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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 15, 2016 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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>> the moment he drops the disguise and reveals the surprise. there's a new challenge sweeping the internet, and before you roll your eyes, this one is actually for a good cause. it's the 22 for 22 push-up challenge. a lot of videos out there of guys and girls doing 22 push-ups for 22 days all to raise support and awareness for the suicide epidemic plaguing the country within our veteran community. there was a study put out by the va not too long ago that said on average, 22 of our veterans commit suicide every single day. one of these challenge videos recently posted was quite the whale of a tale. we've got mike and eric out at grover beach. mike does push-ups. they decided to do it on a kayak. >> oh, that's hard. that's going to topple you over. >> is the kayak going to bring
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him down or the sea life? >> whoa! >> the mouth was open! >> oh, my gosh. >> isn't that incredible? at least two hump backs appear to be feeding near the surface. all the birds floating around. and they're also joined by a bunch of seals. >> and it doesn't look like he stops until he realizes, wait a minute, those are whales. >> the cool part here is obviously the animal appears it's bringing a lot more awareness to this challenge and this video. really, really cool. >> fantastic. >> if you want, you can donate to the cause. go to click on their donate button. this video is making its rounds online. check out the way this mother handled the situation. she's walking into a local store if her community with her children. as you see, they have on their african cultural attire. she immediately asks for the
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manager, and she is not happy. >> you're going to apologize to my children for your little [ bleep ] racist comments. you asked if they're about to go trick or treating tonight. apologize! >> is it possible that maybe the clerk really had no idea? >> coming from a place of ignorance as opposed to hatred. but at the same time -- >> it's september. >> and that's the mother's point. >> exactly when is september with my son in african garments going trick or treating? >> some people say the mom as a point, but the way she spoke to the clerk was out of line. others are saying, yes, she's right. there should be a much greater understanding of the community and some of the cultures that live within that community. >> the clerk does get the manager on the phone. >> let me tell you about racist [ bleep ]. >> okay. mom needs her mouthwashed out with soap. >> that's probably where people are getting upset. she obviously has a very good point, but to go in there raging and using vulgarities.
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>> well, you take the high ground. but the person still needs to understand it was still offensive. >> y'all don't understand what it's like to act culturely correct, but you understand when i cuss you the [ bleep ] out. >> this is a wonderful moment where mom can talk to her calmly. >> she was upset, hot in the moment. >> my daddy would have went in there and acted like that, unfortunately. this is a terrible day to be an excavator. >> no doubt. >> kind of a bad predicament to be in. >> going to have to excavate itself. >> it's now being submerged into this pond. you can see the driver still inside the cabin doing his best to keep this thing from sinking. >> it looks like he's trying to push the excavator off the wall and backwards. >> who knows what the heck he's trying to do. the bottom line is, it's not
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working. and before you know it, as he's trying to push himself back, the thing just starts leaning over on its side. before you know it -- >> no, no, no, no! >> it's going down sinking further into this pond. their cabin also going down. the driver barely has -- >> oh, no! >> wow! >> that ended up being ten times more dangerous than you would have expected. >> i did not expect it to go that way. looked like he had that excavator on top of a floating pontoon and it just went south. >> this guy incredibly lucky to be alive. and uninjured. he was about six inches from death. >> man. >> he touched this.
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it's time to give away another ipad mini and today is bonus day. we're giving away a flat screen tv. >> yep, that means two winners this time around. to enter, you're going to need thursday's buzz word, be at least 21 years old, and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> the buzz word coming up in just a bit. >> stand by, everyone, for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. he's done a good job. you spotted that whale. >> hamilton, victoria, australia. this is not supposed to happen. that kangaroo, yes, that's a kangaroo, is wading its way through some flood waters. >> poor little bugger. >> they're standing there watching this happen, but the kangaroo is like, you know what, i can kangaroo paddle. that it does. it just hops away. >> there he goes. >> good boy. >> must have been like this under the water with his teeny, tiny t-rex arms. >> the big legs, the back, the
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tail. it's not that surprising. animals can swim. >> i really don't know if that thing was in all that much danger or if it just thought it needed a bath. >> i'm sure that's not the first flood waters it's come across in its life. >> probably not. this next video comes to us from the humane society of the united states. but check this out. this poor little possum got caught in the pool skimmer. >> oh! >> how did he not drown? >> she fell off her mom's back. she was too young to survive on her own, so she was taken to the south florida wildlife center. she was taught to hunt for food on her own. she knows how to climb. she was put in an area with other possums that are about her age. so she's socializing, and she will eventually be released back out into the wild. they're dropping it like it's hot. >> people be dropping them buns all over instagram. >> a look at the new trend
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are you guys familiar with the phrase beat you like you stole something. >> no. >> well, the women in these videos beat these people because they stole. this man here walks in the door, and one of the female employees spots him. she walks into frame. she's going to block off the door. they're familiar with this guy. when he sees her barricade the door, he goes rushing at it. then she's got some help. a second woman comes, a third woman comes. he's not getting out of this thing. grab his shirt, pull it over his head. >> now i understand the saying. i get it. >> is this russia? because these girls look like russian women don't take stuff from no one. >> it is russia. as he makes his way out the door, a man happens to come walking into the door, and he's like, you know what, forget it, i give up. here's the thing. they know him because he stole from the store a few times before. they think he came in looking for whiskey or bourbon.
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well, he got the snot beat out of him. >> instead, he got some shots. we head over to another store where they've been watching this man on a surveillance camera. he's about to head out the store. this lady's like enough is enough and snatches him. he swings back at her with the basket. they're going back own forth. it looks like he grabs her, snatches her to the ground, but she's still holding on to him. as everyone surrounds him, he's still fighting. as he hits at other employes, they finally pin him up against the wall and handle it. as employees, we shouldn't take the law into our own hands, but sometimes you just got to do what you got to do. >> i'm cracked up by all the track suits. i don't know why. >> because they have to run after bad guys. i love women's buns. the buns i'm talking about are hair buns. >> oh, those buns. >> that's right. you may have noticed even after work i can whip mine up into a man bun. >> is that what you call that
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little thing? >> women all over instagram, especially those with beautiful, long, flowing hair, are taking their hair up, putting it in a messy bun, and then letting it flow. >> this looks like a shampoo commercial. >> exactly. no one knows quite how these trends get started, but some of them, let's be honest, are quite mesmerizing. >> it is so pretty, actually. >> some seriously long hair, some of these women on these articles we found. all over instagram. so silky, so majestic. some of them very surprising. we should have a bun-off. tie your hair into a loose bun. stand up and let it out in slow motion. we're going to see if it's any sexier than mine. three, two, one. >> that feels good. >> hair game strong. >> well, just wait. i'm also going to play this game. you ready? >> what hair? >> shut up! ready, ready? >> it's beautiful.
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>> i'm pretty sure vera won that won. >> if you've got yourself some long hair and instagram, drop them buns. nasa has refused to confirm or deny this has happened. neil degrasse tyson hassed ednd a word about it. only i will bring you the video of where the moon disappeared to. oh, the humanity. >> what the -- >> terrorized by the moon, rolling through the streets. >> that poor man is in the way. will he dodge the moon in time? >> i am so mad at that camera person before cutting off the video. >> the gravity of this
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situation. >> it's just eclipsing all other viral videos. >> i'm just going home. >> what on earth is going on? >> this is the moon from the mid autumn festival. they celebrate around the time of the autumnal equinox in china. however, in china, there's a super typhoon on its way. most people will not be able to see the moon. so they have erected all these giant fake moons so people can take pictures with it. well, the selfie didn't go the way they wanted to with this one. >> but it worked. it's doing exactly what they intended to do. you can see the moon and take pictures with it as it crushes your car. there's some trouble on the side of the road. >> just trying to figure out what's wrong with his bike. >> but watch as this plot thickens. and don't miss out on your chance to win an i mad mini or a flat screen tv.
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doink. >> he doesn't even feel it either. >> pickpockets this guy. but watch. this guy is like, uh-oh. just happens to notice the camera. >> oh, snap. >> okay. not going to be able to disable this camera. hey, buddy, look. hey, you seem to have dropped your wallet. later. >> that's so shady. >> now, this clip went mega viral in india. even police got involved. local news agencies reported on this as well. as they dug a little bit deeper, the clip that went viral was a very shortened version of this 2:11 short film. it was lifted, clipped out. the film is actually called "new god." that's rasheed right there. he's an actor. now poor rasheed is afraid for his life. they think he's actually stealing. he's saying, no, hold on.
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>> viral video, all those millions of views and potential clicks went elsewhere. >> do we know anything about what this short film is about? >> you saw the whole thing. it's basically called "new god." i believe it's rasheed's way of looking at the eye that's looking down on you all the time. now that eye is security cameras are and traffic cameras instead of the eye of the lord, maybe. he's kind of grateful he's gotten so much attention for his film. he's just bummed that his film was edited. now it's gotten this ill effect. >> this is why you have to always look for the full story. this moment here is kind of a big deal. not just because your siblings are getting ready to go to school. this little girl is actually waiting with her older siblings for the bus. the little sister here, who's not old enough obviously to go to school with them, has to stay behind. she notices the bus is coming. something happens.
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>> she realizes that's the bus that takes her siblings all day. this is the worst thing that could have happened to her again because it happened yesterday. she's distraught. apparently she reacted the exact same way the day before. so when the bus was coming on this day, they decided to roll a camera to capture this moment. sure enough, she's very distraught. she's over here crying with her heartbroken. there's another little girl back there with her little shopping cart like, hey, have a good day, bye, guys. >> it's funny how younger siblings are so attracted to their older siblings and look up to us sometimes until we get old enough to pick on them. then they're like, please, go to school. >> this one just comes in for a hug. she's so sad. >> oh, look at the size of that
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tear. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter, you're going to need the buzz word, be at least 21 years old, and a legal u.s. or canadian resident. >> get on over to and click on win ipad. >> enter the buzz word on facebook, twitter, or both. >> let's reveal thursday's buzz word. it's "cowbell." >> get on over to click on the win ipad button and enter thursday's buzz word "cowbell." >> and you'll want to enter today because it's bonus giveaway day. one of today's two winners will receive a flat screen tv. >> good luck, everybody! these ladies ain't got time for that. >> i'm going to pretend to be a nerd. >> until he becomes more aestheti
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with his skill. birds need grooming too. ♪ remember a long, long, long time ago when there were chat rooms. we used to chat with strangers. you got to meet people all over the place in these chat rooms. nowadays, you actually have a video component. so now you can meet strangers and see them at the same time. that's what this thing is. >> chat roulette, right? that was a big hit. >> yeah. this guy here apparently is
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quite popular in this platform. he's a cutie. >> hello. >> so people asked him to act super dorky. so he puts on the glasses and changes his voice a little bit. >> nerds are hot though. >> in this case, this nerd is super, super, super hot. and the girls learn that real quick. she keeps watching, and so do all the other girls that chat with him. >> but did he get any dates? >> he didn't want the dates. he just wanted the reactions, and he got them. >> her face. oh, hello. >> i think she needs some privacy. >> she thought he was going to cut the feed. >> that's a look at today's top videos. for more great content, check
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out we'll see you on the next episode.
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live, where you live. this is abc 7 news. it was my grandmother. it could be yours. it could be your mother. the family of an 88-year-old woman that was brutally beaten, an invasion in her house, reacts to an arrest. good afternoon, everybody. >> the santa clara sheriff's office announced the arrest this morning. >> accused of beating miss flo in the foot hitting neighborhood. >> that's where chris win is live. chris, an emergency meeting begins in a few hours? >> reporter: that's right, that meeting will be held here at the st. john community center on highland avenue. it starts at 7


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