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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 15, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, south bay, let's get going. >> this is abc7 mornings. >> 5:00 a.m. on friday eve, september 15. >> i am natasha zouves. i am matt keller, we have alexis smith and meteorologist mike nicco. >> we are coordinated. >> weship together. and we called each other. don't know about you ladies. >> mist be a rainbow. something like that. >> beautiful. >> sorry. sorry. now, moving on we will talk about the weather getting warmer but for the coast where it will be cooler. i am tracking fog, so we will
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start with that and live doppler hd is not dangerously low but it is getting close in santa rosa half moon bay, and we will see who it will affect with winds leaking to the south, so rohnert park and petaluma, possibly 101 a little bit today. so we will look at what is going on from sutro tower and a look at the temperatures, 48 to 58 at 7:00, 50 to 76 cooler at the coffee at noon and clouds gathering you keeping you at 60 at 4:00, and 84 inland where we have warming. 90s are ahead and weekend forecast ahead. >> alexis? >> southbound bay 101 at 880, northbound side, we are still looking light but we have one blocking issue in the south bay, and this is on 680 on the southbound side, berryessa road someone last a mattress blocking three left lanes. c.h.p. is on way. hopefully no one hits it the it is just a hazard. now, drive times are coming up. >> developing news from the south bay, imagine taking your dog into the emergency vet and
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getting shot with a pellet gun. >> police are sending for whoever did this. a police officer was also hit. but not hurt. tiffany wilson is in san jose. tiffany? >> this started at 2:30 yesterday afternoon. somebody started firing pellets outside of this veterinarian clinic behind me. listen as a tech describes what happened to her. >> man was holding the dog and, just, i don't know where it came from, poof. he was hit. i was wondering, where did that come from? what happened? it barely missed the dog. why know in they were aiming for the dog but so chess to the dog. >> they ran inside, covered up and called police. an officer was also hit by a pellet but was not hurt. police conditions haved the
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apartment complex across the street but they could not locate the shooter. some residents are wondering, in, perhaps, it was kids playing around. right now police are continuing to search for the person who opened fire with the pellet gun. right now it trends a bizarre crime with an unknown motive. >> new details on effort to house the hayward school leader. this morning, dobbs is out as district superintendent. the meeting went into airlinely morning with members ultimately voting to fire him. supporters urged him to keep him saying they needed stability. there were tensions after an angry confrontation. the board said he has an explosive temper and dishonest. dobbs claims they mismanaged funds. he is the 4th superintendent to leave since 2010. a news conference is this afternoon. >> we are expecting another
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press conference on behalf of the woman known as celeste guap. she now wants to be known by her real name, jasmine abuslin. she left florida jail yesterday after leading guilty to misdemeanor. seven current and former police officers in alameda county are already facing different criminal charges in the scandal. her attorneys say they want to sue the officers involved for sex trafficking. >> big scare for passengers on united airlines flight headed for california. they were forced to make an emergency landing. jessica, what happened? >> i have new video from the live desk of the emergency landing. it is hard to see but i can show you where the plane is coming in to the denver airport for emergency landing. it was bound for san diego coming out from new jersey. it stopped because a passenger reported a possible suspicious device but both the f.b.i. and
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denver police were called out there, said it was not a threat. that is the plane. blurry, hard to see, this is night video. the passengers were allowed back on the plane, larged in san diego after 1:00 a.m. and it was given the all clear but the video just came in this morning so it is the newest here. >> the san francisco d.a. is a step closer to becoming the lead investigator in all shootings involving police. according to the vote, they have goals of trance pans, accountability, and clearing out the backlog of investigations into deadly shootings involving police. there are concerns it will strain the relationship between the d.a., and the department. >> there is a community and for more cold case vexes with a
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former homicide inspector coming back to the department to focus on solving cold cases. there are plans to bring other experiences veterans back to the force, as well. >> happening today, las vegas effort to build a stadium for the raiders could move forward. a committee studying the plan could make a recommendation to okay the $1.9 billion protect. in the bay area, the effort by a group led by hall of famer to build a stadium for the raiders in oakland is also moving forward. the group met in closed session on tuesday with alameda county board of supervisors. all the prospect of a new stadium is having a huge impact on the value of the raiders. "forbes" magazine said they are now the 20th most valuable team. worth $2.1 billion. that is 47% increase over last year. analysts say it is because they will leakily have a new home in oakland, los angeles or las vegas but the 49ers are the 4th most valuable franchise worth an estimated $3 billion.
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>> transfers alan for $11 million ferry landing in sausalito will be decided this court. the city of sausalito has filed a lawsuit against the golden gate bridge district. the city said the district is violating 1995 lease agreement requiring city approval for major alterations to the ferry landing. the brick district insisted the work is replacement of the occurrent structure and not a new project. >> chipolte is paying workers in workers $95,000 to settle alleges of sick leave violations. the settlement affects more than a thousand occurrent and foam employees. details not disclosed on the sick leave law allows workers to accrue an hour of paid sick leave forry 30 hours work. yesterday was the deadline to pay clocks and settlement requires chipolte san francisco restaurants to display posters describing employee rights under the law. >> airbnb has an ad campaign in san francisco to show how most
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hosts make ends meet spending $1 billion on a tv and radio ad campaign with those would rely on the extra incomity. critic say it is continuing to the housing crisis by taking rental properties off the market for tourist "accommodations. >> mike nicco? >> in the east bay it is 54 in fremont in the another bay and san leandr and oakland and berkeley and alameda at 56, and 51 in los gatos. san jose is veteran. san carlos and san francisco 55. 40s in the north bay. antioch is showing signs of warming at 65 there. in san jose today, average high is 82 degrees. lunch temperature is comfortable at 71 degrees. not much of a breeze. if you are in the sunshine it could be uncomfortable in the afternoon. we will hang in the mid-to-upper
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70s and in the evening, the kids are outside at 6:00, 73 and in they playing under the stars at 66. at 8:00. we will look at the other neighborhoods, close to average, 60s and 70s and 80s and developing now is 90s inland east bay neighborhood and temperatures are building into saturday. the coast will be warm, as well. that is in the seven. a lot of us do not like to go to work early but it could be a good time. >> i agree with that. we do not have major issues to talk about. the volumes are still looking okay. in the next 20 minutes we are going do start to see this stretch fill in and this is westbound 80 through emeryville. first coming in from berkeley and heading to the bay bridge in metering lights so we are doping okay there but again, 5:30 is the time we get the lights on. southbound 680 highway 4 to walnut creek wide on at six americans and westbound 4 walnut creek to highway thin is nine, and the only slow spot on the drive time this morning is westbound 580 tracy to dublin is
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not too bad up to 35 minutes. we have radio closures in san francisco because of a major conference. >> holidays here before you know it, and that means more jobs, who is hiring nearly 100,000 seasonal employees. >> families on alert because of a new crime at hands of scammers, the terrify message they are
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- i was diagnosed with parin early 2013.lly it took awhile to sink in. we had to think a little more seriously about saving money for the future and for the kids. - the income of airbnb really helped to mitigate the stress. - but we have that flexibility of knowing that if you know things get worse, we have this to help keep us afloat. - so that's very, very important for us. >> welcome back, are you looking for quick cash before the
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holidays? this could be time to snag a seasonal job. according to the "usa today" u.p.s. and retailers like toys 'r us and far get will hire thousands of temporary workers looking to hire nearly 95,000 workers around the nation to deliver the packages and u.p.s. said that some holiday hires could get permanent jobs, as well. toys 'r us needs people to work in stores and distribution facilities and target plans to hire 70,000 holiday workers. we told you of the bankruptcy of the shipping company this month and the ripple affect it is causing a trailer shortage in california because this is so much cargo do move on the roads. $14 billion of cargo are stranded offshore. operators managed to off load some of the cargo and get it delivers this is the problem of empty containers. the port are not accepting empties and they are sitting transed. >> tesla autopilot feature is under fire possibly involved in another deadly crash.
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back in january a model "s" crashed into a street sweeper on a highway in china. the chinese government need equal reports that autopilot was active and the palo alto said it has yet to determine that. the ntsb is investigate another deadly crash in florida you remember that happened in may where the driver also had autopilot on. all the atlantic coast conference is following the ncaa lead by moving championships out of north carolina with the conference saying the state losing championship games for 2016 and 2017 son because of the controversial gender bathroom law. it prevents cities and counties from passing protections based on sexual orientation and gender identity. the n.b.a. moved from charlotte this year, cell phone service is coming to the subway, and now we first reported yesterday on abc7 morning muni will add to the bart exist underground cell
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phone service but it does not include wi-fi. it will cost nearly $6 million. muni is not paying a cent of that. cell companies are picking up the tab. it will not detract from the core work we need to do but this is a potential it would generate some revenue for us. >> that is right, they could be making money on the deal because carriers are paying an annual fee to provide service as a benefit to their customers, getting cell service connected the take 12 to 18 months. >> get out your glasses we want to necessity if you can respond a big mistake on an n.r.a. arrested about new york. do you see the mistake? n.r.a. added images of san francisco to the skyline and you can see the bay bridge and ferry building. the ad only ran in maine so
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maybe no one this noticed. >> confusing. >> a regulate woman's belly is the focus of a now viral video, a couple when to a zoo and made an impression on the resident orangutan, she was 15 months and it caused the animal's eye and he tried to touch it through the protective glass with 16 million you haves. incredible. we have more video on our instagram you can follow. >> it is watching up in the bay area and mike has been tolling us it will happen. >> we are not just talking about your suit, mike, you are looking good today. >> good morning, everyone, we will look at our highlights and jump right on and not hold back. inland is warming where it will be greatest the next couple of days and where we find the 90s and some of the warmth will spread to the coast the form of
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60s to 70 and we will have patchy fog tonight like we are dealing with this morning. the breezes are back fox25 of the bay bridge and through delta from 2:00 this afternoon to 9:00 this evening. ferry ride this morning is tranquil but this evening? not so much. low-to-mid 80s in los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy. upper 70s in the it of the south bay with san jose at 79. we will have mid-to-upper 70s most of the peninsula and 77 in redwood city and down to millbrae at 72 and cooler at the coast and more cloud cover today upper 50s to let 60s and downtown san francisco about 66. if you going to the game it is italian heritage night. nobody? nobody? >> our mike are not on. >> i will celebrate myself, fine. 59 at 7:15 and 56 at 10:00, at north bay upper 70s to low 80s along the east bay shore 69 at berkeley and fremont is 689, and low-to-upper 80s nice
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inland east bay neighborhood. my seven-day outlook shows 70s at the coast, 80 around the bay and 90s inland through the weekend. a small company is holding a small event in san francisco. >> yes. a limit bit of an exaggeration zooming in on our traffic map we have sprinklers in san francisco, howard is closed, as of 7:00 between third and 4th and that will last through saturday september 24. we are look at a week and a half and that is due to the oracle arena world conference with continues of thousands coming to the moscone center the next several days ending with a big concert next week with gwen and sting concert. avoid that if you do not want to be involved in the festivities. golden gate bridge is light. north of there you could run into fog. we will look at drive times right around 5:28. >> a popular bay area restaurant is responding to a lawsuit filed
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by its workers, calling the suit frivolous based on false allegations. a group of current and former. employees took legal action calling the have star stiffing workers out of wages, and sick leave and said they offer benefits well beyond what is required by federal law. the burma superstar has restaurants in san francisco, alameda and oakland. >> today in the first look, authorities are warning of virtual kidnapping. here are the details. >> in the first look, a terrifying crime called virtual kidnapping, listen to this voice of a so-called professional kidnapper. [ inaudible ] >> a man called her cell phone claiming do have her daughter and she asked to hide the identity to protect the family the >> you thought you heard your daughter, saying mom, mom, you have to help me. he gave her only 60 seconds to get in the car and drive to the bang. she ran to her neighbor's house
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for help. the lets were shaking her hands were shaking and she was out of control but she convinced her to hang up and call 9-1-1 and the so-called kidnapper never called back. >> even now i know it is a hex i don't think it is funny. we tell uh-huh to protect yourself from becoming a target. that is "first look," for gma. >> you are going to want to tell your co-workers it story, a perfect spot for a weekend get away for a resident so he decided to build a cabin there. each week he would drive back and forth and build a little at a time and all the work started to disappear. and he put up drywall and the next weekend it was gone. it turns out as he was building the cabin, someone else was stealing it. piece by piece. >> windows. doors.
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2x4s, a mini home depot. >> he called police and no arrests have been made. he lost $30,000 of materials but he is still planning on building the cabin. >> and he has a good attitude. still laughing. >> next the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> educators won $10 million and what they are doing with the money to change public education. >> you love modern family, right, and money loves her, too, with incredibly profitable year for one
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take the activia probiotic challenge now. it works or it's free! >> whether you are just joining us or headed out 9 door seven things to know, hayward superintendent is out of the a job, dobbs was fired over a three month investigation, the fourth superintendent since 2010. less wants to be known by her real name, jasmine abuslin, the
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main figure in the police sex scandal released from the florida jail yesterday, and her lawyers say they plan to sue the police officers involved in the scandal. >> three a you poll finds hillary clinton and donald trump in a virtual dead heat for the presidency. "new york times" poll shows hillary clinton with a slim edge 46 to 44%. >> bizarre scene from taiwan, this typhoon and giant inflatable balloon in the shape of a moon broke loose from the mooring from the storm looking like a monster from out are space. >> at look at what is going on as far as the weather, the warming trend continues inland, and look at our spread as we look at the camera and the clouds rolling in, 59 in pacifica, and brentwood at 87 and i have thick fall in the north bay valley and i will show you that next. >> six, taking a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, i just spotted this on the camera, and we have at least the right lane is blocked approaching that
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tollbooth area in the maze i have not confirmed what this is but we have calls in and i will have an update and a look at drive times after 5:30. >> bart officials discuss improvement plans in san francisco later today and the transit agency is holding a telephone townhall meeting in english and chinese. the numbers are on >> a group bay area educators is celebrating after scoring a huge prize in the national contest. >> you can hear the screams of joy. we were at the san jose summit yesterday where a high school student jump for joy as they heard that news. the announcement was from congresswoman pelosi in washington, dc, and the summit will get $10 million to build a new school in oakland by 20189, that will rethink public education. the goal is to have students go cuss on areas of interest and self guide their learning with online tools and internship.
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they want to know the plans for college and after college and what do you want to do with the world. there were 10,000 entries for the super school project co-launch by widow of apple founder steve jobs. >> first, poker, then the spelling bee and now espn is beating on drone racing an agreement to broadcast a ten episode season on espn with officials saying the drones will zip through obstacle filled courses at up to 80 miles per hour. the first episode is tonight at 8:00. espn and abc7 are own by our parent company, disney. >> modden family's star is the highest paid actor, the 44-year-old is the queen of small queen topping the list of the highest paid tv actresses and making $43 million over the last year.
5:27 am
she is smart with endorsements she chooses. and big bang theory star was number 2 with $24 with 5 million gulf 90 minutes of news including new numbers revealing how many people are writing the technical buses popping up all over bay area. >> a south bay church targeted by a chief and getting thousands of dollars in donations. >> choicing the
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>> good morning, east bay, let's get going. >> thanks for inning us on thursday, september 15 the i am matt keller here for regular. >> weekend ahead and we will get
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you going i am natasha zouves with jessica castro with the latest and alexis smith with the commute and meteorologist mike nicco bringing us warm the but not near the coast. >> it will take a rest. a day or two rest it will move back to the coast, also. you get a break. watch the fog of the i promised you, half a mile at napa airport between napa and american canyon, 29 and 12 and it could be dicey getting through, petaluma is one and a quarter and santa rosa is up to 7 and it is improving. the sun, or the moon setting, right behind mount tamalpais from our east baylies camera, here is the day planner, waking up to temperatures in the 50s in change, and the 60s at the coast, 68 to 76 around the bay, and inland, so, still comfortable and 2 do 84, less comfort this afternoon and breezy across the north bay the hold on to hats and the railings on the ferry ride. we will talk about that next. alexis? >> taking you back to the bay bridge toll plaza, c.h.p. does not have any information for us on this issue. it does look like the far right
5:31 am
lane is blocked, before you get over to the car tool lanes, but, again, we are not sure if it is a collision or disabled vehicle and the metering lights are not on in the last couple of minutes they should be any moment. when i walked up they were not yet. i would say any second. westbound 580 tracy to dublin is up to 39 minutes and you are in the yellow out of the central valley, and everyone else and looking light so far this morning. the latest on the bay bridge toll plaza issue coming up in less than 10 minutes much >> new details this morning, the superintendent of the hayward unified school district is out of a job, a vote usually this morning and many people are angry over the school board's decision. our reporter is in hayward with more. >> dobbs learned his fate at 12:30 where strong support at meeting but it wasn't enough. in his termination notice it stated that dobbs has an explosive temper engaged in extreme acts of dishonesty, violated state law, and failed to keep the board informed.
5:32 am
we are hoping to hear specifics when parts of the investigation are released at a press conference this afternoon. one teacher said that the community does want more information. >> as a member of the hayward community, i would like to see a little more consideration for how this looks from the outside locking in. whether there is a problem the appearance is this is not fair. and due process has not occurred >> the board vote was 3 to 0 with two abstaining from the vote. analysis of the investigation and parts much the investigation are expected to be released later today. >> san jose police investigating the bad crash that involves only one car and left three women hurt, the war they were in smashed into a pole in willow glen neighborhood last night. two of the women were taken to
5:33 am
the hospital in critical condition. >> this morning, san jose police are searching for the person would fired a bowl let gun at people and an officer at a south bay shopping center firing a pellet gun near santa address boulevard at 2:30, a man and his dog were outside a veterinarian office when the shooting start asked was hit in the element the officer who arrived was hit both are expected to be fine the police searched the nearby apartment complex but are still looking for the shooter. >> a man in antioch is accused of sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl, the 34-year-old attack the girl as she was walking to school last week, but, fortunately she got away and ran to safety. police say he also tried to hour a 14-year-old girl into his car back in january. that girl also escaped unharmed. >> happening today tones for jasmine abuslin known as celeste guap will hold a news conference at oakland city hall. she walked out of a florida jail
5:34 am
yesterday after pleading no contest to misdemeanor battery. she was granted release increase time searched. she is at the center of the bay area police sex scandal telling dan nows she had sex with 30 officers including four when she was under age. the tones want to sue the police officers in four bay area counties accusing them of trafficking her for sex. >> she is entitled certainly to compensation from each of the yesterdays where officers have violated the law and violated her civil rights. > former officers in alameda county are facing criminal chances in the sex scandal. >> her news conference will begin at 11:00 and we will have full come on the midday news and on our free abc7 news app. from texas involving family of a woman who decided in police custody there last year. jessica castro is at the live desk with the breaking news. jessica? that is right the family of sandra planned who died in police custody in houston last
5:35 am
year, the family has settled their civil suit against the sheriff in texas and it is for $1.9 348. that is according to the family attorney would spoke to our afill at in houston. bland was stopped for failing to signal a lane change back in july of 2015. here is the video of the traffic stop. the illinois woman was in texas for a job at prairie view a&m university and the officers say she was unqueenive and argumentive and then arrested and taken into custody. she was found dead inside her jail cell three days later. her death was ruled a suicide but her family and friends have maintained she was murdered. both the f.b.i. in texas ranges have investigated her case and there have been no criminal charges brought on anyone after her death but that civil suit now is complete. that is the newest at the live
5:36 am
desk. >> happening today, activists are listening to demonstrate outside a target store in east san jose. they say they are protesting the arrest of a man trying to register people to vote. on monday police arrested salvador martinez after he refused to leave. map in the story -- store took the video because shoppers complained of them trying to be aggressive but they said they will go back to the same story today. >> a congregation is shaken after someone toll thousands in church donations. this is the cornerstone community church in palo alto on sunday. the pastor said a man would longers after the service took the donation plane when no one was looking and ran. we are startled. taking us off guard. this supposed to be a safe place of worship, a safe lease for
5:37 am
family. it is believed they took between $,000 and $10,000 that who is gone to maintain the clutch and help feed the homeless. >> petaluma police are warning businesses to look out for a dry i don't of -- a trio of thieves passing counterfeit bills to stores with eight businesses in petaluma outlet maul have taken a hit. suspects are believed driving a dark s.u.v. seen not area with california license plate 7ksl003. >> this morning, apple having criticized not for new iphone but for its alleged treatment of women. leaked e-mails obtained by a media company, female employees describe a sexist working environment with claims running from beings pad over for jobs and jokes on rahm. a woman complained to c.e.o. directly but did not get a response apple said they cannot discuss the come plains and is
5:38 am
committed to treating everyone with respect. >> some discouraging news about gender gap. new research is showing the patch gay will not close in our lifetimes. it could take 136 years. emmake 80 cent are for every dollar a man makes for research conducted by the american association of working women. they will release a full report today. the report adds that progress staled in 2001. >> if you think you are seeing more technical buses it is not your imagination. on any given day more than how ten buses are in use an the bay area. meant transcommission found they take roughly 34,000 passengers do work at tech companies each day. in it sounds like a lot it is. in it was under one agency it would be the 7th largest transit system in the bay area. critics argue the buses are a symbol that contribute to inequities of housing and pay but spatters say they are a response to the housing shortage not the cause.
5:39 am
>> your accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, we will start with the temperatures on the peninsula, a few 40s at 45 and menlo park is 48 and foster city changed to 53 with san mateo and pacific equal and redwood city at 50 and half moon bay at 54. we have 48 in mill valley and 55 in san francisco, and 48 in napa, and 49 in santa rosa and oakland is 56, and san ramon at 52 degrees. in napa today, 8:00, 5 to, lunch time very delightful and 72. imagine being at a winery and not at work? temperatures in the upper 70s in the afternoon. i got some yes do that. 280 and 17 partly cloudy the on the water today, caution. especially north of the bay bridge. it is breezy. no worries if you walk the dog offer than the strong sunshine this afternoon. slightly warmer away from the coast. theys in san francisco are going do go up over the weekend and a
5:40 am
lot of 60, 70s, a few of those but a lot 80s and mind this weekend so baby steps the next couple of days and i will show you the rest weekend forecast coming up next. how is the commute? >> good news on the bay bridge toll plaza, ten minutes ago i showed you flashlights on the right side approaching the tool booths, whatever it was it drove away and the flashlights are gone. never got to bottom the c.h.p. with no information. we have the metering lights on for the bay bridge toll plaza. it is filling in. and slow down. a report of a disabled vehicle westbound 580 right at to 5, not good news for tracy commuters in the left center lane. i will keep a close eye on that. getting new information on bart this morning, they have an equipment problem causing a 10 minute delay at orinda in the pittsburg and sfo direction. >> bart has a multibillion
5:41 am
dollar bond measure on the november ballot talking about it today and you can take part. >> both presidential candidates are pitting their health reports on the table and what they are (whispering) what are you doing up? (whispering) mom said i could have a midnight snack. well, i say it's late, and you need to go to bed. why? because i am the boss. you're not the boss, mom's the boss. well, technically, we are co-bosses.
5:42 am
technically, mom's the boss. mmmm. shhh. the family favorite. yoplait.
5:43 am
>> all news, all morning. >> happening today, bart is holding a telephone townhall meeting on lands for improvements in san francisco. in november voters decide whether to approve a bond
5:44 am
measure to give officials funding to rebuild the transit system's aging infrastructure, and discuss with san francisco residents why they believe reinvesting in bart is so important. telephone townhall meeting is at 6:30 p.m. and is in english and chinese were we posted numbers you need to call at >> if you details about the man charged with arson at a florida mock. police say the 32-year-old is the man captured on surveillance video running away from the mosque on monday mornin. he posted anti-islamic messages on his social media accounts and reverends to the 9/11 attacks. the orlando orlando shoot club shooter mateen coblely worshiped there. he is combined with hate claim combined with arson could bring 30 years in prison. >> hillary clinton is running to the campaign trail this morning after resting from pneumonia. the h of both candidates is dominating the headlines and donald trump appeared on a tuck show and gave a two page summary
5:45 am
of his medical records. that is dr. oz. trump at age 70 would be oldest to be elected in the white house and said he is comfortable with that. >> just about the sail age as ronald reagan and...and hillary clinton is a year behind me. i would say confident based on my life, i have, i don't know in it makes science i feel as good today as i does when i was 30. >> hillary clinton released more detailed medical reports and taking medicine to prevent blood clots and treat allergies. donald trump is taking a statin for cholesterol. >> fremont best arrested a woman accused of robbing the sail bank twice this summer. the 30 year old sunshine kinder was arrested. she first held up the bank in july and hand the teller a band and demanded cash. >> a 100-year-old san francisco woman caught in a housing showdown will not -- will be
5:46 am
allowed to stay longer grant add one week stay of eviction according to her tones. she has been fighting to stay in her home of 50 years in the western neighborhood hostized on tuesday after seeing the sheriff notice warning she would be lock out of her house. the judge decide with building owners in favor of eviction after faying to pay court orered attorney fees. >> steph curry and durant and warriors are back in action. >> today single gape ticket -- game tickets or on sale to the general public at 10:00 a.m. the warriors open on october 25 against the spurs at or and the defending champions, cavaliers, come to oakland january 16. >> i would not be more excited than for this year's warriors. >> why? >> because of durant and...getting back to the n.b.a.
5:47 am
finals and winning. getting revenge on the cavaliers. >> i like that, the taste of revenge is so sweet. >> did you hear natasha zouves? >> you know who not to mess with, right? >> exactly, you hear the evil laugh. >> yes, cannot way to see how december rant brands in and getting steph curry 100% healthy. a push winds from petaluma so the fog is moving to napa but not to san rafael yet at 58 degrees and clear. sunny and warm this afternoon, but the coast is cloudy and cooler, and patchy fog and clouds warmth spreading this weekend, and from san francisco at 63 in richmond and daly city is 61 and sunset is coolest at 60 and the in the bay is breezy, and vallejo is 75, and sausalito is 69, and napa, and santa rosa not so breezy and 820 and along the east bay shore from 71, in
5:48 am
oakland, do a breezy 68 or 67 in richmond to 78 in union city. now as we go inland east bay neighborhood, comfortable at mid-to-upper 80s and respond at 81 and it is cooler. haze in san jose at 79, to 81 in los gatos, and our last stop is cooler at the coast in the 60s, and low-to-upper 70s elsewhere and mel bray is cool at 72. 70s at the cost this weekend, and 80 an the bay, and a lost 90s inthat, and looks more like the warmth we are used to. alexis? >> a few issues including a new one on the peninsula. the southbound 101 around sfo south of there, beyond broadway you can see red filling in on the traffic maps. we had all lanes blocked. it sounds leak they are getting the vehicles pushed to the sides. we hear reports that a vehicle was driving at a high rate of speed and pass vehicles on the shoulder before the crash
5:49 am
happened. it sounds like someone was driving erratically. i will have an update on that before can. also, taking a look at westbound 580 at 205 a report of a disabled vehicle blocking the center lane with plenty of red out of tracy and update on bart, unfortunately, not good news, we have equipment problem on the tracks and now up to 20-minute delay. and this is between orinda and pittsburg and bay point anddirection. more before can. >> we are throw days away from the emmy awards right here. >> jimmy kimmel helped roll out the red carpet in los angeles. this is the long it red carpet in the show's history. kimmel will host the show for a second time and it is the fashion that is part of the festives. we asked what will jimmy kimmel where? >> a snappy number from kohl's
5:50 am
this year. they make the best stuff. >> highest choices coming from jimmy kimmel. the emmy action is on sunday at 2:00 on the red carpet, and world news tonight will air at 2:30, and that is fold by more red carpet coverage at 3:00, and countdown to the awards, which start at 5:00, with host jimmy kimmel and a replay at 8:00 if you miss it. >> a local teen targeted by a teacher, and the school direct is responding after the girl's grades trend docked in response to a political statement. >> do you know what is lurking in the dust and your house? maybe a lot more dangerous to your health than you think. >> a dramatic smash and grab caught on said i don't wait until you hear how much jewelry
5:51 am
5:52 am
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>> check out this video, four men dressed if black robbed an upscale jewelry store in houston, on tuesday. running through the store, smashed glass displace cases and made off with $1 million in diamonds. the high school took original 43 seconds. no one was hurt. they are believed part of a gun that pulled off high dollar heists across the country. >> next month, in oakland schools, the third annual campaign is an effort to make sure as many kids as possible are protected from the flu. this career only the flu shot will be available because the nasal vaccine is not recommended. it will be administered at 100 schools through early november.. >> your autumn leaves will soon
5:54 am
follow but check your electric blower because 560,000 electric blowers are being recalled because the fan cover can unlatch unexpectedly. the model numbers have been sold since may of 2013. official say four users have been cut by plaids. contact black and decker for the free repair kit. >> a new study revealing house dust is fought only annoying but it can be toxic. researchers at judicial washington university say every day common house dust contains 45 toxic chemicals and ten reside in 90% of hems cross country, coming from flooring, and baby readies and furniture and nail poll into name a few. also common, are chemicals that seep from the blinds and food packages, and they can affect children. we use a powerful vacuum or old fashioned washing by hand.
5:55 am
>> good to know. >> new, our temperatures, hopefully you will find this good do know because we are warming up inland and back did average in antioch and napa and san jose is two degrees shy at 79, and around the bay, and closer to the cost you still four to five degrees cooler-than-average and at the game, it is italian heritage night and we are fighting the cardinals for the last wild car playoffs spot 7:15, 59, and 56 at 10:00, at at&t park, and look at the temperatures for the month, it will be dry and warmer-than-average. alexis? >> we have had quite a bit to get here with a traffic alert, southbound 101, two separate crashes and right around sfo so the first one is north of broadway and the second south of broadway we talked to c.h.p. say they do not have the officers on the scene. we will confirm how many lanes are closed and we can see on the traffic maps it is purple with all laned blocked and not sure in that is the case.
5:56 am
we have an equipment problem with bart at orinda withdirections up to 20-minute delay. more coming up at 6:00. >> if you live in alameda you will no longer be getting a jury duty letter, you will be getting a pest card instead. the county will send them out starting tomorrow and they will be doubling as your jury badges. post carts rather than letters save the conduct an estimated $50,000 a year. twitter's a.m. allowing the viewers to life stream nfl games is available. >> the app allows people to watch the guys on tv in their homes. it is free. it does not require a twitter account. >> after more than three years in orbit european space agency satellite has the most detailed map of space. ever. look at this map that shows 1.1 billion stars in the galaxy,
5:57 am
crammed with stars and darker patches are where fewer stars are detected it. astronomers believe girl lead to significant breakthroughs and discoveries. >> a san francisco supervisor listened to target states would create anti-lgbt laws. >> a plan for an $11 million ferry building hitting a snag and sauce sleet going to court. >> tense moms on california-bound plane what forced the pil
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> good morning, bay area, let's get going. this is abc7 mornings. >> good morning. it is thursday. september 15 the i am matt keller here for regular. >> friday eve. i am natasha zouves. jess yes is here. meteorologist mike nicco is bringing warmth but, first, alexis. on the peninsula it sounds like we have two separate crashes, so zooming in on the traffic maps, it is on southbound 101, right around sfo, one is north of broadway and the other is south
6:00 am
of broadway, and we have been talking to which work on getting to the scene. we do not have many details. we are seeing red and purple at one point we had all lanes blocked and another crash in hayward, not a great spot, southbound 880, with you get to the san mateo bridge, we have one lane blocked and we have problems with bart less than 10 minutes away. now, meteorologist mike nicco is looking at a warmup. right? >> away from the cost but it will be there at the coast this weekend, also, watching fog, look at this live doppler hd, half mile at petaluma and napa and santa rosa are the reporting stations in the north bay where the thick of the fog is going to trend as the winds are height and variable through the morning. mount tamalpais you can see the sunrise about to develop we are going to be at 48 to 58 at 7:00, notice it will be cooler at the coast at 60 during the day and 76 inland at noon and comfortable to 84 at 4:00, and


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