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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 14, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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that two men broke into her home on north craigmont on monday living there alone since her husband died. they beat her, stole the jewelry she was wearing. left for a short time and came back and beat her again. >> if you robbing someone, rob them, don't beat 'em help, especially someone as helpless as that. it is ridiculous showing a very particularly bad element of a person. >> douglas was so severely injured she could not call for help. a neighbor found her hours later and called police. at this point investigators have not released any description of the suspects but they say fingerprints the left men could be critical to tracking them down. >> freedom is in sight for a woman known as celeste guap. a 19-year-old at the center of a police sex scandal. an hour in now she will appear in florida court to accept a
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plea deal for biting a security guard at a rehab center. she could walk out of court a free woman. the release could bring her back to the bay area to testify against officers accused in the widening sex scandal. rich mend police investigated 11 current and federal officers about their involvement with celeste guap the details on the specific punishment was not released but the mayor is pushing for it the. >> we will get the same level of information that mayor schaaf gave regarding oakland officers. it is important for the public to get the information they can. >> officers with several departments have been implicated for having relations with celeste guap. >> there is word woke mess accidentally delete add large position of the body camera videos. the "san francisco chronicle" report as quarter of the department videos were deleted in october of 2014. an employee reportedly clicked to the wrong button while installing a software upgrade. it wasn't discovered until a
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month later. in a statement that -- a case that just came to light has not significantly affect mid cases. >> the san francisco board of supervisors approve the largest ever housing complex in the mission district. opponents called it the beast on brian when first proposed 3 1/2 years ago. the project at 18th and bringant will bring much needed affordable housing. it will have 191 market rate apartments and the mayor said up to 136 by low market rate units will be the own a second par sell on site donated by the developer. >> in san francisco russian hill residents demand relief. they say they are fed up with tourists whiching the crookedest street in the world. last night they held an emotional community meeting. here is our reporter. >> it was supposed to be an inform a.m. on house for those living near or on crooked street but it was much more.
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>> a small catastrophe. every week every three day weekend. anger filled the world where the transportation authorities and staffers thought they were just answering questions and handing identity surveys about how best to relieve tourist congestion in the area. some ideas are to require a toll or reservation for drivers using the street. hire more packing control officers, or ambassadors, or make crooked street for pedestrians only. some want staffers to remember, many were here first. >> people who say, those people on russian hill, in they did not know what they were going into they should move. 69 years ago i can assure you my mother did not know what she was getting into. >> it is not hard to see the problems, 16,000 people visit crooked street every day. >> some are loud and inconsiderate. >> miss, miss, miss? off the street.
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most tourists do not see a problem. >> people should expect they will get tourists in these places. all the transportation authority will analyze residents'ed feedback and make a recommendation to the board of supervisors at under of the year. >> seven people have been forced from the homes after fire toward through an apartment building in walnut creek and it happened yesterday afternoon at the broadway plaza apartments a few blocks from downtown. firefighters put out flames in 20 minutes but the fire had destroyed two units and damaged four others. one firefighter sprained an ankle the no one el was hurt. >> happening today the hayward school board could decide whether to fire their suspended superintendent. he was put on leave in july while the direct conducted an investigation into his behavior. according to our media partner, he engamed in unethical acts. he denied any wrongdoings and
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hobbs said he respects the board authority with a closed session today 2308ing by an opposition at 6:30. >> look at your tv, napa police need your help to find this guy, he walked into an oklahoma bank on browns valley road at 1:45 yesterday afternoon, flashed a gun, and demanded cash. he did not say how much he got away with and the description is vague. a white man between 25 and 30. look closely at what he is wearing, a backpack, green hoodie, junes and oakland a's cap. people in california are embracing obamacare with new information this morning that the number of uninsured in california dropped by half last year, from 17.2 to 8.6%. california has particularly embraced the, spank of coverage for the poor. something important to note, california's uninsured rate still trends higher than those of 24 other states. >> the strongest super typhoon of the year is hit land this morning. jessica castro is tracking it
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from the live desk. >> super file find is barreling down on taiwan and china with new video showing massive waves crashing on to the shore in taiwan, crushing winds, as will. the site of the super typhoon is the strong of the storm of the year with two people hurt and 260,000 homes are without power and more than 370 domestic and international nights have been canceled. we are tracking this in the weather center and mike is saying it has weakened but the wins will be powerful when they hit china in 12 to 13 hours. the biggest concern in china is rain, hundreds have been evacuated at this hour in china so we are keeping a close eye at the live desk. >> looking at weather in the united states residents in florida and georgia are seeing heavy rain today because of tropical storm julia. the national hurricane center said the slow moving storm could
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cause flash flooding and bring 3 to 6" of rain on friday. some areas could see winds of 40 miles per hour. >> here is a look at what is going on, and i will show you the radar that is now moving through the bull brunswick island of georgia heading to savannah and charleston. 3 to 6" of rain with isolated areas of up to 10" so low-lying flooding in south carolina. back at home, it is clear in rohnert park and petaluma and temperature at 46 at 48, and calistoga is 49. everyone else is in the low-to-mid 50s and some other cool spots lafayette at 51 and men is 52 and cupertino is 53. here is what will happen in redwood city. the hourly planner at 8:00, 60, and at lunch delight. 69 degrees ultimate total sunshine in the mid-70s for better part of the afternoon. a light jacket if you head out
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this evening, 68 tonight at 6:00, 80s are back inland east bay neighborhoods and some of the wealth is beginning to spread and the north bay and the rest us are in the secretary and 70s and the 90 returning inland. we will see in that continues to spread further inland when we have the seven-day forecast. >> alexis? >> looking at our traffic cameras a quiet start on the golden gate bridge and we can count the vehicling southbound on 101. that is looking good. we got new information in the last 10 minutes on bart. they had track maintenance this morning and i don't believe that was scheduled but this is a 10-minute delay at daly city and it is in the pittsburg and bay point and dublin pleasanton direction and they are using the term "early are," so they are recovering. i promise add look at drive times and overnight construction eastbound on the bay bridge and we will talk about that before
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4:50. >> thanks, alexis. all the history of palestine course is sparking controversy with a rare step that the university is taking to deal with the controversy. >> san francisco skyscraper is tilting and sinking, the
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>> abc7 mornings all news.
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>> antioch police say an officer ranked a vehicle into an officer's car at hillcrest avenue where the officer spot add stolen scar. the officer fired several shots at the driver after being rammed. the bullets missed the driver. police arrested the 27-year-old after a brief struggle. kerry has been charged with assault on a deadly weapon an officer. the officer was not hurt. >> more on the tilting skyscraper. the san francisco supervisor is launching an investigation into whether there was political influence in getting the millennium tower approved. it was reported last month that the tallest residential skyscraper in san francisco has tilted 2" and sunk 16" since being built in 28. after review the documents the supervisor believes the rapid settling was in secret and there could have been political interference to get the project done. >> millennium tower corporation, a luxury housing developer knew before they sold their first unit that the building was
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sinking more than they had projected. >> the millennium tower hoa is issuing a statement saying they find this "troubling and," a public agency sought to keep secret the building's condition and are conducting their own investigation. >> a controversial course on palestine is no longer available at uc berkeley for now. in a rare move the school suspended palestine, an analysis. the course examines key historical events, jewish and civil rights books say there is a antiisrael bias and so one-sided they violate a school policy on political indoctrination. the court was among 194 student taught classes. >> happening today the wife of vice president biden is making a visit to the south bay to discuss president obama's college promise initiative. the initiative is to make the first two years of community college free for students. jill biden is in san jose to meet with mayor liccardo, lt.
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governor and silicon valley business leaders this afternoon. biden is a teacher and said community colleges change lives. >> water officials will decide how to divide up the california wart supply. farmers are pushing for their share. some will be used to protect endangers fish. farmers worry they will not get the water they need. advocate say that diverting too much water to save endangered fish could force some farmers to stop working folds. >> out of this world experience happening today. high school students in napa get a chance to talk to bay area astronaut indicate -- kate rubins, a from in 1996. she has completed two spacewalks since arriving at the international space station in july. this morning, the forth space
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call will begin at 10:00 a.m. >> how cool to have a role model like that. >> she is sequencing human d.n.a. in space, no big deal. >> she offered the take the bunny to space program with me but i decided to stay here. >> they wanted to leave you there, mike. >> whoa! >> well, happy birthday to you, too. >> good morning, here is a look at the exploritorium, camera, and we will talk about sunshine, we will have a lot of it today and you will feel the warmth even at the coast. patchy fog and clouds come back tonight and a long duration inland east way is going to develop. it could last a week and a half. the winds are significantly calmer than yesterday. high pressure is taking over, searching air, taking dry air and that is why we will have sunshine and warmer temperatures today. not hot yet inland, livermore hits 80, antioch hits 81 and
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everyone else in the upper 70s this afternoon. now, as we go down or up to the north bay, santa rosa, calmer, 77, sausalito is 68, and in the south bay, you are sunny, 77 degrees in san jose, and los gatos at 81 and sunnyvale is 74 and the peninsula today, is comfortable, at 73 in san mateo to redwood city at 76, and mid-60s, though, along the coast because of the sunshine, and we will have mid-to-upper 70s for most of the east bay and 73 with a bright afternoon in oakland and san francisco it will be sunny and become breezy but look at this mid-to-upper 60s from 63 in daly city to the sunset to about 67 in the south. we will look at my seven-day forecast, and what you are going to see are temperatures that hit the 90s inland on friday and stay through thursday with 80s around the bay and, still, comfortable 60s at the coast. how is the morning commute? >> still comfortable. a look at the bay bridge and
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they are just wrapping up work on lower deck if you look closely you can see the far right lane is blocked and it should be done by pack this morning. of court, that is the lighter side this time of day. we should see that wrapping up before there is any congestion. a check of our drive times if you travel westbound 580 tracy to dublin if we had delays at this time in the morning this is where it would be but we are in the friend. 31 minutes for you. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard, 14 minutes getting out of the tri-valley and northbound 85, highway 101 to cupertino, good in the south bay at 16 minutes. we will talk mass transit before 5:00. >> a man steal packs agency from a home's front porch and the photo police want you to see. >> a teaching moment at standford the student in the middle of the photo turns the tables on the people who attacked her on social media. >> a big difference on where you put your child's safety seat
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could make a difference in an article. >> apple's new system is rolling out but there were problems for the first user those download. the iphone and ipad stopped working but the problem has been fixed. >> some of the new features are upgrades to siri, transcribed voice mails andly risks in apple music. >> ebay wants to buy your own smalled for the with quick sales service gives cause informs instant estimate based on condition and specs and providing a free shipping label. expect payment in 7-10 business days. >> a new app designed to help school kids find someone to eat lunch with, if you are considered an ambassador so others can join you, and you can see would the ambassadors are and meet up and
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>> welcome back, do you recognize this man? police need your help to find him. he was caught on camera walking up to the front porch of a home at 1:0 in the afternoon august 28. police say he stole a package from the home. if you recognize him you are asked to contact the campbell police department. >> parents, if you drive and you put your child in the seat behind you, you might want to change that. according to the center for auto safety sit behind an unoccupied seat because there is a crash there could be serious injuries to the child behind them.
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in there is no seat in the back behind an unoccupied seat, put your child behind the lighter person. >> this morning, apple is facing a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of iphone upgrade members, those customers were shut out of reserving the iphone 7 and iphone 7 plus when they went on sale last friday. the lawsuit said that upgrade program members were promised an easy way to get a new iphone each year by making monthly payments and pay an extra fee but they were told to check back when the new iphones went on sale last week. >> a stanford student is fighting back with positiveness against people would attacked her on social media. featured in a football ad whateverring ally jack and many took issue with her wearing the hijab and one called her and friends to be "shot," and she called some of the negative posters. >> i wanted to milk a point to stop this stuff, it is not okay and we should not be so quick to
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brush it off but it is not a normal thing for people to be so hateful and spiteful. positiveness beats hate but we have to take an active stand and try to beat up on hate, and... >> a stanford officials are filtering compensates but have kept the post up at the request of her. >> are you looking to get into the self driving car industry? the story could be now. education company is partnering with major companies like mercedes benz to launch a degree program for those interested in becoming self driving car engineers. according to "usa today" the course is broken into three, 12 week terms each costs $800. you can apply through august 27 and those accepted are notified october 3rd. >> october 27, not august 27. >> milder than normal. because it is a day game at 12:45 and 63, the u.v. index is
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high, so protect yourself from the strong sunshine. it is going to be breezy late in the day. south beach is quiet across the bay bridge, with no fog. the extremes are of 3 in daly city, and sunset district and los gatos and antioch at 81. brentwood is 82. if you thought it was cool, remember, august was cool for san francisco and so far we have been 3.1 degrees below average and we had only two days above average, everything else, then, the first 13 days has been cooler-than-average. i will let you know that continues next. alexis? >> a look at our traffic manns, we had a carjacking overnight and a street closures that is close to wrapping you. 2nd street was closed between brennan and king by the stadium there. we still have police on the scene. they are, again, wrapping that up. hopefully that will be back on shortly and will let you know when we get confirmation. we have a day game for giants at at&t park and a lot of folks
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most likely taking the larkspur ferry so expect extra heavy crowds this afternoon into the early evening as folks return home. we will look at the central valley drive coming up at 5:00. >> thanks, pleasant hill student is recovering from an injury suffers when a t-shirt cannon misfired. it happened in college park high school in pleasant hill yesterday. a cartridge went off from the cannon. the student had cuts to his hands and injured thumb. it was a homemade project he was testing as part of a sports leader program. >> cyber thieves have a new technology to steal your financial information. the secret service is warning banks and a.t.m. owners about a skimming device. the periscope skimmer connects to the circuit board of the a.t.m. and can store up to 32,000 numbers, two cases of the skimmer have been reported so far. not in california.
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>> spacex is anticipating a quick offerry from a launch pad explosion that forced it to ground flights. it happened two weeks ago and engineers fueled the rocket. private company founded by tesla elon musk expects to resume launches by november. spacex has not determined the cause. >> a new study finds large earthquakes are more likely to call when this is a full or new moon because the branch station on tides that occurred, and scientists have determined several large earthquakes have occurred when there is a bill tide pull but no clear correlation between the tides and smaller earthquakes. >> renters in california have a new protection on fighting eviction. the governor has signed a bill preventing tenants from having credit tarnished by eviction resulting if their favor. in a denant receive as notice and sues the lawsuit has to be resolved in 60 days or the renter's name is put on a blacklist even in the tenant wins the case.
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black lists can make it impossible for tenant to rent again. the new bill takes effect january 1. >> governor brown is choosing sides in a south bay race that puts democrat against democrat. next at 5:00 a.m., the candidate who is getting his endorsement. >> move to help muni riders stay connected underground. >> and what we are learning about the driver accused of being under influence when she plowed into a family car.
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>> good morning, east bay, let's get up and get going. this is abc7 mornings. >> good morning, it is wednesday, september 14. i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. i am natasha zouves. we have jessica castro and alexis smith and birthday boy, mike nicco. mike? happy birthday. >> so glad you spending your birthday with us. >> so glad you did not wear a birthday suit. appreciate that. >> true. >> it is not too late. >> yes, it is. >> it is only 5:00 a.m. >> only 5:00. we have two more hours. >> people are tuning in. stick around. all morning. >> now, move on to the weather, how about that? it is not going to be warm enough to take off your clothes


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