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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 13, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>> standing at intersection of prospect and titus blocked off by tape. there are flares at prospect. you cannot see. it is very dark. halfway down the block is where all of the activity is centered. on other side of the street you and see the school sign and a goalpost. that, according to google maps is the school. the santa clara sheriff said they were called to the neighborhood at 7:50 last night. the apartment spokesman said there was a deputy involved in the shooting but the deputy was not injured. a source said an ambulance left the neighborhood. no word on the opinion's condition. the crime scene unit has been on the scene investigating overnight. >> i confirm there is a sheriff deputy-involved shooting. all standard protocols are followed. it shows how dangerous our job is. when i have more information i
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will let you know. >> right now the maniac says to the school is blocked by tape. in time for class this morning. we can tell you there was an officer involved shooting. the officer, however was not injured. we will bring you more as we have it. >> thank you. we may have felt a small earthquake overnight. the 3.5 earthquake struck at 12:50. centered in oakland west of highway 13. people reported feeling it from pittsburg to san francisco to milpitas. many report add sharp jolt. there are no reports of damages. the usgs said a depth of three miles which is shallow. >> new detail on the growing
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police scandal and celeste guap with an investigation into the officers. police say they were first made aware of the scandal involving the 19-year-old in may. by june the office of professional accountability said they linked several officers to the teen. investigators combed through 10,000 text, 5,000 social media pages and spoke with 45 people. in the end 11 officers were connected to celeste guap. there are important details and how many lost their jobs and important details only that punishment ranges from reprimand to termination. >> uc berkeley officials are proactive after three women reporting being sexually assaulted on campus on saturday night during a sold out electronic dance music concert at the greek theatre. officials sent out campus alert on the assaults and christmases of two attackers. >> it is sad when a lot of
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universities sweep it under the rug. the university does a good job of bringing it to light. >> it is between one and four and one and five women are sexually assaulted during their time in college. we have learned there were five alcohol related arrests at concert and so many drunk transportses they had to send some to another jail. colin kaepernick is continuing the protest for social justice taking a knee before the game last night. and a teammate joined. four others profited in different ways, two other 49ers and two rams players held up the 50 and kaepernick talked about the support he is receiving from the teammates and the league. >> it is amazing. people that have known the issue is going on just does not know how to express it or bring attention to it. now that the conversation is there, they support it.
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>> after the anthem, kaepernick hugged teammates. >> an exciting season opener last night. you watched it right here. the 49ers blew out the rams 28-0. they were all smiled decked out in gear. local fans were there and we caught up with a few who came from the east coast, one from florida and another from new york. >> i love my team, the history, our ought today, the tradition we have. >> it has been a drought but i stayed with them. >> i love the team. the greatest dynasty ever. we back again, here we come. >> next up for the 49ers they take on the panth thers on the road. >> and the alameda county board of board of supervisors will meet with a group who wants to help a raiders stadium in
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oakland. in july the board voted to enter into negotiations with oakland to sell the land the coliseum now sits on and are expected to discuss the price and terms. the meeting starts at 9:30 this morning in oakland. >> a surprising moment on set of dance dance with protesters storming the dance floor following ryan lochte's performance. here is the video you did not see on tv. two men wore anti-ryan lochte shirts, and security tackled the men to the ground and took them off the stage. >> back off! back off. >> could you not seeee much durd fixed on the judge but look at this new video where we have a better view, you saw the men taken off the stage identifieded as 48-year-old sam sotoday, and
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40-year-old from los angeles both from los angeles and booked fortress packing and four or five women were escort out of audience. i thought it was a joke and we realized it was not, it broke my heart people are still on that subject and no one is moving forward. >> lot anxious police say they had valid tickets and wore the ryan lochte shirts under their collecting. lock log has been criticized for the story of being held at gunpoint at the rio de janeiro olympics. >> happening today, marin general hospital could be the first to allow medical marijuana use on hospital grounds. a marijuana advocate a doctor introducing a resolution at the board meeting that allows payships to locally consume marijuana but not actually smoke it. in approved the hospital staff will begin a review process to
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understand the implications. now, your voice your vote, hillary clinton and donald trump will release detail on their health after hillary clinton's diagnosis of pneumonia. we are in washington, dc, with the story. >> i am feeling so much better. >> calling in to cnn hillary clinton tried to reassure voters who health is not an issue to take to the ballot box. she acknowledged it was a combination of heat and pneumonia that caused her to lose her balance as she left the 9/11 event in new york. but aides neglected to mention the pneumonia diagnosis on friday. >> i did not think it was going to be that big a deal. >> she suggested donald trump is not held to the same standard. >> it is time he met the same level of dose colorrure i v. >> trump has been after her health for weeks and wish add speedy recovery and focused attacks on comments instead release this ad. >> you can put truck supporter
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into the bats coat of deplorables. races, sex i, citizen phobic. >> she now regrets calling half of the supporters "deplorable," and bought say they will release more health information this week. >> happening today the city of berkeley will go toe to toe with the cell phone industry in san francisco federal appeals courtroom. the battle is over city law requiring cell phone retailers to tell customers of potential radiation exposure when the phone is close to their body contending the federal communications commission mandates warning, but the industry suggests it is only a suggestion and will ask the court to overrule the refusal to freeze the law by a court. >> now, in the east bay, 53 in castro valley. we are union city at 55. fremont and hayward at 56, and emeryville is 58, and oakland is warm at 61. we have 55 in san tar rose and
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52 around pleasanton and livermore, and napa at 53 and santa rosa is 2356. dress warmer this morning. from the east bay hills winds are 10-15 miles per hour and winds are 50 to 52. exercising outside is good, like yesterday withnoheat.@%-cool te
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save your vision for the years ahead. call... or log on to to learn about glaucoma and macular degeneration. >> abc7 mornings, all news all morning. >> a smoke shop in los angeles is desteroid after a fire ripped through the business tearing through the 100-year-old building in little tokyo near downtown. 160 firefighters battled the flames for two hours. no one was hurt. >> lafayette police say an argument toledo arson fire that hurt one person. they say two people living in a home on friday got into an argument and one tried to burn the house down. the woman who started the fire is held on $750,000 bail. >> an 81-year-old man is in the
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hospital after being hit by a car in vallejo. you can see the extensive damage on the windshield at crosswalk in snow ma and redwood boulevard. the 73-year-old driver stopped at the scene and cooperated. the victim is in colorado with "severe," injuries. california farm workers can earn more overtime because of a bill signed by governor brown. it lowers the ten hour threshold to eight hour as day before overtime kicks in. the farm workers of america calls this historic victory. the agricultural community lobbied against it saying it will hurt the declining industry in our state. the law is phased in starting in 2019. >> california will give you the opportunity to learn how to catch a terrorist by arming you with information. the bill was signed into law by governor brown the office of emergency services will create a class teaching every day people what specific things to look for, things that could mean an attack is being planned.
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>> i thought, maybe there something if we can develop better tools to help arm our citizens, in come budgeting the line womans, maybe things people can see maybe we can get the attacks from occurring in the future. >> the idea was sparked bit revelation that people that knew the san bernadino neighbors noticed suspicious activity. classes will not be available for two years. are uber drivers contractors or employees? negotiations are starting up trying to settle a class-action lawsuit over the matter. a judge threw out $100 million settlement reached between the two parties, with the silicon valley business journal said there could be a 60-day extension by the judge before appeal to negotiate a potential deal. >> happening today, giants
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catcher buster posey and his wife will visit young cancer parents in hospital to bring awareness and funding to pediatric cancer that he kicked off at at&t park back in april. he and his wife will talk with patients and pose for photos and make private bedside visits, the number one cause death of children beyond infancy in the united states. >> in weather we have another cool day for some this day in september. >> mike? >> yes. yesterday the terms dropped a little bit in the afternoon as the cold front moved through. i promised thunderstorms and they are in the sierra, color-coded to radar to show you 9 first snow fall of the season is hitting the packs south of lake tahoe to yosemite. back here our best chance for drizzle this morning is where it is clear right now and that is in the santa cruz mountains and along the peninsula coast. my highlights today are mostly
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sunny in the afternoon hours, patchy fog is possible along the coast into the north bay and a warming trend begins tomorrow. as far as today's temperatures in the south bay, low-to-mid 70s again with san jose, santa clara, cupertino, sunnyvale, ought at 72 and palo alto and redwood city down to 69. we will flirt with 60 degrees and 64 today. through the north bay, we will have 69 in sonoma to 70 in santa rosa and napa and the east bay shore, 68 in oakland and fremont is 71 and castro valley is 73, and inland, 72 in san ramon and brentwood is 78. my seven-day forecast shows by the time we get to friday, we are about 5- to 10-degrees cooler and we will stay mild through the weekend. >> you looked good last night. >> i don't know how i look this morning staying up a little past my bedtime but it was worth it
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and fun hanging out with larry and shoe and, obviously, great win for the 49ers. getting to tuesday morning commute we are okay westbound 80 filling in through emeryville stretch with no major block incidents. one problem in the last 10 minutes up in marin county, san rafael drivers, westbound 580, coming off the richmond-san rafael bridge, the ramp to northbound 101 we hear after collision where we have a couple of lanes down. however i am not seeing backup with another look at this before 5:00. >> thank you. you look great. next we have a wanting going out this only for dog owners who use a popular poet park and more and more kids are playing soccer, and that sounds good but there is cause for concern. all the author a popular store chain is making to get parentses to turn in old child safety seats but first techbytes. >> today, big change comes to facebook messenger, users can now make purchases with any app without being directed to another site, with the service
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available in beta and roll out by end of the year more widely. awesome sung has a fix fore the smartphone with the batteries from the device have been exploding and catching fire. the government said it is evaluate the new battery as fast as it can and samsung recommended the owners stop using the galaxy note 7. >> and now, a paralyzed woman has been helped to do something remarkable: completing a half marathon. she managed three mile as day to complete the course in five days and adding to the challenge, she is 16 weeks pregnant and had to train through morning
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get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. >> signs going up in the wetlands edge park in american canyon warning of the dangers of a powerful water vortex after a dog drowned there two weeks off after being sucked into the vortex. the owner let her dog run free without knowing of the danger. warning signs are installed and pets are required to stay on leash in the wetland area. all the latest now on issues at wells fargo. now, federal authorities want to look at the aggressive sales practices. the bank was slapped with $185 million fine last thursday. police opened up to two million depost and credit card accounts for customers without telling them. the senate banking committee is holding a committee to look at
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the practice. despite the scandal the executive who led the division will walk away with $124 million pay zach when she retires. >> authorities are investigating a report of a samsung galaxy note 7 that exploded. it injures several people including a six-year old who got burns on his hand there is a worldwide recall because of a series of batteries. >> if you have young athletes in the house youth soccer is hugely popular but so have reports of reported injuries. a new study found the injury rates have jumped 111% since 1990 and that could be underestimating the issue because the study only looked activists to the e.r. we are more aware of injuries those days than before. if you would like to read the full city dud it is published in
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journal of pediatrics. toys 'r us is offering to take your own car seat and give. >> discount on a new one. they want car seats your child has outground or those that are recalled and toys 'r us is offering 25% off of a new one and you can bring it to a babies are us location. >> and sfo, it is partly cloudy half moon bay is 60 and mid-to-upper 70s in pittsburg and antioch and brentwood. at game dress for 61 at 7:00 first pitch and down to 58 at at&t park. thunderstorm are possible from yosemite to lake tahoe all day and some showers if you head down to los angeles and san diego. >> good morning, we are doing okay with an issue to talk about, the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge, folks heading westbound approach the toll plaza, on the other end
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of the bridge is where we have a blocking incident but not seeing any delays yet, the worker 580 off-ramp to northbound 101, into the san rafael area, we have a report of at least one lane blocked because of the collision, but we are still green approaching that and it is minor but we have a minor injury reported in the incident. we will look at drive times, filling in through the central valley and that is coming up in less than 10 minutes. the country is to get on board with a law affected in california banning non-diss pair ragement clauses buried in agreements with retail otherring trying to charge you the customer huge fees for sexually giving bad reviews on the business. it was ban by california in 2014 and the house passed similar legislation an the nation and now goes to the senate for reconciliation and up to the president to sign it. all the amazon eco is in the news, that can talk to you without you talking first.
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according to the technology publication the information said it will speak set push notifications without being prompted by users. right now users must address before getting a response but users have control over which notifications are ready allow off. >> a 9 bay area has 19 new american citizens this morning. we were at pier 41 as they board add ferry for angel island. it was there they took the oath to become citizens. man said he look forward to taking part in the most fundamental rights of being an american: voting. >> it is a really important year for politics and i just encourage everyone to vote and get out there. i am delighted to vote this year. >> angel island was the first store for many asian immigrants between 1910 and 1914. >> frustrating for 49er fans getting to the stadium, and next, it has turned into a financial sinkhole for the south
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bay v.t.e. and a turn for the worst on the hugely popular lombard street with a plan city leaders are landing to control the tourists. and a pitch for a tech start-up and lives he hopes to save away the world. stay tuned.
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>> ing, south bay, let's get going. this is abc7 mornings. >> 5:00 a.m. on the dot on winning tuesday. it is september 13. i am natasha zouves. >> i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. who did not see the 49ers victory? 28 to 0? >> and now we will check alexis with the traffic and mike with the weather. >> could be drizzly along the coast and the construction mountains but right now it is quiet. and here is a look at live doppler hd, c


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