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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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a little sunshine at coast. waxth, but not today. the cloud cover is everywhere but live doppler hd showing the marine laser a thousand feet 99.9% full is the moon. the day planner shows 48 to 50 and cooler this morning. we are 60 at the coast and 78 inland, and at 4:00 we are going to be 60 at the coast, still, and 89 inland, so, temperatures are going to be start warming up especially inland. i will show you why we have a heat alert in the seven-day forecast and now, the only commute. alexis? >> so far, so good, slow spots in all the usual places but no major blocking issues and i do not have anything on the boards. san jose and 280 at 17 filling in, and the south bay is okay and drive times, this is our slowest one all morning, westbound 580 tracy to dublin is good, and southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard through the
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tri-valley, looking okay at 16 and northbound 85, northbound 101 to cupertino is okay in the green at 16 minutes. road work is late in milpitas and that is unwinding at 6:08. we are tracking breaking news from san mateo where a four-alarm fire killed a dog and destroyed a unit of a condo complex. it started last night before lek investigators are on scene trying to figure out how it starts. i will bring you a look at the come next right now you can see crews have it contained. five people are dismissed for now. the red cross is helping them out. one pet owner lost her pet. no one was hurt. >> you will is about the iphone 7 with the line growing in palo alto. the first person in line got their yesterday morning. that is dedication. the big question, if you did not pre-order, can you still get one? >> tiffany wilson is there. you look like you are in the front of the line?
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>> good morning. i jump the woke line that is one of the reporter privileges i have, i am totaling kidding, everyone standing over here would knock me down and hurt me in that was true. the big story today is the apple iphone 7 plus. you can see inside the remain employees lined up ready to start handing out the phones and the question is, will there be enough iphone 7 pluses for the people here waiting in line? the answer could be "no." apple wanted customers inventory of the iphone were pluses with low yesterday and may not be available in stores today. we talked to the first guy to arrive in line showing up 24 hours ago and he does this every year, saying this area it feels colder than normal and he thinks. line is smaller than normal because of the warning from apple. apple put out that the iphone 7 in black and the iphone 7 plus in all colors may not be
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available and a new shipment of the iphone 7 plus is not expected until november in jet black. >> i will wait until november for the 7 plus and i don't know if i condition out, it will be the first year i did not get one in i don't get one. all the 7 series offers new camera, stereo speakers longer battery life and water resistant with wireless ear pods with a camera that is a hot feature for those waiting to line it is hot. stores in the bay area open folly at 8:00 a.m. when people would played pre-orders can line up in a separate line on the other side of the store so they will be the ones that hop the line, sadly i will not be the first through the door. >> the department of transportation is ordering airline passengers not to bring
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the galaxy note 7 on to the plane unless it is town off, disabled and not damaged. >> this is after the official federal recall of the phone that is blamed for fires and explosions. samsung has collected 130,000 defect iphones after their own voluntary recall. now the company is apologizing publicly and promising to take steps to exchange every note 7. the phone no longer is being sold. few you have not yet replaced your original note 7, please power it down and return it >> the company said the note 7 with a new battery is safe, and customers have the option of getting a new phone or to get a refin. the new phones are available for exchange no later than next wednesday. coming up on "good morning america" you can find out what you need to do if you have a phone at 7:00 a.m. right here on abc7. >> two reputed gang members face life in prison for the murder of an oakland activist.
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the jury convicted two in the murder of judy solomon who was shot after using her cell who took video of men she she was involved in a burglary in the area. she advocated hiring a private security firm in the community. >> in redwood city last night this video shows what northbound drivers saw: smoke rising from a backpack on the payment. authorities did not take any chances. highway patrol closed all lines and firefighters put out the fire. san mateo county sheriff bomb squad checked it identity before all lanes were reopened. when you see news where you live like this post it on social media #abc7now. you could see it right here. >> this morning the oakland unified school district is mourning the loss of a beloved superintendent robert black burn passing away on saturday at age of 81 was actioning superintendent after he and
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another superintendent marcus foster were shot by members of the liberation army on election day in 1973. that is the same group that kidnapped newspaper heiress patty hearst. foster was killed in that incident. >> we were in san bruno where parents spoke out against plans to shuffle their children's classes at bellaire school. the district will combine two classes into one class because of low enrollment putting 4th and 5th graders in the same room. an extra teach rooms between the classes. >> it gives a lot of flexibility and what it will do is help support the learning of school, make sure all the students am bellaire are successful. >> my kid is in 5th grade and needs to prepare for middle school with this structure i don't tipping he is getting preparation for middle school. >> students will move into the combined class on monday. >> than to transform san
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francisco's palace fine arrests into a museum is off the table. the recreation and park commission said the $70s million proposal is not feasible they need $20 million in preservation upgrades. the commission is concern about fund raising to build the museum and a nonprofit group is using the space for educational programs. >> big business news unfolding. it could mean big bucks nor a hollywood actress. jessica castro what is going on? >> huge deal consumers goods giant is in talks to acquire the honest company for $1 billion according to the "wall street journal" and the honest company is the brand cono oned by actress jessica alba. why on necessity want her company? it gives them access to the green cleaning market and diaper business. the honest company claims to only use green products but has come under fire.
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this year it was hit with lawsuits claims there were chemicals. company said it avoids, though. the actress has defended the company calling the suits "baseless." it is around her sunscreens and detergents that some say do not work but this morning they could soon be under different ownership. no exact date on weapon the sale will happen. but it is the newest news at the liz. >> it is hard to believe after you see it, terrifying video showing a bus driver veering into oncoming traffic to pass a fedex truck. >> what park service are adding to angel island now
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>> now, accweather forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> temporary cloud deck with 58 at san jose and cupertino is 54 and milpitas is 53. 55 in alameda and san pablo and lafayette and danville at 53 and san carlos at 54 and novato and 47. today, as we look at our inland east bay neighborhood we will see the 90s fur on the water it will be choppy north of the bay bridge so be careful, cool
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at beaches but swimming it will be hot enough, inland and the next three days sunday 70s in san francisco, and 80s and then 100s for rest us. you would be my best friend if you said it was friday light. >> it is but for a couple of spots. bay bridge toll plaza, obviously, is one of those not exempt. we have had the metering lights on since 5:28 and a typical crawl. across the bridge, though, we are moving fine on the upper deck with the construction cleared from the lower deck this morning. speaking of construction we had slow downs southbound 880 at dixon landing in milpitas with road work late and that is cleared for 30 minutes and all the residual delays are gone. drive times in less than 10 minutes. >> next, paris jackson's plea to cyberbullyies going cyberbullyies going enviro before i had the shooting,
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i have to tell you something. dad, one second i was driving and then the next... they just didn't stop and then... i'm really sorry. i wrecked the subaru. i wrecked it. you're ok. that's all that matters. (vo) a lifetime commitment to getting them home safely. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> abc7 mornings all news all morning. this could prove that cats do have nine lives. a kitten narrowly avoided being hit on a road in russia after falling from the s.u.v. it was curled in the middle of the road as the cars and trucks whizzed by before the driver stops to rescue it. it was stuck on road for 3 1/2
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minutes and only had some bruising. >> he did such a good thing. but a personal risk to himself. new details on the deadly blue angels crash in june. a navy investigation points the blame at the pilot. the report said that the marine can't deviated from standard operating procedure and going too fast and not high enough when he attempted a particular ma near in the first year of flying for the blue angels in tennessee. >> two hate crime suspects accused of throwing molotov cocktail at a home in an folk will be arraigned. the two suspects are charged with con spare real estate to commit murder, torture and arson someone was seen throwing a mol dove cocktail at house and oil is believed the same people tagged the home with racial slurs part of an ongoing dispute with someone who lives in the home. au pair list jackson, the daughter of michael jackson, is speaking out about cyberbullying
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sending a plea to followers. >> i don't understand why i am a target. i try to be nice to everyone. i am sorry if there is something i am doing you don't like. >> it is not clear what made the 18-year-old post the emotional video to instagram, but she has tried to ignore but it is not easy. >> most people not go anywhere online to abuse but there is always the fringe knowledge that do it. look at people who are your friend whose care about you. >> it is hard. coming up on "good morning america" we will hear from a former editor who fold her life and who she can go do for advice at 7:00 right here. >> a board is recommending palo alto reject zuckerberg's plan to rebuild four homes an his own. the facebook c.e.o. bought the homes for $30 million after finding out a developer was building a house tall enough to see into his master bedroom and
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the structures would be guest residents and not separate single family homes as required by city code. it is now up to the playing director to decide the fate. >> people wanting to catch out overnight on angel island but do not want to sleep in a tent have a new option, there will be new cabins up forbid at the largest island in the san francisco bay. officials are targeting those would like to hike, bicycle and outdoor activities. the survey shows the 18 to 34-year-old age group shows little interest in traditional camping. my mother said when camping for me is motel 6. that is what she said. >> in there is no shower cap provided, you are out. >> we did camp. >> hello to my mother in san jose. >> hello, mrs. keller. thank you we go. >> we love your son.
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>> disney world, middle of the summer in florida, camping, next to a camp with alligators but we will talk about that another time. we parked everywhere. >> here is what is going on, beautiful full moon from mount tamalpais throwing up the highlights and what they are going to say is a summer spread ad weekend heat alert hitting 100, and good news our nights are remaining cool. the next six hours, absolutely nothing. measurable on live doppler hd. we will jump into the temperatures, daly city is 61 and sunset is 60 and 64 in the mission to mission and 65 in downtown san francisco. if you had a boyhood crush on lieutenant here, it does not work? does this noon anything? it is "star trek" night at giants game and cardinals are town and now we are a game one, 60 at 7:15 dropping to 57 by by
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oakland is going to have 71 and upper 60 in berkeley and oakland. inland, how about this, my 80s and some 90s out highway 4 like antioch at 92 and south bay has temperatures around young in san jose, milpitas at 79 and our last stop of the peninsula is cool on the coast, 60 there, and mid-70s on the bay side. my seven-day forecast shows the heat peeks on sunday and lingering into monday and by fall, back where we should be. >> we are pretty much where we should be as far as the commute, and that means yes, we are slow ago westbound 80 through berkeley area and the metering lights have been on for an hour now, and no blogging incidents and we are seeing mostly green on the traffic flows and where we are not, that is when 205 to 580 through the altamont pass we had two problems usually this morning a couple hours ago and they are long gone but 26 miles
6:21 am
per hour average. drive times show 38 minutes westbound 580 tracy to dublin and westbound four, antioch to concord up to 27 minutes. mass transit is around 6:30. >> you do not have for be a parent to be horrified by this video a school bus moving in and out of the lanes and this is in new jersey. what happened the school bus tried to pass the fedex truck which swerved to block the school bus and both veered into oncoming traffic. they swashed back into the right lane, just in time to avoid an accident. no children were on the bus. police are considering clashes against both drivers. >> michael finney is asking your questions next, and a man taking flight to honor aviation history. he will mark the anniversary of the first cross country
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>> happening today a man will begin a cross country trip to honor the first cross country flight in 1911. it looks like a wright brother situation. david is taking off from the airport in engine powered hand glider, the 40,000 mile
6:25 am
adventure will take 40 days with a film crew flying with him to make a film of all of the adventures. >> debt collection company is sued for $10 million for use of automatic dialing systems, or robocalls. the lawsuit files in california accuses allied interstate of harassing customers even those who owed no money with illegal use of robocalls. a consumer from san jose received 126 calls if less than a month. the cuban paid $2 million in 2010 for harassment of customers. now questions on checking accounts. michael finney has the answer. >> when the bang has wronged you and put you in the minus what rights do you have? how can you correct the wrong? >> it seems odd but bangs and credit unions have the right to close your checking account without even asking for your
6:26 am
permission. in the bank will not budge call my hotline here at the station to see if we can help you out. good luck. >> if you have a question record it and share it on social with # askfinney. you can see your question answers right here on abc7 mornings. >> bay area based coffee company is getting ready for a big expansion, phils is heading east. all the breaking news we are tracking on the peninsula, a condo complex burned and heartbreaking moments for a resident whose pet was trapped. >> soccer state of the union is joining camp's national anthem protest. again. united states soccer is responding to that. >> check out the a beautiful picture from the east bay hills this morning and you can see the lack of cloud cover means warmer temperatures, two to five
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i mean, whoo. the family favorite. yoplait. well at least he's wearing shoes. well done champ. get gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. >> good morning, bay area, let's get going. >> good morning, thank force joining us. i am matt keller here for reggie aqui. i am natasha zouves and jessica castro is here and alexis smith and mike nicco is tracking today account weekend. >> heat wave developing.
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you can still go to the coast. it will not be completely hot. the he free keeps you cooler. the marine layer is everywhere but the east bay hills. check out what is going on at sfo, where it is cloudy and we have flight arrival delays of 55 minutes what they are averaging. the day planner is start off in the 50s, we will stay near 60 at coast and 68 to 73 from noon to 4:00, and 77 to 89 so it will be uncomfortable. if you are heading out this evening, 50s and 60s and 70s by 7:00. heat alert and i will show you where the 100s are next. alexis? >> we getting reports from c.h.p. of a collision westbound 80 at the toll plaza toll and i am looking on the camera, i have not spotted it yet so we do not have details. i don't know in it is blocking but if it is i have an update. mass transit shows no problems at the moment but we have a major track closure again and all tracks are close between
6:31 am
daly city and glen park so balboa pick station is closed all day saturday and sunday and you will get the agree because shuttle service but you can add up to an hour to the trip if you are heading to milbrae or sfo. another report at 6:38. >> breaking news on the peninsula, one pet is dead in a fire that destroyed several condos, and it is heartbreaking video. a woman was restrainted trying to get back inside to save her dog. amy hollyfield is in san mateo. amy? >> yes, firefighters last a team here to keep an eye over the burned out condos just in case. here is how it looked, the call at 10:45 and want unit in san mateo was on fire. firefighters had to hold an emotional woman back wanting to rush in to save her dog but they
6:32 am
would not let her. they were worried about her safety. the dog did not make it. i had a dog that perished in a fire, unfortunately, and the lieu many society is here to assist. firefighters say a home was destroyed and two other units were damaged. they are not letting anyone inside the three condos. that displaced five people and one needed help from the red cross, and the others are staying with trends. no one was hurt in the fire. they are still look for the fire's cause but at this point it does not look suspicious. >> a san jose woman known for her neighbors as miss flo is fighting for her leaf after be brutally beaten in her home. there is physical evidence linking 19 year old zachary cuen to the crime. police are trying to determine if he had help. he broke into her home on tuesday viciously beating her
6:33 am
and took her jewelry and car. last night 200 neighbors, some meeting for the first time came together to brain storm ideas to fight crime in their neighborhood. >> lighted streets. getting the neighbors to be more vigilant. >> my parents are older. my wife's parents are older and we want everyone to work together and make sure everything is safe. all the family set up a gofundme page and miss flo is in critical condition. the ipad shows right now the gofundme account has raised $2,060 of $20,000 goal to go to medical and living expenses for flo douglas. she is recovering. if you would lake to help out we have posted a link at >> certainly rooting for miss flo. >> hayward's former superintendent of schools is filing a wrongful termination suit hours after the board voted to fire him. this is stan dobbs. he spoke to us after the board
6:34 am
meet on wednesday and faced accusations of being dishonest. he fayed to report the gift of a free hotel room and lost his temper when the district denied a ask for a new car call,000 accusation character assassination. >> no close but do sue because they had other options and actions were done in a very malice way and centered around personal vendettas. i live and they believe, as at will employee i do not have the protections of aively blower. hayward has had four superintendents since to 10. >> this man, former uc berkeley law school dean chowdrey is sue his former bosses, resign as dean in the spring and was accused of sexually harassing the assistant accusing the
6:35 am
university of available discrimination. a spokesman said that uc berkeley will mount a "vigorous and successful defense." >> happen today, the family of a man bludgeoned do death in south san francisco gym is filing a lawsuit against the gym operator. he was working out at the jim when another man hit him in the head with a weightlifting bar in 2014. steroids are blamed for the crime but bally's did not do enough to protect the gym members. >> what would do which? police are looking for the person would shot this young german shepherd causing a leg to be amputated. nine-month-old bullet is resilient and making a remarkable recovery after someone shot him in his back right leg. this happened on senator near monument boulevard in concord. a good samaritan brought bullet to animal hospital and you can see how he gets his name, with bullet let fragments shattering
6:36 am
his leg. he was running away from someone or lie down when shot and amputating the leg was the only option. >> used to doing amp stations but to remove bullet fragments is disconcerting. >> he is looking for a good home after being healed he will be ready for adoption in just a few weeks. all the oakland unify school district is wanting parents of a 15 scam, the distribute said two parents recently received a call saying their child had been kidnapped. the caller demanded a ransom and parents called the school to confirm their child was safe and in class. in july, we reported a similar scam in union city and oakland unified said if you get a fake phone calls let them know. >> united states soccer is responding to a player who kneeled dug the national anthem. she decided that doubt stand for the anthem before the game yesterday and she said it and solidarity with colin kaepernick. this was the second time show does so, but the first time
6:37 am
wearing the uniform of united states women's national team. after the game, she said she went with what is in her heart and knew it was the right thing. >> i understand it and a time-honored tradition and something in a sports environment that the country is very passionate about but this is a bigger conversation here that needs to happen that is far bigger than sports. >> united states soccer said they expect players and kochs to stand and honor the flag while the anthem is played. >> 6:37, now to the race if white house, both hillary clinton and donald trump will be campaigning in washington, dc, today, and the trump campaign claims the candidate did the in addition a service by demonstrating that president obama was born here in the united states. he has not said it and said she falsely started rumors, hillary clinton pounced on a refusal to answer questions on the president's berth place. >> he still would not say
6:38 am
"hawaii." he still would not say "america." >> in response to "washington post" reporter who asked him about the birther story trump said i will answer the question at the right time but i don't want to an it yet. >> pay pal co-founderrer select him as a supreme court nominee. he has a law degree from dan ford and the huffington post cited unnamed sorts and the press secretary said that story was false. >> caught on camera, prince william is helping a man who fell over. we have the video at the live desk. >> yes, straight to the video that just coming into the live desk, prince william there and the man behind him stumbles back and falls over and you can see
6:39 am
prince william going to help the man get up he is one of several that helps the man. he was in essex while the duke and duchess were stopping for the mental health campaign making a stop this, you can see he is talking to the man to make sure he is okay, and a nice moment caught on camera. that is the newest at the live desk. nice to see him being human this morning. >> back to you. all the accweather forecast with mike nicco. >> inland east bay neighborhoods, the temperatures are spokeswoman at 50, and blackhawk is 48 and most of us in the low-to-mid 50s and we are going to be in the upper 80s to low 90s so quite a jump today. get all of that noise refreshing air in house. 58 in san jose and mountain view and we have oakland at 57 and san francisco at 54 and pacifica is 51 and napa and santa rosa at 53. from our camera a couple of
6:40 am
things include the cloud cover and flags a local sea breeze is going to keep temperatures below average around the bay and the coast and we should be 71 in san francisco and at noon we are only 60 topping out at 66 at 4:00, and the heat is inland, 92 in antioch, and that is an area that is in the mid-to-upper 90s with 90s spreading into the north bay tomorrow and 60s and 70s an the bay and the heat is peeking on sunday, 80s toward hayward and redwood city and flints to 100 inland and i let you know how long in seven-day forecast. how is the commute? >> okay. i will update you on the bay bridge toll plaza, we heard reports of a crash and it sounds like that is not happening. we are congested. we do not have incidents and that is the good news, a new problem for the cartinez bridge if you travel on eastbound 80, the light are side of traffic this time of day, we have two car collision blocking the left lane. not seeing backups and we still have green on the traffic flows but i will keep an eye on that.
6:41 am
our drive times here this morning we have not had anything too terrible, westbound 80 albany to the maze in the yellow at 15 minutes, and southbound 880, fremont to the south bay eyed on, northbound 280 is okay, highway 101 to cupertino is in the grin at 12 minutes. we have a new problem the san mateo bridge we will look at that in less than den minutes. >> there be a lot speeding in sonoma county as indy roars into town. three indy race cars cruise on embarcadero in gopro program the last race of season, and behind the wheel were teammates who are one and two on the board say they love coming to sonoma with the gates opening at 8:00 and tickets are available. >> you know who has a need for speed? whether in a race car or not, i got for hang out with them. and he is friend.
6:42 am
he is a french driver. he is one of the two in contention for the championship. i will not show this to my mother she would be horrified. i got do craws down embarcadero in the indy car. it was fun. all the tourists and everyone was, what the heck is going on. >> i was not driving. i was in the back seat. >> you get to enjoy. did he come main of the noise but from you yelling "faster, faster." >> we were good race partners. i asked the guy, how did you go from drive on racetrack to driving like you and me normally, and they said they get the aggression out on racetrack and it is totally separate. >> one will never pass anyone in the car and his wife makes fun of him. >> is that what his tone told you to say? all the tone was standing in to
6:43 am
us taking note during the interview. >> tesla elon musk is targeted by an impersonator and tried to get information about the palo alto company. >> you are looking at apple in palo alto and the iphone 7 is on sale this morning and the apple workers are ready. sore the people
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> a >> a group of surfers had a big surprise off the coast in san francisco a great white shark leaps out of the water on wednesday morning, estimated to be 7 to 8' juvenile great white. usually sharks original jump out of the water when they sneak up and attack the play so i wonder what was right there near the surfers. >> it is surprisingly graceful leap. >> people in boston can enjoy phil's coffee in beantown next year raising $45 million including investment from a private equity firm. phil's has 40 stories mostly in the bay area. this year they opened their store in washington, dc. >> tesla is sue a man accused of beersnating elon musk in an effort to gain secret information on company. >> we go do nasdaq for that story. >> good morning, happy friday. we are lower today, and did not
6:47 am
know we were going to be starting off with the dow down 100 but this is what we did know. we bounded back but dow is down 86 and we are lower across the board. tesla has sue an oil industry executive for impersonating billionaire elon musk in an e-mail message and here is what they say happen. the chief financial officer of tesla, jason wheeler, got an e-mail say they are elon musk seeking information about sensitive sales datas written with abriefations and lower case like elon musk does. he was not fooled and said an internal investigation showed it came from the chief financial officer of quest integrity group. so, stay tuned. >> time is almost up to opt out of spores authority sale of personal customer datas and are not making it easy, you have to get a code and then you can opt out of your information being sold as part of bankruptcy.
6:48 am
olive garden sold 21,000 pasta passes in less than a second. this year she sold 20,000 compared to 2,000 a yearing a. those that snagged one are treated to seven weeks of unlimited we pass that at olive garden. >> it appears twit we scored with the first thursday night football game, last night the nfl game between the jets and buffalo bills was broadcast on twitter to mostly rave reviews. the streaming of the feed was free of major glitches but some complains of we buffering and lag behind the tv broadcast. twitter will stream nine more football seasons. the jets won 37 to 31. proposal for a new home for the raiders in las vegas is now headed to nevada's governor. the tourism committee in southern nevada approve the plans yesterday toking the $1.9 billion stadium for the raiders. now it needs the approval the governor and two-thirds of the
6:49 am
legislature and the nfl owners have to approve the move. in a statement yesterday, oakland mayor schaaf said and i quote, "oakland is neither rolling over or giving up." >> now an update from abc7 morning. >> i thought we would start with a beautiful picture of is the sunrising in yosemite. big warming trend inland are we are looking at the sunrise to crest over mt. diablo and you notice the may marine layer clouds, where it will trend mild at the bay and the coast and the heat will spread but it will not be oppressive a it headed to san francisco and the coast. at night, we the still break into the 50s. if you want to head out, on the friday, you like to get your kayak out, be careful, north of the bay bridge we have a small craft advisory and it will be alcoholy with the 24 do 38 miles per hour from 1:00 until account. our temperatures are heading into the south bay, upper 70s to low 80s and san jose at 81
6:50 am
and gilroy at 85 and santa cruz is 72 and the peninsula is mid-70s and redwood city is 80 and low 60s along the coast and downtown and san francisco at 65, and across the north by we are look at temperatures mainly in the upper 70s to low 80s. the giants forecast, live long and prosper, we hope to sweep the cardinals. 60 at 7:again. 82 in santa rosa. the warm spot. at grand politicians of sonoma, it will be in the low-to-mid 90s with total sunshine so be careful. along the east bay shore we have upper 60s in richmond and berkeley and low-to-mid 70s and hot spots antioch and brented with, low-to-mid 90's and mid-to-upper 80s for the rest ours inland east bay neighborhoods and mid-to-upper 90s nearly 100 for saturday and sunday and bond as we reach the my 80s and a few 70s at coast and by thursday it will feel like fall. alexis do you have a new issue? all the san mateo bridge, to we can get that full screen you can
6:51 am
see this collision. see the semis swerving to the middle lane? we have another semi blocking a right hand lane and maybe we will get a view when the trucks go by. this is westbound 92 as you get beyond the toll plaza. entering the san mateo bridge. there you go you can see it behind the sign. we have message crew on scene and that sounds like it has a minor issue. to the cartinez bridge we have a delay eastbound 80 and that is on light are side of traffic so we have a two-car crash blocking the left lane and a check of mass transit, no problems but another reminder the track repairs between daly city and glen park is all day saturday and sunday and the tracks are closed so you have to use shuttle buses. drive times coming up in less than ten minutes. shiny. new. no headphone jack. it is the beg day the iphone 7 is on sale this morning and people are already lining up for this and, in fact, a man has been in line for more than 24
6:52 am
hours. that is dead indication. tiffany wilson is in palo alto with all of this. tiffany? >> good morning, natasha. the party atmosphere has pick up outside of the apple store. however, i have bad news for a lot of the people waiting in line. apple has release add statement saying that the jet black model of the iphone 7 and all models of the iphone 7 plus sold out during pre-order period. can you still order the phones online but wait dime stretch as far as november. the fans, some have been in line for more than 24 hours, they for taking their chances. some say it is a tradition and others are drawn to the nag ship store for the first time hoping to pick up the new 7 series with tremendous cameras and stereo speakers and longer battery life. water resistance and the wireless ear pods. the doors open at 8:00. that is when we will find out how many of the people leave disappointed. >> thank you, tiffany.
6:53 am
we are coming back in 90 seconds with the seven things you need to know. >> our picture of the day, follow us at abc7 bay area news with a lot of great pictures like this. shar
6:54 am
>> here are seven things to know before you go. breaking news, a four-alarm fire in san mateo destroyed a condo unit and damaged two others.
6:55 am
a dog died. five people are displaced. no one was hurt. >> san jose police still trying to figure out in a man arrested in the home invasion and beating of an elderly woman has an accomplice. there isingly evidence leaking 19-year-old zachary cuen to the crime. 88-year-old f lo douglas is in critical condition. vets had to an state the leg of a nine-month-old german shepherd. police are looking for whoever is responsible for the shooting. >> you saw dedicated people staked out in front of the apple stores around the bay area hoping to get their hand on the new iphone 7. they go on sale when the doors own at 8:00. >> we have a heat alert for the weekend inland areas hitting 100. today our summer spread is from 60 in pacifica to 93 in brentwood and the kids need to be careful if they are going outside this afternoon. >> six, we still have a problem on san mateo bridge, you can see the flashing lights a semi
6:56 am
involved in a minor collision and the right lane is blocked on the heavy side, so we are 25 americans across the san mateo bridge. >> seven, in an hour, 60 ferrari owners will be in a rally from sausalito to raise minute for make a wish foundation. it starts at 8:00 a.m. at the lodge in sausalito. >> thank you for joining us on friday and many of you are watching facebook live. we will see you in 25 minutes and everyone is heading to lake tahoe.
6:57 am
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7:00 am
good morning, america. donald trump refuses to say president obama's born in the u.s. again. back on the trail, hillary clinton pounces. >> he still wouldn't say hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. this man wants to be our next president? the race tightening as trump goes on late night television to let his hair down. >> go ahead, with my hair spray. >> and donald trump jr. taking heat for his own comments about the gas chamber. he's responding here live this morning. state of emergency declared by two governors after a major gas pipeline breaks spilling


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