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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 16, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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yes, that breaking news is on the peninsula. we have some video for you that's coming out from sky 7 over highway 101. we'll get to it in a second. a freak accident killed a driver according to highway patrol. a man in his 80s was headed north near willow road and an object smashed through his windshield and struck him on the neck. then the man crashed into the freeway center divide and, unfortunately, he died. >> investigators have not said what that object is. we can tell you 101 is open right now. we can tell you that's in the menlo park/palo alto area. updates on that story as they develop during this newscast and on twitter at abc 7 news bay area. you can download the app for
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free and enable the push alerts to get breaking news updates. thanks for joining us, i'm kristen sze. >> and i'm larry biel. >> the pilot of a small plane was forced to make an emergency landing two miles from the fatality we were telling about on 101. >> two people were on board that plane at the time. luckily no one was injure and can you see the plane landed safely on a mash inside the ravenswood open space pre >> every more developing news in the east bay. alameda county prosecutors just filed the first criminal charges in that sex scandal involving multi-pal law enforcement agencies. >> two former officers now face formal charges. prosecutors announced earlier they will also charge another five current or former officers. >> this whole case centers on jasmine ubabuslin who used the name celeste gaup when she worked as a prostitute.
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>> east palo alto police are looking for this man. they say he set fire to several small flags outside a fire station this past sunday. the flags were part of a larger september 11th memorial set up by the menlo park fire protection district. police say the man was last seen walking southbound and they are trying to help with the recovery efforts back in new york. >> in the race for the white house, donald trump, the republican nominee did a complete about-face on the issue that more or less launched his political career. >> karen travers has the latest from weesy. >> donald trump finally stating this as fact. >> president barack obama was born in the united states period. >> it was billed by his campaign as a major announcement, and it was classic trump. he took no questions from the press, but he did get in a plug for his new d.c. hotel.
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>> nice hotel. >> and while trump was unequivocal about trump's birthplace he threw out two other falsehoods. >> hillary clinton and her campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. >> there's no evidence that clinton or her team eight years ago were behind the birther movement. today in washington she blasted trump for his crusade. >> imagine a person in the oval office who traffic in conspiracy theories and refused to let them go no matter what the facts are. >> reporter: president obama weighing in from the oval office this morning. >> i was pretty confident about where i was born. i think most people were as well. >> reporter: for years trump refused to acknowledge the fact that trump was born in the united states. for many today his statement amounts to admitting the sky is
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blue. for others it's a cynical attempt to broaden his appeal. >> it's a coded sort of language for people that have hated obama from the start and questioned his legitimacy and has veins of racism through. >> reporter: and in a week and a half it will be hillary clinton and donald trump on stage at the first presidential debate. the commission announced friday no other candidate hit the polling threshold needed to qualify. karen travers, abc news, washington. >> to qualify for the debates candidates have to poll at least 15% or higher in an average of five major national polls. libertarian candidate gary johnson has an average right around 8% and issued a statement saying there are more polls and more debates, and he plans to be on the debate stage in october. not clear how he'll get that done. green party candidate jill stein averaged 3% in the polls. the first debate between clinton and trump is scheduled for ten days followed by two debates in october. the general election, less than two months away. >> in san jose the family of an
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88-year-old woman brutally beaten during a home invasion robbery will be holding a prayer vij nil her honor. >> miss florida called by her friends, still in the hospital and is fighting for her life. abc 7 nuts reporter chris nguyen live in the foothills where tonight's vigil will be held. chris? >> reporter: hi, larry, tonight's vigil will take place here at 212 north craigmont avenue in san jose. the family is asking the community to come out and show their support for miss florida. for those at st. paul missionary baptist church in san jose, a sense of disbelief weighs on the minds of many. >> numbness. it's a hole. shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: one of their members, 88-year-old miss florida was beaten earlier this week during a home invasion robbery on north craigm ho nt avenue. 19-year-old zachery cuen has been arrested for the crime. detectives with the santa clara
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county sheriff's office are trying to determine if he had an accomplice. >> you would think so many older women that live by themselves because why would anyone want to break in and beat her like that? >> a question that's been asked over and over again the past few days. >> such the most sweetest person, and this to happen to her, it sglurts every week the church distributes food to the needy and miss florida would typically be here, flashing a smile while dishing out the fruits and veggies. >> we're always on this corner every friday, and it's just devastating to us that we don't have our beloved florida here with us today. >> reporter: a close-knit community trying to stay song. >> just hurt not to see her here today, just sad to not see her because i miss her very much. >> all of them asking you to keep this longtime bay area resident in your thoughts and prayers. >> even if you don't know her, i'm sure something has happened
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in your family where you just need to have the calmness and to be able to just support. >> in san jose, chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> police say two teenagers were wounded in separate shootings in east oakland last night. the first shooting happened around 7:20 near 78th avenue and holly street. police say a 17-year-old boy was hit by gunfire. he was treated at a local hospital. the second shooting happened around 11:30. puppen street and 100th avenue, a 16-year-old girl was grazed in the arm in that shooting. weekend. we're doing it nicely this evening, rather warm temperatures were had this afternoon. right now doppler 7 showing you much of the region is seeing sunny skies, a little bit of fog right up against the immediate coastline. if you are heading to at&t park later on tonight, cardinals still in up to taking on the giants, first pitch really comfortable and 60 degrees and we'll see partly cloudy skies as the game wraps up. just a light jacket is all
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you'll neath need. overnight tonight everybody drops not 50s in most spots. a couple of pockets of 40s in the north bay and the bigger story, you'll notice beautiful bright full moon in the night sky, full harvest moon and gets the name whenever the full moon is closest to the autumnal equinox. going hour by hour on saturday morning, a lot of 50s around the bay and 60s and 70s and by the lunchtime hour we've already got a lot of spots well into the 80s, and that's going to set launching pad for a warm saturday and an even hotter sunday on the way. wait until you see the numbers we have in the accuweather seven-day forecast. you're going to need those warm weather clothes, larry. >> i fear the triple digits are coming, yes. all right. we'll see you in a few minutes. san francisco supervisor aaron peskin says a new document has confirmed his suspicions that officials knew for a long time the millennium tower was sinking and leaning. vic lee joins us with more from downtown san francisco. vic? >> reporter: well, larry,
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supervisor aaron peskin will be holding a hearing next week at city hall to talk about the millennium tower. he told us all. engineers he's invited to testify are coming voluntarily so he won't have to subpoena them like he threatened. as you said, he's received some very important documents which confirmed suspicions he had. who knew what and when did they know it and when do they do about it? at a media briefing earlier this week supervisor aaron peskin released this letter from city building inspectors written in 2009 just a year after the building was completed. they asked millennium project engineers to address their concerns that the building was sinking more than expected. peskin says the response to the letter was missing from 1,600 pages of records he knew and he said a third-party source just sent him a copy of that response from project engineers t.confirms what he thought.
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>> before the first unit was sold, we already had information that showed that it had sunk 8.3 inches and was protects to sink at least another 2 to 4 inches. >> now the residential tower is sinking 16 inches and perhaps more concerning tilting some 2 inches. the foundation of the millennium is supported by piles deep into dense sand but not into bedrock like many other buildings here. it turns out some of the city's best known skyscrapers are also built the same way. among them, the embarcadero center, san francisco moma, the mayor yeoiot and 101 california. >> we want an assessment from the building department section as to each and every building that has these type of foundations. >> same concern from the millennium's homeowner's association which has launched its own investigation. abc 7 news has learned they have hired consultants who will begin seismic testing and sample drilling on their building
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september 26th. vic lee, abc 7 news. >> thousands of people arriving in san francisco for two tech conferences which mean you'll encounter detours and delays if you're driving and/or taking the bus. >> oh, goodness. >> a live look at the skyway in downtown san francisco. i mean, traffic is already backed up. it's actually been this way for quite a while. it will be a crawl through the evening. a giants game tonight who are playing the cardinals. >> okay. another issue that abc 7 news was there as crews get ready for oracle open world starting on sunday. howard street between third and fourth will remain closed until next saturday. you know the routine. they have done this for years. >> yes. here's a map showing where one block of taylor street will close for the java one conference and taylor between ellis and o'farrell will be closed from late tonight until next friday. >> glad we brought our sleeping bags. >> not going anywhere. >> no, we're not. >> coming up up at 4:00, a familiar face is there to greet apple fans lined for the new
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iphone. >> plus, new video shows incredible wildlife during a first of its kind expedition. >> and later a round of applause today for an officers who risked his life
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apple fans lined up across the country to get their hands on the newest iphone. this picture of a dad pushing a baby stroller joining the wait at the apple store in palo alto. tiffany was there as tim cook welcomed everyone there inside. >> nine, eight, seven -- >> reporter: a celebratory countdown but the only number that matters is 7, iphone 7.
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>> three, two, one! the 8:00 ak-sharp tim cook welcomed the first of many earring customers into the palo alto store. some paused for a quick selfie as apple employees cheered making the cell phone purchase feel more like a rock star experience. >> i finally got it the. >> sergio is one of the lucky few to score a black iphone seven plus. >> a spent a little time trying to get the reservation and i finally got it so it feels good. >> reporter: for him the upgrade is all about the dual camera. >> i have three kids and love to take photos of them and that's what i want. >> reporter: however, if you didn't pre-order a plus, sorry, no phone for you. david eaton spent more than 24 hours parked on the sidewalk and yet even he left without the coveted device. >> i was hoping they had a small stash. if you're first in line, a small stash only has to be like one, right? and they showed me the inventory, you know, a few minutes ago and they literally had none. >> reporter: he did get a consolation prize, this
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priceless selfie. >> i actually told saab few hours ago if they really don't have any and i get to meet tim cook, that will be good enough. >> reporter: apple store continues to be very, very crowded with people trying to get their hands on the iphone 7 and 7 plus. if you do want that 7 plus, you can get it in a couple of weeks, except for the jet black version. that's on back order until november. in palo alto, tiffany wilson, abc 7 news. >> three major news organizations filed suit against the fbi today trying to learn who the government paid to hack into the iphone belonging to the mastermind of the san bernardino terror attack. the lawsuit seeks records about the fbi's contract with some unidentified vendor who provided a tool town lock the phone provided by syed rizwan farook who along with his wife killed 17 people last november. there's a demand to know how
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much the company was paid. >> a new glimgs into a see mount in hawaii which are ancient volcanoes which sit thousands of feet below the ocean's surface. the waters can support a vast array of fish and invert brates. it's part of a five-year study of ancient sea mounts. >> back in san francisco, abc 7 news was along the embarcadero and that's giants manager bruce bochy out there. he took part in the annual heart walk. organizers say about 10,000 people joined in. hears disease really hits close to home for the giant skipper, his father died of heart disease, and he himself has several accidents in his artery. >> it heaps relieve stress, that's my deal. i do a lot of walking in the different cities i go to to get off my mind and also to exercise the heart. >> the walk is organized by the american heart association and raised 3.5 million for heart
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disease and stroke research. >> beachy is a sports world star. and you'll find all the stars this sunday right here on abc 7. our coverage of the emmys begins at 2:00 p.m. and then "world news tonight" will air at 2:30 followed by more red carpet coverage at 3:00 and the countdown to the emmys at 4:00. the awards begin live at 5:00 with host jimmy kimmel and a replay at 8:00 p.m. >> and if my memory is connect from earlier in the week, you're going to want to be inside with air conditioning on early on sunday. >> yes. that's going to be perfect to watch the emmys nice and cool. the temperatures will rise very quickly. live doppler 7, we do have the comfort of the coastal fog. that's where you want to be if you want to beat the heat, especially this weekend. a live look from our santa cruz cam. not too popular right now. it is a weekday and tomorrow and especially sunday this, place, it's bound to be packed with people, so the forecast, we'll call for limited fog overnight. this weekened we'll lose the
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marine layer and especially on sunday and calling it a heat alert sunday. hot across the entire bay area. not a fan of the warmth. dramatically cooler and just in time for fall's arrival next thursday so a roller coaster ride in temperatures on accuweather seven-day forecast. out there right now, 62 in san francisco and fairfield near 90 at 89 right now. 79 san jose and oakland 72 and about 87 in danville. we'll fall into the 50s in most spots overnight and then we'll quickly warm on your saturday. it's going to be hot inland. 92 in concord. that 95 antioch and 87 in san jose. about 69 in san francisco and 86 santa rosa and palo alto up to about 82 degrees. we'll top out the beach forecast. going to be a popular place. saturday we'll have morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and really comfortable. by sunday it is total sunshine from the get-go. and when you have the coast at 80 degrees you know it's going to be hot across the entire region. we'll show you concord, sunday morning, your hour-by-hour forecast. look how quickly it warms from
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7:00 in the morning on. want to get your activities in outside. do it first thing in the morning and you can get your hour-by-hour forecast for any city you want. it's going to be a handy download to have as you track the heat this weekend where you live. watch the numbers we'll be tracking on a sweltering sunday. san jose 11 degrees above average and a high of 91. 85 in oakland and san francisco, yes, 4 degrees above normal at 74 and once we get into the mid-70s, all the concrete in the city makes it feel like we're in the mid-80s. redwood city 7 and concord 15 degrees. it will feel very hot, especially inland. the accuweather seven-day forecast. as we head into the weekend it's a warm afternoon on saturday. sunday it's just downright hot across the entire regions. find shade and use the ac. still hot to mild on monday and watch these temperatures. they just dramatically drop tuesday and into wednesday. we go below average so we'll drop about 20 degrees inland and
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just in time for fall being thursday morning and friday just morning fog to afternoon sunshine show you need the whole closet the next seven days, hot on sunday and that's going to feel chill by wednesday. >> how do you like hawaii boy pretending he can't handle is hundred? >> never gets to 100 in hawaii. >> just humid there. >> that's a different beast. >> right. >> thanks, drew. >> still to come on abc 7 news at 4, a photo stirs up a storm on social media. two young women accused of beingist and why they post it had. >> delicious food photos that you see all over the place on instagram. having a big effect on the food industry. there's some serious business and it's growing. >> let's take a live look outside. our san jose camera. boy, there's a lot of traffic here. >> 101 southbound is always backed up. northbound is fine. 880 over t
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some of the people buying the new iphone today may be excited about its upgraded camera. that's probably the case with the instagram. some instagram users who have become internet starts for their perfect shots of food.
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>> i can't even believe this, but instagramming food is actually a serious business now. i always make fun of my photo and take photos of everything and put it on my instagram. now it's a revenue-generating opportunity. very interested in this story. here's reporter claire sebastian. >> reporter: if you want to practice self-control, just have lunch with one of new york's top instagram foodies. >> if the place is right, i'll stand on the chair. >> reporter: at 24 alexa is known what's called as an instagram influencer. her account eatingnyc has 200,000 followers claiming for her latest #foodporn and now restaurants are clamoring for her attention. >> a bunch of restaurants, you know, invite me and say we have a new menu or they really want me to come in and try the food and share the photo with my followers. >> right. >> because exposure for them is really great. >> reporter: while alacksa's day job is now running pr for this restaurant chain, she's also
4:25 pm
made close to $50,000 through instagram, creating sponsored content for oreos and ice cream is more than just exposure. >> it's like how our customers are interacting like we do. >> we adjust the menu based on things that people like more of or less. >> this is the trickiest of all because it's dripping down my hand. >> like a shower. >> the end result is perfect. >> so excited. >> instagram has helped create cults out of baked goods, first the cronut and now this. >> want to put it close to the light and the croissant and it's kind of taken to a new level and it's super trendy. >> new york's instagram influences are a close-knit community, and eating dinner
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with them, well, it's nothing short of extraordinary. >> does this always happen to you. >> this is what happened. >> i think that our restaurants are definitely more aware of having photogenic dishes. >> people care more about food right now than they ever have. >> instagram is an outlet that has allowed the passion of the food to explode. >> and after the day we've had that's not the only thing about to explode. cnn money, new york. >> that was fun. >> well, if you would like to check out great photos go, to our instagram feed. there's much more than just foote food. you'll find incredible pictures from all over the bay area. gorgeous beauty shots as well and follow us on instagram or share yours with us by use the #abcnews7now. >> a fire started in the south bay killed a doug and forced people from their homes. >> not even roommates yet and they are already breaking up.
4:27 pm
the e-mail one future ucla student sent that's going viral. >> and he can't come to her so she went to him. the beautiful
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) you. >> here's a look at what's making headlines at 4:30. sky 7 over highway 101 in east
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palo alto where the chp says a man died after some sort of projectile hit the windshield of his van. this happened around 1:00 this afternoon in the northbound lanes at university. investigators say that object hit the driver in the neck. that caused the van to slam into the center divider. that driver was in his early 80s and lived in mountain view. the crash in the investigation caused a major traffic backup in the area and we can tell you that all lanes are now open. in the race for president, donald trump today reversed his position and said he believes, quote, president obama was born in the united states period. and then he blamed his opponent for starting the birther movement. hillary clinton tweeted when trump tries to deflect became for deflying that the president was born in america he's lying. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. at least two families in oakland have been targeted in a kidnapping for ransom. leslie bringly has what parents really need to know and apple ceo tim cook was in palo alto this morning to welcome the first customers getting their hands on the new iphone 7. come camped out for more than 24
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hours. customers who did pre-order the coveted 7 plus or the jet black colored 7 will have to wait weeks or perhaps months to get their phones. >> a fire in san mateo killed a dog and forced eight people from their homes. you can see on the map where it broke out in a townhouse complex along ticonderoga drive late last night. . nbc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has details into it took four people to restrain this emotional woman who wanted to run into her burning san mateo home to save her dogs. authorities didn't think that would be safe and held her back. the dog didn't make it. >> the occupant did have a dog that perished in the fire, unfortunately, and the humane society is here to assist with the removal of the dog. >> reporter: neighbors say the woman and her boyfriend weren't home when the fire started. when they got home the woman wanted to know why neighbors didn't save the dog. >> you know, they got very upset at us because they said nobody tried to save the dogs.
4:32 pm
well, nobody knew >> reporter: fire started at 10:45 last night and damaged three condo units on ticonderoga drive. >> just woken up by a knocking from the -- i guess the firefighters and then we came out and we just watched over here. it was just unreal. it was clearly unreal. >> no one was hurt, but residents were distraught as they surveyed the damage. everybody, too, was very emotional. we lived here 12 years and we love the redwoods and we love the whole place, and -- and -- so it's just -- it's just like a piece of you. >> investigators say the cause of this fire was a cigarette left burning inside the master bedroom. in san mateo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. a huge show of support today for a new york city police detective who was injured in the line of duty. detective brian o'donnell received a huge ovation as he
4:33 pm
left the hospital a day after being injured during a confrontation with a man who is wielding a cleaver. the 16-year veteran suffered a cut to his face and and injured arm. police say o'donnell and two other officers chased a man after spotting him trying to move a boot from the wheel of his car. officers shot 32-year-old after he refused to drop the 11-inch cleaver he was holding. he's listed in critical condition today. >> today a suspected serial killer in ohio face adjudge for the first time. he was captured after one of his alleged victims made a chilling 911 call for help. investigators are still trying to find out if the there are more victims more on the investigation. >> reporter: this suspected serial killer face an ohio judge. >> do you understand the nature of the charges involved in the complaint, mr. gray? >> yes, your honor. >> reporter: the judge set bail at $1 million. grate was charged thursday, two days after dispatchers received
4:34 pm
a frightening 911 call from a woman claiming she was be a duct and held captive inside this abandoned home. >> any way you can get out of te building? >> i don't know without waking him and i'm scared. >> reporter: that desperate call for help placed after her captor fell asleep. >> where is he? >> he's sleeping. >> reporter: as police rush in, two more bodies found inside, one identified as 43-year-old stacy stanley. investigators say grate confessed to killing another woman and led them to a third body behind this burnt home. grate has an extensive criminal history spanning over two decades. the maintenance man reportedly convicted or burglary and pleaded guilty to abduction, domestic violence and drug abuse. >> we want to know why it took so long for the police to help our family. >> outrage amongst the community after they confronted the police chief and mayor, questions now still swirling on how grate was able to be free after he confessed to killing a woman to police in june.
4:35 pm
>> police need to be looking at abandoned structures that he could be using and arsons all in those areas. there are going to be other bodies. >> the medical examiner will complete an autopsy on those victims discovered. full results are not expected for weeks. ray raimondi, nbc news, new york. >> a racially motivated snapchat has drawn outrage and even death threats. sadie mayer and sadie schumaker did not mean to offend everybody and the pictures of these girls wearing skin care face masks were like a bullet to the heart. >> the whole k state family is upset. >> at this time, you know, of aiming, in this era, why do we need to keep educating people? >> both girls say they have received death threats because of that picture. they have asked local police for
4:36 pm
assistance. schumacher, in fact, has been expelled. still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the feds speak out after the issue over exploding cell phone batteries. >> and a man risking his life to save another one. a daring highway rescue ahead. >> i'm drew tuma and we're pont final weekend. summer season, and it's going to go out with a bang with near record-setting temperatures. a look at the forecast and accuweather forecast ahead. >> getting out in san francisco. >> look at the techway. >> the giants ga
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we have some powerful images to show you captured in a georgia hospital room after a bride moved her wedding date and venue to share it with her dying father. this couple planned to we had next month and when they found out the father of the bride had only days to live they took the celebration to his bedside. the bride's father passed away a few days later. they are now sharing the bittersweet photos online. >> wow. so touching. an e-mail sent by an incoming ucla freshman to her roommates. it's gone viral causing a dorm room argument before they even met. abc news reporter nick watt is in los angeles with the e-mails that have a lot of people talking. school is starting here at
4:40 pm
ucla and the students are buzzing about the e-mails from perhaps the most demanding freshman in history. i'm at ucla and want to get students to read parts of these e-mails. >> i want the desk that's near the window, plain and simple. >> and she wants a white closet. >> just know that i'm taking one. >> oh, and totally the top bunk. >> i won't be in the mood for any arguing or the noneence. >> if needed, i'll turn it into a bigger situation so don't try me. >> here's the kicker. >> sorry, but not sorry for the attitude. this is great. >> animal house? single white female. >> where the hell have you been? >> making me feel like i'm 16 years old. >> then the girls replayed with this. they say we appreciate that you are letting us know your preferences but, girl, we haven't even met yet and i'm not here to fight with you, b.u. but i'm not going allow anyone to talk to me or winnie like that.
4:41 pm
was there is a response? >> yes, throwing around unnecessary comments. >> just fighting fire with fire. i don't mind starting over. i'm not that much of a people person. i'm also really chill, too. i'm like a ticking time bom. >> that's kind of scary. >> welcome to college. >> wow. >> that was nick watt reporting. the two roommates sent their future e-mail to ucla housing and still waiting to hear back about a possible roommate switch which i think would be a good idea at this point. >> all right. look at this one. security footage from a busy freeway in russia shows a kitten using several of its nine lives. it happened this week in kaliningrad. the city released the video which captured the tiny kitten just tumbling across the roadway. oh, my gosh. not getting hit and a driver finally stopped to rescue the little thing. the kitten reportedly fell from a moving vehicle and suffered a
4:42 pm
strong bruise, but that's it. >> my goodness. >> a tiny to the from scotland schools and his mom on some prehistoric play things in the most might manner. >> what are you mixing? >> good boy. >> that's fun. >> what is that? >> a raptor. >> and what might this one be? >> this little fan of big dinosaurs was even able to name toughest to pronounce and we'll check in with him to make sure i said that correctly. >> he's expert. >> and adorable. >> does he know the meteorological sciences? >> i think he does. looks like a smart kid. jump right ahead into saturday afternoon to show you what you can expect. quickly rising numbers, especially inland. you do notice 90s. 90 fairfield and even oakland pretty mild. 87 in san jose. that's going to feel warm.
4:43 pm
69 in san francisco and 86 in santa rosa. as we get into sunday, even warmer than that. along the coast, half moon bay at 80 degrees and downtown san francisco 74 and oakland, you're going to feel hot on sunday at 85 and 99 in walnut creek, and as we head inland to antioch the record on sunday 101. very close to the record on sunday and, of course, as the numbers rise over the weekend, the air quality, unfortunately, is going to drop so saturday officially we do have a spare the air day tomorrow and likely one issued on sunday. you can see the air quality continues to decline for the second half of the weekend, especially the santa clara valley with poor air quality. take it easy if you're sensitive to the air this time of the year. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you with a warm afternoon tomorrow. it's hot on sunday, so find some shade and find the ac, if you can. mild to hot on monday and tuesday and into wednesday we go the opposite direction, and we are dropping below average just in time for fall's arrival on thursday, and, remember, when
4:44 pm
we're not on air, you can always track the temperatures with the abc 7 news app. that's going to be best friend the next seven days. the average temperature goes up and down. >> the fallen is -- >> i'm not here, your phone is your best friend. >> there you go. >> the news app will love you back. >> thanks, troy. >> still ahead at 4:00. steph curry fires away on north carolina's so-called bathroom bill. what does he think about his home state's controversial law? >> abc 7 is celebrating hispanic heritage month with posts to our instagram feed. today we recognize jacqueline mart tes garcel head of the hispanic heritage foundation. they are focused solely on investing in latino leaders in california. more details on insta
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well, the fallout continues for samsung after a recall of its galaxy note 7 smartphones because of defective batteries that can catch on fire and explode. abc 7 news reporter ray raimondi has the latest. >> just like many of its customers samsung feeling the burn over their exploding cell phones.
4:48 pm
the consumer product safety commission now stepping in warning galaxy note 7 buyers to turn in their phones. >> today's message is to take that phone in to your carrier or directly to samsung if that's where you purchased it and take advantage of this recall. >> reporter: scenes like this occurring across america. 92 reports of overheating phones and 26 people burned and 55 pieces of property damaged including ones like this one bursting into flames. a rush now to return the galaxy note 7s after samsung says it was only this mod well a defective battery but reports have surfaced of other galaxy phones ore heating, smoking and burning. >> i was just sitting at my desk at work and it pretty much exploded. >> reporter: samsung was only able to get 130,000 customers to exchange phones but 800,000 mobile devices with defective lithium ion batteries are still in circulation. >> we apologize. >> reporter: as the u.s.
4:49 pm
president of samsung issues apologies to the consumers the timing of the samsung chaos couldn't be worse as cell phone consumers wait in endless lines of apple's release of the iphone 7. samsung is promising to have phones in store by wednesday. replacement phones, gift cards, accessory credits and bill credits are also being offered. ray raimondi, nbc news, new york. >> warriors steph curry is weighing in on the bathroom bill saying he supports equal rights and is disappointed events are being pulled from his home state and hopes that the law will be changed before more events are cancelled. the nba moved next season's all-star game out of charlotte while the ncaa withdrew men's basketball tournament games. the law among other things requires transgender people to use bathrooms at schools and government buildings that correspond to the sex on their birth certificates. >> all right. in today's wellness report, one in four americans say they never
4:50 pm
exercise and how to disagree with your friends about politics and still remain friends. here's jane king. >> reporter: cdc researchers say as many as 1 in 4 adults age 50 or older don't get any physical exercise outside of work, and the older they got the less likely they were to exercise. inactivity can lead to poor health, disabilities and even a shorter life span. a staple of college life is make hag big change. cup noodles changing its recipe for the first time in its 45-year history. the newed intoles will be healthier with less sodium and no artificial flavors. first ever national advertising campaign will launch to introduce the changes. fitness apps could help cities plan better bike links. the data collected can tell how many people are commuting by bike and can also tell where the people are going which can help city planners save for more pedestrian friendly bink lanes and be wary about talking politics, even more so than
4:51 pm
usual but the authors of a crucial conversation say there's away to avoid being attacked and losing friends. bottom line how you disagree with someone matters much more than if you disagree with someone to begin with. focus on learning about the other person's position and don't try to change their mind and focus on common ground and show respect. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king, here's to your health. up next, a new program that's giving students a head start in a tech career. >> and dan is here with a look at what's come up on "abc 7 news at 5:00." >> thanks very much. the air scare, smoke coming from a battery on board a plane and glamping inside the middle of san francisco bay. what park services are adding toage-of-angel island to bring more overnight visitors and the little girl who is ready to be recruited. those stories and
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here's a look at tonight's primetime lineup. "last man standing" at 8:00" followed by "dr. ken" and "shark tank" at 9:00 and followed by "20/20" and then the news at 11:00. inner cities students are being offered the opportunity to get a sledge certificate for free and they can do it all while they are in high school even if it takes six years to graduate. eric thomas is live at the school with the story. >> reporter: and it's a win-win apparently for everybody, the high-tech industry, 100 kids here in skyline high taking science or technology classes and a new science and technology academy who they can get college credit for it, and after that they can swing for the fences. by the way, the keynote speaker today knows something about that. >> what does an oakland a's hall of fame slugger who retired before the skyline students were born have to offer them? how about perspective.
4:56 pm
>> your athletic skills will wane and go away and your good looks will go awe away but you'll always have your education. >> the focus on technology because there's such a significant lack of any kind of minority population in technology. >> it's true that african-americans and latinos make up less than 5% of employees at the major tech japanese. this commishtive hopes to help change that. it's a joint venture between silicon valley giant software s.a.p. and berkeley college, the goal get more people involved in the tech academy. they will be offered credits at skyline and berkeley city college at no cost. >> and after they graduate they have two years to complete their associates degree for free. >> we don't know how many kids will actually get all the way through an associate's degree
4:57 pm
while they are here. hoping they can get at least a couple of semesters worth of college credits so they will have a real edge. >> they also become our employee base later so it's a virtuous cycle for all. >> but the students we talked to have even bigger dreams. >> i want to create something, want people to know my name and what i did. >> want to make sure that america continues to lead the world in computer technology science. >> everybody involved expects to get back more than they give, especially the technology which believes that diversity creates greater profits and prosperity. in oakland, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> thrilled for kids waiting to see mr. october, reggie
4:58 pm
. on "abc 7 news at 5:00," officers charged. several new developments happening right now in the sex scandal engulfing departments throughout the bay area. >> school warning, a local
4:59 pm
district issues an alert about what's called virtual kidnapping. >> free accident. a local driver dies after a projectile crashes through his windshield. >> plane in the march. what we're learning about in emergency landing. >> and the church event that's missing its number one volunteer. >> and i'm sandhya patel. the last weekend of summer going out on a steamy note. your weekend temperatures coming up. >> the district attorney from alameda county makes good on her promise. nancy o'malley does what she said she would do filing the first formal charges against two police officers. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze. the sexual misconduct scandal plagues law enforcement across the area and this evening it's focusing primarily on one city, oakland, which may have to pay millions as a result. abc 7 news reporter lyanne
5:00 pm
melendez is live with more on a hefty lawsuit just filed. >> reporter: well, i can confirm that her attorneys have indeed filed a $66 million civil claim against the city of oakland. in their words for failing to protect children. now, her attorneys also said or expect to file similar suits against other jurisdictions involved in this scandal. meanwhile, a complaint was filed, as you mentioned, against two officers this afternoon. the first complaint was filed against daniel black formerly from the livermore department. he's charged with two counts of engaging in lewd conduct, two counts of engaging in prostitution and one count of furnishing alcohol to a minor, all five misdemeanor charges, the second officers is leroy johnson, an oakland police officer who has retired and he faces one count of failing to report child abuse.


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