comrades who never made it out of the valley of death. buchet says he's learned to cope in his own way. since his tour, he's left the service to become a firefighter, a job where he can help people and still feel that rush of adrenaline. "taking fire" for him, is a chance to honor his fallen friends. >> i'll never be as close as i am to anybody as i am with those guys. you come home and look at a guy you grew up with, feel like you don't know him. a buddy you went to war with, it's like you knew him your whole life. >> take "taking fire" debuts tomorrow night on discovery. >> i can't believe we have seen
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time for the "world news now" inbox segment. i'm glad we're doing this. time for the "world news now" inbox segment. i'm glad we're doing this. while you were gone, we got inundated asking where you are. now you can tell them yourself. >> and by all those people, we mean both of you, sam and some other woman on twitter asking. >> no. a lot of people wanted to know. >> there were some people who were curious. i went to asia and the south pacific. and there were some interesting experiences. here's what happens when you make a wrong turn. if you can see the bottom sign which we didn't see until we got to the shore, nudity permitted. of course we took the wrong turn there. >> oh, hi there. hello, everybody. >> sure you did. >> behind there.
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and on a related note, here's the photos of that. kidding. we went to the opera house, the sydney opera house. well known opera house. "my fair ladies," went opening night. it was my birthday. who doesn't want to go see a show inside? it's the first day judi andrews was directing a show. ever. she was in the audience. >> how was it? >> walked out after 15 minutes because we fell asleep. >> what? >> it was so boring. >> this amazing iconic experience, once in a lifetime. >> the next day i was hanging out with our colleagues from channel 9 in sydney. they were saying, hey, here is a secret. the acoustics suck inside the sydney opera house. >> really? >> it's a local thing they don't tell you about. >> they need to make the cocktails bigger. >> i found your halloween costume. this is in tokyo. >> are those feathers? >> it's all over. feathers and sequins in one outfit. >> winning.
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and some of the cuisine in tokyo, as well. you know i'm weird about food. potatoes with salted fish guts. yeah, i ate that on camera without a problem. i got you something. excuse me while i whip this out. >> yes. i said i wanted a boom -- this is a nice one, too. >> not bad. >> apparently they don't really come back. >> no? >> unlike your co-anchors. >> we like that you come back. >> yes. i'm hooked. >> while you were gone, nick watt and i covered a major breaking song. >> iphone? no? >> the song "furious 7" is now the second hit to hit 2 billion views on youtube. the first, gang yam style. that gave us an opportunity to do this. ♪ hey, sexy lady
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this morning on "world news now," health concerns along the campaign trail. >> new images show hillary clinton having difficulty after a 9/11 memorial. this morning on "world news now," health concerns along the campaign trail. >> new images show hillary clinton having difficulty after a 9/11 memorial. overnight, her campaign cancels a trip as new details emerge about her diagnosis. we'll have the latest, need. >> a school bus driver is killed while picking up student athletes at an airport. a concrete pillar giving way. other students from that bus injured during a terrible ordeal. and check out this play. a referee goes down after a player makes a movement. that player has been arrested and charged with assault. he's hoping the tape can help his case. we'll explain why. and it's football frenzy. it's week one of the nfl season. so whether you're a fantasy freak or a casual fan, we've got all the big stories including the latest players from across the league to protest during the
3:01 am
national anthem. it is monday, september 12th. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." greetings. good morning, everyone. i'm kendis gibson. >> i'm diane macedo. we begin this half hour with growing concern over hillary clinton's health. she's battling pneumonia with election day just eight weeks away. >> clinton cancelled today's campaign trip to california after falling ill during a 9/11 memorial service in new york city. she appeared to go limp as she tried to get into that van. and had to be held up. clinton's doctor says she is now rehydrated and recovering nicely. >> the incident follows repeated allegations from donald trump and other republicans that clinton lacks the stamina to be the president. it's your voice your vote. we get the latest. >> reporter: that video showing hillary clinton leaving new york's 9/11 memorial early. clinton seen stumbling as she loses her footing.
3:02 am
aid and secret service agents surround her. they hold her up and help her into a waiting van and drive her to daughter chelsea's apartment. but late this afternoon, new revelations about clinton's health. her doctor saying she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. quote, she was put on antibiotics and advised to rest and modify her schedule. at that ceremony, clinton became overheated and dehydrated. >> how are you feeling? >> feeling great. feeling great. >> reporter: two hours after that episode at the memorial w clinton seen outside daughter chelsea's home where she greeted a young girl and avoided questions about exactly what happened. >> what happened? >> it's a beautiful day in new york. >> reporter: clinton wearing those same sunglasses during the morning ceremony. she had been scheduled to attend the entire service. instead, she stayed for about an hour and then that episode. at chelsea's apartment, aides say clinton played with her
3:03 am
grandchildren. the 68-year-old democratic nominee is back home. this is not clinton's first health scare. in 2012 she fainted at home and hit her head suffering a concussion. at the time, her aides and state department staffers down played the severity of the injury. it turns out clinton had double vision and wore special glasses. it took her six months to make a full recovery. as for a labor day coughing fit, clinton blaming it on allergies, but her doctor now says an exam because of that cough led to the pneumonia diagnosis. >> every time i think about trump, i get allergic. >> on the campaign trail, donald trump turning clinton's health into a recurring attack line. >> she doesn't have the strength or the stamina, and you know what? we can be nice and politically correct. we don't have the time anymore, folks. >> reporter: and clinton brushing off the attacks. >> i'm not concerned about the conspiracy theories. there are so many of them i've
3:04 am
lost track of them. >> reporter: now, neither hillary clinton or donald trump have released their full medical records so far this campaign. and hillary clinton is not saying whether they plan to in the wake of this diagnosis. clinton's doctor did advise her to modify her travel schedule. a big campaign trip out west that's slated for this week now seems very much in jeopardy. abc news, new york. overseas, a cease-fire is expected to begin later today in syria. the deal worked out over the weekend by secretary of state kerry and his russian counterpart. it allows the syrian government to continue to strike at al qaeda linked militants until the u.s. takes over in a week. it will let humanitarian aide into the city of aleppo where 2,000 people have been killed in the past two weeks. and here at home, the weekend came to a close with the nation remembering those lost in the 9/11 attacks. the tribute in light shining in lower manhattan honoring those
3:05 am
the president referred to as those 3,000 beautiful lives. marci gonzalez with more. >> thomas henry mcguiness. >> michael gregory mcginty. >> reporter: through tradition - >> leslie mercer. >> reporter: and tearful memories. >> i'm sorry i never got to say good-bye, bro. >> reporter: paying tribute to the 2,996 lives lost in the september 11 terror attacks. 15 years ago. >> 15 years are like 15 seconds. >> reporter: from here, below the resilient reflection of the new one world trade center. to the pentagon -- >> as americans we do not give into fear. >> reporter: and the field in shanksville, pennsylvania. ceremonies highlighting not only the utter loss and horror of that day, but the heroism. >> you saved many lives on
3:06 am
september 11th. thank you, wells, for the gift of your final hour. >> reporter: honoring the legacies etched into history and into the hearts of those too young to remember. >> i'm 15 years and three months old. though i only knew you for three months, i feel like i've known you forever. >> reporter: those grieving family members of all ages say this day never gets any easier. but that it is so important to be here. carrying on that vow made 15 years ago to never forget. marci gonzalez, abc news, new york. >> 15 years like 15 seconds. our thanks to marci. moving on to south florida today where aerial spraying starts for mosquitoes. the spraying is preventative. no zika virus carrying mosquitos have been found there, and it will use a different chemical than the one used in miami beach.
3:07 am
some people have been critical of the spraying citing a potential for harmful effects. county officials say it is safe. a school bus driver in denver is head and students injured after a crash at the airport. police say a driver just picked up members of a high school football team when she drove into a concrete pillar. she died at the scene and at least 10 people are being treated at hospitals. the team arrived at the airport after playing in a tournament in california. a suspect under arrest for an attempted car bombing in tennessee. officials say mitchell oaks placed a device inside an employee's car at an assisted living center. she found it as she got into her car at the end of her shift saturday morning. oaks has extensive knowledge of bomb make and he and that woman had been romantically involved. most of the those injured from a deck collapse during a fraternity party happens happened at a house owned by trinity college. the third floor deck fell onto the second floor deck. bringing it down on to the bottom deck. officials say some of the wood was rotten. they say it's amazing none of the injuries were more serious.
3:08 am
a football player at a california community college has been arrested, accused of punching a referee in the middle of a game. the incident was caught on video. adrian bankert reports the players player's parents hope the video will clear their son. >> reporter: this referee knockout caught on camera. >> the ref got punched in the face. >> reporter: the ref holding back a lineman bernard shermer as he has words with the other team. shermer, number 52, pushing back. then the hit. st the ref laid out. the 6'5", 270 pounds lineman immediately ejected from the game and later arrested. now facing a felony battery charge. the father saying bernard was hitting himself in the head to calm down. accidentally striking the ref. >> if you go back and look for it, you can clearly see he struck himself. >> reporter: trainers rushing to help that official. he never returned to the game. this the latest case of a ref
3:09 am
roughed up on the field. in texas last year, this lineman makes a beeline for the referee. he's down. another player dives into him head first. >> there are 23 states around the country that have decided to create laws that make it a criminal action to assault a referee. >> reporter: the family expects the charges to be dropped. there could be consequences. according to athletic policy, a player hitting a ref could face suspensions. abc news, long beach. so the opening sunday of the nfl season saw its share of player protests during the national anthem. four of the miami dolphins kneeled down during the anthem before their game in seattle. they held their hands over their hearts as the anthem played and then stood at its conclusion. the seahawks players and coaches stood together linked arm in arm. >> in kansas city, marcus peters of the chiefs held up his black gloved fist during the anthem.
3:10 am
he said it was his way of supporting colin kaepernick's stance against social injustice. last night before their game against the cardinals, two new england patriots players raised their fists at the conclusion of the anthem. >> so when the patriots and cardinals got going, it was a back-and-forth battle down the stretch. in the fourth quarter arizona took the lead with a touchdown pass from carson palmer. that's larry fitzgerald grabbing it. then -- >> and new england's replacement quarterback garoppolo got a passing position for the go-ahead field goal. the patriots win 23-21. >> the patriots now have three games to go before tom brady returns from his four-game deflate-gate suspension. but have no fear. new england fans, he's staying sharp. >> here's the proof. it's a picture posted by his with wife, gisele bundchen. that's brady throwing a pass to his super model wife. gisele says, don't worry, guys, i'll keep him ready. what do you think, did she make the catch?
3:11 am
>> she did the perfect catch. her form looked -- >> fully laid out. extension was great. >> there's a debate going on in new england. >> oh? >> not necessarily whether or not there's a quarterback controversy, but who is hotter? >> oh. >> tom brady or his replacement on the right. >> i'm not sure brady thought he would be up for that competition. so that, of course, is jimmy garoppolo. apparently in some of the blogs he's been known to distract teammates by being alarmingly good looking. he's been known to be good looking in public, and a one of his other scouting reports, he's too good looking. >> good looking in public? garoppolo asking if gisele has any friends. >> gisele might be looking off to the side. coming up, after making an escape directly from the courtroom, a fugitive speaks out on why he went on the run in the first place. hear what he says made him do it, up next. and later, it's the battery linked to dozens of fires. so what's samsung devices using? are there any other products that use the same technology? >> and remember to find us on
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and that would be stan wawrinka of switzerland winning the u.s. open mens single title. he defeated novak djokovic in four sets to claim his third
3:16 am
grand slam victory. the match took nearly four hours. wawrinka became the oldest man to win the u.s. open. since 1970. he's 31. before yesterday's win he'd only defeated djokovic twice in 21 attempts. a murder suspect who escape from florida is finally explaining himself. >> the 21-year-old suspect remained at large for nearly a week before being recaptured. he's written a letter explaining why he staged his daring escape. here's ron claiborne. >> reporter: the florida inmate who dashed out of a courtroom says he did it to prove he's innocent. deonte resiles accused of murder. caught on courtroom cameras, bolting out of a florida courtroom back in july. >> the courthouse is on lockdown. >> 10-4, it is on lockdown. >> reporter: he escaped out of an open courthouse door after breaking out of his handcuffs
3:17 am
and shedding his attire. the 21-year-old says he's innocent of a 2014 killing of a 59-year-old jill halliburton sue. and in a new twist he sent this neatly written letter to the judge. i want to apologize for escaping from your courtroom. i hope you don't take it personal. police say he was hiding out in a local motel after he escaped. he was captured six days later after a statewide manhunt. >> our members of the broward sheriff's office were relentless. they worked nonstop. >> reporter: in the letter he said he wanted to gather information in his case. i just wanted time to prove my innocence. i felt i was at a dead end with nowhere to turn to. i tried to appeal to everyone to prove to them i was innocent. but my voice went unheard. ron claiborne, abc news, new york. >> now, in that letter, he said he was looking for evidence to prove his innocence. he never says he found that. that's a big question.
3:18 am
and the other i have is how he got out of the handcuffs. when he first escaped, that's what everybody wanted to know. it doesn't sound like we have an answer yet. >> it was quite fascinating. he got out of his handcuffs, got by four bailiffs and was able to run down several flights of stairs and get out of there. obviously there was a problem in the system. coming up in our next half hour, why the teenager known as dr. love is back behind bars. the florida 19-year-old is already facing charges of impersonating a doctor. now he's under arrest in virginia over what he tried to do at a car dealership. first, why samsung galaxy note 7 smartphones are prompting preflight warnings across the country. hear what people on planes are being told not to do with their phones. you're watching "world news now." not to do with their phones. "world news now" continues after this from our abc stations.
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3:20 am
a number of samsung galaxy note 7 phones are apparently burning. >> they are now linked to at least 35 fires and they're sparking special preflight warnings on every flight from coast to coast. >> reporter: the exploding cell phone battery that may have sparked this car fire. now triggering a new preflight warning across america. >> samsung galaxy note 7 phones, are not to be charged or powered on during this flight. >> reporter: passengers on board several domestic carriers hearing a similar message. the instructions coming straight from the faa. >> it's a little shocking and nerve wracking.
3:21 am
and now i'm thinking about it when i get on my plane >> reporter: samsung says there have been at least 35 reports of batteries exploding due to a faulty lithium ion battery. dangerous on the ground, and as . tests show, a nightmare in the sky. >> if one phone is trapped in a seat own crushed on fire, the whole seat is on fire. what you may or may not have is the ability to fight that fire. >> reporter: so far samsung is not issuing a global recall. instead, urging customers to exchange the device. joanie says hers exploded on her night stand, filling her home with smoke. >> the smoke was unbearable, black, thick smoke. >> reporter: she now about the issue, but -- >> we were told to wait for the replacement. >> gloria riviera, abc news, washington. samsung is now telling customers to stop using the phones and exchange them immediately. >> i can tell you from the international standpoint, they haven't started giving out those warnings. just got off a number of flights from asia where samsung phones are really, really popular.
3:22 am
they haven't started issuing those warnings as of yet. >> the mix is next. stay with us. these days. you are buying finish these days. i got a new dishwasher and they recommend finish. really? you should try it. unlike cascade gel, finish has active cleaning enzymes. its unique powerball takes on anything. choose finish.
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all right. we're go all right. we're going to start the mix with an interesting piece of art. it's popular in the philadelphia streets for people to toss shoelaces over power lines. and one artist there in philadelphia has kind of taken that into his own work of art. check this out. this is noah skalen. who has done this sort of portrait, it's called an amorphicor portrait, of mlk. >> that's all shoes? >> all shoes. like, all different kinds. maybe there might be be a couple of jimmy chus. >> you want to see the exhibit? >> just to see if they have the new jordans, i want to go see it. it's hard to find otherwise. but using all sizes and colors to do this photo, and it's also to promote production there in
3:26 am
philadelphia called the mountain top. >> unbelievable. >> nice work. >> how do you have that vision or make it happen? >> speaking of shoes, made a birdie who got a new pair. this is a mocking bird who had a problem with his feet. you can see they call it knuckling. it's almost like his feet are in a permanent fist. it gives them a lot of problems. they can't perch or walk properly or dwrach at things. apparently there's an easy fix. so the california wildlife center outfitted the bird with what looks like a tiny pair of snow shoes. apparently they say, one, the bird can walk fine with the shoes on. and after about a week of wearing them, their feet are just fine. they say this particular birdie is getting ready to be released once again because his feet are just about back to normal. >> and i'm sure it's popular with other mocking birds that are hoping to mock that bird for those shoes. >> because mocking? >> bird. >> right. >> should we move on? >> yep.
3:27 am
>> missed me that much. as you know, candy corn are popular this time of year, and of course what you've always wondered is brunch flavored candy corn? haven't you? no? >> sure. >> now you have it. it's out in target stores. they include the french toast version, maple syrup tasting version. the strawberry waffle and chocolate chip pancake. >> you love waffles. as we saw. >> unfortunately what they don't have are bloody mary flavored candy corn. >> those kendis would eat on air. >> down the whole bag. >> and now we leave you with a chill dog enjoying a blow-dryer. this is louis the golden retriever from california. and louis, apparently, doesn't mind bath time, because this is the pay off. >> if beyonce was a dog, this is what the dog would look like.
3:28 am
>> enj
3:29 am
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this morning on "world news now," new concerns for hillary clinton regarding her health. first video shows the candidate having trouble in the heat after a 9/11 tribute, and overnight the campaign is now adjusting clinton's schedule. we'll bring you the latest in a moment. a pair of earthquakes and now people searching through the rubble in europe and africa. some regions facing difficulty getting aid to those in need as the death toll rises. and dozens of college students injured in a deck collapse. three balconies collapsed under the weight of the partiers. what we're hearing about police and what they believe contributed to the collapse. and there she is, miss america. miss arkansas inherits the coveted crown from miss georgia. betty cantrell. how she wowed the judges with her talent routine and how she responded to the question about
3:31 am
hillary clinton. that's ahead in "the skinny." it's monday, september 12th. from abc news, this is "world news now." >> yeah. >> welcome back, kendis. >> clearly i've forgotten when i'm on camera. this is "world news now." sorry, we're not on camera three. >> it is a monday. >> it is. and it's good to be back. we want to get started on a serious note this half hour with the scare for hillary clinton after an alarming health alert. >> she exited early from a memorial service at ground zero. her legs appeared to give out. she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday and cancelled a fundraising trip to california. >> for months trump raised questions about clinton's health. since the incident, he's been
3:32 am
uncharacteristically quiet. it's your voice, your vote. >> reporter: hillary clinton was among thousands including donald trump observing the 15th on anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in new york city. mrs. clinton left before it ended. >> it was very, very, very, very hot. her staffer came over and said we're going now. >> reporter: but clinton could not make it unassisted to her van. this video shows her leaning against a pillar and appearing to swoon before agents and secret service agents catch her. she was driven to her daughter's apartment. clinton's doctor revealing late sunday she was diagnosed with pneumonia on friday. she was put on antibiotics and advised to rest and modify her schedule. at the ceremony she became overheated and dehydrated. >> feeling great. >> reporter: after spending two hours at her daughter's home, she emerged with a smile and a
3:33 am
wave with no answers. >> what happened? >> it's a beautiful day new york. >> reporter: the 68-year-old democratic nominee returned home to her home in a new york suburb. >> clearly, this pneumonia hasn't been serious enough to keep secretary clinton off the campaign trail. >> reporter: clinton's health and her openness about it now front and center in the race for the white house. >> she doesn't have the strength or the stamina. >> reporter: donald trump moves neck and neck in the key states in the latest polls. >> is she transparent and open? >> reporter: a new flash point in the race with the election now less than two months away. devin dwyer, abc news, washington. and the first general election presidential debate is set to take place in two weeks from today. it could be a deciding factor for many voters. take a look at this. a new abc poll found nearly one in four americans say how the candidates perform in the debate could have a major impact on their choice for president.
3:34 am
nearly 75% say they're likely to watch that first debate from long island, new york. president obama summed up the feelings of many saying those lost in the september 11th attacks will never be forgotten. >> the president observed the 15th anniversary of the attacks by laying a wreath to honor the victims at the pentagon memorial service. he called those who died 3,000 beautiful lives. >> here in new york the light at the world trade center will shine until dawn. thousands of survivors and victim's families gathered yesterday to hear the names of the fallen read out loud. >> and in shanksville, pennsylvania, hundreds were at the flight 93 national memorial to honor those who were killed on the plane that crashed there. 40 people were killed after fighting the terrorists for control of that plane. overseas earthquakes over the weekend caused frayed nerves. first in the eastern european country of macedonia. a 5.3 quake caused damage to buildings. a car was seriously damaged after a large piece of building fell on it, as well. dozens of people suffered slight
3:35 am
injuries. mostly while leaving their homes in a panic. there were also several strong aftershocks. it was more serious in eastern africa after a more powerful earthquake on saturday. the magnitude 5.7 killed at least 11 people in tanzania. all the victims were killed in the same town when brick structures collapsed. other earthquakes in the area have caused landslides. in kansas, police are investigating a deadly shooting in a walmart parking lot. officer say in shawnee it began when two suspects hit a woman in the back of the head as she was putting her infant in the car. a good samaritan tried to intervene. he was shot several time. a second good samaritan then shot one of the suspects. >> pretty upsetting to see a man shot in front of you and die there in walmart's lot. >> the second suspect was eventually captured. the first good samaritan and the woman were seriously hurt but
3:36 am
are expected to be okay. a bus driver was killed and several others injured after a bus veered off a roadway at the denver airport and crashed into a concrete pillar. the bus had just picked up members of a football team in california. for some reason, the driver circled back to the airport instead of exiting when the accident took place. most of the connecticut college students injured during a welcome back party saturday night have been released from the hospital after three decks collapsed at an off campus house owned by trinity college. now now from eva pilgrim. >> reporter: chaos and off campus house party in connecticut. dozens injured when decks collapsed. >> three balconies collapsed and people are trapped underneath. >> reporter: the third-story deck crashing down just after 11:00 in the middle of the crowded party, landing on the porch below. then all collapsed onto the first floor. dozens trapped. >> we were getting reports that people scattered and there was debris on top of people.
3:37 am
>> reporter: most students at nearby trinity college. the college owning, but not managing the house. >> the third floor, you look and you see a lot of the wood was rotted and very old and structurally mott very sound. then you get 50 or 60 kids out there. >> reporter: we've seen this destructive combination before. last year, this roof collapsed during the st. patrick's day college party in california. and six students were killed when this balcony collapsed from the fourth floor of an apartment building. in all, as many as 30 people taken to area hospitals with minor injuries. officials saying it is a miracle no one was killed in this accident. trinity college confirming to abc news they own the property but at this point they aren't sure when it was last inspected. eva pilgrim, abc news, new york. a blunt warning this morning for owners of samsung's galaxy note 7 phone. samsung is urging consumers worldwide to stop using the phones and exchange them as soon as possible.
3:38 am
this is because the phone's batteries caused dozens of fires. u.s. authorities are working on a formal recall. several airlines are telling passengers not to use the phone on board or to store it in their checked boards. electric carmaker tesla is upgrading its auto pilot feature to make it rely more on radar and less on visual. tesla's ceo elon musk says updates will be available in a week or two through the software update. it will force drivers to pay attention more and keep their hands on the steering wheel. the changes follow a fatal crash in may that musk says the software update would have prevented. this one sounds kind of like the beginning of a joke. you hear the one about the fish that got away, fell on the woman in the park? it really happened, though. a 16-inch catfish fell on a woman when she was walking near a park in philadelphia. she suffered a cut near her eye and swelling on her face. >> so some of her friends think they spotted the culprit fleeing the scene.
3:39 am
a large bird that was probably carrying the fish and dropped it. she says as a girl that she'd often catfish, but this is the first time a fish caught her. >> when they started talking about this story in the media and said this woman got hit by a catfish. it took me a while to realize she wasn't on a boat or on the beach. she was walking in the middle of a park. >> and when i heard she got catfish, i'm like, oh, she went out with a date and the date wasn't actually a millionaire. yeah, no. no.. she just really got cat fished. coming up, why dr. love is back behind bars. the nr teenager is also facing charges for impersonating a doctor, and he's back behind bars again. and a new miss america has been crowned. what we're founding out about miss arkansas, the 21-year-old. that's ahead in "the skinny." first, here's a look at today's forecast.
3:40 am
♪ "world news now" weather brought to you by brought to you by
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you are looking you are looking at a spectacular image from hawaii's kailua volcano. you can see the lake of lava has started coming into view at the top of the volcano. it's the first time it's been visible since may of last year. there have been several earthquakes in the vicinity. and here on the mainland, a florida teenager known as dr. love is behind bars again. >> he's already facing charges of impersonating a doctor. now he's accused of identity theft and fraud. matt gutman has the latest.
3:44 am
>> reporter: the teen known as dr. love is back behind bars. 19-year-old malachi love robinson was arrested in virginia on friday after allegedly attempting to purchase a luxury car using false documents. the teen made headlines after he was accused of illegally posing as a doctor. >> this is the new birth and life medical center. >> reporter: he was arrested in february after police say he gave a medical exam to an undercover officer. he's now awaiting trial after pleading not guilty to those charges. pleading not to those charges. he sat down with abc news shortly after being released from jail. is this all a misunderstanding? have you had training? >> i have. i have shadowed many doctors. >> reporter: you're saying your training comprises shadowing other doctors, real doctors? that's your training in medicine? >> your training comprises of a lot of things. >> reporter: when he allegedly attempted to purchase the lexus on friday, his application raised several red flags. >> there was a lot of things he
3:45 am
was saying and doing that didn't add up. >> reporter: and when employees performed an online search of love robinson, they found his previous arrest and called police. love robinson was arrested after the dealership. he's been held on new charges of fraud. this time with no bond. matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> i did notice in his new mug shot, he has facial hair. these kids grow up so quickly nowadays. when we come back, the newly crowned miss america. >> and what daniel radcliffe is saying about a possible return to harry potter. nothing on that? ♪ ut a possible return to harry potter. nothing on that?
3:46 am
[female narrator] foods rich in folic acid like white bread and leafy greens can help prevent some birth defects before you even know you're pregnant.
3:47 am
♪ >> well, topping the skinny headlines this morning, the newly crowned miss america. >> the competition for miss america 2017 played out live from atlantic city's boardwalk hall right here on abc. one of the celebrity judges, olympic gold medalist gabby douglas, defended the swimsuit competition, saying she's all for supporting what makes the contestants feel beautiful and confident. >> and miss missouri, the first openly gay contestant in the miss america pageant was eliminated relatively early in the evening.
3:48 am
>> in the end, it was savvy shields, miss arkansas, who ultimately won the crown. she wowed the judges with her jazz dance to a song from the tv show "smash", and gave a pointed answer to her question about her feelings on hillary clinton. >> if you're trying to be leader of the free world, everything you say and do matters. and all your actions are held to a higher standard. unfortunately the media loves to sensationalize everything. it's hard to tell what's truth and what's scandal. >> all right. miss arkansas now is miss america. will be paid a six figure salary to embark on a yearlong national speaking tour traveling approximately 20,000 miles a month for tv appearances, national parades, hometown events and promoting women's issues. next to news of the passing of one member of a powerful hollywood acting family. >> we're talking about actor and transgender activist alexis arquette, sister of david arquette and patricia arquette.
3:49 am
she died at the age of 47 after a long fight with an illness. didn't reveal the exact cause of death. >> her big break came in an adaptation to "last exit to brooklyn." >> her long list of credits included mostly low budget and independent projects. she performed in nightclubs and cabarets, often under the name eva destruction. >> arquette also appeared on season six of the vh1 reality series "the surreal life." she's being remembered mostly for her efforts in bringing attention to the transgender community. next he's 27 years old, but daniel radcliffe may not have completely outgrown of harry potter. >> he's long since distanced himself from that role. cutting his teeth on tougher fare as an actor in recent years, such as "swiss army man." >> but with an interview he said he will not rule out the return to the character that made him a
3:50 am
star. if warner brothers goes ahead with another film -- >> radcliffe said, quote, i'll never close that door. that would be a stupid thing to do. yes. yes. i love harry potter. >> harry potter in the retirement home. the sequel. >> i will still go watch it. and finally, beyonce took time out in the middle of her concert on saturday night in st. louis, missouri, to help make at least one dream come true. >> after performing "single ladies," she handed the microphone to one of her backup dancers. he walked over to his girlfriend and got on one knee. >> and the crowd goes wild. he, of course -- you can't hear is him popping the question. she, of course, says yes, and he got an immediate blessing from queen bey. >> so beyonce then joked now, let's see you do some of the
3:51 am
choreography after that. >> everett did post on instagram later describing the surprise saying shocked is an understatement. >> i should mention, i saw beyonce in chicago. that was one of the things that i was disappointed with. she didn't do "single ladies" and it wasn't part of her set. i'm wondering if perhaps she added it just to help out with this proposal. >> do you think she didn't do "single ladies" because she's seen you try to dance to that song and she knows? >> oh. >> beyonce. right here. give the man "single ladies." he needs, please. >> these are the moves you missed. >> it would have been funny to see the dancer -- the dance captain do the choreography to the song. and be all, if you like it than you should have put a ring on it, with the ring on it. >> like a migraine. >> i'll hit my hit when i do that move.
3:52 am
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♪ ♪ on the 15th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks we're taking a look at the everyday people that turned into extraordinary people. >> this morning we're meeting a new york firefighter who's been on a special mission for the past 15 years. >> on 9/11, new york city firefight jojo espasito lost
3:56 am
so much. when the towers collapsed, his brother and cousin and so many in his firehouse died. >> we lost 11 members. that's almost half the company. >> reporter: jojo, one of she has tasked to deliver the grim news to the families affected. >> there was times i felt like breaking down, but i had to be strong for my family and their families too. >> reporter: but jojo made a promise. those families would see him again. >> this is me with lisa. she lost her husband in rescue five. >> reporter: he became a different type of hero. >> he has always been there for us. it's 15 years later. he's still there for us. >> unbelievable what he did for us. taking care of his own family and all these other families at the same time. it was something special. >> it's like having another dad. jojo is there. whenever i need him. >> reporter: jojo says the surviving members of rescue five in staten island all came
3:57 am
together, and there are still no easy days. >> 15 years is just a number to some people. to us, like we said, all those missed parties and anniversaries and stuff like that you can't get that back. >> reporter: as a firefighter, you're trained to rescue people and put out fires. did you receive a type of training for the role you do now? >> there's no training for life. you deal with it the best way you can as it comes across. and hopefully, you know, you're able to do it the right way. >> and jojo has essentially become a father figure to 26 children. he's there, for the past 15 years, for birthdays, for holidays, graduations and even weddings. >> it's fascinating. it's been 15 years. many of the victim's families saying 15 years have seemed like 15 seconds. of course, the key thing has been to never forget and the world really has not forgotten. the tributes and light switch has taken place every year, taking place once again there in lower manhattan. some 88 search lights take part of this tribute. >> gives you chills every time you look at it.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning -- hillary clinton's health. the democratic nominee canceling today's west coast trip after being rushed out of a 9/11 memorial. caught here on camera. helped into her van. what her doctors are saying now. can questions about her health hurt her campaign? we're live in washington. evacuations are under way in california. as a large fire fueled by dry brush burns out of control. the new video coming in just now. a boat packed with passengers, on fire and slamming into a pier. the fate of those on board. and the newly crowned miss america wows the judges in competition. see why guest judge gabby douglas is defending the swimsuit section.


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