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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 14, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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>> reporter: the attorney is asking the pd why they send her all the way aacross the country for rehab. jasmine was flanked by her attorneys and father after leaving jail. her mother, oakland police dispatcher was not there. she pled no contest to misdemeanor battery, and altercation with a rehab worker and her attorneys are looking to sue police officers in four counties, accusing them of trafficking her for sex. >> take a look around. you don't know who is being sex trafficked. human trafficking is a billion dollar industry in this country and around the world. and victims are women and children. >> seven officers are facing different criminal charges, engaging in prostitution, oral
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copulation with a minor, jasmine told me she was involved with 30 officers, four, while she was under age. >> she's entitled to compensation where officers violated her civil rights. >> pamela price took aim at the richmond police department. >> we have lovely facilities throughout california and the kind of treatment that this young woman needs is not a drug rehab program. >> reporter: abuslin's criminal defense attorney contradicted that. >> she was sent here, told she
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needed help and. >> another says jasmine abuslin has plans. >> she freed herself from that lfe and intends now to go to school and get a degree and go to veterinarian school and become a doctor. >> reporter: the lawyers says she's received threats on her life so she will be arranging protection. her lawyer says she's taking a stand for victims of sex trafficking. police are looking for a person shooting a pellet gun at shoppers and police officers this afternoon at santa teresa shopping center. abc7 news reporter chris nguyen is live with the latest for us. chris? >> reporter: just a tense
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afternoon where people who live in the community have not found the person responsible. let's take a look at video. this started around 2:30 this afternoon. employees called police to report someone shot a bebe gun in their direction. they, too were attacked with what appeared to be pellets. here is a clip from police radio. >> we're still lookin to see if we can find them. >> reporter: an employee told us one client was hit in the leg, but thankfully, wasn't anything serious. the wife of one owner of the hospital says that a pellet barely missed her head. she says this is a relatively safe neighborhood. >> that you just jump into that
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mode and take care of things. it is shocking. it's a great opportunity. everyone knows everyone here. >> police did take a man into custody thinking he was responsible. he was released. they spent time this afternoon canvassing this area and as we return, centered on the apartment complex right behind us. they have not found the person. we're live in south san jose, abc7 news. new at 6:00, a man accused of sexual assaulting a 13-year-old girl is in the contra costa county jail. police in antioch arrested bernard caine. they say the 34-year-old attacked a 13-year-old last week walking to school. the girl was able to get way and run to school. police say caine tried to lure a 14-year-old girl into his car in
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january. and that girl made it home, uninjured. investigators apprehended a 30-year-old, police say she first held up the bank in july, at is that time, she handed a bag and demanded cash. she threatened with a gun but never showed one. >> the mother who lost her child in an accident is out of the hospital. her 3-year-old son elijah dunn didn't survive. an suv slammed into the family's car. his funeral is tomorrow in san lorenzo. the woman accused of causing the crash faces dui charge police are trying to develop
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a new strategy for the parks service. a tree limb fell on a woman, injuring her last month. you talked with the victim's husband today. >> that is right. you can imagine, he praised the mayor and staff for support and he says he wants the city to check out the trees here and for a long time neighborhood group that is what they want as a 100 pound branch crashed on her. doctors say the 36-year-old will never walk again a cording to city officials that pine was healthy. the species was pruned back in
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2013. a neighborhood association donated $10,000 to rec and park. >> our collaboration has been very good. but we've also learned that the department is stressed for a crew, meaning it doesn't have the budget to expand it. >> he says the group developed the first long term maintenance program for the tree. he believes an accident prompted greater attention from the city. mayor ed lee offered support and tan is hoping the city will make tree safety a priority. >> it's just not going to happen again, to another family. >> the city has 177,000 trees. according to a report by the nonprofit parks alliance, san francisco has only enough
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arborists to prune each once per century. in san francisco, abc7 news. >> right now, hayward unified school district is deciding a fate of it's suspended superintendent. >> the board conducted three-month investigation and abc7 news talked to board members. >> both sides are in closed session now. the superintendent and committee are talking now, the superintendent broke his silence following this three-month investigation. he says the battle began when he started reforming for spending and benefits. the hayward unified school district board of trustees says it has grounds for termination of the superintendent. they say he has an explosive temper, engaged in dishonest
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acts, violated state law and failed to keep the board informed. >> it's a witch hunt. >> the superintendent says his spending scrutiny made waves. >> i was warned that day, okay. board members first, then, and i no longer support you. they're approving a advance for themselves, dobbs says. >> getting your hair done, cell phone bill. >> how much money was the board paying? >> $3,000. >> with five members it's $15,000. we asked the board president about the money. >> i know he can account for mine. i don't know about the others. >> did you return money not
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accounted for? >> i return moneys i was asked for. i did do that. but i left it up to them. >> dobb says for years, three board members received health insurance when they shouldn't have. >> prior to me getting on the board, that was a practice where the majority, or all of the board was doing. >> it is that legal? >> well, it's complying with the law. >> as soon as i made aware, i stopped mine. >> he says it costs around $200,000 over seven years. i filed public records requests with the district. they tell me they're working on fulfilling requests. w'll head back inside to have more on the investigation at 11:00. katie, thank you very much.
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the arrival of long awaited cargo chips is creating an expensive problem for truck yirs. >> why some trucks may decide not to pick them up. >> i'm true tuma. temperatures jumped five to 10 degrees. clear skies in that sunshine is going to make us feel like summer in september, shortly. >> students at vintage high got to talk to one of their own alumni flying above the earth. what they asked
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the ships are coming in from the embattled south korean cargo carry yir, hungen. one traveled under the bay bridge this afternoon. the port is certainly relieved some truckers say this cargo creates an expensive new problem for them. laura aanthony is live with the story from oakland tonight. >> these two ships will drop off hundreds of loaded cargo containers this week. the big question is will anyone pick up those empty containers? any time soon? it's a sight we haven't seen in weeks. a ship pulling into the port of oakland. not since the south korean carrier declared bankruptcy. they will off load 450 containers full of everything from tablets to tennis shoes. headed to the bay area and beyond. >> they'll have to pay handling
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fees in order to retrieve those containers and will have ability to get the products they need. >> we have nowhere to take them. >> the containers are starting to stack up. >> we're just stacking them up. >> the reason, the companies are paying terminal operators up front to off load goods. the shipper has no plans to pick up empties, meaning many will be stuck with them. >> if you pick it up you don't know when you're going to be able to return it. and so that means you're going to be incurring chassis charges, storage, and penalties. >> it could be with more than 500 boxes expected here this week, these stacks and charges
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will grow much higher. >> latest multi national megamerger is going to cost estimated $66 billion and result in bayer owning monsanto. this is the third offer to purchase monsanto. people in one neighborhood protests against plans to build a concrete plant. it's supposed to take the place of the old general mills power plant. abc7 news joins us live along the water front with the story. wayne? this is one the developer tells us will change minds but thus far, it isn't influencing the
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person needs to most influence. she says as of now, she and her staff could not recommend this budget. >> this is what passes for pressure. yet another demonstration of closing redevelopment of this 100 year old industrial landmark. >> that may become a modern wharf if the developer succeeds but remains mired in red tape. >> we have plenty of ports and need land repurposed for something else. >> today, the opposition picked up another endorsement, basing
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concerns on a impact study with exhaust of hundreds of trucks through the neighborhood every day. it's so bad nearby residents says she'll move at a loss. >> we'll leave. we're at an age where i'm not leaving with this police. >> he says a scaled down plan should mitigate concerns. he is waiting for the city to release a new study. >> i can tell you what is released in the draft is different than what the final environment environmental impact will indicate. >> it's our interest to get this information in the public as
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soon as possible. >> today, temperatures coming in just about where they should be, but the number is going to rise and feel like summer again. so temperatures allowed to warm up. now, we're cooling off. you can see the fog on the screen is going to reappear tonight. but for now, we'll take you outside. what a nice night. forecast going to call for fog returning to the coast and bay by the morning hours. that trend continues and it's going to peak in the second half of the weekend and next week.
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comfortable 79 in san jose and santa rosa. overnight tonight, a couple cool spots in the north bay, upper 40s. and hour by hour we go, 11:00 tonight just barely making its presence known and by 5:00 starting to push into the golden gate. by 10:00, 11:00 the fog is pushing away from the way bay to the coast and 79 in san jose. 75 in redwood city. 60 for half moon bay with the fog, you're cool at 59. fog is going to linger for much of the morning.
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into the north bay, 80 in santa rosa. into east bay, 69 richmond and it's not hot just yet. up to 84 degrees. here is the accu-weather forecast. friday, seasonal, we notice sunday into monday. it is hot inland and monday, around the bay we're going into low 80s so you remember just a short time last week it was warm. it's going to feel like that and cooler tuesday and wednesday. so enjoy the weather. >> coming up next, details of the latest fire being blamed on the samsung note 7 smart
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>> it's happened again. another fire blamed for samsung. >> this time a car went up in flames.
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really frightening video. >> check out this picture a samsung galaxy note 7 exploded last night in florida. >> you can see flames. that is crazy, man. i was nervous, i'm glad to be alive. you know? >> he says he heard a pop and his galaxy note exploded. this makes it the 18th involving the note 7. this florida man says he left his phone to charge when it exploded on his driveway. and a 6-year-old boy suffered second degree burns. the faa is telling air travellers to power off in flight and the u.s. government poised to issue a recall soon.
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the company says this should cut the fire risk 60%. the update will be released in south korea. >> days after the iphone 7 opened, apple stock gained almost four points. promise of free college. who is going to pay for it if students no longer have to. >> and hear from football players who think $
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the vice president's wife visited silicon valley to promote a tuition-free education and city college is closer to
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achieving that goal. >> reporter: jill biden wants silicon valley to support president obama's initiative, guaranteeing first two years of community college be free. >> because it's going to do so much for the work force. there are many more people who can come into it. >> the white house says 9 million students could save $3800 per year. tennessee is participating in the program. >> it's time, past time. that we turn this around and put education back into the hands of the people. >> the money could come from increase in the real estate transfer tax.
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>> it's estimated to generate $44 million a year. >> extra money from that would go to help low income students. >> we know they can't afford the books. >> the plan appears to have support of other supervisors, once passing there, residents will have a chance to vote in november. >> pastor of a church is talking about a brazen robbery. police say someone stole thousands of dollars of donations on corner stone church. the pastor was talking and a stranger asked if it was the last service of the day.
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it was the 15th anniversary of september 11th. i feel like we're terrorized but we believe god is good and his plans will prevail. >> and the church estimates the thief took $8,000 to $10,000 in donations. >> now, to the race for the white house, donald trump cutoff and chastised by a pastor as he addressed a congregation today, here is what happened. >> i invited you hear to thank us, not give a political speech. >> okay. that is good. >> trump just finished an event in ohio, suggesting clinton does not have stamina. his campaign did not release his details. >> hillary clinton adding to
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extensive information. her doctor says she's healthy and fit to serve as president of the united states. her running mate, tim caine put out new information today, his doctor announced him in excellent health. and a new poll of likely voters has trump ahead by five points and up three in florida. clinton is up in florida and down four in ohio. >> nfl made a commitment to develop new helmets and support brain injury research. they say the money isn't very much. >> ryan mcconnell says he welcomes the money commitment
6:34 pm
part of which will go towards helmets. >> it's nothing but a weapon. >> such is niners quarterback gabbert. >> you're supposed to protect your head, i guess. >> this is a company focused on treatment. he's working on creating a base line to be easier to pinpoint brain injuries. >> we can then decide with clinicians and neurologists how to treat this now. what part of the brain do we treat? >> this company and others are part of an industry looking for support. the nfl is earmarking part of the commitment. rehabilitation is part of what cooper sports is doing. >> i have friends myself that i played with just recently and like 2010 that are pretty banged up and have major issues so we want to do things and give these guys the best opportunity to get
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their lives on track. >> $30,000,065 horses add up to a unique production that opens tonight in the bay area. >> the riders coordinate with co-stars. now, she joins them from space. what these high s afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
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napa's astronaut made a virtual home coming today to talk with students. >> this is the principal. >> it's a voice astronaut kate rubens would recognize. >> hey, principal pearson. i hear you loud and clear. >> welcome, let's give it up for kate, eefsh they've been working
6:39 pm
on questions. >> he was our soccer coach and made us run laps. >> kate loved to work out. >> it just sort of collects and ends up pooling on your face and body. >> to the average team, gross. a scientist, fascinating. >> how fluids behave in mikeogravity. >> we saw heart cells beating in space for the first time. >> what other work do you work on? >> you're a scientist in the morning and plumber or electrician in the evening. >> thank you. >> few experiences could be more inspiri inspiring. >> space is terrifying. >> i want to stay on the ground. >> they got to watch rubens on a space walk. >> it's every child's dream but
6:40 pm
i held onto it. >> life without gravity. >> you can bounce off walls and flip upside down. >> has some bitten by the space bug. >> that made me want to go more. like i want the flood to float away. >> one person sat quietly. kate's father. >> he was so happy and proud. >> she's proof if you work hard -- >> you may find yourself on the space station one day. >> i just want to say go, crushers. >> space satellite imaging is showing a monster storm that just hit taiwan and now hitting china. take a look at super typhoon malenti. the storm is causing major flooding and damage.
6:41 pm
there are reports of 25 inches of rain in 24 hours. despite the damage, only two people have been hurt. >> here in the united states, tropical storm julia is bringing heavy rain and strong winds to florida and georgia. wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. there are flash flood warnings in georgia and south carolina. the storm formed overnight above land, interestingly. instead of over water. >> coming up next, meet the
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if you're like a lot of people on the dance floor, imagine getting that feeling back after years of fighting a difficult condition. abc7 news anchor kristin zee has the story. >> starting to get ready to think about circling to your first partner. >> in a dance studio
6:45 pm
getting ready to hit the floor with a professional dancer, designing movements of expressive dance with interaction. >> idea the body is a deeply feeling part of our lives. it's an opportunity to reawaken memories tucked away in the mind and muscles. >> the program called dance for pd was launched in new york but caught eyes and ears of dr. helen bronte stewart. she says benefits are well documented. >> plenty of articles that dance
6:46 pm
helps people with parkinson's disease. >> juan struggles now just to keep balance. >> just more optimistic and maybe, i cannot tell, maybe informed some of my steps. >> when beginning construction, he convinced the architect to add in the dance studio. >> the program was designed with the help of mark morris dance troupe in new york. get more information on >> 65 horses are taking the stage tonight. 65. 11 different breeds of horses will perform on stage with dancers and musicians. cavalia provided this video of
6:47 pm
the production. it promises to take audiences on a ride featuring a screen three times the sides of those in movies and a relationship between man and beast. >> each horse knows his name. just by moving and giving cues they just answer. >> the show runs through october 1 in downtown san jose. >> jimmy kimmel helped roll out the red carpet as you can see there. he is hosting the event on sunday. >> i should be saving my jokes for the show. this is gold. you can't just throw it around. >> the emmys airs on sunday afternoon on abc7. coverage starts at 2:00 p.m. awards begin live at 5:00. you can catch a replay at 8:00 p.m. >> as the beautiful live picture behind us reminds us, the bay area is a beautiful place to live and abc7 news viewers prove
6:48 pm
that. >> they do. follow us on instagram. >> drew tuma is there to update the forecast. nice and cool but that is changing right? >> if you get amazing pictures i'd love to see them. 86 in antioch and about napa. hayward you're in the 70s. so will feel warm. and greatest warmth, look at this, centered around the bay
6:49 pm
area so accu-weather forecast shows you am and pm sunshine. and so enjoy the warmth on monday. >> on to sports. >> this is kind of a critical time in baseball. >> the giants, i don't know where -- it's just imploding. this is the wrong time to go into another slump. giants lost their way into the middle of the playoff chase. swept by the ♪keep on the sunny side
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♪keep on the sunny side ♪always on the sunny side ♪keep on the sunny side of life♪ good evening, after the epic bull pen melt down the giants needed madison bumgardner to save them today. that did not happen. at&t park was a great day to be at the ballpark.
6:53 pm
giants have four hits. mad bum goes down, swinging. alex dicterson two outs. single in the sixth. breaks it to tie. we're a game behind. this makes things worse. clayton kershaw in new york today in new york kershaw looked good. he had a no hitter through four and dodgers are now five up on the giants in the west. >> a's trying to play spoiler. bases loaded flare down the line. both coming to score so
6:54 pm
check out the slide. he was off the plate. but a's leading tony la rusa just dove head first into this protest started by 49ers quarterback collin kaepernick. >> i was there when he was a star. i never saw him do anything but promote himself. now, he's got this mission. there are ways to express your belief in some issues that affect blacks throughout the country without disrespecting
6:55 pm
the country. >> the 49ers defense looked great, shutting out an anemic rams offense. two of the hits here are brutal. there has been talk he doesn't get the same calls but he does not agree. >> my focus is san francisco 49ers defense. i feel i've been taking hits but that is understandable. it's sometimes, i've been hit and there have been calls. >> what is wrong with this picture? take a look. a jersey worn by tj hammond.
6:56 pm
do you see it? arkansas. not spelled properly. arkansas. i have decided to take my talents to akransaw? what do they teach? >> one r. >> yes. >> thank you. >> join us tonight at 5:00, coming up a man wanted to have a place to hang his hat. he noticed something strange. >> a man has been aested by police. the community support he's now receiving tonight and protest planned for tomorrow. >> here is tonight's prime time line up
6:57 pm
>> at 11:35 it's jimmy kimmel live. >> this is this edition of abc7 news. we appreciate your time. >> from the entire abc7 news team we hope you have a great evening. >> what a nice shot.
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